Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 12, 1959 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
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Monday, October 12, 1959
Page 8
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Must Serve a Purpose- Mrs. Chas. Youmans 'Practical' About Hobbies Fact 'AT Fancy By GLADYS HOLLAND WE'RE GUILTY .... along Srith many other honsrwivps of thinking of lemons a* a hot weather fruit, usable chiefly in making lemonade. But now someone reminds us that this really Isn't so. * * * LEMONS .... are useful the year around Lemon pie. for instance, is as good in winter as in summer and hot lemonade is one of the world's best remedies for sniffles in winter time. * * * LEMON JUICE .... adds piquancy to buttered hot vegetables. Try a few drops in asparagus or harvard beets. Lemon juice on spinach or other cooked greens is a good substitute for Hollandaise. * * * FRUIT PIES .... or cobblers taste better if a few thin slices of lemon are baked with the fruit. They accentuate the tart tangy flavor which makes fruit fillings so delicious. * * * TO FLUFF .... an omelet, add a half teaspoon of lemon juice to the egg whites after they have been beaten,; and to kill the "canned" taste in whipped evaporated milk, add a few drops of lemon before whipping. * * * A DASH .... of lime or lemon tones up the flavor of honeydew melon and lime or lemon sherbets are good eating throughout the year. Keep a supply of these useful fruits or juices on hand perennially. Attend Shower For Twin Girls (Times Herald News Service) WALL LAKE—Edna Zadow, Ella Pagel and Kay Kettering attended a shower for Mrs. Harold Jacobson and twin daughters in the home of Mrs. Olga Fitzsimmons at Early Sunday afternoon. The twins, who are three months old, were adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson after their mother, Mrs. Jacobsen's sister, died when the twins were born. Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Oldsen, Rock- lord, spent Sunday in the Magnus Tadseo home. Bill Fischer, who attends college In Omaha, spent the weekend in the August Fischer home. If worried by "Bladder Weakness" (Gettins Up Nights or Bed "Wetting, too frequent, burning or itching urination). Secondary Backache and Nervousness, or Strong Smelling, Cloudy Urine, due to common Kidney and Bladder Irritation^, try OYSrax for quick help. Safe for young and old. A»k druggist fox OWl'KZ. See how fast you improve. I When Mr. and Mrs. Charles You• mans and their children. Mary K. i nnd Chuck, moved to Carroll in June of 195R, they were not newcomers, although it was a different experience for the children. The family home had boon at West- 5idr since Mary K,. now 12 years old. was a baby. Chuck is 7. Mrs. Youmans — Mnry E. — has made hr.r home comfortable and ! up-to-date, with enough family tra- ;difion showing through. FV>r exam- I pie is the walnut picture frame made more than 100 years ago by Mr. Youmans' grandmother with a decorative process called "punch- work." Mrs. Youmans has used this as one of her principal decorations, having converted it into a shadowbox and arranged shelves in it for an assortment of bric-a-brac, some old and some new. On the other hand, she has an old-fashioned organ, probably one of the most elaborate in this community. Without anyone in her family interested in playing it, this family heirloom does not have a useful purpose, considering its size'. So it has hr.d to be placed in a back room, and a more serviceable arrangement made of the dining room. She follows this in most of the family life: if the furniture or practice or custom gets out of proportion to its use or family satisfaction, it is replaced. As an example, one might use her present hobby of basketry. She enjoys the weaving and creativity in making different designs, but ohe docs not make baskets just to be taking time. "Many persons I've talked to about baskets seem to think that weaving results in making baskets and more baskets — but that isn't so," she commented. And she demonstrated with a handsome tray, a fruit compote, a popcorn bowl set, a round woven tray and an arrangement to carry three relish dishes. With the current popularity of woven baskets, one can visualize Time* Herald, Carroll, la. mj Monday, Ocf. 12, 1959 / endless possibilities for this material: holders of all kinds, waste baskets, the mode of serving snacks and "finger" foods from napkins in baskets. A weaver can find end- loss means of expressing design and use for baskets. Much of Mrs. Youman's craft has gone to family and friends for gifts, and she's still looking for and thinking up ideas. But neither does she spend all her time in this project —- there will he no baskets on baskets, in the manner