Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 10, 1961 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 10, 1961
Page 8
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ALTON EVENING TELfiORAl H Incumbents Returned Dist 14 School Board tt^Hlf^AAfe' MMNMf^rilK *>in nMJfc •!•> r InJOD MVKR «• tnoMNOttln tomM Holland, Or. HareM Rod. •an ant fatten Ojym, wore all d ID the Wuwl Rlvtif CMD- High DWrtd 14 Boara of on to Saturdays election. Cferi Roberts, 415 George St. tt* art]' other oandVJat* ronnlng was okiwatcd Both Holland. PASTOR bo&rd president, and Dr. Hudson were re-elected to three-yew terms and Ryan to the one-year unex- ptred term created by the resignation of Dean Smith. Ryan fee* been serving on the bo&rd by Holland received a total of votes; Dr. Hudson, 743; Ryan and Roberts 357. A breakdown of the voting listing Blair School (Precinct I); Lewis-Clark Junior High. (Precinct 2) and Woodrow Wilson Junior High. Hartford, (Precinct 3) in that order, shows: Holland. 353. 320, 87: Hudson. 390. 292, 61; Ryan. 401, 330, 22 and Roberts. 208, 915. 8. A re-organizational meeting of the board will be held in conjunction with the regular school board meeting Tuesday night in the high school. 2 Wood River 100F Members Given Jewels WOOD RIVER — Ivan Kramer and Joseph L. Harris, local members, were presented "veteran jewels" at the Saturday meeting of Region 10 Lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at the local lodge hail. The presentation was made North Alton News r*R«- WKLt SKRMO* StM)AV The Rev. Cleo Kfem. who ha* brni pastor of the First Ontrchi of God. 9 E. Elm ft. foTThej past right and half years, preached his farewell sermon Sunday. He and his family will leave early next week for Hickory. N. C.. where he has accepted the pastorate. His new church has a comparable membership of the one here about 75. with a 132 church school enrollment.' It was one of three which won the open country area award from the church's national headquarters at Anderson. Ind. The parsonaiire is located on •» six acre tract of ground, and there are plans for erection of a new church soon. Rev. and Mrs. Keirn were honored at a get-together Sunday evening in the fellowship haH. and were presented with a purse. A majority portion of the Al- tons church construction has been done under Rev. Kelrn's guidance as well as organization jof a new assembly at Wood River 'by 30 of his former members. His net gain in congregation membership has been about 30. as a consequence. Resigns Roxana ChurchPastorate ROXANA—Th« R*v. Cntrtii W. Ahtott, pwtor of Roxafl* Church of the Nanrene, h«» rwJgntd his pastorate to nc. cept an appointment *« missionary to Haiti. The Rev. Alston and wife have already served In Haiti for five years from 1952 to 1957. They had returned to the United States _ for a one-year furlough and had planned to return, but because of an automobile accident, were unable to do so until now. Backed By Union Win in Roxana Unit ROXANA -Two tin RoxtfW Community School Unit Board of Education Melted by RoJttn* Federation of Twch- ert Local 181? wtt* fleeted to two out of three full termt fill, ed by voter* Saturday. A eon* test over an fihexpired term of one year, tn which the union jdld not enter, was won toy Dr. JW. V. Roberaon, who had been appointed to fill the vacancy. Union-backed candidates, Del* bert Coblne and Leto Mete, were elected to full terms as H. T. Nichols and* Maurice Legate, incumbents, lost out In the eight-man race. Harry Dale