The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 22, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1927
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0 ?FK A .KANt. VOLUME XXX. No. 127. Th- Dally n .cijit^T. EstnliUslud 1S97 TWELVE MEN ATSHANGHAI British Shoot Troops as Attempt Is Made to Enter Settlement Of Foreignere Late Today. .ShaiiRliai. Mar. (AI 'I —Hritisli troops shot aii(! killed, at least twelve and woundtHi about .a score (if Shaiitiiiipci-e vvh'-n tlioy made a fresh attempt to break Ihi'oiiKli tlio ha.rrii-rs of, the' international .set- 1 Jlenient here lata today. Twelve.'Chinese vverf killed and eighteen woutldecl in diiothtr ixir- d?r fiffht- between liritish ainl t-.'iantu'igese lrol)ps a half laileto; tlve •tte.'^l of the first fisht. i \ 'Prior to tlie .second incident. L'')ii | ShantUDKCie. disarmed, had i -ii- tered tlie settlement iiea'cefnH;>. •Seven hundred more attempted to' enter and fired oil tlie-Firitisli. Two of the. British W^TC wonnded. aft!er j which they returned the. tire. I Ko.'eicn' ambulances ' took Ih'' Cliinose wounded, in both affairs to th<' hosinh'l. The* troops of liie .l>!:rham reRiinenf \v--re involved in' ;i!|l ol today's f<-nn!iir incidents. I..iter t!ie liritish adniitt.d .".iMi ShanlniiKese, who jjave up their arms upon cnterin;; tile sottleip-nt. i Three Obtavesf or. / Kst:iblished IsS7. lOLA, KAN.. TUESDAY EVENING. MARCCH 22, 19: JANITOR IS HELDte IN ROBBERY Leonard Latnrom Chaj^g- ed with (irand Larceny AndiBurglkry in the Looting'of Safje at High Schoo i.ioiiard l.athrom. t!i>- senior high si-iiooi s;. !«. inb'-r. was arreste^ cers !ast nipht on cliarges of bur- slary and Krand lar<-eny in con- II' tiMU wi;h the tlieit of. $?,» from janitor at Isince last by offi- Kti/iilH>tli Jipraril. i;-v«*:ii'(H(l viiliil III Dallas Ti-s^ hii-li M -hool -ha^ lippii arrlaiiiif'd u "•"ffiMid. Selniniaiiii-Hpink" I) <;i»nrii) l'ola«"«Mi. iiiii-icji,! ilire •- lor Ol" lUv Chii-atrii C M U '. Oppia (<iiii|iaii.v. S\U' cansiiiirin'ay .V lliri'«' iitilaxcs. • l'<i|ai-<-(i eall> her iiiif*' "oiio in a fhoiisan'il." COFFEYVILLE TO HANDLE MEETING the iiijii >(iio(d Ix^twi-.-n .^.itnrday il.iy •nomine. I.alhrom lieiii'. .OU' r ,:j j .'.lHl |H)lld. anaiuiieii in .Midi ;i li-.- o!-tiii- peace at Willi ;i tini" his Succes.-<i)r-to The tola Driily R ^i ^-ster. The I<jla Daily RTccord. and \nU I«i>ly Inrt.'X. SIX PAGES "Would RatheriBe in Penitentiary Than About the Way I Have Done," ThiefITells Ed Dunfee. Tiunking iir "I would rather be serving time in the penitenti jry than thinking about the way I have done." Carl Prenticd;'alleged fur thief, told Under-sheriff Ed Dunfee Me ycsterdiy, when Prentjce -met Dunfee at a pre-arranged place to surrender. Prentire l.elit .\llen coiin'y more'.' SENATORAPT 'Colonel House* LAW MAKING I'rc'iiii.iiaiy headins of tlie case than a year n^o by jumping a JT.">f> bond. Dunfeti declared today that Prentice, who had an exicllent reputation prior to his arr«st. wasJ advised to leave town by a person .who should never have given him alV some time that ad\-ice. night and .Moa- "i jhaven"! ha.l a; Kood niRht's sleep jsince I left h<lre." ['ri-ntii-e lis ciiilr and is remarked, "and I am <erlainlv glad l-;itlirom was to <oine hack." , r I.amers jus- ' l)„nfeo declared that Prentice oMit last night, |,;„i j„s, about L'o .pounds since )ond was fi.xed. leuviuB lola. "lie ha- worried him- •w;.s -ct for V> ij iii'irniiiK. i.'icai offic'TS w • fir-t niidcr Iiie tl CLE GROWS MORE self awa.v. ai|d his conscience has lor liaviuK." .Saturday I heen hurtinK' him • Dunfee r«>niaikei|. )rkwl from the; Several da.t"^ aRo Kunlen Rot in ' Kiiich with Pienticc. liiroucli mla- Mrs. Snyder and leory t.'i, cn-ne was the; wofk of some on.'/ tives.and advised hini that the lust i w^. ,! ac,|,uuntcd w rh th.- interior , „,i, ,„ ,,„ „..,„,,, ,„. ,^ ,,.,„r„ a,„j ; |or th.. hish s.h .M .M buildinc .aa,ifaoe ,„„..ic. t'..,!. irom l!ie woodwork «epart-.|. fVcntice agreed and , vesterdav; 111 !it Were used in the job. ' Have Decided They Did Not Kill Snyder;!Mrs. Gray[ Does Not Believe It. Man and Woman from That C jty Will Speak C of C. Luncheon. '] 'I 'HO roft'y\il'l- fioosl'-i; iidijii-.