The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 23, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, March 23, 1927
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1 VOLUME XXX. No. 128. The Weekly The lola Dnlly RfBlstcr. RoKister. CliMMINGSIS FIRST UP ON NEWSEHING Faces Bad Check CharKc; Tinsley Charged With Cruelty to Dumjj •Animals in Case. H. .1. CiimiiiiliKH Kill UKv II li;nl ilirck 1 haiB»! '1"' fir»^' J>"">' •J HDc. on I III) now ili»-k('t M-IIIIIR. Till- IiiHl is .Mlicditkd . 10 oi"-!' .March *JS in di.slrirt louit.^- . AnotliiT "intfri'sliiiK . 'Vial is S(:lic(llll"(l fcir tiio b.uiii; <l .v wlit-n 'JCvcrctt TinsK-y fates a c.liarRC',of i-rut'll'y tci iilumi) aniiiial.s. Tinslrjy allfgoU lo Iiavc killod a tat. fuesUay, .March TJ. W. S. Rana- Ijargcr faces Irtal fur vityialipn- of the prohibitory Iit|uor law. ./dhn Kruim goes on trial Monday. Avril ' i for rajic, whilt^ Alt I>anferman facts a charge" of violating the prohibitory liquur law- in a case sil for Ain-ii 6. while Hen .Max aid Sidney Simon again 'ard scheduled (o appear April 7 for a iii|Uor Aliration.! , Ij. .M. and Charles KusJi face llf iior. charges April N. uliilc a liquor trial is •.•jot furc, April 11. wi' h Walter Logan as ihe dcrcnd-; an . if.. U. Carr' will face trial (nv violation tif the narcotic law and Hay Spillnian .will face a perjury cli;irge April l:.'. Civil jury ta.-fcs art. set a.s fullows: . Weilliesday. .Manh . 31: Kiliia j "oucli-VK. Douglas SclionieroH.! .Ir.; I EUna Foiich vs. Lotiii' K'liomcrus: .Momlay. Ai>ril 4. K. (J.rJeiisun ^-x. I". If. Uosebaugli; Tucsilay. April D, \V. F. WilkcrMin v.s. X. I. Crn-, WPU: Wcdn*^day. April .Mary K. n ;<s.sctl vs. I la Kit; 1,. /Jeiini .son. Thursday, April <; Walter llahi- illoii VH. R' Y. Ilarri .Honaipl others ;Frlilay. April , S. Viola; i .owi' v<:. Sincl.-iir Oil coniirany and three otiicrs: .Monday. .Xprll .11. I.iilii Mann vs. Kniil Werther, mid oih- crs; ti.iesilay. April r .'.S.-H. Sinltli anrl olliers ugainxl K. Sehlcjr'sc-i- (Hill others": WednesiUiv. .Vpril i:;. Alollle .HaldwI/i vs. .lolin T. \Vi,o<l. anii (.•.:.I', .\I<rinIlai!d against Ival [Reaches Is Optomistic OverChabce .Vrw Yorlc, Mai:di JJ. (Ar) Vmdifi* Ifmiridiifi :ii!us Konicirhat mon; a/t- lUti'iHlic fodaif > <n'<:r loto^ of the Kcitaralidii suit UfiaiiiM Itvr irraU .hu /"'•'>•-, b'u n J, Edward \V. liroiniiiirf.- Slic said shr had ft.'iV, ill the bank ttild several offers of ijood raudvrillr a >). d iduht club jobs. Establlxhed l)iE7. BKtablishPd 1837. lOLA, KAN., WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 23, 1927. SHANGHAI TO BE BASE FOR HUGE REVOLT Foreign Nations No'Long- cr Will Of Says Today in Manifesto. < ri\\ Dictate Actions Chinese, (icncral Shanghai. Mar. T.i .(AIM - An AARON SAPIRO TAKES LEJJAL HAND IN Lawyer Takes Floor Three) Times Today in Huge Libel Suit in AVhichHeSucs Ford. ' I 'owcll and olllers^ LEADER TOPLAN 4-H CLUB Edna Bender To Be Here • Ne.xt Week tolAid " County Leaders. ' Kdna Itt'iider, as>istant statu '1-ltdiih leader.'will be In lol(i Monday Tor a iconfereiicc with IheiDlne l-li clnli leaders of Allen county. At a meeting .Mondiiv night in Ibe Chanil'ier of ConinnVce rooms at .Memorial hall pains will be oullint>d for aciivitirs for the cixn- Ing. year. . rrcparations will be niatlp ftir the t-liih camp and al.-o for Allen toiiiily inember,s attending the .M:inalil(aii nieeling tlii.s Eiiminer^ I'lans will be mad"- tor a J-H club achieveinenl iirogra'ni and a ctiiinly exhibit, acroriling- to Itoy (j'win. ciMjnty agenl. ' ;'Rifle sitooT to Be Staged Tomorrow A contest for honorif in rifle riMm'ing will be staged at the 1 nrniory loinorrriw niubt'ai .S:(io p. 111. when a tetiin'from fill! tola Stale Itntik %filt lake on the seeond fi -aiii, of (he Trai>!-liooi(!rs^ The., bank' 4e':ini will bo composed' of Harry Sbiyrly, K.Hnrvill.-, K. (>. IJen- iit<n, .less Denson. K. D.M.and .The TrapHli (U >ti'rs'; will !).•: Cliff \Vas/i- biirn, Kd Smith, Archie Hrlghani. HnrolU Kt Visitors Derolt. .Mar. 2!!. (Al'i.^ Throe times tiyday Aaron Siipiro particl- paled (lis a riader in hisj Sl.OOii.jMHi Iil »-r s.fJt again.