Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 27, 1965 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1965
Page 12
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HUNTER'S MARViSt — Ovet I million aftd & half fingneck ftocAsants w«fe taken in Iowa during Uie 68-day season in 196465 according to the State Conservation Commission. Iowa hunters killed a record 9,694 and bow and arrow seasons according to the figures released by the State Conservation Commission. A queen bee can lay as many deer during the 1964 shot-gun \ as 3,000 lo 4,000 eggs a dny. Stt THl 'TWINS" ' FXCWNG MINHtAPOLIS and stay atO* V. R. FRANK'S^T 1 MOTOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Just 5 Minutes From Downtown and Mpls. Auditorium Facing Fair Oaks Park and Minneapolis Institute of Arts HEATED POOL With Secluded Sun Terrace Pooltlde Service. 100 LUXURY UNITS Air Conditioned with Complete Hotel Services. DISTINCTIVE DINING 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. Dally Famous For Quality it Moderate Pricet. ^r«- COURTESY Fret Tr«nspOft»tion to Airport, Tr«in and Out Centers. Also Met. Sla- i dium, Outhrie Theatrl ind Other Points Upon I Reqoett. Thursday-Saturday WAY 27 - 29 ALGONA FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! Hayley't • Tomboy.,.with delicious curves!! HAYLEY MILLS JOHN MILLS JAMES MacARTHUR about PLUS COLOR CARTOON SUN. Thru WED. MAY 30 - JUNE 2 ALGON WINNER OF 3 ACADEMY AWARDS Set itory ind •etMitpliy •rittin dinctly lor tki >cr**n." HOW THE WEST WON rvrvmimn IflTUiTF CMUIUM SrllM inaLl BRIGID BAZLEH • WALTER PAVIO BRIAN • ANDY DEVINE • RAYMOND MASSEV AGNES MOOREHEAD • HENRY (HARRY) MORGAN JHEIMA RITTER • MICKEY SHAUQHNESSY • RUSS TAMBLYN CONTINUOUS SUNDAY FROM 1:00 P.M. MONDAY THRU WEDNESDAY MATINEE 1:30 ONLY EVENING 7:30 ONLY Sunday and Evening* $1.25 Monday thru Wednesday Matinees $1.00 Kiddie; 50e anytime Passes excluded fer this engagement ! I -THMMMMMMMMHM' Seen at the \LGONA By T, H, C. + H-> H H I III M I I I I !• H"H WATER OVER THE DAM There are several unanswered questions with regard to John Goldfarb, Please Conic Home. Why was the picture made in the first place? Why did the officials at Notre Dame bother to involve themselves in a legal squabble over so trivial and ao- surd movie? Why would talented actors like Shirley MacLaine and Peter Ustinov allow themselves to take part is a so completely worthless production? it ever a motion picture was made so utterly in oad tantc, 1 can't recall it at this time. It certainly was no ret lection on the University, only on the producers who inflicted the absurdity on the innocent public. Manager Langfitt reports that Uoiul'arb cnu a poor BO biz, which seems to inmcatc that ttie local cinemaddicts are rather choosey auout their movie leanings. —0— NOTES On a recent trip to Minneapolis, 1 saw four movies, tlircc concerned chieily with sex. In a recent clipping, an Eastern columnist lias tms to say: "If you're concerned aoout theatre, movie, TV and literary preoccupation with sex, the program lias a dandy (J. B. Shaw quote, 'The theatre lias to deal with sex exactly as a costermongcr (i had lo look this one up — it means "a hawker of iruits or vegetables from a street stand' ) lias to deal with turnips." There you have it, the reason you see and read so much auout sex is that there is a demand for it and the movie producers are simply filling that demand. After all, they are in business to make money and sex seems to produce the green stuff. On a recent