Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 12, 1950 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1950
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

EtOttTtIN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, Ham a la King Is a Royal Dish to OAVttOfc MADDOX NBA Staff Writer Everyone likes to tit near the Chrtitmas tree and try out the new games. Provided, of course there'* something good to eat before the party Is over. Try this supper menu for the game players: ham a la king, split and toasted corn muffins, buttered, black currant jam Individual apple cheese, coffe, hot chocolate Or mulled elder. Ask In a few friends ot varying ages. Set up the game tables. The trend to "real life" situation for family games shows up In card and board games. A favorite with sports-minded teen-agers Is "Pigskin," about the most realistic board game version of football ever achieved. Tom Hamilton, the famous Navy coach, devised the playing techniques which Rive Juvenile armchair quarterbacks (and their dnrts) all the realistic action of big-lime gridiron battles, including provision for the removal of Injured players from the field. Item • U King (Serve* A feneroimly) One tablespoon butter, 1 cup mushrooms, 1 small green pepper. thinly sliced, 4 tablespoons flour, salt to taste, U teaspoon cayenne pepper, V4 teaspoon dry mustard, l'/4 cups whole milk, 1 cup chicken stock, 2',i tups diced cooked ham, 1 tablespoon choopcd parsley, 'i , tablespoon sherry, if desired. Melt butler, add mushrooms ..n strip of green pepper. Cook nbou 4 minutes, strlrrlng constantly Mix seasonings with flour. Stir in to the butter, blend well. Coo slowly for 5 minutes. Slowly ad< milk and stock, stirring constantly Cook over low hent until smooth Add ham. Heat thoroughly. Remove from heat and stir in sherry, I desired. Add parsley. U. of I. Develops a Smokeless Furnace University of Illinois has a home coal furnace thnt burns its own smoke.;The coal • burned includes numerous low - grade fuels that nov* cannot be burned In many cites because of anti-smoke regulations. The furnace Is like a U-shaped plpei Coal Is poured into one side. The fire Is started at the bottom of the coal. But the fumes do not go up through the coal bed. The result Is that as the fresh coal gets hot anc the gasses, form, they are drawn downwji-d. These gasses are the smoke. They pass down and around the bottom of the U and start upward on the side opposite the burning coal. The heat is enough to ignite them at they leave the coal bed. A stream of fresh air which enters the furnace at this point enables the smoke to burn completely. Digest It First Spiders digest much of their prey before eating It. They wet their food with a digestive julco from their stomachs.This digests the soft parts to a liquid, which the spiders then swallow. Bartered Water Dud to excessive drouth, water has been used in the gold fleldt of central Australia as a means of barter, or fotm of currency. Holland now produces flvt'ton trucks. DIETSCHY'S MARKET ITM * BIDOE PHONES WE DELIVER—Upper Alton, Milton Road, North Alton, Monday, Wednesday and Frldfty-MMdlttown Every Day. FKESIf SIDE BACON—Piece PORK STEAKS Lh. SMOKED HAM HOCKS ....Lh. 26e PORK DRAINS .Lb. lie PORK LIVER Lb. 2Be PORK HEARTS .Lb. HAMBURGER 39c BOILING BEEF LKAN • BRISKET. ..Lb. PORK BUTTS.agf „, 37e PORK CUTLETS Tender, Lean, Ronelens . ...Lb. LAMB STEW Lb. LAMB SHOULDER ROAST .<U». BONELESS STEW BEEF....Lb. SMOKED 4 A* JOWLS Lb. 19Q FRESH PIG TAILS ....Lb. BONELESS ROLLED C A- RIB ROAST .... Lb. 99G LEAN PIECE BACON HUNTER'S • Thrifty, Ib. PORK SAUSAGE LOOSK HOME-MADE "25C SKINLESS WIENERS . 