some attribute to crochet hobbyists — doilies on doilies. Last summer the Youmans family added a new room to their house at 111 East Eighth Street, and Mrs. Youmans applied and finished the woodwork. Working with wood is not new to her — witness the furniture in the bedroom which she has blonded and given a satiny finish, or the buffet. Her story is not strictly the story of a homebody, however. Like most mothers, she knows that the family lives in a community, and she accordingly has entered heartily into church and other activities. In fact, it was in hearing about (he basket weaving classes sponsored by the Newcomers' club that she found this new hobby. Although rot a newcomer, she accepted the invitation to any interested person, and enjoyed the classes immensely. She has recently begun work in St. Anthony Hospital Auxiliary, serving in the coffee shop. At Trinity Episcopal Church she has recently become a member of the Altar Guild, and next year will serve Trinity Guild as secretary. She substitutes at the church school, also. She was born in Carroll County near Templeton, her parents being Martin Jacobsen and the late Mrs. Jacobsen, who moved to Carroll in 1954. Mrs. Jacobsen died three years ago. ] The maternal family farm ; known near Templeton as the Mark j Schrum farm, just recently was sold. Her Uncle George retired to Carroll about two years ago, the iast of the Schrums to have farmed the land. One must not overlook one of the important members of the You- ninns family — their two-year-old granddaughter, Vicki, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Wilken of Wcstside. Jo Wilken is the oldest of the three Youmans children — Jo. Mary K. and Chuck. Mr. Youmans is a native of Fon du Lac. Wis., and the family makes regular trips to Sheboygan to visit their mother and grandmother. His work in Carroll County at first was traveling for Western Grocers, although since 1947 he has been an insurance man. representing Bankers Life and Casualty Co. Food, both for entertainment and evcry-day family is geared to serve a few or several. This family always has room for an "extra," whether it be for supper or an outdoor barbecue, or Sunday dinner. You'll notice this in the recipes Mrs. Youmans has selected as some of her standbys. This caramel corn^recipe (probably originally written as a "receipt") was her mother's and is "delicious." The chocolate cake came from a Dedham friend and "just never fails." The mushroom meat loaf is extraordinarily good and easy, the quick coffee cake is just that, and the Chinese Rocks are different — a recipe which she has adopted although originally found by her daughter. Caramel Corn (the late Mrs. Martin Jacobseri*s recipe) 3 cups brown sugar 3 cups white sugar 1 cup white syrup 1 teaspoon salt 3 /4 cup water Cook this until 240 degrees, then put in one pound raw (or roasted) peanuts. Cook until 260 degrees, then add Vz cup melted Crisco. Stir constantly and boil until 310 degrees, then remove from heat and pour over two gallons of popped corn. Mix quickly and thoroughly e.nd pour out on waxed or oiled paper. Chocolate Cake (Mrs. Leo Barrett, Dedham) 1st part Vz cup sugar % cup cocoa Vz cup water Cook slowly until well blended. 2nd part \'i cup butter 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 2 eggs 2 cups cake flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon vanilla Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs and beat thoroughly. Add alternately water and soda, flour and baking powder. Add first part, then vanilla. Bake in moderate oven SOO degrees. Mushroom Meat Loaf Combine: Vz cup cream of mushroom soup l'/z pounds ground beef \2 cup dry bread crumbs Vi cup chopped onion 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 1 beaten egg Vz teaspoon salt dash of black pepper. Shape into loaf in greased pan. Bake at 350 degrees about one hour. For sauce, blend rest of soup with \k cup pan drippings, heat. Serve with loaf. Quick Coffee Cake Sift together: IVz cups sifted flour 2'/4 teaspoons baking powder Vz teaspoon salt Va cups sugar With fork blend in: Vn cup shortening Stir in a mixture of one well- Deaten egg and 2 3 cup milk. Spread batter in greased pan to FAMILY HEIRLOOMS . . . from Mrs. Charles Youman's parents, nnd from Mr. Youmans' people share display space with more recent acquisitions. This china cupboard itself has been handed down. Mrs. Youmans uses these articles, believing that a busy family docs not have much time to spend with unnecessary housework. A young granddaughter, besides her own 12- and 7- year-old children, keep active in family and community life. (Staff Photo.) edges. Sprinkle this sugar mixture over batter: J /4 cup flour ] /4 cup sugar Vz teaspoon cinnamon Work or blend