Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 5, 1962 · Page 9
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 9

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 9
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Do You Recall 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago! *—^ ::! i»i:U«:n;!«H:^H:-H::ni::i:;im:nU:=-i;iim:i:m»ii:»=i»i:ni!!i;i»inni:-:n^ 20 Year* Ago — The Golden Wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Littelle was observed Tuesday at their home, when open house was held, which was attended by one hund red relatives and friends. Upper Iowa university will hold its fifteenth annual senior day Wednesday, April 15. Approximately 500 high school seniors will be on the campus. Dr. and Mrs. John E. Dorman received a telegram Monday stating that Bishop and Mrs. Edwin F. Lee had arrived safetly in San Francisco. The last previous news concerning them as stated last week, was that they had escaped from Singapore and were safe in Australia. Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Rhines announced the marriage of their second daughter, Wanda Mae, to Clay M. Ash, older son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Ash on Monday, March 16. Eugene N. Lockwood was born in Oran township, Fayette county, Iowa, Nov. 4, 1856 and passed away at the home of his niece, Mrs. Edgar Miller, of Fayette, Thursday, March 24, where he had made his home since the df^'.h of his brother, E. H. Lockwood, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Littelle will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, Tuesday, April 7, with open house from 2 to 5 p. m. in the afternoon, and from 7 till 9 in the evening. 30 Years Ago — "Gangland" tactics, with the exception of the use of "shootin' irons", are apparently gaining a foothold in this heretofore quite town on the shores of the placid Volga. At least three robberies have taken place recently and the perpetrators have apparently faded away into the "underworld" from which they emerged for their brief but effective attack on society. The Corn Belt store, Campbell garage and Standard Oil depot were visited by the robbers. An invitation meeting of the Fayette county veterinary association was held in the American Legion hall at Fayette Tuesday evening, the meeting being a joint session of the veterinarians of the county and the medical association of the county and district. J. J. Schrack, a resident fo Fayette some twenty-five years ago, died at his home in Selma, California, March 27. There are now more than two billion human being on the earth. The 2,000,000,000 are divided by continents as follows: Asia 950,000,000; Europe 550,000,000; the two Americas, 230,000,000; Africa, 150,000,000; Australia, 7,000,000. Mrs. Oscar Tatro. formerly a resident near Fayette, died Tuesday morning, and the funeral will be held today at 2 p. m. at the i Methodist church at Randalia. On Easter Day at 2:30 p. m. occured the wedding of Mrs. Olive M. Rawson to Mr. Charles Hart of Postville. In the ten-day period, March 5th-14th, inclusive, the temperature at Des Moines averaged 14.4 degrees, which is the coldest ten- day period ever experienced in Des Moines in 54 Marches of record, according to the Weather and Crop Bureau of the Iowa department of agriculture. • 40 Yean Ag"o — Miss Madge Benton was the victim of a peculiar accident yesterday about noon, when a package which she put into the stove, and which, unknown to her contained gunpowder, exploded. Reports from all around Fayette a-e that the roads are in the worst condition that has been known for years, and vehicles arc frequently stuck in the mtid Dwp mudholes are reported, which in some rases make il necessary to leave the roads and go into the fields. Charity B. Garrison. farmer res ident of Fayette for many years, died at her home in Santa Ana, California. A telegram received last week by Mr. and Mrs. [,. H. Metzgar, announced the death of their son, Charles E. Metzgar. in Kellogg, Idaho. His death occurred April (i, following an extended illness re suiting from complications following a severe attack of influenza. Something in the nature of a small blizzard struck this locality about six o'clock yesterday and in a few minutes the ground was white. Wreck of a freight train a mile this side of Arlington yesterday, in which several cars were thrown off the track, hold up the north bound passenger train. Mrs. Lnmira Sykes Vought. a long time resident of Fayette and vicinity, passed away from earth's scenes and experiences in the early hours of the morning of March 18. Her mniden name was Lamira Green, her birthplace he- ing Oswego, county N. Y., and the date of her birth August IB, 1822, and as will he realized readily, she had nearly attained the century mark, lacking but five months. Marriage licenses: Merle Walters and Louisa Wirth; Joseph E. Brown and Mersena J. Jensen: Thomas Leonard and Iva Mae Graetke; John August Baumgart- mer and Ina Caroline Fliehler; Johnnie S. Kellogg and Daisy 0. Farmer; H. H. Kngel and Mildred May Schroder. 