The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 22, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1927
Page 5
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'' © 1927 BY NEA SERVICE INC .Carolyii What Has J.'iinc Bi-fure. flarj -i 'U t'olsiiiii is stabliod to il<'atli wliilf! swiiiimiiii; iil Ofoaii Town, N. J. It is liclifv.oil rin- (l<-iilli xvi';i|i()ii w;is :t piciitiii. ill: Oiit-nlal knif'\ aiiil tl(ai it was imrcliasiMi on liiiai:ilwalk. Folsonrs Itailiiiifj i -oiii |iaiii<>ns •lail•'bci'ii; Uit)i''r Xcvilli*. a Imsi- ni -!^s puiriu'r; .Mrs. H<-leii Itiinia- !i.v iiiid I'aniU'Iila Valdon. Aiia.s .lasia Kol .soiii. <"C(<'iitiic aiul masterful .sister of tl)|! ilcati iiihn. taki's cnniniand. and it is cKtatdi .shiMl that one (Croydon i^'ars is a 1an<:ifr of lurious weapons. .Sfar.i admits' haying t \vo liniw.s but not ih<- piclUKi. ' .^nastasia pnsaKes Tiius Hip'Ks. an arcliiti'ci, tu work on tin* <-asi'. J )a)i I'flton. Folsoiirs nupliew, ar)-;v»-s ;,iid is jnuzlfd ))y ilii- rur- i (i >ls i ^'riMifli dt>ns iii liis iinilc's rooms. / ' • . ' Croydon Sear.- .sfnds for Flem- ii 'K .Stone. I'air.oiis d<>iei!ivp. lie tWIs him Folsoni had l )ein liliu k- iMailin?; h!ni>auU .lie liad l:eii at the inquest' Iiiil was inno<-r-ni. .•^ton-f meets others oi" the lireU-. iiuludiiir^ ; .\'ed Hmron and liis V-ile. ,\iail <'Iinr'. wliu jaizzles lilni.- Koliin Seats, son oi (Locks pretty ))osilive. but nothin4p ; p/isllive. till it's proved. I llari fhe astnleisleiith hiit knowh it. his suspieions were at^ thai vel-pr I ii"-vnent lieiii^ jiroved iip to tlije 'hihl I The |3arr (His. in their own suitj-, •u.M -i- dri.s>iinK for Iimrln-on.-whep .MadeliiVe's coniposiire nave way. ,".\'ed.^' slie eried. in , a sort < (Continued from iPtige;!) datory lor Franklin ebunty for iii- stfliie<> to biiiUl a liaril roiul north from the, .Anderson county line and it will he equally indndatiry tor AVoodsou eouHty to build a hard ibacl west from the -Allen county (•'pnsideraible period, it was deelnred 10 have reduced felonies rtot less jthan W't. 1 'I'he ne.M law to which Senator I Apt VaUed attention was lhe|pri- inai^y refiistration act. I'nder its provisions, every voter will be re- qu!r«il to enf e and dtjclare his pa.rty prefer- when he diX 'S so will be. given party ticket at the primary ami not alloweil to vol" Ihi- ticket I of I another party unless ;!0 LOAN CALIING , BRII^GSDRIOP iCiill Money! Rate Jumps And Prices Go Do^irn I Tciday, line. Vliis work will be done un-, ,inys prior to live iiriniary he has der file prov'siou which requires j fiie,| a wjitteii declanitioii tliat he liriikei! ^wail. "I c -an '.t .stand it I, . <-:ii!'t I" : j I 'Of ('nursp.i you Can't, darling ifvc .on ^y liedii waiting for thiM i l.Meakilown to coine. 1 knew ' must i<»ine. but 1 didn't want to Ifoi,,-- it. .My darlinK nirl. don|t 1 yon .'y.'ii ol 1 V ! ev« i Ir-.i : an- siipiMisc I've seen every bit M{Upi;le. lollowe*! every ste(i ir.r 'way. for tlie last few <Uiys IIOVN' 'you so well, sweetheart •y ton<' of your voice. ; ever in jtoiir di'ar eyes—and now y-u ready to tell me all aboui t lint Aladeliiie. li->r whole loriA 's'^ikin:; wi;h .\olis. was unable nii isiKMk. j a county to iis'rc>ad fund of all to connect with u roaid al- resirty huilt in an adjalrilnB county. Senator Api thinks ihiit thix provi- shm of the bill. tORelher^with ihe jauthnrity the new highway rom- inission ha.s. to coini>«l the building of paps, wjil result soon in jfivinj; all of Kaslern KaiiHas through hiithways connecting the prlniipal towns. (ifl Another important measure was | Kansas an amendment to; the State fish' and satne law which requires every person over 18 years of ar.;e to take out a license for fishing the same las fo- hunting jnrt; will give the j commission an appropriation of ! aboil! $4(10.000 per jear as against the $r>o.