The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 23, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1927
Page 4
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\ .PAGE FOUR lOLA DAILY REGISTER ^ CHA8. F. $<;OTT iSiitered at the lola PostoHlce aa S«cona Class Matter. Telephone -i .18 (Private Bra»«ll ExKihange Connecting All Depar^enta) SUBSCRIPTldN RATES. ttr t^arrier in Jola. Gas City. LaHarpe and Bassett. One Week 15 Cents One Month .....t 70 CentH One Year ;....»7.80 SY MAIL i Outside Allen County Onei Yfear \. J5.00- 8U iMonlhH li .SU Three .MonlhH »l -50 In Allen County One Y.".ir MOO BIK MoiTth« ; ;..»2<K Thre«- Months IJ-^S One Month 60c Member aof— National Editorial Association. Kansas f Press Association; The Kansas Dally League. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Press Congress of the Vyorldi Inland Dally Press Association. r r . THE lOLA DAILY jREGISTER. \VEDNESPAY feVENING, JJARCH 23. 1927. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. Th« Uejrl.'iter carrleH the Assi>clated Pri-ss ri-iiort by tpeclal ieaK«d wire. Tli«- A.isoi.-iii tetl PreHS Is c-xoluslvtly en- tltliil to the. use for republication of all news dlKpatches credited to it or not otherwise creJltod In this paper, and al.^o lln- local news pul >llHhed herein. All rlKhts or rppul)licatIon of special dls]iatchi'.s herein nre re»er\-ert. Bible Thought for-Today. Cod coininandeth hi.s love toward tis. ill Iliat, \vhile?i^-we were yet .sinners; diedfor tis. — Itomans I THK IKO\ ,FIST. "Till- qiii'.stioii wi!. have hot yet solvi'd," said Abraham Lincoln at the beKinning of the Civil War. "is whether 'a cpiintry can be both HtrouK and free,—the government Btroug'enough to iirotect itself and .yet allowing- all the blessings of liberty to. individual cltSzens." Thai tiiiestion was not solved in l.ineoln's'daj-—although he <lid (More than any other American to solve it.' I5ut it i.s solved in our <lay. No American citizen now MEB. W:I LI)>:R'.S DAUGHTER. That ia I a strange luid tragic story tht ^t wa^ told in last Suii day 's KaAsas Scity Star of Sarah Wilder N »idhart, born in Kansa^, a daughter of J "Web." Wilder, oiJe of the mVst conspicuous of th,le first generatiou of Kansans. ; Following iter graduation froih the St^te.;U7ilver.sIty in 1905 Miss Wildei wbni.; to • I'aris where shi studiw Fri'iich alul singing for fivi years. Tlfeii in jlWlO she went t .Munich, frtfnnanjj-. to continue he studies, 'fhere ijhe met and marj ried Heinrjfii .NVidhart, also a niu BicIan;.of boi-e. and together thej- gave recitals in many importan,* European fcities. Then th<^ war broke out and htfi" husband,'although 40 years of ag was called, at once to the color and for i^ir year.s. .Mrs. .Ne'idhart and her bsiby boy faces utter \io\ fcrtyjhe* only income the IS hiarkjs (about UMiw a month allowed he as the wjiff^of a ,«oldier. This par: of the storj' reveals as it has neve • been publijjhed hefor.- the dire e.\ tremities to which the people o Germany >|ere: reduced in the lateij days of the; wai;! "Everyonj> was violating the food laws. It vfa.- that or die. They used to sax 'everyone has one food in jail." 'fhen.-.:, the expre.ssion) 'haiiitstrinji,^ was,born. Originally it meant to« hoard. It came, how ever, to ^lescribe our constanti search for^food. We'd walk mile^ through tiu? mountains, knapsack on hack, tp -ing to get fobd from the countr .4 people. One was luck;if he obtaifted one egg. A woman was discovered making: butter for the rich people. She ' commiite I suicide by {throwing, herself into i mountain gtream and the people who had ISeen buying, from her were a forjorn lotl"! Mrs. Neidhart i-ct'iirned lo America upon; the insi.