Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 22, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1927
Page 3
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- c Fredprkk Cullison of vllU'. Okla.. Willi is Hchool at lltp ('olk'Ki' of Hpciit llif w^i'k I 'ljd ln're Hlsti -r. MrH. I,lcrl)<n'l Kifc Fife. . • lliirtlcs- atii'iiilliiK Kiiipoiiii. Willi Ill's .ind Mr. —For Paintinij and DiMOiatiiiB- phone 786W. (". W., 21', Norlli First .sfroet. .Mrs. Ilazi avciiuf <(Vciiiii« from vlllf.. Kansas'. ll<l\: MaiikliiH audi daiiB,... . I, nfi "l .'i North Washlniloii ik'tiiriK'il homi' visit ill Sill ColVoy- day Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Stowart of Denver. Colo.. HTf- vi.--itinp Mrs. 'Stewari'-s pawnts, Mr. and .Mrs. , John Murphy of iJHarpe,- .Mrs. : and report an exiitiuR time. Stewart was • formeriy .Miss Helen Murphy. . - trunks. H HRS . Suitcases, ^len- iiitii;er"s Kiirnltiirft Store. slv. uui\ -.Mr.-!. Clai^nie I.iitz son .Alviii returned yesterday. Cnffeyville wheivlliey havo visitiiiK friends M M' IKISI > TJiey wer^ there diirins the —Why worry? K. C". Electriri Sppcisil For This Meek I .—iiist rpceivfd .shiimient I.ig- KGlfs 2'<.-i)otin(J, bo.ves .\--iSiirted Chocolates, 9Sc. Cook's. :.Mr. and Mrs. .1, .I.Tarpley. and' .Mr. and .Mrs. .I.oiin \V. Herring, eivil war veterans and their, ivives left yesterday l<ir a few weeks stay, at the Old Soldiers home near Dodfee City, Kansas. , . —For the hi'M i-reitric and |iliinil>- InK serviee. sije' K. C . Klectrte and j I'lumhiliB Co. i Ivirl l..eslie of JMiil Scull Is H |lenilillK llie w<|ek wftli liJH illiele and aiiijt, .Mr. at )il ^Mis. ]t. \V. Dill- ItMin (if .'ill!! .\iillll ;\V .'illlllI ^ireel. Plumhiug Co. will take care of Kour etecixic^ anil plumbing proniptly. Call CnJ iroiible.s •ii: .Mrs. Kric .leniien of Cottonwood street left yesti on tlieOil FlyeiJ for Des .Mi Iowa, where she was <alled.b; death of her brother-in-law. S|io<i)il For This Meekl —.lust roceive.d sbiiimeiit; uetfs 2'*. Cliocolalt'.s. pound boxes !ISf. Cook's. Alffla Uiwnsey. ojiie of t.lie H ter carrier Junior hiel school veskerday ,nor carry piiperM on :ii'ioiiiil of -See "The I'm h Over ill.;' Friday nlnhi. .\jlarjh •'•>. ii\ (IIVI/II City TeiK school.: her AHSoclalloii. Illll ."i tell down Kirls i^iid "a htuiler w.iis unable to at|iend her .on k lee hi 'r an and roni ijeeii eek. riot and Koiith niay ines. the Assiirted t at route In.-ii iilKhf injury 111 her leielveil Suiidiiy II I K I II Wliell jlie icmi'iii sie|is Iiai4 i l.aCiailde-jCii.N lioliie iin I '.irent- .Mjs. A. S. Mi)>ow|dl iiiid daiub- ter Of HartleHVllie.-Okla.. who liave been visitliiK their ; iijiiilie)- and Kraiiilniolher. \jis. A.. I^isater of •rson aveinie. re- WllHlllHKlon aVelllll •104 '.V/.rth .lefl| turned home yelitevdav ' "An of the (i 'will he K L'.'l, at •*i::!0 hfillse by Lea una. • he I bo juilh Hziiiia .X'owlioy." dr ei^l S.j.iiibwi'-sr ill four viiiil' Wednesday, M at ('ottan.e (iriivf' s( he Itriyiif .""letMlibori una iaclH Itch liool of The thrcV year m < lilld of .