Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 6, 1963 · Page 16
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 16

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1963
Page 16
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16 mE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1963 Move Over Darling" Is Slick New Comedy Uy BOB THOMAS A I' Movic-TcJevlslon Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) — The new movies— "Move Over, Darling" is one of the best of the current outpouring of slick comedies, proving perhaps that practice makes perfect. This is Hollywood's third go at the fanciful yarn of a wife who returns from five years on a desert island to discover that her husband has just taken himself a bride. The other versions were "My Favorite Wife" — 1940 - with Irene Dune, Cary Grant and Gail Patrick as the troubled triangle, and "Something's Got to WITH Millers' Auto INSURANCE 25,000 LIABILITY 20,000 UNINSURED MOTORIST 1,000 MEDICAL 1,000 DEATH BENEFIT $1AOO 19 6 Mo. •No Male Driver Under 25— Pleasure Use Class 11 No Accident Last Three i Years | Give" with Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin and Cyd Charisse. Only a few weeks' work was filmed before Miss Monroe was fired for tardiness. "Move Over, Darling," with Doris Day, James Garner and Polly Bergen, is another in the line of Doris Day comedies, lovingly coproduced by husband Martin Melcher, and played with such verve that you overlook the essential unreality. Miss Day can bring to each film a professional freshness that conquers fcplings of disbelief. James Garner is ideally suited for this kind of sophisticated farce. His touch is sure. He has the physical aspects for romantic appear and a voice and delivery that can shade a line for the utmost comedic effect. In other words, Garner is destined for a long and moneyed career. He may even become as rich as Cary Grant. The plot is the same as the hilarious 1940 version, with a few modern touches such as a trip through a car wash with the convertible top down. The supporting cast is handpicked for maximum support of the stars. There is Thelma Ritter, who seems indispensible for such outings, plus Fred Clark, Don Knotts, Elliot Reid and rhuck Connors as Doris' island playmate. Edgar Buchanan presides over two of the funniest courtroom scenes in years. K GIVE YOUR CHILD W K A LASTING GIFT S, 1). FOR CHRISTMAS ?' 1 «7 l'»3ive the world book oncyclopediavi $»nd ehildcraff. Dial 244-3934 or$ Kwrile— » IS THIS A MASTODON TOOTH? 4 Science instructors at Mt. Vernon Community College believe this 6 inch-by-1 inch Is the tooth of a mastodon, a huge elephant-like animal which roamed the North American continent millions of years ago. The object, found in a gravel pit near Carmi, was taken to the local college by Mrs. Alfred Smith, 30 7 Jordan, to be identified. Local instructors believe it is a mastodon tooth and is between ten and 15 million years old. They are continuing tests and checks on the object with science staffs at other colleges. The letters seen in the photograph arc being used during the tests for identification purposes. Modern Woman's Huge Handbags BOB JONES P. O. Box 77 Ml. Vernon, III. Call Today w. w. Colvin Office: 81 SB So. 10th 1 Ph. 242-2744 No Membership Fee MILLERS* MUTUAL OP ILLINOIS INSURANCE \i> AUTO • HOMJ BUSINESS Preferred Risk Mutual Insurance Co. AUTO, FIRE, LIFE AND HOSPITAL OKIco 10I2'/ 2 Warren Ave. Dial 242-1289 GEO. H. SHELTON AGENCY Home Phone 242-4258 Your Glasses Cost Less At Conrad Optical Your choice of hundreds of latest style frames with highest quality Kryptok bifocal or single vision lenses at our modern laboratory, allows us to give $Q50 one day service on many prescriptions V Thorough Eye Examination $3.50 New Frames And Repairs While You Wait Hours: 9:00 to 5:S0 Daily — Mon. to 8:30 P.M. DR. R. CONRAD, Optometrist 16th and Monroe, Herrin, Illinois — Wl 2-5500 NOTICE A meeting at Ham's Grove Church will be held Dec. 7, 1963, 7:00 P.M. All persons interested in perpetual care for Ham's Grove Cemetery are urged to be present. HENRY MARLOW, Sec.