The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on July 9, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 9, 1892
Page 3
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Tin Postville Wfeekly Review POBUSHEB EVERY SATURDAY W. N.BURDICK. BY TBRMS: $1.50 A YEAR IN ADVANCE. L OCAL R EVIEW. m ®mmmm ALL SUMMER Clothin -Meet Steak 8 and 9c, at Hart's. —Salt Fish of all kinds, at Hart's. —Poultry bought and «old at Hurt's. —On« 100 gallon kettle for irtle, at Hart'i. -No Stale Meat at Hart'*. —Fresh Lake Fish 9c, at Hart's. Wanted. Veal Calves at the Central Market. For Bale. Mr residence on the north side. MRS. H. U. HAZLETOK. Itias Anna Bast on, Instructor on tho piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. —Mrs. M. Sellsg and daughter hare gone to Mitchell count; to visit the son and brother. —Livery teams were at a premium on the 4th. • _ '• — Ed. Cornell has built a new wood house ind store room in tho rear of the Commercial hotel. —Six Loaves of Bread for 26c, atthe Hakery. tf —Veal calves wanted at Hart's Market. Meat -Call at Skelton & Tangenian's for a Genuine Stub Proof Rubber Boot, Every pair warranted. —Mrs. Wra. Moll rejoice* in the pos session of an elegant Kstey Organ, pur chased of J. N. Loithold. -Ice Cream evening. sociable this (Friday) —Sugar Cured Hams from 10 to 13c, at Hart's. —We have had a solid weok weather, the first this season, body feels more hopeful. of flno Erery- —Mrs. J. H. here on a visit. Warfteld's mother Is —A full line of Meats, at Hart's. Salt and Smokod —New Potatoes, only 86c per peck, at John Thoma's. -Mrs. M. E. Tnttlo is visiting at Monona and Hardin. Itias Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. --V. A. Jerald went Clueagoward this week to look up manor* and things pertaining to the tailor trade. -Miss Emma Uloxliam sends us the catalogue of the Chautauqua summer school, at Madison, S. IX Thanks. WAT DOW2T. -Urauges, Lemons and Bananas cheap, at John Thoma's. • -Choice butchering stock wanted at ] the Central Meat Market. 12tf —New Dress Goods and Embroidery at Skelton & Taugeman's. Doug—Ice Cream sociable at Mrs. lass' this (Friday) evening. ••-The elder Mrs. Cornell, of Dvright, is visiting at the Commercial. —The next holiday will be thanksgiving and it won't be long olther. —Mrs. McEweri and family leave next week for their eastern outing. -^Xew Hampton and Lawler played bill the 4th, but N. H. wasn't in it. — Mrs. Frod Thoma has made her | famllj happy by purchasing a magnlft- | cunt Estoy Organ of J. N. Leithold. - Prof. J. F. Smith, O. C. Makepeaee and W. E. White are entitled to credit and thanks for cash on subscription. -And Mrs. Henry Pocsch alsorejoic es over a spleadld Estoy Organ bought of J. M. Leithold. They will have them Aside from the crowd that took in | --Our friend hp the street thinks it in Ossian about a dozen 'went to New j reasonable to suppose that n paper c.«- Hampton and a number went to Clnr- j tabllshrd six months has as good a moot and Elgiu. After all Postville tiu by 04 means deserted. There were plenty of small boy* left with the omnipresent firecracker. W. J. Hanks dandlos a new jeweler on his knee these short summer nights. Similar incidents are reported at the residence* of He v. J. tiass, J. Brener aid Fred. Meyer, out on the Wells farm. This crop is luxutiant if the season has been backward. circulation as oue Hint is twenty old. CoiUthent Is unnt'cessniv. —Station Agent Talcott informs us that thore were 147 tickets sold from lY>atville to Ossian tho 4th. Besides liiisagood many went up with teams. In reality Postville had a celebration In Ossian this year, but next year she will have "the enly greatest celebration on earth" right here at home. Bayi Do you want to raise a good road tt*ra f If you do, breed to Appleby, Jr. He will be at my barn in Postville on Snlurday of each wtok. The rest of the time on my farm 1} miles uorth of Luann. Terms, $10.00 to insure. 