\1K.V \VA.NTi:i) and .Mr.s. A'oy Winner of 2ti Siiuth stri'ct was bUBned •"• at ' Ua.xller Rpriiiiis. Kans. ,, I-QiiiK .;.4leiul}' job. i * -' • '"' i i i:. * Krj IJriifhorsj. ( onlr.ii-tiirs' * ' I "^^ ' ' : i. a t 1 *. * * • • I Tennessei » I about the jl'aie - , water. • Slje was » --tliis iiioriuliif;. Saturday with reported hi * I — For-j n ! rooms. 1 w( • Realty Co.! I .i^ht. located. airy, o IleniU I .Mr.s. K(l Kane.' who lias been visiling in the home of her ^,on. .M. ]•:. Kane. 4M. Niirtli Fourlli' street: left on the Oil Flyer yesterday for D PS .\Ioines. Iowa where'slie will make her home for the presejit. Pauline and Mrs. Sycamore I -with the Hall. " daiiphl-r of Mint. Bali of 7i>.*; ^Sijinth street, is reported ill nieasles. •!-- For S;! toni. best tvnck. on le: !of hiiji ' :!.'• acres Iiis;h >)oiI for fruit way, nice new — Dr. C;."S. jJ-amheth, Office phone 2r)|6- Ues. phoiie Oiri.l.- ^iirseoii. Th« deatii ot {S^^orite AlciKhilpy. of Humholdt, whicliOfcurred; Sunday nlKht in hlH ihomc. wan re- c«Jved liere with Horrow by bin TrlcndH. Mr. McKlnley wan a. hrother of .ioe .MrKlnley, and hl.s wife I K a .sl.«ter of Mr.s. 11. A. Hrown. Iioth well kniAvn piojile of I(da. The decea.sed had been in-failing healtli-for silveriil months and was taken two weeks ago to the Santa Fe hospital in Topeka and latr-r to the Chanute hospital, everythinR possible liavinR been done to improve his condition anil althouRh he seemed, to rally hit: death came asa shpck to his wide circle of ri'iends and those of the .McKinley and Brown faniilieK here. .M I *. .McKinley had lived in: Hum- holdt since his .boyhood dajs and for the last thirty-rive years was statioij agent, for": Hhe. Santa Fe railroad at Humboldt. Clifford Pool left last week for Seinlnole, Oklahoma after a visit j heve with his parents, Mr. and i .Mrs. .M. Pool of g2d South Buckeye street. — Fariji Wanted: In exchange for blacksmith shop and filling station, well located, all clear, doing good business. Henderson Realty Co. .Mrs. Clay Weast and .Mrs. <'lar- ence Norton of .Moran were lola viKitors yesterday. —Dr.. Montgomery, Chiropractor, tola Laundry tJIdg. Phone 138. .MrH. Homer I.MiI .aughllji of nronson, Avlio underwent.'ii .major operation yesierday morning at St .lolin's honpital, is recoverinui iiici-- —0. L. doz.i D., Speelallit. Bye, Bar, Noae jand Throat. ; .\rclile Ilrown oli no2 South: State street, who has been colllltied to his home on account of illiiPss. Is reporle.d a-s iniiiriiving. THB lOIA DAILY REGISTER, tUSSpAY EVENING . H. ^^S^t^r^f'^Gwdla^ric^lB^^^^Ot Mr. KanHHK, , Siutcr, oi firmerly comnilKsioncr of public utilities hero, y*HS In the elty Sun|diy and .Momlay on busl- iieHM anil rentewing acc|ualnlanreh of formijr years. .Mr. Slater charge liflthe idectrlc and water plants at (ioodland.* . Make Toui-blf West GHARCH 22. 1927. has IfPrt.^ldenl Washington. .Mar. Cojdidge wilj summer residence In said loillay, at .u,- ';|louse, but hi; has no inieii|i<in of <AP) :tahl sh a t!l. weH. it the White Bonus Applicatibn Time Extended Now Topeka.' Kan ....VarcL 22. '(APX- World war veteraiis jwho did not know they were entltfoil to. a Kan- \ sas bonus until the time for liliiig applications had closed, now have Paulen Signs Bdnlis Bill For Employes Topeka. Kans.. .Mar. 22. (API— Uy affixing his signature to a bill Covernor Paulen today assured a I2."