The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on July 2, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1892
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Tho Postville Weekly Review. POBTVILIiK, S'A*'DAY, JULY ». W. N. BURDIOK, Editor. Bnlcml at the pottojfice at Postville 0.1 Kcotld-tlasi matter, National Republican Ticket. For President, BENJAMIN HARRISON, of Indiana. For Vico-l'resident, WH1TELAW REI1>, of Now Tork. now, solely for political reasons. The democratic platform of 1882 is a curious documont. nail ihould bo preserved in tho national imiuum ns a curiosity for future generations. THE THIRD PARTY. B.BPUBLIOAH CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION. A delogato convention of tlio republicans of tnu fourth oougrcsMonal district of tlio sluto of lows, will be hold at Now Hampton, Iowa, on Wednesday, August 10th, at 1 o'clock p. m., for tho purpose of nominating a candidate for representative in congress for said district and for such other business as mar properly bo considered. The basis of representation will bo ono dolognte to each county and one ndditionnl delegate to each* 100 votes or frnotion over 00 cast for Hon. H. C. Wheeler for governor, as follows, lo-urit: Allr.niakce 1!) Cerro Gordo 20 Chickasaw 1C Clayton 22 Fayette 26 Floyd 10 Howard 14 Mitchell 18 Winuoshcik 21 Worth 11 By order of the republican congressional committee, J AMES E. B LTTHIC, Chairman. THE DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM. Already, before the campaign has had time to' open, tho animus of tho democrats is plainly visible. They do not iiope to elect thoir candidates by A majority of tho electoral vote. The straw they cling to is tho bare possibil­ ity'that through their assistance and engineering, and Die lavish HSO of money in such states as Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Colorado theso states may bo carried for the peoples' ticket, and thus throw the election into the house of representatives, where Cleveland would be certain of election. This must be a humiliating work for a groat party, and still more humiliating for tho peoples' party. It would bo far more honorablo for tho lattor to vote for Cleveland direct and thus show to the world just where they stand. But Mvon this schemo will not work. Harrison will carry Now York and Indiana, as well as tho stales above named, and will be triumphantly electett in spite of all the combinations that may bo arrayed against him. T HE democratic platform says "wo ure opposod to all sumptuary laws," which plates that parly squarely against any restriction of tho liquor tralilc whatever. A license law is as ninth a sumptuary law as is prohibition. Wo did not suppose that any considerable number of pooplo at thi day were opposod to license or any other control of tho traffic. Hut such seems to bo the attitude of the national domocraey. We don't boliove the people) will socond any such motion. We aro fully Rware that it is a clirou- ic habit for the opposite party to belittle and assail tho platform of the other party, no mailer what it coutains or what line of policy it sets forth. This must bo expected to a certain extent 60 long as parties go beforo tlio public for acceptance or rejection on tho principles tlioy enunciate in their address to the voters in tho form of platforms. And from a party standpoint this is just, if honestly and impartially done, because these platforms make up tho 1931103 that divido the parties, and without those criticisms of tlio "organic law" of tho sevoral parlies tlioro can be no intelligent discussion of tho questions at issuo. It is the fault of all parties that their declarations of principle/' aro by far too length, 1 ,' and verbose The slump speech in party platforms should at once and forever be discarded, and conventions confined to a clear nnd concise statement of tho issues upon which they ask tho suffrages of tho people. A half ooltiinn is ample space in which to parliculurizo tlio differences that exist between tho two great parties, as in reality there are but two questions lliiu really divide the parties, tariff and honest elections versus free trado and fraudulent elections. Everything else'is merely tilling nnd is irrelevant. Tho republican platform was much too long, but the democratic) announcement is more th:-. 