Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 10, 1961 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 10, 1961
Page 11
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ALTON EVENING TBLBGRAPH PAGftlMOTBt 'Equality of the Sexes' Is Only a Phrase DBAR AwWi f am burning with, rage. Your erait, OTV qualified statement that a *roman alone at a bar to Mr laim for a propoHHon It the moit unfair thing you haw ,*ver printed, tyy huiband fe a traveling jfhan and 1 work In a department store. 1 hate to go iitralght horn* latter work be- I cause it'a de- I pressing to look I at f our walls (night after I night. 1 find In- [teresting com- jpany In the lit- I tie ban 1 fre- - . .. jquent. AnnLander*. My moral standards are high and whenever a jerk gets fresh I give him the fish eye and he moves on. Women are no longer household drudges. We ean vote, hold executive positions, and we control most of the coun- ' try's wealth. We have equal rights and deserve equal privileges. If a man can go to a bar alone for a Httle relaxation and not be considered a bum, why can't a woman? EMANCIPATED ELLA DEAR EUL.A: You can beat your gums from here to maternity about the quality of the sexes, but it's just a phrase, dearie. There are certain things a man can do that a woman can't — if she wishes to be considered a lady. Two that occur to me at the moment are (1) smoke a cigarette on the street and (2) sit in a bar alone. Your letter proves my point. A lone woman in a bar IS looking for company. Just what type of entertainment she desires depends on the woman. But the unattached female who rivets herself to a bar-stool has no cause to feel offended when a man asks her what she has in mind. * * * * DEAR ANN: I am married to a man who clams up when things don't go his way. He sulks in the corner and no amount of humoring helps. It's maddening to see a grown man act so childish. I wlU list some of the things that can result in hours of silence and maybe you can help me. (1) The meat was too well done, (2) The meat was not done well enough. (3) Our son beat him at gin- rummy. (4) The TV broke down during a western. (5) I asked him to drive my mother home. Please suggest something. I'm at the end of my rope. VANQUISHED. DEAR V.: Shower him with indifference: Sulkers and pouters (young and old) give up and (sometimes) become cheerful members of the fam- fly wtMn thiy MM their ltd* lenneii doexn't pity Ow' Iri •ttenwfl ht'i ifMf) M jult Ifv iwre mutt OBAH AWf.'l work ft* a novelty company torn 19:00 a.m. to 4 too p.m. It tou agreed that I waa to havt half an Door off tor lunch, f twver get it. The,boil ttkes an hour and a half and t can't Have the floor when he It gone became I'm alone, He takes the other girl wfto worki here with Mm. t've tried going (n the hack room 4o eat my Mndwich (I carry my lunch) but it'a we* less because to many custom. ers shop during their lunch hour and t am Interrupted. Pleaee don't tell me to quit. I need my Job. HUNGRY. DEAR HtrffORYi Tell your boss that at 12 o'clock sharp you are going to eat your lunch and that if no one Is In the store to relieve you you'll open your lunch-bucket and eat in full view of the customers. Then do it. * * * * DEAR ANN: I am happily married and we have two teenage children. My husband has H fine job and makes enough money to take care of us. I happen to hate housework and am bored to tears at home because there's not enough to do, so—I took an office Job which I love. I hire a cleaning woman and laundress two days a week which is ample. My husband feels I should be home when the children come from school. I'm usually in the house by 5 -.45 but he says teenagers should not be allowed the free run of the place from 3:30 till almost 6:00. What is your opinion? MRS. S. DEAR MRS. S.: If your husband wants you to be at home when the children come from school—be there. Since housework bores you it's fine that you have an office job, but work part - time only. Many husbands do not share his point of view, but since he has strong feelings, respect his wishes. • * * * Are you tempted to smoke because the crowd does? If so, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Teenage Smoking," enclosing with your request 10 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. <O 1961. Field Enterprises, Inc.) Cooking Cues Cut dried apricots in strips and simmer them with celery crescents: drain and add to a buttery bread stuffing for poultry. Disturbed Children Improve In Special Classes NEW YORK, (Science Serviced—Every emotionally disturbed child placed in special classes in Gary, Ind., showed improvement, a psychiatrist reported here. All the pupils had at least average intelligence and were believed able to benefit from the special class leaching. The first of