Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 6, 1972 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1972
Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Sept. 6, 1972 CLAWED By Lttrry Lewis AU, MY THOUSMTS CWTH|WR ANSWERS Final Examloday ADVANCED ESP MOOSE By Bob Weber WE REA.LLV \ V'i EU3OYED OUR- \ \ SELVES, BUT ITfe GETTING LATE, SO V/E / BETTER BE i, RUNNING ALONG/ I TMOLVSHT I DETECTED ETHEL AMD -3OE STIPLIN6 A, YAWrJ THE WIZARD OF ID By Parker and Hart A Vfe?2.|T-4Et.E F&UHTAtti SMIDGENS By Bob Cordray VKNOW, OFFICER^ I'VE OFTEN WONDEREP WHAT VDU PID BEFORE I YOU 6OT INTO LAW ENFORCEMENT V -N WELL, I USED TO BE A / WHV'P ^ VETERINARIAN WITH / you HANG A LARGE ZOO I , TU pp C VOU EVER TRY TO DRE AN ELEPHANT WITH 5INU5 TROUBLE? TIGER By Bud Blake W14ATKU6oWlU.Se THE SMITH FAJVDXY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman N'H MILES HEKE..OM H'SHWAY 1 SHORT RU5S By Frank O'N 7 eal I A W£RDV OP BUFFALO// Ti^S \VOULDNT HAPPEN RUN'MNS BlPFALO, !F>OL)'P &.IFFALO- QUINCY Bv Ted Shearer TO PLASTER \ SRANNY'S KITCHEN CEILIN7 S SEE NOVV... J TrilKK «y VOTE WOULP (30 TO Tri£ ONE WHO'P PROMISE... PROMISES PROSPERITY today's FUNNY 9-6 Today's FUNNY will pay $1.00 for each original "funny" used. Send gags to: Todfly'j FUNNY, 1200 W«f Third St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. Xtll Me By A. LKOKUM HHERK DOES TAPICOA COME FROM? Win The New Book of Knowledge ( 20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age. address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. Jn case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: ANDREA STOUT, 11, East Orem, Utah The tapicoa pudding you enjoy so much has a very interesting source. It comes from the roots of a large shrub that grows in the warm countries of the world. The shrub is called "manioc" or "cassava". The roots of the manioc plant contain about one-third starch and two-thirds water. They also contain prussic acid, which is a poison. This poison is removed by peeling the root and th'en by soaking them or cooking them. To make tapioca, the roots are grated. The gra'ed root is mixed well with very clean water, and then left to stand. The pure starch grains slowly settle to the bottom. The starch is then taken out and mixed with clean water again and the process is repeated four or five times. When the starch is perfectly clean it is spread on a metal plate and cooked over the fire. As the starch grains cook they stick together to form little balls. After the pure starch is cooked it is called tapicoa. In the United States and Em-ope tapioca is used to make pudding or two thicken soups and sauces. Pure manioc starch that has not been cooked is known as tapicoa flour. It is used to give a finish to cotton cloth, to make adhesives such as are used on postage stamps. It is often mixed with other foods in such products as breakfast cereals and fish food. FUN TIME The Riddle Bos 1. On what side of a cup should the handle be placed 0 2. What is yours but is used more by other than yourself 3. What is brought to'the table and cut but never eaten'.' ANSWERS 1. The outside. 2. Your name. 3. A pack of cards. Win a Now Book of Knowledge Yearbook for Writing About "THE GREATEST WOMAN IN HISTORY" Which woman do you think was the greatest in history'' Write a letter about it and you may win a New Book o f Knowledge Yearbook. Entries must be addressed "Woman", Tell Me Why, and give your name, age, address. A n s w e r to yesterday's Puzzle Box: Salem (Sail M). Mass. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Puddles, Jokos; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner is: Jimmy Wilkins, Columbus, Ohio. AMANDA PANDA By Marcia Course WHENEVER WE 60 FOR A RIDE, 'WE KEEP OUR HEADS AND HANDS INSIDE/ DAVID CRANE By Winslow Mortimer KNOW, JACKIE, w- AND VM GOING TO BE W I'M S06LAI? XflU'KE A CHEERLEADER, 7 PE6INNIAI6 TO SHOW INTEFTEST IN SCHOOL. , THERE'S. JIKT THE. REASON 1 SIGNEP FOR ENGLISH LITERATURE KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola RIO ANCHO, PRIVER/ AMP PON'T LOSE NOW THERE'S A PRETTX PUZZLE/ WHO'S THE PONY WORKING WITH .."THECALYPSO KIP" BE SMART TO TALK THIMSS OVER HERE... BEFORE I WENT TO THE CLUB, "CUE BALL"/ " AFTER A \ RIOANCHO TEPIOUS WAIT. \ HOTEL LEFTY SEES "CUE BAIL;' APAMS AMP FPANKIE ARRIVE.. By George Sixta WE'RE NOTTAL.KIN TO EACH OTHER THIS I'VE GOTTA CUT THAT WEEK — WE'RE MAD W1NTHROP By Dick Cavalli WELL, INEVECV/eAR OUT A PAIR OF SHOES... I'VE BEEN THF •SAME SHOES RPR NOT VERV eCJENmFIC PRACTICAL. WHAT WOULD SCU HAVECVERUS EARTH LINSS COA/NHER& FOSTER? By Carl Anderson True Life Adventures TSON<SOS \\MU_ CopyriRln© 1972 Walt Disney rtixlnciions WuilJRiflilsRHcn-cJ I IN THE: T 1 iOi3 / i-lSTEM ANX1OU3LV 'RD'K * v ~'^-±j*f SOUMt7 ^'F •FL<3\VIWA WXTE7? SELOW. ,?>• \ ^' r-:^-^^»u^^^^^^^py^ LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE •HDH01 V 'ANOd '9 '3AIJ > 'AO8MOD 'C 'S '3AIH339 'I—U^OQ 'i3HDiVH '8 'OiOHd '9 "NMO1D 'S 'dlVD '£ 'SVNVNV8 'I — ssojjy =sa3MSNV Sidney Oman r FORECAST FOR THUJISDAY The Leo woman b romantic, enjoys the sun, can be radiant is dramatic, exudes charm usually gets her own way, is physically drawn to Sauiitarlus men, often marries Aquarius, travels with Aries, gets into stimulating discussions with Libra men and makes money with Virgo. She can be extravagant but seldom will take advantage of a man who is down on his luck. ARIliS (March LM - April 19)Avoid excess speed in traffic. Being headstrong now could cause costly delay. Take time to complete transaction. Don't leave loose (breads. Another Aries may be in picture. Share knowledge and exchange ideas. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): tmphasi.-; is on accelerated activity in areas of romance creative endeavors, children. Tendency K to be impulsive and extravagant Leo individual could plav key role. Be adventurous, not foolish. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) • Follow through on hunch. Learn by teaching. Prod yourself into achieving quality. Don't settle for second - rate effort. Be selective Choose quality. Accent Is on home- family, conclusion of controversial assignment, issue. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Take precautions where directions reservations are concerned Do some double checking. Neighbors, relatives are apt to be impatient Stress versatility. Be receptive to expansion plans. Sagittarius is in picture. LEO (July 23-Aug 22): Financial area is activated. Long-distance communication, transaction is featured. You learn. You gain through writing, publishing and . advertising. Nothing is apt to remain the same. Grow with the times. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept. 22)- Deal with Gemini. Sift through propo=- als, ideas. Cycle is such that you get break, find opening. Take lead now and set pace. Enthusiastic rel- *oscope wrong ,„. LIBRA (Sept. ^a- tuir orfurs Is of .. tleinaiHls responsihl,. ,. a I i cl . Don t play games witli ^c r •' Hinds roulcl be tn.siod o y ,' S * you can :U |,UM SCORPIO (Oct. -'(.Nov. •'!)• Ue ware of one ulio sings blues' -it" ffi' S lo ., en .B ulf yo« In "loud . I Uismay. PtM-luct leclinifiucs Hue your own counsel. Plsc-ts indlv.di al could provide inspiration AL Bi-csswc H-iL-nd should be forgiven. .SAGITTARIUS (Nov. -'.I - Dor ^1): Hnve, creutivc oiu-ruv a. •'. K-aturcd. Personal m; unelis , ioars. Members of opposiic' SL-X "u P cei 4 ^'", 'H > v° lL Si " es "bllitv is a : n H , L ' Y<H1 eet - vour own way Bu^t lake care m askiny-be scleo CAPRICORN (Deo. ••••-. \ an ]'()• • i ,k' ,rf na „. (Hili^c Knowledge. Lon;;. distance communications is featuTe I v ;, ^rorifn" lislu 10 P ro "eJd' w, pioiuable project. In nei'son , area, you get rid of burden. AQUARIUS (Jan. 'JO foundation. Mate, par ""- Rlie 1M- m e lential. Marriage, relations up,' , ^Jecr^ed'er^o^atiolV'-- IF TOUAY IS YOUR BIRTH- U-V» vou are an individual who perceives, heeds I''; , is nt and who w n, , btlt "-'-' «»* "i P v K ' 01 ' n pe ' SL " 1 ' mi v S Wl Pay lolc. 'lou are seettive seiisi live, imaginative and nof al a fc-s.v .to know. You are special!

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