Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 12, 1950 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1950
Page 6
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ALTON 1VBMMO TiLBOKAMf ' Auxiliary Meets I At Bunker Hill Mn. Charles tfemt&man Reads Article i BIWKEft MILL, Jan; 12 — <Spe- dal) — Mm, Charles Fensterman read tn article entitled "Greater Security from War" In which was stressed Ihe responsibilities ol Auxiliaries In nxvaklng American women to individual interest and cooperation with plans for civil defense, at American Legion Auxiliary meeting at the home of Mrs. Harold Bartels, Tuesday evening. Mrs. Carl Behrens, membership chairman, asked each member to bring a guest eligible for membership to the February meeting. During the business meeting, plans were completed * for the county meeting, which will be held here Jan. 25 tn .the bank hall. Refreshments were served to the 2U members by Mrs. Bartels, who \vas assisted by Mrs. Ed Oldcnet- tel and Mrs. Delmar Oldenettel. Discuss Home Plans at Bunker Hill Meeting BUNKER HILL, .Tan. 12 — Miss D. Holllday, home adviser, gave the major lesson on "Plans for a New Home" at Home Bureau meeting, Wednesday, at the home of Mrs. Floyd Hunt. Mrs. W. H. Mercer discusser! "Hotel Etiquette," the minor leg son. A special meeting will be held Wednesday, at the home of Mrs. George Gugger, who with Mrs. William Moulton will give a demonstration and lesson on "Tex tile Painting." After the meeting, Mrs. Hunt served cookies and coffee to the 12 members and one guest, Mrs. Orville Smith. Mrs. Otto Klerle assisted Mrs. Hunt in serving. Domestic Science Cliih Meet* BUNKER HILL — Mrs. .1. L. Williams gave a reading at the Domestic Science Club meeting Wednesday afternoon at the home Of Mrs. C. A. Wooley. Fourteen members were present and 'refreshments were served during the •oclal hour. Visit St. Louis Church BUNKER HILL — The Rev. and Mrs. E. Brown, Judy and Edna Bauser, Gertrude Hildvhrand, Denn and J, W. Emery, J. W. Hammer- tree, Frances, Joe, and Roy Waggoner, Claudette Woolrldge, Rosetta Lovell, and Marilyn Snedckcr went to St. Louis Wednesday evening to hear the Wings Over Jordan choir at the West Park Baptist Church, 1TA to Meet BUNKER HILL — Mrs. Fred C. Bort is chairman of the Parent- Teacher Association program for Friday evening at the school. F. A. Rich, superintendent, will speak on "New Legislation" and Mr. and Mrs. Luther Mason will show pictures of trips they have taken. The seventh and eighth grade mothers will serve refreshments. Bunker Hill Note* BUNKER HILL —.P. B. Hale, principal of the high school, attended a county meeting for school RIVER ON THE RAMPAGE—These homes just lo (he north of Vmcconcs were flooded by raging waters of the Wabash river. Desperate attempts are being made lo sandbag other levees that-are threatening to break—NEA Telephoto. PMA Conducts Corn Survey in County EDWARDSVILLK. .Inn. \'i ' Corn Growers In Madison Count.v were urged today to cooperate fully with PMA community commit tenmnn who nre now conductlnn n survey of farms throughout thn county. Earl P. Relrt, chairman of Iho county production and marketinK administration committee, said (In? commltteemen arc already at work Rnlhoring reports of corn ncrcat;o during the past, three years. Those reports will be used to establish Individual farm acrent; allotments for 1950 If corn allotments should be announced by the Secretary of Agriculture, The al- lotments'would be based Ranornlly on the farm's corn acreage history for 19.17, 9418 ano 19<i9. Native* Shun Ruin* A lost city found by an American expedition in Afghanistan's Dashtlmargo "desert of death" b believed to be Peshawnrun (population 100,000) which flourished 300 years ago, Kabul reports. Its houses, fountains, acqueducts nnd rrifintion ditches nre almost in- nct. CookiiiR utensils and furni- ure are still there. Superstitious natives from a nearby village •von't go near the place. Unique Ferry Service A tractor owner near Camargo, Okla., where highways In some places still forrt shallow rivers, maintains ferryboat, service for motorists who fear to flood their engines. The auto* are towed across on a trailer attached to n tractor, the motor of, which clears the water. principals, Wednesday, at