The Terre Haute Tribune from Terre Haute, Indiana on December 26, 1968 · Page 3
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The Terre Haute Tribune from Terre Haute, Indiana · Page 3

Terre Haute, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1968
Page 3
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vtm+Jl UTKH toii 9PR?1K , aWlpilllilllllllWli Aerial Photo Survey to Be Made of County Approval was granted Thursday for an aerial photograph survey of Vigo County in conjunction with transportation planning in the county. John Hanley, transportation planner of the Area Plan Department. announced Thursday that approval had been received from F. L. Ashbaucher, chief engineer for the Indiana State Highway Commission, for the survey which will begin in the near future. A scries of sectional photographs will he made from an airplane, which will he combined to make one lage photograph af the county. A map, with a scale of one inch equals 200 feet, will then be drawn up by the local Area Plan Department from the photographs. Both the photographs and the map will be made available to local agencies for reference. Estimated cost of the project is expected to be about $64,000 with the county paying less than $4,000 and the state supplying the remaining funds The aerial photograph of the county is expected to be completed by August, and the county survey map is expected to be available in November. Suspect Held Continued From Pale One. was a “mannequin.” The man—whom Knapp later identified from a picture as Anthony Ertholl Williams, a 24 year-old Negro—fled in a light green 1939 ear. Knapp and Donald Hanna, physical education director at the YMCA, attempted to stop| him, “but by the tune we got there he was inside his car,” the desk clerk told police. Knapp said the man shouted through the closed car window that he would be back “in a minute.” Police said Williams had been hired as a billing clerk by the YMCA on Dec 16. and had lived there since October. Police in Kansas City said Williams, who had used several aliases, had been committed to the Missouri State Hospital in SI.000 worth of weapons and 1965 after two separate charges ammunition stolen, and from of molestation and one charge Jack McClintock of RH 3, who of rape of a 7-year-old girl dur- said that his checkbook and mg the month of April. He $100 in bills, as well as a rifle walked away from the hospital and shotgun and other items, in July, 1968. hospital reeords were taken from his mobile1 show. home during a two-day absence, j Williams had served as part Weger’s guns and ammuni-s time minister and organist at tj0n were recovered from a the Maple Street Baptist Church ditch near his home. Walls in l>es Moines and had served said the burglar apparently was! SPOOKY SK.N OF WINTER—The spray of icy water from Lake Erie makes this traffic sign at Cleveland, Ohio, look like its surrounded by a ghost. The scene was common along the lake Christmas Day when the temperature stayed well below freezing. AP Wirephoto. Orchestra Tag Day Scheduled For Saturday Saturday has been set aside as “Community Orchestra Tag Day” in Terre Haute by Mayor Leland Larrison. Students from the Terre Haute Youth Symphony will be soliciting contributions in the downtown area and several surrounding shopping centers tween 10 a.m. and 4 Man Denies Police Charge Of Resistance A 21-year-old Terre Haute man entered pleas of not guilty in City Court Thursday to resisting arrest and assault, and battery on a police officer. Ronald Frazier, 21, 1731 Sycamore St., was arrested by hr. I k ,-♦ a t , city police Wednesday evening oe-;bert Ave. Intoxication. P ined f0u0w , . P-fn Pro-1$30 and sentenced to 10 days ,t -.i ceeds from the tag sale will go to! in jail both the youth and Terre Hautel ------- , . . .... - Symphoy. j RAYMOND W. MORLAN, c” arrest Frazier on a justice A portion of the money will Oreencastle. Intoxication. Fined!0! ,e peace warrant he became be used by the young musicians $30 and sentenced to 10 da vs in VJ° ancl struck Patrolman to pay expenses to Elkhorn, jail. ' Ray Watts on the head. Police Wisconsin, March 28, where they will perform as representatives of Terre Haute. According to Arthur Hill Jr., co-director of the Youth Symphony, “Expenses for this (rip are not forthcoming from city or school Q IdORMtM* JUDGED JAMES M. MOSS, 65, 830 Gil- mg an argument and fight Foulkes Dr. Police said when they attempt Ray Watts on the head, were able to subdue Frazier and JOHN J. LYMAN, 19, 720 N. placed him under arrest. 