The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on July 2, 1892 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, July 2, 1892
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fBfcf § MtvWlt §mnv, PUBLUHXD KVKBT 8ATURDAY —«T— W. It. BTJBDIOK. TMRMB: 01.50 Per T«ar, Strictly la Advance. Th* Bmt Jlinrtiiinff Medium to rwU th* /our north-Hiitern eouxtim. OflUe toBthnMt Comer Lawler ana I'llrl.-n W. N. BunniCK Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TKIIMH: U.Wi, Irl 'Aiu IN AIIVANNOR VOL. XX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, JULY 2, 1892. NUMBER 15. ADVERTISING BATES: Tim 1 w»»k .... Iweeki... 8 twin 1 month .. 1 mootlia. Smnnths.. 4 months.. 1 year I in. I a In. < In. \H col \H eokl col |1 W 1 50 3 00 S M I 00 4 00 B M torn |1 so I » 8 00 8 79 4 M e as 8 on 18 oo 8 n B on c » I 00 11 sr. 15 O0| 18 00 II 00 8 75 7 50 9 25 11 VS l« 00 20 00 SO 00 |n oo BOO lo no 12 oo 17 on 8! 00 W 00 45 00 110 00 18 00 16 80 18 00 25 00 85 00 50 0« 80 00 BiMlnem card* not exceeding 11 TO Unee, $5. Local adrertlm-menUi at legal ratea. Advertlae- mania Inwrlort with no nrweifle time will be rmt>lbhe>l unt:l nrriireil nut tint ^harfnsd for ao- cordlnKly. All bill* pnyabli- quarterly. TUB emprrin of G .'rui'iii> has requested tb. minister of public instruction to pro- Tent the admission to tbo art mmeums of Berlin of ycung girls unless under the guidance of lemhers or parents. A LA nan ekctrir locomotive in now being built at Buden, Switzerland. I will be Btted with dynomoa of a tola' of 1,600 home' power, which power will be transmitted to pi^lit electric motors arranged on the ssme number of uxlc.-i. It is said thin locomotive will attain n oigher speoi than steam locomotives. Trial of ita capabilities will be HUH •ummer. Tn» recent IUICUB'UI expVrinienta in photographing flying bii'lela by means of light from c ndcn-ir sparks baa attract) d considerable attention. In the beit photographs the outline of the bullut is clear and abarp, although fired from u maza­ rine rifle giving it u velocity snmothing liko2,C00 fect per second. Every picture •bows an air rifle in frontof the bullet uni! a trail of vortices behind it. A CHICAGO girl, daughter of Director General Davis, of the world 's Columbian exposition, Las tiiken the first prize in bread making in the cooking department, of Luclle Seminary, Attburndulo, Mil's, ft is a solid gold medal of a loaf of bread to bo worn as a churin. Such an ornanienl a* this should be "prized before rubies." It stands for good sense as well as good living. Tncre is more honor in being II Orst-cluss cook than a tbird-rato musician or artist. IF Switzerland or any other European country is reviewing tho prac'ico of shipping pauper J and criminals over here, it is time we revived ourlffotcst. Some im migrants who airived at N, w York recently, said tbey came by government assistance, and were promptly sent back, and others buve beom detained on suspio ion. Apparently this practice has been suspended for a while until the indignation which the former dihuiveriis of its existence provoked mbjiilul, but if being aantativoly revived. A MAN living in a suburban li Mori town has restoitd lo electricity to protect his fruit from the raids of :-trcet boys and the cats tha'. climb bis garden walla. Whenever bo nts n cat or a boy ili tubing the high Kail, bo print-is a button and gives thun a »hosk. The astonished feline toinctittic* then from 1 to 3 fed in the air, turns a complete somersault, and then descends wit', all four feet out stretched as if to fly, and as for the luckless boy who gels cue of tho shocks, be never ' troubles that trie again. The electrified fenco has proved to lie a groat success, WHI should any one say that a train- upeed of 100 miles an hour across our level prairies is impossible V All progress con - •ists in dciug things which bad never been done before, and the expeiienco ot the past should warn ui against scttiuv limits to the achievements of tho future Steam railroad trains pulled by a locomotive frequently make sixty miles an hour with perfect safety on railroads with and this is in I'HE LATEST NEWS. OBNBBAX. NOTBB. Goi,D in largo quantities is ordered for shipment to Europe. A MNK of steamers oetweon Superior and Montreal is established. PHILADELPHIA wholesale grocers and (he tugur tru-it make a bargain. ON the Elgin board of trake Monday. 21,120 pounds of butter were sold at 18 )4, cent". '.MIL. and Mrs. Blaine, Miss Harriot Illauic and tho DamroschB, have gone to Bar Harbor, Me. CoiiNKi.ius M. BLISS, of Mow York, is said to be President Harrison's choice for cli airman of the republic in national committee. TUB Red Cross steamer Miranda, which goes to the reliof of Lieut. Perry's Artie i xiwdition, sailed from Brooklyn Monday. Tiircni; are rumors that tho Goshen National bank ot Middleton, N.Y.,did not open Monday morning. W. M. Murray, casbiei and county treasuter, is missing. THE Vermont reuublicau convention has uouiiratcd Levi K. Fuller for governor . I'ue platform declares for continuation of the state prohibitory liquor law. Tin: fourth annual royal convention of the order of Scottish CIs ns of tho United States and Can ide convened in Now Haven, Conn , Tuesday. Si mm Clark, ot Dtiluth presided. Pnopiissou BAKNAIIAH Cofi'is Houns, the tirot president of Earlhum college (a frie'nda' institution) died at Dlooniing- dale, I ml., Wednesday, aged 77 years. (il',iniu:i)K BLISS., dnughior of Mrs. S. llii--, ot Worcester, Mass., has fallen heir to SO 000,000 bv tho will of her intended liiMunnd, Mr. Hartwoll, of Hartfort, who recently died. iith first, exhibit to be tnken into the world's fair has beon received at the custom house in Chicago. It consisted of tliirieen enormous logs, containing 1,1131 feet of lumber. Ttity came ftoin Canada. ANOTIIKH of the Hatfield, oi Pike county, Ky., has met a violent denth. His slayer was Henry Stallard, and the tragedy occurred in a church Sunday, when Hatfield reproved Sallanl for unseemly conduct AT Cobleskill, N. Y., Tuesday, Melvin Letts shot and killed Miss Swart, nis sister-in-law, at her residence and I ben went to the barn and shot and kill him self. It is Ihouirht that bo was insnne. Mns. JAMES BUIICK. of C.irdonia, [ml , placed a dynamite cartridge beneath the bouse of A. Handcock, and its • xpiosion wrecked thj bilding and injured Mr. and Mrs. Hondc'ck and one of tboir childred. Mrs. Burch thought *h>» bouse was occupied by a family named Michnot, and thought her husbm.1 wai there vidt- ing Mrs. Michnot. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. GROVER CLEVELAND KOBEIOW. COUNT HKHIIICHT BIBMAHK weds uu Austrian countess. HUKl'Ai.o BII.I, will present the wild west IIIJOW botore Q een Victoria at Wina- se.r. Kx- 1'jtBsiiiBNT Palacio has reached the Island ot Trm el id, on his way to Europe, an exi-e Irom his native country. TIMOTHY HEAI.Y was mobbed in the slreeis o' Dublin. Friday, and bad a narrow escape tutu being seriously injured. THE Theater Royal, at, E;ig land, was destroyed by fire Friday night. Tho audience hud left tho hou»e b-'forc the fire broke out. OHAND MAHTEU KANK, of tho Belfast O.-iingeiuiin, tleelared tlmt Gene'ral Lord iVoIiNi-y will lead Ulster men agrtinst the dismembermeiu of the empire. PiiKMiKit COKSTANTOI-OULO anLOunced the resiguation ot the Greeek cabinet in the chamber Monday. TUB king and queen of Italy arrived at Bjrtin Monday audrecoived acordiul wel come trom tho emperor and empress of Germany. A MUD KE ERNEST UAHTIIELKMY MOUCHKZ, tho French naval officer, scien list aud writer, U dead, aged seventy-one years PitiNcess MAitQAitET, bister of the Germun Emperor, has been betrothed to Prince Frederick Charles, eldest son ot the landgrave of Hesao. TUB police of Bruasols, while trying to quiet a body of riotous Socialists, were overpowered by the lattor and were com Miss Lui.u THAVAOE wns fatally hurl in a runaway accident, at Lima, U. A RAII.IIOAO collision noar Stillwater, Minn., kills one person and injures seven others. IOWA had a cyclono which did great damige but killed nobody, though soveral persons wero injured. OIVKN KIKK, 45 years old, a car inspector for the Cuicugo and Alton rail- wuy, was run over and killed by a train of cars M mday afternoon. AT Newark, O., lightning stiuek tw > sons of Wintield Hirlow while in each other's arms in a swing. Henry, aged .1, wns killed und the other badly iijured. A HEAVY storm occurred wir C-'diir Ripids, Iowa, Wednesday night. ltiil roads north, east and south were washed out nnd trains wero all late. AN explosion of tho Consumers' Ice works in New Orlcaus, Saturday, kilhd five men. Tho proprietor, F. B. Lee, was among the victims. TUKHDAY morning Frederick liressun, employed as a janitor in thu ircqioii Club, ut Chicago, was caught between the elevator ear and the sixth floor nnd instantly killed. FIFTEEN persona were killed by the riilroa i accident at Hurrinonburg, Pa. Saturday morning. A telegraph operator confesses responsibility for tho disaster and is arrested. PAUL PATILLO, wel 1 known in Canada and Micbiimu as a priz; fighter aud boxer, was killed Friday by fading from the seventh story of Pingree & Smith's new building, lie loaves u wife mid two children. TnE residence of Chris Johnson in Stanton, Iowa, the finest house in tho vis— lane, was struck by lightning Sunday morning and wrecked. Mr. and rs. Gibson, guests for tho day, were badly- hurt. The Ex-President Is Ajrain Placed in Nomination by His Party. lb at Rehiilt Accomplished on the First Ballot, With a Dozen Votes to Spare. The TarilF Plank Arouses DISCUSBIOU anil is Somewhat Planed Down. carves and grade crossings, itself a greater feat than speeding nn olec trio car along a speo'ally prepared straight roadway at the rato of 100 miles an hour. I polled to call upon the military to restore order. CONGKKS8. PAIUB is to nave next autumn nn oxhi- oition culled "Ancient Aiuerija," eiewtcd on the principle of 'Old London." It will comprise a series of Spanish buildings such as anco existed in Florida, together with a copy of the cathedral at St. Augustine. Old Boston will bo represented by Faneuil Hall, and Now Amsterdam by a bit of the lower city showing ancient tavern with the old city gate. 8hops with at- Saturday, Borne one threw n stone at him lendonte in costunicB of tho epoch and a which struck him in the eye. The injury grand realistic processional play showing WU8 ali B u t and did not prevent Mr. Glad- the landing of Columbus are among the t0ne from ttW<mtUaff tha maMa «- HKNIIY M. STANLEY has been unmerci fully chuffed by bis audience in the course or his prrlimetntury canvass in North Limboth. Mrs, Stanley is making speeches in her husband's behalf TUB onti-Parnellites have selected Tim othy Healy to stand for North Lang'ford, which he now represents, and Hon. Edward Blake of Canada to be candidate for South L ingford. i r> i u J . WHILE Mr. Gladstone was on his v/sy and Dutch dwellings, together L ft met)ting Q{ a dub ^ Cbeat / r WEDNKBDAY, June '12. SENATE —Mr. Sherman, referring to the president's message respoetiug ro- ciprouial trade with C itiudn, asked that tho printing be hastened in erder that the committee on finance could at once consider tho subject. The ucr, of June, 1888, providing for tho construction of a bridge .cross tho Missouri river ueur Omaha, was amended, extending tho time for the completion three years from tho passage of the act. Mr. Cnllom reported the post- i flice appropriation bill. Mr. Abijon reported tb!- agricultural appropriation bill. Adjourned. HOUSE.—Tho chup'ain in his prayer, alluded to the death of Emmons uUiue, and invoked the pitying lovo of the Divine Being on the beieaved fattier mother, and widow. Several unimpnrt ant ir.eatures weie passed, after which the house went into couimitleo of the whole on the general deficiency appropriation bill. TnunBDAY, Juno 23. SENATE.—Mr. Sawyer repirtcd the house bill grant.irg a rigbt of way to the Marinette and Westeru road through the Menominee Indian reservation and asked the unanimous consent for immediate consideration. This was agreed to and after •T. few unimportant amendments, tho bill w is pnsHrt. HOUSE.