Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 10, 1961 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 10, 1961
Page 14
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ALTON 8VSNINQ it* n**t <*tr teen «fi»rth. •M St. I**** Arena* KM Alton, tH. 01*1 OL 4-3122 e* en ti ttiftrifj ojf join MfcHaflfe tti St. LOOT* arei wil be by KETC-TV (Ch. t» five before aljiHrtf HIM Monday Mi n nira m^ < S3baU*t^ek« ^A^EessVstss^ati tWsiVkilislS^st initKsjn I no ay. staraig iwingiu. Titled "Jobs in St. Louts" to pte- in •awl swrto PAY 000*1 SPECIAL* F»W*n ttw twn»i* nge who will be 01* of Pat Boom's guest star* on Ms April » ABC-TV «£*«. WWM*- ly wrtiwd hi* dtptefn* Cram South PhHadtfphrt High Th*> lad. just turned tt. has studying to complete his Mgh <ohool \\ork despite trie many rw- ord und movie commitments that • have kept him away from his; home town. *, «*»«»» •,Mft<f«ft»«,«n*tt Monday fireninf TV 0ig**i S»- YttftM t-0*-S Quick Dre^JaVOfiw 4 WBWK Max S t Doodle I:1*V4 WeathaTt tnMM 5 Weather With Armand 6:19-4 CM MniVi Btfwtrts 9 Huntley, trtnWey News w sMVtfNtVOv* eWQPel iMMf 4£0Nttetf*t ftWI fwh^ tern » "Death Is t Snffltoi Man." 1^ in commonest method of suicide.! Poisoning outranks other meth- with women. RELIABLE TV PERFECTION! MOTOROLA WITH NEW, POWERFl'L, HAND-WIRED CHASSIS ****>^- " ^ FULL YEAR GUARANTEE ON ALL TUBES AND PARTS Bieamfeeimrer'* fueraoiee eeven free etefeinfK or reeeir of ui« campoamt pft>»« defrctfre hi noreul use. IrvmitmmA tjtiotiah ••llfa^ Am*l»t* f^feMf *«tp« MilMg feelers. Labo r eitr». See These fieaattfu/ TV Sels Now 4TH ft PIASA STS. ALTON Army captain refines to taJte Cheyenne's advice and perils his supply train in "Lone Patrol." 4 To Tell the Truth i 5 Americans: Tough Con-j federate vet leads Jeff on a mis-! •Jon of sabotage to destroy a Union Army ammunition train in "The Sentry." Brian Keith. 9 Inside Basketball 11 Bold Journey: Knife Man of Calcutta en en to St. Lout* M Man Catted X 8:30—2 Adventures to Troy suspect* two New fork art dealers are out to bilk his friend, an Island painter tn "Touch ot Genius." Cecil Kella way. 4 Andy Griffith: State law inspector gives Andy trouble ov- cten. Nfl far ttnSj murder • ftpg* 01 CMttffUt* el er his homey law enforcement methods. 5 Dante: Dante finds CASH? \S* V ^ &j ^Wk''^ • ,-\ />V** flrrfSP ' * I ^'^^^V^i&T^V / £2^^.O> < r^^^fcL) 4\ ^r [ j£*<A S The Instant way to clean up bills — READY-CASH from Beneficial Reach for the phone — call BENEFICIAL! Get READY- CASH to pay off left-over bills — including time-payment accounts. Then make only one smaller payment each month ... have more cash left over ... and probably save money, too. "You're the boss". . . at BENEFICIAL! Loam S2S to $800—Loam life-Insured at tow cost SOI BELLE STREET, Second Floor, ALTON HOward: 2-92S1 • Ask for the YES MANacor IVENINGS it APfOINWENT — PHONE FOt EVEMMO NOUtt LMM wit to mitah el eU »rre«ee1e| Ims A subsidiary of BENEFICIAI FINANCE CO. 6:45—9 Sociology Course 7:00—4 Pete and Gladys: Pete and Gladys* wind-up weekend at boat's cabin by playing nursemaid to a Great Dane. 11 Men Into Space 7:30-2 Surfside Six: Beaulifu.J girl deflates WinDeld's ego when! she shows a decided preference for a mobster In "Double Im : age." \ Bringing Up Buddy: j Weekend guest's reading matter upsets Buddy's aunts in "Buddy and Fennimore." 