13 'i St. Leaving the scene of! Judge Paul M. Messick grant- a property damage accident.Jed Frazier a continuance until Fined $47.25 and sentenced to Jan. 7, and placed him under a 10 days in jail. $3.000 bond on each charge. V.TrjTrn - f While in jail Thursday Fra funds ’’ “Thn Tnrrr. uw7c7.~~l«. i . ’ 3023 zjer was arrested on a warrant i I Jl: „ lerre Haute Sym-|s. 3th St. Intoxication. Fined sworn out bv his phony represents an important $30 and sentenced to 5 clavs the culture program of jail. facet in the community and rising costs cannot be met through ticket CHARLES V. LUNDSTROM, sales alone, ' a board member 37, 2619 Park St. Expired op- added. ierator’s license. Fined $3.25. Terre Haue Symphony board! ------members who will assist with! RAYMOND DAVIS, 47, Mary- wife for as- in sault and battery. Mrs. Frazier told police that her husband beat her Christmas day. Frazier is scheduled to appear on the charge in City Court Friday. In other City Court action TERRE HAUTE TRIBUNE Thursday, Dec. 26, ’68 9 " . MAN SHOOTS FIVE, ONE CRITICALLY NEW YORK (UPI) - A man strolled into the Green Rooster restaurant in Brooklyn Christmas morning and regaled patrons at the bar by inserting 55 cents into what he thought was the cigarette machine. It turned out to be a jukebox, and each time the man angrily repeated “I didn’t want Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raindeer, I wanted a pack of Camels,” it sent the other patrons into fresh gales of laughter. The man walked out and returned 15 minutes later with a 38 caliber revolver, squeezed the trigger and wounded five persons, one critically. James London, 28. a truck driver, turned himself in at the Atlantic Avenue police station a short time later He said he had shot the bar patrons, and handed thee revolver to the desk sergeant. London was booked on charges of felonious assault and j violation of the weapons law. Several Home Burglaries Investigated Sheriffs Detective Gerald Walls is pursuing the investigation of two recent home burglaries in which the theft of guns and ammunition figured heavily. Complaints were received from Harry Wcger of RR l.i West Terre Haute, who reported LIGHTS OUT Motorits driving down Wabash Ave., early Thursday morning were confronted with the signal lights at 9th and 8th Sts., 011 the blink. I ire de partment officials reported tin* automatic lights at 9th St., and VVabash Ave.. stopped operating about midnight Wednesday. About 7:30 a.m. Thursday the automatic lights at 8th St., and Wabash Ave., went on the blink. A crew from the fire department was able to repair the lights. As sisting with the direction of traffic were members of the police department until the lights were repaired. DRIVING MAY BE HAZARDOUS OVER STATE TONIGHT ...................... RAYMOND the tag day are: Mrs. Tom Roh-ivdle, Tenn. Intoxication. Fined Judge Messick fined Huddie erts, Meadows Shopping t en- anc* sentenced to 10 days in Dean, 30, 1318 S. 12th St.. S47.25 ter; Mrs. Warner F’aige III, Jail- for driving under the influence downtown; Mrs Riehart? Ileus- nAV», n d d/vu/tnc-xr o* alcoholic beverages. Dean tis Plaza North- Shelton Han. ™ ^ , BOWDEN, 36, was sentenced to serve 60 days 1 Brazil. Intoxication. Fined $30 0n the Indiana State Penal Farm dna and sentenced to 5 days in jail. and the court suspended his operator's license for a period of 90 days. Dean was also fined $17.25 for a signal light violation and fined $3.25 for no operator's license. nig, Montgomery Wards: Rev. Donald Sehedler, Sea Roebuck. r s Others who will assist with SCHOOL CHIEF LEAVES SYSTEM ¡the drive include: James Schna-i Huge Cargo Plane Crashes In Alaska B) THE ASSOCIATED PRESS phony Board Indiana’s streets and high -1 ---------ways may be glazed tonight with a mixture of snow-, sleet and freezing rain. FOR The hazardous situation probably will be short-lived. The Weather Bureau forecasts a change to rain Friday as temperatures rise. The mercury is expected to dimh from the 20s and low 30s tonight into highs Friday from 38-43 in northern Indiana to 4858 in the south. The rain probably will con-;, ... tinuc through Fridav night but holiday bel, Dr. William Shackleford Mrs. Thomas Hogan, Wilburn; Flrod, Mrs. Horace Hayward,| LINTON, Ind. (Special »—Don Mrs. Robert