Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 23, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1927
Page 3
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•r - M».^Omi>ri Munil^u and two cM^liR-eo , icetiirned • yesterday ; to their bonie iiruttuwa aftur a Hburt vlitit with; |i |>«i>' mother at)d grutid- luother, Mra. J. N. tJuritaidcit o( 309 JCorlli Washhigtnn avf'iitie. -r-Xorla. : i Mr. ,aiid~, Mrs: li. J. ^Dean liave reiiirqed home from a visit of uev- weel(|i,\viih a son in Olciiiuigee, Uldahoma. }Ym. Penn—5 cents—A Good Cigar • (All all-day mei-ling of the Central Avt'niie W'onieu's Kaiui Bur <<au olub will, he .Iicid tomorrow ki the Jiome Of airs. S. ('. Sauer. ^^ood and nutrition will he . the meeting siihject. Mrs. Kloretice Syverud,, muniy iionie. demonstra- Uon. lig^ent, will- have (Oiarge uf <lip meetiiix: . —Kor Rent: Light, airy, offlr.e rooitw,. Wfll I OUII U M I . llender.Hou Itealty Co.' " . . I -Misa Rftta Wil.spn of 207 North Sycamore street luti TiieHday jfoi- Pasadena, Calif., where she will spend two month.s with her Sia- tors. /I —For Pafntiiig and .Decorating, phone 7S6W. t;. W. ilohin.son, 215 North First stteet. | Hicbard Buckmnster. the two- year-old -Bon of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. BuL-kmaster. who has been ' ill Binie Siiuday with the /menBles. is reported as getting along very ' nicely. • ' } ilrn. ;M. B.. Ponra^nt,. o; south street, if coqtined ^o .hijrl bonie oa nccgiunt of iillp^m. jShv .MileKlady at the OartcU Chii^a; store. , |i Wiu. PMn-5 centH— A (iood rii;i Gus iliiw^rd went, icj, (^arnelt yeiilerd)|y'. morning irhere |ie..ha« work ill the oil fietds] n;car| iherl folk Labndrir BIdg. Piioa«|l8l. C. F.;Flickinger. o( 501 i Sou U F^ atrect has been c6n( bed i o hi.s iioijie silth an injured fool. • Vour Spring Coat (*4B be refre-shed by dry,vleaning. C:»II 10.'>. I • i • Al)leson tleaners' * Nlm. Alice Caldwell aitd .Mrs. M; Brown. q'f ^'olony were in • iotii today hetwoen tralpson .husi- : • - _ . • . .iVin. Peno—o ceiifs-A <Jood Cigar •Sir. and Mrs. S. B. Fleming and Mrs. Anni^ Blood moved" today rroin',7IS Ka.<;t .faclnion avx'niie to lO .'i South Third street. "The Path Over thfe HillL night, March 25, at .GA Friday City .s^'hooL Given • by jParen Teacher Association. Loreiizo Arbuckleof -tl-f Sout First tiireet, who has be^n seii (ouslji ill for.about ten day^, is TV ported as .improving nicely. —wiftit is Xortal (Juess. i— Ira U. Kelley ha.s installed fine new ; marble cigar fcase match the soila fountain iii th Coffee Shop. , \\n. Penn— V cents— A Good CIgn ' 1 hroiigli an error the Register- yesterday reported that Maxwelil Habilldn.was sentenced to .th state penitentiary and paroled, ik ^hould have read that he was pa- j -oled from a sentence' to the stat reforniatory. -HFor the best electrii- and plumbj- inK H ^rvjce. ste K. V.. Klectric and Plumbing Co. Mr. land Mrs. Scott Dudley. o|f Clay f*eaier, Kan., stopped her yesterday afternoon for a short viijit with Mrs. Dudley's.aunt. Mr.< Mif-'— "'•— —-'-J E. •landq W. Witt, axed 7t y< THE IQLA DAILY BBXUpg^yEIM^g Orlandd W. Witt, axed 78 years passed u«(ay at i. o '<:loclc last night at his home. 811.;N'onta Buckeye street. The funeral service will bf h«ld at I the hoihc at 2 o'clock Thursdayi afternoon, conducted by the caiitain of the Salvation'Arra.v. Intcrnietil will take place in the lola cemetery. | rion -Bradley and her cousiri B. Bradley, of 610 North Wnlnii »ireut. They were on their wai home in theJc car from a ideasure trip to Florida where they spen tlii^ two months. For SaJe# .In acres high bof loin, bevt of-soil for fruit and truck, ort highway, nice new im proveuicrits. Uood lorins. ilender son Realty Co.' Mrs. EJ. W. Hagliind went tti jHuiuboidt yesterday afternoon ('where she was one of the soloisti^ ial the fiineral of Oeorge McKinley —For Rent: S acres, with housej and barn, on highway, i-losc in Henderson Realty Co. Judge iffngh Means, of Lawrence, kau.s., T ^a.