The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 21, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1927
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX; TEAMS LOSEHONOR IN TOURNEY None of Lockl Teams Win —Two to Semi-Finals;. Men Are Named on TheAll^tar [ Teams. The last of lola's five teBins en- terud in the fourth.-'ahDiial S'lmday school basketl):iU tournament held at Parsons a-ent out In the semifinals on Saturday afternoon. The two_teiinis to be defeated last were the OhrTstian .Ipniorsarid .tfte Baptist midgets. | •• 'The Christlan.s wen* well throughr out the touriiunient w^nuin.:; their Barnes easily until they met Newton,-M. K. who tnnmced. them in 4HB lOLA jDAiLY REGTSTER. MONDAY EVENING i • 25 to 7 win. The Xewton team wa.s iihiyinB good baskethall and seemed uiiuble to ; IS FOR- b'FARPELL. . PROMOTED TO BE. MANAGER OF Tt^.Z CARDS , AFTER «E VVAS DECLARED HIS LEAGUE'S MOST VALUABLE PLAYER.' Kansas Pity, Mar. 211 (AP)—The Hi!ly .:rd8 Chemirai eo npany team I of St. .loseph. Mo., won the na' t:onal A. .V. IT. ba.skftball ehani- pion.ship fhr the seeonil FUi -eessive ! rhe jl(da Bapti.sts received mnntioii "I for renler on the Midgets. HILLYARDS WIN TITLE ONCE AGAIN Ke-Nash-A Outclassed in 29 to 10 Contest at the Kansas City lA. A. U. Tourriameht Saturdajv 1. MAR(pH 21, 19g7J TAILLEST AND SHORTEST WlM RED SOX IN NEW ^'^'^ LEANS year by dt^eating Ke- ^•ash-A.i Ke-i nal foiin'l' the Christians score wlien' tlK -y did penetrate the Newton deft-nse." The ' Chi-fstians ill the consolation to the Haplisl.s by a. Z't in 16 \ also I'jsl I'arson.s score. - : In the .Midget division .the Uaptiwfs pluyeil a good game Tlbe teams winning the various divisions were Pitislnirs Presliy- leriaus who defeated the Par.son;; ('hri.>*tiaps in the:senior round by a 4« to 1.1 score. In the junior di- vl.'.ioii the KmiHiria .\1. K. won 'Ui -r the i Ne\vton M." K. by a .14 to S istori-. Tile Fi'onteliac CatliCiics. j ! whdi deleute d life lola Ilai-lisl'*. and,h:,reiy , , I oareiy won their gami- by a 9 to S seemed desttliied fori championship n .,,.,,jrv When a Parsons r. H. pla.v-.! h(!.hors when they d.Jfeatetl the Km-lj.r mi 'sMed a fri-e toss in the last i poria .Midget... Iasly.'ar's champs.: f^.,,. ,„„„iu.^ „, „,;,,.. by a Ii-O sniie ou friday night, i _ liowever (lie Uajitisls fell before ( m the strong Kimniehai; catimiic team' Interstate Cajfc Team in llie >enif-'fiii(il< by a 14 to Jt i RnHlo Ic SJphoHillpH ' score: In the coiis=oiatiou he Hap-j " Ka^ie IS acncfluiea., If - • foif( if tlst.s won third place by troiu the .Mcl'herson .M..K.' » The Titlier lola learns all. wen! out in tlie firsf rounds. The .Meili- (uli.'ils lost their game only by the clo..;e margin of two points.' liaviiig lead at olii- lime hy ail II to .'! score. : ' • On the toiirnanifnl teams liar- grove was the 'Ihly, man making a place tor lola when lie was mad" center and^iaptaiu for the sei -ond nosha. Wis., in the f game of the A. .A.. V. Itournanien here Paturday night. 2!) to i". . j , The Hillyards led. 19 to h. at half j time.^ j The speed and e.\perieni e of the Ilillvnril i-rew swejit the Kenosha team from its feet. Time yft-r time when Ke-Nash-.\ nnnaged to get posse.-'sion of tlii- liali. the Hillyards took It away before a chan«-e at liie. baske.r wa.s pcjssihie. .Most of ll^: Ke-.\ash-A ] ries were iiiade far liiick from tin- M'ske!. ()nly om> sensational play marked he. entire game. This was when •a!it:i{n He Mernardl «il| the Mill-|I 'lirils di|ibhled llie lialljtlie entire! I'ngth of the court to .