<iOn it has had heretofore. has duineed his party allegiance. Another law that was tinkered with mnuh to its Improvcnuni in the mind of the speaker is ;he Stall- dai y <;():niiii.-sion law. The I'.anqn took h"r in his arms ami lion of small lakes in v-'arioiis partls-j j.^, is surjirised \vh<-ii .^toiie men_ lions the dolls Folsoni had owned. : and Stone later disc'overs one doll in-ihi' image of Madeline Ilarmn and leiir.'is that it was Folsom's l ;iv <irite doll. J-le finds out ili;it Folsoni had relurned'lo his liolid . niie ' < Hitain nighl in a whiH -1 chair and ofi'ers to jijjy money if liie rhair jiusher is jirodmc;!. Vow (;o Oil nilii tile St»r\i dr. w ^MY down lo the couch, whil jilt pytH'd :in<! sr-olhed h< zles hini.- "••I'nlJy bail, is i(, dear.' AVel Croydon, iwail till you're ready to talk. The ircat. fiiveloping love tha|t '. ".V.JS In i's.' instead of helping .Mi»d< li!"'. sc'enied rallK'r to make In •iti-tre-s gri'uter. bill the wise antl : nood mhn .lieside her only held hi g'lilly lo whisr .i 'i'cd • 1 •-av >vli.!i feci 'iilcf new measure; provMdes for a State dairy coj imis^ioin-r willi.aii ade- (luate foi-ife of ilispec-tors who .shall keeii i-lose tab on dairi?:;-. neamer- j ies and tl|e like, the purpose bein;; I to give all dairy iiroducts from high iuarktt standard. Lesser measures and yet of im portance were the Jav.s amendin; the intangible tax lav. lo the e.Menlj ot-doubling the picsi-.nt rigisiia-j lion rei- so (|.ut t!ie tax ^lulll b" .".lie on each of iioii-s. mori-; gage:, and <)thcr iiiiangliili' a>;sets:' i!|lid 'hat providing lor the iiianu- Oni! result, of this increased ap-!f.„.,„j.^ ,.„r .„„„ ii ,.,.ns,. lags at proprialion will be the construe- 1 „„. g,.,,^ r.-formatories; T!i.- prcs- ihiiii. and iit-w ami x\\vp au >'ncouragIng word, tile .Maddy." he saiji. you want to. when ynlu it. onlv remember, dea I of the State for recreation and tor ; fish and game preservjes. "The Inw . I also was ainenijed so iis to author- ifi^ the commission, to [apply closed or open seasons .for tame in any coiiiily or in any siibUivision of a co'jnty.- instead of "lite Stute-wide ttniformiiy which now exists The ainendnieiii of t le workmen's «-onipensation law wafa another bit of important tiiikeriiig. according I. 11(1 ^natter wliat it is. no niatt4r told llIAPTKR XLVII. •'I know him," the man Sioi!". "It was Mill Itraiiii)' r." I 'Can you take me to him- now'.'" ! "Cili '.ss so if VdMll I liv ii With tile boss." Fil<;iie li ;,:id il ;iiid Iliey wciil V His gui<li' soon locali-d liili. who , chain ed lo be idi.e. and was liy no ivi -'rs"- In; lidliii;; aiiyiliing; Vor a Consideration. ( knew a lot. isir." hi-, said. " iiialSi-ij w< II. , Villi Was iiiv* <ia -;;:i-iiif>-r. a on.i . "Alone-'" "V.-.,, ^ir. Jll t U .illl.i! Hub- irisl lik- lliai.' nii-:ins \\t kiii'ji And 1^^ tb 1 remi -mber sf-.-. a lady li-al swell wlini you Iiave tu tell nie. nolhir < ;.n .iidiie m.>- iove for yon tlije lia>t iiiiti-. .\nd. remember.' to.ii. thru I ;vm here tor you lo lean oh. Here \<y protect you from any daii- i:er or aliy trouble, fjot tli,-il'? ftVel'l. th<-ii. aien't ymi nearly b(-^lll.'''j '' "It's Jiboiil—abotil—" "Yes." .Madt-line, about FoNoni." "llow.did you know?"' "I di«in'( know. lint, when yoj ;-,o wiii V ii' his nanii- is meutionefl and ar^-inervoiis alid reslli-ss evi si nil- ilKit; irag(-dy, ,1 can't lul^i kliowiii^ l|ier<'s some: eoiinertion V'l'hi-i'i- ;is." .Madeliiii- suddi-nl'y uji vtriiiglil and looked at hinj. ••.Tln-n- ws. .Ned. and I'm goiU4( to Senator Apt. The proved upon trial to iinwiirkable. and.was isfactory both as to employers. The new cotnpleii" approval ot tags iosl the ..-laie ij'.j t :i'nts e^'ch and it is believed tlley ran iie mamifactiireil at tin- retorniatory for about 2 C"iits each. In the mailer of apiiroprialions, the Senator .»