^tonce of he • jpeoplein M21 and in 1924 her husband died.-'Since then she has beeri teacher oP voice in the Wichita CROSS CURRENTS {A. C. S.T "That's Gold in Them Sacksll* University^but recently has been rears, K.r his pep,!onal liberty. And obliged tor-resign on account of" yet in times of |tress the Oovei^n- ,,^^1(1,, th& rty^ult of her terri inent does not h«sitate temporarily to impose restrictions on the lib- •crty of tlie individual citizen in order ilial the general gffod may lie safe^iuardod. Witness this proc- •'.laiiiaiioii, published in Coffeyville i.isi Siitufilay evening: Vnlice lo Ihe.l'ubllc. 1'lie city of Coffeyville is under military rule, with troops of the Kansas n;itional guard co-pperat- \\\e, with civil authorities in terri bl experiences' during the war. It is a .strange and tragic story. _i l.\ t\lV. ilAY'.S \KW.S. Oscar 1^.,Crosby, who is fittinr out an exjiedition to Africa tr study the life and habits of primi live tribes; in jungles never befori} penelrateiU by wliito men, has hai; tiiel''' *^'""''' remarkable for it.>j maintenance of or<ler. and the pre-(.^^''''''y va ^'ied ; activities. • Born ln| lance. J i l,puisianain IMil, .Mr. t'ros \>'niioii. of disturbanc A.s commander of. the Kansas n;.tional guard forces ^^on ^luty^in |^,f 2,_ ,,.,^„i„^ frotu tl,e milita;,- Ijpi uii(e <i froitt West roshy grad I'oini at the agj foffeyville I Iiereby ordi'r ivery place ijf liusiness in the city to ildi^e its doors ionlght and Siinday 0 o'cl<i<:k; Uiat at !> o'clock t'iui|!lit and Sunday tilpht a|l the ari''ti< in tlie downtiown <llslri('l be cji'.irerl of ped(>fltri;in!< and motor i-.-irs and," tliat there shall be no eoii>;v>MaHng of pers( ns any pl;ice wiiliiiPlIie city lim t;. 1 fiiilher notify b'. pulilic. of foffeyville that finy, 1 -Tnarks of in- ll.iiniii.-itory nalnr" ly persons on tlie streets .-it any tiijio during the rule par- ,e\istiii|; iieriod -of military Jshall result in tlie, Arrest of ~Ti >'S concerned. .^Jigned; K. PATfrKUSOX Major. 11 . a genoial ':thini^ ns we please. But tiling t(i find out. j) t!i;il haj k .of us all r. theCijvernitient [lied, which can step] iiibHc welf.Tre demar lipon all of us "the V ibsoliite authority, ivliicli none will ques dares di.sobey; SInleH Treasury ^.m\ iluring war jif sc+ved' as director of A Chicago father says| his livti weeks old baby can walk. That';^ fine, .\obody but babies care to i walk any more anyhow, so thcy'ji might as well start early. > ,' »•«*'•: • i The wanderlust used to' lie asso-; ciated with ship." on the high seas and trips to foreign, ports thou; sands of, niile.s away. Now it ha's a flat tire complex. » • * » j . Boston police banned nine as indecent. Probably were bribed j-lby ilie publish-rs. ' •*•**. i Wichita barber offers ^ "all the work in hi.i shop" free to the one who retnriis his lost dug. Is tliat a promise or a warning.? The Home Garden — — — _ — — —I — — — — — — — — — — — WJiat Is Home Without a Garden} should not bed. I'an.sies and violas can be to be set into t^ie garden a.