11 twice as long as that. It is no wonder that Henri Watterson characterized it an "extraordinary e»say." It takes two columns of solid nonpareil in which to givu it tc tho world, and whon it is digostod it is simply a pettifogger's harangue. Kvon the tariff plauk, as it was giveu to the convention by the coaimitloe was a straddle of tho highest dimensions, and it took a rod hot war to expunge it and get in its place ''a tariff for rovonuo only" plank, which was only adoptod in the ond by l »ss than a two -thirds voto of tho convention. And tho most ludicrous thing about it is the Clovelimd leaders wore tho ones who favored tlio straddlo, and were only whipped into "rovonuo only" by such anti-Cleveland mon as Wntter- BOU and Sprlogor. Tlioro can bo 110 question but Cleveland hlmsolf desired a more liberal construction of tho tariff question titan WAS finally worked into tho platform, knowing that the pooplo just now are not in a frame ot mind to have all the new industries paralyzed Which are springing up all ovor tho onnntry as a result of the McKinloy bill. The election of a presldout and congress, if such a tiling wore possible, nt this junoluro, on a tariff for revonue only platform, would precipitate such a panlo and monetary revulsion as this country lias novnr seen. The democrats themselves will not daro do It. ftuocoss to them at such a prico would be tho worst fuilme Unit they ovor have oxpeiieneod. The prosont oongress has fully roalizod this, else they would have made n genuine tariff reform rec- ol'ii instoiid of frlttorlng away their time la feeble amendments regarding a few articles rather than attacking the law ouihe. Another wonderful thing In the platform is the love evinced for the soldiers and the desire to liayo them pensioned, forgetting that when their present candidate was president his raosl oxaotlng labor was vetoing pension bills, thus making a veto record surpassing all his predecessors combined. But the "force bill" U the ghost that frightened tho plutform committee iiiost. They oonjured It with the "oon- Hlltuilou" and "tho laws under It" to dbwn, nnd yet they were not sure that it' WHS laid. Nice tliiug, this invoking the bonsliiiition to defeat itself! There ja'ndjpttft of the constlttoSioo more binding than the amendment securing equal political rights to all mon» If tnere is no powor In tho constitution uudor which laws 01m be eoaoted to preserve itself ilion that dooument Is nlOfdy a'rope c»f sand, beneath the ros< {*ot uJ'ffty oitizep. Tiw' pTittfovra Is"Yevy solicitous for ttU admission of AH KW * autl New ^.•MfxloOi forgetting thnt the democratic "jj ^uy lUptQUC tlio DakoUs ifpryoJirs F OE slate oflieurs the republican con vention renominated McFarland for Socrotary of stiito, Iieoson for treasurer and Stone for attorney goncral, aud nominated C. G. McCarthy for audiler and Geo. W. Perkins for railroad conv missioner. A. B. Cummins and J. M Keniley wore chosen doctors nt large. T HE republican state convention very sensibly ignored tho prohibition question, tabling both tho local option substitute and the prohibition amendment Ncithor side had any business to raiso tlio question this year as it is not in is- aiio. It is best not to cross a bridgo un til wo get to il. W M. J. C AMI'IIBI.I., of Chicago, has beon elected chairman of (lie ropubli can national committee in place of J. S. Clarkson. Under tho eiroumstances it was improper for Mr. Clarkson to hi continued, as his opposition to Harrison would handicap his labels In his behalf. J OUK W. Fosrait, of Indiana, has boon appointed aud confirmed secretary of state. •_' UU1L !•— LU BOARD OP SUPERVISORS, ALLAMAKBB COUNTY. Regular June Bession, 1893, j. 11. MtiRK, Chui'n. H. FBOKL1CII. WM. M. KKLLT. Tho board of supervisors of Allnma koe county, Iowa, mot at tho county auditor's office in rogular session, at 11 o'clock, a. m., Monday, June C, 1892. Members present, J. U. Meier and II. Froolieh. ' On motion board adjourned to ono o'clock, p. m. Board met as por adjournment; mom bers all present. Bridgo petition of John Couners, ot al., referred to J. II. Meier. Bridge petition of Joseph Stoolo, ot al., referred to J. II. Meier. Bridge petition of Chas. Jones, ct al. referred to J. H. Meier. Bridgo petition of Uov. G. L. Hax raolsr, et al., referred to H. Froelich. Bridgo petition of T. Hermanson. ot al., referred to Wm. M. Kelly. Bridge petition of T. McCaffery,^ al., referred to Wm. M. Kelly. Road petition of Thos. Whalen, ot al., not granted, board having no jurisdiction. Bridgo petition of Phillip Byrne al., referred to II. Froelich. Bridge petition of Matt Egan, ot nl. referred to Wm. M. Kelly. Bulauoo of afternoon occupied hear ing cases of domestic animals killed by dogs. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, n. m., Tuesday, Juno 7, 181)2. T UESDAY, June 7, 1802. Beard mot as p.or adjournment; mem bora ui! present. Minutos of yesterday's proceedings read and approved. Tax potitlon of August Martin, not grantod. Petition of Mary Hrooklianson, no! grantod. On tax pnlltlon of A K. Doremo, It is ordered that all taxes previous to tax sale and penalty on subsequent taxes against NE SW section 32, towushlp 99, range I, be abated upon payment of tax principal on or beforo Jammn 1893. Bridge petition of John Blakely referred to Wm. M.Kolly, Potitlon of T. F. Dnnahor for > refunding of mouoy. with Interest, paid by him on erroneous tax sale, Decern bor 7,1891, grouted. Balance of tho day occupied In hear ing cases of domestic animals klHod by dors, and equalizing assessments. On motion board adjourned to eight o'olook, a. in., Wednesday, Juue-8 1892. nftm' Ihflv .wain hi 111 .ia "rinflt'ei ta I Q li^ e ' WW PWJWRftW PStUtope 'rS 0* »«,« IMI fll VM« mum '° I all opsin of aiUWl.h Dfe'ifla MffhWliVi' W UUMIESUAY , Juno 8, 1892. Board met as por adjournment; mem bora all p/esent. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings read nnd appvoved. Day occupied in hearing testimony nnd argument! in road case No. 640, petitioned tor by Herman Helming, ct nl, • On motion board adjourned to eight o'olook, a. m,, Thursday, June 9, 1892, T HURSDAY , June 9,1892. Boud met na par adjournment; main ban nil present. Board being satisfied that the law has boon fully complied with in relation to road case No. HO, said board pause*' the following order In volution tosnld rotul: . Ocderod' Ihait road No. 640-, petitioned fov by Uemttw b «.nud Is hereby' ««fa!OTl«h«4 In aa «ordH»DO wjtiv;,«ornmi «8iQH *tr rsiiovt »nd' ,pl« Fred Bromlsmeier, on or before the next regular session of the board. Ordered that the .assessment of the following townships and corporations of Allamakco county, Iowa, fur the yvnr 1892, be equalized ns follows 011 personal property: Center township, 16 per cent, added. Fairvicw township, 26 per cent, added. Franklin township, 6 por cent, added. French Creek township, 0 per cent, added. Hanover township, 20 per cent, added. Iawa township, fl per cent added. Jefferson township, • por cent, added. Lafayette township, 10 per cont. added. Lansing township, 16 per coat, added. Linton township, 20 per cent, deducted. Ludlow township, 6 per cont. deducted. Makco township, 10 por cent, added. Paint Creek township, 16 por cent, addod. Post townsldp, II por cont. deducted. Taylor township, 10 per oont. addod. Union City township, 80 per cent, added. Lansing corporation, 10 per cent, added. Waukon corporation, 10 per ecnt. added. The ro-survcy of a portion of road No. 113, petitioned for by Hans Snieby ot al, coming up for linal action and '.he conditions having been fully com plied with in relation thereto, and no objections or claims for damages having been filed, said road is hereby orderod established in accordance with said re-survey, as in original establish mont of highway. Said road to be 60 foot in width. Ordered that consent highway No. . petitioned for by Anthony Barret, et al, be and is licVoby established in accordance with field notes and plat in auditor's office, nnd said auditor is hereby authorized lo mawo a proper record of said highway. Orderod thai tho Allamakee Journal and Postville R F.VIEW be nnd arosolect od as (he official newspapers in which the new ballot law under Chaptor 33, Acts of tho 24th General Assembly, aro published at a compensation of $30.00 for each publication. Petition of J. W. Barthell for a remission of road poll tax erroneously returned against him for the year 1884, granted. Tax pol/titm of Jackson Arnold, not granted. Balaaeo of tho day occupied auditing account*. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, n. m., Friday, June 10, 1892 FniDAV, June 10. 1892 Board met as per adjournment; members all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings read aud approved. Day occupied auditing accounts. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. m., Saturday, June 11, 1892. S ATUIIDAY, Juno 11, 1892. Board mot as per adjournment; members all present. Whereas, upon examination by the board of supervisors, it was doomed necessary for the purpose ot saving the building of bridges across Paint Creok whore road No. 118 crosses said creok on the northeast quarter of section eighteen (18), township ninety-seven (97), north of rango four (4) west, to roloento sail! road upon said quarter soclion, II. O. Dayton was accordingly appointed by said roard to make a sur- voy and pint of said relocation, tho notes and plat of whick- havo been sub initl.ed .i bearing date Juno 9, 18S2. That To!iff Johnson, boing the ownor of tho v^cst half (J) of west half (J) of northeast quarter ()) of said section oighteon (18), bo paid three hundred and twenty-live dollars ($326.00) as dama^os on account of establishment of said relocation ns per agreoment. That the board boing unable lo agroo with Solva HondriokHon. who claims to be tho ownct of the east throe-fourths (J) of tho northoast quarter (}•) of saiu Sec. eighteon (18). Twp. ninety-sovon (97), range four (4). as to tho damages ho will sustain on account of the establishment of said relocation, at the regular April session of said board, S. it. Thompson, Henry Carter and L. J. Nichols, thrco disinterested persons, were therefore appointed and qualilieti to appraise tho damages which said Solva Henderson will sustain on account of tho relocation of said road upon his said land, at one hundred nnd sixty dollars (81G0.00), which sum is hereby allowed and said relocation established, forty feet in width, m accordance with tho notes and plat of said survey. Balance of the day occupied auditing accounts. On motion board adjourned to nine o,clock, a. m., Tuesday, Juno 14, 1892. Report of Douglas Deremore on collection of fees due In clerk's office, examined and ordered placed on file. Simenson II., equalitir.g aisan- ment Schullf John W., equalizing