-Treas. By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) — Among life's little ordeals to men are those portable moving vans women carry today and call handbags. You know what I'm talking about, don't you I mean those huge handbags that look like two fat alligators sewn together lengthways. I mean those huge handbags that take up half the sidewalk as a woman strolls along and which, if they hit a man's kneecap, will snap it like a matchstick. I mean those huge handbags in which the modem woman packs more belongings than the average pioneer mother brought along in a covered wagon to settle the Old West. It's a funny thing about women. When they dress up fancy to go out in the evening, they tote along in their paws sequin- covered bags tiny enough to have been made from the hide of a stunted mouse. Everything else they stuff into the pockets ot their male escort —until he looks from behind like a pair of ambulant saddle bags. Royal Portable Typewriters CHRISTMAS PRICE $49.95 IIUTSON MACHINE SERVICE 2231 Casey Ave. Ph. 242-2797 But by day they limp around town hy themselves, getting more bent over by these vast handbags into which they seem to have thrust everything except what they need most—a sofa to lie down and rest on. "I need it to carry the things I simply have to have with me," a wife usually whinnies. But if you try to peek inside, she'll snap it shut—at the peril of snipping off your nose. Actually there isn't much mystery about the contents. They are a cross between a hope chest, - drugstore counter, and a despair kit. The are a kind of Pandora's junk box. The hold mints, chewing gum, unpaid bills, vitamin pills and aspirn tablets, matchbooks, a 712-page romantic novel, lip- act, unanswered letters, proto- graphs of loved ones, pieces of wadded facial tissue. They hold car keys, house keys, safe deposit box keys. They also hold one thing at the very bottom of this jangle of debris. That's a small billfold or change purse containing their ready cash. nd that's where the trouble comes in. It usually takes a woman up to 10 minutes of frantic fumbling to find this purse and pay a restaurant bill. She's holding up the march of progress. These big handbags must be costing the nation at least 10 million manhours of lost work a month. iLniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin NOTICE § If you care enough to give a professionally wrapped § § gift, buy your "tie-tie" gift wrapping materials and re* | e ceive free instructions on gift wrapping at — i 1 D. C. WEST | | PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE | | 227 South 10th Mt. Vernon, Illinois | ^mm^ll!!!!!!!!!! 1111 'AilL 1 iiiiiiiii-iitiiiiitTniiiiiiiiiitiniiniitiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiFiutiiiiiiEiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiP For The GUYS | For The HOME I For The HOME I For The GALS VI phonographs, ' only ui'.is'. MlVcheii's $ Chest jewelers" *j) Furniturp. M Western pants, shirts, boots, buckles ^collar tips, hats, novelties, gift certificates. Geno Cox Western Store. 3 jj lui iiiu uviufi § i m im nVilli; § n , « A gift the entire family will en|oy. /i General Electric T. V. sets, only M Dlai Ji R Admiral color television. Manion M »M.»5; radios, only $19.95; automatic vj the " V. Appliances. 