three special classes for emotionally disturbed children by the Gary, Ind., public schools in collaboration with the Lake County Mental Health Clinic started in 1958, The schools wanted to separate disrupting or non- learning children from others and later return them to regular classes. Dr. Jay L. Bisgyer, a Gary, Ind., psychiatrist, reported results of the program to the American Orthopsychiatric Association meeting here. 1 Three of the children In special classes have been returned to regular classes and are reported doing well. Younger children seem to BEAUTY SALON Phone HO 2-7131 ran ant tad trim,,. CoWWtuplai *5l> W StMttpOOftSM •Ml f* Ye* Hair * Hair Cuts. , . . $1.50 ACCA Begins Drive Miss Vera Jones, chairman of the Alton Community Concert Association's 21st annual membership enrollment week, shows workers at the kickoff dinner in Hotel Stratford Sunday evening the application forms they'll be using during the week. Announced attraction for next season is baritone Robert Merrill. 91 Workers Attend ACCA Kick-Off Dinner With 100 memberships already sold, the Community Concert Association, represented by a corps of 91 workers, launched its 21st annual membership enrollment with a dinner in Hotel Stratford Sunday evening. New members signing up for the 1961-62 series will receive a bonus of attendance at this year's closing concert by Soprano Phyllis Curtin Wednesday night at Alton Senior High Auditorium, Miss Vera Jones, campaign chairman, told the group. Mrs. Margaret Warrick, campaign director representing Community Concerts, Inc.. was introduced by George Springman, president of the local association. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Maun presented two skits. Memberships in the associa- tion are $7 for adults, $3 for students. They may be obtained from campaign workers or at the association's headquarters in Hotel Stratford. Miss Jones announced that all workers were expected to make ft mid-campaign report at campaign headquarters Wednesday, She said this year's goal was a thousand memberships, and that a total of 100 memberships had been turned in last night before the dinner by campaign workers attending. Of these 87 were adults. 13 students. Miss Jones explained after the meeting that while full day students at Southern Illinois University having student activities tickets would be admitted to concerts on thorn, part time students there would be subject to sale of memberships. Historical Society Hears Dr. P. W. Riddleberger respond faster and change more in the special classes than older children do, Dr. Bisgyer said. He said that if children with emotional problems are sent to a spnoial class early, a year or two can change them enough so they can return to regular classes and progress normally with th'eir classmates. The teacher is the most important individual in the special class program. Although not a therapist, she exerts a powerful healing effect. The consistency with which she accepts the pupil and limits behavior without anger creates a secure situation in which the child finds it rewarding to control himself and to achieve. A psychiatric evaluation of a teacher selected for such special classes must be thorough. If a suitable teacher cannot be found, "it is better to postpone establishing • class," Dr. Bisgyer said. Dr. P. W. Riddleberger of Southern Illinois University spoke on "Lincoln's F«rt Sumter Decision" at a meeting of the Alton Area Historical Society Sunday afternoon in Horace Mann School, as the organization observed the centennial year of the Civil War. The speaker told of Lincoln's cabinet, after his Inauguration, which was in favor of abandoning Fort Sumter, and of Lincoln's determination to defend and retain all federal property in the South. He also spoke of Lincoln's determination that if civil war were to come, federal troops would not be responsible for the first act of aggression. Harry J. Fechte of Granite City presented a film and nar- rntive entitled "Meet Mr. Lincoln". The film is produced from pictures taken hy Matthew Brady, Alexander Our- dener, and Alexander Healer, who traveled with the armies during the Civil War. The pictures are devoted largely to the problems confronting President Lincoln during the war, and showed the widespread devastation wrought by the war years. Tea was served to some 125 persons following the program. Hostesses were Mrs. Maitland You're the Doctor By Joseph 0. Warnering, M.D. Timmermiere, Mrs. Horace I. Ash, Mrs. Eric Rhode, and Mrs. Charlotte Stamper. Talk for Teens By JULIA BARTOSH Teen-agers, naturally, are weight conscious. But don't let the urge to slim down get y-u into trouble. Before you start a wild diet, think the problem over. Most teen-agers are just naturally hungry and need food to develop a