Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 22, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1927
Page 4
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I- . ,;<!rfAt .F ..g »9TT- - Ji Qntered' at the* lola'.PMtonic* u ! ifieoond ./Tlqm Matter. T . ' All Ilankrt AU D«|MwrtnM>nt») j ^/jpUl Pilpw |Mto<» County. frjr, «la4 Cltr, LAfUrp* •ar nt^rft «M ..|t, ..^ . ....ii.-.) 1( OnU M 70 X-'t-ntu i...;. 17 .10 BY MAI t _ OutsMy Airtn County Tkr «a Months U.M k ; Monthn }8 .oo' MAnlba T^.tl.^ >y» t4- r 'oc •JMCMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. ^ InM 1t «RtBtcr imam iOtK AtaodaXod "report by Lpedal leased wire, 1 Presiils • • • • 1 exclusively en- I Associated _ A to the use »oi;'Ti !DuWlo «tioii -of allj news dikpatcbes credited to It or not Dtherwilse ci%01t#d In thin paper, and also the lodal news publLsbed here- laT AU Mifhts or TepuAlcfitiOD o* spe- clal dlspatcbes herein are also reseri'ed. \Bibte Thought for Today. ' •' —— • Thu shall call his nauie Jesus: toi he shall «ave his people from their ains,—Matt. 1:21. a recent odnxutal laths Unl- Vei^Jty, Kaaiian, unUtir .^he Utlc/ |'CI<ivor, Th (!He ClilneHe." tlK u ap- ;l«„«.Conn«=Un, " i I J\lo„o MA|tCft22.i9g?. what Mtiy H\WUM ln«vH«liN lU) «pj«^iir<i fhnt ihoU- rnvolt . IN to lu-ly, roMiit ttKiilmtl tiM uniier- j^in of. the WRKtern iiutlonli. i It 'THE n»FFETVIl1iKvM ©B. By a; very na^riiw marRJn Uie ^;ity :of Cojrcyi^Ue escaped the biurderiof an iiinocent man; and thei whble Suie "of Kansas by tlje same* narrow margin escaped the huihiliatieii and disgrace wl)Jc(i it wonld hare suffered if tlie mob which formed on FrSda>| nigltt could 1 ave had its way. The shpr- iffxiaud the city peace officers are entjtled to all credit for tl eir .unflinching and cQiiraBeous attijude in tjhe-presence, of very real dahger ^to jthemselves, and the; Governor • is jinthled to credit for p^ijnip'liy 'ordering outa part of the J>'atibnal Ctidird; It was a real emergency 'thai, confronted the responsible • officials of the city, tlie county and the State, and it was met in a way that was a credit to all of them. Tllie men who ditl not-wiii credit were Mii^j men who made jiip Die • inol).It }h one thing to n-oliinit-pr to aid tlie law ii) tappreheriding, :i '. crinihial. , U is ^niie iinother tiling to run amuck, 'tii demand a life ".wJfh(Tut Hloppihg to, find but - whether ft is the, life of a man guilty or innoienl. and to smash public prdperty In a spirit .of lawless ragej when not and sheer , vandalism I permitted to k-.ommit the giieater crime. Jt is wn-y much I" be hoped that just jis niany of the uien w^io, wore guilty of' breaking windows-jand otherwise'damagi ig • the bity fial! as «on ;bc found aid proven guilty will be severely pim- islied. -Men 'ought to be tauglil the difference t>etween righteous indig: \natloi and iawless vwifieiMJCe.' ; I In this-connection <t te of special interest Ho- ii»te .tl»»t siween inem- ; bers ql a Georgia mob that participated in a retfen't 'lynching have been convicted and given seiiteiices ran ^lBg from one i-aar life. TtiHi- evidence of an aroused public sentiment In the South shonid not he without its lesson to uk here in the North. We have been rather inclined to play the Pharisee in this »na*terW mob vl«lence;<poIntitig to - foiir own righleousnesiJ and calling attention to. the prevalence of lynqhings In <be -Soulbern