Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 23, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1927
Page 6
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1 ; CHAPTElt jXLViri. ; \'W0 .''.Ma(ioI)ne't(ild licr lmsb;ui«. "hpt'I think) 1 woii^i liavi- 'lout; ?j' , Ip ll could havs acconijiliKli d 'A. . Snt'lUow was I to KiJ ilbokit It, N'.-itV AVeHl' lie gavp iju- ' l veiity-foi.T iiourfi to tUok it oyer, a ^d tuld mf I mif»i make up iy, mind Ki i ^Wii }f witbibini or li^ would noi oiiij- ffill you, iiut he \voiilii KIC to j{ that It was puf in ^Uie papers jnil woald Ije-the WRsesi sort .scandal jjmasiiialilq." j • . "Aiid you didn't itell mo ' ilia? nightr • ~ "I: couldn't. I irir -d, but f couldn'ti r was Boink t<< tt-JI \iiu the next dayi nnd ilicn—you know, wlmt happened." •]Ves. Who kilh 'd him. dear ''Doii 't nij-, X-il. I know, rejilly, aiitl yd- I fi-ar ••But froih now on. niy " there's to be no sliadow of a s< i^»jtw«'en us.' -.No tiniest. I'liji miadow, no faintenl. trafc iif; ij Bjf .rve. So. oome.on. out wiili it.", ; !And Mad«-lini' jold liitii. but Iw coiildn't believe ii. •. » » » : Now, had .Mis.s Anaatasia, Rtd.som known all tli ^s. .she would iiol liavi- - done iwhat slie'. did i!o. She had finished ber IniKlifon and ha *l reptiired. to b«'r rcioin to> rasl iand' tliink over matiers iii-i'- tailiing'to her brothei'.s ilealli. ' The new detective, .she teli :-:ute, wan jpoinK to ferret oiri ilii.' irutb. He hhdn't told Ucr much y«-t. bur she knew imultiVV;ly thai iic would BueceV 'd in finding Oairy's murderer and bi1nsi ;nB Jiiin to jusiiie. And to'hei, impellod iuily by ' miire curio.sily. 'raine .My-ilt;, tiianwerniaid. The girl bad bocij deeply pressed tiy Stone's surpiis.' ^cx^•itemeIjt at the siKbt if liic i'eltoji bail «iv»n hi.r.' arj(l siic "d'^ (11 knowinn wbn ii was tlliil the d(ijl looked IiUc in ! who was, ihcrfior',-.- (iani!:' i''ol- Bom'H best Kirl.^ So. without lilucb • cotict'in. '.-li" presented hersej'f to' ,\l'ss Knl-uiii with, till' ;n<;v;li!lil:! (].s;ii \tin>\ flnd vvilli ber doll sl'naj; nvif In i- arm. ' "Tl »lk is Ihe doll .Mr. r'.>l :..ii i^iV) me," B1II> voiifliHalcd. lor .Ml'/; '•'nI 80U) WHS of a cjially smi ulrii in the niiiod. "iHil?" atiil .\lia«l;i-<iii lonU UP lovely doll ill iur liaiil-;. Xtlil Ibcn.|l>i Myiib-'s I'l-nil'il' IlKbf. Miss ll'Ndsom slioncii mi,, li '(be saiii" aiikazi'iiiciil ami ai;'',ali"li t .'ial Stii'i,; I^ad .( j , Uui only I:M an iiisl;inl. TUtn Khe Was lici- (jiiiit. diniiilii.l ••ll n;;aln. • - "A Itcantiliil <l.dl. .\lv:it... Ii . ] he f*a refill willrit. iris v. i v <\-, '''^ ili-Hrirl wa.< rescm d tr.mi Iii'ii.siv'c one." Jliiulii's ;iii ijiiir ay Inr laiiicr. •!lJo yoiijiiiiik it looks lik.;aiiy-i^ .\ow. ili 'voicil ibougii .\iiasi;Jsi; (mb you know. ina'ainV" 1 > was lo lii-r brntlu-r. tlicic '"Sit, of I'Oiii-sc not. Co : away i't!iiii.i; lo\ia:il wki;ii she liail.a nOw. you hot iter inv-"" j iiilelN"" iSo nieicy. And :;t !iat .Myrtle went, and as sh.