•'tfoe a goal, jlils only <ine. OeHernardi. wlio ^liis [coiirt sl •n^iallon lor s-tv was Hill kf'y oi' the Ilillv: Welliii^ Kaus.. .Mar. -M. (APi A h.'iskefbail game has been scheduled here iielvveeii Die Wellington junior high le.iin. the Kansas slate champions. ai:-l the champion Oklahoma Ciiy jiiuii.r hii-li. Friday iiishl. whi( li ;proinises in pie a" feature game of tlie season.'; U'elliii^- toii has ih' hesi i.iiiior high school team thi.s s(;i.-'o;i in in history. Oklahoma C'tv j;as \\i,>i iv.-eiily- g;anv-. Kor many nioulinis at team of the -Iiiiiiors. Hall, alsA of I o"f' eonsr-ciil ivc (^iimes I 'lis- seasmi. i the fhristiaris. received honorable' ^^TH 'n-j^u won ;!,(. disiriil tour-j mention ill forward as did' Severns , nami'iil ! af .\Vj. Inta ;!:.(! ilie state | at gnnrd. Thonipdon of the lola C chaiMpionsiiip at Kmporia. i Hap'Ists also niadi- tli<'. seconds in' • •.- • ; the Midg.t division, gaining ai —Telepbqiie your Cla.ssified" Ads i guard jiositich. Hreeken idge . of i to 18. lime the HjllyjTds :nail« to score, merely pafsin lug Ihe hall away froiu awaiting a clear triick' been •ral years, rd pa .<siiigr iio atte'iipl anil kecp- Ke-.\as!i-.\. Ihe goal. WINFIELDTO STATE TITLE ' IN'TOURNEY Team Which Defeated the lola Crew, Wins 32 to 25 In Final Corite^t With Lawrei^cd Quintiet. | DeBernardi Plan:^ Professional a I 'le ^i 'liling liifitlilir K:i;ii|> l;if.-j!i slinri and I "i ;.g ilie lr;iii.i! 'aiiip n I.ans. ;il:rrr:i:. Ki;;:!'•. . i> ! Team' •"••••^t iw.""! K .in li.i^lii. II. 111.r;'. I years. Uiid Kigiiey. cx-T.*;<i. ar. 1.A4. , ^l>, ' think.-- Will Jiilp ilie SON i-i| oiii "l he Hill- K.\.sKitvi.i.i iMii'i: itniMi .»I,VK;K> MS APPi: U!\N( K .St. .losi'ph. .Mo.. .Mar. jL'li Forrest l»e Hernardi of yanls basketball team. national -A. r. champions.'has jilayed his la.'t amateur game, he aliiiouncvd ! . oda.v. lie Uernardi. wiio ha.s lie«'ii I Depariiiri' "I ihi: iiKijor I'-.i;; play'ng baskeihall, lor tiinieci! jiIayiTs lOi- thi -ii . :ii ni^ liaiir years, plans to organize ;L iimfcs-i I amps nuiv jie !;;<• iieil .u lin- i; •iiohal team in the east. j blast of t !i<- in-.-aiii's irirHp 1 ;. . f'iic'icr liryan Ha ^-ri , i:ie ll'i-;.,!! ilij S.i» ill .\'e .i.M Ti I.:it .llarrl.- niuki •A !i!> u V. <."(iii;iie .Mai k pl:ii .i.-- .\l ,-,M :ar -i- I'.ill Car celtM!- tills .•^•r<i>n. .:. ill-:' ar:;ival i .ii" ^ic^ii..! e/Ji.y 01 .s ul' this 1^.. 1. iH .Tk'd liv th -• l,a--.-|.ail <U. •.-.iiicM ih:.-. 'I !•.• IC he ; ppe .iranci.: <: sc!:LdiiIe and r 'c r. c. ..spii.u .\| A Sipgle Stop, "MORE CARE—LESS REPAIR" Tires Ar^ Better yt;i;-. as j* I'.onk. puhl Son, . S I. I, he Oi- al- lany igaii Wichita. Kaiis.. Mar. 21!. fAPl—A mes>s.i^e over sileet jaAtn\ telegraph wires brought the inforniation that Winfiehl high school wort the class A basketball, tournament at Hays Saturday night, defeating I-awrenca •2 to 2.">. E.xtended coninfnnication with Hays over either jtelephone «r telegrapli wires was I declared almost impossible by officials. The curious feature of Winfield's Victory of the state chaiiipionship is th" fact iliat they did,not win the right to compete at Hays, losing at least seven game.s during the season ami tied for ftiurth in til" Arkansas valley Ieugi|e. KI I)orailo. .Newton and Arkansas (•ity teams, which compHed at Hays, have each beaten XVinfield I \uce'during the season, i Arkan- >-.i'' City won the distrU-t i tourna- iii -nt in which Winfleld competed'. Iiiit iiecause of its fairly pood season's record, Winfie'ld invited lo coiniicte in the Hays 'tournament, i The new .state championsjwonthe first game of the lournaiiient" by defeating lola '>?. to 17. They beat PaiT-ciis to '24;; Arkansas City Zl to 14 anil finally l.