-s llii- iie-l ilii; lit th (liainlicr iil <''Jiiiiii'i i e-a' iii*iii| Illl^n(lW^;ll I I M- K 'I 'icy Jioli-I. ( I J.I1 -.'y. -<ri • ^11 y. .Illllnlilii . il day. .Ml-- Vt.da i;>'t •« Id <•..!,. y e.\ii nd to thi- iiicmli'r> of will I'da ('hamlicr an invit.iiinn u lend the Fal-Da-Kul cehl nr loil Shatishai. .Mar. iAPl—Kiriiii; th"ir rifles in the air and yi IliiiK \rildl>. a moil of 2.<>iu> Ciiiiie-.e tHKips Irom the rahhi.iof ili- di-- •fealid .\orth(.-i n ^ army j -iishi -d liiin iJiitish iiirdoii gitardiiiK the .Northern area of lii" 'internallonal ... Ttleiiieiit hi re ni 1 ;::o o'clo, k t!i;> ' .illernoon. ' .\ lew More sill I did; ill ire.ik- JiiK Itiroiigh ill the wi.aMi h.ld ;il!eyw'a >s. hilt tlicy .ve;.- ipii-k'h , louiided' up. diHaiiii'd and luiti'd hat k lni.<>. ('hini •^e. t<ri itoi y Tic • inaiii body of the Invader- w; vtopjicil bv tli> triitisli troop- Aiih •'II' jfiriim No nrlli .di 'ia-nalile \\ •n! rejiorted. . ' •' Tlie attempt to liiv,rJ"Mi.' s. tllc iii 'iij' folKrAe,! .a (la.v jid ini-rmlt . ;-iii::ririnc between the .N'or'iiei n-held there ,\prir L'l;. • rs and Cantoiiese Kuerrilhis i:i th-' also, will Invite ih .-m lo native Chilpei district. siirini; meelin;; of .<oiithca-t H .\ft< r a d"> V'f'^'"' Ji'i'-'i' '"''•'" ii 'I'l ill (•off..y\| 'd uiK.-eitaintyl fidlowiiii; t.'ie .n- Ih'l final day of ih< (•••relna'iii trance iiijo SliaiiKhai of Ih- .\a- H Krietcr. uiana^-er of tiofialist army> vanKuaid. strikers ''haliilier of Coninierce at Cof atrd SliaiUiiURese were' sacklnj; the Chin" si 'ctjiim -of the city today jnd .! fdsii ci le-ror. [ir-vai!'_Hj. Many bodies lay in the streets. .K:ni>sas. . In the ("iiilpci native district score- ' .\' 'h" "^•of houses were, buriied •J:irins .fi(;htinj; between .Vortliern soldiers and Cantonese BUerrilla.s soon after the Southerners marched into the Chiiiise sevtioii. Canned 'ly a hi;;ii. wind, the fires IciriuMi I iiniliecked. Tliere was! no effort to-' put th.'in u:tt. since! all authority in tlje native ciiy had ir'lapsed. Ilfii'e hriaades from the iiueriiatipiial; settlement w.'re lyi- ^rate «hal wa- a v.'ir- l'|-oni.' . * jiossihlc to '•s;jn:al,- th" |hin<-se kilU'd or woii;i,:- owinK s, iiiil it wa.s certain iinoi ciii CJiine-e were the savage civil ion- Elks Present Work, for The Pittsburg .Lodge vilie, will h., the second .-^jieijker and will tell w'haf, is to take j.jac :i>iiir.' lnec'in^ of .South'- ;,.t tl. CITS will ports wil! I '-(ff'-yv-iil'- iii'>'-i iiiK. li'-ii -|,i -fd ;^id annual met Dunfee. Pniitii i-'s father I-utliei* Prentice, is now in jail on i a liqiior charRe. : ' Prentice is the father of thre.-j childreji. the, yoiiiiK'-t a two-w.eks; old baby. It Si V '-ral caiload-| of I'lla Klks ih 'iv I'l l'iii-tiiir«.| Kan . last nieht 111 :i'i'nd an initia.ii'-n of .'ii;- can- •'lid.if - sni.i i!.e • Piitshiiri; lodce. Til'. :'.!!;.:ii iiiiMiiCion was londiicl- '•'1 liv a 'aiii troiii llie lola LodU'' i -i 'ii'i-i iim of .lack (iiiffln. Frank .M'(;iii|iv. Ilow,ird .Miller, Hoy Ci>. l.'-o Ci-h. Koy .Mclloii.ild. SV II. Kin;;. .M'Iviii Kronk and AiiKelo Scot-, The iniii.ilioii W'lit off In tiio' '.iipi- and all "f tin- lola visitor-i wl.o W'-ni wer'' 'titir'-fiined iii uo'id -tyle by the Piitslnir'.; Klk^ .\moni; | r .i |i'-v viil'(. Kui-. Mu" i;.' thos" who ivent down in addition j .p.^^. vi<;':ii, "I i:i- .i-^ault fi, '11'- first il,-i;r'-" ream W'r'' Andy • . . . ii .,10 i....,d. K.iierM.n l,ynn. Koswell i « 1'" p;.'' •c:'ated ik- ,..c,..l i .i>.\.'i ihrnii. V<'iii'' .Nortlirii|i.i Cene ll:!rri -i <n. Albert li.innnm, Clen 'ii'^l St" 1". Pt'rnird Kla iifiy. Wallac- l!al's. Kraiici-: Sto k.-r. William l"i, 1 i", 1: iin'-'' I iviiiL'.-"«iii. <•"! Cinviin. K'-tli-rlin and Paul K 'T'l. i • • • , ' . will lola lii- V lit to : COFFEYVILLE IS TAKING ACTION Men WhoXtlackcd (iirls Will Be Sought—May Offer Reward. .New York. .Mar. 22. .Mrs. Uiith ijnyder and .Inilil Cray, who sipm f<-hsions that lliey liai dered .Mrs. Sny^lers ar husband.. Albert .Siiyd love and iiisuraiice plot ed not Kiiilty ill .lamat i-trate's court tmlay an held without bail for th jiir>. tliey . rejnidiati coiif»*ssions. OraliCe. -N'. -J. Mar Suiiport from a li>yal wll dav 'o Henry -liidd i!ra.