assessment. County treasurer's report of fees for Stevens Peter, bailla district court • i * 1 ti ion.. -1 A., r.. 1 bhcrinan G. \V., appraiser on road [inl and May, 189:!. showing $3.60 I .smiweti c. s„ justice foes Al> collected and paid into county treasury, ordered p uend 011 tile. County auditor's report of fees for April and May, 1892, showing $68.90 collected, with county treasury receipt attached, ordered placed on file. Petition of G. P. Eells, for a refunding of $7.12 taxes erroneously paid by him. granted. Tax petition of John Schmidt, deferred. County clerk's report of foes for April and May, 1892, showing $346. It collected, with county troasury receipt attached, ordered placed on file. Annual report of Theo. Nachtwey, justice of the poaen, Lansing township, examined ami placed on Hie. Petition cf Patriuk Townsoll, recommended by township trustees,, for a remission of the 1891 taxos against NW SW section 1, township 9C, rango 4, granted. County treasurer's semi-nnnnal report examined and ordered placed on file. Scmi-nnnunl 10 port of county auditer witli state revenue, examined and ordered placod on tile. Ordered that tho salary of county attorney be fixed at $600 por annum for the year ending June 1, 1893. Tho board examined school fund ledger and ordorcd the county attorney to collect all delinquent interest on or beforo tho next Septembor session. Ordered that the county treasurer give recoipts in full to H. O. Dayton for all taxes duo against his lands in tho county upon payment of the principal and 8 por cont. penalty on or before tho first Monday In August. Orderod that allowances to tho following named parties bo lixod as follows: Lona Christophorson, Hanover township, $4.00 per month. Mons Monson, Hanover township, $4.00 per month. Mrs. Siintllinger, Lansing township, $6.00 per month. Mrs. Duffy, Lansing township, $4.00 per month. Mr. Snddlor, Lansing township, $4.00 por month. Christ Lulli, Lansing township, $3.00 por month. Anton Putorson, Union Prairie tewn- ship, $6.00 per month. Joseph Cox and family, Iowa town ship, $10.00 per month. Mrs. P. Brophy, allowance discon tinned. All of the above allowances to com mence Juno 1, 1892, and county auditor is hereby authorized to draw warrants monthly on county fund in payment. After reading the proceedings and approving tho same the board allowed thcmselvos the following por diem and mileago: J. II. Moior $83.44 H. Froelich 33.92 vV. M. Kolly 83.66 On motion board adjourned. J. M. COLLINS. County Auditor. t 00 6 no 8 00 1 fo 19 50 » 00 Sanders J., equalising atutssment Skeltun tt TaaRcinan, supplies for pauper Smith lackson, assessor Waukon.. Smith lackson, township clerk , Stillwell «t StcwBrt, making transcript in Rob'tJKcnncy case.... »J Stall M. £. assessor Franklin township Thornton J. H., medical attendance A. Laravier Torry S. D., township clerk fees... Thornton J. H., mceical attand- nnec Mts. Polleys Thoma C, equalizing assessment Thornton j. 11., equalizing assessments , Teeple F. K., witness grand Jury.. Thornton J. H., medical attendance T.Ticrney, Thornton J. 1J., medical attendance Bridget Gannon ......... 1400 Thornton ). II., medical attendance Mrs. Duffy 14 00 Thompson S. R., appraiser on road a So Walker D. R., constable foes Q 90 Williams Andrew,township clerk.. 9 95 Wigton F. A., stove pipe tor poor farm 00 Wheeler A. F„ clerk fees ta 75 Walker D. R., constable fees 4 90 Whitnoy G. W., plans and specifications for bridges «5 50 Woizel F. H,,assessor Postviile... 54 00 Woodward E. M., attorney fees state case 5 00 White John, assessor Makee township 15 00 township clerk 18 00 ACCOUNTS AUDITED. T UKSDAY, June 14, 1892. Board met as per adjournment; members all presont. Miujitos of last day's proceedings road and approved. Bridge potitlon of II. Neilandor, et al, referred to H. Froelich. Tax; petition of Jame^ Dnnahor, cer- tiliod to by towushlp trustees on aceoiiut of erroneous assessment, granted. The appoiutment of N. A. Nelson as collector of delinquent' personal and poll taxos for Lansing corporation and township, by J. F. Doaghoity, county treasuror, approved. The appointment of F. 11. Wilisil ns collector of delinquent personal and poll tnxes for Postville corporation nnd Post township, by J. V. Dougherty, coiiuty treasuror, approved. Bridge petition of J'. W. Hartley, et al, referred to H. Froelich. On tho lax petition of C. A. Spinner, it is ordered that the county auditor oxtend the tax fur 1892 against lot 6, NW NE seotlon 22, township 97, range 4, on a valuation of $176.00. On the tax petition of Timothy Donovan, reoommended by city council of Waukon, loua, it Is orderod that one- half the personal taxes against him be abated upon payment of balance on or before January 1, 1893. Tax potitlon of J«s. Noonan for a remission of county nnd road poll taxos eii'onoouvly returned against him for the year 1886, granted. Bridge petition of Luther Howe, et al, referred to J. II. Meier. Balance of the day occupied auditlug accounts, On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. nt., Wednesday, June 16, 1892. W EDNESDAY , June 16, 1892. Board met ns por adjottronrervt; mem bers all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings read nnd approved. Petition of Iown township trusteos in regard to correcting assessment of Mrs. J, A. Fish, Mrs. D. Seeler, Mrs, E, Behulte nnd Mr*. M. Crawley for the years 1891 and 1892, granted. Ordered that oonsent highway No, ——, petitioned for by Peter Haefnar, et al, be and is hereby established in Acooi'dnnoa with Held notes ami plat on tile in Auditor's cffloe, nnd said auditor is heiehy ordered to ronko u proper reoord of saint. Read petitloB of Robt, Hufsohraldt, et air defewd'.