States. But if in Georgia'sixteen members ' X)f a mob <:an be conv'irted and sfn- tencea to the penltentiarj. then in SKanii&s such punlshjnentras the law allows ought to' be Ine;te4 oiii j to ' the. mcanbera of avatob ,M *ho woiild .have taken thejlifeior an Innocent man if they had hot ' been forutbly prevented from doiplf it. and ^ho lailing in their atteiiipt at murder dididestroy public pro'pert}-.] JliK Topek^ cVpltul. HiieaUng with Datisfuctlon of the <loireat Of the bill to re*o»-m Hie .. primary, speaks of that syKtem of npninat- Ing |;aridldates aU u "rigbt"l*-bich |hc people possess, and expreoHcs Vjiave doubt ^whetlier the l,e<?l*la- .tpre has the poWer to take it'awa»- from them, thtfllall the ifcgiHlature can do is to submit the? matter to 7 a vote' of the people «nd let the. ' people decide thd matter for themselves. .In tlie Hrsti-lflace tlie prl- jwary law conTers iippn >the people a privilege, not a ^Kt: I And in the Second place Uiere & inb provision • !n Kansas for ^bnittting ttiy legislative measure; -to 'a rote of the iieople unless it should be in tlie ,uaii^e of an atn^'dment to the .Constitution,—and tiifptimary law certainly is not a part'oE flie Con- etitution. A^Tiat the ^ liegislature gives the ilegislaturc assuredly can .take away. ' . (OlliK \\irovv'u wiicctm and If Hiln.une* dof'iiol,',unorh«r iprobMldy will. W3t«n it 4laM I|N)OV 4> ttmrnumtttfi nation .is KOIHR IU runp Uus imt oriiit ofifnlviiiUlneiiii." • ' i ItnnMCKN ^lie writer of IIIIH J iirn- rraiih JwowH ithat the war no* ttn^ lh(! on 'iti 4>iii^y n ctvll ^;-ar. carried -on by Chinese ng linst Cblnese. But ponsihly 'some o; the readers of the ksnsim are m t so fifsU taiornted aM wlN ffet the Impression thf^t I the "revolt ag: inst the hiiperlalisin of the western n.i- tions" implies that tl>e Chinese are waging war against foreigners, and that woiild, lie u'nfortunati. The truth is. of course, that livil war has lieen raging in China i iioBt of the time for the - filteeh years. So far ks an outsider cjuld •discover the fighting was cairied on purely as a' matter of profit or i>ersonal political agg'an- dizjement on the part of the var ous leaklers until about a year ago wlrtn ' the Kuoniintang party appeared In the South and liegai to iflght Its way northwanl. Thin party 1-eally seems to have>a platform and a definite,, patriotic puri.ose and if it succeeds in .subduing Chang, of Sha^timg. and Wn Pel Fu. :and Feng knd Chang T«o and establishing itself in.cqniroj of pll China, then doublles^ it n<ill niake donrands upon the j foreign powers for the abolition of e.\tra- territorlally. for control of the cjn- eessioiis and for tarfff antonon y. ,But the thing students | :of tho Chinese situation should liot sight of is that these international political considerations do nVl enter into the • present warfare. If these were" the controlling factiora intbnations [that We shall iknoW hoH^ to-'treiBt it just what is' tb<f matter.' To. avoid ft, th^ best l>l!