«iwrence .'12 to I '.'i fn the final game. ;' .Mi<.. publishers of "The Sporting New.;- • i This year's edition of th^ Record World's series informatiiin. Kor instance, the hox scores and other statistics of the 1926 games between the Cardinals anil [Yankees are carried. Besides, thera are the facts relating to the annual inter- league championship games from the origin of the classic. I , Injury to Star Big Handicap A.Njearly season injury to some big league star very'often-up- sets the program of his manager, •who |ls, perhaps, strongly ijanlc- 1 ing on thati par- T ticular player. ' I have] in mind the accidents that recently We fell "Walter Johnson and Eddie Coilin.s, also the unfortunate plight ol Johnny Mostil. I -was standing on the sidelines talking t</ Owner Clark Griffith and Manager Stanley Harris when "Walter Johnson was seriously liurt by failing to get out of the •way of a line ' drive from Joe Judge's bat. Johnson'had Tieen pitching to the batters for about five minute^ when the accident occurred. I had just mentioned that Walter seemed in great shape and very last for so early in the season. • Both Harris and Griffith agreed *with -me, expressing the belief that the ."Old Master" was in lor fi big year. • • • Players Have Habit of Joshirig "OALIi players have a-lot of fun ^ kidding each other when some player gets in the way of:a line drive, provided, of course, no serious consequences result. "When Johnson was struck just: above the left ankle by Judge's line drive and immediately dropped to the; ground in pain, Nick Altrock, Al Schacht and a ntfmber of other players did a "London Bridge l^Falling Down" as AValter rolled around on the ground. A general laugh •was ifd-'lged In by everybody, even AValleri joined in, although it was eyi-j dent ie was suffering considerable! pain. j It seems that a golf foursome Trainer Mike Martin came on tha scene and *—''--'—•>--• 00k Johnson ' to the clubhouse for treatment!. Inj'ury P^o^|ed Quite Serious ?rf7 'AL.TE ^^I never: makes s fuss about! anything, it there isn' a reason for it and I was rather satisfied in! my own mind that ie wa.s rather badly hurt. I wa ched the AVashinglon trainer rem ive the slo<?king, re-' veaiing a discolored lurnp, almost the size of 1 baseball. ; Ice - appl cations qitickly removed the swelling aiid Trainer Martin said, unless one of the small bone.s was broken, AValter 'would be ip-and doing in not more than hree days. Despite t le swelling and pain he was suffering, Johnson insioied in hobbling around for a day. before admitting; that it might be •wise to make an X-ray picture -of the injury. This showed a break of ofie of the small bo^es .in the ankle. The leg is in a j cast and it is said Johnson woiil't pifch untjl May 1. May Spoil Nationals' Chances T TRUST ih'e injury isn't as ae, rious as irepoi'ted. However, if it really Isj Is pitching by June 1. Pitching is that confronts Manager Harris, and the Job cates Jt all the more. hson injury-, compli- I doubt if Johnson t|ie biggest;problem his chances to win League pennant this banked strongly on 'fit AValter John.son bear. He looked for in 20 or more'ball —For prompt results use the Classified Columns. [ was on that afternoon. hel'^eeh Altrock and Schacht versus Johnson and Bice. The two comedians ! rejoiced that Walter wouldn't be' at his best. , At this stage of the affair In doping the American! year. Harris | the chances having a big j his ace to A »)i games. With Johnson on the shelf- tdr any great length of time, the Washington <|lub woUld be dealt a severe blow. Most of the 5iich« ing would have to come from tha younger me nbers of the staff. 