Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 11, 1961 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1961
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PAOTTWO ALTON KVENINO TEUDQ1UPR TUBSDAY, APRIL 11, SCATTERED SHOWERS Rahi Is expected Tuesday night hi the south and central Appalachians, the lower Mississippi valley, the eastern sections of the southern Plains and on the north Pacific coast while snow or snow mixed with rain is forecast for the Clarifying Amendment to PlumbingCodeApproved Lakes area, the central Plains, the upper Mississippi valley and the north • and central Rockies. It will be warmer in the Ohio and Tennessee valleys and the Gulf states. (AP Wlrephoto Map) W'eatherForecast Councilmen : Alton and vicinity — Cloudy .with strong shifting winds tonight with scattered showers 'and thundershowers. Low In : mid 40s. Wednesday rain ending land cooler with clearing and j Sitting as a committee of the j diminishing northerly winds i whole Monday night, four mem-i durlng the afternoon. High in ' " "~" added .. a jthe mid of the •clarifying amendment to the j plumbing code, then endorsed for! •enactment an ordinance in revi-j ££{2£|g|*V tO jston of the city building code of; J ; which the plumbing and electrical : inspection ordinances air a parl. i Councilman Jerome V. Spring- i man, who was unable to at- jtend the committee session, had A tie vote, 2 to 2, at the City spent a memorandum letter ob- Reject Rezoning Eichmann's Attorney Assails Legality of Trial in Israel B> RfcUfAH MOItm JERUSALEM (API-Sitting tm passively today In hia bullet-proof dork, Adolf Eichmann heard his attorney challenge the right of the [swell government to bring him here tor trial as an arch-prosecutor of Jews. •Then he listened alternatively m the government's attorney general responded that such arguments are irrelevant to the basic legality of this nation's action in bring- ng htm to Justice. The first day's session of the Eichmann trial thus ended with the justices considering the arguments of counsel. Eichmann's chief counsel, Council committee session Mon-ifectmg to the wording of a pro- anniversary of the formation of day night resulted in an unfav-jposed plumbing code section:Battery F, 123rd Field Artillery orable report on an ordinance to;(E-2.1) stating that no personjB^n h as been set for the sum- rezone to commercial use a tract (shall engage in the plumbing bus-j mer O f 1952. __ *>_.11_ __a » _ t. %*•*._! 11 ! !»%««« IM*IA*»« lton»»»v*4 V**i ft VIA cttn fr*t 7 ' _. pudgy and gray-haired Dr. Robert Servatius of West Germany, chal- enged the jurisdiction of the special court trying the bald German. He also put into question the 1950 Israeli law under which Eichmann faces a possible death penalty, and the circumstances under which he was spirited from Argentina last May. As Servatius put it. the defendant before the three German-born udges was simply a tool of the fad leaders .who ordered the killing of millions of Jews in the in- amous World War II purge that ended only 16 years ago this spring. Other Viewpoint* But Israeli's attorney general, j Gideon Hausner, presented another viewpoint. He challenged Servatius' contention that Eich- imann can get no fair trial here. : "11 there arc judges in the A reunion celebrating the 25th i« hole world who could be impar- Observe 25th tin! about this crime, they are not fit to be judges." he said. "Adolf Eichmann is here before you legally by an order for his on Belle street at Mitchell. jiness unless licensed by the state; pjans for the reunion were!a"* 8 * legally issued. The drcum Richard Wittman of 3220 Belle, i as a journeyman plumber, whose dwelling premises arej City Councilor J. W. Hoefert, within the tract, appeared at thejreported that he had 1 o o k e d in- i discussed at a meeting Monday night of 41 members of the World War H unit which served meeting to retract an earlier {to the section cited by Spring-! throughout the war. They met statement of approval he had giv-jman and had found the wording en the Council. He said he had j too broad. Accordingly, he said, he expected S. L. Xanders, appli-jhad prepared an amended sec- cant for the rezoning. to buy his tion, one following exactly the premises, but that negotiations had fallen through and that his attorney advised him to object at Delmar Avenue VFW Hall. The unit was constituted in Alton in October 1937 and federalized in March 1941. provisions of a state statute inj The group is'seeking names point The amendment then was offer- Councilman Clyde Wiseman with led by Councilman Maynard Lisa second by Councilman George