Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 12, 1950 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1950
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

f AOI TWENTY ALTON ftVftttlttO TBLftOKAMI THURSDAY, JANUARY II, 1MO PlanYour Menus Days in Advance MADftOX 1»EA Staff Wri««r You'll find menu planning not half so hard on the nerve* If you plan them day« In advance. The same god for recipes. Select * few at leisure and assign them to metis In days to come. Here are three sample budget menus bMed mainly on abundant foods: LwMkCMi Peanut butter with French toast, radial- rotes, cookie*, hot milkshake, tea. Dinnert Beef and bean stew, steamed spinach, buttered beets, cole slaw, brend, butter or fortified margarine, fruited gelatin, coffee, milk. Luncheon: Pan-grilled American cheese sandwiches, fruit salad, oatmeal cookies, tea, milk. Dtanari Roast pork butt wtth brown sugar glasc, panned para- nips, baited sweets, catarolt and radish salad, bread, butter or fortified margarine, apple Betty, coffee, milk. Luncheon! Cream of tomato soup, cottage cheese and jelly sandwiches, fruit cup, tea, milk. Dinner: Braised pork chops, broiled potatoes, fluffy turnips cuctimber relish, bread, butter or fortified margarine, oatmeal cookie*, coffee, milk. Here's a fine old American recipe easy to make and Inexpensive and very good eating. Oyster* and Macaroni Au Oratnl (Serves I) One-half a pound of macaroni, 18 medium-hlse Long Island oysters (save the oyster liquor), 2 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons flour, salt, pepper, 1 pint of milk. 4 ounces grated cheese. Cook the macaroni In salted water for 20 minutes, rinse with cold water and drain. Heat the oysters In their liquor until the edges curl. Make a sauce of butter, floor, milk and oyster liquor. Season. Place a layer of the looked macaroni In buttered baking dish of Individual casserole, then place a layer of the cooked oysters, then another layer of macaroni, then oysters, then macaroni. Pour over the sauce and cover with grated cheese. Bake In &0 BLUES AS II WASHES denote t. oven tar » to M mm* utes or until ehtttf tt browned. Elk herd* mifritt*, Just as do Hocks of ducks and leese. only they do not go so far and naturally move more slowly. They do, however, follow regular routes by the thousands. BLUE . NOT M.AKM 77 WiSHI \ 25c ;"•» i 'j'iM "^a«mw _ j70cV«lue>! MWAI TO m WORTH or itUMMOU WAIM HAKU FIAKO CRUST MIX No run. No bother. Precision- •dMd ingredients far MM rt> tola at eprery bakioc . Odalitf no other pie cratt mix beabecfi able to equal. Provta by millions of housewives for 27 rears. That's Flako. 