Evening Despatch from Birmingham, West Midlands, England on October 11, 1911 · 3
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Evening Despatch from Birmingham, West Midlands, England · 3

Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1911
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EVENING DESPATCH WEDNESDAY OCTOBER H 1911 TELEPHONES : Editorial 790 800 and £80 Commercial 1819 It t d rt ef i is id Ki St NS e A tk id red ijg- £e lltF itk om ora ior the hi and Mr t r Uttt seJf- 8ri'f hid He wa w Sa Hon rbaii the hw once with note Un ddfra r did lie km o Ibt i had the tint nkpt rs i nte MWffl COB- ors lifcf peeted thud" eocath TOtit axe UB L witk I Mjr nwB r dark littered e nie so id- jssUB8 r ! a U of uhI plenty' jtl i coloer 1000 to uty of u lute thw?-i adrow 1 “thee “ I a® ist'S Hut prtPBt ouUi h her t a JA-i " with with ling uric Blf Kip ty- 01 I dk 81 iHl a r I' i‘ I1 -t I f j 1 1 V0 I -- PS" usto fa if f v r p-m" f fp eh P j s BUILDER’S GERMAN COUNT’S TRIAL FORTUNE HUNTING IN BERLIN sTailure ending debtor aboard ilSC0" XBE OLYMPIC TO COLLISION jjgjjARKABLE STORY stnrv was told at a creditors i interesting' - Jay a to the ' tions in the Chinese Peruvian and Honduras Zj ia oiyfflpio and K VJ : frrtrtfc The prosecution now declared that he between the u yin Nrae a professional marriage agent and also n01 gonthaffipt011 Water ! rooelrwi money for obtaining orders for people gift ® affairs of Edw in Simona lately i -)to oould pay him for his service Pauli GREATER BIRMINGHAM ROTTON PARK WARD ELECTIONS CANDIDATES ADOPTED M H h they Tr one of eight had jt prioi A Ikconrwil TMJT A joint meeting of the Botton Park Ward Liberal Unionist and Conservative Associations was held in the Barford-road Council Schools last night under the presidency of Mr George Devan Councillors Walt nail Ciavering and Poole were adopted as the Unionist candidates for the ward at tno impending election In accepting nomination Councillor Walthall said that although he was a Unionist he had a municipal policy that had nothing whatever to do witn politics and he certainly churned tne right to vote and exercise his own opinion apart altogether from his political views His municipal policy consisted of first of all the extension of the tramways and the linking up of the various lines throughout the extended city secondly the uniheation of Ureater Birmingham by cordial cooperation with the members of the outside districts and thirdly to endeavour to reduce all on national account by TRAMWAY SCHEME EDGBASTON AND HARBORNE OPPOSITION RESIDENTS INTERESTS 0CTX1- gaieties a sum of £800 He four hours’ detention for his contumacy — fjOBl DUiiciufe tk n-r-imuTval ! fumed to the Bench and id “ Vffbtr ctonl he At a meeting of private residents in Ed gb as ton and Harbome held at the Plough and Harrow Hold Hagley-road lidgbaston yesterday it was decided to oppose the Birmingham Tramways Committee’s proposal to run trams along the Hag ley and Chad-roads Dr Saundby who presided over a sparse attendance said the committee which organised the successful opposition to the Corporation scheme for tramways through Edgbas-ton four years ago had summoned that meeting They were of opinion that the objections which the House of Lords then thought to be well-founded still held good and that no change w v nad occurred which could be fairly held to grants from the Imperial j j ustify the Tramways Committee in reopening after such a FROM ALL QUARTERS THREE GENERATIONS MINES KILLED IN A collier named Roughley who has been killed in a coal mine at Worsley near Manchester had a grandfather and great-grandfather who were also killed in coal mines c to onc of the principal turned to the Bench and said : “ Why should I rSTlU the appointment to ! be punished? Why don’t you withdraw what did not Lee rariril u u-ra i appeared in the papers? I condemn you for that out oould he joia sAme Southampton met wan a inflicted 0H hah to put bach- Count Metternich then jumped up excitedly eh and jute as " : sentenced tne count to be kept to be found Jie1rreerh71 wn water for forty-eight hours The accused then to them about JSffl- 0 exclaiined m a loud voice- “A htmdred hours’ n gaol and had £88 6 bread and waterjor all I care! Off with my head ges are morally condemned will agree with me You t yet enslave everybody in Prussia For the rest I’m hungry now and demand that the proceedings be suspended” The principal interest of the day however centred around the witness Lieutenant von Vetter formerly of the second Regiment ot Guards and now attached to an infantry regiment at Mainz During the week-end a small Exchequer He alio thought that an endeavour should be made to effect economies in the Education Department which now spent upwards of one-sixth of the total rates If returned to the Council he should urge the Council to the further adoption of the provisions of the Town-Planning Act and of other measures for the betterment ol the working classes on sound business lines Lastly he favoured the extension of the Unemployed Workmen’s Act with a view to giving the unemployed greater facilities for getting work Councillors Poole and Clavering also addressed the meeting iHSSfrf which debtor from Glasgow to which to yfsoLLthamptom Apparently f bhs wtolMd "uri jS5ernot travel by tram t5 be diseharged on A je tad given everything up and it tit the Judge to-morrow but he Ui wane beiore ui - u£n re posed before the Juag being ’released weekly journal published a letter written by should obje though surplus Herr Wolff Wertheim stepfather of the heiress ! "Although J the debtor it consisted largely of idStoto appoint a trustee and ” j of inspection bakers failure PROBABLE FUlT SETTLEMENT ASTON of creditors of Henry Chapman K at m Clif ton-road Aston and -rng on business at 175 Newtown- 0 fcmSmTas a Imker and confectioner Birmingnaun - oftiria Rrwiver ir and divorcee Dolly Pincus by whom Count Metternich claims he had reason to believe he was regarded as an eligible suitor and thus had a prospect of paying his debts In this letter Herr Wertheim referred to relatione between his stepdaughter and Lieutenant Von Vetter who had been mentioned in court as another asydrant to the hand o£ the heiress The letter stated that Lieutenant von Vetter had been l egarded as a prospective son-in-law and in this capacity had received from Mme Wertheim a monthly income of £50 besides many valuable presents The lieutenant had on one occasion oven asked Mme ST BARTHOLOMEW’S LIBERAL MEETINGS the Jenkins-street and Garrison-lane Council ’c’ntl'e of Birmingnam tools the chairmen being respectively Mr A i-am ways Column tee i J nisiss-tta 1 v The Liberal candidates for St Bartholomew’s Ward — Messrs T Poster Duggan George Jack-son and J V Stevens— held meetings last night in’ Schools the chairmen being respectively H Angus and Mi' C A Elton Mr Jackson said he was standing not as a Liberal but as a municipal reformer and administrator He said it had been asked each night whether Birmingham had a municipal policy He noticed that the “ Gazette ” had that day devoted a leading article to the question and he admired the editor for Che action ne had taken (Hear hear) When the Liberal candidates for St Bartholomew’s Ward were adopted he remarked that the Greater Birmingham election afforded the local Press a great opportunity for educating and leading the electors and he was delighted to know that the “ Gazette ” had taken the matter up so boldly (Hear hear) For himself and the two other Liberal candidates in that ward he claimed the question and putting them short interval to fresh trouble and expense in the defence of their suburb It was unfair continued the speaker to raise the rates to oppress them but if tney had to fight and should nappiiy win the action they would have strong grounds for claiming costs against the Corporation it was alleged by the ihain- ways Committee that the inclusion ot Quinton u a within the city boundaries constituted such an j bad split was repaired altered condition as justified them in reviving 1 their scheme but tramway communication between tne 'Jxmg’s Mead and Edmund-street by the Dudiey-road already existed and it was at least dououui whetner a tramway down the Hagley-road would give quicker access to the city No one ventured to assert that the resi- Children Accepted as Bail A woman on being arrested for theft at Ansonia Connecticut offered her three children as baiL The offer was accepted Death of the Heaviest Man The death has taken place at Jersey City of the world’s heaviest man He weighed 650lbs and it required twelve pallbearers to carry his coffin Free Rides for the Blind The Halifax Corporation Tramways Committee have decided to allow the blind residents of Halifax and district to ride on the tramcars free of charge Sign of Wealth As conclusive evidence that the debtor was a man of means a plaintiff at Shoreditch County Court yesterday toid the judge: highest hat in Hackney” ‘He wears the Coffin’s Fall into Grave At the funeral at Eye near Peterborough yesterday of the verger and sexton Mr Pask the coffin accidentally dipped into the grave and fell to the bottom with a crash The funeral service was stopped while the coffin was raised with great difficulty and the woodwork which had split was repaired Beer-Drinking Donkey A chimney sweep’s donkey which has just died at Foies hill Warwickshire at a considerable age had a distinct partiality for beer He was often given half a pint of ale in an ordinary measure - - j m '®° greatly diu the donkey relish it that it had a dents of that part of Edgbaston want habit of expecting a drink whenever his journeys ways yet they were to be tttrust upon them ior the benefit of the inhabitants of Quinton wHo j took him near public-houses were more likely to work in Sm etu wick than in Good Advice from Eingville What we wish to editorial about this week is The truth was that merely desired to have SUFFERERS FROM BAD LEGS Abscesses Ulcers Boils Glandular Swellings Sores &c should at once realise that outward applications soch as lotions ointments so-called balms c though they may give relief for the time being DO NOT CTTRE The trouble lies deeper— tn the blood Ttiae complaints are the result of clogging impurities la the bleod— and so CAN BE CURED Only by Purifying the Blood For cleansing the bkd of all impurities (from abater err cause arisingl there is no medicine to equal “Clarke's Blood Mixture’' That is why in so many et'sos it has effected complete and lasting cures when all other treatments bare failed Here is a case in point: “ For about two years I had a bad leg and tried several medicines but they did me no good: then I tried Clarke's B’ Mix ore and by tbe time I had taken three small bottler and one Urge one my leg wa quite cured" — (Signed! Miss E LUCK Thorpe fey-Water near Uppingham Rutland the Une toBummgm uier'theu: own control ?0116 other haa ll(luor estion which ha6 — - — m ds ?