in two tablespoons cutter. Bake in 400 degree oven for 30 minutes or until cake pulls away from sides of pan. Serve warm, Nuts or raisins may be added. Chinese Rocks (Mrs. Vern Wilken's recipe) 1 cup butter % cup powdered sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla' 2 cups sifted flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup nutmeats, cut up Cream together, roll in balls one inch in diameter. Bake in 375 degree oven for 15 or 20 minutes. Roll in powdered sugar while hot. 4-H News Meetings, Activities of Boys, Girls' Clubs The Manning 4-H Clovers have elected the following officers for the coming season: Nadine Miller, president; Donna Ahrendsen, vice president; Gloria Erb, secretary; Norman Ahrendsen, reporter; and Ramona Alwill, historian. HARVEST FESTIVAL SUNDAY (Times Herald News Service) MANNING — Trinity Lutheran Church in Lincoln Township wil hold its annual Harvest Festival Sunday, Oct. 11. Church services will be at 10:45 and 2:30. The Rev Frank Sass of Arcadia will be afternoon speaker. A noon dinner will be served by ladies of the church. There's no question about what's been cookin' in most cities this summer. People! Remember? The weather forecast was sort of uncertain, but it looked so nice when you finished breakfast you decided to wash anyway. And by the time the clothes were ready for the line, brother, there it was; rain, a cold wet river of rain, or maybe it was driving snow with flakes big as a quarter and the temperature dropping below freezing. And all you could dp was watch in helpless frustration, temper rising, with a shapeless lump of wet clothes in a basket for company and consolation. It's happened before; it will happen again and again. Our advice; save wear and tear on your disposition, save yourself all the work and worry of line drying simply by making your own ideal drying weather in a new Maytag Halo-of-Heat Dryer. MAYTAG Halo-of-Heat DRYER dries clothes in minutes dust-free air. .. safe as sunshine... low in cost— Plus These Wonderful MAYTAG Features* • Automatic Time and Temp Controls • Special Wash *n Wear Setting • Special Air Huff Setting As Low At $9.00 • month • Revolving Disc Utrt niter • Cool Cabinet Construction • Safety Door • Rust-Proof Cabinet HO HOT SPOTS a Gentle Circle of Heat Swrouttds Clothe* DREES CO. Heating—Plumbing—Air Conditioning Contractors—Gasoline Fuel Oil Tank Wagon Delivery 609 N. Carroll St. and West on Hiway 30 — Carroll, Iowa 4-H Demonstration At Zetetic Club Meet (Times Herald News Service) MANNING — Mrs. Glen Jensen was hostess to the Zetetic Study Club Monday evening. Ann Detlefsen and Donna Foley gave a 4-H demonstration, "The Egg and I", with Myra Rowedder taking the place of the 4-H leader. Roll call was a "Personal Quiz." Mildred Bennett gave the lesson "Look Up and Live." Lunch was served by the hostess. Virginia Dethlefs will be the next hostess. Al-c Clifford Vinke spent the weekend at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Vinke and family. He had spent the past four months in Seattle, Wash. S-Sgt. and Mrs. Roger Schwieso and family left Thursday for Moses Lake, Wash., after spending 10 days at the home of Mrs. Schwie- so's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Vinke, and with other relatives and friends. Lyle Arp, Dr. John Hornberger, Willus Puck, George Opperman, Max Detlefsen and A. W. Martens attended the Iowa - Northwestern game at Iowa City last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Rowedder, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Ehrichs ot Denison attended the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Kenry Hulsman at Charter Oak on Sunday. Mrs. Ehrichs and three children returned home with Mr. and Mrs. Rowedder and spent Monday here. The regular meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary will be held Tuesday evening, Oct. 13, at the Legion Hall. Lunch committee is Lola Ahrendsen, Mabel Opperman, Ann Martens, Ruth Schroeder, Emily Scheldorf, Lois Hill and Viola Sievert. If life really begins at forty, what were folks doing during other thirty-nine years? I960 PLYMOUTH ... Is the strongest, quietest, fastest accelerating, most economical operating car in Plymouth's history. It features unified body and frame structure and completely new styling for this economy champion. Two completely new engines are added In the 1960 Plymouth line of six engines, each of uniquely different design and each developed a specific requirement. The 30-D Economy Six, with 145 horsepower, is introduced for drivers who require maximum fuel savings. The SonoRamic Commando V-8, with 330 horsepower, which brings ram induction to passenger cars for the first time, is primarily a "performance" engine with outstanding acceleration