—On the assembliig of the houBe today, it being found thai there was not a quorum present, an adjournment until to -morrow was at once taken. FRIDAY, Juno, 24. UOUKE.—Tuo house after ji session of few minute*, adjourned for waut of working quorum. attractions. The cathedral will bo a museum for curiosities of Old America and Columbus. 1 be carravnns of Columbus' fleet are to be re-produced at this little and earl; rival of the world's fair. TUESDAY nearly every telegraph operator in Spain left his instrument and went on a strike, being dissatisfied with the hours of labor und wages. Tho wires in Madrid wore worked by the operators at the military telegraph service. RAVACUOL WUS found guilty by the jury after they hud been out but fifteen minutes and he wus sentenced to death. Beala and the women, Soubere, who wore to- cused of being Ruvaohol's accomplices in the murder of the hermit, Bruno), wore acquitted. SATURDAY, Juue 25. HOUSE,—There was a short session laBting just three minutes, F. J. Watuou, GdOrgin, making tho point of no quorum. It was deoided to call up at the earliest possible moment, the joint resolution providing for the election of senators by the peoph. MONDAY, June 22. COI/IsKGK SOCIETY HAZING. Once more a lamentable accident has cc curredloone of our great institutions of learning by meuns of which u bright young life has been utterly obscured Again the joke upon a collegian, by his fello K8 has led to death. Initiation into a secret society is anew made the medium | ORIMB. of fatal injuries to the novice. Is it not time, gentlemen of the alumni and of the WILLIAM MOINTOSH, of Manchester, faculties, that this sort of thing should [°wa. »b°t hiuiBelf through the heart, rtop V Tho death of young Rustin at Yule Wednesday, on accouut of. despnndeney 1. 1, v>„* „t n, f . TiiBASDitEii Dana's stealings from the aihorttime «nce, was but one of the fun(ii) of , blJ N , U i ontt | Savings bunk of hundreds ol similar blow or, the fair buffalo, N. Y., will exceed $200,000, reeorda of universities and colleges in this x w0 men j n st. Paul unsuccessfully at- oouutry and Europe. It is a eubjsei i tempt to bold up Albert Lindeke'a coaoh- congratulatlon that the oustom of huElng man in broad daylight and appropriate the U dying out, because it has been sternly repressed by college presidents throughout BENJAMIN MCCUNB, a young rolling »w. n„n „,i a.„^„ n u i ,.,i,„i. .... ,u n uu mill imploye, committed suioldo WedneB' We United Btates. Bat what avails it if a at gprtn 'gfiBid m Dy h ang |ng him. a weakly lad is relieved of the rigors of se f in his barn beoause of the disgrace of the savage practical jokes of the "sophs," bis sister, only to fall into the hands of same secret DOUBTS are entertained of the acoident society whoae. members are obiefiy mmoue ^tffl iBanJflitlationJaseeurea newvioim to ^sXugbrby' M8^ Ui ^lw wiw «wd«r: in kin "fni\ l| S9IMi¥ f,«t snnli iniHationB orl am\ fbrnwn into tbneinnlr wild. Col. Fellows, iu response to calls, stated Cleveland 610^ that aB a ttolugate ho would speak at tho Hill 112 proper time, but not at present. Boies 103 The credentials committee was then Gorman 34 % nnnounced us jeudy to roport, and John Stevenson E. Lamb, of Indiana, prosonwd a unani- Morrison 6 mous report. Sitting Delegate Barnard, Carlisle 15 of tbo first Ohio dislriot, was Campboll 2 seated; in Utah, O. L. Henderson and Puttison 1 John 1. Cain, tho Mormon delegates, were Whitney 1 icated; inN-iw Mexico nnd Arisona the Resell 1 SBNATB .—Mr. Halo introduced a roso- claim of each to feat six delegates was Oa inotiou of Gov. Flower tho nomina- lution directing the committee on fiuunce concedod, and iu Alabama the contesting tion was made unanimouB to inquire into the effeel of a policy of delegation was given seals on the floor Adjournment was then taken until 2 "tariff for revenue ontv" upon the labor without votes, and Norris and Davis were m, Tnursday and-industries of the.Uuited States, and seated from theDistriot of Columbia. _ to report upon the same to the senate. The committee on permanent organiza- Mr. Stewart offored some amendments to tion then reported William L. Wilson, c _...,.„..,.„„,„,,„. Mamart K . ooml the silver bill regarding tho coinage of West Virginia, as permanent ohairraani ih. iiiinoi. ca»dMato»»m.d For second silver bullion. The legislative, executive &. P. Sbeerin, of Indiana, for permanent and judiciary appropriation bill was taken secretary, and a list of assistants and At the session of the convention Thurs p. The bill appropriates $22,034,772. vice-presidents and Beoretanes by states. day, ex-assistant Postmaster General .'he general deficiency hill was called up On motion of Don M. Dickinson, acorn- Adlai E. Stevenson, of Illinois, WUB noru and pa«ed by a vote of 185 yoas to i nays, mitteeof fivo was delegated, himself being inated for vice president. A dozen The couferenoo report on the military named by tho chair as the head of tVe speeches were made, but Stephenson was aoadomy appropriation bill was agreed to. notify the permanent officers named over I. P. Gray, of Indiana; Joh to, have ''fun a* these go the w' Let such initiations ed and thrown into the week, condemned bnzing. James E B. Meakin, who success iu London lust year as a on Mohammedanism uud Moorish art, will visit this o luutry in September. He was for three years editor of the Times ut Tangier, and known the country well, AT Portland, Ore,, Henry Norberg, on Friday night, shot aud killed hit sweet- BJUHSOMAL arajtaintTH. heart, Augusta Sbogrena, a domesllo. be then put a bullet through his owi. brain a great Tw0 da Ug ,b.t er s of the late General Es eoturer cnbedo, who was one of the most noted of Mexican military loaders in recent years, have been arrested in the city of Mexico lor raisiug $10 bills to $100 bills and pass ing them, FRIDAY night John Yanarsdale, a real deut ot Jacksonville, III., committed Toe engagement is announced of Will" b *. ttt W n « p ? l ? on ,'. S e w *«. abo »j at u.~i.h..