« as file ground is hotbed witli bud s already f and ready to make a show of ty. Phlox Drum uondi. lobelia aiid service flje' .years later lo enter] private buiiinet;s. loiter he becani) Aflsislant ^ec <-oury~o£ the rnllm the thri I'niteil .St(ites relief ciimiiiission in ])elgi .um. -During the. pa$t twenty five year.f he has- found time t( explore c'msidfrahle portions o Abyssinia; and tlie Soudan, lia traveled lA-er little known parts o Turkestaii and "Tibet, ;ind in . ini led at) ekplorinLT expeilition int Borneo. jlth Tavnlry. Kansas -,.x |ilional Guard. we do about it is a good uw and then, tands a pow- we have ere- i in, when the ds. it. ahd lay eavy hand of — authority ion and .none In tlie niatter o f nmending". the primary law th le^i laturc; seems V' have sirainod out a gnft and swallowed a ca n<fl. The h'^wmak- ers refused—upbtr the. dou'ble column Remand of the Capital — to modify the .pi^imary so as to make it more workable and more- re- -Hponsive to the will of the people. Then they turned around and— without a w-ord of protest from the ,Capital—passed a jlaw providing that no name shall feo on the official ballot as an indepciidcnt candidate tmless announcement of the candidai-y has been made prior to 'the election. Of course nobody will- ever want to run a.? an inde- peiident candidate from, the word "Co:" Indejiendent candidacies are the revolt] of the people from corrupt -or unlsatisfactory nominations: and uitl! nominations are can know whether be an Independent • candidacy or not. Whait the new law-does, therefore, is In., effect to declare that nobody shall run as ,an independent candidate for any , offii«o in Kansas, .'^nd yet the To-^ i peka Capital and the Kansas City : Start special gitardians of the right of the people to complete political i freedom'.' let • this law ;go through without a whimper. So busy watch' ing' the spigot they'forgot to look at the bung; oiteR S PRINGS I.MrSj Veruou O.-ilrander.) March 21.—Clarence Wood spen .«:aturdayiniglil and t^unday wit^ Koyce Ilr^vs. CJias.; .Aliller and .lohn called • ^hiirsday) at the S. C. .Maun hom<- n Humboldt.. -Mary l-«velyn Ostrandcr spen "uesday fiight with her grandpat •nts. .Mr.'and Mrs. Oren Jlaugh.: Hoyce Mays spent Sund: y afteh inooii witlCKreddle Church II. r Lewis -Choguill^ spent Sundaj afternoon- with Herbert L tude. li 'Miss Mildred Wood is home fronr I 'sehool w5th the measles. Vernon'Ostrander called Sunday moriiJng -ijn Walter Kin^. ' Cleve Jackson and Wall ihade nobody there. should Walder King tl*> KIsie jury i called "W^ednesday at Hillmcs home. Kay Hajys served on thfj jYates CeJiter last week. Pauline^ Kin.g spent ' hursday, night witti .Mr. and -Airs. .1. B. Henderson. .Mrs.. Afbert AVood speni Thursday afternoon with .Mrs. Lewis Ch^oguHl »nd Miss Lydia. Vivian fetrack is spendii g a few days at tte Henry Strack lome. , Mr. and Mrs. Vernon-Optrandeii dnesday and Marr Evelyn spent iWednes- d'ay with^lr. and .Mrs. Chajs. .Miller and family. Mrs. Hay Hays sp'ent Wi at tlie Lirie Beckett home Walter "King spent Sundjiy after -l noon witji i Ira Hays. .Mr.-amJ Mrs. Cleve Jact son anti^ I.rf)is speiUL Sunday afternqon with| Mr. and Mrs. Ira Jackson Mrs. Walter King calledl .1. B. Heltder.'ion Thursd.-i noon. \ \ Andrew*' and Ambrose . .spent Frfday night and at Klsie iHillmes home. Laver.'iiWood is stayini}: on Mrs after- Setters aturday Divorce Granted After 56 Years Wedded Life ' Kansas City, Mar. 22. (AP) — After ."j .e years of married life, Mrs. Vashti McCafferty, 77, today was granted a: de^ult divorce de! cree by Judge C. lA. Burney from ^ her husband. Wm.l AftCaff^rty, 79, who now lives in la home for the .aged, in Iowa. j .j.iieii*^ >»cM )u is siavinif at the I.#e WolfJ home while .Mil Ired has tlie measles. • * Oren I^ueh spent Sum ay with Mr. and'lMrs. Vernon (^strander and Mar ^i Evelyn. Leo lays is visiting hi i grandparents ?i]r. and .Mrs. Fra ik Hays of Humboldt. • Clarence Wood is staling at| r >ewis ChoguiU's home wjille Mildred has^ the measles. 