- dejiai t-1 ?l'-e wro'iiK-'doiiiK of a ni.-in ;ov. ed. .Miss Folsoiiiwent lo the Ule-'Ji wojnan. I'j-iliaps he:- own ; phone and clil'.eil (v .r KKIUMIK , ••''"'-•''•i' i^iaii'- !;ei' eAi-iij im'ie Stone;' ' • i-al if .sin? were Kniviiiied t|ial And when tiiiit Kentleinan. jire.-1 b T uroilser bad really wronKi sei'iled. himself.-rbetiildlbe HIHIIV 1 Woman, iliat wiuild ]»• i<.i "lieil Of Myrtle :ind tSe doll. Ilil'.'i ibai ediild ni.tlie -.viiieil-oii i "So you policed tli'e resenililinue. ' "'I s'li|iii,i.-e yon can |)nne,tli .... "^.!.- • ) -I' THEjeiJM>AIL¥ HBGKHmWfeiy^S^Y EVENING. MARCH 23.'J027. Ms«^«d > ihe Jieiii of .MNs An.f ill love wiMi • Villi were i -Viis. l!;irroir.'" . "lie was III. Iiive •,. iili her ' titasioii answered, iinvorably : lailU'c! to do llie -..'ilkiiii'. Mis •bl. I r < |{o *;s "llh iio lhoni;lit of hirJmlijiimJitic efi'c<-t, knell iiud 'liiHiVs irmL ' ' Slim. I r"i)l.-(illl. j; bive. • iiiii 111 111.I ''Ami. '.''i.ii .1)1 liiMior •• \Iy liVoiiK l^'i lii'ii'.ialile. • •lie illll. ill llif-.' lll-l>. Jii' I'l lilie K'.I I. mil I .M-atv y ''•ill UnMi. away, uinlev l.ilse; ',,iiisr. (li marriage. I!y v.U.t i:e..'l iie hail a iiiai i :;i:ie i-.ien •Jie-loi aieil \7t,!e!i the liloii • <:-'iiiiiue l>ni i\lilii: was mil iJiieek iijairiaue. Alter \hi :',|-.'!ied .11 be-,-, aiiil- hi' •I Inji into iU'lails; .\'e-l di- liin- was liiiU lie •a|-s re- I liny •Ah\ a re"mit Uoss!" -.Miss .-Vnaslasin utter bev.-ilderment. '-.N'ow. the world would you kill mot tell my reaiioiis lor lid. Willi a doRKed look. "I y I coiites!* i(f jihe murder .1111 to Kivo my.felf up." it's loo aiisardiiUoK.s," .Miss went (11. "You were ill the tile time he was killed." madam, 1 Hpoke fals(dy as I was ill the o( can." , you were at the other end '.olel beai ll. You were far liv vjiiod I bis ' "Vol said, ii^ wliv' it biii'r." "1 -a li-irs.x; I I'll-.' s i-i.d I •Hal I'olsom hiiiel a •'.Vi. Ill IIPII. "Mill or li:e a wav." ••| 'aiji swim under water, madam, a-- v!I ;is any other way. I did SI), ai .ii 1 killed my master, and liien diess"d and relurni'd'to Ihi , liori 1. (1 lickly. so that 1 iniKlit not lie >so- irii ijiin- ; iii- sll.' '<:ted." "Anil (iiilfess w;is hi dark Pl "To too'/" Stone said, IiiS Aleep ey. sad and his-whole face somber. : i "Of course. .\uil. so slie (Jar.jy's l.csl love, .-.nd .so she some secret affair witb him. 8() she i.s the one who killed him." ••Oil. Fol.som. don't ;;o so • fast." 'he iniplon.'d. | Hut .she-was adamaiii. ••Fast! I'lii going stiajgbl up io her votini ai(d confront,her wiib it. Then if she is inicicenl tbciVs :io harin done.] Y'ou may KOwith iiie or;ii'ii. as yon like, bjii I'm gidng ne. and' I'm going now. And rather than have Iur RO without him. Stijui- accomiianied herl • They found the Harroii!! geiiini: ready to-go down to liiiiclieon. Barron, seeing that-i-iu'- inatler was of grave iinpiirt. decjdcii .tnjjm ilu have the wboh/lliliig out then' and) down be ^-a!ll. .slowly. "Ves." and .