-s. -here a short I ime yesterday visiting his 8iBt »,r-inrlaw. Mrs. C. p. Spencer and Mr. Spencer. . He,-went to Yates Center on legal liusincss. f • B. P. O. fe. SOCIAI> CLUB CARD PAH 'n' Thnrsday, Marcli 21 at Club Rooni.s ; Phone Mrs. A. B. Twadell. T.'iO.or .Mrs. D. (}. Minesinger,. 062.1 ' This will be the last party of i lite social j ^ub se.'json. Carl Conger, cow tester in Shawnee louuty. is here sjiending th© remainder of the month with bis pari^nis: . 'Norta. * '' Blllie and VrmiV. Ilitrloii, sons of Mri and .Mrs. B. J. Morion of "l.'i. South Buckeye stn-ei. are both IIJ i>{ thi> measIi 'S uliil will uol be able to lie out. for a few days. —Why worry? K. C. Klectric and Piuniblng Co. will tiike ij-are <if your elKotric. ' and plui ibing troubles promptly. Call 6 ."i; .Mr. and, .Mrs. W'.'.i. Baldwin, who for many .yetirs were.residents of <!as, recently niovi'd to 216 North Chestnut street to niako their home. • • » •»•«» MEN"WANTED at Baxter Springs, Knns. Long, steady job. i . Vrj Brothers, Contrartflrs Fay Holdeman at 612 So\ith street, who has been absent from school for the past week with the measle.s. is e-xpecied lO return lo school soon. W'nii Pcnn—5 cents—A Good Cigar Mrs. Gertrude Mosier of Findlay. Ohio, arrived yesterday niorn- ng ou the Sunflower Sjiecial for »n indefinite' visit with her sister. , -Mrs. Gus Howard and family of 2H North Colborn street. —Farm Wanted: In exchange for blacksmith shop and filling station, well located, all clear, doing good business. Henderson Realty Co. Miss Ethel Bennett of 21S North Byckeye street, who has been quite ill for the-past week, is i-e- ported as a little improved. j ., —What Is Xortal (.ueKs. Lew Hersiiey of i20 Soutli Second street;, who has been (jut on Hippodrome Circuit this winter, is home again. :! | —Trunk 's, Bags. Snipaseh.i Hen '" uiugAr 's Purnitiirn Bibre. ^ Mrs.-Arthur Cowell. <lapghtcr of W. D. Hall of C02l South Washing- top avenue, who underwent; an bpcraiioh ' at SL .Ibhn's hospital ^a reporUd as g^ltln^ • « • P. ii. B. LEATELIs X. D. Special- attention civen Dla- easaa of Colon and Rectum. i^lectro-Therapy and : Fbysiotherapy. | Office lola State BankiBIdg. Pt^ones—147 and 705. • • • D. C. Fann. .who has been visit ing his daughter. .Mrs. L. Cliles ot" 12:t North Kourth street, left las: night on the Suiifh )Wer Special fo- S I ?. LoiUs. ! Wm. Prnn—r> r<>nts—A (.nod t'lgar .Mrs. G<-o. ()l<-.-<oti raw jholjic I.' I.M evening froni. WJchihf where sii has bctiii visiting frieudsl and rela tlve.». —O^^L. Cox, U. a,' :SpMtall4 Bye, Ear.'Noaa and Throat. Harry West' of Wichf a tkrrlved this rourniug for a jijisii wit^ friendH,* anil relatives.... .llarry wa < lormcriy foreman at Ihei ola Latin- dry. ^ —W..- C. T. U. Dues Paying so cial at {home of Mm. Chaj, Bishoi, :m S. Sycamore. Friday. March 2i. .Mrs. A. S. Eagleson, who ha < been h^re caring for her jdaughter. .Mrs. Charles Nisely. w-ho | has bee i (iuit<? ill of the flit, returned thi i nfterndoii to her home in Ottawd. —A .Refrigeratos that we havje sold for over 20 yeai's "The llee- rick." 