Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 5, 1962 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 2
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Established In 1914 My Neighbors P=7 NATIONAL EDITORIAL Subscription Rates i.e. } -.- V. S'; 5'- Per Y- • rlr.' : -r ':.• Post Off. > a' r - ':• I v. S'.iurx* Sloaemar.. Owner and Pabli*h*r Chattin' With Stonev Creek Bottom Comments 'lie'*- our dark hor.M;—" Editorial Comments - A Stake in World Economic Affairs wo.-,d v. d u r. Lvr. gre» P;- - --tl; and a or. tar Ree_>, F Ex revive:! •J •;-a." to ••>-£:• or take I:.- ri:;;eridat:ons for ta.x.n.-' f-. r.ing-: would discourage vo:«- ipendmg 'or feis;--, subsidize inefficienc '-iuctior. wh;ii.' v.- urge i>p* freer market poac-iisf Industrie:' ar.d a- m.Kiernizi- .vrom; <jp- oreigr. sjt- t:vd-: and ; rue: . :y and pro- European ";d few- in> Comrrii Marke £ op' orn ot I • jral r »r>,-'- ma'-. ods'iir '-•ipor : Eo: i- , totaim;-' >v>.*r -•*1.; and 'near!;, to p:nif-n\ hWi 'pear, Commor. wit.-. Western Fwcii wag/.--fixing law-, encourage higher wag*.-, a: .a*. restrict b-jsirie.-,; from t. ad»- Government oau.- jOO losses. fedtra, spend:;;;; «;> to welfare and no eeded defence- m&k ea.^ns nt Of) ••era:. or.<'or expert .-.eve: VHC- Ttit lo make one ot !.'•: • '..-, J -- "• it. n.ar, .'fact-irmg em- • •*»-,;.*:.»».••;» t« that export . i .'fsic". t.v export picture I; «• •-.is -r* a.-?- ca'w; Plenty of them. c .un-vjn;< rjj/--t,o ;i .nvoivmg tr.» • u-i:, Euiope a no "Common Ma:' ,.tte- to the average (jt;i.-(,r.. or so ;i<•«;>••• . tr.i'- i. i:tih:w. Ir. at: '.-cono-r..' I-.-.. .-fj State: of Europe--cat; it U\t: '.'.>'?:<:' Oj .viiatev^r yo,. v/is:.--..- iapjdi>' E .aiic*-, Iiaiy. Gwmany. B*';; and Lux-.-mburc: have m fact be- o;ti.ii «{»ity of nation-' for puipo.-.es of v !fc.-.ai', for the fir>* tin* in its hu>- l-'fuP .-d State;; it, op against a kind of ri it; the market piace that is forcing t • the economist;-; and the politicians agonizing Or,'? :.(:.-}• ir. tr,.- troj pav:r.ent ana potitica. id th-j- higher competing ;r. •e<i .inempiov- «• tomrr.iti a nrr.ihtary pro*:: l .ix reforrr. to. i. iymptomj of ! .nternational compt-ttv v.< ate having with OJ tr -Th..- •A 'ttr: ai; p '--r.O<i ' • were on .vea.<- 5tr-jgg,e ^ "oaiance of defined by Syivia Porter. Luanda". oa<ance o; payment, of the United tie record of the res', of >'. time.' the sno tne By tr.. end of re-jerv.- mea.-:u t :.t- s',!< 'Jo: reappraisals". If American ous.nes.. i-- going to compete-in this new world of V - 1 — have to are some lomeslic scene will .'.mpi Joiiov/in" take place, of the twisted For .some S3.fi niii.-on Our goir: t .'if- iov.es-. po,nt sr. decade: If take; no et.-on>rni.-;' to .-e. <> of the greatest danger ir. tn»- pri i- the threat to the staontty of i:.. i no alte: native to tompe'ung. and coinpetinJ tuccessfuJly. m wo: id market.-;. For. a. a ieadim: executive of a major American steel company observe-:, "Basically, confidence in the American dollar- mean;, confidence in American?. . . . It is confidence that factories and buildings wili be buiit, that men will have useful-not merely time-consuming jobs; that what is produced will be able to compete in the market place. . ." dream of one world is not perfect — but we have got to learn to live with tt. '.y : rr. '>_-K :. a A ay ir. spue of ' nv-rciianti of \ . ed *.;iat sprinr arid tr>.'> Ye ; ; - opf-ntn - ; sales tr i;: c:nd see th^rr: of tiveir bargasr. —• W- learned •*eek. We're si«n. b>- an astronaut firs* test. _ V. t;>- ground If wasn't tijat outdo John Gi-: thLigs had wor/.. "*e migrr. have • of three trips a.- making several • a!, in different i T:u: moral v is - don 't tr. ixiiT ^T that ha>~ : tiT >-r with the g or poof: The: \i*> old to team We hasten v due to OU' out tt is quite a .-; >our i>;ad and flames. You won there s»> quick. ; your friends a" i" only takes lm- to make ;• .- * -j.". %rf»er d--'• sivj-.ehng coa: fo Homemakers Dateline by Dorothye E. Busching Fayette County HOME ECONOMIST Now that lint snow has; finally disappeared, lawn work and pre. paraliona for the family garden may begin in earnest. Since at least 75 important insects and 100 diseases may call your yard and garden home, top yields and an attractive lawn are possible only if you keep these peats in check. Now is the time for many of the preventative measures to eliminate these pests. Bulletin 230, "i'est Control" discusses the control measures which are available and effective in the home vegetable garden. You may have this bulletin by dropping us a card at the County Extension Office, Kay- ett. DEB