The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on July 9, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, July 9, 1892
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Postville Weekly Review. POSTVILliE, SAT'DAY, JVtiY 9. W. ». BURDXOK, Editor. Sntertd at tht pottoffict at rottville an iteond-slam matter. National Republican Ticket. For President, BENJAMIN HARRISON, of Indiana. For Vico-Presi<i»ut, WHITELAW REID, of New York. POLITICAL CORRESPONDENCE. REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION. A delepato convention of the republicans of the fourth congrcsttonsl district of tho slate of Iowa, wilt bo lipid nt Now Hampton, Iowa, on Wednesday, August 10th, at 1 o'clock p. m., for tho purpose of nominating n candidate for reprssentatlvn in congress fov said dis- triot and for such other business as mar properly bo considered. The basis of representation will bo one dolegate to each county and one additional delegate to each 100 votes or fraction over 60 cast for Hon. II. C. Wheeler for governor, as follows, lo-wit: Allamakee 19 Cerro Gordo 30 Chickasaw 16 Clayton 23 Fayette 26 Floyd : 19 Howard 14 Mitchell 18 Winnosheik 24 Worth 11 By order of tho republican congressional committee, JAMBS R. BLYTIII, Chairman. WHY 18 IT? Our democratic friends, net only through thoir press and speakers but through thoir platform, take open and decided ground against not only tho Interests but the convictions of the northern soctiou of our common country, and in favor of the interest and convictions of tho southern soctiou, as that party understands them. In thoir platform they extomporixo a slump speoch in their desire and hnste to squulch a "force bill," which is, if it ever again materializes, only a bill to secure equal rights to all men, as guaranteed by tho constitution. And yet, after thus got- ting down on thoir knees before the south they dare not so much as consider the claims ef a southern democrat for either of the promlnont positions on the ticket. It is not because the south has no able men to select from. There aro Wattorson, Carlisle, and a number of others far inoro able than either Cleveland or Stevenson. So that cannot be tho eanso. Tho ono reason is so apparent, that ho who runs may read. It is that oven the democracy of the north feel it n; thoir bonos that tho south was not only traitorous and wrong during the war, but that it is so still, and cannot be entrusted with tho conduct of the government. The placing upon the ticket of a southern democrat would be a rod rag in the democratic eamp of tho north that would result in tho loss of ov«,ry northern state to their ticket, and would lusuro the I03S of congress beyond a doubt. Hence it is that tho south is allowed to do tho vrting and the bulldozing and tho dictating of polisy but is not allowed to hold the highest positions. The prohibition Is the first party with nerve enough to piano a southern ,mnn on the ticket, and that party well knows that it tun carry neither a southern or a northern state It comes with poor grace for tho democrats to charge tho republicans with being sectional when they dare not nominate a man who comes from the only section where democracy is unanimous. They will allow southern men to hold the honorary positions of temporary aud permanent chairman of their convention.,- but boyond this they dare not go, and the south dare not ask them to go further. It is a sad commentary on the boasted, nationality of the demo oratio party, and proves that it on the •ontrary is tht most sectional party in existence. I T la wonderful to see with what alacrity the democrats come'to the support of Weaver and the third party, just as they havo appeared to do ever since thoro has beon a third party, and the reason is just the sarao as in the other oases. It is to draw oil' every vole possible from the republican party, knowliif, that when it conies to the polls tho democrats will vote their tickets anyway. But in this oase in such states as Iowa there is even wore method in thoir tondness. We should not be surprised to see the democrats themselves ccaoentralo their vote on Weaver in the hope of thus carrying the state for him, as they know there is no ohauoe of carrying it for Clevo laud, and the outcome would be just the same if Weaver carried it as if Cleveland oarrjed it. In ell her oase Cleveland would get the vote of the stale. Bub just tho same neither of them Afill carry Iowa this year. On natloual issues there is . a majority of Iowa republican. T HE democratic Dubuque Telegraph sizes up the democratic outlook about right, I D the following, but the last two sentences are evidently thrown in to give a ray of hope to the afflicted though in the light »f what precedes them it must be falut indeed: ALEXAMMIIA, Minn., 6-26-'92. fnit'-st) Huitwt'K:--One of Koine's legends stands in ihoso words: "Let what each man thinks of tho republic be written Oh his brow." So let what each man thinks of tho political situation in this republic bo written on his brow. My convictions are thai, in selecting Harrison, at Minneapolis, to bo the national standard bearer of the republican party tor 1892 th» eotuen- tiua did well, in fact the only legleal thing It could do, and the only sure thing, to make victory certain In November. The nomination of White" lawlluid for sccoad place on the