'A small payment down secures one at our special prices anil terms. . A. W. Beck Furniture C^. • Mrs. T: A. Joyce went to Kans: s City this afteruoon to visit h( r daughter, Mrs. John Lovoca' ai {^•-anddaugh.ter. Phyllis I..ovoca. .Mis. Lovoca is attendiug the Huff Bui^^i- liess College in Kansas City. * * * * * * ***** • . .Man; wahtc^I as night * watchman and janitor • for short time. '* ; - i * S«e I..yuB. The Register. ' * * • i -Mrs. J. F. Varner _wcnt to Ottaija i bis afiernoon to attcnt^ a meetii g if the> State Executive of tpe V. C.;T. U . which is bcjtng he here today .and tomorrow. • • Xoflce.' I —I liave established a temporaty offlce it Biy residence, S04 N.. J« t- ferson, where I can examine eyit». fit -gltiase*. and m^c repair i. !%nne^'fli for appointme It. Ira p. Frantic'[Optometrist, ' Mr. abd Mrs. Fred Ooffileld Yates F'Tl 'dnler were vlsitingi the son. P?!^ Cpfneld,. Jr.. and farii- ily yesi jrday. They brought thp little . ^ ijjipaiUttghter. WjRifn Ann, *io has heen visiting —Dr. A. B. Twttdell, Oatvopatta. New Globe Bldg. Phoaa 1»L Mrs. W. A. Forsbach of Kansas City, who has been visiting her aunt'. Mrs. William Hutta'nus in Leroy. left on the noon train tax Bartlesvllle.. Okla., to visit before returning home. -r-T^T It onc«^j-oa 'viU itara no other. Van Hopzer'a Bread. . Dorothy BlaA of i>04 South Stale street Is' rtjiortcd ill witii lon.sililis. ; , —Jnat, like An^e) Food 4>^e, Van Hooxer'a Bread. 2 tor 16c. P. Jones and faulily of 71!» South Walnut street Iwve moved lo 311 South First siriiel. • j Wm. Penn—5 rentM— A Good Cignr .Mrs. C. W. Barber of 107 .North Thiril street was taken to St. JoMi's hospital last night for treatment and an operation. ' ' —Dr. <!. S. Lambeth. Surgeon. Office ph|>ne 256; Re.><. phone 615J. Mr. and Mrs. J. TL .< Tlarrah^of Cleweston, Florida, who have been visiting their niece. Mrs. .lames .MeCord of ,12" .\orlb rourth .street started for their home Ibis morning. Wm. Penn—cents- JL Good Cjgar John Frischeumeyier of 204 Bruner is in Piqua this week working lor his brother. Henry Frischenmeycr. who is tjuiie jll with the flu. —»rta bns no eijuiil. For nliul! Guf'i'i. Miss Grace Kinney idf fil-'i Socitii Sycamore street aj-rived home last:' night from Jacksonville. Ilti- noi.><. where she has bjeen with her biolbcr and wife. Mr. and .Mrs. Kdward Kinney, for 11 o past three weeks. On the, way home. .Miss Kinney siopiied'for eJ few days visit with her < niecel .Mrs. Leo Tweedy and .Mr. Twetjily at Maple Hill. Kansas. Jack Cravens, salesman for the 5DAY , • -I EVBNlNCi-MAlicH,2i»,J9a7. '. Five Mfflion Donak|i\Wokth bfFteM K^jhsias Bakeirs S^l^t ' I Kansas City for Meet Wichita. Kan.. March 23; (AP)— Knilsfis City. Kansas.; watt chosp^i as jihe 1928 meeting piaci of the Kaiis.ts Bakers Association at the of their annual convention here today. The dates have not beet) set. • I . Henry Brinknian. of Lawrfenco. was elected president; Frank Isush- lon. Kansas City, Kansas, tirstjvice- prcsiilcnt; Osca'r Sutorius. Salin^. second vice-president;, L. R. Jbnes Lyons, third vice-president; Civile .-Vlexander. Parsons, fourth jvice- piesident; secretarjj-lreasureri Jas. Chase, Topeka. The Kansas jCak- ers decided to co-operate with/thc .-\nierican Bakers" .\ssociati(iu in putting on a national advertising campaign to increase the use of bread. JNew Haven Hoad to Take Over Another This airplane photoferapA shows progress on the hei r |5,00'0.66o ^ivflgjit Pl^ld. east of Dayton, O. When completed It will be the largest aviation 'cent *r In the World, covering 5000 acres. Thei field la ^ . ^ J . L jjj^ airplane* It will displace iMcCook named I: 11 honor of Orvllle and Wilbur Wright, co-li ventors o TIeld, Dayton, as the U. S. army's most linj orta Lipton Tea Company a short visit with 'ni.s| mother. "<•."