>«t Henry Ford and eiilivoneri w'linf otherwise was a scssioi: idevoled exclusively lo argiiliients of, eoniisel'in (he ab- sei:-e (•} Ihe jjir''. Tlio tliief arminieiil w:is iivtr wliei'ivik (he plaintitt 'cijild itilro- diice a ietter I'roin A. ('. Cherry -if ,Val;lnla^ Wii.slilng'loii, oi lli.- .VnriU west llay .\Ksoci:iIiiin lo \V. .1 Canicroi), eilltor of- the; Dearborn Indei-eajlent. poinliiig lolil alleged e'roneoils slalOnients .ill lui arllcli prl!ited :1iy ilir weekly. The b'tier was b.irred-by Feil ./iKlgf. Fred llayOiDiid bi cause.'he sal.I. II that iyiie of cot r"sponilenc.«! was adinitlejl the ivh would- liecoine hoiudcHsly compli tated a^d.too liroad for conipri' rien>.ion"by (he jury. t;apirif"s .foiin ;'id . tljd liain per] inlsr<lon-'to cite iiiillioVilles tin th HdmlftsiDllily of lellOrs io provr- ili iinreliallHIlyof » xyriler or an (Kirler ;t}id that meant an extende arguniei^t at a later date. Willia'ni Henry (iallagli'er. chie of .Saiiirb's counsel, .siniglit lo -shoU- the irri-jiponslbllily of H. H. Dunn of Herk'deV, Calif., writer of sonn of the ;^rticles in the l)i-.nborn In-j itepende')il[ attackini; Sapiro wliicj led to ih< libel suit. Call.-ifcher was denied |ierinis-| sion' to: withdraw Cameron :<s wilness and by the iiresentalion] iContiiiiieil tin Page S. .N'omher :t iiriiied niob numbtrring made a deinonsiraiio'n niorning boforu the. (Iritlsh posts guarding the iiorlheust bieiiii'iry of ihe iuleriiiitional scldement. The dt?>r.s fired their rifles in the air. The troops tlid not fire and the mob finally wilbdrew. The ilct'eated Shaittiing troop:) >'ho have been il\siirmed by the ISrilish and Juiianeso forces ar- to be shipped out tit the t ity immediately. About "i.l'tio are leaving at ouce for Tainft- Jao. Fair Association Piails to Build Women's Buildiiig New Structure Will Be Ready for Occupancy Before Opening of 1927 Fair, Dr. F. Beatti^ Secretary, Announces Today. Or. F. Si IJoaltie. .secretary of the Alleii fJouiity As.s()fiatioii, uniioiinced' tt«lay that director's ywn at a meetiuK lield (ecently reached a deiiision by vi Fair lof the as.siocia- a new buildiiijf will he cttnstructed west the merct ants display building Ijefore the 1927 fair, which isito be held \ug- . .Shangliar. .March ^13. — KliajigJiai is lo bectimc the •' for a world revoluiion." says a manifesto issued by General T-suiiy- llsi. Cantunesil coininandpr. tir the Chinese people today, but I'ortMgii- , „„ „,.-,v ...ii.i.-., ers must not be attacked or-insiilt- j building possiblo' by fd or llirir properly destroyed. '••For eighty years,''! the manifesto reails, "the imiKJrialist.s, under ibe protection of nAei|ual treat-| said. lisplay building Ijefore the 1927 fair, which is ust 29, 30, 31, September 1 and 2. Thi> building. Doctor Hpattlefr said, ;will be used for displays in llip l.idit's departments, domestic and fine arts, kittbcn and dairy and cblldrens department. The building will be 40 by 60 feet. In previous years, these tlis- plays have been housed iu the merchants building and prevented Ihjil building being kejit. ojien at nights because of the fact that admission aj the outside gate wa.s free. The new arrHngement will leave the inrrclKUila buililing npen at night autl will give additional siiace for merchants' displays. The contraets which the fair, association has had with . merchants for space in the building have expired. Doctor Bcattii; itaid, but new contriicts »ill be niatle ua soon as ptissiblc. Tho mt'-rchants, who made tho paying four years rental in advance, will havi' a chance to t:ontinue, their leases at a lower rental than before, he hich Successor to Tbe'Iola Daily Re^sttr, The ' Ibla Pally Recorti. and tola p =«''y Index. COFFEYVILLE TELLS lOjLA OF FESTIVAL • i Inyitatipn, to 'Fal-ba-RaP Is Extended at Meeting Of Chamber of Commerce Today. LAW M^RS END SESSION, FEWteENT Governor Patilen Senate Message Appropriation Over Budget Toials. Sjinds on ie.s. Ii;i\e reduced Cliinja to a state of vassal:ige. ••.