Tugging and pulling at "stuck zippers can be a thing of the past. A snagproof zipper is now available on the market with nylon colls which interlock in place of metal teeth, if fabric catches in the zipper, you bend it double and pull it apart to loosen the snag. Then you merely zip it back together and it La in perfect working order. This zipper is now available for the home seamstress, as well as in ready-to-wear clothing. I put one in a skirt I made recently and it really works nicely! DEB How much do you speno for packaging of the foods you buy? According to the USDA •».» $2 pf every $20 spent for food iff for packaging cost. Costs do vary with different types of products. Ijlsttmaterf percentage of the total cost for packaging baby food U £3 pur cent, Jumper cent for cereals, for crackers, and 30 per cent lor aerosiJ abipped toppings. Although this i»ay Msm Mib> «ood packaging is toMMlAnt to get the fond tern tne term to the consumer in a pure and wholesome condition. (MM The ancient Greeks, according to a third century writer, made sixty- two varities of breads. They often combined the flour of dried lotus root with wheat, barley, rye, millet or rice. O-E-B As appliances become more automatic, there is a move among manufacturers to make control easier to read and understand. A woman who chooses a top-of-the- line model, should have a complete demonstration by the dealer, and then spend time with the instruction book to learn what the new appliance can do for her. There's no sense in spending money for features she doesn't learn to use. Tiie familiar saying that good things come in small packages is certainly true when it comes to eggs. Two eggs, although contain ing only 154 calories. provide over 20 per cent of the daily requirement for Vitamin U. Vitamin A and iron. They also provide 17 per cent of the protein needs for a day. Discover the many ways eggs may be included in the diet. They can be used as agents for thickening, leavening, color, garnishes, binding, emuisifing, clar ifying and hindering crystallization as in candy. Don't overlook the value of eggs because they are small! DEB Another handy sewing aid is now available on the market. Called a "pleat-maker" this sew ing accessory is made of stainless steel, and makes right hand, left hand or box pleats ranging from one half to one and one half inches in width. The pleatmaker eliminates measuring and marking and assures uniform widths and spacing. The surprising part is that this new tool costs less than one dollar! DEB When shopping for spring clothing for yourself and the family, be on the look out for good con struction features. Check plaids to be sure they match, buttonholes for firmness, and labels for fiber content and washability. O-E-B SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS 'j. ir .t« Br oar! shouldered, good looking Orar. L>.<- Stale', hammered home th>- economic farts of life, as per tasr.ins? to tlie farmer, at Post vi'-i-. last Friday evening. Mr. .Stale- i.. a clever and able public ;i>:e-. with a vast store room r'. i/r'tsnen' statistic, in his keen rr .i -;-i He used man;.' paraphrase:;, or." no inveriive comment. He did 'V'I '.' irr. eijrt. ,-irr. other farm or jfn:-i/.«ti<»:. H' came to present th" .'.'F< i ;•,».(,;--. in effee-.p,-.- and artieo manner. r/rii" tear; farming i:. the rnor.t off.wr.'. mdustr;, in all the world, tee rwi-.-. If th;:. was not true, mot farmer.'- would have been "fla" broke" before now. The .sum total of al! farm land, livestock, machinery, and equipment repre sent* about 21! billion dollars cap it.-i' assets, o- about Y.i percent — By Reuben erealc demand, while tin- fanncni ci'cale supply and wishfully hope for demand. 'I here jr; ii'ithing the individual farrne- can do about Ihr; Silo.-.dioii. But ari effective u i <le spu-ad faun orgiiiii/alifin could sell hv ad v.'inee cotilrai-t. negotiated by aulli o,T/.i'tl ecjileelive ba.-gairimj: Much platwie'l contract sellini; would not one. (tive tin- farmer. eo---.i of pro diiction, phi:, a fair and reason able profit, il would ;'r,e tin pack ing and processing iriduM-'ie.s a planned and orderly supply. Mr. Staley and bin co"eagues fully tealize tlie NFO plan ui a tremendous undertaking. But they would tell you it was quite an undertaking for the Pilgrims to come over in the first place, in a little wooden sailing vessel. Mission circle to meet 'I he Grace Mission circle will meet Thursday, April 5, at 1:30 p m at the church. Hostesses i. v Mrs. Dor. Becker and Mrs. Don Yates. Theme of the meeting will be "l /ive Starts at Home". Each III'IHIM-I' IS to bring their mite boxes. Boll call will be a favorite verse from the short book of Philemon. trie entire national capital ass •. But total farm income is onlv County Beef Association I ward meeting (ieClfJ ;V. spring end. Stop advantage tins past ri ;t ot:' t'; flunked th-- dti't get Off A - didn't try to .because if ': out differently ;'Vei --.