Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 23, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1927
Page 5
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ALLEN GOU J. c. |coRi;o .N (if the is best -Bcforei- niakiiiR a study Ecology of AllcH county |» to give a slight review of die wliole ' sUtcy'as geologists teJl it .l. 1 All llie autboritiHs I Ijavo rt-ait a;«ree that Kansas was biii-i- built uir layfr.uppn layer of liinisioui-. shale and sandsiohe, thisn nioror--: : lime, ill perfect order, somcthiltg •'••'J'^ ff-et and the n. rt caps the oil many other, here they ages? placed county from beloTt :the Mississippi lime. As Allen one of th( mentioned, desirable 'I- ^THB TOLA DAILY KECISTEIR. WEDKESDAy EVENIN At ^Dcy and ^uthw.est of kk-e getting oil' a^d. gas is conipbsed of bucklir g • folds ' before it would seem to be a I^lacu to keek for' oil in like <)iie would pui pancakes in u plate, then a lavcr of. brown sugar then another cake and so on. the latest one on top' of the older one. During this 'proces.s this; pan abdve sea level while (Jalena, H^"" sa.< is about !HK) feet, ij is' curious to i otp that the "of ! Jjr^atest activity in tl e oil and gas Iirrtduction of Kaiisa> is! in the re- l uckling and i found. Tiie rock that ouurops at ''Kio)(s wh^re this chiinge of drainage leiuil liiiii Kansas is [stone, locally .lopljiii flint and wi and Kas in tl"' <-h C.a- thl? .MissiSfjippi iiown get as our !rokee shules Kansas was in and out of'water i;0 tiracB ds ther& are 6ii weli. ilovelop- cd coaj measijros jn the; carboni- rcrous.jrocks in soUtlieasr Kahsas.] Coal isj. formed by veRctable mould under^:aler same as a swaiiii) and we are told that one-eightli of an Inch oE coal is made in loo years and a j great' many thousands of years must have passed by while 60 measures of coal was (oriniiig. some of it '1\ inches thick that would have taken lf<.:;(lO ytars. -.\fter1 many thousands of feet of .shale and rock had been built up j,:..; ,, , , , , . over the rocks composing - <Mir I''^ ''I'''- ''" counl.v.j something awu'l ha,„«.Ded i " 1^ '"x and till; western part of Kansas 1 ^'^ "'^''V'''; .^'''^^^^^^^ -settletl down much lower tllan 1 'H'' ,''.r, V'-'/.^'^'^ ' ' 1' "'lies Uiis pun of the stale and the. sur -i '^'f"' 7, ' " •»»''• • ' ! All- the wells in Allen fiiiil oil and ga.-j \\\ the Chen •that i.s, just above t |ie .MLssissli I linU 'Slone. At -Moran. on my arm. sissiiipi lime is foui d at the and at lola at 1040 dip |"or. 101' feet in li th«( ele\jation at my el. sholviiJg a miles ifn place Is as \m of ak- ppi or face wiiter drained west in<o an Inland sea and this setlliilK of the n part a dec KiUc tlie roclt< of (ill! slip to tile iiorlh- Kreat cbaiiKe oc shules in (he drillers iow the tiiiii 1 can a saiidstbne known as tlie .Not ,(iu. most in think ol oil sand.' Deeper'. eresiing is this: ' when LkV the wcste Kansas west. ; ,; i . - Tlii -'ii ; another curred ialid -tlie wesliTii part ofjilo.w,. .slop drilling Kansas.! was raised up and , the ! ,|>i><ippi lime Is sin HOUtlU 'UHl pari of Kansas was: it is a curiou.s I icl ;h;'l in HIKD'CH lup: against" the Ozaiks so , .MiJi-Vontiiieiil tieli much of violijiill.v tlial the siirfaie iif. stmtli- . uil^ and gas is ' f< uiid , above eastenii Kansas bui.:kleil up farm-I .MUisis.iipiri lin«- aid that in Ing 'three very prominent eleva-^/illjer pari of Ilie Tnited Statij tionA anil from dcpressimis or val-Joil; and gas ftiuiid above the leys that caused III"- ilraiiiage of j si:^-;ippi linn-. _Not so much soiitheni;lern l^ansa>! to •change its j diijp .jf oil lias eher lieeiifi 'I • Vhy dis­ course "to soiitlieast iiisliad of -easterlv, as the rest of Kansas lias ".