\j co'ineition wjth Ih" kill Gray lAPi- Henry i-on- niiir- editor r; in a plead-. I maK- d were Kratid their berf Snyder. .Mr:. iHahella Cray. th< ; idd brunetle to Cray for \|., h:-- alli-K-d I • hill : onlinii'- , her hiisliynd': Kri'ljiy iiiKht were following a "I can't bilii'.'Ve it all': believe it unril: I hear il iin- ill • :i: th'- h^ishand'.s pw magiizine ;J who has be| 2 year-, w; illfe .-i ^ion e; ll) profess Inilocellie. I'L'. (APi tame to- held 111 la 01 Al- rt editor. j;t-year- j f,,^,^ n a wile old (if h • Hps." ."he slill keep in>i faith in hitii." Two Syracuse Mejn Are Held in Muri 'St r)f fire- mad.'. 1" aide l <i f"-u italile War . I; .vas imt iiumbi'r <if ( c'l or the plrop.-rty da"ina;:' t 'l the cha <i tli-il Mialiy VI. Mm- 111 flict. . Th- r.- wa teina' ioiial Iii'lii'ed by s l.arK- can;; n<nv bari).'<l 11 inforciir.:' Ki'-ii. h araic fioiii ll-'ni'til The ('..III. •- I'oss.'Sh .,;i..ii of th.-i|n 1. '-11.- .Tli-y liiii •- a'! I w I'. ii"niiii':iH'.; .!!!:. 'rl - S.-..-ni ho«ei .'r. ^< . 11, r 111 III'^'l'•<: .•rd.i.\'. t H , I \' ' 11 ' '1 K III.- Ittiluli •liairi'M- an. t '-.i -ir iM.ioii. ,ini;d the; Sii latoi ' The ;;i;ti>'r ;i ini:. iiii'l IJ .'d in.; iiid'ler i -:i a railway i.nler.'il hiln • 1 e •.! I..- H SI th;- northwe.-^t iliteiiil (he C.W. ARMOUR ISDEADINK.C. Vil-ePresident of Pac;k|ng Concern Succumbs a I ''. Home Today. tnrb.nice he! resting well today slinht rerai ».i> yesterday. Six whites aii'l ifour n''!;ro''S Ill-' 11 arri --!>d '111 chari;'s of p.irtiiipatini.' in tin- ni'ihs .uid •••Kht (itlier warrants iiav.- (1. eii is- sii.'d- One whit.' and two iieRroes Fight ifeld Sunday: awaU trial m jall and th- "tl"'-'* f ,i „s affernoon that, he ha /J ordered , , 1 -''t liberty on »s...) bomi each. | ,„„ Syracuse men detailed and I.. P.. Skiiiii-r btid Ceor(;e Cir|>- 1 shiveriiiij i:i .1 w in.low I.-is room ; that possibly ii iliird woiil py. charKPil wttii fiisturbiliK th'-. at the city li.ili b.ittero.l up by-the j in connecticmi with the |..ace in 'onncctilni wit.'i a fist | i,,oh last' Friday nich'. tlw lity j Albert Snyder in Qiieen.-^ offii ials tivik first -^leps i.iday to ; early .Sunday! morniiiK. pr.iviil" for a .il.'ecrive to investi-I The men held are: Had icate the i-rinp- which so far has insurance agtint with win Two Fined in Fist Syracuse. '.N'. \i Marcli -Chief of Police (adin i ficli' Sunday evnninc. were fined and cost.s by'Pblico .Iiidtie ^>l- wanis last Bie;li,t.*»'Skinner was re- j .-ase.l on t!i.> ip.jvjm-m of J.'. on : baffle.1 l» talinl ill.'; that he must I'.iv rl,,' r. mai jti.-rj o'f th<- fini- if 1'.' .ii,l':' 1^-. li liiwj^y :r .);n an lola lioiii,-. Ciii.pvi : wa]s !rei.-a.seil on liayiii. n; -of '".".o iiith-tlie under- st.'n.iil'.i; !!::it in K^iii.^a-! I'itv. .Mi.iili L'L'. ('APi <'l:;ul,-.~ W .\;!ii.iiir. VK-.-pre-^i .iTi'l 'iiri'iiir ..if ,\rin<Mir A: 'raii'inilily liii th" in- -itl.MiiiMit. vxhiiii wa> roiig Kiiards of troops, ol vx.irkinen er.'.t.d wirii .iitanul. iiH^iii l.| .1. fciis.">s, about tli^- '•ni'-iii.' will, il Ii •-.(.- t Ml- iiii .Tiiai ij>ii.. I t - i;.,i»t' I r.ioi'- ar. '.. r'. in,;. .\ l.iiK'' in'ipor ,<!•• ii'ty ; 111 ith-r .11.- r.iKK.'d an.I dii' >. ih'^ I '.t and lii.e- iii-'kii'' .V ;;r.>'iii i.y. Ill 11 .-•ilmii .l .'iil, • ' I omii.'ir.itU<'U 'l.ti' {jii ^-lali nillil ,,rri t;,).- t '.1 lltof.'!.--', ' (i.-li.|i»il."! -flalH I'hii: .-.i-hi ni );iiar.Nl al on. MMih' Ih'- li. .'is "11 Ii'il'lin:; lli .in ;.li,ri ill-.- 'if Clliniv-e r-|p. I- pa'-k'-|-.-. '!;••'! a' lii-; In .|:iy H.: few U'-'-ks ai;f. Mr. Arniotii h... .\rm'..lir ini.'ie-t- -ill." fjl.-j I'll: i\ii klan.l I; .\i y.,:ir- :.i:.' i I. •^'111 I'lii:!'. .\ ^• yiijiii; ii::iii 1 .-.ui,- IM w lib hi> f.itii.r. .\ W hei-.-l 1.1- il.'nc. b'-for" remainder of his f i;-t liinee resi- liitht or pay "the n.v lent i".i '» -11 ill 1; :i f ii'i II il' ail of m • o! , III- '.'-.It iiiol'- Ilia' A- |in VM 'fH h... I; I packil.i.' le'l-i jli 111'' 1 l .i ..i >r<i .\ Vo . I,.. ], ;,| '!., till- .I,mi.'hi. r '• ii..iiiiita.'ttji iii(: :ii,.| I l ,"rr. Ill .\! , 11. . 1 W 1 1' •! i \rMi"iii'. I" I' III,III! I .-tr'ik'.' IS siill -pri-.i 'l- intimidalj 'iii is tirow- \ I'.iily 'if ni'-n vi -it- fdreHi.m's lioiiH' atnl It [dstol jpoint t .i pro- .'t >m railwav in listri/it and SUIXT- eni.ival df th'- rails 7 "he hoatswjain of a P.rilish -hip ri 'ceivc'l a note directinc Irni to !'