^n is not to plant asters in-the sumo soil in snccessive yearti and treat the soil aboutj the plantii wltlv a liberal dressing'; of liurdwood ashes. '' i Tlie newest depjirture In asters Is the SiinHliine type, u liaudHome tieu- aiienioiie-ri (i »'eriug niruln. the centers of which iiro flU<jd with cliwieirt of liny stiirn of diffe'rent color from the outer |/etulK. They are benutlfiil. graceful flowers for cutting. _ • The o»tfi(li fi-alher and the late branching types ' ate the most [.popular as garden : standbys and 1 cannot be lienten. i)k.iters "heed an early start to be j brought into liloom in i^own outdoors in early. May they will eonie along in SeptembiT and October wheii they are most welcome. Give asters as rich soil as t^ere is in the g-ATilen: dig it deeply and cultivate tlioroughi.vj. ' They also want lull sun .and libei-al wateriiii; in; Keriods of drought. Then they will .do iheuiselves fiiU justice and j rejoice tlie heart ot'i liie gardener i with a brilliant fall jpicture. Sijme of the new .s;ingle-riowered ; strains are handsom'e flowers and favorites for i-uttingj ' -I De«r I'lisMy COIINIH : ! A few wiH 'kx ngn a niby-lliroale«l humuihiK bird cutne to Ibe WIH- lerlR v (ne nnd built n m^st. It was th«' d«lntl«tt lltlhr home tbtit J bare ever s<ten. It was comjio.ied of soft plant filters nnd wiw ««v- ere<l on the out .Hlde with small pleeen'of lichen from the old rail •fence,' bound togylb«r with spider's Number2 (Continued froni Page 1) . doijk uf !h' I hour fixed X\\r war. of course, wotald be di i:(^ctod| against the foreigners. 5ut it is iiot. Kven the Canton -sc, most local in their publicity de- tiarlmj^nt on the ((ucBtlon of "f^ee Ing ('bina from the opprcsslorj of foreign powers," arc <lolng |ill tlieli' fi ;htiiig againat their own^^Jonle, — endeavoring to wrest coplrol of till! country/from the twojChaigs in)d Wu atid Feng. ; JTbe bl^ problem in Cliiiiii is not its international relalionslilps bnt Its .domestic difficulties. .^If the Chinese people- wore at peioe among tlicmselviis. if Iherei wsre In Peking a «trrti^g and stable ftjv- erntnent to'maintain order tlwou ;h- oulliic country, able to enforce its own laws, able io insure iJrbtcc- tlon to ^Toralgn life and propeity. tli«n »11 the problems growlrcg out of intcn-naUonal relationships i\-o ild he •cnsity^nd'fiuickly solved.- As things stand now. if every liat on with <fntere8ts in China shoitld abandon extraterrit irlality torn ir- rb*.- » nil 'the foreign -cbncessic ns should be .tnrned over to'^9ie Cm-' nese, if all restrictions njion duties levied .upon goods coining -ttitb iChina.; were removed, -there rfffll >would exist war in China, Anil tthere still would-romain io'lie soP*'- jcd the prohlums of uffivel^s'al edn- rcation of just and impbrllal adilii ft- i 1st ration of law. of the iiuUditiljr of raiii^Bds -nnd highwaVs. df the de- velojftnent of mineral nnd other -e- sources.--in a wbrM' the work of bringing <}hii>a. now the m )8t backward, of -all civlllKed nationii. into line Wfth modern progres^ State Department Not Behind Diaz Washington. Mar .^ai. (AP)—Flat denial that he had ever boe:i in- rttnicted by the stale, deiiartjnenl to work for the resignation of .\d- olfo Diaz as president of Nicaragua was made beret today by Lawrence Uenni.s. formerly Anicrienn charge in Managua. • Tlie people oiitj in Southern C .t II- fornla ;are bearing np wond.erfully irell under the disastfers that have >{allen upon FJorida. A note tr m in oid/lola man now living' in • KoHyprood says: "We have liad t::e - ^realist crowd of tourists here this iv;nte|' we ever bad,—nearly 200".• "<iOO,-- and everything js fiill up. '|hfirricane. fre^e and bui-s'in? of tfie jlMiain in Flo^ila ^rburht lotW bf iietmle'^Jiere.' Kveiyone is juW- lai|t i«v«: ^ «"«ln'-t * «ren unctir-, •fered; gr^ew^? j^d'(flel&.