1 Miss Ffrn Moore and. M le. Shirley and preddie Churchill all have the chicReJipox.- Tension Relaxes in European Contr »versy Paris, ,^Iarch 22. (AP)- -Tension arising Out of the Italo-Jigo Slav- Albaiian. controversy, bro ight to the fore''by Italy's allegat ons that Jngo Slavia w'as'mobiliziag military forces on- the Albanian froii- tifr had.Tcla -Pd tcdny. A ;rspfiil Cousin <»f (>arl!c. . It is only recently hat two delusions- concerning' a useful but, much neglected veg-'table have been to .some exieni; dissipated. "I'hese are that the le-k was akin to the garlic in strength and flavor and that it was hat^d .to grow. Creen grocers in the large cities have done much to it troduce the leek; by making it a part of, the bou(|ueis of soup gretri-s' that are now a common and jopular feature (if the, daily sale;.'; The leek Is even miller than the onion, very! easy to g'ow and an exi client flavoring vegetable for soiiirs and stews. It Ik an excellent show vegetable • when well gniwii and the only acquaintance. many people' have wi h it Is the inspection of its snoWy base and wide dark green • lea,k'es on the show table. The leek is exceji- tlonally useful be<-ausi leaves and all are (in'ployed. (, ity housewives are how accuslomed to it find in the .country it ."is beginning to make iti way-slowlv into favor. U is a member or the onion tribe that inakts a thick fleshy stem the saime tliicknl-ss from the [•(•s but does not is :in all-season tvcst^d in the fall llhe seed for eeks should the house or roots to the lea form a bulb. It grower and:is ha :iii(I early :-winte the] giant exhibi be sown in Marcji in in a hotbed and planted exactly onion.i. The you|ug p In.trenches in t celery, six inche.4 deep and as the plant increases iln size the trench is: filled in. cov<j the b.tse of the will have to be l| ent results are ing the seed outkloors burgh are ;well which make big Like the onioi soil and a good ture for best results, in pits or cool cellars ion sweet alys-sum f( : be given an ear I The main tasl hot lied is to w: ture and not so*- seeds too LIBERTY (Cora B. Ilarn'sl -Mar. l.S'.-TUe writer has been | troubled with an inl'e(-ted hand fori tile last ten da\s: which does not! i allow us to get along'w-jth our i work very well. J. W. Parker was out from i"la ; l;;st week and did some paiiering i i at ll'.-'iry Harris'.s. ' j ] tiraill drills seem to be the most • sought for. furriiing luachiiies at | this time. ' Mosi all the i farmers i are .sowing* some oats. ; working | early and late expecting :iiie i-aiii t'iat has not come yet.' \ .Mar.' 21.—The rain c-ame,; itiso • s'eef, hail and then it froze. Pen-' p! • wiio have fruit seem to think! it will not make a crop now, Iiut , lime alone will tell. .Miss Lucille Teeters ate diiiiier! Willi the .\Iis :ei. Bessie and Huth ; riearcy Sunday and in the aft- ; ernooii all went lioiseback riding. ' KuK"ne ("linger spent last Sun-' ready ^^''"'' ^Vilbiir ilarri'-. • slj»>n ' Mrs. Kinc-a;ri. Charloftej and Kel- in'ih'ape'frJm, the i'""^' •''I'«'n' Sunday alternoou at ih'-, 'iihied "ougherty home. beau- r edging als'o may :y-. start. | injcondiicting a tch ' the teitipera- Ithick- the bed tob^wet. THE LEEK. HAS A HE.WY .ROOT AND SHOULD BE PITTED \m\ 6'TO 9" APAIJT TO ALLOW • FIJLL' DEUGLOPf'-.eNT , ly, avoid getting) and L'ive air w peraturi- outside I'.ie sa.