!->ort 'It labor ,headqiiarter.s to- ni.sht to be tliopKcd be<a;ise h-^ permitted v.-hart hands to Iscriiii t;he iC"n '»iiuedj on I'as'- }"Cii]. I'l ii .'ilif • ;.li'l lie :i -II, IK .- ..f II..- I. 111. . '-v'-j-ii I' - . II. '1. ;,;'il eti.ii f V ' 11 .-.I-..- I II.- • •. |i',, ; ii:.-!:l>,Mr. 1 li.i.'i; ill '|tiii • d 1 'iii-l' lib piop'i'> In K.'ii-a'^ I'liv. .•!,il i.-il c^i'it.- il.v.l.ipn li,ivinK 11. .-n si|iiii.| on hi'-i tr; .i| Vili ' 111;:- • I iiii"iit:li 11' ,ii .i .-ji 111 In' .\ r lli.f\ I .e :r. Kui'.fv vfl iii.i:V-,! I,, jiii .1.1,11 i ,i \i|iiiii| li the "ity I 'T. a •|'y 11111 11II Two Specialists in Farm Meetings Here Tu.i s[i.-ci..lis;jfroni 'le' -'ate .,i.-: •'•Ill'::: a) .•.ill'-c^ '" have ';:' 'if W'.ni.n -i F:u ni I!iir.';iu ic. I 'il,.;- Ill lola tljis w..k. Mi--^ M;iry .\ \Vori y-i.-ij. <i.i;:,ini; spe- (Ciii-i. iij,.-;!' .1 a iiii 'i 'tr::- '"•"' '"- Miir •.nil 111.' irt- iir- 'i.iv rtiCi K:irin P. Cul 'ir IT! r. larii.ii i.. iiii; ^-tiiil!. .1. Tin- ii.K! :ilMI. Ihiiiiii:h toil Frhhiy :i niii-ic |iri.;;raiii I. :i.|cr^h!p of W Pf':ir M,ilihaif:iii ir.-.Hi Ica'liTs. I clotliifVp is be- I • tiiic w i;i con- i >'rr.iw. I .feat j.. Th" county; . .iinmis-^ioiH-rs will be aske.l to off.-r a reward for j the arr'--t and c.|nviction of the I three n.-gro'S. Tlie city ha- n-) , atithorjty to offer! a reward, but •he amount jirobably will h" aiic- ; ni'-nte'l by i>riva!.' subscription-.' Til.; deieitiv.- will be jiaid ;t salary. !\lil!tary nib . in for'-.' In re siiy.' Ml'- i:nial outbreak Friday nicjif. "iii continu'' tonicht and th.-'ll" , o'f 111.k lb.sine onler will r. ni:f!in in efi'.ct. it wa- liecide.l ;it ;i on f.-reiii 1- of th" civil and military aiirliori'i"s ihi^ afternoon. The town tiiiiet.last niRtit and niill'Hiy ;.iid civil (tfficers confiib-ntly look forward to an- -Jiidil^ (Jray lunched on noon, and spent Sunday planing. ffenry Platz. an insu jir.ior. Two detectives from .\ city are expected here to] the men this iaf'ernoon 'Legislature Tinkering Instead of Constructive," lola Senator Tells the Current Topics Club. ——— )• • "It was a tinkerihf; Ii :-Kislature rather ihan a constructive one.' said .Senatfir Frederick 0. Apt last iiighc in openiDK his udilres.s before the Current Topics; Club on the .subject of the proceptlinKs of the law tnakiir,; body ,at "t 'opeka which ha.s just concluded its! session. "It di'I not enact any new', measures of far reachinj; importaiice or great constructive state.sniai<ship. but put j in nio.-it of it.-j time either; repealing ' or patching up old ilaws." The! i Senator then prmieed.d' \'> pass in • ! reviiivv the actions of; the legisla- jlure Willi h he coiisiilereil the most j iIlfer<^stiIlg and inifidrtiuit .speakiii:; : suhstantially as folloviis: j j .VnsweriiiK first-the! iialiirtil in-| ii|uiry why th': leKi-^lar,ur" had not ^submitted an ameuilnielit to ;..'>• vide for a State -.v.-^teiu of h;>;h- ways. the Sentitor sail it wa-s pri' niarily because the m; jorily of the ! members of the liou.-^.;[liv-nl \v .-?;i of fWichita ifher- e\[.eiisjve ro;i'is;are 'not neeile.l anil tii'-yW'-re th'':r'-- < tore opiios.-'l to any I'-ui.-htlion l -which woiilrl <i:ier flj.- p'.ssibiii.'y 'ot .comiieliitii; them lli biiil.l -'jch roads; Ifepr .si 'iilativ .ls from tla--" loiintiis ar.- iv-H.'^atisic .1 •Villi conditinns a.-. ili.|y M.IA e.x:-i. lie i -;i>',| <>.).• i.iiini;- 'Ahi'',i. uii'l'r the i>r .-i '-iit law. p:i>> ->l."iii' :' y .-;tr in .11110 lie.-US'- ..-11.1 a- f:i.\ ill!.. !l|, .State road fun.I. an I i !i <<-iv .-s irnlii other counties f.'i .-i.n'.'u h. y.;.r.' Th-speaker ulluiled lo thi- ia:i..ii, ef mad.' t'fi Irani'- leKislHtlon and expn-slied ih> LIT1[LEH0PEi IS SEEN FOR Intimations Are That U, S. H^s Failed in Try For Commercial Treaty With Mexico. : Vi'ashiiiBton. .Mar. '22. (AP) • Miixicah .-\mbassadpr Tellisz ' conferred with President Coolidge ai d Secretary Kellogg at the Coilidge residence on Du' Pont c rclp night, and today he said he - entertained nolhinri hut the optimistic Wiews of, future relations letween , the United States 4nd ."Me.xico. finiuggling treaty, he ; 1 not fulfille.) the es- The said, ha .Mrs. O. O. Ilaiumnnd^ has heofi citlled 1li«> ColonPl H ODSP 01 Oklahoma lMM-au >ip she Is secrptJirj' and a(l<i>pr tn (inv. prnor Henrj .S. Jnhiistiin. The ipsrNlatnrp recently demanded her dSiniv-al. cii.