18 new cars were Licensed past week Eighteen new cars were registered last week in the Fayette County treasurers office. Kenneth or Delores Dunt, West Union, Chevrolet; Earl Jr. or Kathleen Drilling, Waucomn, Studebaker; Louis and Florence Klingman, Elgin, Chevrolet: Andrew Campbell, Fayette, Chevrolet; Orville or Mabel Snyder, Waucoma, Valiant; Carl or Helen Lnngerstrom, Oelwein, Pontia"; Alexander or Gladys OeTemm --man. Oe'wein, Ford; Nivrmn r> • Shi ley Miller, Oelwein Fo d; Vi gil or Audrey Gilson, Oelwein, Mercury; Raymond Bachtmn. Miynard, Buick: Elmer or Laverl Olson, Cl^rmont, Ford; Leonard or Bonnie Heins, Chevrolet; James or Juanita Heitter, Oelwein, Falcon; Carroll Grimes, West Union, Buick; Duane Hackett, Arlington, Chevrolet; Louis Kiel, Fayette, Rambler; Gayle or Marlow Lewis, Arlington, Chevrolet. Eight truck licenses to Oelwein Chemical Co., Oelwein, Ford; George Crawford, Wadena, Chevrolet; Okehs Gas Co., Oelwein, Chevrolet; Lawrence Stahr, West Union, Chevrolet; Jesse Richards, Oelwein, Ford. Maquoketa Valley Coop Creamery, Arlington, International; City Laundering Co., Inc., Oelwein, Chevrolet; City Laundering Co., Inc., Oelwein, Chevrolet. the Wheelchairs All the wheelchairs at Davis County Hospital in Bloomfield were filled recently b£ victims of broken hips. There were ten broken hip patients in the hospital at one time. for tloor prizes. Four sizes of eann- i-d hams were given as alfndance prizes. A i; ''in of the lo-al NFO wives s'- ved cn'fi c anil cnoki' s, after fie meeting was adjourned. Pegistered boats ready For use on state lakes Hero are some points from the State Conservation Commission for l»;\lcrs to remember wilh the boat- ins season almost here. If a m •[[> -Ixial is registered mid (•• t!if (V.;isl (iua-d approved Iowa iriiuln" im; system and properly (iispla.'/s both its numlxT and assign; d passenger capacity rating. tli' 1 o\vm>:- in i-d not contact the o'iit-e- bcfo-e placing the boat on the \vnte-,s of a state-owned art- i>'i'-i;i) l;i!.v. However, the boat may l.'i' insp'Ued at any lime for sea worthiness. All vessels tint requiring regist- ration still must be inspected and the passenger capacity established by officers of the Commission before the vessel is placed in the water. All motorboats must be properly registered and display their numbers properly when on the water this year. Homemakers to meet The Westfield Homemakers will meet Monday, April 9, nt 8 p. m. in the board room of the Farm Bureau building. Pillows will be made. Each person attending should bring one yard of material and floss to match. Mrs. John Pattison and Mrs. Ernest Vermazen will be the hostesses. SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS Mystery farm owned By Bachie family The Mystery farm that appeared in the Nov. 10 issue of the Loader has been identified by the Bachie family who are the owners. The 1GO acre farm is located two and one half miles north of Maynard. The Bachie farm was first settled in 1J175, being purchased from Fred Wolfe 21 years ago. Mrs. Kate Backle and her two sons, Oscar and Karl and a daughter. Gertrude, reside on the farm. They a: ¥ e members of the Farm Bureau and the Lutheran church. The Bnchle's have a dairy herd of milking shorthorn cattle, raise hogs and grain. Monthly meeting dates For Maynard groups MAYNAHD — The first meeting of women's groups for April is that of the Naomi circle of the W. S. C. S. which will meet on Tuesday evening, April 3, with Mrs. Halph Gilmer. The Helping Hand society will meet Wednesday afternoon at the United Presbyterian church with Mrs. Robert Ponsar, Mrs. Louis Gamier and Mrs. Charlotte Ranney as hostesses. The topic for con sideration is "Education Without Boundaries" with Mrs. Glen Mittelstadt as leader. Circles of the W. S. C. S. meet ing Thursday afternoon, April 5, are the Martha with Mrs. Ann Nicholson and Mrs. Tena McCawley, the Esther with Mrs. William Eldridge and the Ruth with Mrs. Charles Trotter. The Order of Eastern Star will meet that evening at the Masonic- Temple. M's. Ild'i Kopn and Mrs, EH '1 Arthur will have charge of the program for the Ladies' Aid sot ictv which meets at the St. Pm-l's Lutheran church Thursday after noon, April 5. On the serving com mitte will bo Mrs. Arthur, M'-s. Ben Thomas and . trs. James Trctt er. On the flower committee for the month svill be Mrs. Frank Locka. d and M.