Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 7, 1963 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1963
Page 3
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1963 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Watching TV SOCIETY Tonlghf | Newi 5. 6iOO-Plon«ari 3, D«nlh Villsy | Ii50-New» 4. D«y» 5, Porter Wagoner 4, Country Show 11. 6:15—Big Four 4. 6i30-Hoolen«nny 2-3, Jackie Gleston 4-12, Victory at So a 5-6. 7:30-Lawrenca Welk 2-3, The Dofandon 4-12, Checkmat* 11. 8i00-Salurday Night at the Movloi 5-6. 8.-30-TBA 2-3, New Phil Silver. Show 4-12, Wreitllng 11. 9iOO-Gunsmoka 4 -12. KhOO-Newi 4-5-6-12, Roller Derby 11. lOslO—Gold Award Theater 5. I0il5—Movlei You Gotta' Stay Happy 4, Saturday Night Jamboree 6, Movie; Blais of Noon 12. I0;30-Movle: Fablola 2, Hava Gun, Will Travel 3. 10:45—Moviei Night and Day 6. IliOO—Movie: No Place To Land 3, Top Star Bowling 11. |l:45-Movio: Cannibal ttack 12. |2:00—Movie: Cavalry Scout 2, Touchdown 11. 12:10— Frankly Speaking 4. News 5. |2 -.15 -Weokend Theater 5. |2:55-Ncwi 12. 1:10—Newt 4. I :30-Nowi 2, Weather 5. i :35-Mahalla Jackson 2. •x- -x- -x- SUNDAY PROGRAM Morning 6:30-Big Picture 12. 7:00—Goipol Singing Caravan 12. 7 :05 -News 4. 7:15-B!g Picture 4. 7:45-Chrlitophen 4. 8 :00—Camera Three 4, legacy of Light 5, Industry on Parade 12. 8 :15-Nows 11, Christophers 12. 8 :20-Mahalia Jackson 2. 8:25 -Ncws 2. 8 :30—Religious 2, Faith of Our Fathers 4, Christophers 5, Paducah Devotion 6, Bob Poole's Gospel Favorite* 11, Herald of Truth 12. 8 :45—Message of the Rabbi 2. 9:00-Fishcr Family 2, Lamp Unto My Feet 4-12, Met. Church Federation 5. °: 15—Hamilton Brothers Quartet 6 9:00—The Answer 2, Look Up end Live 4-12, This Is the Llfo 5, Christophers 6, Allon Revival 11. 9:45—Sacred Heart 6. 10:00— Catholic Mast 2, Montage 4, External Light 5, Thit is the Life 6, Frontiers of Science 11, Camera Three 12. I0:30 -Sacred Heart 2, Way of life 4, Industry on Parade 5, The Answer 6-12, Herald of Truth 11. 10 :45—Ask A Priest 2, Americans At Work 5. 1 1 :00-Viewpoint 2, Quiz A Catholic 4, Quarterback Club 5, Popeyo 6, Third Baptist Church 11, This is the Llfo 12. 11:30-Pro and Con 2, Cartoons 3, Face the Nation 4-12, lone Ranger 5, File 6. 11:45—light Time 3, Davey and Goliath 11. Afternoon 12:00-Discovery '63 2, Faith For Today 3, Challenge 4, Movie: Madstone 5, File 6, Oral Roberts 11, Hollywood Matinee 12. 12:30 -Movle: Fabiola 2, The Cowboy and the Tiger 3, KMOX-TV Views the Prest 4, Gold Award Theater 5, Eternal light 6, Rev. Beeney 11. l2:45-Movio (part 1) The Search 4. I:00-File 6, Newt 11. 1i30 -Allen Revival 3, J. |C. Penny Program 6, Church of Chritt 11. 2:00-Oral Robertt 3, Newt- Encore 6, Conn Organ Theater 11. 2:15—Changing Timet 2, Movie (Part II) Tarzan and the Mermaidt 4. 2:30—AFL Football—Boston at Kansas City 2-3, Biography 5, Amos and Andy 11, V0O-Sunday 5-6, Wrestling 11. 3:15—Changing Timet 4. 3:30-Eyo On St. Louit 4. *:00—Sports Spectacular 4 -12, Wild Kingdom 5-6. 4 :30— Amateur Hour 4-12, College Bowl 5-6, Movie: Duel at Appache Wellt 11. 6:00—20th Century 4-12, Meet the Press 5-6. 5:l5-AII Pro Scoreboard 2-3. 5 :30 -The Saga of Western Man 2 -3, Mr. Ed 4-12, Maverick 5, Accent 6. Evening 6:00-laisle 4-12, Bill Dana Show 6-11. 6 :30— Travels of Jaimie McPhooters 2 -3, My Favorite Martaln 4-12, World of Color 5 -6 Shirley Temple 11. 7:00-Ed Sullivan 4:12. 7 :30 -Arrost and Trial 2 -3, Grindl 5 -6. 8 :00—Judy Garland 4-12, Bonanza 5-6, Thriller 11. 9:00—laughs For Sale 2-3, Candid Camera 4-12, Bay of Pigs 5-6, Movie: The Late George Apley 11. 9 :30 -News 2 -3, What't My lino 4-12. 10 :00-Steve Allen 2, Movie: Honeychile 3, Newt 4-5-612. 