The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 22, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1927
Page 6
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PAGE SIX JUST HOW HIS TEAM DID IT Ujllyard Star Explains All,About the Battle With Ke-Nash-A In A. A. U. Finals. ALPHABE (By Furresl IK- KrriiHrill) K:iiis;is Oily. Mo.. .\l;tr. i'l'.iSpo- liuli. - We lJilIyii(3s. Itkf 111.- lit-; lii- liDV vitli liis sled, took ii niii-^ iiins start and coasted into oiirj .sL 'coiiil coiisi'cutivo national lia.-ski.'t- liall (Iianipionship liy beatinjj llu' K"-Nash-.V .Motors at their ,o\\ii saini;.' that of gcltins a l<!ad and blull .'jVji^ until the final gun. Oiilsliillcd Kp-\ii<ili-.\. THE TOT.A DAn.Y REGISTER. TUESDAY EyENTNG. ^fARCH 22. 1927. Walter Jphiison Will Miss Opeiien Moires lain Soon 19 FOR PECKINPAUGI- HAS TAKEN HI 3 MOST VALUABLE PLAY-R PECORATION FROM WA^MINGTON TO CMLCAGO ,Ot:n luarKin of victory was j;i lo i i'r.s-tliat he plpycd a vh^'P "f 0. kc-.\'ash-.\ has Raiiit'd fame as I ffiisivc R'anut. rc.ovorins ni'arl I'l. Kf-.Nash-.\ has Raiiit' a .stiilling team, and wc know tlit;' of tli.- Ko-.Va.^li-.V .shots from only -way to first in an on-' hacki)oard. louniir tiieni was to .scramble i .VII Over :it (hi' Hall, into a cDjnniandinK lead and thou j Ko-.\ash-.\ was heafen in iln oul-smart thoni duiiUR the remain-} few minutes of play. When der of the fjame. lt'"wa.s with idea I that we w-nl into the R; and that we were right^in our <Jon-! hut of course we had to go tlm vic'ion is pr'ived by the box .si Kr;-.\asli-.\ went to the finals stalling, but failed to out-stall chanlp.ion^ when the big c;uut'. , ; riiiycfl Kruiny jtiiskptliall. Tribute iiiusl be i)aiil to member of the Uillyard team playing brainy Imsketbali. were lijibealnble because we his me. first few minutes of play, we gained our l!t-to -.'i lead at half, the game was as good :is < the ver.: ugh •gu- by Uatioil 10 ininute>. The cmwd l<jnew nm- ave OIKI ire. the formality of iilayiiig the r eijery , tor : the! that we had won another <-l choice 1 pion.sliip. because it stairled to I jthe htiilding soon after the .sei ih:i)f l«tavte(|. fip-\a>ih-\*s Caint' Lovers I.e( jnc say for the K"-.\a;| !\Ve ' motors' that they are a game bi^u ijut-jof low'rs. Th''y are elian pla Jri(!ked the Wisconsin players! in ' and <-\>-M\ slmts. They did tlii-ir (jwii p,;r !i4 -ular style of play. ! raise a hollt r v.-Inn we I stalll S'ldom Jiavi- we displayed as bril- i 'agaihst them after giMting a liunt a passing igalife a.s we did j They would Tiave dojie.fhe P^'lurday niglit aijd sifUlom havi^ our j Ihingi 'j'liey were iieateit \\\ \ S]>a) siiooler-^ iloni; better Work. own^ and took thi'lr 'bea : You will noti(e t^hat every nuin-; liki- rial m-'ii. Tin." game in lii'i-. of llie ilillyard team .sioricl, Th< r«' wasn't one ol us th|il did . uj)t leel till' thrill of cuiitribntiiig lii)int« In onr victory. ThiM'. in a way. was a p.irt u\ our slr;itegj-, lor with iviiy man hitting the ba.s- ket \\w Ki '-.\,isli-.\ jdayers weri Ivcpl diM nnrertiil. They' i • coiirillifate llieir d"|euslV( those .repre.- i nior-- Mday.'rs lik I ing K<--.\ash- \. i imw nllli lllll.iiird<' Th'v is my last gamewith Hillyards and (lostiildy my giiin.'; ill this siiticiii Id Ihi try. .