Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 5, 1962 · Page 7
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 7

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Fayette School News Kindergarten— We have been learning how to make number 6. We have to remember that his back is curved instead of straight like ours. Some of us are still having trouble knowing how many 6 means. We will soon be ready for number 7. Most of us can print our first name very nicely. Some of us have been trying to print our last names, too. We had to change our room around so we would have a place to put our paint easels. We will need to take turns painting. Jan Langerman, Wyatt Hayes, Karen Oakes, David Schnieder, and Stephen Baker have all had birthdays in March that we helped them celebrate. We took our Kindergarten newspaper for March home. It tells all the things we've been doing during the month of March. First Grade — Mrs. Scheidel In Social Studies we learned that astronauts are men who travel into space. Rockets are used to launch the astronauts. Many peo pie and many things helped to make Col. Glenn's trip into space possible and successful. What is wind? In science we learned that wind is moving air. Wind can be helpful in many ways. During our study of zoo animals each child was busy bringing pictures, drawings, stories, and other information about the animals. We particularly enjoyed having Jimmy's mother, Mrs. Wolcott, come to our room and show us colored slides of zoo animals which the family had taken during vacation trips. Sandra Briggs celebrated her birthday by bringing a candy bar for each of the pupils in first grade. Third Grade — We are pleased to have almost everyone back in school after having so many absent with colds and flu these past few weeks. Everyone has been very busy making reports in our room. We were given a set of encyclopedias not long ago. Since then they have had constant use. We have listened to some very fine reports about teeth, bones, and muscles in health class written by Sue Beck, Ellen Thomas, Doug Langerman, Nancy Ash, Debbie Rainer, Sherry Scheidel, Janis Aanes, Cheryl Stepp, Marsha Leverington, Shirley Buhman and Danny Bonjour. We have set aside the last period Friday to listen to reports about birds. We have read about the robin, the meadow lark, and the red winged blackbird in class. Everyone colors a picture of eacli bird which we study. Dwight Maurer brought us a tree whir!) birds nests and with little bi-ds which several have brought and set on the branches. We think our tree looks unite realistic. In arithmetic elns.s \ve arc mult iplying and dividing by 12. Kvi-ry- one thinks this is easy. Doug Kiel and Billy Or Iv-ought tree branches which we hope to use to make an Kaster egg trw. Nancy Ash. Sue Beck. Do Wayne Kuhens, Gary Lambert. .Joyre Langerman. Dwight Maurer and Ellen Thomas all celebrated birth days this month. Fifth Grade — Mrs. Downing We have lx.'en having some very interesting science classes lately. We have been doing some chemistry experiments. Dennis brought his chemistry set to school to use. We have been experimenting with limewater, carbon dioxide gasses and other things. Our arithmetic lessons are teach ing us how to find the perimeter and area of squares and rectangl cs. We have, also, been studying graphs and tables. Next Monday we nve to toll tall tales for our language class. We are trying to learn how to tell a story so that it will he interesting to our listeners. The study of our government has been our social studies ass ignments. Next week we will begin the study of Alaska and Hawaii, our two newest states. Our next unit in reading is about famous people of other days. We hope to read about many- people besides those in our reader. We have found that biographies of other people are very interesting. We had 13 perfect papers in spelling last Friday. —• — Mrs. Everett's M"s. Everett has taken over most of our classes no* 1 . This is Mrs. Frisch's last week with us. Group I in arithmetic will com plete the work in their books this week. They will have review and workbooks for the rest of the year. Group II arithmetic are learning a new skill this week. They are changing improper fractions to' mixed numbers. Transpo 'tation is our topic for social st"dies. We luive 1< a-ncd of the devc'op'iii nt of t ^inspiration from wa.kin.? to p-cs nt day jets. Jn health wp completed unit four. How Your Bones and Muscles Wo'k. Next week we will learn about the skin. Everyone had fun learning a poem Thur.schy. We learned "April Hain" by Robert Loveman. We have somo interesting stories written for creative writing in language. Each person