\^ put \\ WTF. I».\Y'.S*>KMK .lannes Flbnisay .MRcUonald, he eminenr British statestiian and .ia- iKir loader who Is itotninl; (o A!tii- erica next thontii, is little known perBOnliily to tlie .\merican pubUc. IkUhoUgh he \islted this side 'soAie thirty years apo when he was ji st starling on his career. As bejid of the first Labor (iovernnient tltat: ever "iheld slwny in Great 'Bi'ltailn. Mr. ^.MacDonnld i.s a man af moe tiiati ordinary distinction. '*^»;gll !h Jiistor.v'afjfords no parallelj to the story of IjiA rise to! the ^premie .•Jlilp; Beg.lnnlin; life as tlie chiljrl. of poor'flslier tbik in Scotland, he managed to socjurp |a -good {tfuc« ijon anil aft'crwai ^B became V teacher. He sooii - showed that In had I political gifts, and. bcfbre h^ was forty he became m-ominent I: i the LaboV I'ariy. in 1906 be.was elected to Parliament and arothc • five years found hlrii the lea.def oj his patty. Mr. .MacDonald 'la' XENIA (Oleii Oclavau" .Mar. 14.--Mr. and Mis. Cliirente Smith spent Sundays with .Mr. and Mrs. i»er amith. The Pleasant Hour rliib met with Mrs. Myrtle ,Vbboy Wednesday afterncKiu. .Mrs. Will Aiiilersou spent Weil- iiesday with .Mrs. John fJaker of Brouson. .Mr. anil .Mrs. Charlie Jtohli spent Thursday with,his parents, Mr. and Mr.s..L6nnie Robb, ' .Mrs. .Anna-.laro spent Friday witli, her daughter, .Mrs. Cecil Stevenson and Mr. Steveiisou of Bron- Kon : and Friday night with her daughter.' Mrs.-Charlie iV-iuIerson and family of tlie .Nortlt Bi-uiisuii neighborhood. Howell .Anderson diil some r<\- paii; work on a tractor for Clarence Smith this week. .Mrs. Leona Cubbisoii «peiu .M!»ii- day' afternoon with Mrs. (".race Smith. ) .Mrs. .Minnie Uelavau and son Glen were in Fort: i^cott Thursday. Osborne Is visiting ^tt the home of lUs sister. .Mrs. Mel Tinsley and family at this time. Walter Buell of Fort Scott was in this -viciniiy Salnrday. Elmo and EifgeueCarmean .-jpeiit Sunday with fjlen and nale 'n )e- liivaii.' Mr. and Mrs. Howell .-Vinlprsoii and Mr. and; .Mrs; Clarence Smith were in Fort Sccitt Friday. Mrs. Minnie Dclavan visited with .Mrs. 'Lounie Robb Monday afternoon. Walter Friel and family of the I.dllarpi- neighborhood spent Tliurs- ilay evening witll his mother. Mrs. Si-lla Friel and his .ssrandniother. .Mrs. .\una .lafo. .Mr. and -^'rs. Bertram Stevenson spent Satnrtbiy night with- hi.K gr.-inilmoher. .Mrs. .\itna .Faro, and his aunt, Mrs. Stella'FrleL The Home Garden What Is Home Without aGarden? vessel yesterday at the for the strike. Should!; he|fail to (-omply, he w^as Warned. | [h*' anil all . his family would be |* I sliot. Sniping, fires a^ul looting continue in <he Chapeij (iiiarter ju.-^t I outside the international settlement, wliere mobs composed partly] ol.. .'ioldiers, partly of; ordinary criminals and partly of Nationalist gunmen hold sway. The streets are strewn vvitli dead. In anmerous cases, the robbers have cut off women's fingers I in; order to obtain tliei-r rings. ^ Kver.v pl;'ce holding the promise of loot fuis-been cleunejl out. but the prubleni of the i criminals is lbihliti'> <.roMn iroin .Seed." A iiainlsome little dahlia comes to us from f^nsiand which ran be { grown very! r).-:uiily iis ii fall- blooming aiiiiiiL'il. This is tin: Colt- ness liylirlil; dahlia. It dot a not grow over I'j ineiies high anil from seed sown, iji Itlie open on .Ma.y 1 last year iiegaii liloouiiiig ill August ill I oriliern Illinois, and cotjlinucd to irroducc flowers abiiiidautly lintil cut down by frost in iJctolier. 