|!ui I w.iiil to say Mial I cMlId not I niighf V gipml l.o han' iil:iyed • play on ! the Uillyard : in iheir gr<>al any one inan. because the minute | lltlipic I uaiiteil loliriivli nil III) any llill>aid pl 'iyer was left > un- j my- laiiHell fame here. - S li loveii'd il imaul points lor We ; doii'-li, hiif only by tln' help of hail po .;sifssion o[ .the hall nearly 1 finest liiiiicliiif jila> ei.s ever ass •all ol thf tiiiie, thank.i to the lirll-! hied 'ui one tiMiii. ^ . lianl. iloor play of lliirold Hewitt. • l — - - • ,j — one of Ihe greafesi basketball PuljHc ScrvicC CirOUP players tlia! ever stepped on a ; » JJ XT II I rouri. Adds a New Mem! MenlH Itr'oke Ip the I'lins j • -Hughie-was after the ball'every Ti.lieka. .March t.M 'i -W minute and it was he wiio broke up ; "'illon of ."^I. Ceorg- resigned the Ke-.\ash-.V time after ^ <li'.^' ^' - si aafir lo ieioiii . lime and gav.- nspossLssion of ilu- 'iK 'inber of the public servicu c^ni- ball. Ki>r that matter] w.> were all- I'alloii vvas on our toes. , We ha^d to be. (I!v llrl.'in IMI.t Tampa. Khi.. .Mar. -ll. (.Vl'l;!- I Theri" was a world of regret in Walter .lohnson'.'t voice when he .said. ."I guess I woirt be ahle to pitch the opening game this ycir." Tlie hig Washiiigt.ln pitciier. on the club lor 1'" .vje.irs and one of j the gloat rignies ijif (lie gam-', was [siruekon the left] leg by a batted ball in prai-tice land surti'i'eil a i broken bone abovi' the .inkle. He looked ruefi ! c'list in which Iiis I .-IS he said: "I lirst game of tin J.!y at a plaster ileg U .is eiK :i .M 'i| have iiiti !ied the .Mi-a-oil lor Wa.-^li- j ington 1.") or tiiiies. lint it seems •loo much lojho|)n that I will be r«'ady to start theih.ill rolling tins year. i ••The doctiils s:(v tli have to stay' on ^hen deal! the ] weeks and 1' suppi leave III'' enough ; shajie lieTTire TtTr- ! ••! was ciinnting'i getting awiiy good .\ly arm te t g I iiig on a ^ood s • for that niailer. would hav(- helpeii' last will I Ihrif se lhat wiil mil time lo ml in -tart. ; a deal mi too. Iliis yiar. ud I w;i.- loiitit-. ifoa, I Mill- am. bin a g liiil stirt a !ol.'^ \\\ h i -rs not I ad., s <imi' len- ing lis III- .Mlhiiiigli .lohntioii is starting his yi-at' with Washington in the .Anieriian leiigiie. he has not been hurt much. '•This' should If a giini! si -asoti lor us.^' he said. "If wi- i gnod pitching we will be si -rinus i-on- tender^. • "I am not foolish enough in de- iiive inysi'ir into thinking my arm is as gnoil as it wa.-i. It's not. Coach John Scott Has Called Track Meeting .Ml men liitereHieil in (rack nri> lo .-itleliil a meeting a the high ;<cliool andiloriiim tomorrow evening. This i* Ihe se <'oiid Kiicli meeting III he held for the high school j.i.ys till-' yiar. .\t the ptii-vioils meet •ains were lolls ilasses •the inleril sunn III- lol j \'tork to III' I was ni-ii;io;|eil j morrow tin ! inei I will j .set and also I liroiiglit up. lecleil froi li> hiail till ng which was Ill-Ill si(iont a montii ago eap- |iss meet Whi( I. .\ a I ttl< lone in track at thai X the vari- eams in h will • of the this vear j timi-. To-j lati- for Ihe [inter-class ! ^oobably he definitely I raining rii es wijl be \ Some «)f ihii! nii-n liav • HUMBOLDT IN VICTORY FETE MONDAYINIGHT ' \ ! • • •• Itasketball Team (Jivcri Banquet in Ilonor of Successful Cage Season .Just Ended. I) Til oiii woljking on tin- i! ra<-k| r"g- ^iill 1 iilarly and } rnp .