\f|er ihe rcvolulioil of litli, the foreign imiierialisis <:oiilinuuIly supiilied Chinese iinpe ialistf; with lilies and guns, with which they luue waged wa.r loi' th^ last liflcon year.s. "On the one hand. he foreign iiiiperialists have checked tlie ile- velopinenls of Chinese, (tdncaiion and iiidiisdies, and iiii r |i<' tiilior have secured lor tlieliisclvts- s|iecial privileges. now lave great- TWO SENATORS lilcy. are cn.t and Wati-h nvlted to be pres- Ihe shooting. Vigilante Meeting at Garnett, iian;, Today ' bHnkci''s oT io)a t tored .to tiarikett .Mcnibers of the sheriffs foiei-, Allen._i;ounty jvlgllante leaders and tills aftcinoon nio- _ to attend a district • vigihiiilje nioi^iing. TJans probably wni| .be niuile for a Blrongcr tlefcnse of Kansas banks against bank robliery. •'iVill Ihe Chinese awaUeni'd inid Slianghai. IIH est coiiiiiterctal center In | the Fiir f .'asl. will become not ii ilyla slrohg li ;ihe tor- Chinese ' nari iiiatisni but for a world revolution. , '•The peopb' must dist iligui .-^li bowe \er. Iielweeii allail.illg Impei- l:'li. Ill iind lotI 'lmier.-;. Tl )ey miiiil iiol liiNiill Ibe foreign 'IS . and di'- slloy (heir properly." (Jioiernl I'al urges .ilbKi.illon Older (o avtiid strikes and ilepie- cales cxorbilanl (|em :iiid ;i which wtiuld restill in dosiiig the factor­ ies'altogelhtir. ' It is prob.ible that removal of olher 'displays will make ii jiossi- ble for other ini-rchanis to obtain sjKicp in tho buiiding. which is 00 by' 160 feet, and is the largest county Cair building in .Kansas. Contracts for spaco in the mer- cliants building can be tiiade with Doctor Heattie at any 'time. Contracts will be let for ihe liixv bui'iiing in lime (o make It available for the rjl '7 fair. Doctor lieattle Is eomiileting ' iinigrams for the Kansas-Okla' lionia racing circuit, and announced that! because of the large number of $1 ,000 purses, it will be possible to attract sonii! of the best liorHCH In the country for Ihe races I Ilia year. Ill Knapj) and Haiiimohd Named on State Scho6l Code Commission. Kans.. .Mar. (AP|i of Coll I Wen Topelfii Sell:i.t or:jD.iIbis W. Kii.ipp feyville /jind jSeiialor F, I niDiid' iti' riiirlinglon I 'd loil:i,V; by I.iei|teii:»nt D .\. .V .'ch .ise as seiiale ol (hC i'tate school code sion. wliiili tilt' Icgislalur itolb are former .school mei tor Knajip is a Ijn^yer and :. Han; i]ipoin^ (JoverJiiJi jieinhem ('iniini!]- J-realei! .Sen; jSeiiali be .i <l<o Humniofid a Miijilji'r deal •Reiuesenlativii JW. K. ijlei-.; M'ratt coiinly. prob'ably Aill of the two bouse members, |5pe;ik .1. D. M.^ Haniilloii declaridl P.- Is a fariiier. . I Coierllor I'aillen and Ccor;:!- Allen. .Ii-.. stat<;-^superiiit('iiilent iiubl'e ilistriieticii. liavi- n^il ai ir- a[i|)ti IVI' n ii illilee-. noilMCed' 'h former will liialie' two nieiils and till' l:ilter o^i cominissjon which is ornmfnd{(tions to the lure for "a recodificalion of school laws. FORMER SCHOOL HEAli HONORED W .11. Carothers to Be on Faculty of Floating University. r-i Kmiioria. Kaii.i (SpecialI I'rof. \V. H. Caiolhers. former pvincipal' tif tliti tola high SCIIIKII and (ireseiil head tif. the deparlnicnl of school .-idiuinislration ' of Kiii- pOrla Teache^ ctiltcge. will be a member of Ihe faculty of the I'ni- versity .Mloat- when It starts its lour arotinil (he world from .New- Ytirk on SeptembiT :;i. Other educators who will go from ti<) shoulder with (he famous <"old-j „(.,,e ;,re Dr. Thomas W. Ilutchcr. president of llic teachers collt^ge aiid president-elect *»f' llir college at KO ;i, and Prof. Ralph V. I'ritie, KauHn.s Stale Agriciilturnl collegt-, who will .teach hlBlory. I'rolessor Cartilliers will be in Marines and British. Shoulder to Shoulder Shanghai, March 23. (AIM ' Ceneral I'ui Ciiing-Hsi. coin- niander of the Canlonesil forces • told Ibe llrit'isli iind . French cmisuls genei'iil lud.iy (hat lit; iniendtil lo liiainlain order in Shanghai. Shanghai. -March V:!. (.VIM — .Mnerican niarineis siotid shoul 'ler ToiM'ka, The at noon toda.v. j Meutenant ernor ' D. A. \. j Chase, pre of the senate, and .1. D. .M. h Ion. speaker of the house, crhckcii their gav£ls forj tho last time in t)iif presence of iinly a hand members of tlje jr(jspei.tlve Kans.