'itl is a Wddiiig dahlia and a real addition. The flowers are single and from three to four inches aeros*^. They ma|te bcautifuji inaturlal for cut-, ting. The ran^e of colors is from • to rich velvety some purplish ino' with neckings, centers. It makes to the tall dahlias. ci-*amy .yelli>w| crimsons witl shades and s( all with i'ellow tubers similar \viiich can be vrintered and a stock retained -.once from seed. it has t been grown Balilia raising from seed is the qulekest way to get a stock of the autumn fjower which has taken popular; fancy ns no otlier late blooming plant has done in years. Nearly ail the fine strains are now offered from sjeed. and they are easily raised as zinnias. To be sure of bloom tliey should be started In March. .Many will then make plitnt4> as l:irge and imposing a.s those raised from tubers. •Do not give dahlias too rieli soil, but see that they hav^- a continu- I OUR supply'of nioisture with good ' drainage. If tliey get dried out in mid-summer aiid tbe stems turn woody, they might as well lie cut down and the jnew growth whleli springs from the stump will give bloom. To flower satisfactoiil.v. the dahlia must be kept in eoiitinii- oiis growth and plenty of moisture is tile siiri'st \\-.iy. .\ c-lieck in lliow to got a '.Vay willi their booty. 'As they leaVi the city they are ' n!e' by swarms of ontering eiiouls. land :>Ioo(ly tights <icear. -' ' i Xiiteerous innocent! people are ' reported kiil?d in these affairs. 'The scenes in Chapel are inije- seribalile. IJloi-Jjed lliorou.:;hfai-es prevent the escape oi' ilie victims from tlip riib^^ers. .Nothing is to be hen nit lure but shots and tlie screaliis of women and' 'iliildreii, niiiiiing h.vsterically I to and fro. Many of the woineii. afraid to remain in the houses, are roaming the streets uiulad. having b<eii stripped of their clothing liy the .solillers ii: their Avild huiit for hoot. - ; 1 Sometimes. loot-Jailen soldiers are proleeted by eonirades witii iti :<i -|iine guns, who think nothing of <-li-ariiis the way d 'lwn a crowded street by opening lire anil klll- i ing .-scores of people. every il ijr and loiik()d'lnf(^ Ibe i 'IliU ^iKide .Mr«j lltibytbrim; Wo Pound the N«rt Eoopty. .«reb. It was. three-quarters of an Inch in diameter and--half an 'in ^h dt»}p. Mrs. Kubythroat laid two TFhite ^gs! All the animals nnd Insects were fso happy that the humming bird had come to live here. Everybody asked each other If he had seen Mrs. Eubythroat and marvelled at her beamy. • 3%e city children who moved in the old boose where the chimney BvnUlows had their home came over away, riobody linpt* whore. The Worm that IJvwI on Owr\v\ teria tbJd inc thi« mnrnlni; heard litr say tl at she could stnnd the nervous strain of ha those eOildren peeking ijlto'. nest. •\Yhlltj we were tolldgf dragon fly came 'np and' i '*ObiiiBf -I have foimd her. Shejbaa mbvfffr-lier little bfrils into Srstj Hnmralh: Bird's nest, the one Ihat^ she nsad two' years iigo, op iajth^. woodbine on the old tree. Htunraint Bird is oi-er there » visiting ler. Mrs. Hammiog; BIi:d| ' is going- o stay with the litticbfrda! while Sirs. Jtnbythroat goes to swamp There the wild haneysni^ grows, tt get 'nect -ir." ^1 Mrs. Ktfbytiroat^ said ,tb^t pto had never been so happy-. K^eiy!. one of t le insects and birds Iwvfl! been so kind to her. Even 'Mrs.' Kobin hid offered her nest- "Sh^ hopejl tbit hei* new home wonld.nbt! be di.