Klein, Mrs. V. L. Pope of Linton, Greene County Tat lock and Hill. Superintendent of Schools since Dr. Shackeford is president 1957, has resigned his post, of the Terre Haute Symphony! He will become superintendent Board. Mrs. Thomas Hogan isiof schools at the newly-formed SANTA ANA, Calif. (L’PI)— president of the Youth Sym-j northeast Dubois County School Sheriff’s deputies today identi- WINCHELL'S SON SUICIDE VICTIM PRIVATE CHRISTMAS NIXON FAMILY j KEY BISCAYNE. Fla. (AP) — President-elect Nixon trod Florida beaches and shared a quiet Christmas day with his family. But nobody would talk about the Christmas dinner menu or what gifts were exchanged. The President-elect at his new Corporation. j He will assume his duties | Dubois County Jan. 1. BURGLARS ROB HARDWARE STORE snow flurries are forecast |falling temperatures Saturday South Bend had 8 inches snow o nthe ground this morn-, , ing but it tapered off to an inch bay. at Indianapolis. The ground was! Lor the Nixon bare over most of southern In-; Wednesday was a very diana but Evansville got some I Christmas, snow this morning. m compound on Biscayne Bay off used a Miami. But several times Nixon said efforts to force open the o{ ventured into the yard and swfe failed. strolled along beaches fronting^ ------------------------------- fied a suicide victim as Walter in; Winchell, 33. son of the veteran columnist and radio broadcaster. Winchell had Christmas dinner with his wife Eva and their two children Wednesday evening. then told the family he was _ going for a walk. Minutes later the wife heard a shot and found her husband’s body on the floor of the garage. Sheriff’s deputies said Winchell had shot himself with a 38, caliber automatic. Deputies said 0 the victim had a prior record of nui liai(%va‘c f.uu attempted suicide and had been rope to chmb out. Police!under‘ psychiatric care in the past. GREENFIELD, Ind. (UPD- Police are looking for burglars who took 15 guns, ammunition and nearly $100 in cash from a hardware store Tuesday. Authorities said thieves spent the chopped a hole in the roof two-house the Pickett Hardware Store and family, j private ! ELECTRIC SHAVERS HOUSEHOLD HINT a> a lay preacher in a Davenport church, police said. Pamela s father is a supervisor at the Ford Motor Co. farm implement plant in Des Moines. WHEELS STOLEN Edward Earl Marvel, 41 S 15th St., reported to police and Thursday that thieves stole four wheels anil tires from his car Marvel said the car was parked in his garage at the time of the theft. The wheels and tires were valued at $200. on foot and left the loot, in-1 tending to return for it later, but depuities discovered it first. Items missing from MeClin- tock's home include a 12-gauge Remington shotgun and two boxes of shells, a 22-calibcr j rifle with four boxes of bullet < a tear gas gun. PLAN TO CUT NUMBER OF 1970 CENSUS TAKERS ANCHORAGE. Alaska CAP — A Pan-American World Air ways 707 jet crashed at Elmen dorf Air Force Base here on dent John takeoff early Thursday. The men in plane, on a charter mail flight, carried a crew of three. Their fate was not immediately known. The four-engine jet crashed about 6:30 a m. The plane's destination was not known, but the JOHNSON GIVES ANNUAL MESSAGE WASHINGTON (AP) — Prosi- nfw vnRfcr rtipii—Mnro Keep rice grains snowy-white ni . , ,, than 35 per cent of the 66 mU-and sepaiate' ms.tcad of 1%% \ewlywed daughter Julie and ¡lion Amerkan ma]cs over 15^ adding a tcaspoonful of her husband Dwight David Ei-,years of age use electric shavorAlemo" Julce 10 t1»* water- senhower II. interrupted their regularly, an industry spokes-’ honeymoon at an undisclosed site to fly to Miami at midafter- man reports. This represents a ... ... .gain of 5 per cent in the past noon. They joined the Nixons— three vears on says U.S. service- including Mrs. Nixon and Richard Q Kress, Vietnam ha\e “stood as daughter Tricia—for a late aft the rock of our resolve that free- ernoon Christmas dinner, dom shall endure on this earth” in the face of doubt and division at home. “This Christmas, the world is brightened with the hope of peace,' Johnson said. “When it Q. Kress, vice presi dent of North American Philips j Company. Inc., marketer of The Eisenhowers were to shavers (Norelco), says electric spend the night and resume shaver industry sales in 1967 their honeymoon today. totaled more than $165 million Wonderful on Spaghetti pAGy* "Am*rito'$ Tatfieit" SPAGHETTI k SAUCI• Is QCour Water Heater LAZY? Maybe it's time to buy a new flameless quick- recovery electric water heater! If you’re a Public Service Indiana customer, we’ll provide (Free Installation ACE HARDWARE, W.T.H. offers the New “CONGRESS” 1500 Watt Glass Lined Water Heater featuring the overload protector and a 10-yr. warranty. .. $ 69.95 701 W. Natl., W.T.H. 533-2595 . . v-v.