5^ LEAN FRESH GROUND BEEF » 49c MlUermost Bonelesa Round, top or bottom CORNED BEEF 59c HODGES CHILI, Ib Thrifty or Mello i SLICED BACON, Ib.l Delrich Margarine, Ib Chief A MARGARINE, at WiMondn Longhnrn CHEESE, Ib Pan Ready Skinned WHITING, Ib PERCH FILLETS, Ib SOLE FILLETS, Ib Tom-Boy Farm K«. Fresh Fryers, Ib. DtlC . Sunrise POLISH J-» ! SAUSAGE, Ib WC 6 to 8 U>. Average .pot eoo«i»*6 on SALAD* MAZOLA OIL O«art HJi fZrtMlV DDE wovnej .jr^irfir Z3B CONVIITfO UNOLERENRNE KIOS ion MMKEIJMK CAMmtt SRANO Marshmalltwt •UNUT sunn PETE* PAN U.OL s|J ( ' Jef 34 TENDER JUICY, FINE GRAIN, FRESH Pork tallies FINE FOR POT ROAST, TENDER, JUICY, A QUALITY Chuck Roast.. mmmmmmm PACKER'S LAREL-Standard sVand GREEN BEANS PACKER'S LAREt—Standard Brand TOMATOES... c 1C PACKER'S LAI \gam PINEAPPLE... WEICH-S-RM! Flavor Pur* GRAPE JELLY CLOROX SlIACMU AMD DtOOMIZIt 2-2^ EVERYDAY LOW REttVLAR TOM-IOY PUCES! PEANUTS JUSt HIAT AND USVf Otfby TamiUt »'/4-Oi I A, jrru Starkitt Turn I-Ol. «JB1. r« tJOO NIW IOW HlCI MUM )-£ 75' m ~ i MM mS-NAPTHA n-r 70 SOAP Of ItAUTIf Ul WOMEN CAMAY SOAP SATH IIU IAIS IVORY SOAP nors IN—ours OUT TIDE POWDER *- 26' QQ[ MIOIUU IAIS O» LAVA MAP 2-17- ESS LA(GI t ACKAfii OUZ POWDER ^ 21* aw WMITW WAIH WITH OXTOOt •arir 1IOOM »VNO RUTTIR OURS _ _ euici oi tsswua OUAKIR RATI«. _ _ CMIlNHt lO«t e«niw$__ !tlON«MUM OOR rORR .... CAMMIll'l TOMATO ROW . WAIHIUIN un UNA RIARI _ . _. . lt«OUN1 IIPTRH TU MM . . f!NI KM MNCAIH ..2^27* •iirmw VARIUA IITRARTR ... IU MOWN SWIIT Rill STRIPR ... fMI AM*IIN6 NOOMM KRU-KRRS RROOin _ . . . nT MWIUM tat •UUKMT SHRIMP .... DAWN NHM SUNIWHT HAN» MMININI NINOMAMIRS.. MWIHHW MMfUTI PUPfl ., CAUUIIOH WIUON Ot NT HIU . _ . AltOltl* KAVOM •NIU NNIIR. IO»Al IMtt OUICIOVt NMUt MliUTITMItla. VUMMT MAN* ruoM mi __ . LIIIT S1UINIO •Ml r»MS . . 23* • it* . i» 32* i HAVOtIO ROROIRrt NIMO — . . Mill SIUOLINA TOM-ROT MACARRR1_. UOUID WAI VARRRITI nON WAI- TOM "FRESH FRUITS & ! GKEEN, CRISP PASCAL CELERY . . . . 2—23e DKUCIOUS BOILKI1 OR IN SALADS NEW CABBAGE »ft Ta«ai Firm Medium Sise R»d HI PI»M Slaw or Mlshss 2 —• I Is t»W Mil ',C lie Nancy Gold U'lllow Twi§», No. I Sw1P«lil»»4 2»c Apphs . . 6 • 2»e tt* Ou ate ore t A . |if|! Mi TOM-BOY STORE 1 PUB H mn CAT OTOr A MffOP MAKKBT I4M WMkicMlee aUpf OKtMEJtr to • T«m-R«y Stor* NMT V«u r 25SB5 FICIITKI. MANHrTi D*r*lkr IDS Martial* IIARHKK'g MARKE1 1 a>4 Paart 4. JEMMAN'S MAKUJGT MarlfMs KAIM ft MAIN IOOD HAKKET tan ROaEOAlJE MARKITr Hawwaa. Nalfbl* I. t 1 . HAMEJI HM>D MARTS !»»« Slaia - «•» Brews sib * LOOK! CBACKEBS IBISPY IOA "XTRA WMII'l'ED" SALAD D DELICIOUS WITH HOT BISCUITS HORSE SALAD DRESSING . . •HUM JUICE 10c aw* 25c IGA HONEY .... FOR DELIC10UUS BISCUITS (SERVE WITH IGA HONEY) BISQUICK ... »2Se (GREEN SPLIT PEAS 2 tat 25c DOGHOUSE BRAND DOG FOOD . . . . . ROYAL QUEST PEACHES . . ^ 25c THE WINNER! OPtHISWffKS HOUSEHOLD HINT IOA SIFTED No. SOS Can IGA RED SOUR No. 2 Can cDEKMOTT, EARLY JUNE PEAS.... 19s PIE CHERRIES ..... 