• . • .'Tile Ozark watershed in .Missmiii is about '1100 feet above sea level and the O-sagi; watershed ^al .Moran is 1121) feet and the valley of the .Marmatoii dro|>s to 'about )>7r, feel "at fort Scott. 'This watershed at .Moran is the tas! elevation in fhis buckling process-and ilie .Al.irnia- ton Valley, the eastern depression. .^s (>ne goes west the" valley of the .Veosho river !«; tlie next d<- pres.4ion and il drops to Tso fei -t eluewlieri above II is lime. \ni\ ways below this li iie in the T lo^irock of the Sjl irian age, ^.\ow I want to kjiiw: . i - do we siop drilling -tvlien the 3Iissi|<iii)|)l lime lis trnek.' ^If oil and gas (jriginates in the the Cher ikee on't we find it is the thickest? j hlew- up i'Oal measures of i s Males I hen .why ! w1iei-e this system : :.\() oil or gas h;i l..ji.MVtnwortli. Kinfjoria or ToHe where the coal me|isures are lUnch thii-ker than in Afleii coupt.v. been foiin or •"^'he average deriths of Uie v above ^ea level" at the Oklaiionia i :U these places i.sJ.'.0(;n feet an|. line- . ; Again going west one other watershed west. ; ('iicli well there h finds an-riftuch greater th of Yates "I^heiiikee shales Center and In'yond this the Verdi-I i:!ii^ ker deposit.s ot sand. pris Valley, that is the spot th Kansas as it <lrops feet above sea level. Still going west one niouius the next" watershed .jn this buckling process and at t^je sumniii of the very lowest j'.-^llen t.ounly tin to GHO I -il'"' li> !"lo ffet. "j The theory tlia|t niifinated in llie til'> Cherokee vvroiig., 'I'lien «liere d ". gav roino from ' - Isn't it reason hand is s , flJnt hills one; r^^aches ' Hon of 10O5 feeir above ihen the Valley of the \V; and the Arkansas'river. U it had: not been for ling proc-ess of southeastern Kan-Jtnd sas the ;Cottonwoi)d river would j'tiu he eleva- isea Je.vel. Iniil rfver Ij'llat buck- .tind thi IS been rkiiess of and with whil foun oil and oal measure llales must lex our oil aiid | we are gi'tti^if:. ini!ire<lly gas through faults known 'herokee slia have flowed east into the Osage 'Miss'issii)pi lime Sunirlighted Hog Ho^se Permits Early Farrowing wkh Safet^ By W. G. KAISER Agriciilturai Engineer Uog ralserB find they can n—' <• •the most money out of their k 'when the llUers co'tnp diirjng early spring or lare winter, llgs farrowed early in the year arejarge enoughs,to turn "ont to phsture when the; Brass iRreadvjnnd ibey can: be fattened In the \')\r\y fall witti the new corn croji. Proper housing Is necessary Ifj the early litters are to h'ave n good .^'hance of llvlijg through -,lhe cpld pj-rlod. A hjilf-raoniior hog house! facing to the south. Right: Crbtt-Sac- tlon of Half- Tl Monitor. Hog Hou"i«. a uniform color. enough wnter to swure a worklable concrete. Do t add ton ijinch lave reduced strength' rest on n lii.