2«r W. F. WAIWEII. The Iowa Ballot Law. By order of the board of supervisors and the secretary of state we this week give the Iowa ballot law, in supplement form. In this way it can be more rtadily laid away and preserved for future reference and study. Every voter should study its provisions care fully in order to be prepared for voting under it at tho noxt eloction. —The cause of 1). A. Jerald's visit to Chicago, mentioned elsewhere, was • to tako two week's course in cutting ana fitting at tho school in session there, whiuh is one of the best in the U. S. Mr. Jerald is bound to be in the front of the procession. Mrs. Jerald will visit at Strawberry Point during his absence. -Do not miss those Bargains in tho Ladies' Job Lot of Shoes at Skelton & TnngemaiTs. They are being oftered at half price. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, bat a good job every | clatter and prices vory reasonable. Tuos. SnOItTKKED. —For the annual regatta of the, Iowa State Amateur Bowing Association, at Spirit Lake, Iowa, July 12 and 13, 1802 the Burlington, Cedar IUpids A Northern Railway will sell exetirsion tickets at a ruto of about one cont per niilo each w.iy. Tickets on siilo July Slit to 13th, Inclnsivo, and good to return n <til and incladiug July I8th, 1892. Br. Will Colo's Dental Booms -A Inrge number of otir pcop'e went down to Prairie du Chlon yestorday lo seo the elephant—In the e'rens—but the circus train got ditched and did not :it- rivo until 6 o'clock, p. m.. and hviice lid not show at all. It was awn Mnii- kel on tho ardor of Hie boys, who, in addition to "enrrent expenses" dropped lu their good 50 cent* for admission to the show. It was a sad night ride homo, but such is life. US! MI'!' Win — Choi, e variety of Smoked Meats of all kiuds, at Central Meat Market. —Tho best stock of Shawls kopt in thu town at Skelton & Tangeman's. —Just ree'd a fresh stock of nil kiuds of Pickled Meats, at Central Market. —Mrs. W. DoNoyolln and Leon, of Crosco, are visiting at Mrs. Tuttlo's. —W. C. McNeil lias moved h ! s barn from his former to his new resilience. 1, HUMAN k Headquarters For Dross Goods! Henriettas, Bedfords, Serges, Chevrons, Challies, Silk Foulards, Silks for Dresses; and Trimmings. New dark Prints, only Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid, Silk Drapery Fringe, Brocade satin ribbon, 3 in. wide, Satin Ribbon, 1 in. wide, Outing Flannel, only Check and Plaid Shirtings, Damask Towels, 13x28, all linen, only Gent's Colored Border Handkerchiefs, only Windsor Ties, only 3c per yd —Look at the now clothing announcement of J. H. Gray this week. Tuosday and Wednesday, | July 12 and 13, I will be at the Park Hotel, Postville, for the practice of dentistry. C. L. TOPLIFK, D. D. S. - "Senator" Ingles, the gentlemanly clerk at W. J. Hanks & Co's jewelry store, resigned his position quite suddenly and rather unexpectedly Thursday forenoon at the roquost of his employer. Weight Social. A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend the social at the home-of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Owen, noxt Weilnos- day overling, July 13th. fer the bonelil of Rev. C. . Scheli: Mrs. Johnson, of Rorkferd. a sis- tor of Mrs. Talcott, is visiting the latter. Ice Cream and cake, a good time and u dime is tho program at the sociable this (Friday) evening. i— Cbas. Bay less and hi* jewolor were | over from Wauken last Saturday evening. «•• —For a Hue lit and-style iu Ladies' and Misses' Fine Shoes, call on SKBLTOM & TAMUKUAX. -A. P. Abbott. Wm. Mott and Fred j Tangcraan motun the loss of their* wives. They wont on the New YorK excursion and will bo absent so'voral wueks. They (the uioa) have our .sympathy, and we hope the ladios will haye the best kind of a time. Will hereafter he open every week day, as I havo aksocinted with mo Dr. M A. Humphrey, a grndtiato of the dental school at Iowa city, and a good oporator. I shall continue to visitPost- vlllo ou Tuosday ami Weducsday of each week, ns heretofore. Wm, COI.K, D. 1). S. Changed Hands. Last .Saturday John Waters retired from tho Park Hotel and Dr. Mubry nssumed control. The doctor will not give his personal attention to it but his family will run it ns a