> bonus to each of 241 legislative employees, including pages. - Dr. <ii. S. I.amtietlij Surgeon. I 'miAiir.; an Office phone 2."ii;: Ues. phone 61 .1 .1-jse-tion. ! i: .\ii invitatioii (or tlie prj'siilent to i Hugenf hiillig. of Hassett. whuj dedicate the pew .«fi.'.il,i(lii| state has lieei) ill of the measles, wa^ | capitol of WaHhingloii in .jli,iue. was able to return to school today. |,received today, but .Mr. ei.'itensive toiiV of that I another chance to getl the gratuity i janitors and stenographers. These .held out little hope for —1 have established a ten>porary i'lines ;not intond to go as offic-i? at my residence, :'.U4 '.V. .lef- | ;is Washingioii state ani| ftrson. where I can examine eyes, j uiii consider that, touring fit glasses, anil make • repairs, i try lenrls itself so well' ti I'hone .*i02 for apiHiiniment. Ira B. I of a vacation, l^rantz. Optometrist. • : . .._ (i'oolidge laccepting lit. While he wants to jifA iBeet W. E. Ualston. Ceo. .M. Kerr. J. C. Uttrell aiiil T. H. Shannon al- Itinded the funeral of lienrge McKinley at Humboldt this afternoon.| ciijt.jmo; M;„.. 22. fAP| — ' I extension of the beet su — Free Pemonstraiiou ol the new Cnited States. far away hei d les Ithe cojin- <if SI for each day's service in the army, navy or marine! corps. Governor Pauli'ii . signed today the hill extending tli«^ "dead line' for claims from June 30. 192."i to June ;tu. 192S. I 1 . The bonus board has estimated' that 4.501) former•• Kansas men.' M .-uttered in all parts of the world, | have failed to. ask for theii; com- 1 employi'es hai pay of .*2 to $:; a received regiilir day. the idea l;l'ensatton. In ISlTi at Cheshire. Kiigl.and, .lack Jone.s. ilefoateil Patsy Tunney in a ficht that, lasted 27G rounds. F LU-GRIP Check before it starts. Rub on—inhale vapors ! Sugar Group : Ends Big Meeting Automatic Oithopl«)nic Victroja' ,1^^ pi, gugar which .hangcs its ohvn records in |, j,^^ conference the main (lining rmim of the Kelley Hotel this cveiiiili? beginning i;:.';ii. ."everybody invited. .1. Koberts .Music Store. Iliere today. President "Steven H. ^} i Love, of Salt ••retary Harry .Mrs. V. L. Vertrees of 4.12 South Fourth street left today for Clinton. Iowa to vi.sil her daughter. Mrs. .M. C. and family. Lake City. Atvstin of 'ton. 1). C.. made public lion to this effect the had ajiproved. Helps )i I'uinrnI Aehln^ Hack. .Mr. hot Iter fice rsoii' Mr. provemeiit!^, (Jood leri'hs. Hen win Healty Co.: iliot- and im- ler- , Miss Kva Hurley: ofl ('iiy, who underwent an tomy operation at .iit. • (lital Sunday eveijing. is 33 doing, very nicely. .Mi came home Saturday fo ..with her parents, in .Mfr ' is inesideiu of the Home icis Clitb in Kansas Citf instructor of Doniestii ihe schools there.' Kansas jippeiniec-; J61in'.5 hos- lioned i •>:< Ijurley i visit I 1- She \ S' iniitu- i re ' - a an. Kc .Mr^^. P.. T, Rixe left yesterday for her home in Independence . alter spi]ndi|iis several days wilii hec'liis- iil. .Mr. n. T. Riiie. who has the il'in.v Studio, and with her on, wniin-e Rice a''nd faniily (it: 422 iilli .Svcamore .street. a'nri'' IB I f- For Rent: acres, with hi •ieiiie in aiid Uarii. on hi;;hway. dose : lU'iidcrsoii Realty Co. 