Johnson, a third Incumbent, HEW OFFICERS INSTALLED Officers of the Wood River Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and Auxiliary were Installed In formal ceremonies Saturday evening at Memorial Hall. Pictured left to right are: Mrs. Leroy Phipps, retiring Auxiliary president; Mrs. Villa Frailey, president; and Floud Bunt, who was installed commander of the post for a second term. — Staff Photo. Unterbrink, Buckler and Lynch Win in District 13 Missionary Union Meets at Roxana ROXANA-the Day Circle of the Women's Missionary Union of the First Baptist Church had an all-day work meeting Thursday at the church. The day was spent quitting and Mrs. EAST ALTON - Lynn Unterbrink and William Buckler Jr., Incumbents, and Miles Lynch, a newcomer, were elected to the District 13 Board/ol Education Saturday. i _, Lynch led the Held with 402 votes, unofficial totals showed. Buckler garnered 395 and Unterbrink 373. gene Turner with 320 votes and Robert McCall with 172 were the Prank Williams and Mrs. Al- i unsuccessful candidates. ben Bean cleaned the nursery, A breakdown of totals cas In room. t • • -------- . i pnch P^inct showa: Pr f° '!l cl : Blair School: Lynch, 394 - . .„ ---- __ __ — ------ --- ... uiriiiiowiif « ti IIA u iii^uiituwiivt They have been accepted for ;W es re-elected. One unlon-backed re-appointment and plan to sail | candidate, Art Lawrence, lost I sophomore Pnrty i from New York. June 23. Thei out . ROXANA- The sophomore I". Ml: Unterbrink 351; Turner, Alstotts have two sons, Danny T he count In the eight -way] class of Roxana High School! 3 " 4 «» d M , ' iV R . „ 9. and Tommie, 3, and a daugh- lrnce for tne three full terms: had a party Thursday evening Pr ' " ter, Jacqueline Renee. 5, whojjohnwn. 574; Coblne, 587; Met*, ,„ the was born in Haiti. pary , „, u old gym of the school. !"' unlt > Hi * h g WHS enjoyed to records i : . rur " ni l 14- B er as or a. 42; Legate, 394'. Lawrence, I Dancing WHS enjoyed to records if : . ru8r " ni l J.p all in The Rev. Alstott will preach 337; David Lehwalder, 304; land a twirling drill team en- •'•• vn , " " ™ , .^7 hf , ld « re-organ- is farewell sermon to the ROX- !W ay nc Bridgewater, 322;tertaineei. It was composed of ' his | ana congregation on May 21. ; Nichols. 264. meeting in conjunction jJoAnn Platter. Carol Leady, w|fh jts ,. pgu | ar meeting to of VFW Units Installed WOOD RIVER — Mrs. Villa Frailey was installed president of » A film of the visit to the united The Rev. E. F. Brown, who!the auxiliary and Floyd Bunt, preached in the church last Sin-' day, will become the new pastor. He is from Anderson, Ind. The Keim family occupies the parsonage at 823 Centra) Ave. from which they have sold much of their household goods, because home is Nations by young people of the nation was shown by Claude Armstrong, deputy grand master as the program feature. Choral singers of the Roxana High School presented a medley of selection under the direction of Max Syfert. C, W. Andrews served as master of ceremonies and introduced the distinguished guests in attendance including, the two mentioned above. Clyde Bryant, grand junior warden of Grand Encampment; William Meni, past grand master; Curt Lindauer, past grand master; N. R. Shirley, regional RUFVS-EASTON TO HAVE LAST PTA commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Joint ceremonies before a large crowd at Memorial Hall Saturday evening Mrs. Frailey, who also served Harpers to Mark 50th Anniversary GlenCarbon Man Killed In Crash -•-- ,-- — • wim IIS rrguiai iiicci«i» •« j n the contest for the unex- Delores Nichols. Donna Chlado . ( jn )hp j,, n j or |.jtg n School. ' ; wlfe and two small daughters, ! will come to Roxana In June. ! EDWARDSVILLE The Rev. Allen Dace has been elected to succeed the Rev. Al- p |red term. Dr. Roberson polled nnd .Tune Huck. - stott. The Rev. Dace is at pres-^SO votes to 339 for Sebastian The Charleston dance was Tactical BnrjrUirs ent pastor of the Church of the p-jiippone and 155 for Mrs. featured by JoAnn Platter. EAST ST. LOUIS. III. (AP) — Namrene in Qulncy. He and Eslher Chlado. ' ; Gavle Lackev. Donna Bockholt, Burglars broke into the> *»me —„ Darl Walker. Reggie Sparks,'tavern nine times and rifled coin- in Kiissifln iinpriitpr] machines pflcn tittlG« NORMAN, kla. (AP» - Th, ? Mike ^ Pa < Pnrkpr was V mvnrr!t installed a burglar nlarin system protecting t h e doors, windows and roof of the building. ... ,. .- ... L ^ , . r,,,™ V, ^ , a> ' , .v, "umber of students studying tho mas ' cr of ceremonies. ROXANA - Day C.rc r of the; rosp g| , hc Unj . class sponsors are Mrs. Lu- Womens Missionary Lmon of First Baptist Church had an all- fro 69 m cille Kruse. Sam Herndon. Miss Alton road about one-half mile west of Edwardsville and land. ..; ed in a canal. as the first president of the unit: WOQD RJVER _ ^ flnd The vjrfim WM James A> the church with a pot-luck din-!^'^ 1 : ' Boh'"AdTe'r" "" """"' """' l °' h lime ' diggi " g * T* *"* ,.. A Glenjner at noon. The day was spent j and Mrs. Albert Bean cleaned the ;_„_. ' _ 'entrring through atrap door in Carbon man was killed Sunday I quilting and Mrs. Frank Williams | nursery room. 'Read Telegraph Want, Ads Daily-the floor. night when his oar left the Old " ~~ was installed . . . by her |Mr8 . Guy Harper of 7^7 Fergll80 n! Williams, 20. An 18-year-old daughter, Mrs. Kenneth Secrest, iAve vv ju observe their golden companion, Caroline Wood of (who was unit president in 1956-;wedding annivei-sary Sunday. Ap- East Alton, escaped with minor AVI. UASI Another dauehter Mrs Wil- ri! 16. with an open house at their scratches. The Rufus Easton Parent Teach- ;57. Anothe daughter. Mrs wu ^ ^ j* . ^^ Authorjt - The Rufus fcaston parent icacn- .»•• •••• — ° hnme f er Association will have its 1ast|liam Powell headed the unit as^ be meeting Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. president 1947-48, and both were; ri c. meeting Tuesday with an open house and election of officers. Mrs. Orville Thomas is the president. CURBAN GIRLS 4-H CLUB NAMES COMMITTEE The Happy Curran Girls 4-H Club met Saturday at the home of its leader, Mrs. Raymond Mackelden, 240 So. Dooley Drive, with 10 present. A program commit- lllttaun i *»• *»» •jui**cj, »V^M»«*«J - j «_ «-« director; and Zoltan SILargyi,! tee named includes Susan Feyera- grand lodge director of public re-i bend, chairman: Phyllis Done] . daughter Mrs Authorjties said WH , Jam9 was ., killed outright in the accident. He died of a broken neck. president 1947-48, and both werejj^ Searc y oj Wood Rj ve r. He died ot a Broken necK. sworn into office by their mother.! Tj, e CO uple was married April: The Madison County sheriff Other unit officers installed are: Mrs. John Fudurich, senior vice president; Mrs. Leo Hackethal, junior vice president; Mrs. Mrs, Richard Little, chaplain; Mrs. Carl Behefiel, conductress; Mrs. Thomas Dixort, guard; Mrs. Secrest, secretary; Mrs. Lee Phipps, patriotic instructor; Mrs. W. T. Adney, banner bear 15, 1911 in Clinton, Ky. The