- Township tiniatoes' report Hi* following named townships examined 1 nnd Qt'd'aMiCplftced'ou flies UnlooPl'nivfB', Llntptt; Taylor,', Ceuler and Hanavir; . llaport'of' YfuY, H- K«lly, eoniinlttes on piidges, examined nod ordered nlnoed on^ii,o,«- Antic Pat, witness firand jury Aulln P, II,, witness ilist. court flayless llros., supplies poor farm llyrno Phillip, township clerk Drowneit Win. supplies insane J tuson ick W. N., publishing proceedings Ilray Jus, witness district court.... Hlanchard, witness justice court.. UuckhoU Louis, conveying pauper to poor farm Baldwin Mrs. Mary, cleaning court house llobo L. K., medical attendance pauper Uowcn Thos., assessor Union Prairie township Ilectnan C. I)., supplies poor farm Crawford J. C, medical attendance pauper Carter, Kelleilor & Co., supplies poor farm and jail Cummins K. W. t repairing shoes poor farm Cavers Jas., assessor Center town* ship Christianson A. I., medical attendance, Anton Peterson Carter Henry, appraiser on road.. Curran James, assessor Lafayette township Douglass K, N,, equalizing assessment Dougherty J. I'., cleaning time lock in ofTico Dixon W. J., trustee fees Drake Joint, clerk fees Dceters Juo. II. Jr., clerk fees Dayton II. O., surveying aud making piat of road. Dayton Vlenry, salary for April and May Dunlevy Uros., publishing proceedings, blanks, etc Dctaney Teranco, assessor Hanover township Dahi Chas., assessor Paint Creek Cl'd. 3 50 3 oo 7 35 »7 oo I 50 19 07 4 30 6o 5 oo 6 88 3> 95 as oo 2) oz 8 95 to 93 75 10 00 32 10 a So 28 00 1 00 All'd dof'd tlef'd 7 35 27 00 1 50 19 67 4 30 60 5 00 6 31 95 tj 00 24 oz 8 95 10 C3 75 10 00 defo 2 8d 28 00 2 00 15 00 i 15 00 S 00 « 00 It OO 12 00 16 OO 16 OO S CO too OO 8 00 100 OO 61 80 61 So bal. def'd « 55 50 00 17 50 20 85 25 OO 2 50 a 00 6 00 > 75 5 01 Welzel F. H„ 2 00 j 6 00 S 00 2 Go 19 JO 2 O* 8 55 50 00 17 50 23 00 15 00 reje'd 25 00 2 50 t 00 C 00 I 75 1 00 reje'd t 00 2 So 9 90 9 75 60 12 75 4 50 25 56 54 00 15 00 18 CO ADDITIONAL LOCAL. —Try the REVirw from now till Jan. 1st, 1893, for a half a dollar. — The first picnic party of the season lias sought the leafy forest to-day. It would have boen the part of wisdom to have taken along a heating stove. —August 1st the tent revival meetings will commence under the auspices of Ike M. E. church. An able rovivn ist and eompetcut assistants will conduct the meetings. Much is expected from this sories of meetings. List of Letters romaining uncalled for in the postotljce at PostyilU, Iowa, June 25. 1892. Pur lios calling for any of thegi will pleaso say "Advertised:" Ksr! Berg 2, Mrs. E. M. Crist, W. E. Culsvig, W. T. Hayes, Mabel Stewart, Mrs Francis Van Horn. Lee Van Horn. J AS. P EWIT, P. M. —In Tuesday's Iowa weatker and crop report Pottawattamie county reports as follows: "Ground getting dry and hard. Small grain will be light unless rain comes soon. Corn doing well, but uneven. Maximum temperature, 98° ; no rain." Betwoen showers ivo long for a small section of Potla- wattamio woalhor! GARPET SALE! Are you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a choice selection of ALL WOOL INGRAINS, BODY BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, 'UNION & COTTON CHAN. Prices Low if you buy. It will cost you nothing to see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the city. Tours Respectfully, WALTER CHRISS. —Itev. Lockwood has just returned from district conference at St. Ansgar. He reports the Stafford family, including Mr. and Mrs. Loui Evvickson, as woll and doing well. Thoy will move into a new house of their own in a short time. Mrs. Errickson has a music class of twonty and S»rak has a good position in the town school. township <*> 00 einoro Douulas, coin, for collecting fees In clerk's office.... Egbert, Fiddler St Chumbers, stationery court house. Harlo \V. C, medical attendance poor farm Fisher II. C, telephoning to court reporter Froclloh 11., coinniitteo work Fcii C. F., assossor Ludlow Gaunltz F. 1'., constoble foes Gabbett M., assessor Iowa township Grady Patrick, assessor Fairvicw township Haines J. K,, postal cards Homcnway Catharine, witness dial. court Ilemonway James, witness district court Hanson Christ, equalizing assessment 88 70 10 00 18 05 1 20 56 68 38 00 23 50 14 00 55 «> 88 70 to 00 18 05 r zo 56 68 38 oe 25 50 64 00 50 Co Hauun II. G.. Justico fees.... ~ tuning C ~ ' ' HartJ. B„ 4G 00 ' 45 ' 35 2 OO G 00 3 50 luluiing C. G., clerk foos 17 55 w . _.. trusteo foes 7 15 llaeeu Otto, bailiff district court.. 