Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on June 30, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. ^1 jgE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA As 1 See It by C. W. D. Lowe Brothers HIGH STANDARD HOUSE PAINT The STYLE TESTED* Colors of High Standard House Paint are in keeping with the latest in color trends! High Standard is outstanding for exterior use because it has good body, extreme durability, unusual covering capacity, brilliance and color permanence. It requires fewer gallons and gives more years of wear—because it covers solidly more square , f feet of surface per gallon. r eo»»«»j Postville Lumber Company -H. J. MEYER, Manager This week another pioneer businessman has left the active list and gone into retirement." Gustav Dietsch has been a Postville businessman for nearly 53 years being absent for several years during the time he was in Germany during the closing years of World War I. My | acquaintance with Mr. Dietsch has been of short duration but from all of the people I have talked to there has.been nothing but complimentary words spoken about him. Gus ! has not only made an enviable j business record, but is retiring j from the business world with a j vast circle of good friends who have enjoyed his honest forward efforts. * * » * * The street cleaning department of the town is really an active crew from what I have observed in the two months I have been here. The water wagon is rolled out at regular intervals, or oftener if the occasion needs it, and the streets are washed free of dust, mud and rubble. The mechanical sweeper picks \ip much of this dirt from the gutters before many of us find our way down town in the morning. A vote of appreciation has been well earned by these men who make life a little more pleasant for the rest of us to live. ***** Joe Louis will retire as undisputed world heavyweight champion leaving no doubt in anyones mind as to his right to this title. Least doubt in anyones mind will be in Jersey Joe Walcott's. • * * * • The National Republican convention is over and the lull following the storm is in effect. Presidential Candidate Thomas E. Dewey in his acceptance 1 speech Wild the following which is a direct chal lenge to Communist governments and is also a pointed challenge to all freedom loving people to work toward the achievement of liberty everywhere thruout the world as well as in our own front yard.' "As long as the world is half free and half slave, we must peacefully labor to help men everywhere to achieve liberty. We have declared our goal to be a' strong*and free America in a free world of free men—free to speak their own minds, free to develop new ideas, free to publish what they believe, free to move from place to place, free to choose occupations, free to choose and use the fruits of their labor, free to worship God. each according to his own concept of His grace and His Mercy." This one paragraph of the Dewey speech can provide food for thought for some time to come for all freedom loving people. ***** Heated Eggs Are A Loss To The Producer, Buyer And Consumer Heated eggs are caused by the body temperature (100 degrees) of the chickens who sit on the nests. Cluck hens and laying hens will heat the eggs if left in the nests. It is better to pick up your eggs in the middle of the forenoon, early afternoon and late afternoon in wire baskets and set them on your basement floor for fast cooling. DO NOT WASH YOUR EGGS! We have sandpaper brushes for cleaning eggs. Wire Baskets can be had at 60c. PRICES ON EGGS: 42c -39c-29c Access to the plant may be had by driving V/ 2 blocks east of Farmers Store and driving in the alley between J. E. Horgan and Eldo Kurdelmeier, temporarily while our street is in the process of being paved. Hansen & Matson Co. Telephone No. 251 Postville, Iowa GOODYEAR BATTERY SPECIAL FULLY GUARANTEED 20 MONTHS -FOR*8.95 Exchange FALB'S "About 40 swimmers braved chil ly weather Monday to make the first Red Cross sponsored trip to the Decorah pool from West Union, reports H. A. Peterson, aquatics chairman." Fayette County Union. Could some of the money from the Postville Red Cross fund be used for the same purpose, I wonder? ***** Be Alive On the Fifth Many happy returns of the day! Every American joins in extending birthday greetings to his country as it celebrates its 172nd anniversary on the Fourth "of July. And wishing many happy returns of the day is one way to express that sentiment. We would like to extend the same greeting to the Fourth of July celebrants themselves, and wish that all of them have a hap- ply-and safe—return from their holiday celebration. Unfortunately, they will not. As the fresh page of July turns up on the calendar, the National Safety Council can - predict with grim certainly that 8,000 persons will be killed by accidents during the month. Thousands more will be injured, some of them disabled for life. Many of these deaths and maimings will occur during that annual jamboree of carelessness— the glorious Fourth. The tragic fact is that this carnage need not happen. Accidents are not acts of God; they are acts of men and women and children who foolishly bet their lives for dubious rewards. The driver who speeds to