couple jof f ice said Williams' car left has three grandchildren: Marilyn and Jimmy Searcy of Wood River, and Larry D. Harper, Pana. Mr. Harper, who served as Madison County treasurer from 1950 to 1954, previously had been employed at International Shoe Co., Hartford, and has long been active in organized labor j er; Mrs. Betty Moxey, flag bear-j throughout the area. er; Mrs. Herman Green, Mrs. Dor- i No invitations to the open win Frailey. Mcs, Roy Neer, Mrs. house are being mailed. the road at a curve and both occupants were thrown out of the vehicle as it plunged into the canal. 2 Edwardsville Men to Tour Choose from quilted or tufted normal or extra firm- super sizes too! BEAUTYREST lations. 'son. Patricial Feyerabend, and A large crowd attended thej-Judy Owens. JGlenn Westerhold, colors; Mrs. meeting representing lodges of thej Miss Magadalena Veltrup from! Edith Lyons, historian; Mrs. Ray A ux j|j arv Meets at 17 counties included in Region 10.jst. Anthony's Hospital, was theJNolte. musician. : ' Luncheon was served during the.speaker at the meeting. i Mrs. Leroy .Phipps, retiring! social hour by members of the The girls will assist in the cleanup of the housing unit, at Thompson Rebekah Lodge. Car Radio Stolen WOOD RIVER — A car radio was stolen sometime between midnight and 8 a.m. Saturday from . 110 a.m. April 22, after which they will have luncheon at the Mackelden home. Any girl who will be 10 by July 1. is eligible for mem- an automobile owned by Kenneth jbership in this new club. Motsinger, 229 East Acton Ave., I •» , „„ -.Q MEET officers' jewel and a gift fromi the auxiliary. Floyd Bunt,,.who is serving a second year as commander, will be assisted by: Oscar Oiler sen- - ior vice commander; Lowell Bush, junior vice commander; James! ' • McClenahan, quartermaster; Dr.| Firemen to Meet • EDWARDSVILLE — Police I Chief Jack Hartung is one of; two city officials who will leave j on a tour of Army missile bases in the west. SOUTH ROXANA — Dads';at the invitation of the Army Club Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 Missile Command. p.m. today at the clubhouse in the park. Hostesses will be Mrs. Mrs. Leroy .Phipps retiring! c_ ilt | l D o « ana 'T' on : ff U t Tuesday morning president, was presented a past) 3oUtlm ° Xana * ° m S m i Army missile bas Also selected to go on the tour is Second Ward Alderman Clyde Hartung. According to information received by the two men from the Play in Bloomington Sunday. East Club to Hear Mrs. Orr ,a 25-cent white elephant-sale. \ Mrs. Harold Crowson and Mrs. j Elizabeth Burgan will be hos- i tesses. GOLDEV CIRCLE MEETS | WEDNESDAY i The Golden Circle will meet at i]0 a.m. Wednesday at Shelterhouse. luncheon EAST ALTON — Mrs. Eldon Orr, president of the 22nd district of the Federation, will speak on||\ BARNES HOSPITAL "Recreation Camp for Crippled FQR TESTS Children," at the 7:45 p.m. Tues-; Department of Illinois to Bunt and McClenahan in recognition of and McClenahan in recognition of the the jville and Alton posts; county ofIficers: Mrs. Tom Dixon, Mrs. iQti.s Little, Mrs. Nadine Dannenbrink, and Earl Hamilton; Dis-, ... . trict 12 officers, Melvin Beyer, l^ 1 ™ 1 students who hold, legislative officer; Bob Be-! e a a t her home Saturday night to drivers of two automobiles liveau, service officer. i an( j was taken to Wood River which collided early this rnorn-| Jack Creekmore presided as iTownship Hospital. Sunday af- in & at u - S ' Bypass 66 and Rt. j installing officer and made