=liow-d llial there would be an im rensi- <.f neatly SSliO.ilOO a year during tin- roming bieimium over thost <ji fin- pa-^t two ye;iis, btia that notwiliislaud- ing Ibis iiicre:!!:--. Ihi-re wouli! be no advance in liic i.ix levy as the i diflerehii' woul.d be iriaili- up liv ^lie niBh|,.,jj o- \\dii.'!i i! is e.\- bighly unsat-!,,,,,.,,.,, •,^.j„ ,„.,„|,„.,. „„„..• than _! .\". w Viiik. .Mtir. 22. lAPtj—Pro- iioiinci-d reacliojiary price lenden- cii.: ag:".in developed in today's -.•Del; mark'-t. ^ few venturesome pools iiitcmpiedj at inlervajis. to tally I lie gi-ni ral list by bidrtjing up Ihi-ir favoriles Ijut the pres.4ui'e of ofl'i-rintis lircanii- so large that bullish opi-ratious wt -re either re- siiicli-d' or iiliandoned altogether. Calling of about •'"n.miu. KMI in bank loans, due ;o iln- n-l irn of in<oiiie ta.N clucks . for payment, sent th.- lall money rate from 4 io 4':; iPtr <enl. the first upturn in several weeks. Tilt- tein|iorary cidi; stiring.-ncy appai-i-ntly was n>>-i\. log.ihcr with the incn ase in brokH)>-' loans, lis a pretext tor ii<-ar selling. Wall Street also ap- lieari-d to be |showing g^owipg concern over the iniiniatio: •iirihi-r aiiioiiiob^le price < and Iln- lui'diitions of ihe eliniiiialiiui. tl:i-.>iig;i nierg othi-rwis ; of i soiiii- of the s I oiiipauii' Selling , jirt-.ssure was ii ers $S(fr9.2.i: liberal siipply of steer run selling SlCfi ll.r>0: best heavief! $12.Cri early; vehlers $10 (JilO..-)«; outsiders $12(S;13. Sheeii 12.01(1); choice handy weight lambs to shippers upward to $16.2.'i: early bulk wooled Iambs lir..;!.-,i?itli;; heavy lambs $15@15.ri0 choke lambs .sealing around 94 poutuls |I6;. choice handy weight shipp^r.s held atwve 514.!iU; sn^ep fully 2.">c higher; choice medium weight fut ewes $W; bulk medium to good kind $,s.2r)if> itU'iO; few medium finishing lambs around $13.50.. 1* M * 1* REAL ESTATE TRAN8FEB8 • i * iBsned Daily from Office of • lola .Abstract Co. < *- \ * old law be well )iad lis of utti ig eaily -r \n- nailer lijrected cliii fly a,i;ains; issu<-s which had prov<->i vuln'-raldi' lo bear attacks in till- -.last fi-w days. . .Alarch 21. 1.027; L.i O. ^Lott and wife. Fffie M.. , to Ji. S. Shelly, lot 11. iblock 1 City of lola. $1 .IM>. J. Al.- Ketchum and wife. Tura. i lo James K. camr»bell. part of 1 :'-")-2l-2fl. beg., at point .-it liio in} lersection of K. & \V. road with , S; road in NK. cor. of:Se<-. ' ?.f>. ih. W. 1411 ft.. S. Go ft.. 1-:: 140 i ft.. X, 6i> ft., to b*g.. $:'i.iii"».t)(». • j "Peaches" Apparently Is Not to Fight Back ^•orknien and ! law has | ijps'th(- State is re«-<iving from -lil representa- 1 ^^.p,,... ,i,.j|K.,i in tin. b.-d of ilu- Ar- |tivi-s of lioth classes' and Sentitor Apt believes it will prove eminently satisfactory. , The most imiiortanl law with ready t;o | r..f^renc»- to the re.strk-tioii of Crime in the opinion of the sjieak-j lions'. The penit.-uMal.i/., tin- r.- I er is that whii-li makes it mauda-1 inrmaiory.i iln- imy.^' sihool. ;;iid i;arre(l ; toiy uiioti a court to impose uponjholli tin- iil-iaii. hospital ar-- ba.Mv overcrowdrd and piovisioii wa'-- mad" for addiltonal building- i 'oi Kansas: Uivi-r. ttiiich now amo:in> to about $12.1100 a day. Th.- in- er^ased appropriations wern made iiei-esi'ary :liy th - d-'niaiid lor ii'-w buildings In all the State iii'ititu- ali : a lU'. ib .lK-. Said lie .illi of air and a In.Ill Uill>;i. or suiiipin' . They (dliu do thai. : you. all about < .111 :.!ii «ith nil' a. il and tli<-fl volt see fit. VI1 \V"-H. I tolled lit -r along, and tli<-ii a ^i-iitIrniaii sio'i'iiii'd m>' and Ingol in Willi Iln- lady, and told unto roll oil. -As -1111- Jaiiy made no objection, it was notn' of my busi- ne.^s. so I jiiislnii 'fin doNj^l to tbe end of Ihe route, and th<"i liirtlid back again. Wi-'d nearly reached the .Majusaca, win-n the g(-iillenian .jpa, • calls oul lor me to slop', au.l tiieii no'>v the laijy got oul and gi^t into another chair, and he stayed in and 1 rolled him op to the hotel, and he got oul t Ill-re—at the .Majil- syca." •• , "you know who he was'.'" didn't then. Mi.