-seo ered by the ehUdren. \^ Jimmy Spider spnn her !?om'e web" ^ bind, ler wst together aiid ^r.? •itohin t(^ld her whrre there was some down to line it. • ' | , . One of her birdie^ had" sn<A a. fright from the little giH pnt^g; her fingelr in the nest ^nd tobcMng;. it. Mrs] KuKythroat tbloks that U will get wdl and strong\atMni- if it Is liept perfectly quiet. "j 1 Both Mr. and .Mrs. Bnbytbrjoa 'e were wdiiried about Oie lltllebirdsi for theyjwere so hungry 'arid khe! parents (lid hot dare leave them. \-^\ J Mry.IljUmming Bird is going toj. .•ttaynear the aest and watch'.ihef '. baby birdies every day irtille the " i Rnb.vthronts go. for foo <l and necthr,'. ••^iint ijoll.v. you never saw .any-! thing .so cunning as tbe llttla hinn.- ming biris were iu that nest. Tt |ej| were so tliny. " . | : I hope that the new children play with Millie and Jack becaaiEq -1.1 l they hav the little learned not to fti ^ien woods animals and I am snrii thi-se new children ey knojtv what It means V »J [Irdics, 'rill be .^jnst as Una {A illie an|d Jack now arfc^ Good night, paE CROSS CURRENTS (A. C. S.) Cou i Marines Make Camp George Hernaid Shaw says liis j conleiiipt fi>r a Uritisli bill to re-| str)i;t Aiiiericaii iiio'vie.-i j;. so great tlial it deprives hiiii of the power of speech. .If iii.s coiiteiiipt really' affects liiiii tliat way. we suspt-ct it i will be ratiier fle«;iing. • I In Shanghai Billets! COLTNESS HY6RID DAHUAS ABE EXCEUJNT FOR BEDOkh AMD , likely to yield some gFad jiurprises j to tliose wbol liave nevi-r tried tliem. They give a grea( variety of color and form. Asters to .Maike Autumn .(>ay. Aster.-i in liiagiiifieciit dze and I color are now the queens of the annual garden diiring the ail days splendid in sike. height ai d cdlor- ing and in as: great a ilir "rslty of forms as 'tiie clirysant lemums. wliich take up the floral pageant as the asters leave off. .\^tbrs are .•asily grown! but the be tPr the «:ai-e the'better tlie asters ;ii(i only by the best of attention <-an we get 'fU>wers. briiinary tlie luicest anil fluffiest But oriliiiary i soil anil care will give-us good as growth means li cheek in bloom. Plant stout intakes witli tliem when the jdauts'^ire set oat. They will need it. Ineli-square. sixrfoot stakes are none too big 'as the i i .r of the flowers and ma newer dahlias make tremeiirioiis j worlliless. Tlie cause of —Telephone .your Classiried AdB !Rrowth...!jometimes reaching eight ! ease has been under .stuilv to 18. October. .•\ baffling itisease has icr growing di,sap))ointiiig .sections, a complaint kbow •yellows." whii h destroyed I .Men are offereil tlie rourse in Shanghai. .March 22. (,\P)—Tiie'household science at Vassar Coi-j 1,'niled States marines today «ere lege. Confirmed would-bc batchr settled in their short [billets and | ^.j,, ,„.„i„,,jfc ,.j„e the! actively participating in the main-1 „ . , , , tenance of order inside the settle-i ^""en they will probably get knock- inent boundaries, hence they have j oif by some dizzy blonii in a I not thus far experieiiced clashes' Take care of itl. [' A crn ipy cough aeon weakens any • child. 'F or54'year3, Motherabsvia ra- Bed on Chamberlain'^ Coagh'IUi!