\|lal<dine spukeliiu^ wasjiy- "'.Mr. Koliiuni Ivid wilii' bad I Jlliiwjl tlie:"e some leltyrs T wi| ;,i„l ; Ijini-— '. Like, al'ltivh. it i-aine lo .Sli fannelita liaii taken those Icllei ivilii her own. D.m I'elton lad iii'ssed / them and was glad t .Were g^one. .-\lter all, IVItim a ^ood sort, ami ("arm(!lit;i. too Hii! tluaigb Anaslasia Kol:|om ' gently iiK-Iined 'toward victim -of her broilier^s pas-ia that co'.ihl not condone iniirder. ••| don'J w'>nd-r yon w.anied ajiil.; i 1 wish' thp Investigation I iucpn 'Hl. "I; <U)n't kii|)w \i-hat niiiHt l^- 1 done, exactly..hut. .vo«._,Mr. ,Ston(», and .Mr. Barron will H"ow how to ai range niattprs. (inly I want Itiisji to.^0 free, to i)(| unhUHpectcd by anyone al all. I want,lhc police m he told thai the niysitery will re- iliain forercr unsolved. | want Cro.i<l'in Scary, esoneratedi and oh. I don't know about thctie de- tulli^. but i want thcui all atienJed to. Thi.s does not mean I hat. I .-ou- dxnie lh(> killing of uiy brother, but liiitt;. 1 exoneiale the iiian who killed j him, beiause 1 uuderStund. 1 !o nio there-is no sin en earth likc Ihe sin anaih:;! a woman's virtiire. .\nd since n;y J.r.ither was g'lilly >(, I lorgivc ihe man AVIIO look tin-.:law Hiio' hi-. ou'ii hands and w!:o .savwt; liaii-.hler he love I.'' .\nd ,l !o -s. v :t!i no th.oughl of ntelodraniiiu- ;:ect, knell down ;oid ikls.---. i.| tile. ,.cn» of ;.\iias- llisia's ...lari v tailored frock. BAYAUi) (.\i:s. I .o.\(l .McC ;rmai k.l .'riirc.i .w.iiice (.-:uic ('<d(>- braled he: (ieveiiih biithday .Murcb IS by liaving a iiiiinber of ber ycang friends ;it . Iiei home. In spilr (11 lilt- Mill III all who were there had a f.iie linic. !..<'. <*aldw(1l and road workers got two bridges lebuilt and a good grade lilled in through what has been a bad mud bole just east of Uayard. .Mr.s. Trimble and .Mrs. Mcfor- mack sp-.-n't Thursday afternoon at .Mrs. Ke(don's in Alildred at- t(-n(|ii!g the'Aid social afternoon. Kath.iyn (linbey suffered sever' al (jays laift week from an abscess '" "li(|r ear; and i.s siill absent from i school. Little Donald tiliibey has also bein qiiiti sick. The Osage Valley school fnmo ;o play army ball^with the Center Valley hoy.^ after; Friday. (,'enter Valley won this grtnie and they plan to play agajn in about two weeks, j . Many Harris. .M. \V. A. solicit- I or. and O. .1.-Dunlap were out looking up possible new members Thursday. " .1. It. niinlap of Inia visited bis sou, t). .1. Dimlap and family, ilie middle of the week. Friends here extend best wisli- es to .Mr. and .Mrs. Li^o (iiiieste. .Mrs.' (iineste was .Mis. Otlia Fender. one fisherman says the fish have had such a Nil of oats since Ihe rail) Ibey won't notice bait. .•Ml who' were plaiiiiinK l<> see oats liurrleil to get them In before tile mother, caller ICOU^fTYLINE I Dora L. Oglevl .March ^1. —.ieffiir Veteto and family and Will I'.yfi^ld spent Mond.iv evenitii: al Frank Dpfe^s. 