M. Lammers, moved for favorable report on. the ordinance, stating that if Wittman wants his property excluded from the zoning he (Wiseman) will offer an amendment to that effect at the next Council meeting. Proper Zoning He suggested the only question before the Council members was what is the proper zoning. And Qty CounseDor Jf. W, fcoefert ruled that the Council had full powers to act as it deemed best in public interet Councilman Maynard Lister urged there be a further report from ter. It reads: "All persons who engage in plumbing as employes of a firm, association, partnership or corporation shall be licensed plumbers or apprentices under the plumbing license law of Illinois. Also at least one member of every firm, association, or partnership engaged in plumbing work, and at least one corporate officer of every corporation (so engaged). «•». as the case may be, shall be J- censed as a plumber under the Illinois Plumbing License Law." Springman bad said in his letter that he felt no individual should be barred from owning all the city's planning engineers be-|or part of a plumbing business fore any final action. And Wise-" man asked City Manager G. W. Watt to check with the planning consultants and see if they were of their original opinion mat the because he wasn't a licensed plumber. He also suggested plumbers for licensing should be tested and licensed by the city. and addresses of 'members of the artillery unit who have moved from the Alton area since the war. Larry Autery, Brighton road, Godfrey, is in charge of drafting the list of members outside the Alton area. 5 Youths Charged In Auto Incident Four youths, aged 16 to 19, were charged with disorderly stances under which he was brought to this court are not mat ters for this court to discuss. They are irrelevant." The only relevant matter before the court, Hausner argued, is "the charge of crimes against hu manity for which Eichmann is charged." / The arguments about the legali ty of the case were still going on at 6:35 p.m. when the court recessed until Wednesday. The day had begun at 9 a.m when Eichmann came into the prisoner's dock and stood stiff- backed and impassive as he heard the reading of the government's indictment It was the first time in 2,000 years that a man accused of inflicting suffering and death on the Jews was brought to judgment in a Jewish court conduct and • the 16-year-old , t t(x)k TO mlmrtes lw driver of the car they were riding in was charged with disorderly conduct and traffic violation in "complaints signed Monday night by a man who charged that the car tried to •force him off the road" on E. Broadway. •• • The motorist said the car pulled up alongside his at a traffic light and the youths commercial zoning should be disapproved. petition! Hoefert told the Council group j "cussed him out." One of the I the city had no power to examine i group even got out of the car The Council had advanced the'and license plumbers which au- and wanted to fight, the man ordinance after an adverse reportithority is retained by the state,!said. on the zoning change by the Cityiand also that it was bound underi The man drove" to police head- Plan Commission. Tangled into the! law to follow the state regula- quarters and gave police a tion that at least one member of j description of the car. Police a plumbing business by a state (arrested the youths soon after- licensed plumber. situation was a report the city plan consultants has misunderstood that the proposed rezoning site was a 3%-acre tract and that! The ordinance amending a change of classification would I combined building code, now ad- three of his passengers were from Edwardsville, and one passenger Iward, the report shows, the | The driver of the car and not constitute spot zoning. The committee endorsed for adoption the vacating of a part of Hunter court in interest of the new wing to be added to St. Joseph's Hospital. Denied Rumor* Councilman Clyde Wiseman took advantage of the Council committee floor to deny rumors he said bed been circulated, that; as a candidate for mayor he had! been implicated in the recent Ne-j gro picketing of a number olj stores. i He asked Mayor P. W. Day.i who was in the chair, if he knewj of any such action, and Day re-j plied that he did not. j "Then you do not know of any direct connection on Wiseman persisted. vanced for final disposition by the Council, eliminates a number of j was from Alton, unneeded or conflicting sections j and adds or revamps other sections. It makes some revisions of permit fees and provides penalties for code violations. 