5 Wells Fargo: Dance hall girl asks Hardie for help when she learns that her husband has escaped jail and might try to kill her because of her friendship with Hardie in "Jealous Man." Faith Domergue. 9 Two For Physics: Probing the Nucleus 11 Behind Closed Doors 8:00—4 Danny Thomas: Danny helps fellow comic threatened friend's missing and supposedly alcoholic stepdaughter becomes involved in murder tn "Around a Dark Corner." (Final of Series) 9 Bookmark: Or. William Korfmacher and Colin Rlach guests. 11 Mr. District Attorney 9:00—4 Hennessey: Chick innocently becomes involved In aj i Juno ADywn: Dotn O*b*«kiil*JM*Bl.f1 iiVfleVBBi ••sitsVlkfeH ejfefctt (ft oluCnwvli* " AMIi« Oswfwr vwiv HI "Dance Man", story Of fTMut- ed meeting between a lowly woman and a dance Instructor. , 5 TM* Is YOOT Ufe: Songwriter Hatty Ruby, dubject 9 Viewing Port 10:00—2 Brothers Brannagan: (Debut) New detective series stars Steve Dunne and Mark Roberts. 499 News 10:15-4 Eye on St. Louis 5 Jack Paar: (Color) Hugh Downs, host; comedienne Dody Goodman and Nat King Cole as guests. 9 Music Festival: St. Louis Univ. chorale featured. 10:30—2 Movie: Victor McLag- len. Boris Karteff: "Lost Patrol" (1934) Lost soldiers come across gang of ruthless tribesmen in desert. 4 Movie: Zachary Scott, Joan Crawford: "Mildred Pierce l jM|_2^^_j|(^^ • • jrih^^^i t't • Ht ^nA nniraay, sept, v OR Them* of th* tilt "Mlw Amtrt w Mmi" wti > a "Satote to trlO Olrl. Ben PMR8 ll OfMfMW IrlMtOr Ot cerTWWr} 1 (ii< nftrnyn Vwi OiftUf, MttK Aflnrtoi IMS, win be hasten for blOHQOltst. , "stmRB mi iWMii** M DM.- ORi "Summer On tee tl," special skating (jroorarn Marring Peter Lawford as host, the Klrby Ston* Four ami special guest Ppggy Lee, will be a color presentation on NBC-TV Tuesday, June 0. Also starred will be the fyffim? 1 WOT ni^MI "fci OHMNNft » H ' ' R«MI tttflttfft tJ»Aftjg| BW ft MM JIM JORIS, lit. ^Mv^^V"*^* vPWVW' W*Uw99 dispute between an admiral; (1945) Selfless woman gives her and his son in "Junior.' 1 j 5 Stanwyck Theatre: Peggy Cass stars in "Call Me Annie." A practical nurse faces a houseful of problems caring for a frightened young mother and her adolescent husband. Deris* Alexander, John Wilder. 9 Meet the Professor: Interview with Prof. Oeorge Mylonas of Washington University. 11 Movie: Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur: "Mr. Smith Goes all for selfish daughter and both fall in love with same man who Is later murdered. 