charateristics. W.G.O. Meets For Basket Dinner (Times Herald Mews Service) LAKE VIEW - Mr. and Mrs B. J. Blackmail and Mr. and Mrs. Don Tjaden were host couples at the W.G.O. meeting at the Methodist Church Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kolbe and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Samuelson were in • NEW VICTOR HOMINEX BOOSTS ) DAIRY HERD PROFITS! Choose Victor Complete Dairy Pellets, a 16% feed that takes the place of groin, plus protein supplement-or Victor Dairy Supplement, a 32% protein supplement that balances a form groin and roughage ration. Both boost dairy herd profits by supplying amazing new Victor HOMINEX. HOMINEX is"Vic»orized"(specially processed) hominy. These scientifically improved "hearts of the kernels" ore higher in vitamins and protein.. .very palatable... higher in energy value... more fat, less moisture... have greater told digestible nutrients. VICTOR COMPLETE DAIRY PELLETS, 16% VICTOR DAIRV SUPPLEMENT, 32% VICTOR FEED & SUPPLY CARROLL, IOWA FEEDS charge of entertainment and devo tional part of the evening. Basket dinners were arranged on tables decorated with crepe paper men and women. Relay games were played. Mrs. E. E. Scott and Mrs. Jim Scott attended a bridal shower for Joanne Scott, Pocahontas, which was held at the Sacred Heart Church Hall in Pocahontas. The bride-elect is a niece of Mrs. E. E. Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Swanson visited Sunday afternoon in the Allan Olson home near Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wet/stein and children who are moving from the east coast to California, where they will make their home, visited his aunt, Mrs. Lora Wetzstein Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Westrom and daughter, Jacquie Jean, Newell, were supper guests in the Stanley Westrom home. Mrs. William Thayer of Webster City came Saturday for a few days' visit with the Don Tjaden family. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Schmidt and Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Weitzel were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schmidt at Storm Lake Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bloom and family, Villisca, were Sunday visitors in the Vernon Wicker home. Mary Lou Noack Has a Pizza Party (Times Herald News Service) WESTSIDE - Mary Lou Noack was hostess for a pizza supper Saturday. Her guests were Betty Peters, Martha Wilken and Judy Kuhn, Laramie, Wyo. Marsha and Judy are students at St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing, Omaha, and Betty is a student at Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls. Mrs. Harold Schroeder and Mrs. Howard Hugg attended a county organizational meeting for 4-H girls' leaders and committee members Tuesday at Denison. Dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kroeger were Mrs. Gilbert Kroeger and family, and Mrs, Don Lasey and son, Blair, Neb. Marsha Wilken and Judy Kuhn, Omaha, Neb., were afternoon callers. 115 at Reunion of Asmus Family MANNING — A reunion of the Asmus family was held at the Legion Hall in Manning Sunday. Approximately 115 attended from Manning, Manilla, Irwin, Red Oak, Botna, Arcadia, Harlan, Auclubon, Carroll; Elkhorn, Nebraska and Springfield, S.D. A gift was presented to J. J. Asmus. Audubon, the oldest man present; and Mrs. Julius Ahrendsen, Manning, the oldest lady. Contests were held with prizes to Ed Gruhn, George Fischer, Arlo Pfannkuch, Fern Thomsen, Marvel Jacobsen, Mollie Hass, Lillie Hansen, Eunice Ahrendsen, L e o n a Diest, Ella Sonksen, Amanda Martens, Hilda Fischer. In a guessing contest, prizes were won by Edna Mitzel, Christine Albertsen. Traveling bingo was also played. Those in charge of the reunion and picnic were Alma Thomsen, Letha Hansen and Lola Ahrendsen. SPRING PLANTING Giant Robinson STRAWBERRY PLANTS 5c Each $4.00 Per 100 Plants PLANT NOW! Conditions Are Excellent CARROLL NURSERY 215 South Walnut — Phone 9568 This telephone is reserved for one purpose only... A the alerting of the free world's bomber-missile force, if that need —heaven forbid—should ever arise. Located at Strategic Air Command headquarters in Omaha, it provides instantaneous telephone contact with all SAC bases the world over. The SAC telecommunications system is one of many communications networks (SAGE, DEW Line, BMEWS*) required by today's defense establishment, Thus the vital know-how that helps make your home telephone service the most dependable in the world is also helping protect our nation, NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY •For Serni-Automatic Ground Environment- Distant Early Warning Line; Ballistic Missile Early Warning System.

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