-incb hiise elcht Irj bigli. wlilcTi is biij oil certain cre \jico3 1 in the tcly to e.xist - hot • system and] hat inlniedi: I'iver • and the ArHalisas r ver wotild have flowed I irougli A len cottnty into the Ma inaton r ver and iliere'would ha rcr been no Neosho; A'erdigris or Walnut -iv- | ersi. j -is nOw lieslthe cleva ion at >f!oodlaml. Shermajn county is rthwest iari i'" 1,000 jfeet I "• BET AjMICKEL irs A ]^^CKLE. g MARCH 2g. 11927. . the oil the breaks of the .Mississippi Isinc. Cranite s supposed "to be below the oil lorming age and when granite is struck there is no use in going 1 urther. The del p test at lola' hit the .Mississiirji lime ai 104U feet and found it 15S feet thick, this, test reached i depth of :!.43i l^cl but according to samples securjed and now filed in the office the well iacli granite, miles of this tes^ Yates Center, ii unite at 2,5S5 feet show- e of the granite isurface .1)00 feet in 20 miles, all goes to prove that this ansas is buckled, ,up as irpi ] which arej of did not rt| Twenty and near rtjached g in^ a sloi of about- of whicli part of I before' lie why sliou and gas .Mississipi every othbr field'' lis- eet nty keo to tho tho the no is Mis- n tind al- Ireii- One scij of Allen I ter "Z"- a Mnn couii trom •rmo I'niontow stem of 2.000 feetl idld get it is oiilv It is a our orl low the county to| ing syste They :{.ooo to lioma am deep herij One ill prove an cribed. and if this is so. il we doubt that our oil , omps from below the i lime where, it is in li'ntist .sa.vs tliis buckling ounty is like a huge lel- id that at Uulena and in ty tho Mississippi lime is to ?,r,0 feet thick and at li they drilled into the le "7.' and went over in this lime uutf never tjhrough it, while at lola IfiS feet thick. S 'reat mystery to me. why apltalists do- noi go bu- .lississippi lime in Allen look for the oil produc- 111. tiiink nothing of drilling ll.dOO feel deep in Okla- j wliy shouldn't they drill i ep test here |loes not thing, as they have drilled a great maiiy dry holiis in Oklaliom: ("lo He Continued.) at ka. Kd Uruc low. lieati C.rove. twecn 1 ing wlieni cago am bli Fayette wore on fouijil a the Mri .March our eils I'iii , ! was : day. the I A man, in j eggs to at '> MA>SAS WEKKLY CROP •> * ' JIEFOKT. <• • * •:• •:• •> • • • •:• •:• •:• • •:• •> • • • PACF FTVF Behpld one nt the world's rarest and most remarkable cit I>orter making the regular run through .Nasiiville. JTean. .\nd receiving a lip from Sir Harry Lauder! Sir Harry, aci oi.ting of ScotiMi jokes, gives largess witli the same freiinem y ami jjbainlon as a century plant bursts into bloom. Its ii matter Lailv f.aiKler of patriotism a.-i well as ih with .liitii. Mill Ciorge did it. br.aljing a record. • phiitograpiirrs lo biar witness lo jiis teal. Zamba! Three i Killed When Engine Blowsj Up Villa drove. III.. .Mar. 22. fAP) K. .M. Uid)in.ion. Salem, engineer. fireman, and C .M. Far-j hrakeman. of Villa/j vVere instantly killed be-' and 2 o'clock this morn- IIK- locomotive of a Chi- Ulinois freight train near St." Peter. III., in ;-ounty. The three men the engine. . Gullett's Items l!t. --.Mrs. \ Will Waggoner pleasant ^caller a Tliirs-i was hunting _ for some it! He saw a' little boy in the yaid. Me says: "What cinde of ciiickekiK you gotl" The boy said: gas I "The cinile that scratch." Tlie wjnsome little reporter of. '"'j Bethel nf'ighhorhooU. .Marjorle i;ih- sonJ and! her mother, wer our I ideasant callers a Tuesday ible to suppose ;^.,,yrley then they called oh Mr. and Then mix In and is pnro and .Mrs. Henderson of Lanyonville. and .Mr.s. (iibson when your ncigii- several miles apart .vet icli other and the girls and I boys wtjnt to spLdling school in ai ' great big waggon. 'Thear brother .Mrs. Henderson wer schplmales bors we loved ea family v.iio lives in Weil and pleased w home. Kd well as common, ny are thankful Sluing Colo- witb and isi Hurt and : rado ar tliear n wife an .So in: coming. 