Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 12, 1959 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 12, 1959
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Junior Editors Quiz on LEAVES SWEETIE PIE Nadine Seltzer our OUR WAY BY J. R. V«iLLIA.V,j ,| « 4 • I* »*#-** Wl * «**IW> fa A QUESTION: What makes the leaves change color In the fait? ANSWER: Every leaf contains a green pigment, or coloring matter, called chlorophyll. During the warm weather, when the leaf is alive and circulating water and food, the green chlorophyll dominates the leaf. This is why leaves are green in the summer. But each leaf also contains pigments of other colors, too. There is a yellow one called xanthophyll; an orange one called carotin and a purple one called anthocyanin, In summer they are overshadowed by the green chlorophyll. As summer draws to a close, however, the food supply to the leaf is cut off and the chlorophyll gradually disappears. By mid- fall, the other pigments become dominant in the leaf and it turns yellow, red, orange and purple before falling off the tree. FOR YOU TO DO: Here is *j drawing of a girl raking leaves In the fall. Color the picture making the falling leaves bright yellow, red, orange or purple. (Linda Annorino of Minetto N. Y. wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins AP Newsfeatures in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner •KM, •« BW. ta. a*. A1959 br NW 840*% ho. "We've done everything you asked—danced, played game* and ran racesl Now can we have some fun?" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith /o-tz T.M. "Do you have a cake that didNt turn out too well? If I serve my husband one like this he'll know I didn't bake itl" n F- T.M, Rtf. U.t, fit. Off. • 1»!» by KM llrvtel, Int. /W "The next time you need • sitter, call up Peggy Jones. She's my worst enemy!" TIZZY By Kate Osann 01MI by NU •>"!«• I** T.M. to* UA Pit Mt. "I hope I marry young and have my children while mother is still spry enough to baby-sitl" Conic oiid Get It Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Kind of com Arfos,f maybe 8 Encourage 12 Poem 13 Wings 14 City in California 15 Negative word 16 Nitre 18 American writer 20 Beginning 21 Eating place 22 Cozy spot 24 British tifle 36 Abstain from food 27 Chart '30 Aimed fleet 82 Bridge holding 34 Gadget 135 Builds [36 Posses* 87 Raise 39 Garment 40 Offers 41 Through 42 Entire 45 Kind of house 49 Memoranda 51 Sailor 52 War god 53 Love god 54 Biblical priest 55 Confines 56 Diminutive suffix 57 Oriental coto DOWN 1 Corn bread 2 Smell 3 Fruit 4 Dish 5 Dash- 6 Principal ore of lead 7 Arranged the table amm raia iiasira H BHE3EIZS 8 Concerning 9 Basebafi tools 10 Fencing sword 11 Pastry 17 Placard 19 Manipulate dough 23 Natural fat 24 Pedestal part 25 In a line 26 Pale 27 Softens 28 Performancee 29 Nuisance 31 Caribbean gulf S3 At no time 38 State 40 Happiness 41 Sheriff's helpers 42 Enclose 43 Present 44 Portent 46 Horse's gatt 47 High wind 48 Ireland 50 River in Scotland BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Enioylng Himself BY EDGAR MARTIN . BORM THIRTY YEARS TOO 5OOM ,„...,»... -.^^ ,-.w... _ , - , ~G ^USJ IT/ V-'S CAN OD vy^-o CA""^=S OS-" A=> -v'^ ,,, _ I'LL BAM3 THESE- COVERS ~C657H5=J AND YCU S5AT T-, P?JM .' I'LL ?£T THAT V^=*_ UKeVTMS REAL' .•3 \i tfcV,-.,;, BUGS BUNNY High Spy I'LL PO SOME SHOPPING WHILE CICERO FINISHES HIS LUNCH, PSSTJSEE/OKAV, \ THATHS i PETUNIA! \ EATS HIS • LAST TIME SPINACH HE PUMPEP ANP I'LL * IT UNPER LEAVE /'\ TH'TABLE i; YOU A GOOP ' TIP! 1 FISUREP OUT A WAY T'WATCH TH' Lit CLUCK f WITHOUT HIM < \ SPOTTIN'AAEl i Aflt:y ti.._^m~-S-> CULP!;HEH,HEHJ EV'RVTHIN'OKAV, CICERO? PRISCILLA'S POP LJ ~\ Columbus crossed the ocean and He gained undying fame. These Changing Times - x - BY AL VERMEER f^ Ther-e's not a pet-son in this land , •. Who doesn't know . Chis name. t But nowadays which one of us Could score so bold a feat? My mother- makes an awful fuss 7 If I ju- Sthej just cross street. >e-«i ? ALLEY OOP Need a Helper BY V. T. HAMLIM YEH, BUT I'VE SOT THAVE THE CONTRARY WE V MORE PROOF CAN ASSUME FOO2V\THA.N AMD ZEL ESCAPED THE INVADERS AS LONG AS WEVE MO EVI PENCE TO LLEYOOPAND HAVE RETURNED TO MOO TO RNP A STRANGE PEOPLE IN POSSESSION! OF THEIR OLD NO.' WAIT.' WE'RE NOT/ READY TO ATTACK / OKAY, YET.' I KNOW A Jl WHW? BETTER WAY.., FIND DINNY...HE / OF COURSE! MUST BE SOME-1 WHV DIDN'T WHERE AROUND \ I THINK OF THAT? MORTY MEEKLE Needs the Exercise fHATMU6TBE THE P05TM/4N. BY DICK CAVALU NEVER MtNP ABOUT WY WAI6TLINE— IT'<5VOURJOB TO HAND ME MY MAIL/ © 19S» by NtA 6<rvlc«, Inc. T.M. R«j. U.». Pit. Off., FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS He Asked for It BY MERRILL BLOSSER fO'KL THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE I AT WIDOW MAKTHA WAYUE'S 6IFT (SHOP OUCEUTERVILLE'S MAW ISTeEET... OUT TO EAT? J CM A _sreM, WOMAN WHEN I SAY ''OH/ALL RIGHT- EAT OUT/ LETS EAT eerwrm your THEM: IT/ You DIDNTHAVE INTAKE MB —, SO LITERALLY/ Up a Tree BY WILSON SCRUGGS THAT'S STKAMSE/BILLV PROMISED TO STOP BY AFTER SCHOOL AMD TELL ME ABOUT THE CLASS PLAV. I'LL CALL MRS.MAKTIW. CAPTAIN EASY Willing Subject BY LESLIE TURNIR IT IS OPP«.A> W6UU W> 5H6 1 . BV THB WAIl PIP SHE TELL YOU ABOUT MY WBWLV POUND TALBWT? CAVJ'T GBT OVER 60WE BABB FOR WU WAV, YOU MEAU T NOT YET1 IT WEAN$ I'W AW YOU'VE TAKEW \EXceLLENT HYPNOSIS 5U8JECT UP WALKlWfl IK) JAWD I'W PUTTING It TO USC SLEEP?/IMPROVlMO MY WEMORV...WITH THBHELPOPDK.^HANPUl GOOP FOR VOU! V KAW IMTO HIM SRICrlY THE 'GREAT SHANPU/l TODAY IW QJgHAkA. HB EH? fVB SEEN HIM J5AIP HE'5 5TAKTIKKS AW

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