-line of J !l Till- iineiini; I iiinsIIV for ibi not wniki'il villus years. Iinpi- to III' able to • plares mi the leam. loinorrow | -will be ffilows who • have iin track liete in pre- cnilldu't Hi' a St rain mi I think I aiii gnml ye .irs yet. ij iiiiglit_ record at tl |;i!." C'v Veil lis: pili^lii till' major hagiie -i. fnr . I liavi- |iii' i|!nti' I nver,l!ie yi'ais. IJiil or t V 11 or tl^i .-• ii-;il I 'y Vniiiig's il 'I'l, yiai S' ill "I have receiv.'dl .i nilliilii r nf lelti'i-.- from'l.iiis' il liiiie iii-- llii-y are si .ny I am Ini:!." ^ail| .Inliii- snii. 'I lik'' llial. I 'i I iiii:- '•. I''- .•I rral tiiliiili' whili llif y niiig rs tire lor .•.'III a;:'l I wiMiiiln 'i ir.uii- iiiv, .-la:!iliiig wil!i .lie- ki'i •' .li! nvrr tJie fiMinrr^' ;'>r aii> i''.;:!l'. ••ll « i;! :i^'t -^ikf i :i'- .\ ^z.:- Il Willi'- I'l I e;iii M.ili< gnoil II.' II". «illl"r l -i :;k Kigali .\ 1 .1 t I I 'i.'i -li u il' 11 iniiii.ii/. ilii- i!' tl ;.i Kansas University Fiye Drew Crowds I.awieii.e. ! Kans.. fAIar.! -n. fAIM Tli - rnivi-rsjiy of Kansas hasket- ball li'aiii wljich won Its pLvtii i:on' .-'•lUtiv.. .MiHsniiri Valli-y, c ont'er- , . MI >; till'- till- past : seas|»ii played li.-fnre I .S..S.-1 I spi-ctat ()r .'4.| according In fiu'iiret given out til(is morii: iir.' by .Mill.'lie hireCtoriK. V.. Al• li'.-i. Ill llieir Iti-i: gann-s ^way from ii 'ii'ii-.' Ihe .l.iylijiw kers idayeir iie- I'ori- ;'ii:d in thi.'ir home gaiii'-s in. I .'.K attended. J Til'- II' t iileome this ..iear from ,'ill till- gaiiii s is .i;i;.."il7.'i:! against .*l."7';.-"2 las* yi-ar. I'ai't of t.lii.s !i;'ii-a-i- 111;- y-.'ir is dm-j to a new mil- nf a .".I -.'.M .-jdit on; all con- l-'i'-'iii.- gaiiij^-s. In thvjpast thi- vi-iiilii.' l'a;ii was glvi-n; a giia aa'-'- of .*:;.">ii. Prince of I Wales Cpes Downj But Is IVfot Ou( llhe .1 io |in- .1 \N |illi I ri ! in ' ne . he 111- NtmiberS ^'.ige 1) er (('ontiniii'd fro limi- aim diiijoma nf ilii- nlirigiMi g iiiilin'r i'l!v.rl li.v ll In i;''gnt iali- a i "ll tniili' liv S' rri 't.ii-;. Ill' an I 'M 'lanc" nf niunii'iiiinii-; il I 'igii ^riTi -Jar\ and iii'w III ill i:>'ji; ;it I il Mi'\iia:i I'JIroliiim ui 11- first' I'oiniillalj Federal Court Ruling on n ll- I n-riiL-iiii inn iM i niii'iii. .\ • I 11.t' 'I .St.Ill s tii'';-i'la! iM-.ily illuih' • in Mi'l pi i - "lllI I I n.'ll I- \li-.\ii all for- llii- w ;i- re- • tillH- till IM'W and land laws d. S Apples I Al 'p I li)lilil!l .i. .Vni I llJl.imiAl lain.'. Mar.' :.'t' i.M'i " TI -f Wall-. w,(i< tlirnwn li 'ir-" in .l .iy Li; ihi- fir-i III.- ar .'riy jin;:ni In |iiij|ii| Wii liil.i. K'an-' . 'S\.:v. .Vj-id- -. - lir.ij 111 u.ll. '.ii -.-.'-iMi.. Ii-.ii| iiii> lint I m .-hi;!|iiil Ir.iiii • ^ stall- 1.1 ;iiinilii-i iiiili^ lii.- r.- line ll.. • 111 .-II i..n.Mw ll. ll .....i- . I ii |i ll Imln li> .1 iiir\ ill I' iji; I 'll! ll. 'I'll.- j-ii \ !i. '.i' I.': . 1 - 'li lii'-llt ' n! • .-111 it II u;: rv.i^ /iij vm. linn 'if i!i. pi:r,- i ! ,.'..: ,;i •ll..;i- hli' 111 Student Rioters Pav \ ev.-ry hian figured iti our floor game. 1 stalled' deliberately after , we had gained a lead, hut walcln d •' eviry I 'pportiinity;to thrust through the lve-Nashr-\ d<^fen:>e for points. We tiiok the ball to the opposite I'lid of th" < o '.irt whi 'ii \vi- louml the Ke-.\ash-.\ too tight lo jgn .thi'o'igh. and usually they fol- U-'veri us down the court. \ iiuick jiass I'lid the (.-pposiiifj players were ileft hi'hijid in out: dash to the goal. • It w:is ju.