10 :15-New» 4, Movie: The McConnell Story 5, Movies Devll't Canyon 6, Movlei Circle of Danger 12. 10 ;25-Weather 4. 10 :30-Movle: Pursued 4. Il:00-Movle: You Can't Cheat An Honest Man 11. 11 :30—Peter Gunn 3. 11 :45-News 12. 1 ?:00-Newt 2. 12:05-Mohalia Jackson 2. 12:25—Movie: Klondike Annie 4, Practical Nurses' Christmas Tarty MONDAY PROGRAM Mornlnf 5i20 -News 4. 5:30— Sunrise Semester 4. 6:00—Town and Country 4. 6 :30— P.S. Four 4, Focus 5, Sunrise Semester 12. 7 :00—The Morning Scene 4, Today 5 -6, Breakfast Show 12. 7:25 -News 5. 7i30 --Today 5-6. 7:40— World of Mr. Zoom 4. 7:45— Mahalia Jackson 2. 7 :50—Farm Report 2. 7 :55-Newt 2. 8:00—Capt. Kangaroo 4-12. 8:15-Medlcal Profile 2. 8 :25 -News 5-6. 8 :30 -Tree House Time 2, Today 5-6. 9:00-King and Odie 2, Jack Lalanne 3, Newt 4-12, Say When 5-6. 9:15—Romper Room 2. 9:25-News 5-6. 9:30—Trail West 2, I love Lucy 4-12, Word of Word 5-6. 10:00-Prlce It Right 2 -3, The McCoyt 4-12, Concentration 5-6. 10:30 -Scven Keys 2 -3, Pete and Gladys 4-12, Mltslng linkt 5-6. IliOO-Tenn. Ernie Ford 2 -3, love of Life 4 -12, Your Flrtt Impression 5-6. U :25 -News 4-12. ll :30 -Father Knows Best 2 -3, Search For Tomorrow 4-12, Truth or Consequences 5-6. U :45 -Guiding light 4 -12. 11:55—Day Report 5-6. Aftarnoon 12:00-General Hospital 2 -3, News 4-5-6-11-12. 12:05-My little Margie 4, Charlotte Polers 5. 12:15—Pastor Speaks 6, Modern Almanac 11, Farm Picture 12. 12 :30— Divorce Court 2, Religiout 3, At The World Turns 4-12, Romper Room 6, Cartoont 11. I:00-Educational 3, Password 4-12, People Will Talk 5-6, Double Feaure 11. 1 :25 -Ncwt 5-6. 1:30 -Day In Court 2 -3, House Party 4-12, The Doctort 5-6. l:54-News-llsa Howard 2 -3. 2:00-Queen For A Day 2 -3, To Tell The Truth 4-12, Lorelta Young 5-6. 2 :15 -Double Feature 11. 2 :25 -News 4 -12. 2 :30- Who Do You Trust 2 -3, Edge of Night 4-12, You Don't Say 5-6. 3 :00—Trailmaster 2 -3, Secret Storm 4-12, Match Game 5-6. 3:25 -News 5-6. 3:30 -S.S. Popcye 4, Make Room For Daddy 5-6. 3:45 -Brave Stallion 12. 4:00—Adventures in Paradise 2, The Hour 3, Movie 4, Corky the Clown 5, Best of Groucho 6, Film 8, Capt. IPs Showboat 11. 4:15-Bozo's Cartoons 12. 4 :30— Maverick 5, Popeye. Dance Party 6, Industry on Parade 8. 4 :45— Friendly Giant 8, Rocky and His Friends 12. 5:00-City Camera and Weather 2, Mickey Mouse 3-11, Amot and Andy, Ann Sothern 6, What's New 8. 5:15-News 2, Yogi Bear 12. 5 :30— Zane Grey Theater 2, Clutch Cargo 3, News 4, Huntley and Brinkley 5-6, Encore 8. 5:45-News 3-12. 5:50-Weether 12. Evening 6:00-Rifleman 2, Cartoons 3, News 4-5-6-12, Biology 11, Three Stooges U. 6 :15 -News 4-5-6 -12, Rocky and Hit Frlendt 11. 6 :30 -Outer Limits 2 -3, To Tell The Truth 4-12, Monday Night at the Moviet 5-6, What's New 8, Amot and Andy 11. 7 :00-t've Got A Secret 4 -12, Perspectives 8, People Are Funny 11. 7:30— Wagon Train 2 -3, The lucy Show 4 -12, Beit of Groucho 11. 8:00—Danny Thomat 4-12, Biography—Wernher von Braun 8, Checkmate 11. 8 :30 -Andy Griffith 4-12, Hollywood and the Start 5-6, Cinema-General Delia Rovere 8. 9:00-Breaklng Point 2 -3, East Side/West Side 4-12, Sing Along With Mitch 5-6, Movie: Black Tent 11. 10:0O-Newt 2 -3 -4-5-6-12. 10:15—Steve Allen 2, Tonight Show 5, law and Mr. Jones 6, Woather 12. 10:20— Lawman 2, Movie: The Killer That Stalked New York 12. 10:25-Eye-Une 4. 10 :30— Movie: You're My Everything 4. 10 :45 -Tonlght Show 6. 10:5O -One Step Beyond 3. Il:00-Movlc: Way Down East 11. U :20 -Movle: Firebrandt of Arizona 3. Il :40 -Newi 12. 11 :45— Peter Gunn 2. 12:00-Tonight In St. Loult 5. 12:15—Newt 2, Movie: Murder With Picturet 4. 12 :20— Mahalia Jackson 12:30 -Newt 3 -5 -11. 