was given an action picture, passed out at random, and n-(|Mired to make up a story about the picture. These will be read to the class when completed. Art period and afternoon recess we"e removed from our schedule for an indefinite period due to un- denjpcratic actions of many of our class during art period this week. Gold Star papers were turned in this week by David Swehln, Dennis Martin, Marsha Frey, Bonnie Boulton, Rosanna Stepp, Linda Him- mcl, and Dawn Pattison. I would like to thank all the students and especially Mrs. Everett.. My student teaching has definitely been a wonderful experience. I feel that I have gone from a scared, inexperienced learner to a confident teacher. The students were wonderful and so good to work with. .1 have certainly en joyed each and every one of them. Mrs. Everett has been very patient and understanding. I am so glad I have had such a wonderful and excellent teacher to do my student teaching under. Mrs. Frisch Sixth Grade — Mrs. Butterficld We are learning to use prepositions in language. This is tin- sixth part of speech we have had. We can find our prepositional phrases in our sentences and tell whether the object of the preposition is a noun or a pronoun. In arithmetic we have been multiplying fractions, with whole numbers. This is new work too. It is more difficult, but we enjoy learning new things. Mr. Jones gave us a map on which we were to locate 31 European countries and six bodies of water. Two pupils had a perfect score. Several others in the class did good work. Everyone is going to make a special effort to write a perfect spelling list Friday since this is the last week Mr. Jones will be teaching it. Steve Homewood is leaving our class to make his home in Florida. We are having a "going away party" for him and Mr. Jones on Friday. SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS Seventh Grade — by Linda Moore Mr. Jones the sixth grade practice teacher visited our room Thursday for two periods in the morning and two periods in the afternoon. In health we ln\ <• IH-CM reviewing the systems for ;i test. We find that most eve-yone has gut the gland and ci-Tnlato-y systems, but sw still need simv help on the ne-vous system. We had our ntn,i : ,,- ( .i ( ,i, ,•,-,,,.( ing Friday. VY>' disrussed our spring party, but de-idrd l<> wail before we planned anything. \\V now have $7(1.7'! !;i the club t x-asury. Eighth Grade — by Harriet Johnson and Denny Hendrix We held cluh eU-etion last Friday. The off'ci s arc ;H follows; Presidcr,'. Hnh Swi-hla; vice president, I) ; am- Sc-hncider, secretary, Linda Lutx; treasurer, Larry Joe Vati-s; librarian, Richard Ash and Hay Wardt-11. We arc now working on the poems and lif>- of Longfellow. One of his poems we are working on is Evangcline. In our arithmetic- cla > --s, group I is studying interest, and group II is stu.lyim; taxes. In health, Saii'lra Gray. Linda Lotz, Rose Mary Owen, and Connie Dahlquist gave a demonstration on thr treatment for bites and stints. In music, V.T ;ire listening to the New World Symphony by Antonin Dvorak, and studying musical symbols. Special Education — Mrs. Swartz Mrs. Swartz went to a special education merlin'.; at Waverly on Wednesday ;m;l Mrs. Johnson taught the class. She and the children luiti a pleasant day. Linda, Sinda and Janet arc going to do a health play. When it is ready, they will put it on for Mrs. Downinn's fifth grade. Donna has been ill with a sinus infection for the past week. She went home ,.-om school during the morning on the Saturday on which we had school and has not been Lack. Arnold and Marcel la are once again driving, an activity which was discontinued curing the worst weather. Donald ran the projector for movies in third and fifth grades. Recent movies which we have had are ones on home safety. my "gabbing''. ' ' ( "'-'-"• T-N-T Here is a list of the "ailing" at FHS. Maylw you could cheer them with a note or expression of cheer. Rosie Micheals, appendectomy: Karen Ash, tonsilitis: Larry Keig. "Badminton Blues": Sharon Henry, "Shorthand Sadness': and some of the scnnrs are jn.st generally depressed. T-N-T "Conrvils" to Mary Sue Man son nnd Bavb Allvv on nv-Uing "All Shite Honorable Mention". T-N-T Isn't it funny how the weather affects various people so differently. Cold weather made Ba-b Burgrt's hair red. and now this nice spring weather has turned Carol Clark's hair the same color. Goodness ! ! ! T-N-T Have you noticed the latest cra/.i' 1 .' '.' ( As if you could miss it ! ! I Well, it si-t-ms to be big purses. Sandra Hi'iinig wins the prize for this week, having one that measures 15 inches high and 12 inches wide. If you don't lx> lieve