trip to Minneapolis, 1 saw tour movies — three concerned with sex as follows, Fanny Hill, Sylvia and Love Has Many Faces. I didn't choose this trip — they were simply the only ones available at the "Mow f H« W«»t W«i Won" Sunday at the Alfwta Thf«tr« Debbie Reynolds fall* in lev* with romantic gambler Gregory Peck in the massive Metro-Gold- wyn-Mayer-Cinerama production "How The West Was Won." The sweeping story of the great American adventure, filmed in Metrocolor on panoramic locations covering nine state*, features a spectacular cast of 24 stars. .tones awd Ifma La t>uce were Icrrific hits in Minneapolis and laid ah egg hefe. fiut the concensus of opinion among the big'three was that movies are on their way UP which is good news for this critic. Senecans plan dinner for a Mission meeting Seneca — Blakjer Lutheran Church Women met Thursday with Mrs. Curt Olsen, Lone Rock, and Mrs. Ted Jensen, as hostesses. Mrs. Art Bergum had devotions and the offering, and Mrs. Gaylord Olsen had Bible study. Convention reports were given, by Mrs. John Johannesen and Mrs. Ted Jensen. Mrs. Henry Looft was elected delegate to the Iowa District convention June 8-9 at Luther college, Decorah. They made plans for a fellowship dinner June 6 at the church for the spring mission meeting. Speaker will be Missionary Paul Pedersen, serving from Indonesia. The morning service will be at 11 and the informal 1:30. afternoon service at —Tuesday and Wednesday "Days of Wine and Roses" 7:00 and 9:14 —Thursday thru Saturday "Truth About Spring" 7:25 - 9:35 —Sunday "How The West Was Won" 1:00-3:40-6.25-9:05 —Monday thru Wednesday Matinees daily at 1:30 only Evenings at 7:30 only. DRIVE IN Saturday May 29 Only! Our "Holiday Bargain" For you! For 52,50 You Can Bring the CAR FULL! V For "You" It's $1.00 For "You" and "One" It's $2.00 For "You" and 2 or More Itfs $2.50 leading theatres. . j In last Sunday's Minneapolis Tribune, the three motion ijic- ture big-wigs, (Ben Berger,; of the Berger Amusement Company,' Tea Mann, owner of-.four downtown theatres, and Charles Winchell, of the Minnesota 'Amusement Company) discussed the question, "Are Movies bounumg?", and the concensus of opinion was an optimistic at' firmative. With some reservations, of course. Berger states, People just don't 'go to pictures' any more the way they used to. 'i'hey ;go to see specilic pictures. »",-„ Mann continued, People are NIGHTOWIS AthmdOu DUSK TO JAMBOREE NOTHING SHOWN TWICC! see 'EM AU... OR TAKE YOUR PICK I at 8:45 "THE HELLIONS" Several from the Seneca area ivere graduated at the Sentral school May 18. They included Anna Menz, Linda Sue Kracht, Ann Fortney, Jecky Jensen, Cathy Bergum, Ross Johnson, Jerry Nerem, Judy, Jane and James Bollig, Theresa Kennedy and Linda Ullenswang. Recent guests of the Robert Lynches were her sister, the Charles Nelsons, Emmetsburg. Mrs. Robert Lynch attended confirmation services May 15 at Smmetsburg for her nephew, Billy Nelson. The Jack Loofts were weekend guests at the parental Henry Looft's. Saturday p.m. they visited their grandmother, Mrs. Sertha Pommer, Algona. Mrs. Cecil Baldwin spent Sunday to Wednesday at Des Moirir es with her son the Dr. Donald Baldwins and her niece, the A. N. Storms. The John Streuckers had guests Sunday for their son Tim's graduation from Sentral. The David Loofts visited her father, Glen Hoppe, patient at a Fairmont hospital following a heart attack two weeks ago. He is recovering and may be re- Week. the Chris Dahls had guests Tuesday for