^ edy. Itl emovesdiokingphKgm and., stops th i cough. lAsk yonr ding|^^ tSiiht rs—write for free bbbklet- on"Care of the Siek." ChambM-Iaitt' Medicini Co..606Park.De»MiBin*i Contains no atathWi or narcotics [ • with the Chinese suchias the Hrit- isli liave hiiil at the barrier.-!. However, there has been some excitement, since the art^as they patrol are within the range of rifle tire from the Ciiiiiese sections. Today several spent bullets from the tightingiin the native Chapei ili.";- trict fell, in the reglniental headquarters. |establlshe(l on Sinza road, but there; were no casualties. I • Tile Anlerie.nns have the import- am task of protecting the vita! •-OOSETNS THE COUGH Don't JFussWift: Mjistard Plasters! -V, factory district known as Vaagtse- Poo. including the waterworks and el<!etrie power i>liiht serving the quantities of them from Jt)ly until j "'"i"'' "f'"^ ^'"""'^ ' ' iiients. Sever;il .\iiierican-owned; factories are in tile aiea.- ^vhich i ters and ; ipiKle a.s- iii some )i as tile , the col-' ili> them his dls- aiid be-. few years, and then—good night! *; * * * Headline we failed to .-ioe: K.\X SAS LEGISLATURE PUKSKNTS j PAlLEN WITH LOVI.VG IIP. | Don't mijc a mess ormustard, flour , , 4 and water when yoii can relieve piain, ' . .. sorenessorstiffnr--' .-\fter Babe Ilutli wieilelu-ii uvhiteMustlrole. ankle in an exiiibition game at Or-j Rlusterole is madeof piireoilofmus-'- lando. Florida, he soblHil beciiuse'l tard and ot'tier helpful ingredients, and; the kids won.dn-t get to see Unn ; ^^SJ^^-^^^I , make a home run. We admne the fromsotethroat.bronchitis.tonaUiti?,- j services against attempts bv agi-1 '--^ tender disposition, but ;We croup, Stiffjneck, asthma. liditfalgiai! tators- to eiipple them. ' i have a feeling tiial il' we had a tv.o ' heaiiache..cbngestion. pleurisy, rheor. One battalion holds the northern ; year contract up our sle.-ve to work ^J^l^ir}^^F°'J^^ • • - - -- thebackorjomts.sprains.soremuscles, for $.ii.iiyo a .vear. it vvi.ui.l take bruises, chilblains, frosted feet,coIdsS more tlian a twisted ankle to ni;ike the chest (it naay prevent pneumonia). Tlie liv«' nieinberships ol tie- ra-I extended as far as the mouth of the Whajigo-Poo river. dio coiiiinission iliew !mmi ;ii)pliea-i .•\no4her. battalion has a district | tions. It is good to know tli:it pii-' lying immediately to llie west.; in-!,,i„,ism and public spirit an- still' eluding markets, (locks, factories!, . ' "i 'i . .... .. ( rampant. i on of the jniost scholarly man in Irit- ish puiUIc Iffe. writes admirubl;- aijfl is .one of the very best speak • erA In the House of Coinriions". • One of the laws passed by th late legislature deijerves unquai^- fled approval. Andrtbat Is the on which provides thai if a inaii a second time convicted of^'h felon be'«hall be sentenced fcir twice th4 terrn his-first cohvlctlon: ant If Jie is convicted a third tinie h« fhail be-sentenced to the peiiSten tiari>-.for life! And this law applies whetbcjr the prevldijs felonies 'fcere cdtoiaiUed Inr ICaniias or lii sttme other Stole. The law Is notice to liniittu^ jBriniiD »|H <t and 11 dense and turbulent native! population. A third jdetachiiiem holds the nortliweslern; portion i>f = i the Internatioiuil sellletiient. wliidh 'includes international . troop regi-j tiiental headquarters. > i Municipal Council to Protect Its Grpiinds! I Shanghai. -March -22. (API -The niunicipal council of the Shanghai international seltleiiient 'under the .