^i .Miir. u:!. f legislature adjourned sii^t; die Cov- ident amil- AIM ul of liltidies. Shortly before Covernor I'auleii nipK .sagc to the out that the udjouriiinCiit. sent : .senate, legislature- more IMi: has Tl ; lipoin ', to! ,a tO 'liiake re<| l.'ll'l' le.uisl; Kansa! Kansas City Commissioner Ousted By Supreme Court I . ' ••. ! .> _ i '. . L City, Kaji*., Mar. 2S. (.VIM Charles 1). Darnall. cominiissioner of light and water. " was found .ffuiify Of niisconducl in office and liis oUEting Fs recommended in the report of Thomas C. Wilson, spe- Hal master appointed by the state supreme court to hear ouster suits ogalnst. city commissioners. The CQOtenU ol the report "were revealed: tod:^v in letter.-?^ from Wilson to attorneys roprepeutiug the t-onim'Jssiohers. Wjlsoh found in favor of the other three defendants,. F. l.eUoy ifVo'ke, commissioner tif parks: Heni-y F. Schaible. commissioner of streets, and A. H. Strickland, commissioner of finance and rev- onnt». The report to the supretiie *-i>url fouDd> Darnall' guilty of three of the cbnrgeu brought by Charles B. ' • •> • •, : Griffitb.; tormer ' attorney genera ofiKimsJis. These t-harges con cerned jiaymcot ot an instirant premium on a motor car. the pay ing of illarnali^.s e.\pense.s ti> at tend ail;eiiginecring t-onvention ii: San Francisco, and the tmnsport ing of liquof to his dub house a I,,acygnci, Kans. Three separate reports wer made b>- the, .>ii^etial master, on dealias with the case of Darnall!. one with Cook's tasf. and one con cerning; Schaible and Strickland. Darnall and Cooke are facing in tUctment.s returned by the Wyan done,-! eiiunty grand; jury. The in t/iclmenrs. as'were (he ouster .stilt.^ were .the outgrO|Wth of ati .Jnvesti gatit n road^ by L. S. Harvey. Kanj .sa^ City.' Kans., attorney, at th inr-tigation of Criffith, about ; year ago. iilreaui Cuards of the liritiKli on the porfhern bound.-iry of tb(>- inlerna- (ional set I lenient; charged >vith pie- ier.ting any attempted iiiviisioiis by the defealeii Sliaiintungesn sutdi as wen. reiielli.'d with blniidsb'ed yes-1 tirday. • Sell! lo Ihe hoiiiidary m the re- t|uesl of the nrili.-^h commander l.lie .\merit:aiis -a delat-hment of •lo—are helping to bold the Murk- ham road bridge across Soocliow creek, connecting, the sett lenient with the Chapel district which yes- lerd;iy w.'is the sct'nt; of wild disorders, looting and: killings; .\'i ;ar the Aiiglo-,'Viiierican position'.-ire lillle bills id btiinli.s aiiij ammiinilion. l.-ike;i. by ibe .senlries in disarming Shanlunge.'ie li-oops seeking rejnge In (ho seltlemelit IllIndred^' tif disarmed .Slianlungese sobliei-s are penned In a bamboo '•bird ciigi'" not far aw.-iy. The situation appears niuch easier in all Ihe native diHlrlcts. with the vfclorioiis Cantonese army gradually taking mutters (n .lianil A small bod.r of Sbanliingi'sc were still liolding oiil in IIM! Cliapei dis- trici todiif- and Ihere was! .some firing; The Chinese shops. -Aliich iis- uall.v cfinstltutc a good barometer of prevailing conditions, wen- reopen jiig. I Tliiire was litllc eliangtj in tin .Striki' silicitlon today. Chiiiest ineinljers of the ciisioiiis staff Jtilned llie other :;oil .000 odd slrik- ers who obeyed llie call issued (Continued on Page .\umber !i C. D. Darnall Will Have. Chance to Argue Case Topeka, Kans.. Mar. 2.1. (API — :Thc,.finilings of T^iomaa C. Wil•^son.; Wichita lawyer, who studied the facts- in (he ouster suits against four' Kansas City. Kansas commissioners, were filed in the supreme court today. The report had been delayed several, Hours In delivery. • The suirreme court will permit counsel for Charles. D. Darnall. commis'siouer of light and water, to present arguments why the court should not follow Wilson's recommendaUons of ouster. The attorney general's office intimated that the action agaijist the other three commissioners would be dlsmlfned. charge of Ihe deparlmeni ot edii- c ;;fiOn .a |iosilion similar to that he has occupied in the tt-acher.s coN lege since PJ17. j From P.tK! to 1*J17 he was in charge of a sec.ondar-y training achool here which num- bi-retl 630 students. Iiul which dis- apiieared with the growth of ruriil high sclKiols. During the war Professor Ca- rodicrs «-as ilireedir of the nadOn- iil school of (hrifl caiiijiaign Willi lieadfiuarlers