-t -lUili deliberate jiliys as iliis. X'oepl "iI ••>yith our lightning­ like move.s to .waid t|ie basket that Won. HoH Wwk Was l>hiil«'(l. I bore the-bruiit of the floor pla I fogelli(-r with Hewitt, while .liinni "Mil k" and "llabe" slipped into ojie .'iiiigs. Hewitt followed all sliolii like a-, di'iiion and counted fmir limes under the basket. He was high point nnui with nine tallies, ami if lhat isn't enough to please 111" most L''i-;rriininaling fan. wi-II. tbry just't .he Iplea.sed. .Mitchell hit till' I 'asl:<-| four times. J.oveli-ss tliriri-, and '"Muck" made two baskets. ••|!iii k 's" .scoring is all th<! P'ori- reiii.irkalilf when one cimsid- .\nii:i^inli--. .Mil.. I . Ten .Inhii^ Hopkins fur'Kruiii inspector until recently, h(^ld- piii,'! rims of iiig .n legislative anil an exi -eii oflii-a at the same time. Dalton I'swoi'ii in today as a member of : (-onniiissioa snccei 'ding .1 e > Greeiik-af. of Lawrence, wli term liad expired. Ureenleaf 1 si -rv »:<T SIX years, liaviiig heen I poiiifed by l -;ovi -nior .Mien. K I Fink, of Uowns. finalilied toija.v] .state grain inspector. He had i) assistant inspector under Dalii Bodies of Fliers Arrive In the U. S. Tomorrow ive 'thi- S Ilose lad ;i II- .M. as •en n. • l-isi Hi In:' a:ii ines Today Ma .'.| i.\!'i • sludi'iiis today 'liii'ii- 111'- p.-l:'- iu a 11 e^hjliail-snphnnori- wiiiil) laii.-i d 111' 111' -I:il- w ;'tshingtoii...Mar.- t.M') —The bodies of C'aiit^iin I'liiilon 1-'. Wn il- sey ^(iid I.iouteiiant .lohii W. I;, n- ton. ^rniy J 'an-.\merii 'aTi good v ill iiviafbrs. \vho were killed in a crash at Buenos Air<'s on Fi -b u- ary Jiti. will arrive at Hobokeii .\. tjiniorrow on the steamer viti- haii.: .-\tter military honors there, of C-aiitain, Woolsey will liniiy seiilS lo his hirthiilace porlj; .Mii-li.. lor hijrial nenimi will be buried i .lon?;! ci-inetery at tin San Krancisco. lie be at .Norllh- ai'id \M in the i • I'rekhl lir'p'llic riiii liei apoi'a's militia. .Xiii" ot Ill"-H.-lu-iriil-: s!i"i;! llu- i'ii;;il in jail, j anil It'-riiard I'.rai'k. -"rinii-!y injiiri-il by ri pn li.'.-man's ilii'i'd |g:iir:> iinn/ ll'- liospilal ii'-.j. i 'liyi-i. i;.ii-: i( lirai'i; w.puld ri-iii,vi-r. 'In ai'lit'oii to I'.riick. llinsi- who p::i I Viii'-- ii;- (Iii'led .lo.-i-iili Kicliardsmi. Tal. dklaiioma Fish and Came Group Buys Two New Tracts 1 i PHONE -65-^ wiiK.N- ,-Y(in: iJciiTS (;n UlT Ui: VOl'i: IMn'Mill.NC iitiK.'-' \'..\\y V C Electric and Plumbing Co. Tin: laiMO STdKK ipi d injury ire. 'Kiig • I'riiii ' :'nm ills jiiliip ill slei'ple- Hnniboldt. .Mar. Ti. iSpiciali The ••Knccessful .Reason",' i ilriira- tion given by llnnibnidt tijgh school to its basketball ti-ain was held ill the high school auditoijium last night. .\ large andii-nce: attended and a fine program was given. The help given by the business men and ol1i'-r oiitside'or- ganizaliou's aided to maki- ,the I lelebrafion a sincess. The imi- i gram was a.s follows: ; j Presentation of trophies--t.'ap- I tain Ottis Kelley. Short, lalk.s—.1. I!. Flint.' J. II. .\iidrews. Stunt'-^Sophoinore and man girls. Hong —Boys del' Clilb. Stunt - .-Vmericaii I,egion. Stunt-Chamber of Cominerce. Song.-Cirls (ilee Club. .School songs and yell.s. • The numhers on; the program ; I were clover and interesting, hut | the thing that was .'iierhaps most , interesting to the basketball fans I was the presentation of trophies, i There were three of these trophies. Th first is a handsome silver figure of Vii-tory. won by .ta'kinp; the • haniiiiouship of the r .YCIl .