> South avenue. Wm. Penn—fe rents- A! L. B. .McCoy of .')12 eye street returned night from Wentzville ho was called by the mother. Clayton Woodin is reported ill of idfluenza at his lionje. Sid .North Sycainore street. Alex I..aird and amily have moved fi-om .110 Soutjli Washing- Ion avenue to South Third street.- is here for wife, and Washington Good Cigar CoffeyvjIIe Men Are Released From Jail Fencing Mai Point nt post for . aerial • experimentation. gtei* Win$ in Big Independence," Kan;!.. Mar. 2:!. Los Angeles. (AP)—State charges of burglary LiHim -nani Gei and larceny against: Harvey .Mil- Hollywood leiu ler, Clifford Vincyanl and Lloyd s(;i>;,'d in hi.-i $ Wells, growing out of, the alleged ! nL -iiist J. Stuark Io6tinK of two Cofieyville stores j iiiituii! dire.tor for guns and aiumilnition'duiiug j whii.piirg at thi the rioting there last Friday nighi.]-.vht-ii tl<e court we 're dismi.s;iiMl this afternoon. ,-(>ni;)l.-Jinl in wli County Attorney C. W. .MilcIielM sr .(i.m)0 damages annoiimed. The tijri'c men were | n.xsaul released at ?, o'clock and started , m .-i .-m,,,,. „ir, for Coffeyviljc. ('. Sandifer. negro porter arrested for carrying concealed weairtJns Stinday. i.s stiU licld iK -re and will be brouplit iiii<) court laic today. Three foftcyville rcsiiUnis arrested, and chargeil \yitli rioting and not able to give Itnhd, arc jlso held In the county jail hero. r .Mar. 23. laijd he .\leii g master. The cros.v-coi missed o)i. mo '.Hii I)f .Mcrveainc. Th !io .aii.-:e of aictioh Only Doctor in Red ' Rock Shot aiid Killed asiiiiicli as Mrs. I' a Hl-.cktoii was I till person (<i l!av<- been injured. j i ; England and France h)iiO damage suit nuitlon llackion, liargiirK a lii rector's idiknisseii a fli Hlackloii firmi i)c .\lt ;giiin >;t I'ailla H. he direct aim wu: of. cpuii! court nil was St a Washington, Ma.'. 23. (AP)—Per- mis .xjoii to take over the lines of the Central New Kngland railroad ' was given the New York. New Jtaveii and Hartford today by the i Interstate Comnierce Commission, f The public service commissions I of .New York and Connecticut have I approved the step, and .Ua.ssaclni: selts and Rhode IslamI comniis- sicnsi liave preseuted no' olijections. Suit AP)— V(J4UX. today Book Dealer Leade'r Has His Fiipt Fire Newton, Kans., .Mar. 23. (APJ— P. M. Ander .siin. president of the Kansas Book Ucalers" .-Association and local ,;book store proprietor suffered Ihis first fire loss in .',:> business e.\prrifl)ice - last lortic' years hijnds.J night but] tJio flames wei-e discov- cross--j ered'beffiri} serious daiiiage re- Chilcf Tosses in His Books as School Bums Pierre. S.' D.. .Mar. 2.',. (AP)— When fire early today destroyed a public school here with an estimated loss of $50,01)0 one youngster, with a smile, as broad as his face, slipped by his teacher and ran to the steps and threw his books in. FOR iNDIGfiSti 25<£ arid 75a PkaiSoIci Ever-yw k'o ma ler what sort of head you wear -oii your shouIder^ you .'show it'' off best in. a! Kingsbury hat. I The ,.Ve|w at Sp.ftO. patterns asked rveaux sillied. The steady palti-r of rub- li't balls. iy<>unciiig on thp up.siairs floor when' their containiers bum- j I eil a\va.v. led to ilisCove'ry of the | ,1!^.; lila ;:i'. which destroyed .'(bout :$200 j el for ! wortli of merchandise. ' 's tiiat ' —' '—"—— *i ii. ICoffeyville Is Quifet; :id not I • _ - - _ |.iiogid; Against Balkan "War London. .Mar. 2 :1 LoUiIoii and Pa n(>w tii'lieve that t--eii> Italy and .iugi>-Siavia North Buck- Red Rock. «k!a.. .Mar. 2:'.. lAP) Dr. Harry JIcQuown. .">!, Red Rock's only physician, was shot and killed today by .Artliiir IJirke.s. The shooting took place in front! of the Red Rock sfile bank after , nn argument lietween ilie ' nvo '=,"»!""'