3 Mishaps Reported In 24-Hour Period A total of three auto accidents reported to police during the 24 hour period ending at 7 a.m. today brought to 429 the total number of accidents for the year to date. RussiaMum \JJ\ l?J.ail ' WIth the sa ^ le "peri^a year"ago In Space j being accident-free, the running total a year ago remained at 427. I There have been 59 injury accidents to date, compared with 55 a year ago, MOSCOW (APi—Moscow's offi- «cket was issued for speed- 01 any - -. L?""jcialdom i. keeping a tight Hp .«n« dunng the 34-hour period and P " f< to Western newsmen, at leas£ ?™, mot °" s , was chai * ed «"* traffic violation. "No," said Mayor Day, "except | concerning widespread rumors that the picketing leader was wear- j that the Soviet Union has ing your banner." I launched a man into space. "Well, many others were doing; A Foreign Ministry spokesman that very same thing," Wisemanisaid late Monday night he had no. Sabotage Possible retorted. ; information on reports Soviet sci-i Ship Survivors Says dictment to be read by the president of the court, Justice Moshe Landau of the Israeli Supreme Court The atmosphere was electric with drama as the crimes laid to the 55-year-old defendant were itemized. Long Indictment Israel accuses Eichmann of "crimes against the Jewish people and crimes against humanity." The indictment asserts that he bears direct responsibility for the slaying of millions of Jews, that he caused others "degradation . . . deportation . . . deprivation . . . and inhuman torture and suffering." Israel has abolished capital punishment except for crimes against humanity under the 1950 law. On 12 of the 15 counts against Eichmann the maximum penalty is death. Eichmann, as chief of the Jewish Affairs Section of the Nazi Gestapo during the war, is accused of direct responsibility for f-e catastrophe visited on the Jews. He stood in the dock—shielded from the audience by sheets of bulletproof glass—stony-faced and motionless as a statue. Watches Judge* He was wearing dark gray business suit, a white shirt and a striped necktie that matched his suit. He peered once through the glass toward the audience, nodded once to Servatius and the lawyer's assistants. Then he turned Ms head toward the three Judges and appeared never to take his eyes oft them The courtroom, tn Jerusalem's community center, la B theater like room with 746 seats. All of them were filled 30 minutes be fore the .start of the trial today at 9:01 a.m. Most of the spectn tors were newsmen. Concealed television cameras brought the proceedings to va riotn points around the building by closed circuit, and to a the ater a block away where 700 peo pie watched. The trial is being conducted in Hebrew, Israel's of flcia! language, with simultaneous translation into English, French and German, Small transistor radios, tunable to all tour languages, were used by the spectators. Sitting with Justice Landau are Benyamin Halevy, president oi the Jerusalem District Court, and Izhak Raveh, president of the Tel Aviv District Court. No Witnesses Yet The opposing attorneys and their assistants sit at a long table directly in front of the Judge's bench. Eichmann's glass cubicle is on his lawyers Jeft. A witness stand —unused during the opening ses sion—is on the right of the prosp- cutioa As the trial opened. Landau or dered Eichmann to rise and asked him if he was "Adolf Eichmann son of Karl Adolf Eichmann." "Ja \vohl," the defendant re plied, his voice steady and deep over the public address system. Landau then began reading the massive indictment. As he went along, Eichmann stood like a ramrod. His heac was thrown square chin slightly back, his raised. Nothing showed in his face as the list o! crimes with which he is charged was being read. After each numbered section ol the indictment was read in Hebrew, the translation into German was read in open court. Eichmann continued to stare at the bench. His thin lips were pressed tightly together, giving him a slightly petulant look. He is of medium size, slim, bespectacled and bald. His nose is large, slightly crooked, with a sharp tip. As he stood in the dock, peering through his spectacles toward the judges, he could see on the wall behind them a bronze Menorah, the ancient seven-armed Jewish candelabra that is part of the national emblem of Israel. Correspondents came and* went in relays during the reading of the indictment. With the translation into German, it took an hour and 10 minutes. When he had finished, Landau asked Eichmann if he had understood. The prisoner indicated that he had. "Tell him he may sit down," Landau said to the translator. Eichmann