\ I.'agin-. The seioiiil; was a larg" silver baskethall mounted on a carved peib-stal. received for winning the lola junior college tour- naiinnt. The third is! a silver figure of a baskethall player. ri-(-i-ived for t.ikiiig secmid jrlaire in thi- di^- triil tournament at Niodesha. These three tropliieiB add much lo the Humboldt high, school trophv'- --ase. ' Harry: "Wonder how Bill always seems to loojv like money in the hank? He sure i.s a j^'ood dresser. (icorjce: "Bet he l)i«: clothinir hill <^n hands, though'" ButCeorifc was all wronjf. discovered! that our drv cleani will keep his suits looking Ilk nothing cost. Bill simply has and pressing new at riext-to- BILL SENDS IS SOMETHINC VERY WEEK Phone 105 for a Live Business Mem in lola^ ()niy>( till- ti'i larjrti.xt maiuifacliiifrs nf aiito- t^iiil^ilt'.s. i>i()ilii|t-iii}; a line of six-fylindfr car.s raiigiii.!.' ffoni i^Ui't (<> $2215 has an oiiening for a iIcjiIrT in I()ia. This is an exceptional ofrL-r it!) (iljijijin a fraiiciiii .-^f which carries permanent op- irofit. An int|iiiry for fiii[thei tliH'tptUl, itifoirnal ion 111 ••no SoiiUi .Micliijr.ib Avenut^. rhicafro. Illinois.! AH cuifi-.- iiuiitleiKi I'ratt. Kaiis.. .'Maji Two big rein -atinn'al wi-.'-ii -rii Kansas chased hy the gaiiH- cninmission. Hozi' announced lAl'i irai'is in have I liei-n imr- fiM 'estrv. fish and Ward.-n .1. It. today. Some inlii lit. la- i io, I ; acri -s of land in .Scnil connty. in, I'ludi^ng a serii -s of laki-.s, and ;i:;o I iiiTi 's In .Meade county const iluli- j the ai'w iiai" owiH'd property. Too Many Exhibition Games A TIE the major league cluha playing fot> many exhibition games in the spring? Xhe number"of serious injuries that have befallen various star.s has created tliat impression. Already a lialf dozen ontsland- ing . players in the majors are on the hospital list. The trauble. if se^ms. is due to the fact that the clubs arc starting the before the pliayers are properly conditioned to Stand the rigors o£ severe compefitionj ' . • Coupled -with' this is tlije fart " that many of the^ Jumps in Florida must be made by bus. the players making the round trip on the same day. which doesn't help. • • * Cot in Came T;oo Quickly T>ABE Rt.TTH, after securing a •| three-year contract with the K^w York club, made the Jonrney southward. There wa.< much ballyhoo about the contract as veil as his arrival in the laud of ei^^i.'shino. as the press agouti vould say. i Kuth made his triumphal entry Into St.- Petersburg. Fla.. the training camp of the 'i'ankees. on ^ Monday.' He had only two days" prattice when he Jitmped into the lineiij) against the Cincinnati Reds. * The biggest; crowd that ever attended a game at OrlaJido,- Klu.. 'was drawii. thither to see Ruth. The Babe r.eally 'wasn't in shape . to si.irt. tn the Jcui;th inning one of his leg.s gave way under him. he tlipped over third bane, ami the next day he was on crutches. Trying to play too soon In ordei- Io please Ihe faun who had come to see blm do hlf »<uff Kel -hlai baik i»boul 10 iu lialu- UIIU' Views of Cjincinnati fVlanage A . KtJMBEil ot the major league *lul)s play from 20 to 30 hill gamiba in the spring. At least oiie- Ihird of these are stagotl befc re the players are in shape to go at top ipeed. I discussed this question w Jack Hendricks, smart manager-ot the tinclnnati Reds. He said: "t fear We are all making mistake in trying to get in t )0 man-y exhibition games. [ ^ '•It is all right to say that the exhibition games don't coiii t, thei ;efore shouldn't be taken it >o seri(>usly, but that is all the bunk. A Hall player Vith the prop !r spirit wants tjo win. That's tlic rub.; : ••tn a close game he forgets s 11 abont the exhibition stuff 'ai d takes changes that arc foolhardy, con'.