'I'lic .Iidini*on. Irwin. Kivett. Uei- tci- and l'ow<dl cUirdren have the measles.. -Mrs. .Nellie l.ylield aiid Paul visited Tueseiiiy with lier .Mrs. Heslop. Mrs.'Will Varner was ; the Will Irwin lionie Tuesday. ) Bud Sherwood, aiid fiimlly from I neai* Vernou visited jat .leifie ; Veleto's Sunda.v aflernopn. t .leific Vctetnand family, and ; .Mis.s Lola L;)(kart and .John fall ^ were visitors at -IJay iHeiidi-:cks [Wednesday evening. ! Treat Latimer is working' .for ; Mr. Will Unhn.sou. * ' . I ' ("ail Barnett is working on .Mr. i Powtdl's car. ' Mrs. Will Waslilnirn was a eall- j er at Mrs. Kiiowllon's Tiiursilay j afternoon. Carl I'.ariieit sjient Sa'itritay night and .Sunday wiib TedDgle. Roy Fnllz was a visiioi- at lie Powell home Sunday, .iirs. Will P.yiield is slayiiii? wjilii i Mrs. DeiuK y in r.i iievrr beliiine <uire fpr ;Ml8ses' who hav room at tend high hen granddaughtefs, jtli« ij-auliiie. nnd .Marie Weill tlK^j nieasle-s. The jjlrli lihe Denney home anil school. - Aftpr 13) hours In an almost air tight totiiu at the boijtom of a .>.>foot well. Jeff Ashworth. 2J-year-old well digger of flarnittk'oiinty, .\. V... was: brought out aliv'. .-\shworth. bruised and town 'frdm an ava-i lanche of rock that fell upon iiim-eight tons of ii—is shown in- the up-! I>«jr photo im a cot just ifler bis rescue. The rock avalanidie, banied ; out painstakingly in cru le wooden baskets, is pictured' below. ' .Vir I reaelie<I Ashworth durinj iiis imprisonment llirotigli a liiiy .crevice in i Ihe rock pile above him. ; • \ Ppnca City Is Ne|w . Air Mail Stop Now Washington, March 2i'.', (APi — I'onca City, Okla., will be! added as a stopping place t^n ihei chica^o- Fort .W'orUi-Dallas jair m ^iil loiii.e heginning April -il Thej stop of planes bound southeast will b(> at 2:05 p. ni. :ind thos^- bound norib- eattt at Browning Says jHe Is i Through With Peaches | .New Vork. .March I'fe (Ai.'l—F.d-; ward West " Hrovviiing. winner of! his separation suit, today declare he was "through with 'Peaches.'"j Justici' Seeger's lief'ision grant-1 ing him the .separatio:i frcai liie- foi-mer Frances ( Hcenan.- YOUR LAWNMQWER - - miisi (ilia t,li< with til lie ia liist (lass (ondition if-yoii ; ! most beautiful town in Kansas tli • WoMicji'sClubs by liavlii!; a well ll Our factory tnethiuls of lawiimower sliarpening and repairiiigj assure yitii of a lirsi class job. F. G. Lawyer DISC SHAIirENING re going lo help ina|Ei|i s Slimmer. Co-operate :ept lawn. , i-i . nnd Ihe fields wa.slied family bad- liiin- lola y(uir j who j some wi:y are you making |on now'.'" aske'l .Stone inuili.t; to sec tliroiigli fices. ave the innocejil from be- liR sii.'^pectei:. It is possible thtil .Mrs. Marion mav be chargeii willi .l!:is liiin,^. and 1 want to forestall siiili :i piissibili'y. I assiin" .v(ni, .