&£ I m tlenual avenue leading into' Birmingnam But hl owwhle ought to be a credit to the CURES ALL SKIN & BLOOD DISEASES Of all Chemists and Stores 2s 9d per bottle Refuse Substitutes if there was a pressing need for such a line they might take it down tne (Jity-road and lnkmeid Fort-road to the Five Ways MR NETTLEFOLD’S PLAN This however did not appear to be a very community—” Bingville Bugle Hairpin as a Jemmy Walter Gillibrand a tramp who was sentenced to a month’s hard labour at Dunstable (Bedfordshire) yesterday on a charge of loitering with intent to commit a felony was found “ trying ” Wertheim if he could have a lump sum down that they had a definite policy and if returned ‘ - ‘ they would do their utmostto parry it out Mr J V Stevens said they wanted as City CouncAors strong resolute men who had some vkmge instead of monthly payments The publication of this letter naturally caused rrB to-day Mr Ogler (Messrs Jacques a great sensation and was responsible for a greater thft Millers’ Association j crowd than ever at conrt yesterday when it became known that Lieutenant von Vetter was to be called as a witness Many well-known Society people were to be seen in the court-room when I the proceedings opened women being predominant In the witness-box Lieutenant von Vetter £wdt the offices of the Official Receiver in to-day Mr Oder (Messrs Jacques rfrepreeented the Millers’ Association L Scully Official Receiver stated that AiLiold the business and went away His £Si traced to Sevenoaks He was carry-st there when arrested as an abscond-n‘ llSS? The liabilities were put at £148 — - JL wn intimated the assets at £48 It was admitted that he had received money from Mme fSrever that if the assets realised as h nhad reason to hope a dividend of nearly n -1 J Ua nuirl Thn uffairc rnmnin Wertheim but asserted that this was merely a loan He had also accepted presents of costly furs and a valuable ring He declared that although Dolly Pincus under her mother’s influence might have regarded him as her future husband he never had any intention of marrying her and that he had often declared this in public His evidence was evidently intended to give the impression that Mme Wertheim was angling for him as a son-in-law and had thrown her daughter at his head but in view of his statement that he had no intention of marrying her he was somewhat at a loss to explain his own acceptance of presents and money from Mme Wertheim and his intimacy with her daughter The case for the prosecution against Count Wolff-Metternich was concluded yesterday a £ would be paid The affairs remain fcndg of the Official Receiver bOKDON COLLEGE OF MUSIC ojcCESSES 0F BIRMINGHAM STUDENTS fW wm large attendance at the Birming-fym Hall yesterday afternoon when the florotiy A Pafcington distributed the certificates medals and prizes Mfal bj the London College of Music to Hgaittl students in the Birmingham and Wirt Centre fojdjjot A D Brooks who presided said frfftnfhmi could claim to have a great appre-atjoi of mwk and that hail was the place in tub they had had some of the greatest singers ai anskaana At the present day the stress j tbsuiM had become greater than ever and ! At Liverpool Police Court yesterday Frederick ameequence wae that the majority of people Smyth (19) and Edward HeaTe (24) were charged Uwn little time left after performing the stealing 700 dozen newspapers WiILam etmrj dntka of their vocation and thus it 57 was charged with being concerned m the mteffuus that the arts were liable to be fcheft and Allan Burbage (31) was charged with He thnyfct it would be a great pity receding the stolen new 1 ne art of mode was not enoouraged par- min deaeely populated djstricte They did People to become too materialised- They w team to have their sympathies and etw touched by the study of some of the Tki cultivation of the best forms of music ! to make better men and women !Whaa into a purer and better atmo-(& (Applause) diiwvas given by Dr McLean the Registrar (Mr J G Mounfc-wt' Wwttst three examinatiens held at the Centre showed that the entries WASTE PAPERS USED AS RETURNS knowledge of administration and who oould shape a policy Mr T Foster Duggan urged that a strong healthy opposition on the City Council was vital to the interests of the citizens At each meeting a resolution of confidence in the candidates was adopted SPARKBROOK AND SMALL HEATH THE SEXTET OF UNIONIST CANDIDATES direct way and was especially hard on the resi- the lock of the door of a bank with two hairpins dents in a narrow and quiet road like Chad-road He assured the magistrates that but for the which Had hitherto been undisturbed by heavy arrival of the constables he would have been traffic and such a proposal seemed an almost j inside the bank in five minutes wanton disregard of the rights of Edgbaston : residents But if Harborne must have trams— Improving on Nature and from what one heard there was no very At- Bow Counfy Court yesterday in the case of dfteided op irnon m their tavour m that quarter : a compensation claim concerning a seaman an Mr Nettieiold had a plan which aliorded direct eminent medical expert gave as his opinion that access to the tramway route at Holloway Head a split pateUa had united so well that it was without touching that part ot hdgbaston I his soUnier than ever it had been- Counsel: Do you brought them to speak of what Mas the least mean to say it is an improvement upon Nature? — defensible side of the action ot tne I ram ways Yes Is that possible ?