boarding house mainly. TJC Dr's office is still in the brick block, where those dosiring his services will find him ns heretofore during bnsinoss hours, but his reshlonne is at tlio Park. Hoy & McNeil Again Burglarized. The burglars seem to IiaVo a spite against Hoy & McNeil. On Wednesday night theit »tore was again entered from the tin shop in the rear, the middle door bored out so that it could bo opened, and revolvers, razors nrr >i pocket knives taken tb the value of perhaps CS0 to $40. As usual there is no clue to thn burglars. We shall continue to be afflicted in this manner until a night walchriinn is put on. Now that the saloons are to bo licensed it woulel soem that there Is no excuse for not doing It. Let the marshal] go on duty at 1:00 o'clock, p. m., and romnin on until daylight tlie h'ext inornlfa'g; and this deviltry will bo stopped. Bible Bocioty Meeting. Tho annual meeting of th,o Postvillo auxiliary of the American Bible Society was hold in the M. E. church last Suaday evening. State Suporintondent Hughes was prisent and delivered nn address. Tho officers' of last year wore reelected, Viz: A. K. Prescott, Pres. W. V. Warner, V. Pres. Mrs. Flora Burliug,' 8»ct. Frank W. Roberts, Treas. J. II. Orky, Depositary. The oolloction at tho closo of the mooting amounted to $15.49. A conference was held by the Supt.. pastors and officers, lookiag towards canvass of the township for tho purpose of distributing Bibles. The occasion was one of interest and profit to the society. P. —As will be seeu by an ordinance published in this issue the council have licensed the saloons on a payment of $10 per month each. While we have al .lays been in favor of a statu licenso law or local option, wo aro not in fayor of any licenso unauthorized by state law; and we especially regret tho Sunday opening section. If this ordinance does not result in tho closing of the saloons seven days In a week we shall be riiii'ah mistaken. It does not in alter thnl no may not havo .much vonoralion for Sunday oi any other Sabbath ourselves. Tho fact remains that tho muss of people do reverence the day and the laws of tho state sustain thorn ir it. Only a couple of yours or so n^o an ordinance was passed closing AI.I. business on Sunday, and it is hardly consistent to make an exception in favor of saloons. We hope no trouble will grow out of tins ordinanco, but They are cheaper than ever and we sell them under a written guarantee. w. J. H ANKS. Skelton & Tangeman s Advertisement. FOR SPUING TRADE. —Copying and enlarging pictures,one of the specialties at tho Beedy I Photo Gallery. —Frank Larrabee, Esq., of McGregor, visited the Williams families this week. —Misses Lena MeDuneld and May Stiles visited at Monona one day this week. —O. C. Makepoaco was up from Coggon on tho 4th but made a very brief slay. —Postville was not very dull on the 4th although no had no celebration: The morchants had a'very good trade and tho streets wore by no moanr deserted. Our town has now arrived at that ihigree of importance where it will do business anyway. —Tho funeral of Miss Elva Anderson was held from tho Mothodistchureh on Tuesday, a. m., and was largely attended by sympathizing friends. A puro young spirit is this early released from the clogs of earth. -The Citizen:'.* State Bank has just put into its yriu'tt a ease of steel safety deposit drawers for use of those who have papers arid other articles of valuo which they, desire to proierve. For a small ro'ntal this dlssider'a'tum may be attained. —Prof. Smith went,to Madison, Wis., on Tuesday morning, whero ho will put in four weeks, after which he will retura and take In the institute at Elka—"Our gentlemanly agent" will call | der. He promises to spend a Week or two more In Postville before taking up his work at Lansing. —Miss Emma McDonald is at Eidora taking a short rest from her labors in the tailor shop. List of Letters remaining uncalled for ill the postolTlce at Postville, Iowa, June 30. 