took his seat, between two blue-uniformed Israeli policemen. He continued to look oward the bench. At this point, Eichmann would lave been asked for his plea— guilty or not guilty as charged n the indictment—but Servatius rose to challenge the legal basis of the trial. Lawyer Cites Irregularities The West German lawyer is short, barrel-bodied, with gray tn a tow but tmptMttc yotc«, Semtlu* said Eichmann should be tried by « German court, that no exceptional law is needed to try EichmaniwiacJi a taw and such a court alr|ld> extft Hi Germany." He questioned whether Elch mnnn could get a fair trial in h- met becflues so many of Ita Citizens may have lost one or more relatives during the war and because feelings run so deep. "How can the accused expiate for what was done by a large part of the (German) people?" he asked. "Nor can he expiate what his government perpetrated. That government was Involved in these actions and It is the state which is responsible," Only 'Instrument' Servatius pictured Eichmann as only an instrument of the Nazi leaders and said he was "dragged into these actions by the state." Referring to the Nuernberg war crimes in 1946, Servatius said Eichmann was a much smaller figure than the men tried there. "The accused here In this court does not belong to the same circle of leaders and he can't be measured by the same yard stick," he said. Turning to the members of the court, the defense lawyer said. "It may be justified that there may be prejudice in the minds of the judges, or one of the judges. This is enough to exclude the judges from sitting in judg-j ment on this case." Although he singled out none of ITS DRY INSIDE An Angolan child is sheltered ffWM crossed the border after tribesmen mas- the rain by his father's fedora atMita- sacred Inhabitants of outlying villages dl, ft village In The Congo. He arid ftto in Angola. (AP Wlrephoto) father were among refugees why — - • Teamsters, Contractors InStalematej **" i i Officials of teamsters' locals the three, he presumably had in in the state and the Associated i mind Justice Hatevy, who referred to Eichmann as "the devil" while presiding over a collaboration case four years ago. Challenge!! Law Servatius challenged the 1950 ed in the negotiations. hair and gold-rimmed spectacles, was wearing black robes and a white necktie. The prosecution awyers wore black robes and >lack neckties. "Before he replies to the ques- ion of whether he is guilty or not," Servatius said, "I wish to 'xamine matters of prejudice and the 1 ack of authority of this court." Eichmann turned to look at him. His hands were folded in his ap. His large, dark-rimmed spec- acles gave him an owlish look. Whenever there was a word from the bench, he would turn to ook toward the bench. Then his yes turned back toward Servatius, like a man watching a tennis game. 'I'd like all to know that I had no connection with the picketing," continued the defeated mayoral candidate. "And if anyone implies such a thing he is ilkely entists were expected momen-j LONDON (AP)—A British sur tarily to announce they had wonivivor of the sunken liner Dara the astronaut race. ! suggested today that sabotage "When there is such informa-j might have caused the shipboard tkm." the spokesman said, "you! explosion and fire that took an to have a visit from an attorney. I >i'l hear about it on the radio estimated 212 lives. like a good fair political battle, and see it in the newspapers." j The Bahrain correspondent Tuke good core of those BEAUTIFUL LEGS! but I won't tolerate lies." Woman Burned As Oven Flashes Communist newsmen, who have!'he Times of London, who was ! news sources closer to top offi- a passenger M the Dara's lust 'cials than do most Westerners, voyage in the Persian Gulf, said iac-ted as if a big announcement | in a cable to the newspaper: !was expected. They apparently' "Sabotage is gu^esied as ihf .had been advised to stav close cause of the Dara disaster, ami! 1 Mrs. Anna Roach, 72, of Ridg« St., was treated at Joseph')! Hospital Monday tneir radios* and telephones. I the probability that Oniani rebels St A Soviet television erew set up a half-ton of equipment in front 'of the Central Telegraph Office, planted a bomb in a cabin is not ruled out among survivors." The 5,030-lon vessel was swt !* 1^ ternoon for burn* Incurred!