Carlln- vllle,* Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Spencer and son, Jack, were Alton visitors Tuesday. RETURNS TO FORMOSA—Mme Chiang Kai-shek leans, over to y goodbye to a friend as she boards plane for takeoff on first leg of her flight to Formosa from LaCuardia Field. In center is Dr. Wellington-Koo, Nationalist China's ambassador to the United States. —NEA Telephoto. READ TELEGRAPH CLASSIFIED ADS DAILY COME TO MILLER'S FOR HOME SUPPLIES! Hundreds of Twttd Homt Building, Repairing and Modernizing Materials ar« hare — Always at Raal Valuo Priets — Mafca "Millar's" Your Hoadquartars for All Your Homo Naads. f. Caulking Supplies Caulk the open spots and «rev- lees In your property — Saves fuel, keeps out dirt, Im- proveft ap- pearanre, Caulking- Gun* 92.45 Caulking Cartridges .... 2«" Hog Wiro Fonco 20-rod Rolls, $14.95 ••FOOT LADDERS A handy alia, well made ladder at a value price Good quality. $3.99 Mooro's Paojua-Tons Wall Paint $2.99 GUM ||) hiwdreds of cut to special •!»•» Oall us (or your fUss ltalt. Won't Burn, Won't Brown ALUMINUM PAINT lie lifted for all noses as well. Pint . . Quart . . aluminum paint for your Furnanes. I'lpe,, Stokers, etc., that will stand 1000% of beat without brown- hiff or hunting off, ran general pur- . S5c $1.49 PORTABLE OIL HEATERS Portable Heat for any room at small coi.t. The supply U limited at thlt price—, (11.50 value— S9.9S REGISTER COVERS For wall and floor registers. No dirt or smudge on Wills, Ceiling, Drapes, Etc. Saves 75% of soiling from Heating Plants of all kinds. Wallpaper stays fresh for years and years. WaN Typa . $1.25 Floor Typo . $1.75 POCKET REN Luminous Dial Pockot Watchos . . . $3.95 ILLER'S ^Htadauartors far RulMors' 1 •atttof Hear el Sfere fiUIST. DIAL 2-1231 ALL WOOL WINTER COATS Values to $32.50 • ZIP-OUTS • 100% WOOL FAMICS • FITTID, IOXY STYLfS • FAMIC TMMI Anether •emotienel purchase! J u 11 imagine! New winfer coat*, with swing or yeke backs, new cellar and pocket treattnvnH. YOU pecket the Mvinatl *> IP ^F^rfj^rW fy WIN! «ee$ 9 tell end 10 to 20, but net in every celer and ityle. Seisalieial Sale! Filibuster on Oleo Tax Cut Charged WASHINGTON, .Tan. 12. Oft—A southern leader in the Senate fight to repeal oleomargarine" taxes today accused opponent* of "fllibug. teflng" against the repealer. Sen. Fulbright (D-Ark) told re porters that anti-poll tax, »nti- lynchlng and fair employment practices amendments were "part of a filibuster against and an attempt to kill" the House-passed oleomargarine bill. The trio of civil rights amend- ments'was introduced yesterday b> Sen. Langer <R-ND), one of th« dairy group senators who content that yellow colored margarine li unfairly Invading the butter market. Senate Democratic Leader Lucas of Illinois said a motion to table Langer's amendments will be made at the proper time. Me predicted that the motion, which Is not debatable, will carry. The effect would be to kill the amendments. Sen. Wiley (R-Wls) Is sponsor Ing a dairy state substitute for the House bill to repeal oleomargarine taxes. While It also would abolish the federal taxes, It would bah yel low colored margarine from Interstate commerce. • Wiley, denying that there Is any filibuster against the House bill has said Its opponents are willing to have an "early" vote. Trick Oiunea Pit; CHICAGO—UPl—Dannie O'Day a magician, can make his guinea pig vanish by simply saying "abra- cadnbra" or something. It amazes audiences. O'Day's wife wa amazed, too, when she went to the animal's cage in their home anc found the pet on a disappearing act on his own. A man from th< Animal Welfare League recoveret the Rulnea pig, but he had to take the gas stove agart to do It. Housewife New Champ The end o£ another cycling season finds Mrs. Eileen Sheridan, 23, of Coventry, England, ranked as Britain's best all-arounder for 1949. Beating all opposition over 25, 50 and 100 miles, she averaged 21.8 miles an hour in. these exhausting events. She also set a women's 12-hour record, covering 237 miles at an average speed ol 10.75 miles an hour and beating the previous record by 17 miles. Cobra VK Elephant Indian teak companies lose several elephants each year because of cobra bites. A bite on the tip of the-trunk, or on the foot at the base of the toenail, proves fata to an elephant in about three hours. JANUARY PRICES Veto*. To SUM GABARDINE SUITS PVUV UMI0 IN*/o WORTH'S HOLLYWOOD ALTON,| ILL FIRST LADIES MIIT—Mrs. Alben Barkley (1) and Mrs. Harry S. Truman enjoy a hearty laugh as they meet in Washington for the first time since the former became the wife of the Veep. Meeting took place at kick-off luncheon for the National Symphony Orchestra's 20th annual sustaining fund campaign at which the two First Ladies were guests of honor.