— Oh yes When we remove Committee in bringing up this question at this tlie appendix that is an improvement upon particular time when the Birmingham Nature But that is only done in cases of disease ? (ImiTwvii nfif! vp knmpn tine fiwn-r aiming Act ai — a it — a :al -l:i j Council had welcomed the Town-Planning Act and a committee was working out plans for dealing with the incorporated area of Quinton but tliese plans had not been settled and Mr Nettle-fold would tell them that if the proposed tramway scheme was accepted by the City Council the result would be to increase enormously the difficulty of getting these plans set on a basis which would afford sufficient protection against the -No no they do it nowadays with children-same as vaccination An Ancient Mariner Captain Collins of the Skylark who for fortv-two years had taken the helm of his little pleasure boat on its trip from Brighton for the benefit of the Sussex County Hospital 'An excellent Food admirably adapted to the want of Infanta": — Sir Chug A Caaaraa Useful Booklet “Hints a boot Baby" free Semple for 2d postage Mention this paper JOS1AH I NEAVE A CO Forttiagbriditc SAFE BLOWN UP £200 ROBBERY FROM OFFICE A POST was " - - unable to take part in the excursion on Monday A meeting under the auspices of the Liberal j 3?rthe official depu&oS toeity Council °win? to lU-heaitil-( CaI)Uui1 h'ollinN who is fi parl vititedometoe pmcipal cities teermany o?he P01 ” and stamps m the safe wmv and Austria in order to see for themselves what th1 destivyed The burglary had be carefully Burglars who early yesterday nxrnlng broke into the jost office at Bridge of Allan Stirlingshire blew up the safe and escaped with mod cf the £200 in money which had been overnight deposited in it The force of the explosion wa a so great that the coins were scattered about the room while (he postal orders and stamps in the safe Sjw if ¥ V “ pl“su” ies“ls “ the wmM- Meesia A h Dovatt (CJ and J Juckes (LU) j t-ie General Purposes Committee tne said : We Signs of an Early Winter were selected as candidates for bpaiknroox VVard convinced it is unwise to run tramways into f j i and Gouncilloi Jephcott (L )u Councillor -nndeveioped districts until the matter has been 0l?ailn° Pas teBiPerature has A fmbrla1 -f ky r’ Jfi°mas properly considereu and a town-planning scheme ?a en raL er decidedly over North-Western Ratcliff (C) for Small Heath Ward settled It was difficult to understand how the Europe and snowstorms of considerable severity Councillor Jephcott said m this contest they men who were responsible for these words could fiave occurred m Norway Three or four degrees must drop pereonal ideae and fight for principles support the action of the Tramways Committee Pf b®en registered m the east ot Scoti They were candidates not ter fads and ideas that vt the nhairman of the Tram wavs Committee land- With the continuation of the north-oould not be realised but tor steady progress in municipal enterprise Mr Harper said he was not prepared to make stupid pledges He wanted to go to the Council Heale and Beasley pleaded guilty and Burbage admitted receiving 300 dozen copies It was stated that Burbage was in charge of a newspaper branch office and received £3 10s per week including commission allowed for collecting unsold copies Beasley and Smyth it was alleged took the papers from the waste rooms in the printing office and placed them in Heale’s cart the latter taking them to Burbage who sent them in as unsold returns and received commission Smyth said he acted innocently at the direction of Beasley Smyth was discharged Heale and Beasley were ftSjWjg of fi Tr sentenced to two months’ imprisonment and to iu the 8“mi yet the chairman of the Tramways Committee was one of the deputation Councillor Nettiefold said he was in favour of trams at as early a date as possible He meant -r v o to do his best so far as Edgbaston and other parts bparkbrook j Q£ jjirmmgtiam were concerned that the trams electorate bad not sunk so low thatthey expected je as jjttle of a nuisance as possible to J11111 te bnte them by misofj tram fares those people whose houses they had to pass He free sticks ot chocolates babiesf rattles etc appeaJei to all sensible people in Edgbaston to easterly winds there are distinct signs of the approach of wintry weather in England Wales and Ireland with occasional frosts in most inland districts during t fie next two or three days planned An entrance was effected throng’) a back window while a heavy cart rumbling aim the village street deadened the noise of' the explosion and also aided the burglars in their escape FARMER SHOT Nature’s Only Timepiece