get to his destination before dark—what does it matter whether he arrives 10 or 20 minutes later? The youth who attempts to swim across the lake—what is gained by trying to show off in front of a crowd? The father who refuses to deny his children the "pleasure" of fireworks—what pleasure will the child derive from sightless eyes? These people and the remainder of the 8,000 marked for accidental death in July are not a strange and nameless breed. They may be the people in your church, in your office, in your block—one may even be- you if— If you are an ostrich-like person who buries his mind in the bromide, "Oh, an accident won't happen to me." It has been said that accidents are no respecter of persons. But there is one person who is respected by accidents. He is the man who thinks before he acts, who never takes a chance just for the fleeting, thrill of risking his neck who conducts himself with courtesy and consideration at the wheel of a car. He will make sure that he and his family will have a happy return by exerting a little extra cau tion to meet the extra hazards during the holiday. He will be under no illusions that he is immune from accidents. He will remember that to be safe on the Fourth is to be alive on the Fifth ! WEDNESDAY, JUNE 38, ,^ Left To Write By Bob Klauer. , Opinions expressed In this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper. RABIES The family cat bit William Broes- ders son and infant daughter at Union recently. It was found to have rabies and the three victims are now taking hydrophobia shots. CELEBRATES Mrs. Amelia Horner celebrated her 80th birthday at Clarinda last week by taking her first airplane ride. She is the mother of seven daughters and five sons, all of whom are still living. NO BACK TALK Elgin Postville Guttenberg Mrs. L. A. Walden of Lamoni was eating a graham cracker when her jaws slipped out of joint. Her upper and lower are now wired together, to correct the injury. She says it shouldn't happen to anybody but especially to a Woman. SAVED CHILD Mrs. Malvern Curtis of Norwood looked out the windown one day recently, just in time'to see her 3 -year old daughter fall into a cistern. She ran out and jumped in, supporting herself and child by holding onto an iron pipe. Help arrived to pull them out in about twenty minutes. The Victory March Is On With the 1948 National Republican convention now history, Iowa's delegates and alternates to the Philadelphia conclave are back or enroute to their homes, confident that the victory march is on and that the electipn next November will mark the selection of the first Republican President in 16 years. Around all of the delegation headquarters in Philadelphia during the convention there was a certain air of confidence, and members of the various delegations gave serious consideration to the nominees because they felt that it was their votes that were making the 34th President of the United States. While there were .many differences of opinion as to who should be the nominee, now that the selection has been made the Republicans will present a united front which can only mean one thing—A Glorious Victory in November. The Sleepy Time Boys | It was a bleary eyed group of Iowa congressmen who checked in at the Philadelphia convention. They had been up most of the night and some of them also the night before while congress was making frantic .efforts to adjourn. The final adjournment did not come until 7:15 a.m. on Sunday, June 20th, and most of the Iowa delegation left immediately for the convention. Corn Buttons Popular Iowans found that the corn buttons which were distributed at Iowa headquarters were popular with not only visitors from other states but with local residents. They wanted them for souveniors and before the convention was over the supply was exhausted. We met one man on the street who was wearing one of the Iowa buttons, spotting our button he walked up to us and said, "Is you all from Iowa too?" When we asked, why he added,the "too," he grinned and admitted that he was from "Virginia." You might have all guessed that But Iowa was well represented at the convention. The register which was kept at State Headquarters showed that there were visitors from many of the 99 counties during the week. One of the big problems was the matter of providing sufficient tickets for those from Iowa. All Delegates Attend There were no vacancies on Iowa's delegation during the Convention. All of the 23 delegates were present and all but three of the 23 alternates Were in attendance. Although the alternates did not have much to do because of the 100 per cent attendance of the delegates, a number of them did have an opportunity to sit with the delegates at some of the sessions. This was when some of the delegates were not present. The alternates, however, attended all caucuses and meetings of the delegation. That they should have this right was agreed upon at the first session of the delegation. It Can Only Happen Here Congressman Thomas E. Martin, of the First Iowa district believes that there are some things that can only happen at a Republican Convention, and cited his own experience to back up his claim. Upon his arrival he called at National Headquarters for