2400 Hnnley John, trusteo fees 4 00 Hcndrick M. 13., committee of insanity « 00 Howe John, services of animal nt poor farm 12 75 Haas Ilonry, work and supplies poor farm '. 13 23 Hans Mrs, Henry, sowing for paupers 10 80 Hani & Carver, books for Troas... H 00 Kourborft F. W,, domestic animals killed by. dogs Kumpf 1 acob, township clork,.., fck '• * . II. 4! II. F., assisting Kemblo J. A., supplies for pauper 37 45 Kllpdtrfck Juo,, trusteo.feos kiln's i't. T F. Ko ballitt' district cotirr.. assisting Co. Sup'l... 13 00 12 00 ' 6 00 34 o» 4 00 Koan Androw, township clerk 12 00 Km-i.dt Bros., supplies for paupers G« 50 Kolly Wm. M., committee work.... 44 44 Kelly Matt, sheep killed by docs,.. 4 00 Kennedy John, assessor Linton township , j. 00 Kerudt.G. II., assossor Lanslns township 52 off Kelly Matt, assessor Jefferson township....... JG QO Lantborn H. U., township clerk.... tj 50 Laughlln J. U., aisesssr Post township........... 6100 J600 46 00 1 45 • 35 2 00 6 00 3 30 '7 55 7 15 24 00 4 00 21 00 12 75 13 »S 10 80 8 00 it 25 12 00 6 00 34 0° 14 00 37 43 12 00 62 50 44 4j 3 00 57 00 36 00 13 50 Mcgorrlon H. C, domostic animals killed by dogs Martin II., supplies for nauper.... McNeil W. C, equalizing assessment Meier L. S. S Co., oil tor court house Mitchell W. J., Co, Supt Moior Jacob, equalising assossiuont Miller Kuoch, appraiser on road... Marktey Geo. II., equalising assessment Mlnert J. 1)., shorilf foes Insane cases Mlnert J. U., sheriff fees Minert J. U„ boarding prlsonrrs... Madury T. C. & Sou, publishing J proceedings, blanks, etc Mobley Ino. S., equalling assessment McLaughlin Martin, assessor Union City township 42 00 Meier/. If,, coimntttea work 31 6*7 Meyers S. C., medical aUauduiica 7 40 Mobloy Jno. S., assessor Lansing corporation 64 00 Motcalf Goo. W., publishing proceedings 22 30 bal, dof'd Nelson N. A., oqualulng assessment, etc..,, 640 Nvlsou N. A., justice ul the peaca 2105 Naclitwoy Theo., justice ot tlio pooce ; 8'0&Nolson Julius, compensation for , right of way 3300 Nichols L. J., upprulsor on road,.. 2 B» Norgora G. N„ assessor Waterloo 20 00 26 85 1 40 180 00 2 00 4 Co 87 90 .3 00 Si 30 58 33 6 00 witness justice rgpi. fowmWp O'Brlw • Alice, court O'Brien N, J. Mrs., witness justice court......... ,Orr lillison, couimltlse on road.,,, Oloson a Hippo, supplies for poor (ami, court ttousu and Jail O'RoKan Thos,, assessor French Creek township... Q'Kourke Thou., assossor Taylor township.. 13 00 26 85. t 40 s8o 00 2 00 4 60 6 00 87 90 5 00 51 50 98 33 6 00 42 00 32 87 7 40 C| 00 19 68 & 40 21 03 »35 00 a So 41 o» 60 6» 3 SO 84 06 •3 t» 16 00 B 99 Piatt J.W., oeSin lor pauper, etc . „_ Peterson*August, lisy for poor farm 30 00 Ryan'James, appraiser on rend., — Hyan Koger, trusteo foes. Robbilii F, H„ stamps fgr court house ,,,,, Ryan Tho?,, witness grand Jury..,. Smith T. C, & Co., sunplioa lor' pauper 1 oe 1 00 II 3) •3.4« 9 00 4a 00 60 ' 6e> a 00 84 oe 13 00 a6 00 9 50 30 00 a 00 8 00 SW 9-09 F. GMNTON. A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shin gles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Pa per, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. RAILROAD TIME-TABLER On nnd attcr Sunday, Nor. 22, 1891, trains on tho C. M. & St. P. Ry. win leave Postvillo as follows. OOINO EAST. Passengers. No. 2 4 :51 p. m No. 4 (night) 3:29 n. ni. Freights. No. 30 Chiongo Stook 11:06 n. ni No. 6 Way 4;iQ p. m. N«. 12 Milwaukee Stock .6:35 p. m. •JOlNQ WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night 12.10 n. m. No. 3 10:25 a.m. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 a. m No. 9 Time Freight G:16 p. m No. 11 Tiruo Freight... .8:46 p. 111 All Freight trains mentioned, excopt No. 12, curry passengers when provided with proper transportation. No. V between N. MoGrogor anil Mason City. M. K. T AI.OOTT, Agout." B.C. R.&N.R. R. *fo Noitf "tft: LEAVING AND ARRIVING" TIME OF TRAINS. UKCOIIAII DIVISION. Time Table in t>fleet. Mny :?!), ls<i.; Passenger going North... .6:20. 1' M " South. 6:00. Freight. " North, ...2.t6, 1'. M " South, 6:00, A. M. J. K. P KIIKV Ajront. CHURCH DIRECTORY. F.J. BECKER, M. D., HO MEOPATHIC rilYSICIAH AND KUltGKON. C. M. & St. P. Excursions. Clear Lake Excursion Tiukots. Tlio C. M. & St. P. It. It. will sell excursion ticUols from Juno 25lh to Sept. 30th. inelnsivo, lo Clear Lake Park, for one and one third fare for tlio round trip, good to return 30 days from date of salo. 15 cents added for admission coupon. For tho National Kncsmpraenl, Grand Army of tlio Republic, to be held at Washington, 1). C , Sept 20th, tickets will bo sold at faro oae way for tho round trip to Chicago, to which will bo addod $16.60 for fare from Chicago to Washington and return, ovor a choice of seven routes, return coupons good to Oct. 10th. For Knights of Pythias Eucanipment. at Kansas City, Mo., to be hoiil Aug. 2Srd, faro ono way for round trip, liok- ots sold Aug. 20tli to 28rd inclusive, good to return till Sept. 16th. For Eucampiuent Sons of Veterans, U. S. A., to be held at Ilolomi. Mont., Aug. 81 .I1 to 13th, a rata of one lowest limited lirsl-class fare for round trip. Sold Aitfj. 