™ f^nTm "liewwienTishTn^^ when her gas oven flashed. Snej u . ansnli , an important story But)Arabian Peninsula early Satur- told police she had returned l after two hours tney ^.j^ up jda> Survivors from the 772 pas- from grocei-y shopping about ! and lef , sengers and crewmen 'J:30 p.m., to find a strong odor The Soviet Union, like the Urul ot gas tn her apartment. Shewed States, has been training astro- said she opened the door of the nauts, for more than two years, gas Ignited hearing explosions reported before and Wben your doctor aaya you need .. elastic hosiery . . . temporarily; , ^-perhaps... or to wear when you're] standing for long period)... or per- \ l hapc during all your waking hounj —by all means, get it right away)] And get it where you know it will be fitted properly—elastic hosiery is too important to get just anywhere. Let one of our skilled technicians carefully •elect and correctly at the OTC your condition requires—whether It otj the sheerest nylon two-way itretcb v«i> •ty, standard one-way atretch hoaiary, cr OTC'aexcluaiveeurgical weight with trolled twowey stretch. law "for the punishment of Nazis and collaborators" under which Eichmann is being tried, because it was adopted after the alleged offenses took place and therefore was ex post facto, od retroactive. This, he said, was Illegal. The defense counsel also charged that Eichmann was kid naped in Buenos Aires and brought to Israel on orders of the Israeli government, a charge the government has denied. Servatius charged that the kidnaping was illegal. He read out a statement Eichmann had signed, agreeing to stand trial in Israel. Eichmann in the statement said he was acting "out of my own free will, not because of promises given nor because of threats," but Servatius said he reserved the right to bring proof that the statement was ob tained under duress. Replying for the state, the attorney general said the U.N. Security Council, when Argentina haled Israel up for Eichmann's capture, "stated that Eichmann will face this court." He added that in the decisions of the Nuernberg tribunal as well, 'this was already decided long ago." He said neither West Germany nor any other government had requested the right to try Eichmann. jway projects. Defend Judges j CKrtv said the union is seeking He then turned to Servatius' as a three-year contract calling for! sertion that Eichmann could not get a fair trial in a Jewish court Meeting of SchoolBody Group Set Several members of the Alton school board together with local school administrators will attend a divisional meeting of the Illinois Assn. of School Boards at Edwardsville Junior High School Wednesday starting at 5 p.m. Those present will hear several panel discussions, including one in which C. J. Schlosser, head of C. J. Schlosser & Co. public accountants and former president of the Alton school board, will explain new accounting procedures to be required of school districts in Illinois this year. Schlosser, whose firm helped the state prepare the new bookkeeping methods, points out that the Alton district was on the new system, as a pilot program, during the current fiscal year and is expected to have little difficulty continuing the setup. Board members, Schlosser total of 13 locals are represent- j^ ass umed management of the j points out, should have a general MANAGER General Contractors of Illinois j have hit a stalemate In negotiations for a new contract, said William Doty, business representative for Alton Local 525 and chairman of the union negotiating committee. j Doty said talks have been deadlocked over wages and a union request for a "hiring 1 hail" provision. At present ne.; p a t Harness has assumed gotiatlons have been halted be-j duties as manager of the cause of the death of Harold; Slack furniture store in Fairclough, of Associated Gen-! Alton. eral Contractors. The unions are trying to get the state conciliator to rearrange the meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, for Friday. Doty said at least five locals, Decatur, Peoria, E. St. Louis, Belleville, and Alton, have authorized a strike if necessary. A New Manager At Slack Alton Store Pat Harness of Coliinsville Mon- I Alton Slack store, The teamsters have been!^ 811 Jae ? er working under a two-year con- Harness at one time was em- succeeding I knowledge of the oojectives of toe new bookkeeping system but ... , , „ . 'ployed at the Dennis Furni- tract which expired April 1. [ ure £ Q here *~ Larry Goddard, executive sec- slack firm. retary of the contractors' organ!