43c Hunter's BOCKWURST - 53c NAVY BEANS. 2 Ibi 2lc SWEET -« PICKLES Pt. 00C CAMPBELL'S PORK & BEANS 2 cimi 29c Large Dry LIMA BEANS 2 lta 37c PILOT 14 os. |Q. CATSUP bottle IOC SALERNO Lb. AM. RAISIN COOKIES.... <MC WALDORF TOILET TISSUE . 3 — 23c SCOTT TOWELS Rolli 18c HERSHEY BARS 27...... — 15c CREAM CHEESE American 2"" 76o ORANGE JUICE. S......«£ PILLSBUKY | Q PANCAKE FLOUR, box IOC IXXJ CABIN M~ SYRUP pint flC LOOSE PITTED DATES Lb. 29e KOVAL runiHNos... POTATOES No. 1 REDS. 3 bOMi 22c 39c Ibs. TANGERINES. MKOIUM SIZE Dor. GRAPEFRUIT . TEXAS SEEDLESS 5'"' 25c TEXAS CARROTS.. bunches I7c BRUSSELS SPROUTS Lb. I9c LONG LEAF i f . LETTUCE Lh. IOC YELLOW SWT. POTATOES.... CHICKENS. FRESH DBES8ED HENS, 8 to 4 lbi...Lb. EGGS LARUE KRKSII COUNTRY Dos. 39c It's An Angle ANCLE and-just between you and me and the gatepost ... LUER'S New BRAUN-ETTES — ore delicious!! FIRST... because it's the same fine quality elegantly spiced braunschweiger Luer's have always prided themselves on producing . . . BUT NOW it's put into individual family sized units and smoked long hours in hickory _ smoke. 5OOOOOOOO00 Now you ^an buy a Braun-etlc and know it's fresh and it will keep in your refrigerator. It will be ready to slice for sandwiches whenever you want it—or better still you may mix it with mayonnaise and minced onion tor a wonderful snack-spread for noon or night— If9 the Real Thins _ X and Made Especially for YOU... KI66L -For Quality Everytiinel VMBT ABU DBPf PRICES FOR JANUARY 13-14 RED & WHITE BRAND - CUT, FANCY BLUE LAKE GRFFN RFJIM! UlUJLll DLnlld , . , , BRIMFULL BRAND 25c 15c JUMBO PASCAL CELERY 2««" FRKSH, CRISP CARROTS . 2 Hunches NEW, GREEN CABBAGE 2»»9c FRESH, SLICING TOMATOES ...... - 15c N. S. No. 1 RED POTATOES . . . . . . 10-43c MICHIGAN JONATHAN APPLES . . 3 - 25c PINK GRAPEFRUIT . . . 4"/25c TEXAS SEEDLESS ORANGES . . "°«55c PUERTO RICAN YAMS . 2-15c Con MEDIUM GREEN AND WHITE C OUR PRIDE BRAND APPLE BUTTER.. 2 s 27 KIDS LOVE IT C RED & WHITE BRAND PIE APPLES *? SLICED C tf "Independent" ROUND STEAK Tender, Juicy and Delicious. INDEPENDENT BONELESS, CHOICE LEAN SLICES THE FINEST MADE 19' 8-oz. lUC Jor PURE UNIFORMLY PLUMP AND TENDER INDEPENDENT SLAB BACON HICKORY SMOKED SUGAR CURED 8 LB. TO 4 LB. PIECES SUN SPUN BRAND SALAD OUR PRIDE BRAND BLACKBERRYJELLY v 29c OUR PRIDE BRAND STRAWBERRY JELLY i?37c ROSE BUD BRAND RASPBERRY JELLY v 32c ROSE BUD BRAND PEACH PRESERVES .'^32c^|>> RED AND WHITE BRAND 1 PANCAKE FLOUR . wl5c OUR PRIDE BRAND POPPINCCORN . . -p£l2c OCCIDENT BRAND I HOT ROLL MIX . . FLAVOR-KIST 3 TIMES S2S ANUTBARS - 26C CHOCOLATE BUTTER COOKIES . -a 26c CHIPS PREMIUM SALTINES .... .1*25c PORK STEAK Qn c PORK LOIN on J9 WAST J9 ' MAYR08E SKINLESS 1 Lb. Cello MAYROSE BY THE WIENERS Lb 45' 47* MAYROSE Lb. SPECIALTY THE ANSWER TO A HASTY MEAL 3 TIMES MORE COCOANUT "Independent" BEEF CHUCK ROAST. First Cuts Lb. 47 WALTER BAKER'S SEMI-SWEET Both For ALUMINUM COOKIE SHEET AND ONE 6 OZ. PKG. OF CHIPS PURE ALL VEGETABLE | CRISCO ( USE CRISCO—IT'S DIGESTIBLE § 3 Lb '76c 1 RED & WHITE BRAND TOMATO JUICE 46 Os. Can 29c RED & WHITE BRAND TANGERINE JUICE. %.'17 RED & WHITE BRAND FANCY lSSS BOWL JE CO L VER M ° LD AMERICA'S FAVORITE BLEACH JELL-0-6 ASSORTED FLAVORS ALL FOR ONLY Pkii. CLOROX 18c Quart FOR HEAVY DUTY WASHING — USE TIDE TfflE NEW LOW PRICE FOR DISHES AND GLASSWARE UREFT OXYDOL - WASHES CLOTHES SPARKLING WHITE OXYDOL NEW LOW PRICE DUZ - SAFER FOR COLORS DUZ "W . . . RED & WHITE FOOD STORES*

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