^. D . • »„J years of age, and had been an invalid ian, fl.'Btiley, of Harriabm-g, Pa., and f or ' a „ 00 d many yejri. Ill health was Mi »A!ger, of Delioit, Miob., daughtei the cause of the suicide. , ./olQewvftl Buigell A. Alger. Mr. Bailey AN unknown incendalry set fire to the fry -; ; U a son of Charles L, Uailey, the wealthy residence of G, D. Crocker, at Galesburg ' '"' irc»o )Mt «r, and is Icatod ut Seallle,. }"•• M°»day woinlpg. The lamily, for- ff vn ^ m '< MV *J \>2 . HW tuuately, aroused in time to subdue Uf* r " , f theuaiuee, :VWJ?W»dwt Morton'sduug.hterfi Jjaye '8yNDAY' at' WalkerivlUe, III.', Frank oburob workut Rhiae- Painter and Perry J ohoBoo engaged lo a .flftw wwteot it »owln(f Bohopl for street duel with •'evolve**, Fifteen »hoU "P ^gi ^^W'mpwlMt WA «t "Hv «e wflreflrea, Painter y/aa slightly wouaied, osovin cLsvxLajnL CIHCAOO, June 22.—At 10 o'clock this morning the yawning chasms in the great galliers circling the delegates' well in the convention hall wero being occupied by early coiners. When tho hour for tho session c.une, 15,000 faces shone up in the galleries, dimly in tho shadows of the lower gallery and upon the floor of the convention. AMxucily 11:30 Kiv. Alfred II. Henry, of Chicago, offered prayer. Too committee on credentials announced thiv. it would not bo ready until 2 p. m. I n tho ine.intiui > Alaska's delegate sent up a memorial lor the resolutions commit tee, Tbo committee on resolutions was called an J pissed, not. being read. Dele- nates Uronson, of Kentucky, and English of Indiana, were made a committee to learn when the credentials committee would report, and meantime there was a wait, and the firt-t music of the galleries. As ll-ig.T Mills ent j isd the bull there went up a shout and it i/rew in a rattling volley from .Mills to Hill, and the galleries taking hold, mido u Hill chorus. Then, upon motion of Thomas Johnson, the simile tux tonntor of Ohio, Mr. Mills was invited to address the convention. But Mr. Mills was reported not well enough to speak and soon left the hill tor his hotel. Delegate Do Young, of Michigan, leaping upon nis chair, moved that Senator Palmer, of Illinois, be invited to address tho couvention. A committee sought Mr, Palmer, and when tho gray haired senator wa« seen coming down thoaislo to the desk cheer went up that grow into a roar. "Gentlemen,'' cried Chairman Owens, "it U not uocu.saary for me lo introduce to you this warhori,e of democracy." Mr. Palmer put his hearers map ant mood at once by a comical story and sonio light comments on the crowd. The keynote of Mr. Palmer's talk was unity and co-operation. "Wo want no skulkers in this great fight; every man must work," he said, und this sentiment wns cheered louulv. Hill is the man," came a voice from up in tho shadows bpneath the roof, nnd tho name of the Now Yorkir was caught up and shouted until from the shore ot the tea ot faced in the lowor region, a shrill, sy bilaut hiss shot out into the clamor of sound. It grow And grew until the cheers und hisses died away in a quiet. When the uged speaker claimed Illinois would be democratic, the shouts were either metal or charging for mintage; but, the dollar, the unit of coinaun of bo,h metals, must be of eiual intrinsic and exchangeable value, or adjusted through international agreement or by- such safeguards of legislation ns shall insure the maintenance of the parity ot the two metals and equal power of every dollar at all times in tho markets und in the payment of debts; und we demand that paper currency be kept at pir with and roaeemable in such coin. We insist upoh this policy as especially necessary- for the protection of farmers and the laboring classes as tbo first and most defenseless victims of unstable money find u fluctuating currency." 'Ihe tariff plonk was very long and at the evening session, when the platform h.ul been rend by Senator Vilas, Neal, of Ohio, offered a minority substitute to tlmt rti n of it which preceded n denunciation of tho McKinley net. He pleaded for perspicuity. Senator Vi:iii- defended tho inrj irity leport, but he w,is defeated by a voto of 504 to 432. Great applauso characterized tho event. A great rainstorm broke over the" wigwam, and water poured in on the people. Till 2 o'clock at night speeches were made in presenting tho names of candidates for presid-mt. Governor Abbett, of New Jersey, in an eloquent addiess, proposed G rover Cleveland. The name provoked applause lusting fifteen minutes. Hill's came also so,' th" convention wild. De Witt, of New York, made a great speech for Hill, us did aluo Col. Fellows and Burke Cochran, of that state. Dozens of other mon spoiio in favor ot Cleveland, Hill und Boies, and motion after motion was made to adjinrti but tho convention was evidently bent on reaching a vote before morning. At 2 o'clock the gro.tost excitement prevailed. Vilas spoke for Cleveland as did also many others. A ballot taken ut 3 o'clock in the morning resulted in Cleveland's selection by the following vote: The ballot resulted u» follows: Alabama—Cleveland 14, Hill 2, B^ies 1, Gorman 1, Morrison 2, Campbell 2. Arkunsas—Cleveland 16. California—Cleveland 18. Colorado—Hill 13, B lies 5. Connecticut—Cleveland 12. Udlawiue—Cleveland 6. Florida—Cleveland 5, Carlisle 3 Georgia—Cleveland 17, Ui'l 5, Gor man 4. Idaho—Boies 6. Illinois—Cleveland 43. Indiana—Cleveland 30. own—B lies 20. Kansas—Cleveland 20. Kentucky—Carlisle 0, Boies 2, Cleve land 18. Up to New York Cleveland Louisiana—Boies 11, Cleveland Hill 1. Maine—Hill 1, Whitney 1, Gorman 1, Cleveland 9. Marylnnd—Cleveland 9% MasBachusettB—Cleveluud Bjies 1, Kussell 1. Michigan—Cleveland 28. Minnesota—Cleveland 19. Miss8«sippi—Hill 3, Gorman 4, Boies 3. Missouri—Clevolaiid 15, Gorman 3. Montana—Boies 6. Nebraska— Cleveland 13. Nevada—Boies 4, Gorman 5. New Hampshire—Clevdnnil 8. New JerseywClewland 20. New York—Hill 72. North Carolina—Stevi-nsi n (III.) 1, Morrison 1, Cleveland 3^i, "oios 1. North Dakota—Cleveland 6. Ohio—Cleveland 14, Boies 16, Carlisle 5, Hill 6, Gormon 5. Oregou—Cleveland 8. Poiuiymtf