Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 10, 1959 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1959
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Junior Editors Qui* on SPICES QUESTION: Where was ginger first used? ANSWER- Ginger was first used hundreds of years ago by natives in the East Indies who discovered that the roots of the qfnqVr plant had a warm, spicy taste. East Indian natives, lust like the Indians who inhabited this country before the arr.val of Ihe white msn, were very familiar with the many ways they could use the plants growing wild around them. Later the ginger plant was introduced into Japan, the West Indies, South America and West Africa, and today the finest ginger comes from Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Ginger as a spice is familiar to all of us, but there are other ways in which ginger is used. Oil of ginger is used as a medicine internally for the stomach, and externally for pains, like a toothache. Ginger tea is a home remedy too for stomach ache. Candied ginger is a delicacy, and gingerale is a most popular soft drink. To make black ginger, the roots of the plant are dug up and dried whole after the leaves wither, and then ground into powder. Scraping and washing the roots before they are dried will give white ginger. FOR YOU TO DO: Like this little girl in our pic'rure, you can make gingerbread cookies and a gingerbread man. When you roll out the dough, take a knife and cut out the man, put raisms in his face for eyes and nose, and design a smiling mouth with the tip of your knife. (Dorothy Bradley, of Antioch, Calif., wins $10 for this question. Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T.M. Rej. U.S. Pal. OH, j, 19S9 by NE^ Serviet, Int. "But Jimmy isn't a spendthrift, Dad! He makes my allowance go farther than any boy I've ever gone withl" SIDE GLANCES By Gaibraith -1 /O-iO T.M f,; p. 1 -, r.l. W. •i. 15-.5 I/ NtA Ui'.i-i, Uic. "Listen, boys! I can NOT send your meals up on a lope!" SWEETIE PIE By Nedlne Seltxer OUT CUft WAY BY J. R WILLIAMS OUR R OA*D.Nr, HOUSE ---- ««• • • • H cu-H£i4/gA*7£g FLEW INT TELL. 0S,M-MV /MorA TELL WS OWES UP AW SWALLOWS IT/ ,M5 PCR AW UTTL& DECE . AW MASTERPIECE- I ^- 1/gULSVLSAMU eNCS AMD OAV THE WORRY WART Service With a Smile BUGS BUNNY WHAT'S VER SORRY, PORKY! V THIS EV'RY f POLLAR SEAT'S WILL HELP TAKEN ij GET US A TABLE l[ PETUNIA HAS TO 6£ HOW ABOUT <AT-TA0LE POK TWO,91K3S* IN A HURRY I "What have yoo got against that 'lived in' look?" By Kate Osann BY AL VERMEER Uooks the Part PRISCILLA'S POP IN THESE LITTLE MY DEAR, IF YOU MUS SKETCHES, MUST I , TALK ABOUT ME, NEED ALWAYS BE CAST AS THE HEAVY? I ALWAYS BE TWE VILLAIN? BY V. T. HAMLIN Not a Friend in Sight ALLEY OOP BUT I DON'T SEE OUR PEOPLE ANV WHERE AROUNP LET'S GO LOOK GOOD IDEA! UP FOOZY ANPy LIVED PRETTY COUSIN ZEL /OUT... COULD THEV ESCAPED THESE GUV3 ONE THINS WE O3 KNOW, SOMETHING'S AWFUL WRONG HERE IN OUR OH MOO «1*9 bj HM SffiVirt. Vt. T.W. Keg, O.S. Pit. Oft "Was I ever lucky! Both Tommy Harris and I had to stay after school and I was the only girl around for him to walk home!" Answer to Previous Puzzle BY DICK CAVALLI In South America' Needs a Friend MORTY MEEKLE 1 OBVIOU6LY STARVED AFFECTION HEMl)5T"HAVe MORE LO/e AND KIMDNE66. I Rio one of Uruguay's boundaries 6 is one of its ports 11 Killer 12 Clarifies 14 Father 15 Deep gorge 16 View 17 D.D.E, 19 Fold 20 Masculine nickname 21 Requite 23 Baseball hero 24 Thing found 26 Spanish mothers 28 Sprite 30 Proposition 31 Bother 32 Prohibitionist 33 Genus of shrubs 36 Oklahoma Indian 40 Thai-measure 41 Cattle bedding 44 Wretch 45 Automotive group (ab.) 46 Against 47 Indian gateway 48 New York college 51 Diplopodlc segment 54 Laborer 55 Limicoline bird 56 "Earns 57 Fencing position DOWN 1 Trifler 2 Texas city 3 Nautical term 4 Number 5 Mr. Shaw 6 Screeched 7 State (ab.) 8 Bulgarian coin 9 Clothier 10 Embellished 11 Exhausted 13 Tribal divisions W Chess abbreviation 21 Depends 22 Eurasian herb 25 Call meat 27 Tunisian rulers 29 Railroad freight carriers 33 Property item 34 Enthusiast 35 Genus of ferns 37 Habituate 38 Chin growth 39 Heron 42 Auxiliary language 43 "Down Under" soldier 49 Sick 50 Arikara 52 Eggs 53 Neither FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Stretching a Point BY MERRILL BLOSS^R WE ARE" PEM PALS E-VFM WE sir so CLOSE, SO, SO UNDER- 1 YA CORREGPONP/N6 AREMT WE, HERB? BAZOO, &ABX y WOULD YOU BfcT JEALOUS 70 THAT I HAVE A PEN PAL-A 5TANDIM6/ LATER, IS BROADEN 1^6-ROUNDS OUT ONE'S CHARACIFRJ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Angry Boy BY WILSON SCRUGGS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Rod Flips BY EDGAR MARTIN fry Ntt «OTfc», >nc. T.M. tog-11.8. Pat Pit. _ KKIOW HOW TO 'IHAHK VOU/MRS. IWAVME. I HADU'T BEEU FORVOU; FATHER MIGHT HA.VE DIED WITHOUT WiV TELLIM6 UIKA HOW MUCH I LOVED HIM/ MEAHWUILE... THE BAD AMD REMEMBER OWLV THE60OD, DOJJWA. AMD VltlHWEVOUK WHOLE LIVES ^ . _ ^f~ f 3 , < . 4i^^^-S/' !^lfo^lo0l 'MOM ^OULDM'T sc-e ME w THE PLAV TODAY..., AUD MOW MRS.MAKTiW IS 601H610 LU>'OPf. ; . MOBOOY CARES A THJM6 ABOUT BILLV y>- , ^/' 9 '—-•*« *»_££: w /0-/U ^*M CAPTAIN EASY Two of a Kind? BY LESLIE TURNER M6? 6UT I NEVER LEF1 C08HAMTIUTIMB TO MEET EASY,,, l I COULDVE SWORN SOU IN TOWN AT MOON- THIS GIRL L00KBP 50 MUCH LIKE VOU I <S THATjS HAP TO ^PEAK TO HER. SUT SHE CUT ME COLO 1 IT GAVE ME QUITE A START, IT PIPS \ - „,„ . „„..„_,_ WA5WT PU655EP LIKS V0[ji AWP \rHE^E ARE TWO BLOKE I NEVER $AW hike """ " YOU' AS ™ B IW G f/* ,:•«?* M, K, t . u.V I'll 0?(T MA ii-,m_». liy>j

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