1:35— Newt 4. The alumni of the Mt. Vernon School of Practical Nursing will have a Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Darlcen Dycus, 3100 Broadway, on Saturday evening, December 14, at 8:00 o'clock. Each one is asked to bring a fifty-cent gift for the exchange. Those planning to attend are asked to call 2424783 not later than December 12. Blblo Learners' Class Meeting The Bible Learners' Class of Logan Street Baptist church recently ncld the Christmas dinner and gift exchange at Opal's Cafe. Leona Davis, teacher received a lovely pin and matching car rings. Following dinner, Ollie Miller, president, conducted the business session with prayer offered by Ester Hargrove. Five r.'rliars was given lo tin: Lottie Moon fund and five dollars was given for food to be taken to a needy family. Lucille Sehrcck read scriplure and the niecling was dismissed willi prayer by Ada Parker and group ynging of the eh>s song. Games were played an>i prizes awarded to I.eona Davis. Bonnie Clenioni, anri Ada Parker. The ncxi meeting will be held January 7 in the home of Ollie Miller. Venlta Schriim Heads Rehekalis Mrs. Vcnita Schrum was elected President of the Past Noble Grands Club of Varnell Kebckah Lodge No. 296 in a regular meeting held in the home of Mrs. Katie Terry Thursday evening. The officers who will serve with her during the coming year arc: Mrs. Goldie Conn, vice president; Mrs. Effie Marlow, secretary; and Mrs. Katie Terry, treasurer. Mrs. Terry's roms were beautifully and tastefully decorated in keeping with the traditional holiday theme. The club will join Varenn No. 296 in remembering their shut- in members at Christmas. A gift exchange followed the business session which was conducted by Mrs. Maud Miller, club president. The guests of the evening were Mrs. Inez Simmons. Mrs. Iva Marlow and Miss Opal Dobbs. Refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by Mrs. Marie Cravens. The next meeting will be January 2nd. November Wrnlding Miss Garen Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Faral Martin, and Ralph Sneed, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Snecd, all of Benton, were married Saturday eve-1 Carter ning, November 16, at the home (These two members presented of her parents r ' ]m «••>•'•'"'' "Snmmi! iv .v DcMolay Meets The members of Saint Albans Chapter held a formal stated meeting on December 5 at 7:30 p.m., with 25 members and five advisors attending the meeting. During the meeting, the assembly hoard different views on how to improve the DcMolay Chapter. James Carter, P.M.C., along with Kenneth Adams and Kip Carpenter presented views on the subject. Entertainment for the evening was directed by James and Stephen Allen. Homecoming Queen The bride, given in marriage, by her father, wore a ballerina length wedding dress styled in white embroidered not over taffeta with a scalloped hemline. The fitted bodice also had a scalloped neckline and a large bow accented the center back waistline. She carried a white Bible adorned with an orchid. Deloris Flatt of Benton was maid of honor. She wore a blue taffeta and nylon dress with a matching hat and carried a bouquet of white carnations. Bill Lamb of Aken served as best man. A reception was held at the home of the bride's parents with Maxine Martin, Betty Martin, and Eugenia Sneed serving. The bride is a 1963 graduate of the Sesser High School and is now employed at the Joan Clair Fashion Shop in Benton. The bridegroom is a 1960 graduate of the Benton high school and is now employed at the Franklin County Farm Supply Company. After a short wedding trip they are making their homo at 1012 Election Drive in Benton. LOVELY MISS SHARON BREEZE, a senior, was crowned Homecoming Queen of the Webber Township High School on the evening of November 29. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oran Breeze of Bluford. (Hilliard-Myers Photo) SOCIALLY YOURS... - By SAllY Mr. and Mrs. William J. Blozis, who have been visiting in the home of her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Hester, have returned to their home in Rock ford, 111. • * * Mrs. Jennie McNair Smith of Dahlgrcn will be 83 years old December 11 we have been told by Mrs. C. R. McNair ... We are mailing a card to her today and hope that she receives many others. Afternoon Ceremony i film entitled "Seconds for Survival." This film was obtained by the Illinois Bell Telephone System in Ml. Vernon. On December 18, the members plan to have a formal initiation of new members. The candidates going in at this time will be the first candidates to be initiated under the present DeMolay fiscal year. Plans are being made for the Christmas Dance, which is to be held on December 27. The Order of DeMolay and the Order of Rainbow for Girls will work jointly in preparing this annual event. Refreshments were served by the Mothers Club after the meeting adjourned. Supervising the refreshments was Mrs. Donald Morgan, President of the Mothers Club. DEAR ABBY . . . Ticklish Situation! Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: Wc have a I me that automobile dealers let problem for which [here seems | you drive a car before you buy BLUFORD Waltonvlllo Ilomeniakers The Waltonville unit of Homemakers' Extension Association will meet Tuesday, December 10, at the Methodist church in Waltonville. A notluck dinner will be served at. 12:30 o'clock and the annual Christmas gift exchange will be held. Visitors are welcome. Waltonville P.T.A. The Parent-Teacher Associa- ation will meet at Waltonville grade school Monday evening, December 9, at 7:30 o"clock. Herbert Wilson of Mt. Vernon will be the speaker. "Christmas In Story And Song" will be presented by the eighth grade girls and the mothers of the seventh and eighth grade pupils will be hostesses. All mothers are asked to bring cookies. Engagement Announced WITH 2 COL PLASTIC 2. Miss Brake is a 198 graduate of the Mt. Vernon Township High School. Both she and her fiance are graduates of Southern Illinois University. She was a business education major and he was a major in journalism. At present, she is teaching business subjects at the Dwight D. Eisenhower High School in Blue Island, a suburb of Chicago. The prospective bridegroom is a reporter for the Chicago Bureau of the Associated Press. A June wedding is being planned. Farrliiglon P.T.A. The Parent-Teacher Association will meet at Farrington school Monday evening, December 9, at 7:30 o'clock. Senator Paul Broyles will be the main speaker and will present a film "Communism In Action." Everyone is urged to attend and teenagers are especially invited to see this important film. Mothers are asked to bring cookies. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Catron and sons and Mrs. Edith Do Journett spent Thanksgiving holidays with Mrs. DeJournett's daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Groke and family in Saginaw, Mich. They also visited relatives in Flint, Mich. Rev. Wilson W. White attended the District meeting for E.U.B. ministers in Carlyle, Tuesday, Dec. 3rd. Dr. and Mrs. Paul Power and family of Bowling Green, Ky., visited friends and relatives here recently. Visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elva DeJournett recently were: Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Crites of Deerfield, 111., Mrs. Ellen Turner and children and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Palmer of Petersburg, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kite and family, Shirley McKay of Mt. Vernon and