-jli so that (ipeii at tlie top liotiom "f auiiili ; circuiation but . , ; sasli wide uiiles.s it is a slil C():d winds pla>i havoc will der seedlings an'<l a sharp I may prove ..dami^ing. i -ver ; temperature' i.s i^iild. Water t'h.e hotbed when tem- tienever th will- permit. a i -rack of one sa-s r to give iJToper !dp no.t ope 1 the day. The Christian Kiideavor at Liberty is getting along very nicely. .Miss Charlotte Kincaid and Viok-t Iloiigherty were "the leaders tlie two Sunday eVeniiig.s. Air. Harris In Iped Mr. .-Searcy with his. farming Friday. -Mr. ••ind .Mrs. Daniels and Har(;l(l IIousli visited willi Air. and Move \ .Mrs. Kugetie Fisk Sunda.v and left i came witii them to the ("liristiaii :i anil j Kiideavor meeting at Liberty .^ HIIT day evejiiiig. Chanee.v .<';iriy drove to ' near .Mi^raii Siiiiday to si.e hi.s brother, ten-I Koy. .\lr.->. Searcy-;,iiid Bul!i ac- (•eze ; eoiiipaiiied hiiii. I' the The old fayin.i,'. —T .'-.iir's C'-ld in again, with c'overed-nioior-wjsvoii t!i-Til !:il.N. liii) ." li'i-oiiies'irut tr. i kir .L' ill- with' .^-ai ks oi tin precious ore from the r.ev,- -Wei-;^;ili. .\.v pictured J. .Ml.en ]l:iri>- (i'-iti John tie sack.s of soM o:.,- taken ii. I.'.s .Vni-' !•• ''Echooner." Covered with liii- ^ i .r :is o: vi( To; of ore, it t.\eiled cuiioi^iiy ea t.'io h;ie. Hi, gins to show driy sufficient to keijp «iakings. STAR DISTRICT i (.Mrs. .S. .M. Dickerson. March 21.—Mr" and Mrs. Artie the fall, ll now used extensively sliced in -salads, being milder than silted onion for ilie purpose. A row ot leoks wlil he an interesting wxiierinieiit to a gardener who has never tried thotn. The Hotbed .Seii !i (Mi <lppn^. By the middle of .March at the latest ov .-i- till- K : later portion of i , ,,_ , ... the counrr.v.'fi. hotbed .should be i . ^I''- ^^'%,^^- \ put.-into operation. The manure '••^^"••"V";*."! Thursday even .should be ,..n fully watched and ; -^^^ .'^'•""'"i'"""e. turns'd to promote even heating! C. C. C. members.please l.^ingi a before it i-. pur into the bed and favorite recipe to club at G Sniilh and .Mrs. I Walter Pf-rraii were pleasant callers at the H. L. Weaver home on<- day last wfek. and 11 g at the soil sine.Kl over It. If it does not heat i";i(!ily a little hot water' pouriii ov. 1- it where fermentation Seems, to be slow will start the pjoi e:^-. Be careful, however,; not to make the pile too soggy. What to sow in a hotbed .som(>- ; timesiproyes a puzzle to a garden- ; ..„„„M,„ the plants trans- | er op.eralinK one of these minia- c;.,,nday of Me«lumes ^s in! the '^""^ of j ture hothouses, for the first tipie. ^.^„„„ "Dicker.sonJ need Thursda.v, .March 24; Mrs. .-^teve Uii-kerson and) H. K. Boone were having work d(me Friday. /'.rant and Kliher Simpson .Siinda.v evejiing -with Cliflon ersoii. ' : Mrs. .\iiiia SiTi)pson was a Venal ants are set me style as ring eave^. illed Obtained by sow- soon as the ground can he worked. Giant Care itah jiind Mu.s.scl- maniier in April as kio.Wn varieties ro6< it r The' tend'er ve|getables that a long season. Mr. and' .Mrs. Waller Johnson made Iheii usual Weekly trip lo it be- see .'.Irs. Johnson's mother. .Mrs. .spots but only Havs, Siimlay at .\eosho Falls, moist. Avoid : TI ,,. ,iver was baiiKfiil SatiiidaV lilgb: aticl calls. -d ipiile a lot of iin- i-a-'iiiess to those living along it. .Mrs. Will Dauson's liealtli does no- improve and they are |having a sale of stock Tii'-sday as .Mr.^. Wa.v- soii litiils It eiitii -el.v loo slreniiou .s to look ;iftir it^all. Li'tle Hers.ll.-l and KInier Wilson .