the| ternoon gne was moved to Nor-: 143 ' presentation of citations from_the mandy Hospital in St Louis' The accident occurred at 12:08 er daughter, Miss Jane,j a ' m " when automobiles driven ] by James Sullivan, Chicago, i and Granville Powell, 317 Olive j St.. collided. Powell complain."1 J of hack injuries hut refused! medical attention, the report is employed. Roxana Students Attend Workshop ROXANA — Roxana High ° ^r^ng^^WorVciub Mr, Kenneth Mugge of Mi- — —' — "„„. Eari 'he Rox yearbook staff this year UO.Y iut.i~i.ifig u* «-»• 1 j_i.,- *r>tn*,aA Durittti: I4r\c. , _ _ __...„. iittrmrlfirt a v*»arhnnlr wnrlruhftn a yearbook workshop UoV IllCCllIIK u* uif »u*iiai) a x^iuw . tf t»n i3. *^u»>,j»-tv »*»-j—»» .,,,—. •*- — -- ii at' the Community Recreation• «*ael drive, entered Barnes Hos-^., „„_ vjrgjnia Say|m , attended Center Mrs. Robert Forshee is.Pital Sunday for extensive tests. Mrs j FudurU . h . Mn> . L . p h ipp«lSaturday at Washington Un.ver- program chairman. .*» underwent heart surgery two, M E L and Mrs . Jack! s.ty in W. Lou.s, accompanied Mrs. Orr will also conduct me-jyeare ago. iGucciorie, state hospital chair- by their sponsor Mrs. Patricia ! Guccione, j man. A dinner preceded the formal and a dancing party con- morial sen-ices in tribute to the _..,«,i late Mrs. F. Edward Todd, a Auto *>*™*** former president. \ Bert Seago, 920 E. 6th St., Meeting arrangements are be-j ported to police Sunday mgmj c j uded the evening, ing made by Mrs. Hale Jones and;that someone had broken the her committee. ' "' " I Frey. Attending were Roger Low- cry, Kenneth Pearson, Ruth Ann Mygatt and Janet Sticht. : aerial off his car sometime be- Plans for the annual spring ban- j tween 7:15 and 11:29 p.m. He quet will be discussed, Mrs. j said the car was parked in front Charles Gabbert, president, re-jof his house when the vandalism porti. (occurred. East Alton to Impr Lighting of Streets C7 C? ove Plan Carrollton Clinic for April 13 CARROLLTON — The second in a series of pre-school clinics for i children who will enter kinder said, and Sullivan was taken; to a local physician for examination, j Powell was issued two traffic j tickets, one for wrong lane us-, age and one for having no valid i driver's license. MUNICH. Germany—Additions! j space will be prepared for ex-; hibits at the 1962 Nuremberg international toy fair. Now there's a Beauty rest for you, designed by Simmons to provide customized ileeping comfort. Whether you choose the new quilted Beautyrest or the regular tufted model, you enjoy the body-fitting comfort of Beautyresfs individual coil construction. Separated independent springs provide single-bed comfort even in a double bed. The heaviest husband can't disturb his wife's rest.. there's no rolling together. And Beautyrest cost* less to own. In durability tests conducted by the United States Testing Company, Beautyrest lasts three times longer than ordinary connected coil mattresses. To have the sleeping surface you want in the firmness you want and in supersize models too, better buy Beautyrest. Killam and Tucker Win Seats on Dist. 15 Board WOOD RIVER — Incumbents I Killam, 319; Tucker 228; McAow Uarten or first grade in Septcnv Byron Killam and C. L. Tucker'143 and Boger 34; Precinct 2; j jber will be held at Carrollton won the two seats on Grade School ^illam 70; Tucker 13; McAdow 7 (Grade School gynasium Thursday District 15 Board of Education;^ pr ]M . i April 13. from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday defeating Ronald Me- ... 