'Misk Florence Sliockcy of N.iortli Jefferson avenue.' who been [ill of the flUv was able returii to scl^io] yesterday. ^t'm •••••• II. P o; K. .SOCIAL C.VRD f'ARTV Tli4irsda ,v, .March V at ('lull Rooms 'Lll! Phone Mrs. A. 1!. T« III. iMr.'<. I). .Minesii i;er This will he the lajjt p the Sodial CliiliL'.'^e 111. T.Ml. or La I will at : ' as ' Dr. and Mrs. <;. S. daughter. .MarylieUe. . the Davis property Wa.shington aveirue the house is ready, hejiig repainted aiu Dr. ,l^nihelh and faiiiily living in the bungalow •Johh'.s hospital l"or. abojii re Your Sprlnff 'oat can he rPfresheil dry cleaning. Call r ..L. B. LEAVELL, M. D. Special attention given DIs eases of (^olon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapy. Office lola Stale Bank nidg, Phonen-M7 and 705. I fly of .-^11 II. Mrs. U. L Tliisler. Kiiii'J , arrived I.Wl eviiilug lo| Willi lier iiiiiilnr. Mrs. C. II. Clii;i.'V liose coiidltion is a improved. SMx .liilia .\IcC drov;- to l»i(|iia to llHiM her of Cliapn|ian. he Mettle mon-lration ol] the Vict'r -Free II .\utomaiic Ortlioplioiii Wllic'l ell;i||i;es lis own leilirdf llie main dining room of the K< Mote! lliis eveiilnir litgmiilnpj I't i;i"ryliody fiivited. . J Roberti .Music .^tore. .Mrs. .May Fuller; • teacher Wasliingtoii school, took ..sudd a year. I iH yesieiday and had to be t.^ [ilK 'lli and tnove l<i nfi Soiltli " .Slum as Thi'f house lecoraleil. lave been near Si. j?o her home. sister, .Miss.l-]hir- hv tuir.. Ahllpviin riwiners eiiee Stroll;;, i.-; teaching in jpl..H -e. 1 Sifas .Malcom, acooir.-anieil ' his rdaiighter. .Miss Kmma- I com. weijt to Kansas City this ieriioou where he will enter a pital for i exainination. Mr. «*«»•»• com has -.lieen ill fo .Miss Lois Ayling of Wichita jipent the week 'rtd with h<r parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. W. E. Ayling anil familv oi r>ii2:Sou.lh Sycamore stneet. Xliss Ayling ,is an operator at the teIe]ihoiie • bffice in Wichita. • some tiink". Rem< of fr .xliT iniwr i prop] piiinn; Fl«: K Use ill. las' to lire ter lew rola in llcy at V. at nly ken her by lal- laft- os- lal- Iw I TaHets for « wi«kj n?r know how tn'- avolii n tasi- , Tbcj »roii*e •tn quick tv- 'HeresRetief From All IJMrfisiiig Sforuacb j—If your stomach is safer, upset, - or if you are suffering fpim indi- • gesfion. dyspepsia; gas ritis. helch- Int.x)ij.aiiy of thie othei dlstreBsifig. sihmaeh'diseases,:just go to.your •dijngglst, aiid ask, fori Wilson G^TARANTICED Stomach Remed.v. ; tiaOIliy diraitlon, ... . . CHAMBERLAI^ TABLETS STOMACH REME;DY jpof sale by Rrown's Dnig Store. C<|olt's Drug Stqre. Fry's -Drug .Mr. and .Mrs. Floyd .Marple. Of 41."> .North Third street and .'