1 The l;ii»;li .-icliowf play was ri liorled good. .lolin :barn ri water, as If you ilo, you will a sloppy materiil which' has a "Mrs. fiallee was out to sei; her 11 K. The foiitidiitlonM. you will note. ' sister. HiMU ine and tbt; singing was larvey lias been having his nodeled into a garage. Paulen Vetoes Getty Tax E.\empti Ti>l"'k.i. Kan.. .Mar. 2: ;(;:)V I'aiileii veloeil today j (y bill, which *as intend zeiis Air. (Jcoige behold the cause Jdhnson. sam. Pullman for his distimition. He is o the legend carefully btiilt up by all fUei-e with the train conductor and (courage indui-irial develolmnnt by j ;i 'i mi ling cities of. more • 0"o inliabilants IO |C .\emp ' iiii'iri s liom ta.\aiion j: I, .I,-.-. .Sc lator (•eity (.-'iit'il Mii-li a law lor I ! I flliis own city I li'ir .:n house i -.\iendi^l ; liio lull lo all cities ol] Ih i 11!.' .-ii -coini class. pn Legislature Is Not Bill \ Ovei^Still | Working (APJji^: Topeka, Kaus.. Man 22. .AIM — the Cu-' .Mliioiigli consideration of bills d to en-! ceased Friday night the Kansas than 2.- new in- ior five niiiiiially benefit Kansas tj'ily. Kan. tlie scope Two Flying Groups in Para, Brazil, I'ara. Itriizil. .Mar. This lily al the estuary .\maiCon river today liing-distau'cej aeri:il e.xpe Commanileii edo. who lis flight, lauded I Central a1id i tries. on her a four- i' last n li'gishitnre still is in se.u^ion. Sine d'e adjournment will not be taken until loiiiorrow noon. I t)iilv ;i few membet^s of the house .'inl senate remain in 'I'opeka. Twice e.-ii'li day. miirniiig aiid afleriioon. thi-y re.-poii : lo the pi-esiiling officer's >::ivel and in a Ifew niiniit .'S first \ bear llie re::iliii;: cli')!!c read mes- ! sages Iroiii Coveri'or Ifuuleii. • make the official record in the hiiiis''- and senate rei-ovds iif the - -uoveriior's -;ign::>g n:' vetoing of today i.iiis. Topeka. Kai^., Alar. 21.—Kansas winter wheal cro'p continued to improve last week. .-Additional moisture in nearly all sections of the state alf the week end pffcr .s further assurance of stimulated growth. Conditions are ideal for I improvement of weak plants and •good stooling. -. Kvcry section of the state now '-has ample surface moisture. ; Oats and barley seeding prospered last week up till the cold wave of Friday and Saturday when falls of snow, sleet, rain and hail made the fields too wet. Karly planted oats is up to good stands in south ct.'Krai counties. Some doubt is expressed as to whether the in- I tended acreage of oats will be planted because.of delays occasioned by wet fields. In the iu>rtheast district less than half tli3 intended acreage of oats has been planted up to date I'repafation:-. for corn and sorghum crops advanced rapidly last veek. .Miich plowing and - blank I'sting was accoinplislied anil^ seed ;'esls were the rule in all sectioifs. 'I .'io farm acreage of potatoes; was ;niie <tiy planted in southern conn- tie's last week and Kaw Valley : acreage Of Coldilers and Karly Ohios is ntarly half, in ihe ground. Livestock siiffereii some last' week in the northwest where the fall of snow was heavy and feed sh-j:-t. Cenerally. all classes of [(-•lock are in excellent health and ';;oijd flesh. Onl .v small sbfiunenls I of Ti -.\:is lallle havL- been receiv- |i:d for 'summer grazing. Most feeil- jeis are delaying further movement .till grass is assured jibout the I iiiidiUe of .