Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 7, 1972 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1972
Page 6
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t _ Alton, Evening Telegraph Thursday, Sept. 7, 1072 * t George understood | %SWATE R M ELOHS better, liked less The number of persons who feel familiar with Sen. George McGovern's political stands has risen from 49 to 81 per cent since last April, but at the same time the number who think he has "too extreme liberal views" has jumped from 29 per cent in April to 55 per cent in August. A comparable 55 per cent of •the voters also agree with the statement that McGovern "wants to change things too much." It is now apparent that while the outcome of the election will depend in part on voter assessment of the Nixon record in office. Sen. McGovern's political philosophy has become a central pivot of controversy as well. Harris Survey results to date point to the following conclusions concerning Sen. McGovern's standing with the voters: — The Eagleton affair is not the root of McGovern's early troubles in this campaign. At worst, the public believes that the South Dakota Senator was the unwitting victim of a series of unfortunate events concerning the vice-presidency he could not foresee. Even though a majority of 51 per cent agree that he was right ultimately t o drop Eagleton, in retrospect 59 per cent also agree the Eagleton choice appeared to be a good one at the time it was made. — Rather, McGovern's problems stem in large part from his original formulation of his welfare program, which came under sharp attack during the latter stages of the California primary. By a thumping 73-15 per cent. voters reject the proposal "to give each individual in Ihe population $1,000" by "sharply increasing taxes on people with incomes of $12,000 and over." Significantly, even 55 per cent of thosi who now plan to vote for Ifc'jovern say they are opposed to his original plan to scrap the welfare system. A substantial 59 per cent of the entire electorate agree with the charge that "his program for redistributing the wealth is too radical." — Although by 76-21 per cent the country overwhelmingly wants to ''oring home all U.S. troors, naval, and air forces from Vietnam," by the same token an equally overwhelms." 7409 •per cent of the voievs also do not think that McGovern wruld be able to fulull his pledge to "have all U.S. trx>ps and prisoners o f war on 4 of Vietnam trm»e months aflcr lie is in Iho Wnite House." Even his own supporters doubt his ability to accomplish this objective, !)y 52-3fi per cent. By 49-36 per cent, voters also agree with the statement that McGovern was "wrong to say he would go to Hanoi to beg for release of U.S. prisoners of war." The next result is that when voters are asked whether his stands on Vietnam make them feel "more" or "less" like voting for Sen. McGovern. the verdict is 44-19 per cent negative, with large numbers of them up in the air. — The next impact of the early McGovern positions on welfare, income redistribution, and prisoners of war is that, by 47-37 per cent, a plurality of the voters agree with the charge that "he does not inspire confidence as a President has risen fro m49 to 81 per credibility, McGovern's criticisms of President Nixon inevitably lose some of the bite they might otherwise have. Earlier this month, after McGovern had dropped Eagleton from the ticket, a cross section of 1,635 voters was asked: "Now I'd like to read you some statements some people have made about Sen. George McGovern of South Dakota. For each, tell me if you tend to agree or disagree." STATEMENTS ABOUT McGOVFKN The percentages are in this order: Agree; Disagree; and Not Sure. Positive Has courage to say what he thinks even if unpopular (59 18 13 Deserves lot of credit for giving many young people faith in political system 58 24 18 Deserves credit for being against Vietnam before others 51 '14 IS Fighter for tax reform aid wants to help working man 49 27 24 Sincere, appealing personality 43 39 18 Stands for right kind of change in country 35 41 21 Negative Program for red'stributin.j; wealth too radical 5'J lf> '2'.i Has too extreme liberal views 5") 2(J 19 Wants to change things too much 55 30 15 Wrong to say he would beg for release of POW's in Hanoi 49 36 15 Does not inspire confidence as President should 47 37 16 Has a flat, uninteresting personality 35 48 17 These results indicate that McGovern is not without appeal for speaking out on unpopular issues, involving the young in politics, opposing the Vietnam war before other politicians and advocating the reform of tax loopholes. Had McGovern stayed within the bounds of the elements going for him, he might have been much closer in the poll standings today than he is. His problems appear to stem from seemingly going beyond the pale on eliminating welfare with income redistribution and promising flatly to bring all U.S. forces and POW's home from Vietnam three months after assuming office. On welfare and income redistribution. t h e cross section of likely voters 'vas asked: "Senator McGovern has proposed to eliminate flic present welfare system and instead to ™ivc ench individual in the population $1,0(10. He would pay ior this plan by sharply increasing taxes on people with incomes of $12.000 and over, as well as on corporation;-;. Do you favor or oppose this substitute for the welfare system proposed by Senator McGovern'.'" M c G 0 V K R N W KLFAttE RKFOUM PROGltAM The percentages :>re in this order: Total Voters; and McGovern Voters. Favor \~> 11 Oppose 73 55 Not Sure V. 18 On the promise to bring home all Americans from Vietnam, the cross section was asked: "Senator McGovern h;?s said that three months after he went into the White House as President he would have all U.S. troops and prisoners of war home. Do you think he would be able to do that or not?" MCGOVERN PLAN TO BRING TROOPS AND POW'S HOME The percentages are in this order: Total Voters; and McGovern Voters. Would be able 19 36 Not be able 7 12 These stands, much more than the Eagleton affair, have put the stigma of "extremist" on Sen. McGovern — a handicap he must now seek to overcome if he is to get back into this election. j ON SALE j ICE COLD ' OR WARM! PICK THE SIZE YOU WANT BEST THIS SEASON! NEW CROP SWEET 4A C gfl If! POTATOES 10 >1 1U LARGE SITE «-D, Bag | SHOP AT BROADWAY AND MAIN AND GET THE BARGAINS! 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