27e DELMONTE No. SOS Can MAKE CHERRY PIES WITH Pkf. SWEET PEAS ...... I9e CRUST QUICK I7c IGA No. • Can IGA 29Ji-O«. Jar CHILI HOT BEANS . . I6e APPLE BUTTER 25e Wallpaper cleaner make* a MUCHMORE BLUE LABEL IM-Lb. Btl. SfSfJSVttfSZ TOMATOES . . .2 &!29b KARO SYRUP ISs •nd place in bottom of contain* er, stick flower stems Into cleaner and press cleaner around them firmly. • • • SEND US YOUR FA- fr . -.„,«, si^OTKrs figja SPINACH ... IBS MIXED PICKLES 32e IGA DARK • No. 2 Can IGA SWEET 12-Oz. .Tar KIDNEY BEANS . . . . I5c CRISPY PICKLES ... . 23c No. 2 Can IGA SWEET IS-Oz. Jar No. 2 Can DELUXE side of a piece of paper, flvinff clear directions. Print your onv** nmnraim nnniA nnil uli1rj»«« nn »ni»h «h*nf- ROYAL GUEST r££ n r d C e r yn ^ h 'moro CUT GREEN BEANS I fie IGA CATSUP than one Household Hint. Mail WW • UnKIl DEM HO s • 196 IVM UMItJUr 120 ., c/o Adv. Dept. If your hint I. •elected and printed, you will receive a crisp, new five-dollar . . bill. All Household Hints be- YSE-PAK come the property of IGA FOOD STORES. 14-O*. Btl. VUE-PAK 14-Os. Cello FANCY ALASKAN Tall Can BABY LIMA BEANS . . I5e PINK SALMON . . . . 46c 14-Oz. Cello SUNSHINE < 6-Oz. Cello RED BEANS I5c CHOC. PECAN CAKES . . 27c CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP Can 10c IGA FANCY TOMATO JUICE '£?• 25c ROYAL GUEST CREAM STYLE 60LDENOORN 2 BETTY CROCKER VEGETABLE, NOODLE OR SPLIT PEA SOUP SWIFT'S PREM . . ',-;: 43c DEAN'S DAIRY DRINK . . 2,'-19c IGA FLOUR . . . . 10 81c UNCLE BEN'S RICE 2 at 35c Glendale Club CHEESE FOOD . . 2 & 75c NORTHERN TISSUE , BEAT HIGH COFFEE PRICES! # i D»lieiou»...lBvioeraUn0l > > ...improves anj mtall Roll •ay you can •eenomii* <ktit day*. l«ii»r «o male, *M! •• we ««••» '« 8OHJN6 °**' '** Wf) •*>\\\\\\\\\\\iiii Our Fruits and Vegetables garden fresh from store to you. U. S. No. 1 Florida Oranges S'^ nicn nun FOODS 2"~29c m FANCY Bananas . IGA RED Potatoes . 10"C*49c EXTRA FANCY RED DELICIOUS Apples . . 2"»25c V. 8. No. 1 Broccoli . . H"" 19c Shop at TIMM IOA Atarlctte ami tovt Dauer's Market CconoMy Super Market Gerdlnf 9 * Market GoMfart's SaptrMkt WOOP ii -I 7 ///////// Econo-Trim Meats branded for quality and trimmed for value, FRESHLY GROUND HAMBURGER. 49c SWIFTS SELECT CHUCK ROAST 53c l-LB. PIG. END SLICES SLICED BACON 23c END CUTS ±:-j. LEANIMEATYI Lb. Lb. SWIFTS PREMIUM l-LB. ROLL . 49c 1*l*^mMmim BlakaJ^Aft ••! tJNCLADI AW. ChanleS Market .OVTHROXANA 'c Matrlcftt MWIUEK MILL, ILL. ? 9 vVwIJDJV •%w* Mathlai Fowl Market ""*"»» Schntkkfi Market

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