vaiiiu—Cleveland 64. Rhode Island—Cleveland 8. bouth Cuioliutt—Boies 14, Hill 3, Clove- land 1. SoutB Dakota—Cleveland 7, Boies 1. Tonnessee—Cleveland 23. Texas—Hill 1, Boies 1, Cloveland 23. Vermont—Cleveland 8. Virginia— Clevolund 12, JTI ill 11, cJor mnn 1. Washington—Cleveland 8. West Virginia—Cleveland 6, Pattisou 1, Gorman 2, Hill 1. Wisconsin—Cleveluud 24. Wyoming—Gorman 3, Cleveland 2, Alaska 'B vote nominated Cleveland Dstrict of Columbia— Cleveland 3. New Mexico—Cleveland 4. Utah—Cleveland 2. Indian Territory—Cleveland 2. Rosuino. The total vote was: FREE TRADE MARCH. Work Thuo Far Accomplished by the Demooratio House of Representatives. Wool, Ootton Ties and Cotton Bagg-ingr the Articles Attacked Up to Dato. tolnl up toT.V'O This is tbo cipicity iietuiilly <ipciriit.ii g or under conHtruo- tifin at tti« pren nt timo, or for »*hioh which plana urn being drawn. This is, at 15 weekti in the year, moro thnn tliriMi-ll'thH of tbo Imports into tho United HtuteH, and nearly one million boxes in nxc«HH of total c;,ileumption of Great Britain " Such inquiry wotilel nt once open a | chapter which tho Demooratio party is moHt unxioLB to keep hidden from the leyoofnow voters; would expose tho | skeleton in the democratic closet in all itB hideous und revolting deformity. | This was the ronHon Blount had to back writer, and after all his bluster had to | got up nnd meekly withdraw his Tho Now York Sun, n Democrat paper I proposition which was not only unjust Tin Plate Clause Now Being Assaulted—March of Free Trade in the Bourbon Body. KINK WOOL. lie it onacteel by the Somite nnd House of IioprosentntivoH of tho United States of America in congress assembled: That on nnd lifter tbo first day of January, oigbtoon hundred and ninety-three, tho following articles, when imported, shall 1 o exempted from duty, iininoly: All WOO I B , li ui r of tbo camel, goat, alpaca and other like animals, and all wool nnd b.iirontbo skin, nil nails, top wiiHtet, slubbing wiiHle, roving wnsto. ring wnste, yum w.isto, card waste, bur w.isto, rngH nnd flocks, including nil wiiBte or rugs composed wholly or in p rt of wool. 1'iiHBi'd tbo bouse April 7. Vote, 1!>2 yo •», 00 iinys. Two democrats, Millor utiel liibbitt, both of Wisconsin, voted with tho mi nority. Otherwise a strict party vote. FI'.i'.K COTTON TIES, COTTON IIAUtllNU, ETC Ho it unnoted by the Semite u.rd IIouso of lioprosoiitntiveB of tbo United StuteB of America in congress ussemblod: That the following nrlicles, when imported, Bhnll bo exempt from duty, numely: Bag ging forcollon, gunny cloth nnd all eimi- lur material suitulilo for covering cotton, composed in wholoor in purl of flux, jute or juio butts; cards, roving frames, wind fr nies r nil other innchii.ory purch -JB 1 abroad und used in 'he manufacture of Jun. 2!i, eontninsu di-pntch from El wood, I nil , describing the tin plate woiks just pBtnlilisheil there by tho Jersey Tin l'lato Company, of Briton Kerry, Wales. Tbey are undor the superintendence of Mr E. Stanford, who has been making bright tin for 25 yenrs in Wales. Mr Stnnford said: "We shall turn out 2,- fiOJioxesnf Amerieun tin-plnte a dny by tho first of May " He furtbor said that the Domruler, Pa., is milking l,U0O boxes of bright tin plate a week; tbo work at Apollo, Pa ,nre turning out 800 boxes a week; Anderson, [ml., IB making 5(X) boxes a week; the NeidringhauB Company, of St. Louis, is turning out 1,000 boxen u week, nnd Somors of Brooklyn is turning out largo quantities, I do not know how much." Tho Sun lurtber said: "Elwood bud about 1,000 people two yours ngo; to day, with its plate gluss luctory, nntur il gn.i, uud tin tnctory, it shows 5,000 people " I also hnve before me u st.itomeut by thoN.&G. Tiiylor Compnny, I'bilildel phiii, in which, under date of March 8, they Buy - .— "There is no question nt nil to our minds but that the industry of making lin-pluto will bo successfully enrriod on in this country aud UHSume large proportions in n short time. It linn always been conlendod that the cheap urtiolo, such as dinners' tin could not bo made in tbiB country. Wo clearly cxplodod this impression not lug Binco, by securing tho largest ardor that bus yet been phicod f ,r American tin, placing nearly 1,000 boxes, 28x20. We wore iu competition with tho imported plate, and not only secured the order on account o- lower price, but we have since boon in tormod that tbo imported urti le us re ceivod by our customer, all of which is and impolitic, but an iifTront to" the Scandinavian peoplo It wasn thorough • ly democratic proposition, however, nnd Blount gave it up with great regret. rinirr PICTUIIES> The fluty on binding twine, we wera told In the last campnlgn, -WM toDTJirjg the farmer, and prices would certainly go much higher. Here is the truth. The wholesale price of mnnila binding twine in 1890 was 16 cents per pouud. Jn April 1892 It was 12 cents per pound. Blsal twine sold for 12 cents wholesale In April 1800, and for 8 cents in April 1692, and mixed twine at proportional prices. Twine made of American hemp in American factories is sold this I son as low an 7) cents per pound. POINTKIl l-AltAUTtAlMIS. Covering; in n l*ni«-tlrnl Wur thn Issnva n the Campaign- It was a republican congress that made it possible for the people of America lo buy sugar at the rate ot twenty odd poundB for n dollar, und every democratic representative voted against tho legislat on by which tho result was oo- complished. Protection oncournges the manufacturing of Anierici's or raw material by our home people, upon our o \n soil or in our own factories, to be and used by our own people. 