strong body in the growing years. But if excess weight gets out of hand, consult your doctor for a reliable diet. Be safe as well as slim. Tomorrow's Dinner Fresh Asparagus and Chicken Casserole Stenmed Rice New Carrots Crusty Bread, Butter or Margarine Fresh Strawberry Tarts Coffee Tea Milk Complete Bridal Service Flower* for All Occasions! ADAMS FLOWER and BRIDAL SHOP 884 E. Ferguson, Wood Rivnr UUU CL 4-8441 RUG & CARPET CLEANING THE MODERN WAY • (Mini) Automitlt Rug Oloanini Maohino • Auttwitl* Rug Slior • Autrtatla Rn| Ouitor • Hut Oontrollid Drying Room SPEEDY 3 DAY SERVICE 0x12 Rug and Siitc) . Superior Carpet Cleaners IMC Mlto It HO 1*141 ALTON READERS' QUESTION* Mrs. V.A.H., fen GHjvfn writes, "About one moflttl I felt pain in my left shoulder, neck, top of the back, arms and hand, and this has coriHn- tied dally since then. In the past three weeks, t have felt quite dizzy most of the time. This continues with no ftlief." Our reader goes on to add that her condition has been diagnosed as neuritis and she has been given (tome injection* which apparently have not helped her. she li very worried about her head. Aiwwpr: Unfortunately, thU render makes no mention of her age, so let me guess mat she is sixty-ish. At this age (or older), pains of the type she describes are fairly common and are due to the fnct that the bones of the neck and hack become rough and Irritated and press upon the nerves. In the back of the neck, the nerves may go to the scalp and thus cause pain on the top of the head and even to the front of the head. Some of thesr older people are quite worried about this condition because they fear they may have high blood pressure or brain tumors or some such serious disease, and what they need mostly is reassurance from their physician. In other cases, a simple prescription, such as aspirin, is all that is required. Others are helped by physiotherapy, consisting of heat, massage, and stretching exercises. * * * * An anonymous reader In Bluefleld. West Va.. writes, "My daughter is 13 years old and is in the seventh grade. One month ago at school, nil of the children had a tuberculin test and my daughter was included. The place where the tuberculin was injected in her arm became red and swollen and I was told that this was a positive test and she should have a chest x-ray. I contacted my family doctor and he made arrangements for a chest x-ray on the next day. He called me a few hours after she had the x-ray and told me it was negative, that my girl did not have TB. On the other hand, the school nurse says that if the tuberculin test is positive, it means she does have TB. At present. I'm all confused. Can you help me in any way?" ANSWER: A positive tuberculin test means that, at sometime in this child's life, some TB germs got into her system. Children who have never had tuberculosis germs in their body are tuberculin negative. Often, however, the body fights the initial invasion by the germs successfully and the disease does not spread and the child does not become sick. Nevertheless, in most cases, the skin tuberculin tf.5t remains positive. A negative x-ray of the lungs simply means there is no visible evidence of the disease in the chest. It does not mean that there may not be some trapped tubercule bacilli that remain invisible to the human eye. The presence of a positive tuberculin test in a yodng per* son, however, raim additional questions. First, aiM molt important, is where did the youngster get her infection? In this case, the child's moth* er, father, brothers, listen and nil other close relatives should also be examined and x-rayed. If there are grandparents in the home or even if there is only part-time domestic help, x-ray examination of all these people is essential. It Is likely that some adult will be found among the family or dote friends who has active tuberculosis and Is spreading the disease to others. Now, what about the child, herself? Presumably, this is the first time she has had n tuberculin test, so we have no Information as to when the tuberculin test became positive. She may have been infected at any age during the 13 years of her life. If she were younger, it would be advisable to start her immediately on isoniazld. If it could be demonstrated that she has recently changed from negative to positive (a recent "converter"), then it might also be advisable to start her on isoniazid. On the other hand, active tuberculosis is rare in children from the age of six or eight until the late teens. All that might be required, therefore, is a period of watchful waiting, with chest x-rays on an annual or semi-annual bams for the next ten years or so. Everything should be done in the meantime to maintain her good general health and to avoid such things as fatigue and