-s. Trotter. Mrs. Herman Gadow will be hostess for the Ladies' Cemetery association when it meets in her home Friday afternoon, April 0. Assisting hostess will be Mrs. Homer Bunn, Mrs. Andrew Gantenbein and Mrs. Nell Gray. The regular mc-eting of the Am erican Legion auxiliary will be at the Community hull Tuesday evening, April. 10. The Farm Bureau Homemakers of Smithfield township will meet Tuesday afternoon, April. 10, with Mrs. Glen Sharer beginning at 1:30 p. m. "Glimpses of a Fast Moving Society" is the topic to bo discuss- ed by M 1- s. Don SVumls and Mrs. Kline" Klink at the *4< ivral meeting of the Women's Suk'ty of Christian Service at the l-jnmamH-l Methodist church Thursday afternoon, April 12. On the n-fre-hnvnl com mittee will be Mrs. Homer Bunn, M'-s. Elmer MilVr. Mrs. [.ester Martin, M i- s. Elsie Turner and Stella Knight. Meeting at the Si Paul's Lutheran church Tuesri ty afti-ninon. April 17, will be the M.'iitlia Missionary society. Mrs. Carl Cfli'lsi n will p:vsiMit the lesson for the Dvborah guild of the Helping Hand mci-ling Wed nesday afternoon, April il with Mrs. J. Fred Ingels. The Rrbekah guild meeting with Mrs. Vivian Huhboll the same afternoi-n will study the same lesson with Mi's. Wilma Bartels as leader. The Ada Reading Circle will meet Friday afternoon. April 21), with Mrs. Andrew (ianUnrbin. The prog-am will include a discussion of "The Ways of Communication during the Civil War Days" by Mrs. Earl Foss. Mrs. Victo' StctMO 1 will entertain the Farm Bureau Homemakers at her home Tuesday afterne.on, Ap-il 24. The Scrahb'.e cluh will meet Monday, April 9, with Mrs. Herbert Meyer and again on April 23 with Mrs. Glen Mittulstadl. Six civil cases filed Six civil eases were filed last week in the Fayette County clerk of courts office. Drs. Watc'i'bury «nc) Loomia v«t. Norman W. Laura Power, $122.63. Mack's Photo Shop vs. Ralph Theodore and Gladys Schmitz, StifUO, interest and cost. The Killian Co. vs. Carl T. and Opal Prentice, $20r).4'J, interest and costs. F. B. Cliixlon and Qiiintus Wilson, Trustees of the Quintus C. Babcook Memorial Fund vs. Axel Heineman and wife. Mildred Heineman: Neva Holmes; Carl Hagernann and Ira F.'inu-.v, Foreclosure, $t!,7,'J(>. interest and costs. Donald Slam meyer, Administrator of estate of Susan Clara Stammeyer vs. Edward Conrad Louis Hackberger dba Hackbe:-!;er Oil Co. vs. J. Roland Thompson, account, $(H3.- li!, inte-est and costs. ARM UREAU NSURANCE IS A AR ETTER I NSURANCE FOiR a cr ,jf~ ARM B I USINESS INDUSTRY E. P. VERMAZEN Or The Uureau Insurance Agent In Your Area Staley is speaker At N. F. O. meeting About !!(X) persons attended the •I county NKO meeting al Post villc high school gym Friday fvcnin;;, March .'id. This time. President Oran Lit- Staley arrived, after a mix-up in schedule, one week earlier. M.'. Staley gave a lengthy add ress. using fails and figures, in which he gave a detailed account nf the present day American Farm IT'S position in the American economy, and the reasons behind (his present-day plight. M••, Staley used mans- witty coin nviUs and paraphrases, but no bitter or invective statements. He did not criticized or inveigh any other farm organizations. There was a drawing of names Now That We Have MOVED And Are Settled In Our New Building We are ready to serve you No.-th of Lucy's Garden of Eat'tn GUARANTEED REPAIR SERVICE TELEVISION - RADIOS - CAR RADIOS TRANSISTORS — STEREO RECORD PLAYERS Featuring Motorola Products WAGNER TV SERVICE TT 112 Main St. Phone 265 Triplets Although tiipli-l lambs are not uncommon, il K quite uncommon for i:ne mother ; heup to have her third set of t iplets. This happened at the Tc-cl (uerdos farm east of George recently. PLANT FOR FOR THE BEST RESULTS FROM YOUR SPRING PLANTING Lime First with Agricultural JJme . . Then Fertilize Fayette Stone Co., Inc. Fayette, Iowa OTT'S It's A Family Treat NO BABY SITTER NEEDED — BRING THE KIDS! Hamburger or Hot Dog or Fishwich with French Fries and Milk Shake - - - Spring Opening SPECIAL Friday & Saturday April 6 & 7

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