\li. Si(>|iie. yon willifind 1 am lell- triilh.'' yon ar(> lbj< nian w'ith ;h who boiigbl til : illt; tlx ' "TlicJi ley as hi ^\'iile -mustache atiljiiue dagger Sione ? aid. ;-Ves.: •'I (a I searccl-. la I that nigbC.'" began, ibnt Itarifou •hili iiiin." slu :nterrii|)(ed. ".\ly .will- (!i,l no: kill •lairl' F(ds(iin."; be deciared. "Who 'kll.l him';l do.iuu know!" liiii I job iii!\l. and 'l .will III] lile lillirdeVel, even if liij-lieve it,. Hnss,'* .Miss Folsom said. "Init if i; is irne. then oi r (jiiesi is ai ':iii eiid. You sb:ill pay the penally and m.V" hrvllier's ninrder will be avenged.'' •'Ves. iiiiidani." said Uoss. "lie sliaii't: lie ali.iil not!" cried .Madi 'iijie liarron. wildly..; '"Lisleiii Tb.-il nian yliii call 'Itoss .Is niy fa* ibir. lie siived me'li'om the wrong i;;i-|-.-ll| j''ol|<oni w.-iiild have done iiie. 'I^lieii. ior Mr. Kidsoni diil not lidliki'ow llini. In- gave up b:s own ca- iiiii ; re -r. a|.il went to be vjilel to .Mr. FoNoin so lie could keeji watch tin there. . . nieans sui exposure or my wil "Come in," be said, as ihe vi.-l- pa-i hisliiiy " torn aitiieared. "l think you lia'\T.:i 'I'lierc was a knock at the do ir. jjome mailers (if, iniiiorlanie 111 ili-i-!..inil w.'ieii it w.i.I iipeiieil. |;(M..- CIISH," I And Slpne ill that Instant Fleming leall/.ed ^^llat wbaiever the Hill loll. iriiHi was about .Madillii .:her hiinbatid knew ii.- "V*»(t, we hav(»." :HHld Aniisinsja . FtdNom, who w,|>* i !|ioke:.)Maii hv • h'T 'iwii ideciliin, ''Aiul. iln?je u uc . ipte nillicllll; mullers; Mr.'., (lairmi. yiiii wer(' acijiialiiied wiili • , bi'olhcr. in the part, alilmn ili have denied li since bis death," "I will answer for Darron said, ijuietly. - .Vliss Folsoiti." Uiis took the •wind sligli of .Anaslasia's sails, but sb steadily on. iiiv my you »il'e." she Iv onl ellt l-iilsom's loriiier valel. .-lepped ii I be Kioni. ' "1 have lllllildeil, gi III ll'lll'ii, jaiil. loidi'liig I'voiil SloiH,. lo -ll roll and hai k a.e.|lii, "biTaiisi b iVe been lJ;Me||||i!;.al- 111" door a ji li- time I hbniibf have lay sa "I'm sine y.Ill cini have iiollilllin jo i-ay, ItO'.s oil 'be Mlblecl v.e I III ,11 -lilWE. " Maili-lllie Mlild III ll l ^l'li ^ce ll :ive , llie I ooiii I ll I A nil III do M(l," j' .-^1 sliire;! .-it'imr. Iiiil llie ii n; Its irave her •ijai seeiiii j (I ineaiiitm lo. k' li "1 iiiiist spiak. li'.ailain," le to sloi m ' F. B. Slatlord and tola visitors Friday. .Mrs. Paul Sutton got five dred baby chicks from the hatchery last week. Mrs. {).' .1. Dunlai) speni Fi'iday afternoon with .Mrs. .Mta Dunlaii in lola. j Mrs. .McCormack alten(le(j Farm Rureaii dub lesson food and nutrition at lola Friday. .Mr.s. Caldwell also spent ihe afternoon In .tola. j Dennis Isaac and family spx-iii Sunday wilb .Mrs. Anna Hardy and also visited at Howard Hardys. ' Roy Owin, .Mien Count\-' Farm Agent, has set .Mardi 2!t for n".