1, Gorman % 24, Hill 4, siuil.i.r in tori. Is suitable for cover- tig cotton; cotton gins nnel parts there t, lid that also that hoop or bnnd iron, hoop or b ml stool cut in longb or holly or partially manufactured into! hoops or ties for baliuging purposes, itb or without buo'- les or fiiBtonings. Pissed the house April 0. Vote, 107 ayes, -Iv nays. Three (leniocrntH, Coburn, of V/iscon- O'Noil, of Missouri, and English, of I ow Jersey, voted with tbo Republican | iiiorily. A bill providing for the free admission f tin plati's is now under consideration. Thus dues free trndo muro'i victoriously onward iu tbo present democratic boll so. A. K. STEVENSON. A nBOBlPl' FOlt A GOOH TOWN. Grit. Vim. Push. Snap. Energy, Schools. Morality. Rail roads. Advertising. Tulk about it. Write about it. Speak well about it. Help to imprpve it. Good oountry ti luutury. Patronize its merchants. Elect good men to cilice, Honest competition in prices. Fire all loafers, croakers, deadbeats. | of thoir election and escort them to the platform While the crowd waited the hall darkened by outer clouds, and the rain came dashing through the skylights, and the band phived oatohy music At 12:25 p. in. Mr. Owens introduced L. Mitchell, of Wisconsin; chief justice Judge Morse, of Miohisun, and othen Burko Cochran, of New York, aud Judge Lambert Tree, of 111,, were also honore' with a few votes, Stevenson's nomination was mude unanimous by acclamation be fore the ballot was over. Gray was OliO ENGLISH DRAMATISTS. , ., , in our power to hum- forward nigging for cottnn; gunny cloth and „f our new plant, which, when , ._. sold to _„ very eucournging, but not more so than I Blot out this Bystem and it would inev- AO expected. We urodoing everything | itubly result that many of our faotorios ne work ii.ished. will produce an output that will satisfy tho most incredulous " TAIIII'I' PIOI'VUE*. How it I'ttttrt Hu.ton story IVui* .N|">lle<l by | tin. Fact. file re is u tnrilf duty of about 100 per cent on imported pearl buttons; but tho rls who nroomployeil in tbo pearl but m factory in Detroit have beou obliged lo Hlriko against a reduction of wages it would appear tlmt an absolutely prohibitive t.iiiir rate is notsullicienlly per sunsivo to induce tbo tu linteiinnco of u moileratii wngo rato. In tbo light of ucb (..-els iho'Ju< oror uun seo without tho hollo A-, e>«H of tbo protonao that high luties are a giiuruutcu of high vvnges Philadelphia liucord. This is u Tree trade falsehood of tho most approved type About u woek ngo 10 Stiinilnrd Button company, of Detroit, changed its wuge scale, not so as to reduce WIICOB , but in order to increase tho output of their works und at tho sumo time raise the wages of their em _ loyos. It was morely a change from the daily wugo system to one in which compensation of nn employe would do pend on the amount, of work done by im. Misapprehending the nature of the change, about 150 young girls struck uguiiiBt when they supposed to be a re dilution in their wages As soon us tho mutter was made oleur to them, however, und they found that they wore really striking uguinst u substantial inoreuse in wages, most of them immediately re urneel to woik. Of course the free trnde papers could not allow this petty misundorstunding to puss unnoticed, nd tbey hnve magnified it into nil sorts of lios, one of which, in the form given in the Record, has beon traveling around tbo country ever since. The Bolioitude The works illustrated above In a BOBS gold-Oiled case could be bought two years ago for $32. Tbey can be bought today and the retailer will make Just as much profit as before, for $28. The McKinley bill doesn't seem to send ay the price of watches. TI1K SCANDINAVIANS. fl ow Tljoy Worn liisiiltisil by tl-s, Dumo- rriitlo Hons*,. Blount, of Georgia, noting us chuir- mnn of the houso committee on foreign I (Liire, has distinguished himself like] the cat in the ndnge by letting "1 would" wait on "1 dinr* not." And in this re speut he had tho entire democratic side, | first as co-conspirators nnd finally nsfel low sufferers. When Mr. Blount reported to the house the provision nbol ishing tho oflices ot Amorican ministers lo Norway and Sweden, he presented a action, brave uiid determined fronland virtually decluroil that this matter in which he would accept no compromise. Why should he, indeed? It was true thai tbo notion proposed would bo nothing less than uu insult to Sweden nnd Norway, und would drive lliese iwo important] countries uwny from tho world's fair, | but thut miido no diiTerence to Mr Blount. There Wbre u good muny rea-| sons why he bad his people in the Bouth I hud no liking for Sweden und Norweg inns or for thu countries from which | they hniled Very ingenuously he snid: „, ,'»,.# „ < »u "In tho northwest, I tuko it, there uro| of our tariff "reformera" for these poor Soandinuvinn people by the thousands ' s'lrved pearl button workers would bo y et , having little inter** in the section I 8 '"f- ro i k n0tfl0 torly a 0 where republican Scandinavians abound, era of: homes, fewer windows wilh old ...r,,...*.,..... .... . t '» l'-l I linlo in lltani im,l mn.n nil, l» 1,1 nan f rnntil. would bo udvised to grently reduce tho wages ot thoir oporutives or close their doors, for the wages of the meohanic or operative lire u lnrgo laclor in tho cost of almost nuy article und wugoB are uni'onuly higher in this couutiy thun in the old world. In tho United States thore lire customs houses und customs officers at every port of entry, and certain ol.iBses of foreign goods cannot, tie removed from the vessels that bring thom without llrst ptving a duty, or toll, to Uuclo Sam tor tho privilege of computing with American nieiroliiiuts in Americua mur- hots, in this way tho revenues necessary for the support of tho government are raised wilh little triotion and without imposing a burden upon our own people. Without any change in the revenue or custom laws there wus uo actual increase in treasury receipts in the first full year of President Ilurrison'e administration over tho preceding year of moro thnn eleven million dollars, and an actual decrease in tbo cost ot collection of moro than eighty live thousand doll-re. At lonst u part of this increased amount of revenue wus due to the greater diligo'CJ und hotter Borvica of republican olliciule. The democratic administration from 1881 to 1888 is rememl ered (or nothing that can be called a settloment ot any question pending when it took control or arising dur'ug itB term