-iter. but next .diiv; 1 found ,it was the vt-i'.v ihap wli-it was murdered in the ocean!" "Why diill .you never tell ihi.s to an.vonc''" | •'.N'obody asked me anything about it. and I'd no reason to.say anything. 1 couliln't see as it bad aiiv bearin's'- on the murder and I'd no wish to drag in the lady." ••no you kpow who she was'.'" "I didn't that iiiKbl. but i've found mtl since." ^•Uell, who was sJie?" ••li'foi 'e you be>;in. dear, lei m assure illi 1 that you ne»-dn't te iiif I iioii't t .ei -d to know detail •i'ou w.'iei ill some way, treate badly by liiifi. and luiw: it's all puij and ovi-j- wii;li. .Shall, "e jusi let go al tliati'.'": •'I'm \ ajjraid we catrt. N(-d. Iliink I iliiill have to tidl you." ••Veiy. *.ell. then. W.-^ll skill) jalcne lui;iheo»i jfor the iireseiit. anywii gef ibis ovi-r first.- Go i an .Vjone convieled: of a felony, if ill is "ills se<-(md offense, double the I penalty earned for the first offense and in case-it is a third offense,' Ihe jlldki; lA required ijn;iose a life seillence. That must b'e done wln -tiier the preceding fel- o!iy was'I'ommitted inj this State or another, and tu both - caiies the iij;lil of parole is denied. .\Ir. .\pt s :iid that in one Stalle where this hi'-v had been in exitsti-nce for a you. "My precious, darll ig little girl, and you've been healring ithls all ever "You ;,didn'f k'low me long .\'<-.!.'' slje said, slovvly. •'but I a -^l-jnoj^raiiher—•' •'Ol.-, •< knew that." "Well. I was stenographer flarrttt'FoIsom. " His elasp tightened a little i-o(i- yuNil'i-lj'. i)ut lie said no word. ''.\tid he—he married me—" "".Married you " '".\'o. that's it -he didn't, pretended lev-" ••Mad':-line. what are you lie lieldl her III his arms, his lips linssed' l ^i the top'of her curly, boliliid .iiead. and though his heidr' was to!-!! with apprehension Jio lis'eni<l. sti-;.<iily aiwl quietly while she .^pi4e. ado, I all these, ill was shoVMi also I'le I iibei-iiilosis .-aiiaioi iiini al loj.N'oiion waf; unable to i;ike eaie oi large nuinbeis ' of pati.-iit-; who ought to be there, and an a|ip !i<- priation of J2IIII.IJIM) WHS inade ii,r tiie'tit'ctiiin of adiliiioiial iollaue> so tlial .;wi^!iin si.s 'iiontbs il •-' he llevtd acromiliodations -.v:!! be pio- vided for. eiVr-rv .p.itielil ii: llo-. State entitled iltjd«-r' the law to adiuis- i-:bmenl Would only Infing my. name sion. liicidenlally. in this coiinei-- iulii it and mak.« it \k-orse for me i.on. .Mr.: Ajil remarked that l»r. ti:;-ii It already v*-aH. So Father ''. s. Kenuey. superinteiideiii ot ilie took me home, and wt moved away t Norton Saualoriuin. who spoke bt- o .N'ew Vork, and—auk|l then, I met j fore the CiirnnI Topi, s Club la-t year, ami :who is now drawing a salary of ^?4.IMW a year has ii.-eii uffc-rc'l J12.ii<l'i to do siiiiilav w.rU in another state, and has refus.d il. -Vew buildings were authorized also at Ihe I'niversily sciiool in Uose.lali-, ami at all liie Stale educationai ii'Slitiition-^. , In relatibn to the < igarelte law. tile speakjr express.-d ihe opiuinii that it wjiuld provo to h.- niiuli innre neatly a, prohibitive law'sii far Bs niinors are . oncerned, than the old stdtnie. The l::w pr6vid. s |hat any <l|:-aler coir.ii ted of violal- If.g the law shall lose his license for two y'ears and i-iuilalns other .stringent provisions which will go far to make it s.-It-enforcing.' .May old .liilv .lulv 74 lower. i;i;'..'<( No". 3 i<( 7:!c; i ^I 2i;: 1.2I1--;. ic and i^ince! I Wish •j.-ou had. told me long ago; an 1 saVed your own de'aV self Ihe.s'e y -ars of secret scrrow. For 1 know it has been a sorrow to vou. Now, .Madeline, is that all'.'" "Yes, Ned. that's all." "Thais why he keptilooking over | at you. in the ocean that morn- yes; oh, Ned, when f .saw him ing.'