Mr. and Mrs. John Kovach and Randy, were supper guests recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Huffman of Fairfield. Mrs. Otto Nolta was guest of honor at a birthday dinner Friday evening at the home of her sister in Du Quoin. Mr. and Mrs. Olen Alexander have returned from a few days visit with relatives in Tennessee. Carl Sanders visited relatives in West Frankfort Wednesday. Thanks to all who have been so helpful the past week with news. Keep up the good work. I really do need your calls with news. . . . Mrs. John Kovach, Cor. to be no solution. I asked my minister, and he just laughed and said, "That's a good one for Abby!" We arc very friendly with another couple and we visit back and forth very often. When they come to our house they bring along an in-law who recently lost bis wile, and is lonely. This in-law weighs about 400 pounds. He is a very nice person and wc truly enjoy his company but, Abby, our furniture is beginning to break down under his weight. Can we diplomatically ask our friends not to bring this man to our home, and explainw by? We have had to replace the springs in our best chair, and now the other one is going. Please help us. DESPERATE DEAR DESPERATE: There arc no words diplomatic enough to salvage a friendship alter asking friends to leave a lonely in-law at home because he's too heavy for one's furniture. Go to a second-hand store and find the sturdiest and least expensive chair available. Buy it and call it "bis" chair. No one will care what it looks like. They'll lovo you for it. # * * DEAR ABBY: We are not kids. I am 25 and he is 29. He says he wants to marry me, but he wants to be sure we are compatible first. So he has suggested that we have a trial living-together period for about three months to bo sure. We have gone together for 13 months and it never occurred to me that we wouldn't lie compatible when married. Ho tells t, and candy dealers always give samples, and I can't think of a logical reply. Only I know he is wrong. Can you help mo? STUMPED DEAR STUMPED: A woman Is neither an automobile nor a batch of candy. Tell him nothing doing. He will have to take fiis chances with you, just as you are willing (or bad been!) to take yours with him. (P.S. Give this prospect some more thought.) DEAR ABBY: When should a girl's falher stop kissing her on the lips? Many girls have this problem, but I don't want to solve it my own way for fear of hurting Dad. Please print this, as I know it would benefit many. 'SAY WHEN" DEAR SAY: If Dud's embrace is innocently offensive, tell him so, and offer your cheek. There are no set rules. That's a family affair. * # + CONFIDENTIAL TO KAREN: He sounds like a "swell" boy— with a head to match. Ask him to return your bracelet. * * * What's on your mind? For a personal reply, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Abbv, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. * » * Hate to write letters? Send one dollar to ABBY, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif., for ABBY'S new booklet, "HOW TO WRITE LETTERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS." PERSONAL Anthony LaFatta of St. Louis was a business visitor in Mt. Vernon Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Maddox of Sesser spent yesterday afternoon shopping and transacting business in the King City. Mrs. James McCollum of Louisville, 111., visited friends and shopped in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mrs. Nettie Martin of Ashley spent Friday afternoon shopping in the King City. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Overton of Benton were business visitors and shoppers in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mrs. Elza McKitrick of Fairfield transacted business an dshopped in the King City Friday afternoon. Ray G. Davis of Dahlgren was a Mt. Vernon shopper and business visitor yesterday. Mrs. Mae Nadolski of Waltonville spent Friday afternoon shopping in the King City. John Wingard of Benton made a business trip to Mt. Vernon yesterday afternoon. Morgan Brainerd of Xenia was a business visitor in the King City Friday. Phil D. Miller of Benton spent yesterday afternoon transacting business in Mt. Vernon. Clarence W. Aydt of Dahlgren was a business visitor in the King City Friday. Lowell Gaston of Bluford made a short business trip to Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mrs. Mamie Simmons of Texico spent Friday afternoon shopping in the King City. Ed Furlow of Sesser was a Mt. Vernon business visitor yesterday. C. W. Cisne of Bluford made a brief business trip to the King City Friday. Hillard Ellis of Keenes spent Friday afternoon transacting business in Mt. Vernon. James Herzing of Dahlgren was a business visitor in the King City yesterday. MR. AND MRS. ROBERT L. TUCKER (Mary Jane Studio) BARBS Michigan's land area (about 36.5 million acres) is larger than Greece and five times as large as Belgium. BY HAL COCHRAN Women divide men's sorrows, double their joys and treble their expenses. * * * An Eastern woman, seeking a divorce, said she had worked constantly for five years while her husband loafed. He lived by the sweat of his frau. * * * If the turkeys knew what we know about the near future they wouldn't be strutting around so proudly. * * * If you could cut in on teenage conversation on the phone you'd have an evening's entertainment. Quick Quiz Q—What honor was recently accorded the late Eleanor Roosevelt? A—A 5-cent postage stamp was issued in her honor. The only other "First Lady" so honored was Martha Washington. Q—How (Joes the world population now stand? A—It was 3.18 billion in mid-1963. For the first time in history the combined population of the Americas surpassed that of Europe—excluding the USSR. Timely Quotes TIMELY QUOTES The suppression of private property has produced a terrible loss in the quality consciousness (of workers). We have encountered this not only in the footwear industry but also in the manufacture of clothing. —Cuban industries minister Ernesto Guevara. Khruschev is smarter on a fifth of vodka than most of our State Department are sober. —Sen. John Tower, R-Tex. Miss Faith Tow, of this city and I Robert L. Tucker were married Friday afternoon, November 28, at four o'clock in the Park Avenue Baptist church in this city. The Reverend Everett Lemay officiated at the double ring ceremony before an altar decorated with bronze and gold mums, double palms, and double candelabra. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Boykin of VVarrensburg and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Verne Tucker of Ashley. Preceding the exchange of vows, the tapers were lighted by Gerald Creel of Morton Grove, William Shelton and Harold Evans, both of Ashley, who also acted as ushers. Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a lovely white brocade waltz length dress with fitted bodice, full length sleeves and a matching tiara veil, with pearl and sequin trim and she carried a white Bible adorned with white rose buds tied with gold streamers. The wedding gown was fashioned by Mrs, Andrew Webb of this city. Miss Avis Tow of Decatur, sister of the bride, was maid of honor. She wore a gold brocade street length dress with matching pill box hat and carried a bouquet of bronze pom CHECK LIAR'S SANITY NEW YORK (AP)-A young man accused of sending the FBI an a wild goose chase for an "associate" of the late Lee Harvey