a( Wasliinglon, D. <• For two years he prepared the leti-; son plans and courses of study on thrift by means of which (he thrift stamp and war savihg Htuiup campaigns were Kucci .'ssfully carried ( llie schtuds of the nation, III! i> v.idely known ,'lhrtiughout iliu Stiulliwesi as a teacher and It^-.lurer. lola, Ilolton and Leaven wordi have employed Professor Carol hers as principal of their re- K|i «ctive liigh schools. He has lee- luicil on ediicalional subjmris id every county in Kansas, at state li »achers association meetings in every slate of the So \itliweKt. and at both^winter and summer sessions of the' .Naliotuil Kducalional association. Although he is not noted as a writer, his articles have iiiijieared In thi> School Hoard Journal. In the Annals of the Academy of Political Science, and in Teaching. He is also .luthor.ot a chapter in the book "Democracy and Reconstruction." He took two years • of college work at Washbnrii. He, earned his A. U. and- A. .M.. ilegrees at Kansas ITniversity. Jle lias>done I,w-o years of graduate work at Chicago and Columbia universities and has been propriated $121,11.'! Iiudgel dircK 'tor had ref ;omm< It was the seliHtie that had ed to confirm Covernor Pa appointment of .\"i>rton A. as stale budget idireclor. T] hail prepared the| state budgv submitted it to| : the legis early in the session. Tho separated Turner from tho offjcc shortly afterward, ai| nal'ly approved the governor poilitmeiit'' of Uepresentativje V. .larkson of Comanche as- budget director. Kxprndllure of $i;t ,fir .!(.l'J,* recommended by: the budget Itir. but' Ihe legislature inc to |i;t.7.S0,r,22 the state's meiit for the nrjit blennlum. following figurcft compare budget recommeiidatious «-lili propriui.lons. Tile first figu ing . recommended by the director and the ^ latter the a approryiated: Kx<!cullve dfliuirlment. $"<\ $:!S0,710. I ' ;.lililici:tj ih'partiileiit. |7;i .*757 .ori1. Department, i boards. co^nmis- sions and miscellaneous $:!.217.7.S2: |n ,170.-»»2. Kdueational institutions, $)S,S7.S,- Jf'O: $S.7.'.0.03.'?. Charitable ' institutions, fii 'O; f:!.3O0.O72. Penal inslitutlons., ;2.-> J2.7l2 ..'.;!n. I'atrlotic institutions. iV: $('.79.'122. Total.s, Jl.O.Or.S.l.'l.S; $1.0.7.S| spei-ial ntiiig P- tha^i the nded. K'fus- iilen's liurncr Mrner and aiure tjenute udgel d fi- 's a|/W. ;)unty. llie Cliam- 'lunclieoii li tlelega- ' The Kp (!uking time ul ber of Commerce noon today Was ticcupitid by lion from .Coffeyville which cfune here to invite lola people |o atten;I Ih^ Coffeyvllle "Fal-da-rar' whit;h will be held in that city April 28, •iiO'an.d .'50. I .Miss Viola n .vers, jnell. .Mr. and .Mrs. Cash and .Mr. K.! V. Kcii- netly. President of the CoffeyviUe Chamber of Commerce,^ 'ifrere the yisitors. Hyers wa'si first iii- troduccil to explain , Ihe 1 program of the Fal-da-ral. which | she did in a most effective ami attractive manner, .siieakins briefly -and to the .point, yet covering the subject thoroughly. TUo Coffeyviille Fal- ,da-ral is simply a glorified and maglficil spring festival wDich the city is putting tiji with tli^ hope of entertaining all Southeast Kansas. Practicall.v every hour of ihe three days is jammetl full of t^ ment varying in character all the way from opera to a bi'c.ycle^ race. I One jiart of the progrrfm. h"bvv- ever, ha i been .-set asiile fii>r a_ very importa It meeting of Kansas ' Ini;orporaled. in yl'''''''' lola is so interesteil. and [Mr. jKen- for a few miniitip.s in of this meetjiiig.j He said that a dis^nissioii lit' frei:;l(t rales, the burning iiuesiion i >f- in- "Kaiisaf* .iu'sl ,at Hilles Says Coolidge Is Still Power . , Xeir York, March 2.}. (AP) Upon his return from a trans-anriiundal toitr, Charles D. Hilles, rice chainnan\nf the lie- piiblicaii national com-, inillee, heliercs canfid- enee in President i Cool- i idije continues except >w sections of the \niddlc and northwest where the farmers resent his veto of the McSurij - Huuijcn bill. ne(^- spoke e.xinanation iliistrial Soiitiieast tills lime, w-ould be the iiiiiiii iC'Vent on Ihe program. •(!ri>uii|me of [all lines of business ri.