-\pril. . ^ Fruit buds sweled ronsiileraldy i:lie early part of last week and fiii-iy liave suffered some from Ibe I cold wave and sleel stornis. .\o I alarm is expressed Ilial any s ,.ri- 'i".s loss has r >-sulleii.- Orcbard- :iMs still believe llial most of Ibe ; |.'acb buds are .^ale. I 'l-ospei Is (tor small fruits are very brigiit. C-LU-COLDS § ChecJc at first 'aneese: p Rub on—inhaleivapoa vC^^ (or CU -fikM -tm I - flrt . CHEsTfgBS. _1>1AMWII» BRAND HltMlfSf HmSST* » n Kv Duxiouis immui HARDWARE&.f IMCILEMENTSr lOLA -kANJAX J'inceiQofr^ — For prompt results uso the \ Cla.ssificd Columns. - ; FOR YOl'K tOXVEMESCB WK DELIVER FREE lAl'i- of the shelijereil Iwo littons. De Pin- France Is to Re'ply After Italy Docs Paris. Maiiaos. cojniMetiiig the fiirst flight over the Uri plaui's of th< good will sqjiadnili. Ihe j and San' Francisco. arri|v:ed over .\Iar. 22. (API —P'rance •iinlineiit 1*^'" probably await Italy's response ght from hefore replying to Pi^esidelit Coolidge's second ziJian jiincie. I'nited Sta is >t. loulli Anieric invitation to attend Xuoi" naval disarmament j conference. This was ti.e.impression in aiithori- l;iliv'- circles after a liab-'net meeting iuUiiy at which, contrary to c\- |an conn- pecialious. the malter'-.vas not dis- cu 'S .d. , •. army , Lo'uis It In the gr lieliiw Ibe'r^dst line. Forms for foundations are built of one lumber, securely braced b.v 2 h; The wjills of this hog hou.sej jchea ;Mind thft inclj 4'Pi are Below: Ploor Plan of Thl« Houce. N Wtli /Mdi «rfi House Kalplj where A Ic Oder. b:is III er lo ; lllg 111 sand^ ^Irs. .loI|n Walton, s are scarce in La Ha rue. liarkei' will go lo Tex;is lie lias work. from Piirliaiih say^ Ci -o. ^^'Iiose f:itlier lives in' tola, veil lo CiMjsly, OI;la.. cli>;- cminole whfjre he is work- llie new oir field.s. Thou- >f people . :| working and ' ibousands out of work—sonie don't , want Mrs. daught feriiig A ni (In Colid ; SI'Cll. ' Friday smoke early to the a liriis ladisli Jiver idants ^tol•k. I William II iald is with her r. '.Mrs. Oito Oldfest. sut- (vvilli a severj- <-iiId and asma. iiib-r are .planlihg iiolaloes. Friday yiiii skiw cabbage How well We reineniber a iiioiiiini;. yon.would see the from the Indian cahbins [iiid tlien they would go out dge of Ibe timber/and.burn III pile and sow cabbage and seed then throw siini brush and you never saw finer or sweeter radishes. , Tina Cihiriirdi, Por'ugue-e ilumer.; j who with liiT sister. Pucci. ba-^ , iieeii feted for her reiiililioli of: >Zamb :i, an adapt.-itioii of the Por-; tiigiiese national dance, li .is ar-, rned in the I'liited Stales. Tina is .silown here wilb a Tiiii-year-olil shawl pies(,'Tiii d ID lo-r by tjiieeii Viilori :i of .Spain. , Mexico Mobilizes Its Troops Against B^itdit.s i , I .Mexico Cily. .March' 22. (APi I Kebellioiis and bandil aclivitie.-: in I Ihe central stales of .Me.\ii-o have' i led Ihe government lo order troop mobiliz.iliojis.- Four leglnienls ,-ii> seeking Ihe baiidils who Saliird;iy night held up a liaiii. olhers are searching lnr lho>-i' re^•pon.•;iide for j 11 holdup.-' Sunday on llie .Mexico i Cily-Cui-rnavaca I'igliwav and to-i d;i.v Ihe govcrnineiil received word Of an unsuccessful :tl.lempt in blow I up a train bound triiin Igiiala to; Mexico City. Until YoiiSeS What a Won- derfiil Job of Milking THJE: SURGE ...WILL DO..>. I I I ':8Uch as is shown here, gives the j f.TOung pigs adegunte sunlight-us well as keeps them warm and- d'ry. The top windows ivlll light the rea'r pens, while the -lower on(»s will supply sunshine to the.