^ IS I come in the ntght before, 1 thpught 1 should scream. And then I went in 't. as you know, for a chair :ride c. by myself. I sometimes did that, you know." KiiMMis I ily (train. ,' Kansas City. Mar. 22. ' ijvheal; Jl-.. ipi>- 7 '"i i-arsi .M.irki't iinihang- M to le lower.. .\"o. 2 darK hard ;$).2 .'.'-'ii l.'.l; ,\"o. :; *1 .2i !'5i 1 :52; .Vo. 2 h.ird .>l.2(i'i;'i( ^..":4: .Vo. :: at i $1.2';'"'/ I.."!;;: .Vo, l red ?l|.24i-r<i • 1 .27: Noj :: *1.24'-i 1.2i;. Corn lo '-..c i.N'o. 2 white 71'?(72c: :Xo. :: 70'.jc; .\"c|. 2 yellow 7:lf»7.'ic ; 7211 7 l.'^." I -No. 2 nii\iil 7 '.\'o. l!(;^l'f»70VjC. I Oats unciiaiii;. "1. No. 2 \'ililte at .•IOC 49c:, No. 44fr47c. Milo maize .>l.lj{r,i l.;;^'. : Kalir *l .it4 'li 1.17. . !<ye Hl'Jl !i::e. I'.arl.-y 7 -ri 'ii 7i;."; Clo^e. Wl,e;,l/ .May ti. w .'r 1 .2 .">y,: ,C')iii; May 71'.,. : .'•'•pi. 7'-'-.- ; Kansas ( |t} , i.he<.(«el.'! I Kjiisas City, j .M:ii". 22. i '.'••i,;!.'S l).-parliii< III of Agric Hogs :!..'.iMi: i*f(n.>:,r high. \|oi.ila>'s avi.rai^e: liglil lig most: sloek pig: steady i\l.'t»/ii 12..'.Il; lop $12 oil lt>i to I'.O jioiinds l.iitk d.-sirabl.- 170 lo 2im ^lounds :;n.4ii 'i( 11.7.'.: 21ii to 2 :!o pounds .•• ll.l.'i'i/ 11.:!.'.: liglii lights jup to il2: most liiiiiliiiH 2411 imunds up .<l'i ."."'(I 111": pin kin;; sow?] ?!l.:!j m. ! Cuttle .S.0.111: \ ea!.V.-s 1 ..MI siiers slow. stKidy lo l.'.e lower; >li..' stoek and liulls;. sieaily vejil- i rs ."iiic low.'r: w.-ightv calves are w.-ak: stock'-rs and feeders steady u'"'..!-iieavy slet-rs $11; bp liiUru lo good l.-.l offering '</lo .2 .'i: bulk iH-ifers $7.7.")!'?/.s .S5; practical veal top $11..")0. . -Sheep 2 .out.l; lambs ge Ki t.) 2 .".e higher: od.I lot? .-•iKidy; top w(>«led Iambs , ..ilifis mostly i5ir..iii(ii 1. ;!v fi-d "fall-shorn Caiiforniii ;$i :'..2.'-.. .Vew;York, Mar. 22. lAP)—AVith- niit funds'to pay for an ajipeal i •"Peaches" the sixteen year old jgirl bride of Kdward W. jBrowhing • millionaire realtor, seemingly is j crushed and has made [iio. state; nient following her husband's vi.-- j tory in his separation isiiit. yes; terda.v; By the decisionj her hus- 1 band iio longer is requi^-c.I to pay hrr a l.ent of alimony. Visc(j>unt Cecil Says Coolidge Is All Right f;.>neva. March 22. (APi — That Presid -nt Coolidg.- jirojiosed the holdin ; of a three power liaval disarn anient conference!;n Cleneva as a I fann of assisting./not hindering' the i general dlfsarmament negotiations here, is ihej view express<-d today liy Visi-ouht J'ecil. ANNOUNCEMENTS Strayed, Lost. Fonnd 10 I PtjY'S rnil.:d 111 t II re 1 ' [r than Its up IrLASSKS—Tortoise shell rim.;.- Finder please lea \t- at Keg isier office. Iteward. ' AUCTIONS i A actions lOA PUBLIC .vrCTION—Public auction every Saturday at 1:00 .o'clock al Bishop's Sales Pavilion. "Yes, I liked ito .see yon do it ! The speaker referred briefly to once In a vihile. : It always seemed ! a number |ot measures which had to give vou a new , outlcok or ' ..i .u i.„t „i,!.i, ,n;i fed k ine- ; •S.S .7.'> inerally sheep $!:;.:{:-,: loi-al- lambs jPrBLir; .\I:CTION—i win FCU at ; public aiiction. Wednesday. .March : 2.'!. at 1:.'?U o'clock nt the Bishop ; Sales Pavilion, fumilnre of a seven j room house, .«uch as' beds, dr^ss- ! ers. stoves, tables, chairs, riigs. I library tables,, chiffe- ' robe, dishes, cooking utensils, aii<l ' inai-y other articles: also farming 1 macliiiiery, and cajves. (.'. S. j lii-hop, .Auctioneer. AUTOMOTTViE Antomoftile Avencles •something." But lie j -Yes, I .i:d it when I needed ti bring myself up with 4 round turn talkii g W-.'ll. that night I went out. never •Met•Br right name is .Mrs. Barron, sir. limber." Sione said, "you diil Ket p ito keep this matter qniet. "*''"'• .Vow xontinuc to lio so. I :ini an-;— thority. and yoVi'II g.