-. . - ▼ fff vtf fffVfffff f THURSDAY SPECIAL Charcoal Broiled Sirloin Steak with Franth Fne* or B«k«d Potato—Salad Rolls and Buttor or Choice Corned Beef Sandwich on Bye OPEN 11 A.M. DAILY COMPLETE CARRY OUT Î BRAMBLE BUSH 932 LOCUST TERRE HAUTE 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 WASHINGTON CAP) - The government figures its plans for a do-it-yourself, census-by-mail in the nation’s largest cities in 1970 will trim its force of census takers bv 50,000. comes—when hope turns to substance and the guns are quiet once again—it will come because you have pursued it with courage and skill.” Johnson’s message was released from the White House where the First Family spent a E. Howel'l" oFthc' bast qu‘et Christmas. It was the second Christmas in a row in Washington for Johnson who usually spends his holidays at his Texas ranch. field is a regular stopover for flights operating between the states and the Far East. The big cargo plane crashed and broke into flames about a half mile off the end of the runway. Authorities said there were no buildings in the area. Cap*. FOOD STORE SALES The 1960 technique of mailing public affairs office, who lives census questionnaires to the near the runway, said the plane whole country and sending out struck with such force he census takers to collect them thought at first it was an earth- wouId require about 200.000 tom- quake. porary workers in 1970. the Cen- Witnesses said they saw no sus Bureau said Wednesday. one leave the burning plane, the JR !’„y !heV'mJm,a1j|l,lh‘uiih STeckage wl!ich sllU was NEW YORK (UPI) — The • tout SO Irr rpnl nf thi 7ra, » *^*S 'Jnited Stales had 596 000 ,ood about 60 per cent of the popula- The temperature was 10 stores in 1929 With the rise of Z ab0ve Zero add heavy ke IoS thTiupUmiket! that dropped turn them bv mail, onlv about shrouded the Anchorage area. 150,000 census takers will be _________________ needed, the bureau said. tAAÀÀAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaS back the forms. ;t.o 226,170 in 1967. But. accord- jng R05ert Tyler Sr., presi- f The idea of dating time from dent of Tyler Refrigeration.! Census takeis will again col- the birth of Christ was con- new technology in packaging ceived by Dionysius Exiguus in and service have increased food 527- store sales 618 per cent. Icct the questionnaires in rural areas and smaller towns and cities And they'll follow up by telephone or personal visits in major cities when householders don't mail back the forms or don't answer all the questions. In test runs since 1961, the bureau said *65 to 91 per cent of the householders have mailed GOOD NEWS!! IIKNRI and JERRY ARE AGAIN OPERATING HENRI S LAKE ERIE PERCH at the SPECIAL Low, Low Price of A SI 35 FRIDAY 4 to 8 P.M. ALL YOU CAN EAT Ttr Served with: • French Fries • Salad • Beverage • Roll and Butter Bring the entire family ... every one loves HENRI’S LAKE PERCH In The Beautiful Teakwood Room This same delicious Lake Perch Dinner with your choice of one cocktail. All You Can Eat! ALWAYS AMPLE PARKING SPACE AT HENRI'S JEFF’S GIIT—Jeffery Lovell. 3, whose dad. Capt. Janies A. Lovell Jr.. is on his way back to earth with fellow astronauts, Col. Frank Borman and Mai. William Anders, holds a toy helicopter he received for Christmas. The little boy came out to play in front of the family home near the Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Tex., after opening his presents, ^ AP Wirepboto. 3 Day SALE 100% Human Hair Pieces Regular $20, Prestyled Cascade .....................$17 Regular $25, Prestyled Mini Wig ................$20 Regular $14, Prestyled Wiglet .......................$10 Root’s prestyled 100% Human Hair pieces are like no other you’ve ever seen. A prestyled romantic cascade of curls is just right for those Holidates. Our prestyled Mini Wig will give you exquisite short hair-do or our prestyled wiglet can turn a casual hair-do into an evening fantasy. Root’s 3rd FI.

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