ticket, being of New York and a man of groat worth, was a happy choice and with this political combination, in that stale, it is saved to the party boyond the possibility of a doubt, and that too, as will be demonstrated in Novomber, hy an increased popular vote over that of '88. This we do not claim on the basis of state pride, but because of Rcid's pro-eminent qualifications which strengthen the tickot nationally as well as loeally. But still moro particularly do we claim this, because of Harrison's own slrongth therein which alone makes the Empire state certainly ropublican. The platform is a plain and conciso -declaration of republicanism and with it and such captains as Harrison and Ilcid, men whoso personal worth commands the rospocl and contideuce of a thoughtful people, no man or parly of men but what must go down in defeat before them. In the meantime the democrats have met in convention, al Chicago, and nominated a ticket. It is Clevoland and Stevenson. This wss done despite the solemn predictions of such donio cratic statesman ns Wnttorson, Flower, Vest, Gray and others, to the efl'e that if Cleveland is nominated he cannot be elected, and tho doing of such a thing would be equivalent to "marching through a slaughter house into an open grayo." But what olso could they do? Nothing of course. He was the man of Iho hour, being as Mr. Cockran, of Tara.nany farao, said: "A man of extraordinary popularity every day in Iho yoar except one and that is eloction da/." But being a party of blind enthusiasm, anything liko common senso, that might make so bold as to crawl into a democratic camp, had to go down before it. Thus being con ceded tho earth, by the best democratio authority, what more do wo wantP We reply nothing. We heartily agree with thoso gentlemen, and further we cheerfully accord them the title of true prophets. And although their efforts to steer elear of the "open grave' wore ignored yet when their predictions shall have been verified in November, as surely they will be, their party will then, whilo smarting under tho bitter anguish of defeat, recall to mind what hey said while in the •'slaughter house." "That a prophet is not with out honor save in his own country, 1 constitutes about all tho consolation these poor fellows can get out of the situation at present. In selecting Adlal E. Stevenson, of Illinois, for second place on tho demo cratic tiokel it cloarly shows, that tho dologates abandoned tho idea of being nblo to niako a combination that would enable then) to carry Indiana in Novem ber. But they havo not gained any thing by catering to state pride in Illin ois. State prido in national elections save in rare and exceptional cases, makos scarcely a difforonee of a thou sand votes; and that only, when the candidate is one of unusual popularity and very near to the people, by reason of some endearing qualifications, that make thoir lovo for him greater than their fidelity to party. For instancr n 1884 with the aid of Logan's inllu ence on the tloket the state was car ried, but by a plurality less than 8,000 in oxcoss of Harrison's In '86. While on tho othor hand, in Maine, Harrison' plurality over Cleveland was $.000 greater than Blaine's. So it would seom that slate prido is not a vory reli able thing for a party to pin its faith to, especially, if that is sought, througl tho personality of an obscure individual such as Stevenson. We beliove they call him "Ganeval," but the old reter ans all know and will bear in mind that his only right (if it ean be so con sidered) to that title, Is simply because he served ns assistant postmaster gen •ral under Cloveland. No it won't d they will have to conjure up a mor powerful slogan than state )fide to wrench Illinois from hcriank among sura republican staUs. Harrison our ried that stato in '88 by 23,101 plural ity, and no wall informed person will deny but that Harrison is strougoi now not only in Illinois, but in every state of this naion than he was four years ago. But it will not do for the republicans because of the bright prospeot* of sue- oess, to drop into a condition of indifference. But, to make a sure thing certain, thoy must be up and doing from now until victory is assured at the polls. Earnest, aggressivo work makes assured success doubly sure. So let every republican be vigilant to the ond, earnestly striving for the malntenaaoe of those principles vital to the welfare of the country and its citizens, and for the perpetuity of that party whioh stands for the best interests of the whole people. In Benjamin Harrison we have a man whom all republicans respect for bis ability as a statesman. A truer disciple of stalwart Amerioanlsra U nowhere to be' found, Always stead- for Harrison the convention acted Wisely. In sooth, but for the action of about fivo men Harrison would have been nominated by noclamallon. , But il is well as It is, and in putting him nt tho head of the ticket democracy was shorn of its last hope, and nothing under heaven can prevent us from winning another grand victory with that wise, conscientious and patriotic citizen of the republic, Benjamin Harrison. He has given tho country the best administration it kns ever had; and when tho smoke of the impending con- llict shall have cleared away, and when tho democrats shall have extricated thomstlres from tho antangle- raeuts of