-t trou- "'-"^ ble if you say nothing. But peep .tii|' W.M'd of it. anil you'll be in siK h trouble as \ iSoii've n.'\er dr.'ahied of. Sc.-.'" liraniber sav.. and i'i;ged mi hy a iijonelaiy influence, willingly agreed le k''<-() his <iwii <<iuiise!. "What a i-evelatioii." thought .Stone as he walkeil aw;y.' ;".Made- liii" Barron secretly ii :'ii!; in a been muchj discussed but which did not pass, giving some intere-^llng side ligbisjon legislative proci--s>-s and'legislaiors' motives. On.- thing ^. wliich miiMi always be borne in iboui".'• Have >ou lost your.inindT'! dreaming he would follow, and he | miml, he iaid. in . .msidering any "I '".ish 1 had. But 1 .haven't, j did. and he gol into my chair—" tlegislationi whether that which •fJo on. dearest." jand Barron was nassed or that which was de- kissed her tenderly. I • f'-ated. is the ever present fact that 'And he said unlc and went away with to the world liil. .Ned. and let nie;j;et th s lit; took me away with bin priMuniled to marry me, hut St rnoik maniage. .And theiH: tlK -n Fjitber cam.- Jtnl resetted — iiist -in lime. He, .Mr. Folsoni n|e i publish nil: niy eoii going away with and Barron 5S I left you him he would I the story of mm. And he ditlons iidii't know Father, and 1 said nobody would believe that Fa-| oblaini ilie 1 1 !i fo mean. ili(:n''t Vee Inni. and Father got ij av ,iy J 'r .inl the lilace '' liadn'l been alone w hint- ':' "".N'.il- for a minulel" Madel looki-.l; straight itil.) lu-r Inisband's ' .-.r.-s .i)id he r-ad truth there. ••f"a- Iior came and took re v;e were alone fhiciico tlrain. Chicago. Mar. 22.—Close: jWheat: May H.-.Vl^i'ii^i: -lulv $1.27i --H'»( ; s-pt.: $1.2534 fi];,. i . Corn: .May 72'i;Tj •'•sc: .luljy 77 to 77'h: Sept. SOa^c. I oais: .May 4'2^i. ; .Inly V, and Sept. 42 '>i^. Itye: .May 07"^f^«fifyjc; .Inly <o:c; Sept. Wc. : ' A USED CAR—Is as dependable as ' the dealer who sells it — Dodge Sales and Service. The best place to buy'good, dependable used cars At present we have a complete lino, of hoth open and closed models, priced to sell. Ellisi Motor Co.. 211 yorth "Washington. ••'"s'51 'ic a majority lower couhtiq Of Ihe members of the fion.-ib come, from tlte wes'ern ine away"Yit> r a moment." , | qnestiojns th ne "And still v^u didn't kill him. Maddv".-" (To n« CniMrlndHl) with Folsoni that iii :.;lil. a •^sn.'a-king into the hotel b Tnrst lOLA HIDE, FUR & A- 00 COMPANY - Get ogr pric#s Jon POILTRY A>'D EGGS < We will c«ni« after-pooltii. A. JONES ill So. Olilp I'l'-r wanted r.;il-zei! that to kill him. 1 but any revenge;;or tnln- 'PltErKf.ES AND insllRIENDS ht Did :titidellnp Biirrnn kill <>nr- n-ft Fblsomf l>0B't mlsn the startllnir eonrlitMfni tomorrow. also. Thor I the (1 I'expres; • Senato I iiilere >i s oif the State wher.- .-.mare so different fr.mi tiiose ig in the ea,-ii«rn portion tihl(i- jpnflmfnt on many lioun.l to be diu.-reni .\utoin<iliile<i for Sale 11 n.-.Ti'ft I'SKD CAP^ BARfJAINS- was .1 h-rgc alt'lidatice ;:' ii> .mil it was th'" general ion thai the address of • .\pl one of th.- in. 1st ing' ami iiislru. I'v.- th- Clnb has Ijrard ihis year. t'hirnirol Livosinck; Chiirigo. Mar.' 22. trnit.-irl ."States nii'-anmenr of j .Agriciilturei Hogs 2i».itiiM: earlv top $12 .o.">;, jta "t load *12.1<>: bulk 150 to 200 pound $11.7'"rf 12: 210 ,to 2.'.o pounds $11 !'</11.7r.: 2i;ii to niiO pounds' $10. 70 "'11: most paqking sow"s. $10^ 10.2:.; jiio^t .slijught.-r pig.s $11..=50 '""12: lieavvw.jighl $10.I;II4T ll.lil; medium $li ».75 'ji ll.JtO; light $11 .2.". Tfl2.o.-,: light illght $11.l.-.rti 12:0.5: pa.-king sows |!*.7r >ffi 10 .40; ter i.igs $11 .13 .r. 12. rstlle n .iKtt; slo. k« rs afid feed- CIlEVnOLET. 2 1924 forKINf:S. K.SSKX, 102« CO.ACH. '• FORD, 2 192.5 TOUKINCS. FORD, l!12:i COACH. FORD. 2 1S24 TOCRINHS. FORD., 1!»2.