malnutrition. Should u spot develop in her lung at some later date, it is likely that it could be treated successfully at that time. One can hope, however, that her own body has already inactivated most of the genus and that she will continue to remain in good health. * * * * To Mrs. E. C. in Lake Worth, Fla.: To stay home and worry about your diabetes is dangerous. "Needles" aren't as bad as you imagine and, even if you have to take insulin, it's a relatively simple thing to learn. However, you may be helped by tablets alone, and your worries and fears may he unfounded. Go back to your doctor right away. £> 1961, N. Y. Herald-Tribune. Inc. Mind Your Manners Every person who gives or sends a June graduate a gift should receive a thank-you note—and promptly! 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Geneva Dfert, Beautician Beverly Anders, Beautician Dial CL 4-9015 Salon of Enchantment 885 EdwardBvtlle Rd., Wood River 0 to 9 by Appt.—sat: B to 5 MILTON AREA Beauty Pageant * HI|H School Qirli if A|ii 16 to 18 * Risidints of tbi Qriitir Alton Aroa by Hiltoa Area lUUMISSMiN'i COUMCIt APPLICATIONS ARE NOW BEING AOEPTIO by Mrs. Ed King (Milton Variety Store) CONTKST EDITOR or Interview Appointment DIAL HO 2-0632 AIR TESTING EQUIPMENT At the request of Mayor Belmont Ing, have set up equipment hi the Hlnes, left, of Hartford, Robert French, community in attempt to determine of the Illinois Department of Public what la cauatng the paint on certain Health, Division of Sanitary Engineer- homes to darken—Staff Photo. Born to: Mr, and Mrs. Charles H. Danbman, 1526 E. 5th St., a daughter. 7 pounds, 7:24 p.m., Sunday. St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford II. Len, Godfrey, a son. 7 pounds and 12 ounces, 10:45 a.m.. $ai- urdiiy, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hoop- rnuiiM, Momence, a son, William, first child t Saturday, St. Mary's Hospital, Kankakoe. Mrs. Koopman is the former Miss Delores Hagen of Alton, daughter of Mrs. Elmer ZUz- man of 3202 Alby St. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bartholomew, Route 1, Mom, a son. 7 pounds and 15 ounces, 7:45 a.m. Saturday. Wood River Township Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Schnec-berR, Houston. TPX., formerly of Alton, a son, Ro!> j ort William, Saturday, second child. The baby is the grandson of Mrs. William A. Schneeberg, 2317 College Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cousins, 704 Ridge St., a son, Scott Edward, 6 pounds, 10 ounces, 3:lfi a.m. Sunday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Two elder children. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Chadwick, 24*2 E. McArthur, Cot- tage Hills, a son, Mark Andrew, 9 pounds, 10 ounces, S:47 a.m. Sunday. Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder children, | Lorna, 4, and Mike, 2Vi. Mr. and Mrs. James Delehanty. 603 Emerald, a daughter. Karen Patrice, 6 pounds, 5 ounces, 11:25 a.m. Sunday, I Alton Memorial Hospital. Eld- j er son, Jimmy, 5. | Cooking Cues Marinate cooked snap beans in French dressing before adding them to a tossed green jsaind. Best flavor this way! i -Ever cook peas in bouillon? ! Mix them with hot steamed 1 rice. ; Preparing French onion I soup? Add a pinch of sugar I as you simmer the thinly i sliced onions in butter. When j the onions are golden brown, ' add bouillon. Serve with slices j of French bread that have been j toasted, buttered, sprinkled | with Parmesan cheese and then broiled. Fill the cavities of pear halves with chutney; serve on crisp greens with a cream cheese dressing. You can add chopped dried fruit instead of nuts to fudge. Kane KANE - The Rev. H, L. Potter will speak at the 10:15 a.m. morning worship service Sunday at the Baptist Church. Evening service is at 7 p.m. Sunday school begins at 9:15 a.m. Sunday sfhool at the Methodist Church will begin at 9:30 a.m. Church service at 10:33, MYF at 6 p.m. and evangelistic service at 7 p.m. The Rev. John Attey will be speaking. Church school at the Church of Christ will begin at 10 a.m. and morning worship at 10:30 a.m. Miss Gussie Richards entered Boyd Memorial Hospital, Carrollton, Thursday. I David and Judith Gary have j returned to the campus of Western College at Macomb. Mrs. Jessie Williams returned to her home in White Hall Thursday atter visiting several days with her brother and sister-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. William Bates. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily JIFFY HEEL SERVICE DOWNTOWN SHOE REPAIR 322 Plasa St. (Across From Sears) Jacobys FROM THE LOOMS OF MOHAWK More women buy fabulous Mohawk Trendtex than any other carpeting in the world because... • Trendiex is your best broadlooin buy. 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