731 Smith en, VI phonographs, onlv 149.91. Mitrh»ii'« H rt. Discount prices on electric shaven —complete line mens' lewelry, watches, rings. Gift Chest Jewelors. Appliances, 221 South ?lh. JOIN SECURITY'S 1944 CHRISTMAS CLUB. Receive FREE OZARK Flight Bag. amonds aro a gals best friend— best place to buy them. Gift 8 t i r„„ fr* .... . W Matching sweaters, and skirts, fhLJ 'iJ"" 5- •°-, or !0 u„" om5 10 ffl Shi »' n Sh <"-e blouses. Vanity Fair, choose from. Indian Hills Golf fl Hollywood vassarette, Kickernlek Course, Richvlew Road, Dial 244- $ lingerie. Love dresses. The Mam- HH. vS moth. Hunting and fishing equipment. McCullough Chain Saws. Complete line of automotive needs. Toys and ' cycles. Western Aulo. For ycur man In service. Send the Register-News. Hu will be pleased « <vs- - yi lo hoar from the old home town. I« ifvfij. •') By mail in Jeflerson and adlolning il R ,, Y »„„. „ T ,. ,77 „„. yi 'm t ' ' saw i landles plus many other Items for your holiday pleasure. Complete line ef - -l * _ ... Co. | i. Qi .rr m V..rr.7r'"AiS , p""p;ta; S »ol L Se H ^Sus ^C^ STUDENT SHOP. Snulhern Illinois linest, most complete Mne of young men's clothing. For students, high school or college. J. v. Walker and Sons. A Kaywoodle, Yellobole,, Medico or Grabow pipe makes an Ideal gift. Also cigars and tobaccos. B. a, B. 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IS It Kaynec, Donmoor, Munsingwear shirts, Robert Bruce sweaters, suits ind sport coats. Slims, Regulars, Husky. Tho Mammoth. Botany SOO wits, Van Heusen thirls •nd palamas, Wembley neckwear, Robert Bruce sweaters, Dobbs and Champ hall. The Mammoth Beautify your home. Colored television, washer, dryers, refrigerators stoves, freezers, dishwashers. No extra charge. Manion Appliance. Bibles, BiUtolds, attache cases, Parker and Shaelfer pens, desk accessories, chlldrens' books. Webb's Book Store. Join the First National Bank's 1944 Christmas Club today. Free Yuletlde fable cloth given with Christmas Clubs opened this year. lend >he Register-News. Your friends •r members ol the family will be pleased to hear tram the old home town. By mall In Jefferson and adlolning counties, S7.00 per year, outside, 110.00 and 111.00 per year. Blankets, China ware, lamps, pictures, drapery, bedspreads, rugs, Samsonlte card tables and chairs. The Mammoth. 8 I a a i handbags, linens, costume lewelry. Tho Mammoth, Complexion sets, decorated bathroom accessories, Slendergal Gilt Certificate. Men's toiletries. Merle Norman Studio. For your college students. Send the Register-News. They'll be pleased to heer from the old home town. By mail .In Jefferson .and .adlolning | * C S C and%'??,0 P pcr ° U ' M " S <^^^^^*^ % | i THESE LISTS # PERFUMES—For the girl in your M « CAREFULLY rt life. White Shoulders, Chanel, Ar- ^ if vrsR vnni? f. pege. My Sin, Blue Grass, Memolre- W K rum™m« H Cherle, Fame, Shalimar, Tabu. All w fl CHRISTMAS <j$ S famous fragrance. Ross Drug Store, W S SHOPPING GIFTS. W « 10th and Broadway. * K «^s3a^^S««at«13tfB§ « Shopper's Mart, 602 Main, Mt. Ver- vj) non's toyland. Complete selection of § toys and gifts for all the family. Pants, shirts purses, bracelets, rings. Specialty hand made gifts. Gloves, gift certificates. Geno Cox Western Store. puslors, gowns, slips, hand bags, JJ lewelry, Copris, sweaters, wallets, yi panlios, .pajamas, .coats, .blouses, Jfl pelllpants. Mode O'Day. X , t yt Russ togs sportswear, complete line 59 Van Raalte, lingerie, robes. Quality w merchandise at reasonable prices. '•• Crystals, 221 s. lOlh. ijs — ft -"M.IW.JV ai luaauiiauHi prices, « C A V/C ssWlafWA/ff WATCH THIS SPACE DAILY FOR MORE CHRISTMAS BARGAINS SAVE NOW! The Doctor Strict Diabetes Control Delays Other Ailments By WAYNE BRANDSTADT, DO Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Q — I am a diabetic and I take tolbutamide. Would diabetes cause me to have trouble concentrating or expressing myself? A — The symptoms you complain of are characteristic of the hardening of the arteries of the brain that accompanies advancing age. Diabetes, however, may be an indirect cause as it favors the early development of arteriosclerosis throughout the body. This is one more reason for keeping your diabetes under control at all times. Q — If I keep my diabetes controlled, will I develop cataracts? A — Both cataracts and retinal disease may be caused hy diabetes. Keeping the disease under control