his credentials which included his badge and tickets, only to find that they were not there and had probably been issued to one of the aides of cither Speaker Joseph Martin or Senator Martin, of Pennsylvania. He was asked to return the next day while a check was made. "I am sure I'll get them." Congressman Martin said, although there were others who did not feel so confident. The following day when he returned there was the original package, badge, tickets and all. They had been returned. Convention Notes Ticket, ticket, whose got a ticket? That was the cry around the Iowa Headquarters all week. It was as big a headache for us and Senator A. L. Doud (he Sergeant-At-Arms, as was the hotel room situation early in the week. But the ticket shortage kept up for the duration of the convention and of course, everyone wanted to go on Wednesday and Thursday and just couldn't understand why (here were no! enough tickets to go around. And another thing we learned was this. If all the people who came to Headquarters requesting tickets' were native Iowans, there wouldn't have been anyone left in Iowa. Iowa Delegates were host at a Dutch Lunch following their caucus on Tuesday at which Senator Robert A. Taft was a guest. Make Sure Limestone For Soil Use Is Fine Fishing Licenses Double April 11)47 Sales More than twice as many Iowans purchased licenses to fish during April 1948 than took out permits during the same month in 1947, according to figures released by the State Conservation Commission. Fifty-nine thousand, four hundred and ninety-seven anglers paid $89.245.50 this year compared to 27,891 for $41,842.33 the previous year. Combination licenses, combined permits to hunt and fish, increased from 44.641 to 63,852. Commission officials, explaining the increase, pointed out that for fishing licenses the mild spring weather and low stream stages this year in contrast to cold weather and high water in 1947 was primarily responsible for early buying, and a May drop-off was expected. Some net increase in the number of license buyers is expected because of a continuing upward trend throughout the United States. The increased number of combination buyers is "probably due to a more optimistic view of the fall game population than was general a year ago." LENSING'S "BETTER" USED CARS Make sure the lime you buy is finely ground if you want to get best results from it. That's the advice of H. B. Cheney, extension agronomist at Iown State College. The portion of a sample of ground limestone that will pass through a 50-mesh sieve (50 openings per inch) is considered to be 100 percent available during the first three years after application, according to Cheney. On the other hand, that portion held on an 8- mesh s^bve is considered to be only 10 percent available during the first three years. The medium sized particles that pass through an 8- mcsh sieve but are held on the 50- mesh sieve, are given an availability of 40 percent. Farmers can get information on the fineness of the limestone they buy from the producer. A state law in Iowa requires producers to supply such information. The sieve size is always listed as 4-mesh, 8-mesh and 50-mesh, By multiplying the percent of the total passing through each sieve by a factor (0.1 for 4-mesh, 0.3 for 8- mesh and 0.6 for 50-mesh) and adding the products, the percent of total available lime can be computed. LATE WANT ADS For Sale—BoIT ^22hor» er motor. Ed Lunth. L U ; F °r Saiel^olnT ^r- McCprmlck Deering Hal , Ed Lenth, Luann " y 101 stand!; also Reo lamp ' Mrs. Otto Christiansen DAN CI WHITE SPRINC BALLROOM McGregor, Iowa SAT., JULY % THE CASTLE CLUB OPEN WEDNESDAY thtw SATURDAY COMING— SAT., JtW IN HILLBILLY RHYTHM 1 '48 Ford V-8 Super Deluxe Tudor— 2,000 actual miles. A steal. '47 Chevrolet "Fleetmastcr" 4-Dr.— Loaded with extras; 2-tone green and tan. '47 Chevrolet "Fleetline" Aero — Loaded with extras; very low mileage. '41 Chevrolet 4-Dr. Sedan—Radio & Heater; new motor one year ago; 8 ,000 miles. '41 Ford V-8 Super Deluxe 4-Door Sedan—Motor one year old; very clean. 41 Hudson.Commodore 8 Convertible— Radio, heater, overdrive; like new. '37 Chevrolet Tudor—Radio-Heater. '37 Plymouth Tudor. '36 Chevrolet Tudor. '30 Ford 4-Door—S100.00. '29 Ford 2-Door—S90.00. '29 Chevrolet 2-Door—$85.00. JEROME H. LENSING Festina, Iowa "This cowboy business may be No Plus Ultra as the Frenchman says, but it's just plain hot to me I'd better ride for : home and a cooling glass of WATERS' PASTEURIZED MILK." For Pure Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese Call 38-F-62. 237-J f * FOR MO/ffHS! 1 x WITH PLASTIC CURLERS 2 IT'S NEW! Toni Creme Shampoo 95< 49< 4-OZ. JAR 2-OZ.TUIE , Douglass Pharmacy Postville, Iowa THIS BANK Has Its Own Particular Place It provides the same basic functions • SAFETY FOR DEPOSITS • CHECKING FACILITIES • SEASONAL LOANS • AND OTIJER BANK SERVICES on a basis which is planned especially for our own particular community. Citizens State BanlJ POSTVILLE, IOWA Special Close-Oul on BREAKFAST and DINETTE SETS All wood sets. Sturdy oak in lime or white enamel. Regular $59.00 Sets now at $39.50 Louis Schutte & Sons Largest Furniture Stock In Northeastern^

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