ddfeat, and when they shall behold tho republican baunor floating from tho dame of the national capilol —spiked there by the votes of a grateful peoplo; they gracefully bow to tho inoviiabie, and join with the rcptlbll cans in unanimously proclaiming him —Harrison tho itiviciblo! Your friend, J. I. Sui'.riiKun. WAK IS on at Homcsload, Pa., in Carnegie's iron manufactories. A coutlicl hctwoen the strikers and the Pinkortou men, on Wednesday resulted in many being killed on both siues. And the end is not yet. T HK people's party is nothing in the world but the old greenback party boiled down under a new namo to take the curse off. But everybody knows that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, ami vice versa. . r if i ,iH riN A Bid CITY , trrmvO roiinil to Intcrtnt i . in'-'v •••hen thn Inter•i it in I H.milolph streets ,f people, stre i. irria;reM . :, bin. kntlo • tr.> 'I'ribnu'j. enter of tlu' T HK following shows the consistency of. the poor laboring man's party, and is a full political sermon lu Itself: The namo, residence and occupation of the people's party candidate for governor of Kansas aro thus set forth irl the city directory of Wichita: "LoreiiMi 1). Lewelling, capitalist, 1GH Hillside avenue." THE DIFFERENCE IN WAGES. Not the least of tho causes of con gratnlalion of the reoent republican state convention Is the fact of the brer Ity of tho platform adopted. It says all there is to say and then sensibly stops, The following is the complete text: "Resolved, That the republican party of Iowa, in convention assembled, here- teslilios in tonus of uuqunlillcd pprovul tho nomination of Genera" Benjamin Harrison and Hon. Whitelaw Roid as lliu stnndaui bearers in tho oming national campaign. The pros pority of the nation under the able and patriotic administration of President Harrison commands the admiration of all good citizens. Resolved, That tho platform enunciated by tho republican nalioual convention is broad enough and strong enough and all auflicient as a basis of union in the contest before the United States. While we unhesitatingly ratify and endorse that platform in all its parts, we point with special prido to its alt inula uptm the tariff issue, Ihe silver problem, and the temperance question, aad to the demands for a pure and untramraeled ballot. Resolved, That we donounce tho democratic party for its declaration in the recent national convention at Chicago, insisting upont he abolition of the national tax on the issue of state banks; that after more than a quarter of a century of continued prosperity with a sound curroncy, undor tho wise and beneficent system evolved and maintained by the republican parly, wu condemn and donounce Iho attempt to reinstate the wild-cat money ami worthless bank notos which at one tituo ruined all tho financial intorests of tho country." [Bute Register.! Before '.ho British Royal Commission on Labor, Mr. W. II. Drew, president ot tho Bradford and dis*net labor union, rccontly made tho statement that the avorago wages of weavers in ihe Bradford trade did not oxeeed i) shillings, or S2.10 a week. To invest! gato tho correctness of this statement tho Bradford Chamber of Commerce appointed a committee of seven. I D response to tho requests of thu commit' teu 11,779 replius as to wages in 1890 ami 11,825 as to wages in 1891 wore received representing over a hundred Finns. According to these the average wages of weavers for tho forirur year woro $3.24 and 83.08 for 1891. In this country, accovding to Carroll D. Wright, Unitod States labor commissioner, tho average wages for male weavers are 88.53, and for females $7.4*. This is tho average and includes all grades of employes. These averages are from reliable sources. Thoy aro authoritative enra, nml wiiffnns. Niitl- necurred, titntca thg I'copln swannod to intersection to sco nit il wirt to vvlil"l> a hlif policeman imil paling pnrlhitlnr attention. !<r ultl iv u-i.ri' a i.-wry smile which :• people r;i ily rend ai mi'unltiK that liiul floiiii-Lhiiif.' I» I hum) worth their hl 'v In Mpi.-e /.e forward und nee. And mv eoiur.'li. as usual, they read aright. 1 liu'.e nl. Ill i feel lay a hiiffe blaeU 'icnr. ,\ bl;.' Iiiillei imle sipum 1 belivei'Ii It,. ,'Vi' . i .leivw.t liuw the Iliie-limhliiU mil Ini 'l ini'l lihi Tati'. Mill, wiiiin 'ii, sliiyieii i'il ul tliti r .t .rtiiiM'c*, Htrllctriff Vi^M wilU tin,iillin wide ,I|HMI. dliln 1 In ii' no i.lx'iilui'," Hulil one uri 'liin I,, lliu IiIIlv |,nl. •Nuther illil 1," i aim' the dlllo from lial f a it,,/.en i,t h.'rn. •Wonder If hen really all dead yet?" said a wniniin. •W'e-I-I." drawled n nii'al-loolcliiff old I'hiip. '"p .in my honor! That I hot ifi the fust bar ever tumbled ill the corner of the t'hiea'ro idly hall!" The bi(.' pnlleeimiii only laughed a stttnzn of KiilVuws nml sinned a he- ruin pose. While the hpei'tntorn wero lirintf rapid volleywif <nienMon» at Mm there pressed in njujii the seene a Rtrnppliiff market-man clad In the apron-froeU of his trade, lie HWIIIIK the euivass npnn his shoulder, and an lie made away with it rcinarUcd: "I've lost I 'tiifkeiiN. duelcs ami Initfn out of my delivery wapm in my time, but this in the ilr»t dead bear that ever (rot away from me." ! -Every effort Is being put fori Ii lo make iho tent, inutilities to' b«e;iii Anjr. 1 a complete ftne.e.css. Rev. l>. S. ^In bier, of