\t meeting^ here in the interest of Farm llnreaii. Pictures will be shown and the programs should interest all farmers, their families and frie ids. This work is free and all are invited lo FJayard Irall. .March 29. at S o'clock. Russell Boring and wife and Ills father. Otto Boring, of lola, spent Sunday at Stafford's. Priqnds here w'ere hear .Mrs. Waller •Ciishing .,of Kincaid had <fo enter Ft. Scott hospital for an operation. Farl Caldwell, who is b(>giiining his third years work for Davey Tree Expert Co., is now at lOrange, .V. J.. i^o begin work for ilho coming sea.Sfin. , . ^ler I j kill. Eai^tor to Take Mrig at Channe h .iv. d a CI r .|e >-:..M r-ll Kiil-jiiin." I b'ai. ! lurthei I \ol. .1 f (vi.h" I ' Weill, i si;;bl, j llei'ti •lie i IJ..-t, H , lie: 11 1, ; wi 'iiiiaii llie.Dll |.|e:| I liar, ll .-,a:.| li.j ( 1 --an (hen ' (-.llllisl.^n -es bill 111. Ii-r h- 1"! hii .11 l-e:-i i Ii.-. d. ncr.. wil..:; , eeiisi I "I i lie a : be: • ! co'ild ! Tae w le uieani to keep him from m(.l('slalion of me, and delis life lo ibat. lie went arreil Folsom wlierevcr he Me never let iilm' out of liis (11(1 when lliyy came down (ell Hieni. Falb'-r, what Mr. s.iid." ^:ii<l." llie man iliey i-allcd aie.l. erav(dyL "llial he bud < ]a^ tie- liii>t( 1 the only he uatlleii : I le HUid lie lo vel her. Iilo. He bad ilo wa:i Iter tat tier, and be de­ ne -.Vditlil ^nlaiia-^e ll Me • siHnild cc^iiironi in'r in ihe mil claim acijuaintani-e. and e woiilil be guided by cir- ' \\liat conr.>-e ^LM CREEK March 1.1.—A!surpiise biriliUny dinner was given for Mrs. ,.lnliii Cramer Sunday. There were twenty-one preseiii lo wish ber many nnire balipy birthdays. Allss Olive Meaibiws called in, Ihe Cramer home Wedn'esday i-v- i ening. i .Miss Faye Cramer went, lo t^ay i Willi j\\rH. Rosebaiigh (d (ia-t. Thiirs(bi,V. .Mrs. l{os(diaiigli. bus a broken' arm. ' Cfover Carnes .and lantily <>f lola (nlied in llie KngllNli lioine I j Sunday afteriio(m. Mr. and .\ri 's. U. H. Robertson; iiiid dtiiiKhti r. Terensa Were Sun- '< day afternoon callers In the Ciiy home. lola Fngllnli. who recently un- j dervvent a serloim operation lor ' to pursue i •'I'lX''""'''*'''' brought to her would fcel her awav from",'"'"•f "'^' Thursday and is stead-; iiaid and iwnuid have ber' "'J^ Improving. She took a few; iseli'. This i,e iold me with i steps Monda.v. which her friends ig ehii.klcihai night he ar-i •""'V .i''''^"' '"^hear , he was .ircssing lor din- ^ -^'^l:-- ''"h" , Cottingham and I kn-.-w ihe lime Had come. f-'"'**'^'^'' «'all»''l •» the .lohn Lamn i.iivsi :..ti ik..; .whatever the . Saturday. ni:shi w,. growing popularity of so Iso-fVis, the revolutionary new motor oil, developed by thp Standard. Oil Company (llndiana) has become immediately and immensely popular. . j Fro n all over the Middle West come letters commending the Staijidard Oil Company (Indiana), telling of the remarkable per- lance of this new motor oil. The following letter is typicab •iKcs nii^lii uf\ I no weapon, but I wbnt|,.,.r j,, spain is making beavv in- walk and saw the auction:; roads on^ the and the'.e. and realized I ;t.i.i one of those; old dagger.s. liic mnsladiL ^ al-A-a.vs car- 1 it'll ^11 oiiiid. thinking I might some day nil el Madeline and it might be necessary that Vile shouldn't recognize me. .