4th to 10th, with final limit to Oot. 10th. For Grand Lodge I. O. O. F., Portland, Ore., Sept. 19th to 26th, a rate of ono lowest standard limited llrst-class fare for round trip. Sell from Sept. 10th to 14th inclusive, good to return until 60 days '10111 date of salcv For the Upper Mississippi Turnfost to be held at Dubuque, excursion tickets will be sold at a rate of ono and one third faro for tho round trip. Sell July 16-19, good teturulug unlil Julj 20. For the National Convention Prohi- oi'jon Party, wltioli meets at Cincinnati, O., June 29th lo July 1st, tlokots will bo sold at a rato of ono lowest, limited Ilrst-nlass fare. Sell June 27th and 28th, good returning until July 6th. For tho 2nd Annual Convention Baptist Young PeoplVs Union of America, which meets at Detroit, Mich., July 14-17, tickets will be sold at a rate of ono lowosl, limited first-class fare. Sell July 12 aud 13, good returning until July 19th. From April 25th tickets will be sold via Dotrolt, Grand Haven & Mllweukuo stoaraer. Steamer* loavo Mihvaukoo dally at 8:30 p. m. Fov rates see Milwaukee joint rato sheet. For the oonvonlion of Young People's Society of- Christian Endeavor, to be held In Now York, July 7th to 10th. Tlokots to Chiosgc one fare for round trip, added to round trip < fare from Chiougo to Now York, which is $ 16.00 or 918.00, owing lo route taken. Tickets gold *'u)y 4th to Clh inolusive, For tho Nutioual Conveutlon of Edu onlional Association, to bo hold at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., July lSlh to 16th, ono fare for round trip, plus $2.00. Sold July-4lh to 10th inolusive, good to return July 15th to 20th Inolusive. Extensions granted lo not later than Sept. 1st. For the Triennial Conclave Knight* Templar, to be held at Donver, Colo., In August, one full faro for round trip. Tickets may* be issued going via one lino and returning via another. Sold Aug. 3rd, to 7th inolusive, with final return limit ivqtll Oet. 11th. For July 4lh oxourslou tlokets will bo sold July 2nd, Ofd »pd 4U>, tyilwoeo all stations, making going coupons good only on dale ot sale, returning coupons good tmlll Jiilv 6th, A fare and fc thlt'd for round trip. M.E, X AMOTO Agent... OflicR and resilience over Chriss' Now I-'uniittirc Emporium, Postville' Iowa. J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, v. a. PHNHION axAuiNKit, Offlo* nt r<jfiUl<mcn on Oroou Btroat, ci'ooml liomu Hast ot uoy it McNoll'a Hai-Uw.i-.o. DR. MABRY, nirslCIAX & SUlKiKO.N. Oflico and residence over Waters & Niciilay's llnrtlware SI ITO. Calls will r eceive prompt attention day unil night. BB. J.S.GREEN, rltrSK'lAN 4 SlIKiF.ON, Oll'ieo anil Residouco Southwi'»t par o( town. All calls promptly attended ALL READY. DANIEL A. JEKALD, Postvillu, iown. All Wfirkfwari 'autiNl in givo satisfaction. A full line t.f thi! style? in samples. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, InBursuico A gout tind Colloetor, Anthorizetl to lmiottoc in till tho couvU of tin 1 BUto, Otlioo ovai 14on'n atoro, briok block. POSTVILLE IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B. HART, Proprietor. Opposite - Postvillo - State - Bank. Nona but tho best moats purchased. Everything in lirst-olust shapo. Courteous treatment to all. Prices ulwajs tlio lowest. FRED. N. BEEDY. -:-PHOTOGRAPHER.-:~ Anil Dottier in Pinturo Frames. Postvilla - Iowa Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. That explains Ihe condition of this concern lo ;i dot. Our store is full of sensonablu goodR, and we are full of energy und honest intentions. We therefore feel warranted in announcing ourselves all ready i'or Onsineff, and rcspclfnllv invite the .1 11 1-1I lii,11 of the publio for a few mMimMitx whilt! wo endeavor 1<> show that this nt is of vilal importance to you all. We are expending our best efforts lo ennduet a suo- cossful business, nnd are sharp enough to set) wit can do so only by gratifying the wants of our patrons. That is what we are hurc for, fliitl that is just what we propose to do. If yon want to be ediliml. gratified and almost slupoliod by big bargains a::d kind treatment, come right along, und we will till you so full of contentment ami brotherly love that you will want to give every man you meet n quarter. titnt AIM IS To sell only lirst-clacs goods. To still them as low as we possibly can. To sull only such goods ns wo can reuoui mentl. To please all who favor us with thoir patronage. To represent our goods only at we believo Iht'in lo be. To treat everybody honestly anil fairly as we would ourselves be treated. Thnt sounds good. Has the right kind of a ring, dons it nut ? it ml now please hear in mind we practice just, exactly wliat we preach. You need not lake our word for it, bill come in tit any lima and son for yourselves. Ami uow a word in regard lo our stock. We, of course, think il is nice. Wo know we have