me. just ask Don Evans; he measured it. T-N-T This year may be the best .vet for the Fayette "Walking Track Team". The roving reporter tells me that as soon as they get out of sight of the school building, they walk. If that gt is tiring, they stop and have a snowball fight Right, fellas ''. ? V T-N-T If you really have been craving for an intellectual, sophisticated novel, just read the one that "tin- gang" ( Dayna, Karen. Sharon If., Joyce, and Marge ) wrote for English. Now. get this title. Hillbilly Jill and Her Still. Doesn't that just strike your fancy? '' T-N-T Can't finish with "Suppirt is- Cards" any more-, so guess I'll just say. that's it for this week. Hot Lunch — Monday - Macaroni and cheese, peas, grapefruit and mandarin orange sauce, peanut butter sand wiches. raisin bar, milk. Tuesday - Weiner in bun, baked Ix-ans with tomato, fruit juice, apple sauce, milk, graham crack ers. Wednesday - Turkey and dressing, potatoes, sunshine salad, bread and butti-r. milk, peach sauce. ''"i ' --•'-iv Chili and crackers, ,-f'ish t -ay. c-al-i-. pear .'mice, col- I i ;<• chcisi', milk. Friday Fish sticks, potatoes, bvc-ad and butter, milk, orange f|u«-te"s. vmilla pudding with bananas. Senior Sketch — A-ehery. fishing, hunting, and sltvp'ni: a -e the hobbies of Leo Hunis. the son of Mr. and Mrs. l-'-iwii t! Hums. He was born on Scpt'inber !:'.). l!M:j, ;ln d has g-ecn c.v- s and b-<>v.-n hair. He presently stands ;it 1.7)1 mi lers and weighs (!'-< Newlons. He lik: s math and physics and lik.s tn pai-tii ipati- in football for- casting rontcsts. He does not like people who do not stand up for wnat tiny believe and ridicule timsc who do. In the summer of 1'Xil. lit- part- ripated in the NSF at the Un- ivivsily of Iowa, which is at Iowa City. His high school extracirricul- ar include; baseball. football, basketball, rack, student council, and pep club. Lee's favorite memory of high school is participating in track under the coaching of John Chandler, and being on his squads that placed 2nd in both the indoor and outdoor state track meets. After graduation, he plans to attend the State University of Iowa or Iowa State University. La-Ty Williams was born March i5. 1944. He is the son of Mr. and M -s. Clyde Williams and has hazel eyes and brown hair. He stands .70" tall and weights 1C5 pounds. His 'avoritcs include; food t- bnne steak and apple pie; musi"- ians, Elvis Presley and Connie F-nnois: color, blue; and clothes, sweaters. He dislikes loud-mouthed peop'e. His high school activities are; d -anrUics, t - ack, baseball, football, basketball, and student council. Hi- was Grid Man of the Week and has won several medals and t -ophies. After g-aduation this spring, he will attend Upper Iowa University. IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE TRY LEADER WANT ADS THE APRIL SHOWERS THAT BRING MAY FLOWERS HAVE NO EFFECT ON THE LUCKY LADIES WHO DO THEIR LAUNDRY AT THE Fayette Speed Wash One Block North of Upper Iowa Gym Wash 20c Dry lOc Open 24 Hours Every Day This 'n That — By Marge After about two or three weeks of vacation I shall now return to I Wallpaper & Paint Now Spruce-up for Spring I Over 1OO Wallpaper Patterns To Choose From plus Many Special Order Books COMPLETE LINE OF Super Kern tone Paints ALL OF THE NEW 1962 COLORS ON HAND PLUS ALL DISCONTINUED KEM TONE COLORS % PRICE WHILE THEY LAST LET BOB BUY THE CEILING PAPER FOR YOUR ROOM CLIP AND USE t/J 'i & u CLIP THIS COUPON CLIP THIS COUPON CLIP THIS COUPON CLIP THIS COUPON £ CEILING PAPER FREE WITH EVERY Complete Room Lot Of Wallpaper Purchased 8 I/I f 0. B Present This Coupon For FREE Ceiling Wallpaper Coupon Must Be Presented To Receive FREE Ceiling Paper Good Till May 15, 1962 CLIP THIS COUPON CLIP THIS COUPON CLIP THIS COUPON CLIP THIS COUPON -H 8 T) o CLIP AND USE FINAL CLOSE OUT Men's Clothing Sale We have purchased the entire remaining stock of the HOLZER'S Clothing Store in Independence, and moved it to Oelwein! We've rented the former SCHUCHMANN LOCATION for *«• «*»• «* event, and v/ill sell the stock to the bare .walls ! ! This stock includes many famous lines — such as Lee Overalls — Arrow Shirts — Healthknit Underwear and many others! We've added some items from our own stock to fill in sizes and make the sale more complete! IT'S ON NOW COME IN AND SAVE Myron Baum, Oelwein Healthknit White T-SHIRTS - SHORTS 89c Arrow SHIRTS Values to $5 — Val. to $4.25 — HYDE PARK SUITS Save up to $40 Men's Blue Chambray Pocket Style WORK SHIRTS 88c ••••••••i M i M. MI M n M ijl M i »i| . LEE OVERALLS 49 ALSO BIG SAVINGS ON... TOP COATS DRESS SLACKS SPORT COATS DRESS SHIRTS HATS

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