There is no nevd for clocks on the JCgean Sea Ugdrnitedm?nPiitr-L Sr Was demaad throw in thete lotth tlE ‘V M when the sun juni ThSS’ Natore a rC ii by 4G votes to three voted for town-planning arranged her only timepiece and that does Mr weli before trams In doing that they would not only not vary though the centimes pass This natural protect Harborne but Quinton A nnulr-’o Ornpn ikru f rvm SEQUEL TO REFUSING A MAN WORK known in Small Heath but be had persmal oon- ptect" Harborne ’ but ' Quinton Hall Green timemarker is the largest sundial in the world? ISd"Sike'Com?utto? the Acock’s reen’ and Stechford’ froru overcrowding Projecting mtp the blue waters of the sea is a nections with rks G was chairman h attention of the teachers LLrle7eduto the gTmt vaJue of that the very word to some ??UrJrra' TKV? Io°ked upon it to be endured He recommended to to read the valuable book bv ntitled " Advice to young pronM was given a prominent item in which ? solo by Miss triUK “ '1 Edith Valentine BISHOP GORE’S WORK BIRMINGHAM MEMORIAL PLANS DISCUSSED IN In response to an invitation issued by the Lord i ked artist of great promise 'SonS 1 May°r of Birmingham (Alderman W H Bowater) ! Alban Cohen and “ 1 — — x -II m -Sydney Stoddard h L C M Rodham LLCM Mr - -H L-LCM Mise F J and Mies Mabel Clarke PAST0R charged with bigamy rES ACTION ON GROUND COMPATIBILITY iKUliao OF a number of prominent citizens met at the Council House Birmingham last evening to consider what steps should be taken to recognise the distinguished services which the Right Rev Charles Gore DD has rendered to the city diocese as first Bishop of Birmingham Dr Gore leaves Birmingham this month to take up his appointment as Bishop of Oxford ASTON WARD COUNCILLOR BIRD ON THE TENDENCY PAROCHIAL Alderman Fred Smith presiding over a meeting fhainnan of thS liSi for m9Ivl A resolution was passed opposing the Tramways itSa HewamToing to say anvthinn about 'Committee’s proposal A committee was appointed at but hrwouto sagtffi ha te watch the residents’ interests and it was £5H wcuktatolor the wa?l °Uld I decided to invite the Hon Mrs Anstruther Gough-Mr liatoiitt said everything he undertook commanded his uttermost efforts and he hoped his efforts on this occasion would meet with success both for himself and the electors Air Juckes said he would do everything in his power to advance the interests of the ratepayers and the city in general Mr Lovatt said he was convinced that more would be achieved for Greater Birmingham by endeavouring to stimulate the interest of the ward political associations in municipal affairs with a view to united action than by bringing into being non-political asset? yipfws which had little chance of maintaining their existence A well-known East Kent farmer— Mr Thom: Prebble of St John’s Farm Swifagfield ne Dover — has been shot in most singular circa stances The wound is just above the heart a Air Prebble is in a serious condition How the affair happened was described to V Dover county magistrates yesterday when wagoner named John Burton was charged wit unlawful wounding It was said that accu:-went to St John’s Farm about midnight c asked Mr Prebble to employ him The farm-refused and Burton then said “ I have a g here and two cartridges for you and some more mv pocket” ““Uidaad " a Wt believed that the farmer was wounded t : - Death from Swallowing a Bristle Burton then went round the front and In through the dining-room window and as In A singular case ot a young woman s death being ' 0ff ie ftrec ajrun caused b a bristle has been investigated by the Henry Sharp son of prisoner’s employer Coroner lhe deceased was I lore nee Burton came home to Stoekham Farm aim i v Doherty (18) a probationary school teacher The -cloek in the morning and handed him a doub evidence showed that on October 3 she went to barrelled gun to take indoors Burton toid 1 large promontory which lifts its head three thousand feet above the waves As the sun swings round the pointed shadow of the mountain just touches one alter the ocher a number of MRp apart and act as hour marks on the great dial seffiool as usual On returning she complained of he had been up to St John’s Farm shoot abdominal pains and although medically attended “To Scare old Tom g she gradually got worse and died According to the medical evidence death was due to an obstruc- works a movement which was recently respon- Hon of the bowels caused by a bristle which the ble for a ’’petition being sent to the Tramways wman had evidently swallowed A verdict ommittee That body however refused loj°f Accidental Death was returned Dragoons in Children’s Court Surprise was created in the Children’s Court i at Old-street London yesterday by the appear-! anca of two stalwart khaki-clad soldiers Surprise changed to amusement when it was si Committee accede to the desires of the petitioners who in consequence held a public meeting at the Anthony-road Council Schools last evening Mr C H Capern presided Mr Bernard Alderson moved the following resolution: “ That this meeting of ratepayers an The meeting which was of a private character Lord Mayor and among those present were Mr J T Middlemore M P 'tengregational Church was Site iff- Hardin is an English-eioaferl ' ' ‘‘f‘l about two wars and pari‘i -V in