'Which is asking too much. The accid( nt to Johnson, who seemed to be in foria big year, is justtan indication of what a precarious business baseball is, from' the standpoint of the club ownei) and manager as well as th«i player. ' ' Firestone engineers were the firs to develop a tire which was designee primarily as a. balloon tire. This lov pressure casing was equipped with a tread whicli enables the tire to spread upon! the road without putting any strain or stress upon the tread itsel' or the fabric. Thus a Firef^ne Tire, under a load, has a large wearing surface next t(|), the road and at the same time has un usual anti-skid iendencies. In addition to this special tr,eac which has stood the test of four year^ the fabric,: or the carcass of thejtirej is gum dipped. Gum Dipping—an exclusive Firestone process—by which means every fibre of every'(»rd is saturated -an4 insulated with rubber increases their strength and endur-! ance and adds m4ny of both high pressu tires: ANWOUNOING ENINGDF niies to the life !'e and balloon Firestone engineers pioneered, designed and built the Balloon Tire- now accepted by all, manufacturers as original (equipment on new car?; and by motorists as the grea|:est tire ever designed foripassenger car use Safety, mileage and comfort havci been secured through the full balloor tire and the Original Firestone balloon tr^ad has met all i*equirements of this long^ life| low pressure balloon casing. ;: ^ I . They cost no hidre a!nd insure MOST MILES PER DOLLAR BOLL "MORE CARE—LE^S REPA^IR" 112-lM EAST JACKSON FIRE^Td BATTERIES; We repair and recharge sail makes of batteries by 'the inethods.. ii •\ AT BOLLINGER'S SERtlCE STATION A New Idea l^or lolai Motorists In opening Bollinger's Service Station we believe that we are offering, to the motoi-ists of Alien County a much needed sei'vicc.; If a motor car is ]:)roperly cared for it will give many years of service without undue expense, and without spending many hours in a repair shop. • ; jFew^ people have the time really to giye theii- cdv the attention it needs. That i.s'thc .service we offer. I You can drive your car into our service station,- or'if you phone we'll call for it, and we will inspect the tires, wash and polish the car, gri^ase and oil it and inspect the batten If your tires are properly inflated, if the is frequently cleaned, the motor and chassis kept properly lubricated,- the battery fully charged your repair bills and the cost of car operation will lie materially decreased; i All of our work will be done in shops, not at the curb. Your car hot be exposed to dust, rain and dangers of the street if you use our SINGLE STOP SERVICE our will CAR WASHING Careful attention jjivi-n i every job, j A trained; at- i tendant in charge. DRIVE IN i SERVICE/ All work (lone' in our [iop.< away from una expo.suie. YOU'RE INVITED- o come in' and' in.spect. ;his rnodel service sta- 1 ion'-'at any time. TIRE SERVICE The very best-equipment from the Firestoie fac- \ tnry. A factory ti^jiined 'expert in charge!

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