1892. Par ties calling for any of them will ploaso say "Advertised:" Ole Breraset, Jno. Bowlsby, Sun Grirawood, Fred Hawkins, E. Kinyon, J. W. Ookcr, Pnctrlo Rivers, Mrs. Annie Thomas. Postal Cards:—Mrs. Minnie Gibson, Mrs. Sally O'Neil. JAS. PERiir, P. M. m is near. Have you bought your Shoes for Spring and Summer wear? We have till the" new kinds in stock. We know we cVa pleriee you. Step in and look them over. As Short Time Subscribers. usual at this time of yoar we make a campaign or short t'me rate for now subscribers. This year wo raako the short time new subscriber rath low- or than ovor before In order to introduce the paper whore it is not now known we will furnish it from tho day of subscription to Jan. 1st, 1803, for 50 ets., cash in advuuoe. Anybody can afford to send a copy to a friend at this rate. on the frlonds tomorrow with receipts for the last quarter. —Skelton & Tangeman aro otrrylng double the Stools in Ladies' aud Misses' | Siioes than over before. 7c << 8e « <* << 10c (( <( i.Oc << « 3c w «< 6c « <( oc c< —Mrs. Coylo and Gilbert Sanders returned from their extended stay in Wisconsin, on Friday of last week. —A. M. May, of the Standard, was tho only editor complimented by being placed on the congressional delegation. —Louisiana Dlnienson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pino Finishing, for sale at SANDEKS & KAPLBB'S. 8c each —The aohodVboard has hired Prof. A. W. Hnrd, of Lisbon, Iowa, for tho fall term. Thore were thirty applications. —Postville was not as woll decorated on tho 4th as It was on memorial day. But there wore not as many here to | decorate. 6c 3c «* RESPECTFULLY, LUHMAN & SANDERS. —Owing to tho smiles of weather prophet Foster and to tho faot that the noon lias quit "changing," we hare had some good weather. ,. ( —Wodnosday was "Methodist day" iu tho plcoio line, a largo number taking au ••outing" at Dutton's cave. It was a beautiful day tor It. -Mrs. J. H. McGhee and Mrs. Denning wore ovor on tho 4th and made » short visit to a their father and sister, J, J. Jonnowino and daughter. —A barn WAS burned «t Elgin on tbo 4th of July and tin dorian wire burned in it. The low WM consider, able, but Mie worst of it WM to here the poor dupab anltn.aU buruedi FOB, SALB1 Buggies of AU Descriptions. Guarantee: After two week's trial If the Rice Coil Spring proves not to bo theeaalost rider on earth, will oxohange and give any spiing doslrod—with tho 'Handy Top," the most oonveniout buggy. W. S. WEUSTBK. Blaokamlth and Wagon Shop. I hare scoured the services of one of tho best blacksmiths and horse sheers In this part of the state, and am prepared to do all kinds of blaoksmlthlng and wagon work on short notioe aid iu the best mtaner. New wagons, buggies, rond carts, oto. on hand and made to order. Call and examlue work and prioes. 2ra3 H. C. HOXH. Tako Hotioe, That, the Po<tvIlle Steam Roller Mills will grind Feed, Corn Meal and Gra. ham Monday and Saturday of eaoh week hereafter. Having added a lino of wood-working maohinery wo are prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notioe. Bring in your logs and havo thorn sawodi Respectfully, E. D. STUBS. —The young people's party given by some of the younger of the young Indies, in Charley Abel's grounds on the evening of the 4th ii sa'.d to havo been tho most reoherohe aft air of the kind ever given lu Postville. Tbt spread was elaborate and fine, and everything passed off in "the highest style of the art." The boys will give a "return" party la lbs near future aud they will have to spread themselves if they maintain .their ragord' GOOD FARM FOR SALE. My farm of 200 acres for sale. Situated in Madison township, Winnesholk Co., Iowa, three and a half miles west of Decorah, in sections 11 and 14. Weil Improved and timber enough for farm use." In good stato of 'cultivation. Well Watered and good buildings. School within six rods of house. Long time will be'glvon on part payment Inquire on farm for panioulars. Address, ' WM.jMclNTOsir, (Box. 238) Docorah, Iowa. ' . Council Proceo'linga. Meeting of July 1st, 1892. , ! ' Tho following bills We're allowed: •'' Hoy & MoNeil, hardware, - t.01 John Cole, labor on streets, • 90.00 