\lr. and .Mrs. W. L. Marple of Kentucky street, spent Suiidiy with their brother and wife. .Mr. and .Mrs, K. .M. iMariile. east of Cas. ! —Dr. A. IB. Twbdell. Osteopath. .Vew Globe iBldg. Phone 191. .1. P. Bi-ll. the writer of Knst. lola JJuiiiblltigs. Iliiiiy und .'oe and news roustabout in general at the Register, who has been III for several days at Ills liom*/. - 22 South Kentucky .slieei.' i< still confined to his home. His friends earnestly hope for his early re- coyery. — Lumbago and a stiff, aching hack snggKsl at. onc« tli • need of a good diuretic to s ini ilate kid Xiirth i •'•"'"retlonH and riil tie sy,stem of troublesome poiso is tliat c.iiiso ihe distresKing a.,hes .\ rs. Uliick lir P'-tersluirg." Va.. .-lys: "Beflire I took Foley I'llls dilireMi . | could not stoop over nor. |' lise up with out (.•'•eat pain.' .N'ow siiw;e l.-ik'ing tlieiii I have none," ,Lsk for Foley I'lIN illiireiic. A pro iilit liiiprove- menf will amply rep: y ypu. Sails ruction guaraiileeil -|l. A. Itrowii & Sou. Mrs. Maggie .McDon Armstrong chililfen. Wayne. Kankins of i-J/', e Street are r<.<-over-' Harold and 20,S South Stall ing from an illne.<iH of the mt'asles. Sirs. May Norton of Wi» liita. K.insas came last night lor a visit jwith h^T sister. .Mrs. K. H. Qiiinn of :!l .'i North Jefferson avenue .Veda Stewart and li; boldt. ((rove Up yesteijlay the d.'iy with their aiiit. Willingham, of T :'.1' street. The Misses Weir and Davis, evangelists, are j continuing the meetings at 7 street. Everyone vited to'-at tend. South Kentucky is cordially —Free Demonstration of the new .Automatic Orthoplloiiic Victrola I whici; changes its dwn records, in in- 1 the main dining room of the Kelley ;.Hotel this eveniiu beginning at — I !(ii;!il. Everybody invited. .1. V. —Free Demonstration of the new i Roberts .Music Store. -Viitoniatic Orthophoi'iic. Vii-trola: • — whi<h changes its «w:ii records, ill, I{<>trNtnit{on \otJce, the main dining room of the Kelley- j ^-The office of. the City Clerk Hotel this evening beginning at i will he open from S o'clock a. m. t>::!o. Everybody invited. J. V, j tju m o'clock p. ni. beginning Roberts .Music Store. . 1 .Mar.h IG, 1927 ami closing March 2.".. li'27. for the purpose of regis- Russ^'Il .Major, who attends tlie Fniversit.v of Wichita, who has been ill at' the home of his jiarenls. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Major of 2i;i South Buckeye street lor tjie past two weeks, is reported as improving. ' —Try It once—yonwJll have other. Van Hoozer'ai^r«ad. no I ration. AU those who did noT vote j at thit. tJeneral Election last No- \ vemher. or who have moved since, j must register to entitle them to vol" at the City Election to be held April .5. 1!>27. B. L. McNlKL. . City Clerk. .Mrs. Orimm 4iiid family moved yesterday from .321 South Fourth street to .'iH; South First .street. .M. .\. Johnson, of nriuisoii. is:l funding a .Mrs. J. H Jefferson akenni —Just 1 few days'with .Mr. und; Uregory of f.(i,S South | Mr.= Alfred Conwell. who underwent an appendectomy opera- tton at H\ John's hospital atioiit' midnight last niglii. is rejiorted as doing ui«elv. Mrs. 4'atience Leedoni. who was ojierateil iiji.on at .