HicCTille, has been jiecuri d to preach in German. Rev. Jesse Undor- wood, the evangelist who Is to conduct tho meetings, seems to bo a mnn of power, as his work Is uniformly successful. The following refers to his work at Madison. South Dakota: "Madison is having a great religious revival. The mcotlngB in progress under the diraotlon of Rev. Jesse Underwood are awakening a deep interest. Already some forty people havo made a start to lead a bettor life. Thirteen scokerii woro forward last ovening. Next, week the business houses will close each evening in the interests of lliu meeting*." flow Thuy It» n YTnnhlnfr In oliMKotv. Hardly less useful in the cause of public cleanliness and deeeney are tho wanh -hoiiscH. For the trilling sum of !.'d liu hour a woman in allowed the line of n stall containing an improved stcam-ho.ilns arrangement and tlxed ttilw with hot and old water funeels. The wushlng being qulelily done, the clothes arc deposited for two or three minutes In ono of n row of centrifugal machine driers, after which they a-« hung on one of » series of slidin;f frames which retreat Into a hot uir t.ptirtmeut. If she wishes, the homo- wife may then use a large roller mangle, operated like all the rest of tho machinery, by steam power; and sho may at the end of an hour go home with her basket of clothes, dried, and Ironed. To appreciate the eonvenieneu f till this, it must be vememburod that ihe woman probably lives with her •amlly in one small mom of an upper tenement, Hat.—Albert ,Shu\v. VILLAINS REAL ANt> UNREAL. WltnaiNiiil * INGALLS ON HARRISON. The brilliant ex-senator from Kansas interviewed last wook at Minneapolis and gavo out tho following picturesque estimate of President Harrison: 'That man, has a better assemblags of decorated, ornamentod and embellished possibilities of tho presidential nomination than any one that has been named. Ho came into public life in Washing'.on too late to enter tho strifes, which havo created destructive republican factions. He is not disliked by tho stalwarts nor by the half-breeds and he could be supported by both. He has the traditions which would help make him popular. He is a descendant of a regicide. One of his ancestors was in the first constitutional convention. His grandfather was president of tho United States. His father, was a man of note. He is liimself a man of brain. Ha makos a good speech. He makos no blunders. He is keen, quick wilted; he comes from a good focal point; he is central; ke is in a slate which is callod doubtful, and whioh it is important for the republicans to carry. Ha is popular there. He is a vory positive candidate. He is confident that he wjll win. Every movement that he makes indicates that he has extraordinary confidence in his rising sun." lloiv n Dcep-llynil Crlinlimt Mclmlriimu. "I was shallowing one of the worst ruffians on the East side," said a New Yoi'lc detective the other day. "Ho was a leading light in one of those groups of thugs which miilto certain There woro no political considerations parts of the city unsafe for drunken in the English committee and certainly men to wander Into after dark. This none in the wind of that eminoul slat isticlnn, Carroll D. Wright. The groat fact lhat the Registor wants to call attention to is that there is a differs ace betweoa wages paid in this country and the wages paid in England. The Btib ish manufacturer who employs labor at fil cents a day can mako woolen goods cheaper than the American manufacturer who pays $1.42 a day. If th English manufacturer is allowed to bring his manufactured goods over man had knocked a policeman senseless with a club, astheofllcer tried to arrest him for garroting a passer-by. I was Btanciing in front of a Bowery theater when I saw my man pass in with the crowd. I followed and took n scat behind him. I did not care to see tho play myself, particularly, but I thought it better not to make a row by arresting him in the house. When hu went outsldo that would here and that without tho payment of a &e time enough. The play was a melo' duty, he cau undersell tho American drama of the regular sort, only a Httlo manufacturer. That is plain. The more harrowing than usual. The vil- Amorican manufacturer must either lain was particularly villainous and tho close his factory, which would throw good heroine Unusually unfortunate, his employes out of work, or he must No one hissed at tho bad man's bad- meet tho English prices, which would mean reducing the wages ot the American woavers. This also is plain. The republican parly says Iho American manufacturer shall be compelled to do neither ono of theso things. It says in its last party declaration, tho platform adopted at Minneapolis, that "there should bo duties lovied equal to tho difference between tho wages abroad and at home." There is nothing unfair about lhat. Anything less than that weuld bo an injury to tho American workingman. Whoro is tho American woruingmnn who is not heartily in favor of such duties? Whero is thcro one who, whfn the faets are clearly prosomed to him, will vofuso to voto for tho party whoso candidates stand upon that declaration? What is tho position of tho democratic party on this question? The platform as read by the cammittec on resolutions at Chicago favored duties affording protection to the' exlent of tho difference in wages in this country and in competing countries. It contained a plain declaration in favor of ncas more than my friend the cutthroat. He howled with rage. And then he fairly blubbered over the woes of tho good people In the play. When virtue finally conquered, and vlllany was dragged off In handcuffs, he roared applause, stamped his feet like a pile- driver, ond was generally delighted. Thu grin of pleasure had not faded from his face before I laid my hand on his shoulder, and he tried to stab me. ABOUT A CORK, F..J. JibLKEH. ..