4 - « i Second immunixation shots will Adow and Melbourn Boger. A re-organizational meeting of, be given. Physical examinations Killam received 419 votes out of the school board will he held Tues- EAST ALTON — An extensive i support the new lishts instead of will also be HUP" to all children a total of 520 cast. He collected day night preceedmg the regular street liehtinc improvement pro-!"* 1 renlnr wooden' poles. Mayor entering kindergarten or first 3-19 in Precinct 1. Lewis-Clark board meeting. ' st.eet lighting unp^ement pro ^ ^ ^^ »" gradf g| Carro |, ton or St . John ' s School and 70 in Pret-inct 2, Wood-, - ' gram is scheduled to start soon ^ ^^ lights schools. Those who are present- row Wilson School, Hartford. ft..*^!-. «!!• locally. Mayor Charles Vanpreier vvji) be jll;ital | ed a , 200 foot inter- ly in kindergarten will not need Tucker received 341 votes, 91, If ••••JW IjT rtii* and Leon \\ilson, manger of va [ s u , residential and light com- another physical examination at more than McAdow, who receiv-j Illinois Power Co. announced to-meicial areas and at 100 foot in-!this time. ed 150. Boger trailed the field' day jtervals ir. the heavier commerci-j The last clinic of the series will with 138 votes. i Many incandescent street lights I al areas. 'be May 11. Votes cast in Precinct 1 were: j will be changed to make way tor j The new lights will be spaced at 20.000 lumen mercury vapor 100 loot intervals on St. Louis lights. The present incandescent avenue from Smith street to the lights on St Louis avenue from G.M&O viaduct and at Uis "Is- HaJler to Niagara street at the lands." "Islands' intersection is one ma^ A totaJ of 70 mercury vapor Jot- area to be changed. i lights will be installed to replace Other areas where the conver- \ 62 of the incandescent type lights skins will be effected include: now being used. The lights now Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain SKINNY FIGURES WITHOUT »Vf t|*TIM IT ftMuur. thw >•« Yw*. •• V. <»»•*»•» - For DM Main street from St. Louis aveiuv in us* range from 4,000 to 6.000J * rit tiln * K "" C4 ' ht * . foutn<J '_! > -*5 to Berkshire and on Berkshire lumens as contrasted with the fft»J the end of Main to Wood j new 20,000 lumen lights. River avenue. I Prelirninar> engineering for the In the aiea oi Berkshire between change-over has been completed Wilshire X'Ulage and Mall oenten» 10 ornamental type standards will be used to '1 Wilson said and the project, to start soon, should be. completed by June 1. h*»ling »ub»t»nc4 with Ut* iib>n« »bility to tbrink htnior- rfcoidi, (top itchmj, •ad r«li*v« MID - without turgery. IB C»M »ft«r C»M, wbil» y«atljr F«li*vir,g p»in, »ctu»l r»duct»9» (»Jir!nk»g«i took pl»ct Vo»l •0>»»>D« of «U-IMVlt> WM« EiniiUioo o»T»H»U.. Wttf-On. Putt on po b«tolid|MhorqMm*..__.. & wm-rk? » f•**•»* b "i l 2iai pi^f VttUUD4 ( MJBfMtf •At) DM13 •o thorough th»t tu*cr«rt m»4t < »utn»au. Ho«9it*l tMt*4. rwt-«r« •«tooi»bin« suuntnU like "Pilw h«v« cMtcd to bt • problem!" . i tft fu O ui' Tb« Mcrtt U » new he*ling mk- j WJJ & tune* (Bio-Dyne»)--di*cov«rjr tf "*" « world f»mou§ re»«»rch inktitut*. Tbn >ub>Unct it now «v«iUblt - : is vuppoiitory or ui»tm««t /«r«i > ead<r tin D»m* ^r«paratt«» ii% ! fSfVSui 'Wttt-<iTl t • 4t 41 to* •*»>•<•. | |, ^JHy Bf||| , |frt| NO DOWN PAYMKNT 36 MONTHS TO PAY FRCI PARKING IN RIAR OP MAIN STORE 6IAUTYRIST feMMtoMiyfcr SIMMONS CHWARTZ, 22 v M W. IH/liJMJN -V/i . . V\(H»|

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