•'"'? men.; ] the'(Council of i:ii| Following the slaying Birkes imniedialely <allcd Sheriff Dun- Uie "'liViiu|'riie -i:"'t^*''-.''''' :"':"''' lesnUinii in knobs has arisen over njiutiial charges of niilitarv coiicen^rtitions uaif the ith(iut ' frontiers i-an b hom&' last I Jiam at Perry and surrendered. He Mo .i wherp ileath of his was taken lo Perry and placed in .iail. ,Tbe doctor is survived by his widow and five cliildron. Wm. Pennr-« cents- A Good cigar represepta- fhe ern Mr. J. .Martin Reedy, live for the i Kellogg ; Co.. in nine counties in soutlieas Kansas, was in lola yesterday and with his assistants lef^ ' a package of "Pep". onci of the leading breakfast foods manufactiifed by the Kellogg Co.. at each home in lola. I He also gave :i package of "Pep" to cach^nujmber of the Register force. j —^or(a liu"* no t-iiuuL (•uesx. Mr. and .Mrs. Alex Skene of Detroit. .Mich., who liavi ing in the home of sister, .Mrs. F. S.: Boii Bealtle of 20| .South Buckeye street, started yesiei ^day evening for their home. .Mrs companhsl them as sas CII .V. For i>luil been visit- Mr. Skene '.H tile and Dr. Bealtie near as Kan- Mrs. J. S. Turner ojr the Turner .Millinery store. wa.>« in Kansas City today bijying new hats for her store. The friends and neighbors of .Mrs. Louis Breckcnridge of 205 .North Walnut street yejsterday presented her with a "Sunshine Basket" filled with miscellaneous gifts. Mrs. Breckenridge has been seriously ill and her many friends are pleased lo know that she is recovering so satisfactorily. John Clopine of 21S .North Elm street is reported fluile ill. Mrs. J. C. Hutchinson of southwest of the City left today for Ro- moiiii. Oklahoma where she was called by the death of her sister. Mrs. C. IC. .Mitchell, who passed away last night. Mrs. H. Bland wais hostess to the S. a C. club .Monday afternoon in her home at ,.'iKi North street. The Afternoon was spent in the study of one of our. great men. Paul l..awrencej: Dunbar, 'and needlework. A delicionrf two- course luncheon was!:.s«irved to the following members: Mrs. P|. M. I^ye, Mrs. R. Co jper. Mt^s. L. Newman. .Mrs. J.. Pippin. Mrs. J. Fox. .Mrs. S. H. Handloy. .Mrs-i E: smith. Mrs. C. P illey. .Mrs. L. Smith, Mrs. J. W. GOrdon and the. hostess. Mrs. H. Blaiid.—Reporter; Prospects Good for Kansas Fruit Crops Tojieka. Kans.. .Mar. 2:!. (AIT— Jack Frost nipiied the peaches, apricots and^some^pcars in southeast Kansas this week, but the pi-o.spei;is are bright for a good fruit crop in this year. James -N. I'arle.v si(-retaiy of the Kansas liorticiiltlinil socicl.v. said tioii .s lo c')Uside| Foreign .Minis told the liou .si he did not tbink| have !o be call from Paris indii ^^te the If oveMimeiii holds It was aniioni .Mii .js!>lini of ilal Military Rule Is Gone; ; . -. - : : i : <offoyville. Kan . Mar.: 2:!. (APi Coffeyville v.- (nile: lodliyi following Lllie ending of military hile last j j night. Whiles and blacks have j ijoineil in offering rewards for the [ ^.Vp)—It(]th the !''"''""''' 'hree negroe..j who a.s- seltled - « vhil sessic League of Nja- ' r 'l ! Chamberlain it. er meiiis ( .-aiilte<; two white Kills JThnr.sday wliich n !of ci-i:iiig the city hall and ihe call- in.:; out of state troops. Commons he league in add Paris and l..ondifn ihat Iio ( I'ne- nu'iiitenanci' n ;ilkaii.-. •* todiiy v.-c^tild :l]dvvc'cs "relith hb .same b( liej'i ikd that Pvemier t- has notified both esires i'n 'the ot jieace Reed Committee Goes After I Ballot Boxes .Son Refuses to Make . Complaint in Death l-eavenworth, Kans.. Mar. 2.1. (AP)—Harry Endslcy. 0.g(len, Utah. .son ' ot Lincoln Endslcy. 06. v.-ho was she! and killed bore by Rufus. . H. Pierce', SC. lod.-iy refusiMl to.