-trsiiiif she took too much np«n her "•hi/ulder>% luit. the iroverjior paid no itMpntioii.- lOLA RETAILERS HAVE ORGANIZED pectations of those who had: _ drafted t. He ex iressed confidence that; n-ith the cooperation and good i will whi;h lie expected to meet • in the state department a fr^iendly solutioii of pending m'-atters between the two countries coi Id Ire worked out. Ainba: sailor" Teilez asserted he had received no' frorn his government to propose' an amendment to the-Mexican • oil and land laws to make them comoriu to the American viewpoiilt. In the natural course of developments, he said, the .Mexicaii government and congress ntighl find amendments Thirty Firms Connected! With Organization i In This City. to till- di.l not change : .M<-n'! , . , . ,ioii that the law final v "ua-t".|. ., ... , >•'"'•''?• I summary of which wlas publish, d .'""^ '"•"'<•' '"tin the K^Ki.ster yesterilay, was the best thai could haye liee„ oblainwl | J',;'/' from this legislature ;<nd Ls a very considerable iniprovenient upon the present statute. Cnddr the provi- ! Wash in ; iiiiim.-itioii fip.-raiinv >]iibi\y for lb" last 'f"'*'" f'liir months th" lola Ketail Credit | "' A -iso. I.ition blossoms forth!"'"' ^^''^ with the information that i'" the cirganiiTation • ment tlui ^ton, .Mar. 22. CAP)— An that fh" l-nited SUtes. uiiHii .c-. :-:sfiiI in efforUi. ile a comtiierrial treaty 0 wa.s i:ontaincd today-, department announce- th"^ smuggling conven- I won't from my said. "1 lion between the two .nations :rnd has a fil.- containing nior" than :'..IMIO' nanus with er'.Iit ratings. ; . .M'-mb'-rsliip In th" a'^'^ociation is -ions of this law. it will be "man- 'I'l'iitiiiiic'l on Page!.",. fJol. It hnouticcd 1 be h.-ld iirder Village Teacher Has Joke On Himself 10 hanks, profssional men i jii.jjj,.,, and all lin'.-s of retail business. ' ' iMembership < b.- obtained .'hy calling the secretary, phone S2Tr. ^ .;,.rved on At pres.-nt the asso.-iation haj; a; ia .st nighli membership- of :;ii I.da business! (,3^.;^. j,^ ::ii lola hiisines.- concerns. with a central! bureau i where credit information <-an he; obtained. Th<- orraiilzation is af-" filiaterl with all otii'r ass .i .iatiiins. Ion (;ray.' m Henry- Saturday 4nce ad- iv York (uestion UNIVERSITYBMD TO PLAY IN lOLA oili.-r iiiiev.-iilful night tonight. Reward Offered in a nui-ic j.,M.| r lealioa; CoffcVVille I) C a 1 will be -'ijijle.! i/T tfle ' -M ,ir 'iii ol (lib.son Is Requested To Enlist More Men in liie l.i^l few vc, .\t oil" t -.-V- Ilts ct,- ;ne Ilie .Mr .\iiji'eir w ';i» lu.-sj.l'iti: of str.'it <-. r operating cunpany Ii< i' I - • Nate Sinclair F'incd .S25in Police Coiirl .\':i;,- S HK :a:r. arr'-siVil hy 1 [Milii" .^iiu -'l .-iy i :i::in nii a i -li-i i.f ;i :'i'\i --aMiili w:!-: rill'-'l >2'> : costs wl 'ii h'- eni '':-'-il a';riea g.U.ilty b,:fi'!;-.-, Pi .iji'e .liid;."'.' wards \cs!"r.i :M'. Samro's Petition in <• I'l". .\ I-: <;ib-o »ii' !• i| 111 I'lruit \ III •!•" iii'^ii for Tr.d ..Cry. ;' was learni Uiiiiii:ii Cibson salilj It. 1: Ixlieved th.i .I't .-iMii' lo Strength for p""^-ible servici i;' iiirih"-r tr.uible I:i'li l»-,iii|.^M..-. K.:iMS.'. Mar. 22. i.M'i '1'.)" bi^.inl of loiinty i-oiii Illissi.'ll'-r-: of MontK'iIliei-y couiny I lli. aff'i noon off'-r.-d a rewanl 'if J VKi fi'T 111" an— -It ami convl'tion iif III' i.jri:e, guilty of th" attack on 111'- 'wo Coif'yvili" high sch'iol girls la-l Thurs.lav night It wa-; :iUo 1 :>iirted fr-im the office of Conn y .'.I'orn.-y C. W .Mltjcliell. lliat ii.ilional gu:irdsm'ii nothini: about. ^j„„i,| ,..,„ain on duty in Cofl. y• this is in an vil!.- until li..- adjutant B.-ner:il jen th." troopr ,.„„|,i iji^jj,. a thorough invi-stjga- ti.iii of . oiidjtion.s there. Two Concierts Are (Jiven in lola, i 6 and 8. ( i ' Su|w-riiitiin<|ent; '('horon noiinced ti.fla'y that arra h,ive tiei-n >n:ide for the lola i>iib lii-^ I'l liiMri; iho Kansas university' . oiii-eri haiiil in tlm near a nominal nxpelise. Thi.