^t. .lolin's hos- irital 'about two weeks ago, is getting SI long satisfactorily. ke Angei Food Cake, ^an Hoozer'a Bread. 2 for 15c. Friends .;.f .Mr.s. R. B. Porter will lie glad to know thai she cohtinueR to improve| She is at the home of her neplie\y. . A J R . Sleeper, hut ex Jiects fo go tO; her li <|nie at .SI."> .Nortii Syciimore street as soon as she I H fiill.y recovered. .Mrs. Por<er was III III -ee weeks of inflileiiza and a lilo id clot lormed in Her left i>rm necessitating thj- ampiita- lloii of^ihi.' arm. She T5 ?abimt the most I lieeifiil palieiil in the world ami lor room is filled with flowej-s. She is a remarkably lirave patient at Inr advanced an.e, wjiicfi Is H\\ Ihe s -'Venlies. PILE^^SUFFERERS Get this handy tubm Iiulint, •aAhine irlirf and mu- • *I!'''^^!' ™)2 U'l'inB, aiinil or I'm. fmd.neP.lM. Tbedruemt will rrf und (IH ! monry if it failn. In Ulbri Willi piU «r n tin boii*, tar. A»k for PAZO OINTIiflENT Entlicoll-John.son World's l.ante>il Shoe Makers Men's Scout Bal S1.59 BILES Diiick, a«f»,- «ur« relief from . ^^icallonsiMonthefeet. sdum Cqptajnaa bait. Ready to use 03 comei f rob tube. Rati Bc ^t bait, the^ se^k poison, nibble and diei 60c at your r&j taller. IMMCV gMK W| IT MB < Chmpany DRY GOODS-WpMEN'S WEAR-MILLINERY i ' • :>OLA.-. KANSAS • I Ntirliiniii Itldg., formerly nrrupled Ity Janie.s RirhardHon lOLA'S POPULAR STORE Put j'oiir wintel'. c othes away in safety. Use moth-tite, cedarized, dust pi'oof bags. They are sealed at the side and at the top making-them absolutely moth proof and dust proof. 3 for 50c See Them in Our South Window SENEKERVS I—Frging ar ihdus- uid "fair' This year's tournament to decide the Y. yi. C. A. natloiial cliani|)ion- ships at volley hall iwtll .be held at Fori Wayne, Ind.. iMay $-7. 'ion Jan PAGE THREE! ASt^gth'BaildiJig Food For Feeble People I- SCOTTS EMULSION "1 Rich In .ifrl All Cod-liver Oitll Vitamins I Scott & Bowse. Bloomfield, N. J.' ' 2S-» and) Sec- Wash in g- a resolii- onference .Mrs. .Ma> ' and .Mrs. of Miim- ind spent .\lrs. Sarah .vJrIh Kim V - - -1 •<• The Best Your Last Tribute The m'anumenj; we erect at your direction will endure for ages. We use only the | best the quarries produce, | cut the design and inscrip-, tion deep arid build a :i foundation that will withstand time itself. . If you j are planning ;he erection i of a memorial :>ur semces hvG at your co nmand. WILLIAMS MONUMENTAL WORKS 301 South Washingjton, Phone'676 where savitiss are ereatesi SOUTH SIDE SQUARE lOLA, KANSAS ^10 Select tike Modes Sinart W|)men Are Wearing Eyerywkere —Lower Pricesi Our nation - i iride power of selection brings "last modes to your door-— at price savings that are famous front coast to coast. Values Ins{MreJl By Oui Anniversaiy Celebrationi V j Typical of the offerings that have hdped. onr Stores to grow! Our se ectioivof c ;h4rrn- ing Spring coats 'is a deligl t to women.. Slim Luujs Prevafl-— >ves Importaht Th^ slender silhouette contijitjes in favor — dc- pencfi ig on unusual, sleejire { treats tents, belts-and ^smcy pockets for distinctioii- Johni.jr coDao ace clever^ '1l -n!

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