-lign I a comiilaini on a murder cliarge. i .less .-V. Hall, t-oiint;. : attorney. said ti^day he wouli). swear to a complaint, charging Piei'ce with iniirde;-. i The fatal shooting (x-ciirred here Sat unlay. j I, Washington. .' 2:!. ( \P> — .\ctiiig under i»-i!ers of the Reed (Odav. In the Arkan.siis valle.v. j campaign investigating-c.immittce. ruil is Jerry Soiitli. a coiniriiitec deput.y. where miichsof the state's frui raised, the i -rop bad not reached iiudding . stage, thereby escaping the i'fl'ecis of Ihe cold wave. departed for IVilnsylvaiiia l:(te tcl- da .v to inipoiind ballots cast kn the siMialorial eie <-tioii in that stj.ite fn which Will. S. A 'are. Repilblicaii Legislator Gives His Salary to Charity Topeka. Kans.. .Mar. 2.'!. (APT The tl .'iO whii h Heliresenlai ive JoJiii Abraliams of S));|wiiee conn ty rei-ielved lieljiiiiK make Kansai law^j al the I!t27 legisla- llve si'.-<sioii be presented loilay to lligle.'ilde. a lioine for' ;ig.'d women. Abrahams Is n.-itioiuil .secretary of a fraternal lii.>-urance order. ] - w:is credited With httving ed Win. H. Wilson. Il.niocnll. S 'ollth is exiieeled to ]>;• nil all iiijiiiictioii ! figlit slarti those wlio eonleiid Ilie Reri inillee is wilboiil leg-il :iii to acl, and ibe status of tbi mil lee then the courts. wi President of Cuba Is To Visit U. S. Soon Washington. March 12. (APt- Recoj-ered from an attack of influenza. President Machado of Cuba plans 10 leave Havana on .Vpril 20. for a visit to Ihis country. His illness po.'^lporte<i the trip which be bad planned to make in February Few men living today have personal recollections of profes.sional baseball running'as far back as those of George Wright, veteran IJoston sporting goods manufacturer. Fifty-eight years ago. or seven years before tiie National League came into existence. -Mr. Wright was playing short.stop for the oM Cincinnati,'Red Stoi-kings. .—For prompt results Classified Columns. use the 1' he lliriiw KndicoU-Johnson World's Largi'sl Sinie Haters Men's Work Sh el.-a(-' f With d b.v ciim- liofjry colli- I into $2.6ft FOB INSIJRANCE City and Farm Phone 131 or 820 Ray Investknient Co. A .shabby house Ls more of a liability! than an a^set. Your, shabby, weather worn home sbon becom ;s a liability to you and a scar^ crow to your neigh sorr .hood, .Revive its value—its vitality—its back bone:—j-etain its youth and grace by over-coating with color clad .stucco. THE STUCCO MAN Keliey Hotel or Phone 31, Klein!9 Luinber Yard More style More Qunlity —in— You can't go wrong on a - Stetson. Just b^ sure you buy one this .spring. MARVIN HATS $3.95 ™i6 BOSTONIAN OXFORDjS Clothing Co. Home of Hart Schaflfner & Marx Good Clothes nnouncement I wish tp announce that Van Hoozer's Bakery, established and operated for eight years by Mr. F. T. Van Hoozer, until his death, March 7, 1927, will be continued with thei same policies and at .the same location, under | my personjal managfement. I wish to thank all friends and customers foi- their patronage in the past a:nd to^ solicit your business for the future. ' ', The high quality of Van Hoozer's" bre^d, cakes, pastrj-^ and other baked goods will ^ be maintained. MRS.'F. T. VAN HOOZER: 106.South Washmgton Phone 598 DRYCOOPS-WOMENS WEARrMILLINEI •OLA - KAMSAS^ ' . - Nortlirup Bld^n formerly occupied-by James Illcliafdgoii ^ lOLA'S POPULAR SpRE ' Ghildreti's Sweaters Pantie Dresses lers For Children from 2 to 6 year.s. Broken Lines of Children's J^pijarel Specially Priced for This Week Onlyj. Former i Values to ' Priced for Immediate Clearance at $1,00. See these It'eins in Oar Sdutfi ^hdow. SENEKER'S '1 • \ i

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