9 Jobs in St. Louis 10:55—11 News 11:00—11 Streets of Danger 12:00-2 5 . News 12:05—2 Comedy Time 5 You Asked For It 12:20—4 Movte: Richardo Cortez, Elizabeth Young: "Big Executive" (1933) Wall street executive accidentally shoots wife during Hunting expedition and to Washington" (1939) Naive secretary blackmails him. man becomes Senator and gets j 12:25-2 Daily Word into trouble with sharp poMi-12:35-5 Weather Forecast Tuesday Daytime, April 11 8:00—2 Camera Two 4 News: Grimsby 8:lS-2 Willie Wonderful 4 Capt. Kangaroo 8:30—2 Romper Room 9:00-4 December Bride 5 Say When 9 In School Programming 9:30-2 Jack LaLanne Show 4 Video Village 5 Play Your Hunch: (Color) 10:00—2 Topper 4 Double Exposure 5 Price is Right (Color) 10:30—2'News: Hayward 4 Surprise Package 5 Concentration j 10:35-2 Coffee Break ,11:00—2 Morning Court | 4 Love of Life | 5 .Truth or Consequences 111:30-2 Love That Bob ; 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Could Be You (Color) 11:45-4 Guiding Light 11:56-6 NBC News: Scherer Noon—2 Camouflage 4 5 News: Weather 9 TV College 11 The Story 12:05—4 Burns and Allen j 5 Charlotte Peters 12:30—2 Number Please 4 As the World Turns 11 Modern Almanac 1:00—2 About Faces 4 Face The Facts 5 Jan Murray: (Color) 11TBA 1:10—11 Pre-Game Show 1:15-9 News: Walter Ross 1:25—2 ABC News: Al Mann 11 Cardinal Baseball: Cards vs Milwaukee 1:30—2 Comedy Playhouse 4 House Party 5 Loretta Young 2:00—2 Day in Court 4 Millionaire 5 Young Dr. Malone 2:30—2 Seven Keys 4 Verdict is Yours 5 Prom These Roots 3:00—2 Queen for a Day 4 Brighter Day 5 Make Room for Dadd> 3:15-4 Secret Storm 3:30—2 Who Do You Trust 4 Edge of Night 5 Here's Hollywood 4:00—2 American Bandstand 4 SS Popeye 5 Susie 4:25—11 Post-Game Show 4:30—4 Movie: Ruth Hussey, Robert Young: "Married Bachelor" (1941) Married man poses as bachelor in get-rich-quick scheme. 5 Wranglers Club (First 15 min. color) The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart MONDAY N—New* vV—Weather s—Sport* P. At. 5 . .If .* 41 Hustle to Standard Home Furnishers We're Open Till Nine! NO MONEY DOWN — EASIEST TERMS 6 HMD (NBC) 500 KC N: S: Law Builneei; Welk Hllla N Lonibardo: N WEW (MBS) 770 KC Music World N; W; Music Music World Music N: W '50 till pay day for 70 C ta£« 2 week* to pay You re welcome to our money! Try our fuBoo* Payday Laan- Or yo*j fei eoab toe tny food pvrpoM in OBJ 7 MHom 8 .15 .IS J* .4* ^ 10 m*an*m 11 .is M M .IS .M .41 .13 .M .11 N: S P. Faith World N E. Morgan N: Music N. Music Sign Off KMOX (CBS) 1120 KC N: W: Davis H. Anthony S: N N: S N in Person B Burnet S: N ine World Sc. Editor L. Question ttWK 1SSO KC N: Richard K Richard N; Richard K. Richard \VOKZ 1570 KC N: Rlcr.ara K. Richard S: Richard K. Richard N: Richard K Richard N: Wilde D. Wilde N: Music S. Digest J. Palen Palen: N Sign Off RUBBFR ZIKE PHARMACY m« Par Mat. DM OL Mttl ROSEWOOD ttKtOHTS HARD OP HEARING! "~""~. th« world's finest H/GHfiOELfTY Hearing Aid ZENITH EXT E! N D F D RANG E HEARING AID • Riproducti and amplifies almott twle* th« range »f tound* experienced through older ZenHh models. • Vastly Improved the hearing of < out ot t* wearerstetted— In actual test among people who wear hearing aids. That's all that is required to convince most anyone with t hearing loss that here is the closest thing to normal hearing — next to normal hearing itself. Come In today or phone lor a home demonstration. ' "LIVING SOUND* Hearing Aids 319 BELLE ST. 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