tile mimstra- '“) the by his ma to & v fiiaae bv him which when he y Ut tor bv the authorities he v k bow (edged the truth ot was presideil over by the Lord those present were Mr J Mr L S Amery MP Alderman the Right Hon William Kenrick Alderman J H Lloyd Mr Lord tho Archdeaoon of Birmingham (the I Ven W 0 Burrows) the Archdeacon of Aston f (the Ven Mansfield Owen) Canon Barnard Canon mr ! Messrs J Moflatt A S Stuige E V Hiley (Town 'lhe Lord Mayor wished that it should be clearly understood that it was not a gathering of any particular church or denomination but a representative meeting of citizens of Birmingham and whatever money was collected would not be devoted to any sectarian object After the proceedings it was stated that during the discussion various meaus of recognising Bishop Gore’s work in Birmingham were suggested and iv seemed to be generally felt that an of tho Aston Manor Conservative Association ! the petition for the extension ot the Alum Rock ' it in the Upper Thomas-street j tramway which was signed by 650 residents TVamftd flfr-hooffi for the purpose of adopting a has been unfavourably received by the Birming- - i — n ’’’ fix-— meeting pro- residents of Alum Rock expresses Its regret that gathered that they had come to escort an absentee Dragoon Guard back to his regiment The absentee was John Henry Cooper agea fifteen years a bugler of the 2nd Dragoon Guards a gentleman was Councillor T F Bird (Applause) Councillor T P Bird alluded to the iact that Councillor Godrich had announced his intention of taunting an Independent candidate instead of jointly with the Conservatives He did not tests against ffie refusal' of the committee to comply with the reasonable request of euch a j j uvenile offendi representative petition and wouid point jut j been absent wi that nearly lOOtt workmens houses have been i to his escort well-set-up lad he looked as physically out of place as did his escort in a court devoted to uvenile offenders The accused admitted having without leave and was handed over Sergeant Williams said that when arrest I Burton replied ” If I did it I did it for mischu I don’t remember going and getting the gun ami must have been mad drunk I had been : i for a second man's place” Prisoner was remanded WARWICK TOWN COUNCIL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS OF THE BOROUGH If Ui0 difficulty of getting on hf a children j rilummatiG address should 'be presented to him s the difficultv rtf fin v while the authorities of the Cathedral should be asked to allow a mural tablet to be placed in the Cathedral settiug forth the distinguished services of the first Bishop of Birmingham It was Geo suggested that eitiier a portrait in oil® of Dr Gore should be hung in the Art Gallery or a statue placed in the Cathedral Garden® in recognition of his work A committee was appointed to make an appeal to the citizens and later to call a’ meeting of the subscribers to decide upcu what form tho memorial should take The following were appointed on the committee with power to add H BIRMINGHAM to their number: — The Lord Mayor the Right inter— i D Hon William Kenrick Sir' John Holder sir i t (itlkLL Birmingham and I Oliver Lodge Sir Thomas Barclay Sir W alter N who!1!1 Mr It K Dent j Fisher Mr J T Middk-mareTMP Alderman h "Siialflr l(' tun-d at liandsworth J R Lloyd Alderman Beale the Archdeacons JI '‘ti ttii J?? fiffifingiand” of Birmiug'ham and Aston tha Rector of Birming- tin visit why bnakt i hm (Canon Denton Thompson Canon Carnegie nt iu B lie had t'Zm arnard the Rev U J Emanuel the &v -iTrtitof in town because his a k Titmus Councillor Norman Cnam bar lain grandfather ’ mV George dldburv Mr E V Hiley Mr A G & ln Ast°n Church and Dixon Mr G A Bryson Mr J Lee Mr J f?11 to the present r Clarke and Mr R Holliday Alderman J Myn?r ra othfr memorials in 1 H Uovd was elected treasurer and Messrs G A 2? S oel tra1? evidences of Rrc- n arid A Dixon hon ‘retanes rn £claMJIlL' d aild tha that nearly of jointly witn tne eonsrvacivcs tie awl not built in the district since tne present line wa® w Best Customers wish to do anything inimical to the Liberal ' constructed ’lhe increased rateable value ot j Women tne new v-ustomera the district and tne fact tnat the extension of the The autumn meeting of therexecutive council tramway is urgently needed makes the claim j of the National Chamber of Trade was held at for the extension such as we feel the Tramway j Oldham yesterday and the mayor Mr® Les well Committee ought to grant and include it in the j corned the delegates to the town “It is the first proposed Tramway Bill ! time you have received a welcome from a woman” In proposing this resolution Mr Alderson said that Birmingham was only at the beginning ot its tramway development and was adly behind such places as Liverpool aud Glasgow Within the lust four or five years something Unionist party but if they had not a candidate let them ask the Conservatives to find one and he would bring forward a well-known resident in the ward well versed in public work and one who would be acceptable to both wings of the Unionist party (Applause) As for himself he had been a strong opponent of annexation but he loyally accepted the result of the poll and wished to work for the good of the whole