of power. Contrast it with the past four years and there will be much found lo the credit ot the republican purty. Tho turitf question, the silver question, the Behring seu mutter, the Sumoun difficulty, the Italian matter, the Chilian question, the pension laws, the new navy—every question arising has had positive, intelligent and statesmanlike i he position of this government among the n itions of tho world line leon strengthened und nnt-onal honor has been muintuined. Tho demo crutic admtuistrution had but a single idea that of turitf reform, and subordi- nuted everything else to the one pur- po o of ennutiug u luritT law along free trndo lines Year oy year tho number ot people who rido in carriages und curry wutohes nnd have napkins on their tables and an extra suit of clothes in their wardrobes nnd carpets on their floors and books nnd newspapers in their homes is increasing. There ure fewer children in tho workshops nnd more in the schools, fewer suits in the courts nnd more own- and hypocritioul. TIN l'LAT K TO DATE. he wns "willing to destroy the cordial hats in them und more plato glass fronts, and friendly diplomatic relations be- und fewer oases of helpless, hopeless tween tho United States and tho Soun poverty and more happy, hopeful, pros- dinavian countries-relations whioh hud perous people thnn at any previous time ssisted in bringing in many of those m the history ot our nation. And the Permanent Chiiimim Wilson as "one of fairly close second. N. Y. voted solidly tho bravest uomoorats of the nation— for Stevenson, but Pa. gave Gray a like Hon. W, L. Wilson, of West Virginia.' 1 vote, Boles refused to be a candidate, Mr. Wilson made an earnest speech, and Toe convention adjourned sine die at ttieu an adjournment till 6 p. m, was 5:17 p. m, Thursday, taken. The BaantuR Station. The resolutions molude the "tariff fori revenue" plank in the Tilden plutform of 1876; favor tho Nicaragua canal project! opposes all sumptuary laws; are against | "force" bills; ask for reform iu the civil service and the recovery of publio lands) are in favor of a strong navy, a fair wise, judicious, practical course of the republican party has bad much to do wilh bringing about theso olunges During the four years of the Cleveland administration there WHS a great outcry regarding the surplus in the treasury, and later the shouting has grown tumultuous over ItB disippear- unop, the insinuation being given out that republicans must have squandered or stolen it Whut ore the facts? The eminent was collecting entirely too much lor customs duties on imports. In response to tbo publio demand a republican congress passed tho McKinley bill, whloh greatly added to the free list and reduced the tariff on muny other articles. Nor did they stop at this, but tbey also devoted the surplus to a reduotlon of the nutional debt, paying off, with a reduced inoome, inoie bonds in three years than wero canceled in Cleveland's entire term. In twenty yenrs the debt of tbo United I States has shrunk so that it is less than All Aboard I LHanftf Bolicralitna of the sixteenth Century Living Iu Isonilou. Who, then, were the old English dramatists? They were a sooro or BO of literary Bohemians, for the most part, living from band to mouth in London during the la&t Let your obj.tbethewelfare, growth and fiSfi «W£ ^'ftS promotion of your town and Us people. iiZs. <lonuuub?. the RnL .mS,™. the personal history of the most of whom liberal federal aid In ™Zrl & » en themselves. Poor, nearly all of them, hut.. Tour Umv !• til right, but edUu ation^the platform says; "tUe dem- 'fc? bave ,etft w * ?u Ue eBtate 1? the re i llm have ,ou got • npply of UoitotUr'a Btomacl, OMUa t io par ty is oppnwd'to state tptertS.' of Fw 7' ^inww them were three or four Bluer.. Hot Th.a yoa bay. m.d. . .ad orofs- wiSr ^tat^U airT^ifiB^ S e ° if. ^"."l' f wmrade of theirs by slop, and li you .r. troubled wltb MOSHOIO ^mS ^iiT ^^uS ^am- £ ta "» VSf f T qualms«. ro «<«-.i! y9 u ares*k, my «,„.),, dren as an infrln/ement^of the taSL % tn8 "plendor of bis endowments and or»«!.», yo« will b »v. BM „v.d your tot., now nr democratF lootrine that the the TO0W WfifW'. b ? l * n < !e of his tempera- ar,«if.HytU.w.v«ortb.j»rri»,ottU.. B glu, hL,„t individual .. wnslsffiwlth pent, was Ibat divine apparition known or K»W .h.k H you » P . Now tb,r, is , mut/bat lhe%ighla of olhers nsuwHhe bighe«t & &» T WL 3 »«tui c.H to th. ,hi P -. ,ia.. N 0l v,it,o «b.« type of American oltiiWp and* the fhl*rf fl direefc ilns ™ta«8fr th.Bm.ri along with you this wouldn't bapp.a. best government." H ^ f^m^ltri^?1 iflv 'foTthHw^ linel Traveler* Hd lou .uu, tak. our advice, and b* Tim following is the silver piano &^X?tot\t»notl sou* ofh In tor. yo» start oa your wbtlog or w^avoyags, "We Enounce the republican Mala- SffnMffliaffi year coMt-wh. trip or isiwd oau«g. obuia tjon known, as the Sherman act of W90 ^L ^mXwo ^t" timers, and tout toit«y,ourMlvsi.g »iD «tstoui- aa a oowardly-makebhift fraught with pos- ,L „uons« u» last Jffi.7,W ,»M »^! , V ^ h(, »» , fJP ,1 »' rtih 'IWWies of danger in the future wWoh ^$SX$SS\Em^toa^« •fWftrt HMWW wj«fcK#fi»r « mm should make.alfof ttviqppw ers, as v «l „ uZs Russell Lowell in HaroerV lor' as itomithor, anxious for IU speedy w« 7 ,„t m * Wtt warpers m _,. rt , ,pe«l. We hold to toe use of, Wb gold * xm ' T-T— — .;. iheuinadtan ohoeae-niultarsare serious I ana silver B » the Btaodard money of the ~ The whole amount of gold actually in wJWMWWiBg both »lde» of the fat te»t BB, I qcuatry and to tae oolnag«ot both gold olwuUtion U estionted to ba abiab elgh .abwiof value of milk »t the factory. I and sliver, without 4i ««ri «>uiiMlBy I4i«4«it h^djtvdtm ^iicty 'firt toni. aposnra la rougb. westL... , pr water, tfak* It, .too, lor bUiou»M»», ktdusy Ami How n "itcform" Orator wnn Answer «l lev n lluiiliieH Uuu Who Kiiin. Him- « •-. i . n»ir inroniiKii people to th a country. This for no Col. Spencer Borden, of Full River, re o her reason than that he thought ho cently delivered a dolorous lecture in and bis party had everything