-pr ed er!t •tings Ki 'Ilt- peak- will alsolje held and info s of unusual i re.put.ntioiii are on program: \Vill IJiby of T^ipeka was illrec- easefl rlequlr- The the ape be udget nount l,22>: l7 .oin- funds. $|:!.2SS.- 2.,-.M: ."l.n.sT: PROTEST OVER HEAVYTENALTY Oklahoma Youth Death Sentence Bank Robbery. Oklahoma (Mty, .March 2S. (AI') - SeiitcneinR of Dave Urown (;t. li the elej-trlt: chair for rtibb ng (lie baitk at Jet is administer ng (he most severe test of third degree methods in the history of i >klabo- nia. .Mrs. Mabel Kassett, sta e t:om- inisHloner of charities and corruc- tions said today 'In proteiling to fVtiveriior Henry S. Jolinsttjn'. » Urown^ received the maxliiium sentence last ^eeH when litl pleail- etl guilty before Judge jCharles Swlndel'l In Cherokee. Kobbery nii I Carl. Hear of St. f.oiiis.| Mr. Ktnnedy promised that the tncef- ini wrinld be not only inieri^.sting lujj vitally important. le also added a few Words tif ib'scrlptlon' of some titluir tiveiils on Ihe Fal-dii-ral program! and iirgc'l everyone who possibly can do S.I to attend. This iniogrum is .'IS loilows: Tliursday. April.•-•(<. [ '.I ::!0 a. m.—Southeast Kajisas, Inc. 10:00 ;i. m. -Tour of .Nalliuis. ItCOOa. m. -Trap Shoot, j 2:00 p. m.—Coursitig. .•;:!«) p. ni.—Fiddlers' Conlesl. 7:00 p. m.—Pageant Parflde. | 7:1:'^'. m.—Coronation of tj|teen. S:l.-| p. m.—.Minslrel Show. JKlks. 11:00 p. m.—Indian Stomp' Daiice. •Ml Time—.Vgrit ultural $liow aitd Radio. Frldny. April 2J>L 10:(J0 a. m.—Tour of -Nations, 2:00 p. m.—Habv Parade.j , 2:00p'. m.—Fly Casting. | , ?,:00 p. m. —Firr .Vlarm. .•.'?:.'?0 p. ni.—Sham Ftatlle.l 7:00 p. m.—industrial Parade. .S:l.", p. m.—Chimes-of .VOrmaiidy. 11:00 p. m.—Stomp Dance.' j All Time—Agricultural Show and Radio. Salurdaj, April .W. • lo:oo a. m.—Tour of -Nations. 12:00 a. 111.—Auto Show(. | 1 :.'!(> p. m.—Bowling Contest. :{:0O p. (u.—Track .Mer(. | ;?:oO p. m.—Rodeo. j .•i:l.>p. ni.—Hicyi-le Race; .'—Pet Parade. ; 7:n0p. in.—.May Pole Daiice. 7;:'.0 p. m.—May Ptile Parade. U:00 ^l. m.—.Masi|uerado fJaiue 11:00 p. m.—Stomp Dance. All Time—Scout Camp. All Time-Agricultural Show Radio. I BODY FOUND IS THAT OF MRS^HOUCK Washington Police Seek Husband of Woman Missing From Home Since December, r mm EIGHT PAGES SHERIFF HAS STAl NEWRECOIO) Six Arres ;s Made in Three Days — Two Arrestied ' Early Today for . Violation of : Lifiuor Law. With (be Kd Diinfeeie.-i on liquor clu lice this weckj for a i-ecord With the t iff'.s week nOt have' been charges; two porting booze ed. one man. been taken ajrrest by Undcr^berllf irly today of two men rgt§. the Hltprllt's of- apparcntly is headed Jji number of arrests, ird day of the sher.-- yet over four men . arrested on Uquor cars, used in trans- . have been cbnfiscat-' Carl Prentitle, has nto custody for fur ^ir theft, and aiJother. Leonard Ldtta- rom. janitor, connection w high school safe. Fi-ank Kcs: no of tiie Fluffy Giifi City anil .Martin, wore has been arrested'ih th the robbery of the morning, afttjr county,officers had • Wis.. .March 2:i. (API —Dr." Kute Hout-k, Washington physician, wanted for tiuestion- ing in connection wjtli the ilnd- ing of a body, bclie.ved to be that of his missing wife, has gone to'.Vlluiny. Oregon, it was leariHy -d today. Dr. Houck left several days ago witli his mother. .Mrs. .Mary Houck, who closed up her affairs in ' I.a Crosse where she has practiced iijany years. 11 i.s iiiidei-stood lierB ili.-il the inoiher and son pl.iii to live in the western t-ity. Wasliinglon, .Mar. 2:!. (AIM After the finding of a w-om:in's body in lhi» Potomac river today lilt! Washingttin police telegraiih- ed to the .'Madi.son, Wis., aiilhcri- tles lo take Into ttist;oily (oi- iii- vestigalion. Dr. Kute Jlouck, formerly a physician' at St. lillz.-!- beth'.s lio.-ipital here, whose wife disappeared several months ago. The police said the body had been identified as that of .Mrs. (lladys Houck by calling cards on Ijer person. The woman had been mi.ssing from her ^onie here since December 17. Dr. Houck was found ih aiL fwtremely nervous condition at I Hornell...V. Y., two days later, and j was brought back to Washington; i whore he was placed under obser- (r^ntinued on Page 8. Nuiiiber 4) spent the n them. They session and nor. .Mtimbcrs o last ;iiiglit red feet that De men. left for| ford county. li (|Uor back Sheriff Sm Duiifee drtjVel al y o'clock for -them., cidud they or 'that they - Smock and! lola, but afltj Diiiii 'ctr had' ^ lo Cas City. Dell and Mar< fee stoiijied a gallon tif bboze car, a .