^idering. the stakes. Howev* r, a ptaycr. when he realizes a dar­ ing'slide may win him the de< i- sioii, doesn't stop to tliiuk it is oni.v an exhibition game. "^^s a matter of fact I wpuldt 't havL- any use for such a b«ll playVr oi my team. He wouldi't be the M nuing type." I • T- • ; ' • Perhaps; Policy Is All Wrong pKRHAPS ll is the policy und (f • ^hioh a number of teams cprie souih that is responsible for this con'ditfon. ,• Ui a grelat many cases the clu is areiguaranteed, we will say, $1;,- niit? for training expenses. In rs- ini;h1lhey agree to jilay so mai y e.vli^ibitiou gatnes in order, to pe-r- LET JONES DO IT! i Jones Electric Works I'HO.VK i92l FOR INSURANCE (lity and Farm' Thonc i:n or S20 Iljiy Investment <,o. Mrs. IMillip .S. Kny on ^corner, \ HARDWARE & iJ IMPLEMENTS lOLA-K^iAJ^ J'wce/837' inlt Ihe dlfreihil cities to getsoi^a of ill Id inoneij back. j Katiirully (he more giinies, tl o mote lillliy lucre, wliichj poBsib y exitjuiiis the lop -heavy .ichedulpif IhiM inany club.>< are playing; • It's a ntlslake. The teuniR pil- iiiiM'ily cokue soilllr lo cuiidilii n-'i llii-.iiisclv.eii. -Call! rcci'lpts sboul ly l )c directed lo 26th floor will he held conridential. clothes basket to the clothes Kmm Every thing tliat present lay mechanical gentiis can devise n Himinatc Washday drudgery is built ifito the V.^vj "V i ' Mijla Agitallor. ; ^ . t I A super was ler that me»"ts every demand of the exacting lousewife 100- per cent PLUS. This is the rec crd of this grea;, new " 1 (^1" Mola in-thousands c f households eyery washday. No house is comjil-jtely equipped without it. Washes soie i clothes, from sheer lingerie to smudgy kiddie rompersj absolutely CLEAN in every fibre. And it does this far more gently, safely and thjroughly than the most carefiil human hand, or any other machine, could possibly do it. ; ' • \ Sec the New "101" Mola Before You Buy Surely you -will wmnt to see the best machine ; that scienc< and money can build before you \ buy. No ot ler tnachiiie mad* is liSa the New ; "101 ". Come in to see it at work a^ your dealer's i today.- OrJ 'phone us for demonstration in your own hbuse. No obligation or ted Upa. Ask about bur easy payment plan. i Price S155. No Injterest. .H.VTI\KK.S t.':»0 p. 1,1. Ilally ELITE ;.Siitunlay J to 11 ' >HijlITS j 7:00.9:W) p. m. E IJK; SHOWS. Till-: iJTTM-: 110! .SK wn ii/ni Is there an in This Flaming Romance?? Dill S.:.[' !;,;;• C.iniry fi .i ;ii i|,,. 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I ..!.<(..'H III a' fr>!i .-i -i,-.s suitrhhoar Her liin.s .-in- a!i luiyy as a hiila i'.r/.y.iuii Willi flii-lat ioti.s—date (J<'t Ihe I.'iwdoun oti tiiu }li.t?h-ila earriii of ihr f-l.-\ i-|-i-,L rornetiv-i leenV ever jiiayed: at th<- Rilz. da^cer".s ... ^—i'f)niani-e.s.' ter.s^and an tmiance ( MII- .ADDKI) AI.KT: K .M ('!.Ji.\IX AS THK -^\'aller Heirs in ' Fsicks." two reel ody and I'athe Xcw.s,' iWKDNKSDAV Ti-tily warm .^inn LIVF':! ••lanjiMi' iluciimeiit of oui (iotMletl riiot' time.s—f)f a rniyijooiie.l n,,,,!..,-,, mi.s.s who resents opp,-e^- 1 awi tak-.^ 10 iJroadway'.s white lightVs to .Al .vri < onudy and .Novelty Keel.

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