Oswald wag under observation at Bellevue Hospital today. Stephen H. Landesberg, 23, volunteered in Federal Court Thursday to be committed to hospital for 10 days of psychiatric examination. Mount Vernon Community-College ORCHESTRA CONCERT Monday, December 9, 1963 — 8:15 P.M. High School Auditorium Guest Artists: SIU String Quartet (Chorut Conctrt - Mondty, D«c. 16,1963) (Jburffend Bill Thackrey 2000 B'dway Dial 242-1431 Home or Office •U'i-i&H State Farm Ufa Insurance Company. Horn* Offlc*; BJaomlngton* llllnolft JtAU rtiM A INIUIANCI • LUCKY IT WAS SO SMALL LOUISVILLE (AP) — Roy Hunt borrowed the midget foreign car of a friend to go on an errand. He got the motor started but couldn't find the reverse gear to back up and turn around. When traffic piled up behind him on the busy city street, Hunt got out of the vehicle, lifted the front end and wheeled it around to the direction in which he wanted to go, then drove away. poms. David Tucker of LaPorte, Ind., brother of the bridegroom, was best man. The Reverend Samuel of Ashley, accompanied by his wife, sang "Because", "Whither Thou Goesl", and, while the couple knelt at the altar, he sang "Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us." A reception was held in the church dining room with Mrs. Lewis Milliard of this city, Mrs. Earl Riddle of Wood lawn serving and Mrs. Walter Shelton of Decatur was in charge of the dining room. The guest register was kept by Miss Georgia Gregory of Bluford. The gifts were in charge of Miss Virginia Riley and Mrs. Harold Evans. The table held a four-tiered wedding cake decorated with gold and white bells and double candelabra with lighted tapers. Botli mothers wore blue ensembles and a corsage of cymbidium orchid*. The bride is employed at (he Mt. Vernon City Schools Administration Building. The bridegroom is a student at McKendree College in Lebanon and is serving as pastor of the Neighborhood House Methodist church in East St. Louis. They are making their home at 716 south 22nd street. EMERGING IN SPORTS LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — An Indian sports equipment firm has donated hockey gear to Nigeria "for distribution to the 12 best players of your country." Wasan and Company of Jull- undur, India, made the gift in response to an appeal by President Nnamdi Azikiwe for aid to the Nigerian national hockey team to enable it to play in international matches. Your Motorola Dealer RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE SPORTING GOODS Phone 242-2323 | The people of First Baptist Church are | | sincerely grateful to all who helped make our | 1 Christmas Shop a success. We are very 1 | thankful for your support. § SNlCftftSNtf THE CARVING-SERVING BLADE by Gerfoer Snickersnee, the sensational carver-server, is a great innovation. It's a carving blade and serving fork all in one. JVotbing Like It! SR SET *25 Here's how it works: With Ron, the fork, you hold your roast—while with Snickersnee's keen edge you slice the meat withease. THEN, without moving your holding fork, you serve the slices with Snick's forked points. It's quick, easy and gracious. h tolld walnut cfosf JACKSON'S OFFER YOU Guaranteed Satisfaction Free Gift Wrapping Greater Selection Everyday Low Prices Credit Terms Greater Service M. E. JACKSON SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Southern Illinois' Leading Jeweler For Over 43 Years. "Fresh As A Flower In Just One Hour" FREE PARKING For Our Customers Convenience on the Griggs-Martinizing Lot. For Mon., Tues., Wed., Dec. 9,10,11 Ladies' and Men's Suits & Coats Reg. $1.15 89 Ea. AT 1006 MAIN ST. IN DOWNTOWN MT. VERNON Store Hours: 7 A.M. Till 6 P.M.

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