community Unfortunately ther® seemed k of noli H was a tendency and they in Aston were as guilty as anyone eise to be merely parochial They must drop that cloak of parochialism and rise above it There should be a higher plane of municipal life and municipal politics in front of them A resolution adopting the candidate was carried BAJLSALL HEATH LIBERALS The committee cf the Balsa 11 Heath Ward Liberal Association met in the Clifton-road Schools last evening and decided to iDvite Dr Esslemont to fight the ward at the forthcoming election Dr Esslemont publicly accepted the offer and addressed the rueetiire dealing with public health education and the tramway question she said “ and I hope it will not be tho last After all women are your best customers It is A meeting of the Warwick Town Council w:s held yesterday The General Purposes Committee reported that they had considered the pra-posal of the County Education Authority a j the increased building at Cotcn End School They had obtained statistics as to the accommodation afforded by all the elementary schools u the town and the registered attendances aim while giving due weight to the circumstance pi forward were of opinion that the contemplate! extension of the school was not necessary Alderman Mann recommending the adoption f tho report said it was stated that the contm i-platech expenditure was from A800 to A' 1000 an 1 we women who look in your tffiop windows and j the whole matter ought to be iuliy and c II v I j j ’ H U v - -v - -— — - m - - — - — -— - — - - tobe' a sad lack 'of policy He was afraid there uddriiuiu rmrabto value of 17000 '1 hey tnerefore thought their request was justi fieri and their reason ior preso-mg at this moment was lo get it included so the Hi uingiiam City Council Parliamentary Tramway Bill or they might have to wait tor another tour yearn- The proposition seconded by the chair man and carried choo-e what we wunt Perhan® the fathers and husbands have to pay that is quite a secondary matter One way of- inducing us to buy is to have your shop wi mlow tastefully laid out not too many things in the window or we may not find what we want ’ (Laughter) “Condemned ' Cells on View There are to be added to the new London Museum at Kensington Palace two cells which up to 1828 were used to incarcerate men who had been condemned to death and which until 1878 served to hold the prisoners at Whitechapel Police Court The cells are situated in a house in Wtllclose-square Whitechapel uating back TO WINNIPEG AND BACK IN SEVENTEEN lto thc day® of Charles II The house which is EilS5R BK POETS tu!) V chopr I- 7 ifei I- ‘i 8 E 'M V Iv rhoppv swa smooth Y ®a calm out sea smooth sea choppy Muy smooth calm fin( se® t'ljoppy TERN’ESS Curt yreter- rfi itery for th Uat tte Sftor? v 40 man V &n to got?! BISHOP ON NEED FOR PURITANISM Bishop Hamilton Baynes in welcoming tK® Cbn-cregutwmal Union to Nottingfiam yesterday said tiu-v had differences bat they rucognist-d that there wei’e queahtion® which might cc-mpel them to greater union When they saw the battalions of! profligacy the wicked luxury the idolatry of pleasure and the rankle® race for wealth there might be some new uprising of the old spirit of I Puritanism without it® narrow fanaticism which would drive them into greater solidarity to withstand the forces of evil LADY CANDIDATE FOR EDGBASTON At a meeting of the Edgbaston Liberal Unionist Association held at the Vestry Hall Islington-row last nieht under the n residency of Lieut-General Phelps Mrs Hume Pinsent was unani- mously adopted as the Liberal Unionist candidate tram for the Edgbaston Ward YARD LEY WARD A well-attended meeting at Church-road eehools Yardley last night under the auspices of the joint Conservative and Liberal Unionist Associations adopted as candidates Messrs Joshua Tomlinson George Perry and W El IiOach These gentlemen will contest Yardley Ward against the three independent candidates receiving the support of the Ratepayers’ Association DAYS A journey to Winnipeg and bock over 10100 miles in seventeen days is the record established at the ag© of ninety-one by Lord Strut hcona High Commissioner for Canada Accompanied by h-s daughter Mrs Howard Lord Strathoona arrived at Euston yesterday iu the Mauretania special lie looked none the worse for his long journey and walked briskly from the tram to hie waiting looto r-ca r A rough sketch of the vetei Cm ED’S FATAL FALL AT IRON BRIDGE jrouga giv® a husband ue ian giv® her Sarah Ann Lear 3s the daughter of Enoch Lear an Iron bride labourer was one day playing in the field in front of the house when she fell and hurt her w net Blood poison mg ert in and sh died Mr Borough Coroner Potts held an iimuert yesterday when a verdict of "Death from bbxl-jetisonijig caused through a wound aecidentauy received ” was returned SELLY OAK WARD A meeting for the purpose of adopting Councillor T G H Thompson as oat- of the non-party candidates for the Selly Oak Ward of the Birmingham City Council was held lust night at the Baptist Schools Selly Park Dr Lilley presided and the resolution was uiuunmou-ly carried ACOCK’SGREEN As foreshadowed m the “Despatch ” on Saturday Messrs Henry Taylor H A Cornish and Samuel 1-sett representing the Conservative Liberal Unionist and Liberal interests