\ash, the men werei ly Jail. Dell, prqprietor Ruflle Tea Room'In-- Albert (Snorkey) th c men a rrested 6ii3 bt up ' waiting for lire charged with jjoa- {transptirtation of liq- the sheriff's office eived a tip to,the ef-* 1, with several other Frontenac, in Craw- jto bring a load ot ijk-ith them. lick and UndersberiS \ out cast of Gas CUy.i ast night and waited ; Tilts mpniinjg, they de- mijist have {missed them ; |iad a breakdown, Uunfee returned to- eating . breakfast. , hunch and returned-i A few ininutes later in came along." Dun-' em and said lie°found In the car. - Tb».. was confiscated, and brought to the coun- NO BATTERIES IN NEW TUBfe? York jAmenc^n OK ' Such Is Report of Amerii Radio Device. and with fire arms in Oklahoma. is a capital Urown and bfftrnse iintither voiith litdd up the bank D'cember 16. and escaped wiib $1,100 vvitliout 11 ring a shot. .Mrs. flassett ijaid she wtu Id confer with .Mrs. .M. A- Waters, iiother. and Mrs. M. C. Wright, graijdmoth- er, of the boy. "These ptKir women." Mrs. Has- seit said, "have been seeking advice from' fritsnds to no avail. Tlcy will arrive here this- afternoon tJnd are going to see whi t I can do fo^- them believe.they know- something that lia .s not been to d that may. jielp in obtaining clemency tor Da^ie. The court, though, is admitted to candidacy for a iloctors j practicing the third degree degree at the latter iiistitution. j boy to force him to reveal the Warrant Is Received For Dr. Cook's Arrest Topeka, Kati., .Mar. 23. (APi—A warrant for the arrest of Dr. Frederick A. Cook, former polar explorer if he is released from the' federal penitentiary at Leavenworth was received today by Al F. Williams. Cnitetl States district attorney. The warrant came from the federal district court in Ohio, which ordered Cook's arrest on charges of ii»ms the. mails to defraud. Cook has been convicted in Texas for u.sing the mails to carry opt a dishonest oil stock selling scheme. simply Ion the identity of his partner.In thcl crime. I unders'tuDd the- court offered clemency if he would switch. What is that but third tiegrec?" New Warrant fssued In KenWky Mikrder Harlan. Ky.. March 23. AP)— .V warrant against Charlie Williams. 25. a iriiner of Freiepoint. charging h^m with the muider of iMrs. Lelia H-icks Cole, was taken out this afternoon after Marie Jackson. 27, had confessed s le perjured herself in j swearing that Conda babney hadj killed Mar} Vlck- ery. an dnamed Williams is jthe slayer of the woman whose body was found in an ajiandoned mine. Clothing Training School End^ Today The clolhijig jrainiiig school openetl yesterday by leatlers of Alien- County Women's Farm Bureau clubs, under the Icailership - of .Miss .Mary Worcestcrj i clothing s|K!fiallsl from .Manhattan, w^lll continue today. A recrjeiition and music .school w-ill be hfld Friday. Capt. R. E. Tibbit^ to Salvation Army Here TULSA IS MECCA FORSOENTISTS Thousand Geologists' Are Attending Petroleum Meeting Today. • Tulsa. ()kla.. Mar; 2?,. (AIM Tulsa today' became a scientific niecca"* 'the galbering place of more than 1 ,000 geologists, who assembled for Ihe convention of the Amcricaii As.sociation of Petroleum CJeolog- isls. wbicb starts tomorrow. - , Paleontologists froni every .sec- lion of Ibe country went into session at 10 ti'clock this morning to ilisciiss their common problem.s. Papers by geologists cov-crlng new oil developments In f'allfornla. West Texas, the Culf Coast. Amarillo and the Seminole district will t:omprise the high lightji ' at the first session of. ibe geologists tomorrow and ari' expected tOjb- of iinusiial Interest. The paper on the greater'Semin- tde area -will be presented bv (be geological; department of the Tidal Oil Company and it is believedf C .i'pt. K. K. Tibbits ai-rived Sa(-|lbat the world famtV of this oil pool iirday from Par?ons to isike t-hargi-! will attract a record crowd at the of ..Salvation .