-ire I 'Oiitiiieil at home with tln- iiKa .'les. i (Juite a good man.v ]daiitei! potatoes Thursday. .St. Patrick's day. uhicii is siipi'osid to be ilie dav to plant: but others sa,\- to w .-ijt lor ;he dark of tin- itiooii.; .Mi-s. Dau.uherty aili) .Mrs. Harris called at .Miss .Mi-Ilauiels '.s Wediies- ] day alternoou. ' spent I VA\\\\ .M.-Claiiahaii siieiit a Dick-I f^,\v day-= last week at the parentiil \ He '-ith honi»'. g.iiest , Mrs. W. V. Wilson li:is Ix-eu vuii- and i ning a privitte liosiiilal tor ineasiis cases, having her two niairi '-il ishif's i j Mrs. eiital such as tomatoes. Ftistace Bozeiiion was'iip o the. dauglitei's. .Mrs. .Mamie Townsend peppers and"eg|g"plants, a "'"^ ^^eek. : and .Mrs; Faye P.allah and .N'alhan cumbers or .s-udmier .SQu 'ash in pot5 DoroDiea aiidjLoliise Diet erson i ''"<'""•»"''«'' tbein at once. They are SILVER LKAF I .Mrs. I- 1 , (;• ! Hi: ;•. > • Alanii ZX. liv. : yh...:.- ; i,,; this coiiiiniiiii: r so-.vir.-.^ rn'-. j.i ing poliihii - .i .iii i:;.: I-: - rii' K. Ii. ^f :ii;::i iii .r^- ;i '•v:\\ ; > i: son SiiMiliiy : •'ii:i .! • r . horses' iiaii in * ii u-i;::-, ; week. G. lit -liisiM :'t: i'» I n;.'. ri .'ie Hois'.•, 11 r...\ , :..-: ' ;•: iMr. Hill! All-- . -!. I-. ; werci Siniii .iy. y L -'i. ..• Craliii-r .'loi.i;- . .Mr. ami .M;---. !; \< Sduii.iy r:;'."; •,. aii.l Mr-. Im.:--.. -Miss |»o:-..!;iy l;;!ni :.;tr: pilliils wi-nt i.!i " II i-ini'; i': alt.-! !;;i. :] r' and th' y ri.-i :•-(• \ • \ - .-imi wieli. ;-s. !-;.-r , thelliselv! •Iio;iifr Dii,'!'' .; n; liig;:I wit'i .1 •, \\ \ Gas. A very ha -i! '.wlr- r.v.A v. visited tiiis vi .i ;:;-y i.i -r i niglit. Clias. V.'rav !"!!•.-•;]. ,1 l.:i;;-r ior Joli!: It.!! la-r i-riiluc .Mr. am! Mrs. il. f.i-:.:!]! . fained a liiwiJiir f.:' i :-!L ;'iii:.. i .j: -iril;.'. Above art i.;i.<ie..- \i itti some oj i)-- low is a modern •lii 'l loaded with sacks li-l L'js Angeles. !!• • las- .•^'.ittirda 111,' ; :tii.- . iijoyi- i;. Ill I-. l.ieii alt' I.;. - •lljnn.' I: : W'vi li.vv a I il 1 )1' :.)<;( Ill' the Mother '•reiu liiipuriaiice.- • ^ pry-f^i^ iiii. .- Id the are Iiard the stem to sunk into the 'earth so they may : and Claude Beiinerr-attend. Bv fall it be transplanted readil.v. are vege-I show in lola Friday night up. Excell- tables that may well be started The rain and! freeze in the hotbed. on the blos.somiiig peach trei-s. Cabbage and; cauliflower plants i .Many farmers there have oats in for the early crop ma.y also be: and were sowing flax whe|i put in. -In dower seeds, asters. ! storm stopped work, zinnias, tenweeks' stocks, dahlias, .Mrs. .-\lbert Kqse. who has ! marigold's, in fact, almost any of so ill. is npich ^letter, quires rich 1 the annuals desired for early. Mrs. II. :L. Weaver eafl suprily of mois- { bloom iii the garden may be given ' Mi^s. S. It is stored b'n the same M. ; Dickerson Friday w .Vs after digging in a fl.vmg start in a hotbed. Plants j .Mr. .McGihnis. of lola like larkspurs and the popples, | the last of the week buving which do not traii.^plant readily,; calves. all .setting along fine jiow. Scliool .Notes. : ' The sixth mouth report! follows: .Viimber <if days tliiight, average daily attendance. H'.Ji."?; per ,^;C':it of attendance. 'JS.Sii; no pa•"^ 1 Iiils were lardy ciiiiin.g tlie inoiiili. ],pp„|The following jiupils werj- iiert.-. : 'in attendance: Lloyd Cong>-r. .Mar- There IS one safe'c'opo!''allc-•rv r: jorie Johnson. - Leland ^Harrison, ment for itchi:'.c; tuftiiii, fjloii" Francelia Harrison. Helen Cox. .and soothts the s'Kiii. Af:i-r tiic iir For ItdKiigSkti! Use Zemo, the Cliin, Healing Liqtii * ll on ; Kugeii'e Conger. Julia .M,cDanfe!s. .application of Zemo. \:oir\\>ll findil;:it v,.