made nil honest eil'iirt lo secure tho very best articles in our line lo be found In the market, and know no one can buy closer than we ! have. The goods are hern in our store, we have marked the g.nnls lis low lis we pojslbly can. the result must ilcpuid upon our »e ions, ami we do not worry over the i3,iie. We only ask the people lo examine our goods, loam our [iricns, ami follow their own convictions. riinnliing old fried!') for (he cordial we luivo received nt their lunula In the past, and promising our best pfYnrls In merit a share of your I'uliire patronage, we remain Very truly yours, W M. KLUSS, r \wn - if.r,rc. I OWA. Miinnfaelurer and dealer in nil kinds CONGHEOATIONAI, -l :«v N. I,. Ilurloh, yas- tm. rroucl.iiiB ovtirjr Sunuivy ntlO.IIO A.M. DUil 7 I'M. Kabbivtll Ktliool iimiioiliiu?ly K II JI - n; .i-niii(. nurvlco. Y. 1'. H, (.'., r.. i.„mtH over.v Sillitlity •vaniiii; ut C :I5. 1 'rnyiT lloet- Wcdiiomluy ftveniiiiiu. MBTUOUIST.—Kov. H. J. Lockwood, 1'niltor. I'roiiclilng hiirvloMi ovury Sunday nt 10 ::io.' M . llllil 7 :30 V. M. Suliliutll Selioo) Imnil 'ill- ntoly tiller laoriilliu survice. 'I liu I'.pvvoitU I.outfiio ovtry fiunility ovoniiiK ut 6:00 u'cluck. Truyor mooting overy \Voilnchiluy ovcului.'. 7 :U0 o'clonk. You tiro oaruoatly invitcil. POSTVILLE LODGES. , NOBLE LoBGE No 51. A. O. V. II'. Thf Loyal Ancient Older of United Workmen moelcthe Seciuid anil I MIIII II I Sattirilay evuuitigs iu each month, iii the Masonic Hal) over ilic Drick Drug tore. J. W. S HKF. IIY, M. W. W M. thir.i'iiKiiH, Hucorder. BUOTHERLY.XOVE LODGE, Ko. 204, A. f. £ A. At. Kegultjr meetings on Tuesday ev«n- ing on or before the full of the ' moon. All brethren in good standing arc cordially invited to attend. K. I). S '1-II.KS, W. M. Vv'.M. iMdir, Sei/'y. TONSOHIAL P-AELORS. n I:AU 'riir. roii'roi 'FifK. All work done in tho highest style ot the ail. Satisfaction guaranteed. J. 'J'., Prop. J A.HAVIRLAND, IMSTVIt.I.K, IOWA. Oflice Ural door East of the Conline: dial House, Creen St., Postville, lowii A line set of surgical instruiHcnts. All necessary medicines kept on ham 'J'hincn years successful practici (Jails pronipily jtnswoie'i Having purchased tho origina. l'ost-1 vlllo Dray Lino 1 am prepared to d <>ti|) hinds of* draring promptly, ciupfiiDyi ilu'tl satisfactorily. (Jootl t'eiiiiif, good ' drays anil careful drivers flwnys at tho fitrvioo of the public, nt f»ir pricrn. All " f harness, and all oilier goods uclong. kinps of light or heavy hauli'ig. in lowu ing to llio trado. A full and complete $1,000.00 REWARD stock always on hand. P. S. Wo havo sonio Winter Goods yet and are nnxious to havo thorn all sold, therefore will sell tho balance at strictly cost prices. orcountry promptly ilonc. L. STROEBEL & SON, — l'noi'uiKToiis <>v — Postville Boot and Slice Store.' (AT AltMSTnoNO t HOl.THll'S ol.n HTASn.) Havo ii full lino of Hoou Shoes, Slip- P 'MH, Hubliers nnd everything kept In u No, I geueral shoe store. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly dono. Every uair warranted. We keep no shoddy. K. N. DOUOLAHS, I'nes. J. 1'. SMITH, V. P. JAS. Mcl'.WliN, CABinrit. Ii.oo a boit, 6 lioxss tor »s.oo: Bom Ly^nnTrnronal'd CITIZENS STATE BANK, $^V&&±ssk&i& purchased at ono tlmo, to rotund tho Sj.oo paid it riWTVIM.E, IOWA. nolcurml. ('.u»r,„,in., i... A Guaranteed Cure for Wlcs of wliatover'klnd ; or degroo-BKiernal, Internal, Blind or Bleadins. 1 Itchliio, Chronic, Kecent or lloredilary. This Remodv has positively nover beon known to fall? PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000. not cured. Guaruntou issued by , . „ R ;N- DOUGLASS, D RUOOIBT. bole Agent, Postville, Iowa. ' Do a Oonoriil Hanking Business. Iiuy and soil Foreign ttiul Domostlo Exchange. Accounts of Farmers, Mer- ohauls and others received und carefully proteoted. Interest paid on Timo Deposits. Investments made for otttsido parilus on favorablo terms, STATIONERY. Dou't forget, w'hen yqu want plain or taucy Stationery, that the Review oflioe is the plaow to get it cheap. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron yences, Curbing &c. l ')ioi ,o intending to purohaso Monumental wovW for future delWory will tVnd it to thelv advantago l > examine M. V. Kidder's Granite Work hi Oeraeu- ries, HH he is doing llrst-olass work ut as low prices as oan be procured la tlio country. M ho b»* not oalJed upouyou drop linn ft ouvd at Doaorah nnd be will bo plowed to visit you with Design*" ana camples of all kinds of Gvanlte, *nt the lowest possible prices. M. V.KIDP5R, 34nift Deoorah, Iowa.. Offered for any Machine tha will do ns groat ranee of win It and tilt as easily aud as well as citu be dune eit tti DAVIS Vertical Feed Sewing Machine Tills oft'or lias Ijeon lipforo Ihe public If Hie vast ten years. IT HAS MOT BEKI; CLAIMED, proving (lint tho Davis Vorlim ! Veed ts tlio BEST ON EARTH. «.«.'«aVK«!Ii»»i.«' DAVIS SEWING MACHINE C V 340 Wilpwh Aveuuo, OXXQsWl,!»' * ». * ,0R SALE »Y ^. M, THOMPSON, Poetvin OBO, ALLWN, QatrtftlitV

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