\x'my woijk in Itila. • coniention when the papers deal- Captain Tibbits formerly >vas tiuar-iing with its striicRiral formations. • .\>i\v . Vork. .N-ew York Ti new radio Radio which and t-iirrent ppcted to indu.«try. Officials would npt announcemcijt ports have month, says corporation Produce avncj tube and a eiiuipped to neclion with .Mar. n. (AP).—The Incs says today that a t^be, protluced by the of America, spense with batteries fiiipply dijvices, is exf Corpiiration will d rdvolutionizc the radio THE of tlie corporation confirm nor deny • the at this time. Re- been, current for aJ the paper, that' the iWas preparing to . in- w alternating current hew line .of receivers f )pci"ato in direct con- light sockets. WEATHER Vmt KA.\SA.S Thursday;' in exfr*me teniperhf urc portion. F»K H>I Fair tonight ly colder Temperat .">0, al 3 p. ?A at -1 a. •1.S;- deficien Fair tonlgl^ and fjllghUy colder tonfeht. (eatt portion; ° rfeuig Thursday In no tered at Parstms. He succeeils Capt. P. T. Hamilton. (lossibilities presented. and .past record are since January this date ast lowest :•.!). Precipilaiion ending at ' for (his y\ ; t-iency sincJ; i As- Relative ; ye.sterday, I day, ,S2 per ed to sea Sun lise p. m. Weallier AH clear ville. part cloudy: rof ds ville. rough. lA A.M» VICINITY -J and Thursday; sUght.' t (i |n{ght. re—Highest yesterday^ m.; lowtist last, night m.;. normal "for todaM ;y yesterday C; excksii 1st, Z?fi degrees year-rhighest 77 for the 2^ '}ioQrs a. m. today,- T; total iar to date. 4.68; dofii- January 1st, ^4 inchf |buniidity at 12 per cent; 7 a. noon m: tolcent: barometer reducj- ' (evel. 30.11 inches. :.• (;:21 a. m.; sets 6:3jS land Konds Kl.sewbere i , OTtcept Saliria, Coffey- « ily cloudy; Pittsburg _; gtjort except Coffeyj^ . S Held Muirder, in Snyder's Aided Him .Vew York. .March 2.1; (.VP> — .Haddon Gray and Harry Plait, Syracuse, frienils of Henry Judd Gray, accused' of the inur- tier of .Albert Snyder, were re- lea'Setl hert; today by j District -Mtorney N'ewcombe," who said he was convinced thai;the two had no 'guilty-toonectlon w-ith establishing ot an alibi^for Gray. * Sc)i' York, Mar. 23. (API—Haddon Gray«and Harry Piatt. Syracuse; friends of Henry Jndd Gray, accused of the murder of Albert Snyder, today told District Attorney Neircombe that the corset salesiman had asked theni to "cover lip" for him at Syracuse Sunday, according to inlormatitiin [coming ^rom the'room where the two men Were being (luestioned. \ I Heiir.v Judd Cray, the pojice say. tolti, the (wo frionils (hat he hail an engagi-ment in Nert" York with a "girl friend" and that his offii;e might <;heV;k - up on him and, be "peeved" at him 'for lekving Syra- cu.'^ei where ha was supposed to be working his sales territory. Haddon Gray, according to the attache ot tije. district attorney's office, is said to have declared it was he wbo nsed the telephone from rfenry Judd Gray's room in tho salesman's absence., and- who rumpled the bed. making-it appear the salesman had slept there Saturday night. R. F. Hazleten. attorney for Mrs. Ruth Snyder, w-hose alleged confession to participating in the mur^ der sent detectives to.arrest Gray in Syratmse as the other principal in the plot, today issued a. state-l meat sayinj that he was not Qon-r, ^i.leriiig an insanity plea foi; hia -- i-lient. » -• He added that he was not yet:? decided whether to reqi^est that tbe ' "4'-" woman be ' ried separately*! on the ;r'^- murder dhirge. or, whether . he. t-; would agree to the woman and her ; lover being tried at the saine 4inie. "I have liamed authoritatively,!^' ht said, "thaft .Mr. Snyder did not recently raite his insurance, It, " !. his been commonly reported.; Oi ' his own 't-r to Mrs.. Snyder, after a restleiss, Vi. night in hir cell in the Qneens' -; _ • county jail where Gray also held, made several reQueats' tOr' ; T day that si e ba permitted to.atr u.: tend the burial of her bnsbaiid.' > Funeral terrices for. the middle ^ (Continued on Page S, Nkunber.iO n vol tion, he raised his pol- ' ii 550,0(0 two years:ago/" ... .j/",?!!;

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