were last night elected to fight the three Socialists standing ter the Aoock V Green Ward Ail throe of these gentlemen have done useful - rri-- on th-exptrmg Yarelioy Council Owing to tho diversity at their political opinion- thev will run a Independents reiving upon their past erviee and ivon-'-'jMeiu knowledge cf the ward and its affair The stronghold of the s ut ! -t - undoubtedly in i tti tiree nd T-'seley d'drk'n where Mr Cornish will hr u fornudald antagotiiat itinerary shows thc following mileage Li v r r poo i to New o r k New York to Winnipeg Wiampeg to Ottawa Ottawa to Mo i: c l Montreal to New York statesman s Miles Lord St rat hcona ptemb-r a d tr ew tier 8 — — areiuUj cousiderid He quotwi statistics regarding 1U' attendance and urged Dial tho large exp' n ! turn might bo prevented by a judicious reairaun ment Mr Martin moved an amendment to the oiuv that a confluence should 1xj arrangf-d between the representatives oi the Education Authon'j and the -uncii This waa aooondtd by Mr Lloyd Evans '1 he Karl of Warwick urged that the censide-a-tion of tb matter should be deterred but Alder man Mann saiil the Council must make art protect they had to nmke b to re October 2U The Town Clerk said that a- he dv i-ed tin committee the Council was uot in a posiiton make any pietest at all Alderman Mann: 1 don’t think the Town to t tn giving us the best advice le has allow' i ’ to discus the question and com- to a resell t t in committee and now ho aays wo have no Uh i statidi The Town Clerk said that any ten ratepau-jf or the school managers might object t- ih po-ils of tho Warwickshire Education Commit! out ihe Council a a municipal authoriiy : nothing at all to do with the matter' T a matter of j education u i (o the county autiu -v After further dircuesion it was d Jed to IJ the matter to drop On i ho recommendation of the Fire K s Committee i? was decided to apply to the E Government lioard for sanction t r:t a h- for the piirclu -e of a new lire engine and in to cost about £450 It w the present engine had been in Use are on eet 23 From to Winnipeg where lit Hudson Bay Com pan he called on Earl Grey the re j General Sit Wilfrid L&arier i tin Tuesday October 3 as Chan : the Mciliii University Mm tr students gave bini aa uproa i-a im- evening for London vi arrived home within wen days of hi- departure from Montreal and a httk over seventeen days -iiu-i at left London 1 It is seventy-three years since Lord 8trtioa i a Donald Alexander Smith set forth from Scot-i land on his first voyage across the Atlantic He i a then beginning hi- career with the Hudson Rat Company and took with hue lemtber tr u n ic I bearing the initial “ D A S” Thi same old trunk wa in Lord St rat hcona ’s luggage vester-I day : : t his croswed the Atlantic just m many i time- as its ow now Irving used as a common lodging-house also contains a beautiful Jacobean oat staircase The ceils constructed of thick oak panelling have been carefully removed by experts and will be r i— e reeled in the annexe which is being constructed at Kensington Palace The ceil Walls are covered with dates and names as well as with curious iuscnptiuns Attractions of a Malay Hotel We are so accustomed to reading in the guide Council had be a consulted books that the local hotels are the best iu the ' courtesy 'I heir powers regun East that it is refreshing soya the ” Java kandeil over Times” to come across a description of a hotel i in lire little town oi Kuala Lumpur m the Federated Malay States Here are a Sew points which our hotel proprietors might notice — Bedrooms 27 feet by 24 feet by 20 feet each with two electric 55 c-p- la intis electric bell and : electric fan A tothroom 30 feet by 12 fret attached to each bed too in and fitted with top floored with coloured tile walled with white Mil-ton ditto A long vontinuou corridor 625 feet m length by 12 feet bioud Each electric beii fitted with " return " ring m that the visitor knows at ones whether he is being attended to The Democratic Chestnut Seller The first ho chestnut -idler has made htsj appearance in Parte and this may be taken as a are tgu of winter The chestnut merchant a writer in a Part conteaporury potato out us an j How mw a " VS interesting person The ariffem belong to no j syndicate neither Rave they Letters of Aw-oeia- j xam Yet they all know one another for the! u i majority hail from the same place Two-tb trite j march lug of the number— and ail told them are — come from Tessino the other are Laliaas j fried mont esc and a tew Savoyards 1 heir - patron- include all sorts and conditions of men and women too— the labourer the clerk the work girl factor and act return It i not un-eommon we read to find one at the leading members of the Bar of Pari coin out of the Palate and buy some hot chestnut wiuck ha eat a in tha afreet on hi way homo A CAM TOR A STRIKE” mi nt summons ca sterday cm a state ttu U U-1 ii C iAtetrist’ it vri ytm thtfn We unctiuii old think If it a lit' you would b " ’p! aiming uteut : Row long ha another two The funeral took place yesterday at White ton Parish Church of Lance-Corporal p Rv of F Company 2nd Battalion Roai W shire Regiment the fourth victim of tW pf enteric fern at Whittington Hr ejudeurev

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