\s a minor precaution I iiut ii; on. l>efore 1 bought the knife, iiid Ihe rest 1 iliink you all I know. I ha\%' no regrets. 1 rid-the j.woihl if a scoundrel. I ant sorry. 'Mi.s.i F dsom. t(i speak thus of ^he broiher you adored, but I knew i him littler than ytrti did, aiid he would lijive riiiaetl my girl's life had U(; been alIo'wi?d, to live." Thei'^ -Vnastasia Folsom spoke. ••Ross." .s-he said; and her voice was pt|ntle, bul it souiideil lull of j Ileartbi eak,; "you are ri.sht. I an:', perliapj^. a strange won-an, and 1 wm.shi led my brctiier. But 1 see hovv it was an iniagiuary man I on the gates at bull fights, and all the natives wbo reverent e . traditional Spanish sports are gravely concerned. The|r«'8 nolrcAson irhy « niinli^et i can't awliu i-tbe ^Cat'alina channel) andi- Rev. jHaroId, Teagi rden. of y.ii i( what ri.;;li<. killed iillt i ( worshiiicd. If he did these thing.s I'li oL and I (aiinot doubt 11 have heard .i then ^on did I um glsHl you loveil lilni so. 1 1 oL and have heard, I don't mcoi^ iariy. :for 1 lin see It'froni your poliit of view aid I caniubilerstand what you ha e been tJUsUfli. these? years of wHKhful Heiv<h »4 ^46 !i man you hateil. I can appr^Utc ft all. lir- cluding ilra. HitrrMtV,. Bgimy ofl aplrit, indI|irttM|ii#<JiU cHarges The Safe and Pr^an Bemedjr • The Flrat and Origiiial Cold and Grip Tablet Price 30c. Tha hox b<MW thto »liiUtnr» 1889 I : fon 'I Auburn, Michigan, Dec. 21, 1926. , Standard Oil Co., Saginaw Division, Saginaw, Mich. Gentlemen: I take great pleasure lin recommending l80= Vis Motor Oil to any user of motor oils, I know it gives better starting lubrication' and extended lubrication service. < • \ ; ' As a resale product I find that it moves faster than aiiy motor oil produtrf I have ever sold .i | • I have placed my first repeat order of five barrels with your sales. man Mr. Burt Tr6mbly. I (Signed) Dalvin Lamar ! Ford Agency' ' , WillisW. Rosckraus | Iso-Vis has, aroused enthusiasm because it solves the .old dilution probleii thatj has bothered motorists |for years. The oil of the past! lost two-thirds of its body, or viscosity before the car had gone 200 miles. Iso = Vis maintains . constant viscosity. I i Iso= Vis is of the right body to make.istarting easier. After a thousand miles it is St ill oft the right body, lubricating e^e«/(y and co»i/>fefe/y. , That is why Iso=Vis reduces repair bills—puts new pleasure and satisfaction ; m n|iotoriiig—.iand creates enthusiastic customers! Try it today!. . |' .OH Vis *'F" for Fords. At Any Standard CHI, Company {Indiana) Service Station or at Any Licensed Garage {Indiana]

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