• 1' VHVMCIAM AM) HI'1H1V."N. Office .-Hid rcsiduict omr Clititt' New lurnilure Emporium, Pottvllle' Iowa. STATIONERY. Don't forget, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, that the Review office is the place to get it cheap. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B. HAET, Proprietor. Opposite - Poatvllle - State - Bank. None but tho best meats purchased. Everything In first-clast shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices alwaxs the lowest. FRED. N. BEEDY. -:-FHOTOG-RAPHER.-:- And Dealer in I'ielure Vrames. Postvills - Iowa On and alter Sunday, Nov. 22, 1891. trains on the CM. & St. P. Ky will leave Postvillo as follows. OOINO EAST. Passengers. No. 2 4. -fil p. in No. 4 (night).... 3:2'J n. m. Freights. No. 10 Chicago Slock .. ..11:05 n.m No. 6 Wav 4 ;1 0 p. m. N». 12 Milwaukee Stock .5:36 p. m. llOlSQ WfcST. Passengers. No. 1 night 12.10 a. si. No. 8 10:26 a.m. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11.05 n. m No. 9 Time Freight 6:15 p. m No. Ii Time Freight... .8:45 p. m All Freight trains nicntioued, except No. 12, carry passengers when provided with proper transportation. No. » between N. McGregor and Mason (.'itv. M. E. T ALC OTT, Agent. B. C. R.&U.R.E. B. 0. B. Sc N. Excursions. National Educational Association. Annual Convention Saratoga Springs. N. Y., July 12 to 15, 189?. For -.his occasion tho Unrlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway will make a rate of One Lowest Limited First Class Faro to Saratogn Springs, N. IT., and return, for the round trip, plus $2.00 for membership fee in the National Educational Association. Tick«ts on sale Jnly 1 to 10 inclusive, good for return passagu July 16 to 20, 1892, inclusive. Persons cau cbtaiu an extension of time until September 1, ;18'J2, by depositing their tickets with joint agent of terminal linos, at No. J69 Broadway, Saratoga, between July 6 to 19 inclusive. For ticket?, tirun ot trains and any other information, call on or address any agent of this company or J. E. HANNKOAN. Gen. Tkt. and Pass. Agt.. Codar Rapids, Iowa. Its Autobiography _ lenmuitly Told In Jerky SenteacoM. I am a cork. Young in years, very young. One day 1 was taken from a bundle of other corks. Put into n bottle of champagne. Sent to the Hotel Continental, Paris. Thrown on tho lloor of Room 95. Lay there two days. Was picked up by Leon Gascon. He tried to put me into a bottle oi protection to such industries as rocjuir- absinthe, od it^for tho protection of Amoricnn | I wouldn't go in. Wna cursed and thrown on tho floor "Mr. Cleveland will neotl 228 elec-i. . . ... . „ , , , toral votes to wio, yet conceding him ) fast »• Uh Mherenoa to all principles all the states he carried In 1888, und '""" " r t five of the electoral votes of Michigan lie will still lack 43 of tho required number. Should lie oarry New York and Montana ha would still laok four, flew York and Indiana, with what ho Had In 1888, would give him t»e vie- tory, but as theso are doubtful, and as there is also doubt of his oariylug soma of tht slates lis oarrled before, particularly West Virginia and South Carolina, Iiw prospeots of election are by no ffleantf gayoriog. Nevertheless they , *r *<H* 4jopd a» Harrison's. Neither <*ndidate ha* arty certainty." republican, awl Iho greatest living exponent of these rooks of granite upon whioh the nation stain's with perfect security. . With those splendid qualifications ami the'prestige of success stamped upon ills political record, we bave uo onuse lo bo foartnl of the result. As has boen often said, it Is a bail emeu to take up a ouoe' defeated candidate. It affords altogether too much hope of fiudcess on the part of the opposition, and la rejecting Dluino I N thn Chicago convention which nominatod Cleveland SSG domoeratio delegates votod for almost tho identical tariff plauk adopted by tho republicans at Minneapolis, and the Courier-Journal says that tho plank, as reported by the committoe (the republican plank) was In accordance with Cleveland's wishes, and was favored by his warmest friends, inoluding Senator Vilas, who made a speech in its favor. The amendment was only saved by the magnetic speech of Henri Watterson. Had It not bean for him the anomaly would have been prosenled of both parties going to the country a unit on the two most prominent leases of tho day— tariff and silver. This proves conclusively that the republican positions on these questions are the posflions of the people, and thoy will be ratified by them in November. We are only surprised that so many demoorats, including Cleveland, favor protection. T HK great and only people's parly in natloual convention assembled, in the small hours of the morning of July 5th, nominated for president Gen. Jas. B. Weaver, of Iowa, and for vice presided Confed. Gen. Jas. G. Field, of Vi- glnia. After