helps to prevent these and other complications. Q — I have been a diabetic for 12 years When I go out and my date wants to take me some place to eat afterward, should I tell him I am a diabetic or should I just tell him I'm not hungry? A — How you respond to an invitation to have a snack would depend on how serious you are about your escort. If he means nothing to you, make an excuse and get home early. If you think there is a possibility of marriage, be frank about your condition. Your friend may lose interest but, if so, the less deeply involved you get with him and the sooner you are available to date someone else the bettei'. Lots of diabetics get married. When a woman with diabetes becomes pregnant her diabetes must be watched closely, because during pregnancy her need for drugs to control the diabetes may increase. There is no reason why, with good care, she should not produce a healthy baby. There is of course, the possibility that the baby will inherit a tendency to develop daibetes Q — My doctor says I have low renal threshold for sugar. Does this mean that I will become a diabetic? A — You are mildly diabetic. You probably can control this with diet alone but you should have a frequent check-up of your urine and your blood for sugar. Q — Can a diabetic safely take any alcoholic beverages? I have been told there is no sugar in Rhine wine. A — Before the discovery of Insulin, alcohol was used by many diabetics as a quick source of energy in place of the sugar they could not utilize. Alcohol was used in those days to treat diabetic acidosis. We now have better means of treatment. It is true that Rhine wine, dry claret, hock, Moselle, sauterne, dry vermouth and other dry wines contain little or no sugar Please send your questions and comments to Dr. Wayne G. Brandstadt, HI. D., in euro of this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters, he will answer letters of general Interest in future columns. [f ""I par 'iK;; NEW I/MJI9VIIXE BRIDGE JEFFERSO j WILLE, Ind. (API—Gov. Matthew E. Welsh ot Indiana today called dedication of the new Jeffcrsonville- Louisville Interstate fi5 bridge a "fitting and proper" tribute to the late President Kennedy. Custom Butchering and wrapping for Deep Freese FARMER'S FROZEN FOODS Butcherihop 3 miles east of Ina. All cuts Pork and Beef -Wholesale 4 Retail- Thomas Farmer, owner & operator Phone Hempstead 7-2941, Ina, III. Complete Repair and Remodel Financing Through Low Cosf FHA Loans. Terms to fit your needs — up (o 60 months t« pay Can be as low as $5.00 per mouth. Free Parking Free Estimates MT. VERNON LUMBER CO. 318-324 S. 9th Dial 244-0028 Choose a nylon swivol rocker with foam cushion or a nylon and plastic recliner at this low price. Brown, beige or turquoise. BE ALERT DUSK Due to expansion program— need man who believes in Ms ability, will work hard and be compensated accordingly. Age 25-10. Some college preferred. To man who qualifies, unlimited opportuntiy with our organization. Reply Vern Bond P.O. No. 588, Mt. Vernon Special! Take Your Choice! Swivel Rocker or Recliner *54 Only $5 Down—$5 A Month New Vinelle Recliner KING-SIZE! A BIG chair for BIG comfort! Foam pillow back with Vinelle cover that looks and wears like leather. Upright to full reclining position and anything in between! $89.95 Value 179 $7 Down $7 A Month Brown Cactus Green Prairie Beige Turquoise or Gold Sit upright! Watch TV! New Vinelle Swivel Rocker Big, comfortable swivel rockors with foam cushion. jij Durable vinyl fabric backed plastic that I. washable and wears for years. Beige brown, green, turquoise 3^ or gold. d* Only $6 Down — $6 A Month if FREE! FREE! FREE! A Full Bushel Of The Finest Washington Apples Free With Your Purchase Of $69.95 Or More! It's Mitchell's Christmas Gift Bonus For You! GET YOURS NOW! DUTCH* Lift 218 S. 9th Serving Southern Illinois For 44 Years Mt. Vernon ^Je»»-'-,

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