-'froDt pens. : These houses are built on coti- orer'e foundnjtlons. which ure.made of one sack of portlnnd cement fo -two and one-Qialf cubic feet of smid and four of pf^ibles. The floiir.« nifd prints' are of; i*nc|-ete coulslsllng of on'i'snek porthind cement toiwo ef|- blc" feet n-f sand nnd Ibreeof ijebblw. "When making the ionrre(e. mit the cement, the sand and liie pehhI(-<< .ttiorouglily until the inaierlnl ha5 to eniour;i i Ma.% j Weiln _ ^ : Lilt tar Is tiiade of one part portlanjd ce- schoo vin w 1)11! •oristructed of ronrrete block. liartB onH- nient. one part lime and six sand. Mortar joints average quiiner inch thick. The floor, whieb is five li^che.s thick, may be )ilared dlrectlr op the ground, provided ih.nt If has been leveled "(T and the si II is \yell dniliifed. If. t)ie natiirnl drainage Is poor, however, priivMe a si\ inch cinder or gravel fill h >fore jdaeing Ibe cnncreie. The fiillowiiiL' tiable will (isslst you in determining how b"!;: i to place tile top winili>w<.'".\'' r "fern to ilii- distiiiiee from the floor to the lop of Ihe windows. Tamu 'w 1 .. y. Ffl .tiritN I •A" I .^1 .'4 Atfttf^, N . iU decreet N .tgdr»reei N m decrrrit N <2 decrees N 44 drcrrr* K 46 drcreei N « degtce* K •> ft (I in 1 II. ? in. 1' 11- I ;n in 1- 4 in <• (1 R in " *i n in. ( tl. 4 in. • 1- It. 14 jl I I il I.' fl II fl 1" ft l"-ft. V fl. 6 ill i? in. ' '." r in. 9. in. II in^ 2 in. 6 ill. : S ft. in in. lit. J'io, IK (t 15 ft 14 (I Pleasant Valley School lUabel Col Vint h in. - We |hav.> started a (rinking coniiisi. Somo of the bring milk u) school t^> drink veraging hiisher by drinking ;it noon. -The captains are: Side. Harold Colvin:"'Soiilh ,eona Stotleri fCacb m irning plains lotiil the amou|nt for |iid..' and' theil report lO .Miss The idea of the coiilest is iv them' to drink imilk. n;'rd ('leaver wsis absirnt on I'silay; Winkle Streeter vi^fited on Wednesclay. Robert Col- K a visitor Thursday, ing the warm weather the Pleasant Vall-y ball team has 1 n I practicing <iuite diligently. W- ijlan to .play with another school soon. \ 1 .Mr; and .Mrs. Harry Sirerier and .Mary; .\nn ;ind Winkle >-i ,Trt <rd for .N'ebrask.i Tliiirsday morning. Thev are drivint: tliroii^'h. We . wisli till -Ill a |iile:isaiit triji. .Mrs. Jlelman who .now lives On ktreet •r larnl. visited school W t 9 in. 7 in. 6 in. 13 14 6 in. • tl Tiie> lay. Th " Sunday Scliixd is giving a weli-iinie parly to| ^Hie newcomer."" In lie neii:hborlio |i |l at ihe school liiiii--C Friday nlgllt. .Several grades .ire thrbiigli with j their; assipnnienis for Ibis year In i some subjects an I have had ii ; thorough review". \ These pupils will probably staiit on their work for next year so a.s to become familiar with it. ' Miss Pearl Balzer and Miss Ku- nicej Shape! visited- Miss .May Balzer |Tuesday evening. iDeath Penalty Asked For Mother of Six Cbicasn. .Mar. 22. I.Vl'i i The Aate will ask llial .Mrs. P .i >rlha Heilman. iiintber of six children on trial here for tlie iiiiiriler of her husband, be sent to Ihe Hallows. <)nly jmce in the lasi i |iiarter of a iCtuliiry lias a woman been con. yicled and seiiiencid to death in ; Chicago, and in that case'.Mrs. Sabelle Nitti obtained a itew trial and ;-ivas :'iciiiiilled. Overdoing? Hurry, Worry an J Overwork Bring ' Hcacy Strain. , - } M ODERN life throws, a heavy burden on our bodily machinery. The eltminattve organs, especially the kidneys, arc apt to become sluggisJi. Re-, tention of excess uric acid nnd ' other poisonous waste often gives rise to n^dull. i.inguid fecl- mgand, som^limca, to'xie back- 'achcs and keadarhes. Thai' the , kidneys ;are not functioning perfectly is often shown by burning or,scanty passage of secretions. More and more people arc to ns.