to gain that city in favor of free trade, and und nottrng te fear from discouraging dwelt upon whut he pleased to term the Buoh emigration, failure ot tin -plate manufacturing in The Dunes and Swedes who have set this oountry ns an illustration. Mr. tlod in the northwest are n splendid ola s Arnold B Sunford, treusurer of the >.f people and overwhelmingly ropubli Globe Yarn Mills, replied to bim in the oun. Honest, industrious, und true lov Pull River News of March 12, ond what ers of liberty and justice, it wns us he had to say about tin-plate is suoh a natural for them to vote the republican . •comprehensive summary of the least ticket us it was to rush to the defense of I Cleveland policy was to hoard the reve trustworthy information on that BUD - their adopted oountry when its lite was nues and make it appear that the gov• jeot that we subjoin it in full:— ussailed by itB unnatural GODS in the 1 -~n«~ii«™ „„.i„.i„ AtiirBaraple of his misstatements south. In the course of the debate in nnd facts is what he sayB about tin- the house over Blount's proposed insult plate In the first place, be claims it to Denmark and Sweden, a democratic was promised, if the duty was increased member Irom the northwest was forced Americans would produce all their own to rise in his place among the ex-oonted tin plate within a year. erates on the democratic side uud sol- No suoh promise was mude in Con- sia >dy deoure ' there was not a battle- ns3or |in the press by any person Held from Bull Run to Appomattox that claiming to know anything of the sub was rot drenohed with Boandlnavlan ieot or in charge of tee. preparation ol blood." But was this a reason why the bill: on the contrary, the promis of the ex-confederates should favor the Scan- itBelf is that if America does not pro- dinavian people and guard and p-oteot duoe with six years one-third of its an- their interests. As well might they be . uul consumption, the duty eh»ll then be cubed upon to express gratitude lo these one fourth per capita what It was then, taken off. This shows that the f rumors people because it was the genius of I hat And yet the demooratio party has op- ot the bill knew that it would take trom great Scandinavian, John Ericsson, that posed every financial proposition of the one to six years to eroot the mills and placed the Monitor in Hampton Roads republicans and resisted every step by get them in good order lor making a and inflicted on the souther confederacy wbioh this buppy reduotion of the lurgeoutput. . one of the greatest injuries it suffered debt has been accomplished. Mr. Borden's next statement, that no The blow then inflict:d on the southern plates 1 have been produced for eighteen oontedernoy by the great So -mdlnavlon To Shear » S UMP months beyond a few simples for ad inventor was a fearful one and the ex- Arrange a sboariug table just tho height vertising purposes," la equally unfound- confederates like Blount tire proverbial of the top of the shearer's knee, Oa this ed. I have before me a list ot twenty- for long memories. It it had been left *et the sheep straight upright with ita seven tin plate works, published by the to them tbey would have carried out back toward* the shearer. The shearer Tinned* Plate Manufacturing Assoola- Blount's throat and put a stop to all now puts bis left foot upon the table, tion of the United States, Jan. 0. 1802. dlplomatlo intercourse with Norway and bends the head of ths aheap over his left with the capacity ot each per week and Sweden. knee and is ready for business. Part the the capital invested,. whioh shows that But there were northern demooruts in wool at the right side of the holly from tt elr joint oapaoity' was about forty the Hopse who bad to prtest ngainst.the urm pU to Sank; begin at this parting thousand boxea a week, und that their proposed Insult to the Scandinavian and iheur bellv; brisket nnd between the aggregate capital is about three million countries Unlike the southern brigadi- bind legs. Next part the wool on the dollars ers, these memuers bad Scandinavians neck from the pjint of the right shoulder J have a letter statement, published among their constituents and feared to the right ear. from this parting shear by tne American Manufacture of Pitts- their votes and power,. They could not the m .ck and head clean, then the left burg, on the first ot the present mouth, expect help trom their older men among shoulder' and leg and on down, shear- gUlng a list ot forty establishments for theSweeds and Norwegians who bad ing pi t the backbone and rump before the manufacturer of tin and terue plate, fought In the war and bad seen Demo- turning tho the sbeap, When through Of these, six are organised, fifteen are oratlo purposes and plans displayed to on this aide the shearer put* bis left foot building and nineteen ure running lo the full extent of their malignant and down, takes the sheep's hind legs in hit whole or in part. The statement ferocious intent, but they hoped to mia right band and holding it by the neck adds;— . lead some ot the younger raeu who are with his left, giveube sheep a three quat- _ "From the detailed reports received just coming on the scene and adroitly ers turn irom left to right brinslugit from the above Urrasaeid from outside lo pull the wool over their eyes. They again m pjsitioa to put the neokover the Information, it appears that these works BQQQ Baw that If Blount 's proposition shearer's left knee in w _'.>'; position th* baye a week capacity, when Mugtruoted, passed, thaw young men would at onoe" work w finished, Pull the »kiu tight ot about 00 000 .boxes a week, Other uek the reasot for the Insult to the Und while shearing. Avoid pulling the wool, worto wntemplaled whioh -vlll prob- of their fsthers -tbe true souroe and or cutting-twice. Take all th* locks and ably be built, and which wo havo not spring of exroonfederata hatred ot tags «(e *n a» you go aud daub oa Urn included fo the ft bovo, will bring thin 0 warts and Norwegians. bwohl-Weifcrft 9Mimu,

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