-^d his feat ITA th- globe by •;p.: at one• <:•.•••:. t, es.- comments re -ugh: a gas —' ,A:: for some- stii; turned on :•<-.• you 're never and we agree. 5 .1 tnaf tt " A as •:^rei«rssness. But r :S <:fion to have rat; engulfed in >•- u>.yv> you got s-. :.ov. many of ai.-ead;, there. i- instant - '- like ;>;-l ;ever out of .;.-.- ti>- idea of ••. pastime. Extension Council Activities Calendar Saturday, April 7 — Merry Heart:; of Sen!I I II club meeting iiosa Ix-a Mulford County Cousins I II club meeting Clermont Monday, April 9 — 7:.% p. m. about '! per cent of the national Staff conference. Ames, total. As a result, too many farm Putnam Foremost all club meeting 8 p. in. Lamont families are neglecting proper Tuesday, April 10 maintenance, and even dipping in Kidorado Kagles -Ml club meeting 8 p. m. - Eldorado Lutheran to capital assets, in attempt to ,.1,^.), hoid ^to a certain standard of ( X . lwt . jn Co(lntl . v B o>.s -II! club meeting ',.1 . t . , Wednesday, April 11 — Ever since great grandpa took J ' r his frozen pork to market by o\ I ' :,J, ' n livestock 111 club meeting 8 p. m. - Lawrence. Gary and drawn bob-sled, farmers have sold Terry Balk to a buyer's market and bought Thursday, April 12 — from a seller's market. In great Couulv a , rM (; ,., WI .,. S m ,-eting H p. m. granddads day this wasn't too A«»:I n bad. The buyers were neither con rnaa y» A P nl *«5 centrated nor organized. And lov.u Home Economics association meeting - Ames farm population was in high ratio to urban population, therefore "supply-and-demand" would work. Nowadays the industrialists, wheth er it be tractors, automobiles, or pig meai, control supply and <_eptiv>r.. U;->J grille;;, w: business >xiy vnmeir WMt •;.-• *••>' '>'••• t OWT;. At;-' V.e foun< •Aria: O '-i" not be. woman. il. ijiiy- vi ili b-- get OUt no ex Sunday, daughter defin and t;;at is a Si»- and two other girls wertt out Sunday afternoon shoveling snow. . .with our shovels, made $5.20. They But that's not too .... ~- — # c A . since they couldn't earn another 80 cents, and the other girls thought they would like to have S3 apiece, our daughter willingly took the other $1.20 picked up the shovels and trudged home. Our son. we found out. would like to b. a writer. So we told him he could get some practical experience by writing for dad. We thought the comment had gone straight through that channel which most youngsters have separating their ears at convenient limes. But a few nights later he came strolling into the living room stating that he had written something for the paper, and would we publish it. We decided to read it and then decided. Well, an editor finds it real easy to make people angry without half trying. So we thought that publishing a "letter to the editor", written by the editors son who was speaking his mind and not pulling any punches was simply not the proper thing to do. We encouraged him to start n little more from a news angle, and let old dad take care of stirring things up. Hope we didn't discourage his journalism career. —•— Sure will be nice when the snow leavgs and the weather clears so the firemen can hose down the Main street and get rid of winter's accumulation of dirt. FAYETTE THEATRE Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. April 5-6-7 GARY MERRILL JOAN GREENWOOD MYSTERIOUS ISLAND Sun. - Mon. - Tues. April 8-9-10 JOHN GAVIN SUSAN HAYWARD BACK STREET 95»h Mrs. Mary Ullom of near Chester recently observed her 95th birthday. She is a native of Denmark, coming to this country when she was 6V2 years old. She has 10 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren. cuppUESryoOLS EVERYTHING FOR YOUR LAWN GARDEN IN BRAND NEW SHOWROOM SPA**? Ope***? April 5 - COME IN ™d REGISTER 12 DAILY DOOR PRIZES 6 BIG GRAND PRIZES It's Spring!! And We've Got The Spirit Our Blue Plate Special On Friday, April 6 75c Coffee Nook Packaged Perennials Garden Tools Fertilizer Glad Bulb* Lawn Spreaders Plant Food Bedding Plants Hose Sprayers Rose Dusts BULK GARDEN ««* GRASS SEEDS OPENING SPECIALS 1* Pre Bm«rs «nM Crab0 .au Killer $8.26 10% Blua Oraii 80c lb. 1 *M LsWnHsSd (MM iq, ft,) $3.88 GARDEN CENTER MUTHI • FAK COMPANY South End Mechanic 8tre#t In F»yttu r Phwit 148 tor •J

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