going the rounds of all the parties Wearer has finally got a noml nation for president, but It would be very little satisfaction to the average man to lead a forlorn hope, or to pull the chestnuts out of the fire for Clevo land. But Weaver isn't particular. W B omitted to state last week that Col. D. U. Henderson was renominated for member of congress in the 3rd dis- triot by acolamation, there being no other candidate. This is just as it should be, and we should think the rUibuque Timos man would feel like orawllng into a very small hole and drawing tho hole tn after him. Any republican paper that is too good to support Col. Hauderson is too good, for this world, T UB congressional delegation o< Clay- leu couuly is instructed for Updegraff for congress. As Mr. Blytho has accepted the position of chairman of the state oommittce his name has been, or will be withdrawn from the list of can dldates. Unless Fayette shall present tl;e name of Mr. Zelgler we know of no other probable candidates, I OWA has a presidential candidate at last, but his name Is not Boles. It fi J, 15. Weaver, a great deal, abler man but a great deal werse domngogue. workingmen." This plank was rejected try the convention and instead of il a declaration was insorled to the cIToo that all protective duties are unconsli tutional. Hore aro the declarations of tho two parties; '•RBI-UHLICAN : We believe that all articles which cannot be produced in tho United States, oxcopt luxuries, should be admitted freo of duty, and that on nil imports coming in competition with the products of American labor thero should be levied duties equal to tho difiereuee betwoon wagos abroad and al home." "DEMOCKATIO : We declare it lo be the fundamental principle of tho domo­ eratio parly that the federal government has no constitutional power to impose and colloot tariff duties except for the purpose of revenuo only, and we demand that the collection of such taxes shall be limited to the necessities of the government when economically administered." The domoeratio papers are now trying to make out that there is no froe trade in thoir platform. Tho peoplo should bear in mind that a plank deolaring in favor of duties to tho extent of the difforonee in wages in America and in othor countries was deliberately rejected at Chicago and a plank deolaring all such duties to be unconstitutional was adopted. Tho campaign must not be shifted. These are ihe issues as laid down by tho two parties. They must be met. TO HORSE BUYERS. Yo« A Tip Thnt May Uo Usoful When Are mt an Auction. "Let mo give you a tip," suid a prominent horse dealer to a prospective buy er yesterday. "When yon go to a sale with the intention of picking up a bargain, read your catalogue carefully before you buy. "Auction aalos by reliable firms are honestly conducted, and they dou' guarantee anything they're not reasonably RUVO of. " 'Kind, sound and trim,' Is Iho phraso you want to koop apodal lookout for. "Horses warranted kind und sound may have both of those qualities and yet turn out to bo equine maniacs. Others garanteed to be kind end true may be both and havo tho blind staggers, but a horse that is announced by a reliable firm to have all these desirable qualities is in tho majority of cases all right. If you want a proof of this, go to any first-class sale and notice how the careful buyers let hliowy and attractive animals pass until u kind, sound and true animal appears. The price an him goes up like a rocket."-~New York Advertiser. Managliigt u llnliy. Tired Woman (In a railway carj— "Please, air, will you please hold my baby awhile? He's crying so I can do nothing with him." Male Passenger—"Urn- what is he crying* for?" "Nothing at all, sir." "Well—ev—what, good will It do lor me to tako him?" "Then ho'll have something lo cry about" . , "Oh, he will?" , , "Yes, slrt he'll tie crying for nie then, and the longer you hold hint the louder he'll yell." "I presume so." "Yea, elr. Then, when he Is real sure it I B only nie ho is crying for Pl| tithe him und,ho'll Ktop."~-Qood News. again. Kicked by Leon when he •cached for his revolver, muttering, 'It if. false; good-by, Louise." Next day was picked up by a chambermaid. Thrown out on tho street. A rag-picker took ino up. Sold me to a cork-cutter. Was placed amo. ? other corks. Next day was trimmed, pared, till I was a very ghost of a champagne cork. Was sold to a druggist. Put into a pint bottle of eau dc cologno. Ilought by a lady. Placed in a dressing case. Confined in a trunk. Shipped to New York. Put on a train. Jolted around by nn expressman. Taken out of trunk; placed on the toilet table of a Prairie Avenue bollo. Carefully taken out and replaced each day for months. Regan to grow spongy. Wrinkled In face Lost my color. Grew Binallcr, narrower, shrunkon. Hood softened. Lower extremities withered. A prey to microbes. A tremble. A glass stopper will tako my plaoe to-morrow. I go—where?