\niorican chairniUii. Sterling Fess-! enden. today issnerl a l<»ng mani-j I festo reiterating its intention to usej all the resources;,It it? ((is|>osal tor .retain control of the situation.' | .\fl!er tracing the liistorv anil\le-! velopnient of the rich and prosperous foreign settlement, the council i says it is only awaiting appointment by the Chinese Cooimunity of three" Chinese members of tlie council, which w-ill complete the alteration in its constitutionsuggested some time ago. to proceed to the consideration of the oiitstandiiig problems.' requiring tlie ad,vice of representative Ciiinese. Tli'e council considers the .pres- enl'tiine unsuitable for the powers' to think of an.v -drastic change in the'administration of Shanghai. ! ' i Northern General Has Offered to Surrender 1 r i - • ; Slianghai. Mar. 22. (.Apj—U is j(;ffieialiy announced that' General Pi Shn-Chen. commande:r of the .Northern defense forces !\' Shanghai, has agreed to surrender. His capitulation, was arranged .vesfer- Iday in nestiliations with Chang |_| I K:ii-Si!ek. Nationalist geiieraiissi- •mo. The Kuoniintang. or .Vationalist, flag has been hoisted overi General | IM Shtt-Chen's headquarttlrs. but many' thousands of Shantungese ><oli(iers in certain sections this Lveh^Jg; were ^tlll unawjrf ^ofj^tliRJ eumabsm be rubbed cant Are. you one of those unfofin- riates who suffer with pains in vour musolps and Joints, making "vou miserable, less cfirclent. Interi'erin? with yoih- working hoftrs, luining lour sleep? flvldg! relief In thousands of cases, as tesUfled to in unsolicited letters of gratitude. "f suffered from rhetimalism for a good many years. At times my Joints Wonid swell so, I couldn't walk. I 'tried most everything. Went to Hot Sprltws and Bnailv -i decfdcd to try S.S.S.7 toak a coiifss. *0 a short itoe the rheumatic pains pnlirely lefl Wio. I .-ii-:,, had a breat^ in? out'on ny lu-iiiUs I or years Ithat nolhiuL' woi Ifi beal, bift noVir this has (hsappe,-red, anti I am sure that It Wa:3 - • . wliieh., r-emovctil ithii . cause. I am now in perfett h^altbj and want to add that I havtj tried r all kinds of medicines hut 1 think • S.S S 13 llic best." Carl C. Cafflp- cft^ T»n Street. JohnaQn i f-^J-Js Pirely- vegetable. II is cxtpartedT-fro a the fresh robts of PAINT AM) YOUR POlckii^^r^' Decay causes losses of thousands of dollar > a;nnuaUy. " The^e losses are caused by weather acting upon.painted siii^aces. Good paint properly applied before decay : ttacks ypur boqie; prevents depreciation in property values and makes experiaive re-\ paii-s' unnecessary. Painting your home adds to its value, niaker; it a more desixa- ^ble piece of property, and gives you nincb perso lal pride in its •:,r system ••[; throws off the c.-iuse. ss.s.-i.- ^(id at an good'-drug stores in two' .izes. The latBuS IS more bcono uicol. '^^ pea ranee. ap-: SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Paints afid Varuishes — are highest quality protective finishes,for vour have permanent beauty and unusually Idiig lifeJ ••For every surface, ihside-and out Iiavt- a .Sll.erwia-''Wrlll-l• iams finish at odr store. ! ' ' •• .-•-.^TIieEVANS:^ home. Theyj THE BlSBYZHROiUJO) ULIMMING BUU> | "Pi. nervous that MH }»>OU as the ItW^ bntrlif«l ».he tiK.k ;lhe little WrdU

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