the graduation 6f their son, DefifJis fit Sefttfal. Out of town guests were from Tyler, Minn., Ringsted, Butt, tv tonka, Fairmont, and Arm* strong. Linda Sue Kracht, daughter of Mrs. Nina Kracht, was confirmed at St John's Lutheran church, Fenton, May 16, and out of town guests were from Algona, Fenton, Riceville, Buf* falo Center, Alden, Minn., Emmetsburg, Lone Rock, an,d Long Island, New York. BABY FOUND DEAD Mrs. B. O. Davis and daughter, Mrs. Dick Fellin, went to Rolfe May 21 for the funeral of Dwight Trenary, 8 month old son of the Ron Trenarys. The baby was found dead in his bed in the morning when his mother went to awaken him. He had been dead several hours. The doctor said the cause of death was quick pneumonia. There were 50 guests at Clyde Dudley's Sunday following baccalaureate at the LuVerne school for the daughter Suzanne who had been graduated. Out of tovvners were from Des Moines, Lohrville, Hardy, Le- Mars and Livermore. Suzanne will enter Westmar, a Evangelical United Brethren college at LeMars, in the fall. A daughter was born to the Tom Altmans at St. Ann May 22. The Hugh Blacks took his sister Lucile to Fort Dodge May 23 where she took a plane for San Antonio, Texas. Paul Black and Mrs. Robert Cripps, the former Mary Black, brother and sister also, left May 21 by car and Paul took Mrs. Cripps to Chicago, where she went by plane to her home in Toronto, and guests were Mrs. J. N. Seller, internal grandmother, Lin< dt Seller, the L. A. Mftuchins, maternal grandparents, and the Henry Seilers. The Fred Yeitons, Oak Park* 111., were weekend guests at Robert Black's, they came for the funeral of Mrs. Belle Black. 4-ALOONA (low.) ADVANCl THURSDAY, MAY 27,1WJ Wesley Mrs, Viola StucUr Sunday guests at Don Hanig's were her uncle and aunt, the Lawrence Currans, Humboldt. All were Sunday afternoon guests at Mrs. Don Hanig's par' ental Harold Curran's, Britt. The Chas. Currans, Britt, were aftefnobn guests of the Harold Curfans. The Bernard Kunkels were May 16 guests of her parents, the Henry Beimels, Bancroft, and supper guests of the George Diers, also Bancroft, The Lou Lickteigs visited rel' atives in Greeley, Kans,, over the weekend. The Don Vogcls, Lohrville, were Sunday guests at the parental J. T. Meurer's. The Rich Reilings had relatives at a dinner in the Legion hall Sunday for the graduation of Marilyn and Tom from the Corwith>Wesiey school, and for their daughter Shirley, now Mrs. Irwhr Martin, her husband and two 'children, Long Beach, Calif. He is on a 30 day leave from the navy. at 10:30 "HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD" at 12:10 a.m. "CASTLE OF BLOOD" more selective since Uie advent of TV. There are more high quality pictures than in the oit lays. We are competing with '.i ot more free time . . . but we'ye lit our low from television. Any damage has already been clone. I here's only one way to go -r- up, by selling more theatre tic- tots. Winchell states the problem as we've always maintained, "In the long run, the public decides. The public knows more about our pictures than we do, and they've already made up their minds. The trouble is, we cion't know 'til after we've shown the picture what their decision was." He gives an example. "We've just shown another Disney, ihose Callaways (which appeared locally a lew weeks ago). Another great family entertainment. It. should have done as well as Mary Poppins but 1 can't explain why it didn't. Maybe the title was wrong." At one point of the discussion, 1 