«nst their kidneys by the occa- tionnl use of Doan's Pills '-a stimulant diuretic. Ask your neighbor! DOAN'S Stinmlamt Kmtic to tht Kidittyn rwCcr4<iltmraCo.M((.CtKa.,Buff«lskN.Y. Trul.v a ,fJ;iniin}^ (liiciinicnl of our times—of.u warni-blooduil riioilerii mis.s who re.senl.s oppi-e,s- > j .sion ami tako:-; to Cruadway's wiiili; light:; lo LIVK: A Addfd—('t:me(l\ aiul .N'ovfMy Rvfl •.'P- FRIDAY—DOHOTHY (JISH in fNKM/GWYN" Salurilay Jack Ile\ie|iii "i{in"(;ii AM) Kr.Miy" ' • .MOM».\T AMI Tl K.SIIAY KM IIAIMi HAIci IIKI,.Mi:ss and PATSY ItlTU MIliLKK Ih "THK WHITi: lUACK .SJlIKi:!'" ('oniing-^"Fii>ciniiting Voulh" \Vc caii'l tell .voti whV the Siirpc milk.s bettor. We onl.v know that it doe.s. \W also know tliai there were ii lot of particular breeders who would never allow any of the old type niilker.s onjtheir cow.s. r.ut many of fhoso same nien are now usinjr the Surge, and arc delighted with the way it milks their valuable bred animal.s. Whenj.vou; see the .Surge operate, jierhaii.s ydti can figure out why it; doQs .such a remarkable, job of milking. At any rate, you will iit once see that its milking action,is entirely different fronii that !(|f any other milker. It sucks f'rom^ the front. It .hti--^ a snappy,release. It surges backj ,and forth with the pull beconrting i^tronger and stronger as the cow milks out. i II gets thfe striplings as no other machine ever got them. And when yo with a healthv color. It take the machine off the cpw we want IIII.-II1. A-iiivt ••iiv.ii " • - c i iU a you to e.\{imine the adder and teat.s. i^oull find them soft without any blue ring arouqtl the top of the teat.s. You'll know then that thi.s machine does .some• thing that no milker lever did before. PHO.NE \y> FOR A DE.MOXSTR.AITION. Give us a chancl' to make thij; demonstVaticn for you. (all us up and we will arrange out and -see .some of the : Surge instiillations ii^ action, . For your own sake, be sure to do this-befpre .voii ev0i think of buying a milking;machine.! PVER^ There are now more OYEARSIINIOLA l*lni» Tree Surge .Milker. In Su^;ce^sI•Hl OiJenillon Ih.-in iiny iilher -i. MATI\EES 2:(m |». m. Dallj ELITE 1 to ill Salnrday MGHTS J : 7:00.J»:0O p. THE LITTLE HOUSE WITH THE FtIG SHOWS. jl.a>st Times—Don't .Miss This Special Did Sinclair Lewis get the idea lor hi.s l:i,lest novel Elmer Gantry from the Hawthorne immortal liive classic'' Was tWb^ handsome pastor whose great love that bijoiight shame to this beautiful slij' maid an Elmer.Oanfry?' Winilil societ.v today brand those two lives wilh the nidr,k of an outcast for their love guilt.: SICE - . • . ! : • j • LILLIAN GISH ''The Scaiiet k ^etter'lf .-Vesop's Fables—Topics of the Day—Ben'Alexander "in, "Scotty of the.Scouts" Come Early Children l()c;.\dults 40c rO.MOKKOW AVI> FI{II»AV* * Kntire change of pictures and vaudeville. .linimv Walker, Virginia Lee Corhell. in "Lillies of the Sli-eef'- The Pansy Play- Talented Periornicrs 4- In siniring, edy nnd black lace a big time 4 -acl \iiiid(fvllle. .Matinee. Pictures Onl.v UK- and 2lic: Xitfht.s'. Pictures and yaudeTiile, lOc and 'A< dancing, lalkinip com- --1

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