-i band in. planning about a week! through thi and lola in on the itinerarv twici We.lnesday.. April' 'l. - It an afieriK.on. concert ! hlis b'eti r-- ; tin! or twelve • p A. ih < av- : d lo.iav. Al- in Cott.yvilli eV.-hips. dents and Friday. April return i.i give an ev»n^ng conceit in the iiiph s.-hool auditorium to which tlie ipublic will ed. f\dmiFsiflii at thisl alice will be L'.'ic. • Th» rnlver$ity band, u ider th <j direction of .\. C. McCanIe..«. and to Be pril :in aii- igcmi-nis tlturo at .\. .M. Thnnmian. snperintend- eiit of ••rh(MiK. lias :iliiin>(_ de- (-ideil that ' he is an absent niinde<l prniesxor, I.jixt niirht Siiperinteiidrnt Tfiiirnnian dn'ne up to the Kelley Hotel lo atlend the Cnrrent Topics rlnb nieetlnir. He was railed ir«>in the nieethur to t:" np to the sherilTs tiiiire in ronnertion nith Ihe looting «i (he high x'litiol safe. yir. Thnroinan •nulked np lo llie ronrt house and later walked home. This morning his ear wasn't in Ihe rnsloniary place in the ganure. so he notii'ied ' (he local anthorltles. .11 ntMin he uent (» Ihe; Kelley for dinner anil s |H )(teil his car as he «as t :<»Iiisr n. Then eterjthing danned <> i Thoro- inau and he hail' » iri od laugh at his linn e\|»en<.e.| •• THE WEATHER Chinese Pirates Hurt One in Ship Seizing treaty or .Mexico, commerce criminatioln." tho the Wash|ingfon not deem I might in I ! bind tlie Ij .... _ llonckong. .March -1'. f.\P»—One ! tion for eaforcenient'of laws of de' foreittn pass.-nger was reporteil in-; Grees rels by [lirates who ••' • "'- Indo^Chiiri .Vavigafion st.-.-iniship Hopsang and loote.l the \'--sel night. ffi!ic'-rs of the Hoysang. which .(mbargo. arriv'-tl lieie toilav from Swatow.! .'ile.xico. -aid that the iilnites overpowered the rrew. r'ibbed the vessel and •.v"!it a.>;hore in P .iss hay. the haunt (if iiiratV.s ;( fi-iv miles up the coast from: llonakoiiK. BIRGER'S HOME SCENEOFW Five Men Attempt to Burn Home; Arc .Met With C;uh Fire. law ^.ivi^abl". but he ff.resee any immediate {in jirosp.-ct. •wou'd be ferinina'ed on .March 28. Th" d-jiairiment. in whoso hamls .ha: rested the long stand-- iiig aii.d delicate situation involv- I ing Amerjican property rights In su.*d a formal statement ' exiihiining that- notice of terminaiii^n of the treaty had been the Mexican goveniment by the American em- ilexico City. In the 4 '>!^*-nee of a commercial [ither ;arrangementp with- -lafi-gtiarding American- against 'poB .sible dls- .'(tatenjent said, government did it advi.sablo -to contiiine the smuggling convention "wlrich certain contingencies I'nited States to coofiera- fing to the importation seizeil r)i commfjditie.s of all sorts- into cotiipany's ' inolher country." The sm iggling convention has a ijirei-; beiring "on" the American in arms shipments Into Oder the conrention, (jven if t le embargo were lifted, the I'niifd States would be re- fjuired to notify Mexico of impencl- ihg shipnient ~ from the United- States of modities prescribed ^om importation undej- .Mexica-n law. Whether the recent secret corr respnnden il irin of: KANS.tS Jlniidy (onight l section i Wednesday: colder IVeilneA. . ... . . nor(h«est piiriioii to. iji-ill Ifor ,, day and in KM. A .\M» grade and Jutiior high scjiool siu-''""f'-'''' colder Wednesday. Temiierat.rtre . High." i.'!. at p. 111.: lowest :{0 at t a. m.;- normal Uednesda;: Relesting of Herds Is Bootlegger Is Found Completed, jSays (iwin III I.-ling of 'i: g.- n.l 'if •:d- " r I'll <-.iuiiI> was cDii 'lay. Uiiy (Iw :n. . ..i ii.iiin.-.rd. Fifty-fiv.j tc-iS'^d wirii s'-v:nt'-i'i •^••ver. diffi-r'-n! Ij :!biii:t till- aV '-rag« Cwin. Libel Case Faulty, Juage Declares - Detroit. Micl 1lie plaintiff: iclj. "S decia Saj)iro ".s -Sl.Oui Henry Ford \'aLs pronounced-faulty: .\fte,r Judge Kaymond's p: and in need of severa:! amendihents ! noilnceinenl Win. Hepry t.allagler, Sapiros .founsel'tiid they prob-! each -V Ford coupe is beinz held' March 22. (.\Pi—! makes '.".6 '.i paragraph*^. ratioii in -A.aron ' The first count was being la up when Ford's ciuin.=er i.OOii libel suit against a-llegation of insutliciency. todav bv FedL-ral-. Judge Fr.=-d .M.: Sapiri.s coun-'l. protested i\ , „ r.; • . I, .il 11: 1 ,1 it was-a late dav for the d-fen.-v Raymond of ntand. Ilapids- -Muh. j .