disagree. Kaplan, who selects most of the pictures for Berger comments, "If a picture does good in one spot, there's a 99 per cent chance it'll click elsewhere." That hasn't been the case in Algona. Both Tom leased from the hospital this Ontario, Canada. . Paul then continued to Dayton, O. The family was called home by the illness of their mother, Mrs. Belle Black, who died May 18. Mrs. Black's funeral was on Thursday. Paul stayed at his brother's, and Lucile and Mary stayed at a sister, Mrs. George Kain's, Algona. The Gerald Frankls went to Carthage, Mo., recently for their son Tim, who had completed a year in high school there. Mrs. Violet Walker, Algona, mother of Durwood Walker, Irvington, was taken to St. Ann hospital May 15 in serious condition. She is now under observation and treatment. Mrs. Walker was in oxygen for 36 hours. Robin Seller, daughter of the Mike Sellers, was 3 Thursday, SUNDAY Thru TUESDAY, MAY 30 • JUNE 1 YOUR GALA HOLIDAY SHOWI at 1:40 a.m. "CIRCUS OF HORRORS" ' -^4IMM Of CARTPW f UN! At 8:00 P.M. Take Part in Our Giant FREE "WIENER ROAST" All you can eat... Roast 'Em Yourself over our "JUMBO PIT" Tasty Dogs in Fresh Bun$ Plus The Fun Of Doing It- BOX-OFFICE WILL BE OPEN FROM 7:30 P.M. until 1:00 A.M. MINNEAPOLIS ' Know the JACK ^^^^^^^^v LEMMON Accommodutioi lincss, For Uiulget Hates Report-like Atmosphere. ily Accessible to all Highways. * 105 Delightful Rooms and Suites * Heated King-Size Swimming Fool 4 Complete Hotel Servicv * 24-Hour Switchboard * Free TV i Play Area for Children 4 Baby Sitter Service EXCELLENT FOOD in KedwooU Pininu U'>um, Cotlee Shop. Cockttiil Limn*;?. Ample Free Parking in Front of your Room Sinel. ...... J 8.50 to $ 9.50 Ooubli $12.50 to $14.00 Children Under 12 FREE in same room with Adults. Wire or Write for Reservitions Phone (Arei 612) $88-4665. HOLIDAY MOTOR HOTEL Jet. Hiilmiyt 100 «nd 55 W«: Minneapolis 22, Minnesota Minutes from Downtown — 15 Minutw (torn Met Stadium, Home of the Tipins and Vikinji 2V Minutti Iicin Int. Dwtltf raOVWNlKl CONNORS EOtKO 1«[VK ICIJIS mi BC6IRI « UMS PLUS SECOND THRILLING HIT! NOW A LOST WORLD BECOMES A NEW WORLD Of ADVENTUKI THE MIRISCH COMPANY P,««, = - , -^^ GEORGE CHAKIRIS -wr CQLQR CARTOONS Now try the handiest line of Farm Mowers on the market. MOZAU SELF PROPELLED MOWER AND WEED CUTTER Famous Timken Bearing Spindle Full Swivel-Nose • Wheel Large 12" Ball Bearing-Mounted Wheels • Recoil starters on 3 h.p. Briggs & Stratton fol 20"'or4h.p. Kohler or Clinton motor for 22V <20" also comes with a 4 h.p. Clinton or Kohler) 20" and 22" mowers powerful enough for any job Here are two more high-performance models of mowers and weed cutters from Moz-All — for amateur and professional user'alike. Easy to handle, they cut the way you want them to cut. Special attachment prevents "scalping." Write for our free brochure, illustrating the entire Moz-All line of quality mowing equipment. Performance Always Comes First With Us .', WIND-KING MANUFACTURING CO. MERRILL, IOWA Algona Imple ment Co. Commercial Street ALGONA, IOWA NOW! DRIVE-IN MOVIES ARE With the r insMI»tion of Mill DOW •Vojtction Equipment... * BRIGHTER ^SHARPER moviet Mijouve Than £ver Before.' More COLORFUL:.? TRUE...LIFE-LIKE../ ,!• LI VINO'Pictures! WEDNESDAY Thru SATURDAY, MAY 26 -29 "BUCK NITE" THURSDAY MAY 27 The Whole Carload For $1.00 living and dead change places in an orgy of terror . in (DGJI JilU YQUR PLUS 2 COLOR CARTOONS ENTEBTAJNMENT NUMBER - #5,7.71

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