- j H e has been in Alton often be- zafion, said the major issue centers on the union's demand for an "exclusive firing procedure." "They want to furnish everybody through a hiring hall," he said. "The contractors want the prerogative to hire the best pec- ale they can get." The contractors' group represents 132 individual contractors. connection here and his return, having done promotions for the firm with its various entertainment attractions. Starting as a salesman with Slack, he later was assigned to preparing script for the firm's radio programs over WIL. He moved from that to management of the St. Louis store, and should not be required to know all of the accounting details. Other panels will discuss community use of school properties, changes and demands in elementary education and attracting and keeping good teachers. Robert Cole, executive director of the Illinois Assn. of School boards, will give a report and Dr. Delyte Morris, president of Southern Illinois University will speak on "SIU — Its Plans and Goals." The division includes Randolph. Most of their work involves high-i more recently has managed the :st - Clair, Monroe, and Madison East St. Louis store. because of the depth of feeling on the part of Jews who had suffered at the hands of the Nazis. "If there are judges in the whole world who can be impartial about this crime, they are not fit to be judges," Hausner said in a voice steady, but charged with feeling. "But it is right that judges conceal their own feelings and consider the evidence presented. That is how I request this court to pass judgement," he added. Concerning the abduction of Eichmann, Hausner said courts in both the United States and Britain have held that the method by which a man is brought into court does not impair the court's right to try him. He also denied that Eichmann's declaration had oeen obtained under duress. Servatius argued that some parts of the statement 15 cent hourly wage higes each j Alton Shrine Club year while the contractors havej offered a 10-cent increase annual-' Officers Elected ly. No deadline has been set for! Fifty-five members of the A1- a strike, Doty said, "But it could i ton Shrine aub elected and happen at any time." Jersey Lions to Meet Wednesday JERSEYVILLE— A representative from Illinois Department of Health and Safety, Narcotics Division, will be the speaker Wednesday at the noonday meeting of the Lions Club. The meeting will be held in Peace Evangelical ft Reformed Church. should not be admitted as evidence, but Justice Landau ordered the declaration put into the record as exhibit No. 1 without ruling on its value as evidence. (stalled officers and trustees lor 1961 Monday evening at the Ciba- ra Town Club, 17 E. Broadway, Harris L. Ball, publicity spokesman, reported. New officers are Eldon L. Smith, president; Stephen J. Jianakoplos, vice president; Cash C. Riggs, secretary - treasurer. Trustees elected are Harris Ball, Alden K. Weber, and J. Warren Lawrence. Committees were appointed and plans formulated for the club's 1961 program. A buffet snack was served following the business session and color movies of Alaska were shown by Carl Stelner and Harold Alexander. counties. I Attending from Alton will be (Harold Davidson and John Webb, ! school board members, and E. M. jLeamon, and Raymond Ready of ithe administrative staff. Jacqueline Kennedy Hostesses Newshens WASHINGTON (AP) - Jacqueline Kennedy entertains 250 Washington newswomen at a buffet luncheon today, Portugal has overseas possessions 23 times its own size. ov«a. »nd gas Ignited a ti d Recently ihe press has been full flashed out. of article* about the problem* ofj M Mrs. Roaca incurr«d burns on space_flight s , IS 004 trm and hotfe hand* and ~ after the fire. The ship sank Moo day vihilc being towed. tia«Hl h*ir, tbe report «sJ4. She ivw eowrgeacy tmtmuit Tuicarawas County. Ohio, is called the "world b clay center" because ol its conctntittion of day and brwk factorial. kK*t 30th reported to police that neigh borhood stray ckjgs were molesting show rabbits she keeps at her home. Don Warden William Tuaui was detailed to investigate. * DRUG STOKE W. HOl-»Ml Kv«ataf» Uatu Site U4i 4Jf. Ttt « F Jf. Enroll Now 21st SEASON-1961-1962 ALTON COMMUNITY CONCERT ASSN. AT ALTON HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Appearing Next Season ROBERT MERRILL Leading Baritone, Metropolitan Opera Three additional program! of comparable quality to be selected at cloie or this week's member enrollment Matt Checks to : 161? Reek Spring Drive, Alton Or vteit Head<)iiaHefi In Stratford HoM Lobby witU 8iOO p,m. 8»turd»y. ADULTS $7.00 STUDENTS $1,00 KaroU aow for awrt mmm tnd •« » boam you ra»y attend tate itaaan'e flial eon** Wadaeaday aiaM 4srU 19, iO5 PHYLLIS CUWN - SUi of New York Dry Oe*o Should Your Telegraph Carrier Forget You.... Phone HO 5.6641 lor delivery! Before 6 pm daily 5 pm, Grniimion ALTON TEJEC.RAPH

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