-. RO.ADSTWt. BOYER MOTOR CO, 212 S. JEFFERSON PHONE 2?. AUTOMOTIVE .luloinoblles for .Sale 11 DEPENDABLE USED CARS—192G StiidciiaUe- duplex :roadster. Al shape: a real snappy 'Bnick roadster, tires; 1926 Hudson I each; a real bargain in a 192;'. Ford touring. Marr Auto Supply Co., Buick Dealers. FINANCIAL Munej to Loan—.Mortgages 40 FARM AND CITY LOANS—BaBe rate on farms, 5%, city G%. Long or short tinie. R. M. C?nnningham. LiyE STOCK DEPENDABLE USED CARS—192.^ Chevrot^et coach; 1925 Chevrolet eoach; Essex coach; roadster, worth the money; 1922 F. B. Chevrolet roadster, rebuilt and reftnished: 1923 Star roadster; 1923 Chevrolet roadster, rebuilt and refinisheil. B. T. Barber Gar- V ge. I'll West .atreef. Phone 515. D.AKLAND — Dealers — PO.NTIAC '24 Ford roadster; "22 Ford coupe, good; 'IS Ford coupe, cheap;"'22 Hudson sedan, good shape; '21 Studehaker 4-pass. coupe, . fine .=hapi'; '2l> Chevrolet coach, fine shape; '22 Doilge coupe, good; '2:! Dodge coupe. Some other very cheap ears. Cash, terms or trade. Hobart-Steele .Motor Co. 1924 FORD COUPE—Cooil tires, new paint job. motor iii good shape. This is a guaranteed Ford. Easy terms. .McCarthy Motor Co., 212 S. Wasiiinglon. Phone 893. 1925 OVERLAND SEDAN — i92C Chrysler ".IS" COUIM-: 1926 Chrysler "70" sedan; 192i;Chrysler "5,S" coach: 192C Chrysler "«0" coach; 1925 E^sex coach; 1925 Maxwell club sedan; 1925 Maxwell dub cou|)e: 192tf Ford roadster. Wo trade. Ross Arbiickle's (Jarage, .Chrysler Dealers. Phone 50. Dorses, Cattle. TeBieles 48 HORSE- 12ni0 lbs., 4 years old; " good 4-yeail-old cow giving milk; set double work liarness. wagon. hay press. Phone 141. 702 - North Kentucky. JERSEY j COW—4 years old; .9 months old Jersey heifer; 5 months old Holstein heifer . 1201 Norjih Sycamore. jPhone 1427. ' WHITE SOW -And niin- pigs. Inquire 420 NJirth Elm. i Poultry and Supplies 49 BAP.V rlllCK-S—Vou can buy State Accredited (fhicks now for $l.iiH> per lOo; 2iM^. $2:!.5o: ::i)ii, s;:5..'.ft: 400. $40.1111; r>iii). ?5«.2.5; 7oO. $77.00: 900. $9t.jO; li.ilO. $Jil2.."'.0. White f>eghorn.s. li per chirk less. Cus-j toni hatching, 4<- p .M" .-gg. Sturdy' Chick Hali-h.-ry, 220 West street. " lola. Kan'^aif. E(;t;S-Piiri-ir.-.l Biiif Rock, for hatching. E. 11. Bniwu. fola. Phone 994-22. —r E(;C>S—Whit - Wyandotte, first: and r.ecpnil iir. miuiii Allen County " 'Fair: high egg prodiici^ig. stock:' S;!.iio per lundred. .Mrs. .Hruce | Ann.'icosl. I'hoiu- 99SF21. nUD WHITE MOTOR CO. HUDSON-ESSEX DEALERS— !CHEVROLET, 1924 ROADSTER. I DODOE. 1920 SEDA.N. . DODC.E. 1925 COUPE. IDODOE. 1921 TflURINf;. : ESSEX. 2 192G SIX COACHF-rS. ! ESSEX. 192" Four Touring, fine shape. FORI). 1920 COUPE. . FORD. 192.5 ROADSTER. FORD. 2 1924 TOURINflS. FORD. 1925 Tudor Sedan, duco finish. \ ' FORD. 2 192:; COUPE.S. HUDSO.N, 1920 Sedan, duco finish. HUDSO.V. 1921 Speedster, new finish. IIUDSO.X; 1921 SEDA.N. OVERLAND. 2' 1924 TOURI.VCS. STUDEBAKEli. 1924 Coupe, fin.' sliape. STUDEBAKEli. 192''; Roadster. STUDEBAKEK. 192:! Special Roadstxr. - W.- S.-ll on l-:asy Terms. 219 S. WASH. PHONE ISO HIGHEST 3(IARKET-r-Prlces paid for cream, eggs and i poultry. Our truck and chicken coops are at your ser'vice to pick np poultry. Barker Produce Co. Pho.'GaS. QUALITY EILECTRIC HATCHERY, Cas City, KUns. Custom hatching, '.W. per egg, br 5c per chick. Baby chicks. hea\y breed. $12 per 100; lig-it breeds. $10.50 per jOO.- WantM-I.irestock PASTURE— I cattie: pop spoiisilile fo| Keefi-, .V. K (jlpen .Ajiril firiSt. for lar prices. .Not: re^ I- hr.-e.-hy stock.. .1. .!. nliuky road half mile. I WANTED T( tie and hoj s SI.VCLE Bl'ri j (jf Impleme I Tlurtness a TYPEWRIT ^ ijsejl. -A Terms if iltj writer Co.. _i ' BUY—All kinds cat- .1. C. Butcher. MEfiCHANDI Artldles for Sale" SI CHl,'NK AVOOD—For sale, $2..50 in I timber or »|!.25 delivered. A. J. Swinford. (Phone .518. .\XI-;S Sp.-. ial iirice Uiis-week oiily. $I.i;5. .-Vllen Coiin- lit Co.. 207 S. .left". Auto Accessorieii, Tires, Parts 13 FOKD ROAI'lSTER BODY-1922 mode;. U,.,ed parts of all kind.s lola -?'ilf.'