—NEA Telephoto. . TMUMDAY, JANUARY R 1950 Fire Chief Reports Two Minor Alarms A defective flu* resulted in a fire that Mused minor damage at the residence of- John Stone in a multiple-occupied dwelling at, 30t Centrnl at 3:04 p. m. Wednesdav, tire Chief Lewis repotted. No.'i and 2 companies answered the alarm, At 8:12 p. tn. Wednesday, smoke in the apartment of Mr. and Mrs. John Westbrook, In a four-family house at 621 East Fourth, caused an alarm answered by No. 1 and 2 companies and the ladder truck. Chief Lewis said an oil floor heater caused the smoke bgt there was no fire. Washington's Surrender Washington and his Virginians fought the first battle of the 'French and Indian wars at Great Meadows, near Unlontown, Penria. Here he erected Fort Necessity, which was captured by the French and this was the only battle In which Washington surrendered. Hsu Provide Leather Women dressed from head to toe in fish skins is the ambition of two young Polish inventors, Stanlslaw Czuba and Witold Kuncewicz, who are turning skins of cod, catfish, tiger fish and skate into all colors. At their plant at Beddington, England, they turn sea fish skins into sup- pfe, waterproof leather and it doesn't smell ot fish, they say. It makes -hats, gloves, capes and shoes, Tattooing certain marks on the body is regarded in Burma as a sure shield against being killed in' warfare. Pakistan is to build Its first ships. -Ulan, You're Crazy Iron Trr thii At «ll *r»i itnt* (Vtrywhcrt—In Alton, at Thrilfy Drn*. (Adv.) FEET HURT? Do Your Arch Support* Need Rt-AdJiittlni? SM BOB BLOOMER AT NEW LOCATION FLOOR, ODD FELLOWS' BUILDING, 200 EAST BROADWAY Across the Street From the Light and Power Company. NEWBERRY'S, Your Friendly Sc & lOc Store, is bringing; you many, many close-outs during (his Big January Sale. There are numerous un believable Low Prices throughout our entire store—in every department. «• ' * * • * ••»********« WASHABLE WINDOW SHADES WITH ROLLERS These nre lust year's overstock and we must sell them out -* a loss—but It's your fain at this low price—lower even »H nan AW •!••«! mm. H*nla«A vniiB* nlri wlndniV «hflfl<*fll tlAW at than paper •hades. Replace your old wnow saes n for spring; at this great saving. Standard size 36" wide 7Z" long. low— but t's your fain a s ow prce — ower ev paper •hades. Replace your old window shades now n this reat savin. Standard size 36" wide x 37° Were 65e ea. FINE ENAMELS S Sites, Many Colors. 2 CANS FOR 4 THE PRICE OF * >v WATCH BANDS Gold plated or stainless steel. Expansion type. Were 50c. 7 POWDER PUFFS BUY A SUPPLY NOW. WERE lOo Manufacturers Special Assortment off Toilet Goods Many popular brands, creams, lotions, wave sets, toilet goods, mouth washes, talcums, etc., values to 89c .<.... 19 SANITARY BELTS ' HALF PRICE SALE. WERE lOe BABY SWEATERS Long and short coat styles, fine yarn. Pink, Blue, White. 11.89 values 77 SHEET BLANKETS LARGE SIZE ,HEAVILV NAPPED WERE $1.9* .67 LADIES BLOUSES $1.59 AND $1.98 VALUES *10<> 1 SHOE BAGS Heavy gauge plastic. Pretty boudoir colors. $1.19 value*. 83 BEAUTIFUL DINNERWARE large assortments of odd pieces greatly reduced to close-out. Good quality. IMPORTED NOVELTIES PLANTERS, VASES MANY OTHERS. PRICE MODERN LAMPS BOUDOIR AND TABLE MODELS PRICK LAMP SHADES WIDE ASSORTMENT OF BOUDOIR SHADES — ? PRICE OILCLOTH SCARFS 15xS6" with pinked edging. 25u value for shelving, cabinet tops. 15 PILLOW CASES Stamped or plain. Finest broadcloth 50' LADIES' DRESSES Most are 80 square percale. 13.98 values .......... FIRST QUALITY PIECE GOODS SPECIALS CHAMMMY •f MM .colors Yard COTTON REMNANTS Pattern* and Solid Color* Pretty and stripe*. 29-33-39V UNM.EACHCD MUSLIN STRIPCD OUTING FUANNIL Yard 25* Ut* and Uts «f OtftM* Plf tafiaim on Our Caunttrt. •a to

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