-,i : f-r."'^'"' Jen.seii. Alfreda Harrison. Pimples, Bbckhear!-, .mot.r-hc--. f<£;:e- i K'-.y Harris. Thelma Harris. Violet worm and similar si .i .n i .-rit ^iioiH be ::n 'Daiigherty ami Ruth Searcv. todisapp<-ar. _ III 1 h III]'!:- ; •^T'h, ?.rn.— T-cm recojn. Jl'-ii-'-s Favorite Pre- '1.. Ii:-.ii.>. Dining e.x- > 1 ^ aovfsod to take it PiO '..-il ll, he <,i wonderful to , tooK five or six ::iul h.-irl :),, more trouble.''' I l.Kiik <r:e •Foroi -ite Prescriptioa' I:- f(.!-,,:• v.-,..ik women— |l6oLvvA\T'uUlCrlT VOO 0ure\oE.-0O! ^ Bih4 AJATCHIM WOO VOUMGr FELLER » so 'ATS NAVHV VOU ALLERS BRiMGr ' AT Oil P IECE O' HOSE WE \i \NE COME-T'TH ' STORE, J WouK 'E -TURNED IM T A A BuRGrLAR^ JBEHlKlO.MV BACV<-WE'^^ X etku VOU TAv<E -Ti -r li \D QFFA 'AT CAM ? iv/lAPLE e^ROP-HW/', OO-sN/WT] 1 '''J ^^>^^'T' '•--'•'"^^i^/'f^ The third bi-monthlv examina-, Zemo banishes most skm ir .';;:!::o:-, 'tions were given .March :l and i.- jnakcs the skin soft, ciear :i:i 'l h,-;; tai •it'.:: '-:• 1. Violet Daughertv ami Thelina Har-^ Easy to appi.v at a.ny ume. At^ilicJ-a;.^-- A. ris received the highest averag.s ' 8>Sts-60c aiid 51.00. - r.r, wornon- ••;:-;i:i os [,<?f -i;v,;-niothers. • '':-l ii '-'i 'ij me."—.Mrs. Lil- CUil'ivU. ICZl Buchanan of th" girl.s: Boy Harris and Kel-1 si-y. Kincaid received the - !iighe-f , oi Jlie boy.s. i • . The seventh! ::iid eighth grade f *OR piipi's are studying hard , to get ready ;for the examination^ which; will be given in lola .Xpril It; and' _ V t') yoiir^ tKi :.'liborhoo(l f .r:.i- uu') i .l,;ain ilii.-; wonder- ' i'l-, . -ijjtii i: ol' Dr. Pierce's m r.';i>].-:.;-<ir li'iuid or send loc for SKIN IRRITATIONS'"•••1 I'tJ- to Dr. I'icrc.:-. Buffalo, ' i . V. • - S;!{ months p'-rieit attenrlance ' certificates will b.- given to Helen' f:ox. i Koy Harris. Crystal Ji -nseii. (;aiid Violet Daiigherty. —Telephone your Classified Ads to 18. TIIO .S. II, Preside if. ItUWI.I .S, Cashier Allen County State Bank IlllUV 'S. . ••iO,000.00 OONSTIPATidN That is the joyful cry of thousands; I since Dr. Edwards prodiiced Olive i Tablets, the stibstitute for calomel, j Dr. Ed\vards, si practicing jdiysician ' for 20 years and calomel's!old-time j enemy, discovered the formuK for Olive | . Tablets while treating patients for j chronic constipation and torpid livers, i jOIiveTabkts do not contain calomel, [ just a healing, soothing vegetable laxa-' live mixed with olive oil. No ffiping is the "ke>'note" of these i "little sugar-coated, olivc-coIored tab-;' lets. They cause the bowels and liver i to act normally. They never force them | to unnatural action. If you have a "dark brown mouth"— . bad .breath—a dull, tired feeling—sick headache—torpid; liver—constipation,' you'll find qinck. sure and pleasant re-' salts from one or two of Dr. Edwards' CMive Tablets at bedtime. , Thousands take them every night • • to bKp nghu Try them. 15c 30c. €0c^ j I 101, A, ir .\\SAS . l.^laMisIieil ;i Oiiarler uf a ( Capital Stock ! .... , Surplus and Unriiv. iVofils ..!. 150,()()0.00 Deposits :.1 ,()()0,0()0.00 IXTKKKST PAID OV TIMK HI htSITS i >A; Kliv I 'i I 'KSiT i:!;>\i:s FUK KEXT I.. K. IKMSVM.I.K. I'rfside.if 1. (>. ]!KNSO\, Cashier A. W. IIKI K. Mce.!'nv.idenl " 1). D. I. Asst. ,Cashier "x IIAI.'KV MllSil.V. A >s(. « a -;hiVr lOLA STATE BANK WE P.VY l.NTi :i6 :ST O.N TI.MI-: DEPOSITS Capital Stock ..;..... j.; ..... i?50,000.00 Surplus ;,5i;A000.00

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