.'jLVL«^'±'".«J'?- .Plionj-. BUSINESS SERVICE BusIn<^ss Services Offered . 18 LEE CLARK—An(| .Son. carpeii- n-rs. work by hour or contract. Ij-ave wor.l at Brigham Hardware. Ijtundering 24 WA.SIIl.N'CS—Wanted. 115 South Second street. ^ WoTing, Trueking, Sttwage 86 CORR TRANSFER CO.—Packing, storage, long distance hauling. R^sonable rates. Phone 140. Professional Serrlces 28 SURGERY —Medicine, X-ray. Dr; F. Lenskl. Phones: ottlce, 886; residence. 1126W. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Female 32 W.ANTED—Housekeeper and office help combined, age 25 to .'in. Good credentials necessary. Dr. M. B. Roberts. (Jridley.' Kans.. Help Wanted—Wale 33 PORTER WANTED—At once at Kelley Hotel. Call iii_person. Situations Waatwl—Xale 37 VOU.Xf; MA.N STENOflRAPHER- .And bookkeeper desires position. Room 7. Evans Bldg. FINANCIAL Jioaey'" to Loan—Mortgages 40 iijd Oftice Kqnfiiment 34. ^ERS—New and sligblls lariety sired. Room Hon FURNITU kiiiiis. Als and .Madre^ SI or*-. Noi to select from. Vv'illiams Type- 10. ov<>r C.lobe. <ehoid Goods, r >9 .New and used, of all' ) new nigs; Coiigoleuni .SI'S. Brys.lii FiTiniruri: .lefl'.-rson. b FUR.SMTURE—Oil stov.-s and cook stoves; catload high grade used furniture-jlist arriv.d from Kansas City, sjave one-half, easy jiay- ments., free! lielivery . Curli;: Bargain Store.! I,aHarp'-. CAS UAN<;^;.S Large ' size, rust proof ovn. He all'l.-it'f iinitrovemenls, |niiiiiger'r< Store. West lison j;tr .-i -t. RA.N'CE - ( range, cheap woiid. Pho TTanted—To IJny WANTED- for cash or one. • .\d Register. ir Rooms ROO.MS Tw' for rent, li .rdo.-Ic it" ood' coal and -WfiiiiT 1425 .North Cotton^ 1S02W. used roll top ""de .vk in exchange for a new 'Ks "X. Y: <are ROOMS AND BOARD Uithoiit iioard ' VH !o unfui""uish<-.I rooms hi;n<- Ml liefore 7:00 evenini;. tPi. REAL ESfTATE FOR RENT Farms and Land for Rent 76 ABOUT so ACUE-S-Or farming" and n'.ow land. 5'2 miles northwest of I("la. .lohn Reuther. 4fL ACRE FlAR.M son.ReiJty Store. .M—Improved. .lack,'o., over" Brown's Drii.g FARM LOANS—Quick service and reasonal^Ie rates. A. 0. Hawthorne. 213 S..Washington. MONEY TO LOAN—Private and eastern money to loan on farms and city property. Low rate. Terms, and pa>"inent to suit borrower. Stewart & Funk. 100 ACRES Sayonbiirg, Fir'nk. —Two miles of for rent.. Stewart & Hoi ses for Kent j 77 THREE R< 'iglils. citv South Ches Snbu lO.M HOUSE-Electric water. Iw-ated at -508 nut. .See M. A Schlick. rlian for Kent 80 SUBURBAN gr.s. friiift !\e||<-y The -\'\ acres.^citv water, ;o ')d soil. Va-hHyhing. Iter. REAL ES TATE FOR SALB Hot ises for Sal^e 84 bsSIEIDOfiSNT KN6W WHAT IT IS. THOUGH! GRENNAN'S MARKET . We pay the following .prires: Fancy KgRs 1 .— >«, I Kinr-s l!*c \o. Wr Xo. 3 Eggs I .5r Heii^ lie lo 2<t. Springs ....... to l!ii- Horse Hides i Green Hides 6c' Yonnit and Old Cooks Ilr We Will couie after your iinultry. j. F. Greiuian Prodiice Co. JEMt HMIMe Ha PIMM I7« : . loiii-aM...,-. C()TT.\(;E--nieap 5 rf/oni. modern, garage. lot and'half.. I»'al -ftrRh owner. 4Io SouTli Chestiiiit. COTrACE-i in. for s;, give r.a. A- l-tii;k. FOR SAL hoiiS'-. tnc families, 211 East . room niodf-rh, close lit a iiarg.iln. Will Jliable f'-.rns. - Stewart: •: ()U RE.VT—S rooni_ lern. arranged for t«« baths, lioiible^ garage, ackson. Pftoiw 569.' room nio.lerii. garage, I'-ar .Ieifer.i<<n .sebrMl. i.-r. HOUSE-0 close in. .lohn Rent HOUSE- 0 I room modern, tlotible gn'rag*-: cfieap. if sold at oncer part fiavt! 415 .Northj HOl.iSE— 7 room mo.lern houBP, garage. c,rner.|ot. pave.l .street,' $18tiii; iloo down, balance like rent. Ar mckle Estate. WANT SMAf For eight cated uu square, .Ik- em if desired. Inquire Wii!.hiiigton. To E.\rlutnge- Keal Eslat* ' 89 ALLER PROPERTY— room modern hoiisa, lo- iwo blocks from the Land Co. ibla

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