—Chicago Tribune. Rticrultlug' Botfg-arn. There is a perfectly organized syndicate In Paris whioh busies itsolf lu recruiting from every part of France, und especially from thu poor quarters cil tho capital, beggars of both soxos.who are sent to tho largo cities of Amoriea, where mendicants are supposed not to be numerous. The beggars thus unrolled receive a good sum of money when they leavo France, pay their passage over themselves, and in this w.ty "deceive the authorities in New York. Many Freneh beggars aro to d to druss up as deserters from tho ltelgiun army. No one knows why this peuuliar owl or Is given. Tho beggars havo to give 35 francs a day to tho syndicate In return for their outfit. The Oobl Uosert. In that enormous waste known as the Oobl Desert, north of China, showers sometimes fall during the summer, and tho torrents of a day fill the driod-up water courses through which water seldom runs. It is in these channels that tho Mongols dig their wells, expeotlng to Jln,d a little water, when upon the surface of the plateau Itself the soil has lost all traces of hunddlty. It is owing to the fact that a part of th* moisture falling during a few rainy days U thus preserved within reaoh that it Is poaslbla for caravans to orou the desert C. M. & St. P. Excursions. Cloar Lake Excursion Tickets. Tho C. M. & St. P. R. R. will sell excursion tickets from June 25th to Sept. 30th. inclusivo, to Clear Lake Park, for ono and one third fare for the round trip, good to return 80 days from date of sale. lo cents added for admission coupon. Vot tho National Encampment, Grand Army of Ilia Republic, to be held at Washington, D. C , Sopt 20lh, tickets will be sold at faro one way for tho round trip to Chicago, to which will bo added S1G.S0 for fare from Chicago to Washington und return, over a choice of seven routes, return coupons good to Oct. 10th. For Knights of Pythias Encampment, at Kansas City, Mo., to be heWl Aug. 23rd, faro ono way lor round trip, tickets sold Aug. 20th to 23rd inclusive, good to return till Sopt. 16th Postville Eray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the origiuu. Postville Drnv Line 1 am prepared to do nil kinds of draying promptly, carefully and sntisfiirlorih . Good teams, good drays and carefu 1 drivers always at tho service of the public, al fair prices. All kin ps of light or heavy hauling, in town oroounlry promptly done. L. STROEBEL & SON, -- pnopituvrom OF — Postville Boat anil Shoe Store. (AT AnilHTlloNO k HOr.TKll'H OLD STAHn.) Havo a full line of Iloot.s, .Shoe;:, Slip p?is, Rubbers and everything kept in a No. 1 general shoe storo. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly done. Every wir warranted. We keep no shoddy. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &c. Those intending to Moiiu" mental work for future delivery wil' find it to their advantage t lexniniuoM. V. Kidder's Granite Work in Cetucte- rier, as he is doing lirst-clnsM work ntns lnw prices as can be procured in tho country. If he has not called upon you drop him a card al Deeorah and he will bo pleased to visit you with Design? and samples of all kinds of Grunlte, at the lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m© Deeorah, Iowa, Told of the Duke of Olarenon. ' Prince Albert Victor, when a boy, wrote to his grandmamma tor supplies, and the autograph letter of denial and advice which he received in return was sold by the youthful spendthrift for thirty shillings, When he was at (Jam- bridge Dr. Thomson of Trinity showed him, among other pictures, a portrait of liimself. "Another old master?" the prince inquired, with apparent inno< oenoe. At another time, In making a speeoh at a soxcenteaary banquette gravely declared that tho only thing whioh marred the pleasure In being present on that oocaslon - was the reflection that he would not be present at the ne*t.--Argojiaut. JAPANESE H ML id LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. DF.t'OHAII 1>1VI?1()N. Time Table in effect May 2!». 18P2 Passenger going North... AiUfi. P M South. 6 :d(). " Freight. " North, . . .2:45, P. M " .South, 6:00, A. M. J. E. P KKKY Agcn'. CHURCH DIRECTORY. CONOKEGA-TIONAt, — IUv.N. I,. Burton, rni- toi. Froaclitug ©vory Bunilny ut 10::!0 A.M. imil7 :.10 V M. Htibbutb Ht-hool imuieuiateljr uKor Tr .-n-alag Borvtco. Y.l\ a. C. Ii. mocta pvi -ry Sunday ovunlag nt G :15. 1 'rnyer Meeting Wednesday OVUII I IIKB. METHODIST.—Kuv. E. J. Lockwood. PuBt«r. I'rmicliltlg Borvlci -a ovary Sund.iy at 10:1111 A M . and 7 :110 1'. M. SnliliDtli School immediately after morning Brrvico. Tho Epworlh I .oaKUu every Sunday ovoniiiR at 0 :00 o'clock. Trayor liiDOtliiB every Woilnesday ovtnlni! at 7 -.00 o'ctoaK. You aro earueatly invitoil. POSTVILLE LODGES NOBLE LODGE N O 5i. A. U. V. W. Tht Loyal Ancient. Order of L'nitcii Workmen moctftho Second and fourth c.'ieh mouth, in Urick Drug Saturday evenings in the Masonic Hall over tl tore. J. W. SiiKElIY, M WM. SilKi'llKitn, Recorder. W. A Guaranteed Cure tor Piles of whatever kinJ or deijiee— ICxtiiinal, Interim!, Mind or nleeiliiiK. Itching, Chronic, t Keeent or Hereditary. This Remedy lias nosilively never been known to fail. Si.oo a Viox, 6 uoxes tor S5.00: sent by innil prepaid 011 receipt of prir.,?, A written Cltinr.Mitre positively t;iv«n to each purchaser ofd boxes, when purchased at ono ttiue, tr, refund the S5.00 paid if not cuted. Guarantee issued by K. N. DOUGLASS, U RVCUIST. Solo Agent, PosniUe, Urn a. ALL BEADY. IhiD That explains Ihe condition of For Encampment Sons of Veterans, concern to a dot. IT. S. A., to bo hold at Helena. Mont., j Our store is full of seasonable goodn, Aug. 8th to 13th, a rate of ono lowest and we aro full ot onorgy and honest united first-class fare for round trip. Sold Aug. 4th to 10th, with