John VanValzer, 2 loads stone, L00 H. It. Tavlor, labor on streets, 1. F. W. Tiiller, 3 mo's' salary oto. 23.76 John Cole, labor of toara; - 13.00 Petition asking an ordinanoe passed 1 , ordering a sidewalk on south side of* Military street was on motion referred to ordinance committee. " Ordinance No. 103, an ordinanoe re lating to saloons, was passed. WM. SnisruKRD, Recorder. Crop Bulletin. DIES MOINES, July 6,. • Tho weather during tho past week was too cool for the rapid growth of corn, but tho con ditions were favorable for smalt grain The daily average of temperature was 6 9 below normal. The rainfall-was in excess of the seasonable amount, espeo tally in the oonlral and oast central distriots. Cora is two weeks late and needs warmer weather to mature, and it is doing fairly well an«l is generally clean where It has uot been too wet to cultivate. With moa^favorablo coudl lions in the future h will be possible to make a two-lbli'ds average crop in the state. Haying and the harvest of win ter-grains is in progress. Tho hay orop Wfltybe very heavy but the quality is oot,,up V> tbe standard. Oats will n"ot make ever 80 per ce'Btv of an aver- age.yield. fearful of tho Sttuduy clause. • • ' ' OBITUARY."" 1 The funeral services of Miss Klya Anderson wcro hold at the M. E. church last Tuesday morning. One year ago tho deceased seemed to be well aud strong, but in Dec. she suffered frosn an nttnek of the "grip," which doveloped into consumption and did its fatal work in a littlo oyer six months. She died July 2, agod 20 ears, 8 months and 24 days. Most of er llfo had been spent In Postville, Hero she was known as u modest retii- iug girl, kind hearted, gentle, into and good. She had drawn to her many friends from those who approcfato the worth of unpretentious goodness. Some six years ago Elva gave Tier honrt to Christ, and took him and his word for the guide of her life; she thon united with the M. E. church, of, which ho Una slnco boon n eonsistont mom bo>.. ..She haa always manifested, (in active Interest In tho Epwortli Leaguo, where she has beon vory much missed since the bnglnuing of her illness. Seldom is thQ<pdWpr of the gospel ia sustain any one amid suffering and in the presence of death more beautifully seen than in the close of this life. Some weeks ago. when hope of her recovery was at an end, she made all arrangements for her funeral, talking about it ith perfect .composure, .'ust. befo'ro breathing her last she asked for the 14th chapter of John to be road; with those words in her ears and praises ou her Hps, her spirit took its flight Blessed are tho dead who die in the Lord." . - - J. L. Ladies' Walking Suoeti, Ladies' Solid Comfort.'iSlipper.; Old Ladies' Easjr Shoe*, Men's Plow Shoes, Men's Fine Shoes, Men's Cordovan Shoes, Men's Southern Ti'Vs. Yours to . Please, SKELTOf TAiraEMA.1. Are you gQing to buy a New Qafpet thit spiing? 'Nov is your opportunity to see a choice selection of ALL WOOL INGRAINS, ORDINANCE NO. 103. An ordlnnncrrelatlne to saloons. Uo it enacted by tho town council -o( tho incorporated town of I'oBlville, Iowni Sue. i. It (hall bo unlawful for any perion for liimielf or as affont or employe for anothor. to keep any place known as a saloon within the limits of saldlncorporatiou, unless a license therefor bo first obtained as Itereinatter provided. SEC i. That any person who shall desire to obtain a licenso to keep such a place shall pay to the treasurer of said Incorporated town the sum of TEN DOLLARS per month which Sum shall be pay able monthly in advance Sue. 3. That upon presentation to tin mayor of said incorporated town of the receipt of the treasurer for said sum of TXN DOLLARS , tho mayor shall cause to be issued to tho person namod In such receipt a license to keep such place as provided in section i horoof, withfu the limits of said incorporated town, upon the premises described in said licenso, tor a period of ono month from and aftor the dato of said'receipt: which licenso shall contain a stipulation that If all provisions thereof ho not fully complied with, then and in that caso said license and all rights thereunder shall become void aud bo without effect from and after the date of violation of any of tho conditions or terms tliero- of. SEC. 4. That said licenso shall contain tho following conditions, viz: That no persqu under tho aj;e of eighteen years shall be permitted to he or remain in such place, unless accompanied by Ills uardlan, That no card playing, gain' BODY BRUSSELS. TAPESTRY BRUSSELS;' "UNION & COTTON OH AIM Prices Lo-vHf you' buy. It will cost you nothing t .t see them. Also remember that I carry the Large. Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fi> ture^s fax the oity. ^ T^urs^etspeotfully, WALTER OHRISS. rent or i Cling, oi disorderly conduct shall be allowed in s)|c,U ulacos. nor drlnl<».«orvo(( to Intoxicated pqr~> spns.**rhal such promises shall be kopt closed and the public excluded therefrom between the hours of io ;3Q o'clock, p.*m., and five o'clock, a. • - -''" day; and on each and every Sun- ich.nlace* shall bo closed from nljie p'olock,. . until pu« o'clock,.pi m., and'from ton o'clock, \1. m., until five o'clock, a. tu., Monday, That no screen, window shade, blind, or painted or colored glass .winjlpws or.qthordevicos shall be established or maintained in or about such placo, .. . ... . (it ' A complete and full stock of Lumber,-Lath, Shi glesySash, Doors jBlinds, Mouldings andBuilding. per,yell6wpitte Plowing anH' Ceiling 6'alc, ash i maple Ploofijifi;. ' "All pa4^ej3nliii1fifdin^ to' do any building the oom season will Ooiisult their own interest r by- obtain figures from me,' Particular, attention to filling bii Best of grades only handlecf. in.iaay.form or manuer that will obsuctfi: the ' street In front place -or-room least a full and clear view from the street in front of such saloon, of,airj>a.(ts of tb" wherein such salodii'ls kert. _ _ ivli shan" be tiped in a sum of apt less than i'iveTtJoT the Sac. 5. i Any person convicted of violating any of rovlslone of Sections i and a of this ordinance,' lars, nor more than TwspW, I},o)lars forealh and overy day in which bo shall keep a saloon .ton the premises described without a license, and costs of f irosecutlon and shall be committed (o the county a:i until said lino and costs aro paid. Ssc. 6' Any person violating- any of the p'r.ovis- ions of Section four (4) of this ordinance shall upon conviction thereof, pay a fine of opt less than Five nor more than Twenty Dollars and costs of prosecution, (or each - offense and shall be committed to tbe county jail until such fine and costs be paid. Any person who shall be convicted ota second violation of the provisions of said. Section be paid. Any person who shall be convicted id violation of the provisions of said. 8e... (4) shall at the discretion of the council own of Posiville, Iowa, forfeit Kti license* aftor said license of such'peripn •Mall said town of Posiville, Iowa, forfeit hu llcenseand thereaftor said license of such'perion Mill be voidable at tbe option of said council, who may rescind the tamo by resolution at.uny regular meeting, and Incase any license. Is so rescinded; all payments road* thereon shall be forfeited, and tbe aaine become absolutely the property 0! said town and no right of recovery of any portion thereof shull be haoVby any person whose license shall be rescinded as afHrosald, • SIM. 7. All ordinances, or parts of ordinances iu conOiol horewlth, so fsr as they conflict with lhlsoriW»nMar»bMeby»P»alod. 810. S. Tbls ordinance shall take effect en the ijlb day ol July, ttgi, Attost: W M, Sueriu«D, Reci POSTVIftLE, IOWA. K. N DOUGLASS, I>KU. J. F. SMITH, JAS. MoEWEN, CASHI««. PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000 Oo a God^W Blinking *Bn &Ji fluy anrt sqll Foreign unci Dun y j&minm ol Frtii Merolvnrjt^'ftnd otUer» recsiw.U InjQVMt prM on Tims 1>« P»;I'H: Investmenu mnd* for onuUU \> ti«i ?)n *>voi'«Dl« wrms. «®*PFot«o'te'fl \>j/4'ty -prtKrf raiiU '«Q<t MW door, tlm'o'loobf bu'ttfjir iu. »aft». . Safety c)»|)o»it 8t 'o »l druwnr* tofmi.-

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