^^^^^^^ ••The decla ation as it .stands is -no I understand counsel to insuflicient it inany of its allega-! tend to say that he thinks the d lions." jfaid t It" ju<lge. '\ suggest ' lararions shoul.i stan-i withitmt . 1.) coun-fel th;il before the case can amendment?" a.-ked the court, go to tlje juiy it need.« to be "Dh. nii. no. no." replied Gal iitneiidei in-ieveral particulars io : gh<!r. '.'it will be auiended." clarify Ijhe is-lies so that the trial' ••Of cours.- that is up to the \ ciiTj lining aljoui an eiiuitabb- re- i-reiion of counsel and i ei taiiily! izinj; farmers' co-o| •>ult.'": • ; "<"i"'' tlie court;- replied the Judte. I <.-ies. alleged that hJ The dieclaritlou consists of 21 j f[e added that the-amcndniejiU i ^)v anti-Jewish ariii ounu IJicIudliig l-d jmintH and|could be'made at any time but urged t!:at as iiossible. The lirsti gallons of tl- the ZK) unde it will .„ .......... >--^l"r'i;iy 1 .1 ' liiglit le invit- '*'' *" ' ''• "' •' "" f'lr toilay lerfnrm'" ''^• 'I'-ficieucv Vesler'lav II: ex- .(.ri.rm- ^.^^^ January 1st. rui' degrees: this dato last year-highest f>S: lowest 4';. composed of fiftv p?..ces:& one of! nr '-Hpitalion for the 21 hours tho real musical organi^tions of ' ni.-today, .m.: total the state. Apy concert which it Cuilty at Humboldt R '^CS shouUI <;otnmand a larg" at- ^ i tendance. i ! , - , - ,- .-N -, . - — I I K'-Li'iv" humidity at^-l:; noon r^ ' 4 ' : 4 ~^ • ' J jVi -si.-rdav. (iC, per cent; 7 a m. t 'l- Cases A re; Assigned^ , r ,|,.,y. srperceni: baiom.t .r r.- Iri 'District Couri i"> '^''=' i"^"'- ""'•-''.•inch.--. |_ ' ^: Sun rises 6:1':; a. ni.; sets 6::{.". " p. m. • «• 'his yea rto date. l.*;s: d.-ff- c'.-iicy since January l--t. !ll in'h- Harry |{:i!iiiaharger. allec< d vio lii'i.N in .Al- lator '>f the' prohibitory li'iimr p!cl..| yster-' 1;,^^- .nl,-; foun.l guilty of th.- sab- iht.y agent, an- ' of into.\i<:ating linuols on two m - rds were 1 , .,^:nn^ hv j,,ry in Justice imuT n. reactors in'Humboldt this morrjing. rds. Thi.s is j|„. given to the jury, according to • ^-ijich was out all night, at 'o'<-!oik lasi night. Sentence will —- • ; he pron.i'unced on Rannaharg'T at f, o'cloi-k tonicht Case .-i were:being assigned ii i diiJlrict court'-today by : Distrif i Judge Frank R. Forrest afid mem, \ hers of the bar. District court ' wjll open a week.from .M( nday. Ila: ri-l.urg. Ill, Mar. 22. fAP) — Fiv". iiii-ii aii.-niiited e;trty ti ^Klay to hiirii 'lie honi" h«?re of '.'harlea Hiri;. r. gun;; leader, but were f'.r' .•') I" r<tr>-at when met by rer v.ilv. I aii'l m.'ichiiie gun fire. About liiiriv --hols wi-re exchanged but no. oil" wai wounded. IJIrger said th'- ni'-n were from Frriiiklin <DUiity aii'l wen- known t..i him. IJirger w.-is in th.- hoise with his wife.- two daiiirht'-r- aiid 'wo friends about I o'lock C'ljs ins. when fiv.' men drov<- up in a motor i-.Tr and stoppe-l ii half bloc!, a'vay. Four of them, fiircer '-i:i;d. . r'lit up close and carri'.'d a;.- c,-iti of gasoline. t-i" men were pouring gasoline ;i|oni til" "asf side of the hi:ii-^". liirger rip. ii..-d fire, emptying i .M) revidvers and then turning a ii;."hine 'gun f«n the intruders. Tli '-en ran to tiie <;ir and drove With till books. tli4 raise till nioni'-nt- '.vas no in par'ment that the for the !p The t.rn general Vr mere" wir Such trea might ha\| over Ame by Mexicajn oil tion. An effo Koads and Wealher Klsenhere. Cloudy except .Salina. partly away ra:.idly with th" man ''vhoi nj^rci-il n- had remained at the wheel. The: faVv Colbv fi.''fn man foiin.l hi.-; -A-ay to a ' ' cloudy. Pittsburg dear: roada ai-e.tauranf downtown, where h^Jnm^ll,^^^^^^^^^^ Two lola Men Held On Liquor Charges tii.-y be count .(-(J ibel and r. discuss :nended decla- j in the case, iditor nt. assumed! ably w.iiibl Ilil" an ration tomorrow-. W. J. Ca^ie'rqn. Dearborn IniiepenJ fiiM r.-sponsibillty ||ot everything; publish.'d ill the we it devolved | upon |la- iitanufacturer. VSapiro. Chicago is- Ibecame w-idely kno h«| the Independent.. :iiade Kicliar.i Kohler and » Cii.iil.'