final limit to Oct. 10th. For Grand Lodge I. O. O. F., Portland, Oro., Sept. lUth lo 26th, a rule of ono lowest standard limited lirsl-clnss faro for round trip. Sell from Sopt. 10th to 14th inclusivo, good lo return until 00 days fioin date of sale. For the Uppor Mississippi Turnfesi to be held nl Dubucrue, excursion tickets will be sold at a rule of one and ono third faro for tho round trip. Soli July 15-19, good retnrnlug until July 20. From April 25th tickets will he. enltl via Detroit, Grand liavun & Milwiuiken] steamer.' Stoamern leave Milwaukee, daily at 8:30 p. ni. For rales see Mil- j waukee joint vato sheet. For the Natioual Convention of Ktlu- cntlonnl Association, to bo held at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., July 12th tololh, ono fare for round trip, plus $2.00. Sold July 4th to 10th inclusivo, good to return July 15th to 20th Inclusive. Extensions granted to not later than Sopt. 1st. For the Triennial Conclave Knights Templar, to bo held at Denver, Colo., in August, one full faro for round trip. Tickets may bo Issued going via one lino and returning via another. Sold Aug. 3rd, to 7th inclusive, with linul return limit until Oct. 11th. M. E. T ALCOTT, Agent. BROTHERLY'IOVE LODGF, Ko. 204, A. F- & A. M. Kcgular meetings on Tuesday writing on or before the full of the moon. All brethren in gootl standing are cordially invited to attend. E. D. STILUS, W. M. WM. MOTT, Scc'y. J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, V. B.I'ISNIIOHICXAMINUII. Ool» at rattdonoo on (Iroou Btroot, seoond lioui* Halt ot Hoy & MoNoU'a Hard wo: o. DR. J- S.GREEN, .PHYSICIAN it SUltGEON, OfUco and Residence Southwest par at town. All calls promptly attended ~DB. MABRYi PHYSICIAN 4 SURGEON. Office over Waters & Nloolay's Hardware Store. Residence at Park Uutol. Calls will receive prompt attention day and night. DANIBL A. JEUALD, SMCerolxaxvt "Pallor, Postville, Iowa. All worktwarrantod lo give sutisfao- tlou, A full line of the latost styles in ssmplos. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW,. lataraaes Agent ana Collector, Autoorijed to crsoUve In «11 the oonrts oi the ititt. Offl«a ov «i tteu'i store, brtok blook. POSTVILLB IOWA. Intentions. Wu therefore feel warranted in announcing ourselves till ready for business, stud respe •tful'.y invito the .illcnlion of Iho public for a few moments while wo endeavor to show lhat this anuouncc.Tciit is of vital importance to you all. We arc expending our best r.fl'orls to conduct a successful business, anil are sharp enough to see wc can do so only by gratifying tho wants of our patrons. That is what wc aro here for, and that is just whal wo propose to tin. It you want to be edilied. gratilieil anil almost siupelietl by hig bargains autl kind troatuir.iit, j coino right along, and wc will 111i yon | so full of contentment and brotherly lovo thai you will waul to give every man you meet a tjtitiitur. tiuit AIM is To sell only lirsl-clnss goods. To sell them as low ns wc possibly can. To sell only such goods as wo eau recommend. To please all who favor us with their pal ruling". To represent our goods only at wo believe the in to bo. To I rout overybotly honestly and fairly as wn would ourselves be treated. Thai sounds good. lias the right kind of a ring, does il noiP and now plunso boar in mind we prawtioo just oxactly what we preach You need not take our word for it, but como in at any time and soo lor yourselves. And now a word iu regard to our steok. Wo, of course think it is uloo. Wo know wo havo made an honost effort to secure tho vory best articles In our line to bo found in the market, and know no ono oan buy closor than we havo, The goods are here in otirstore, we have marked tho goods as low as we possibly oan, the result must depend upon our notions, and wo do not worry ovor tho issue. Wo only ask the people to oxamino our goods, loam our prices, and follow their own oonvlc- llous. Thanking our old friouds for the cor- iltal support we have, received at their hands in tiro past, and promising our best efforts to merit ft share of yo«r future patronage, we remain Very truly yours, W M . KLUSS, P OSTVILLE . I OWA, Manufacturer and dealer iu all kinds of harness, and all other goods belong- log to the trade. A full and complete stook always on hand, P, 8, We have some Winter Goods yet aud are anxious to have tbem all sofd, therefore will sell the balauoo at strictly cost prices. TONSORIAL PARLORS. NBA It THE I'OSTorXlCK. All work doiitt in thu highosl »ty lo of the art. Salikffiction guaranteed. J. T. I 'AHKEn, Prop, J. A. H AVIRL AND, •Veterinary Svirerocn, POSTVII.I.K, lOW A • Ofllco lirst door East of the Commercial Mouse, Grucii St., Postville, lown. A line set of surgical in .struiscntH. Ml necessary mcillcinos kept on ban tl Thirteen years successful practice Culls promptly answered #1,000.00 REWARD Offered for any Machine ti will do as great range of work and •— tt an eatlly and a* well a* enn !>• done DM I DAVIS Yertlcal Feed Sewing Hacti' M Thl> offer has been before the publ! foi Iho »a«t ten years. IT HAS NOT V MSN OLAIHKD.iiroTliia that the Davis Vf^.loal Food U tlio BEST ON EARTH PATJS SEWING MACHIN1 CQ 840 Wabash Avsaue, QMIOAfpV ISftf FQR BA&E BY •*.*• '-'';'• A. M. THOMPSON, Pvfrt*/ dir. GEO. ALLPNs OMltT". &&&&&

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