-- ' Wilson of Io!a were arrested ye-' ' terday by, county officers for pos- a-s soon ^ <es^if,n ;,i„i transportation of li- 1 qunr. They were arraigne.l ves- (itains 1!" alle-l terday aiid preliminary trial was it was one of • set for Thursday morning. Thev bn. ' Hamilton Gets Tw€ Years, Is Rdeased .Maxwell Halnilton. char;.d with:, child desertioii. entered a plea of J guilty in district court to lay. He' was .^entencetJ to two yea s in the state penitentiary by Distr ct Judge Frank R. Forrest, but Was released on proljatlon. I rough, excej.f Hiitchinh-on. Ottawa : mou'-d t'air: Salina-. Wichita. Topeka. ' Frankli;-. good: Pirt.-burg. soft. l",-'ri:..<]. tavi and w.i .s driven to ed a part n the negotiations which , resulted ill the signing of twa -cn.y. sai.i h=- .M'-xican-A nerican ylaims conven- 'Cnntinijed on Page fi. Col. 3) arms or any othe.r com- e with Mexico involred a renewed American effort to negotiate a commercial treaty with that coun ry tn [irotect Amerlcan- owneii property, has not been dls- I cJosed. Atibassarior Teilez has not 'visited th - state department since his hiirrird trip to Mexico City to I consult P; esiden't fr ^Hes. Ho sent comtnii licafion to the depart- rialnnlay however, and tiie state -department; last night notified t lo. .Mexican foreign of- llco that the smuirgling convention wnul 1 ^•<•••l•"• tn bo effectlyw' so far as he I'niled StafCH Is concerned .Ml rcii wliet{ IIH Original one y<ar fi-rm expires. i |e convention Washington off the • government woiJld b<- iri ti position to mbargo on arms at any It so desired. Ther» nidation at the 'state de-' early today however, nbargo would be raised esenf at least, ted Hfate.s^ has had no •aty of amity and com-^ ^ .Mexico since , 1882. ies. it has been argued e obviated the tangle' lean right.t as affected and land leglsla- t to negotiati? a, comet wa.s- made by Secr»- in irc 'l. It wa.=» renew- ers on V Transport Four Are Dead I were released today on J.^.'iO bond. Allen Sothoron, Card Twirjer, Lose^ Wifej ee and dejiied thjt j motor car St. Loui's. Mar. 22. (APi-^Mrs. o ttrwiL. I , " -^"''^e Sothorcin. a moiieV lender OayS 1 hanks for Aid here, today obtUined a divorce, from °- ! Commander of Troop A Allen Sothoroii. a St. Lou ttnrney. who nj for organ- lerative agen- was damaged es priiited in Capt. Ai E. Gib.son has requested '"al pitcher, ilow in trait ing at the express bis appre- -^^'on Park. F|a. Mrs. £ otb.oron ciationk to B. T. Barber, who inobi- j ^^aid her husband refused to per- lized cars to transpoi:t Troop' A tojinU her to bring her frlen Is into! Coff^yfill^. He also expresses his j their home. They were pi^rried in | appreciation' to U E. Brown. J. B. Kirk. L. D; Hesjter and W. E. Payton for thieir a.ssi.staiice. l')20 and separated last 15. Sothoron did not contjest dive roe. s Cardr {January the San Francisco. .Mari 22. Col. liouis Hash, head of the army transport servj<-e here, today received a railiocratn from Congressman f. F. furry, senior meniber of the-congressional delegation aboard the transport Chateau - Thierry, saying that the peak of the influenza epidemic aljoard the Vessel ha.s passed, the situation controlled and that there i.- no fear of a recurrence. "No member of congress is ill," the dispatch said. : ! : - Wai^hin^ron. .March 22. (AP >-|gerH. but j -hether any of the con:With Its hospital facilities crowd- j gressmen tave been affected has •^•hateau- not. been ijeported to the war department, -rhe others ill are members of the ship's crew and soldiers aboard. The tranjiport is enroute from ed. the army transport Thierry is speeding toward San ; Francisco, hearinc the bodies of : tour soldiers who have succumbed to'disease and wiili fifty eight per-, son.s alKjard sufferinK from influ-i.N'ew Vork to San Franc,isco where enza. In addition eleven cases of [she will ax rive tomorrow- night, mumps have developed. ' j Four army surgeons, extra medl-. The fhateau-Thjerry's passenger list contains the names of thir- te'-n members of lioBgres.-* among I the occupants of the first cab|ns. I Six cases of influenza have occur- tred among the first, class passen- cal corps eiiUsted men. and nnraev aboard the ship a» passengers a»- . sisted in bi Iting the 'ejpidemlc. Tha influenza b oke oat when the aBlp.- waa two diiys ontof Paniun» the west cc ast ot Costa RJca, (. .

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