The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 21, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1927
Page 5
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%3 WiuJt Ibis Gwie Before. Ciarrctt! ^b]som in iitabbcci to death while gwinnninc ut Ocean Town, N. J. It 18 believed that the d^atb K 'eapon was. a pichaq. an Oriental knife, and thai it was purchased on tbe Ijoardwalk. -Folsoni*!! bathing compHnipns had been Roger N'evillt*. a bnsi- ness partner; Mrs. Helen Barua- h.v and'Carmelila yaldou. Anastaiiia Folsom, eccentric and mjuitcrful sister of the dead man, takes; coiiinianil, and it| is cstablifihed;" that oiie I Croydon Sears is a faucierl of! curious weapons. Sears KilDiits buying two knives but not the pichaq. Ana.sta.sia eneagcs Titus Ripgs-. I witli tlie doll, an architect, to wort qn the case. I Yet it wan only the adbiratlon of ui child who loved dol s. mln- Kl'-'d with the natural feml ilne.'de- li;;ht Oi.pxquisito tabricR 4iul bar- mniiinuH t'oior.-*. "I'eltoii gave you one if these dolls. I hear," he «ald. "\Maa it as pretty {IS these V*' •Ueautlful!" Myrtle tiiruled rapt e.v(;.'» to hini. "It was. the ^ne Mr. Koisuni loved best. .Mr. Pdton li't inc take my choice and so I took that one. Oh. ifs beautifi^l. "Will you'let nic sec it. Where is, it?"' i I. •In niy room. Yes, sir. it.' She went away and i miM if I came in here and; played 'wl'li the doHs. so long as touch anythiuBi else. ;Thi|- is th- oni! ho s'ave niei Isn't she lovelyr' doll in! speech- "This is; my hoin- off." Dan Pelton, t^blsoip's nephew, ar- j pluined. ".Mr. IVIton said ij • rives and is puzzled by the eur- ima French dolls In his uncle's rooms. . • Croydon Sears sends- for Fleming ptone. famous defective. He f*.-lls him Kolsom had been *la(k- thailin.i; hini and he had lieil at the inqnest but ^ns innocent. Stone meets others'of the circle. -Including Ned Barron and ; his itifn. .Madeline, who puzzles hira. i Iloljin Sears, son of Croydon, is .surpri.sed when,' Stone men- tJons'the d611s KoKsoni ha <l ow'^Jcd. •• Later. Stone, after talkluV ^to MoHK the dead man's valet, questions a bellboy, who says Kols <iin, t.n his-arrival at llic hotel, had seemed to recognize tlic Bar- ions, and the Searses. .\ow Go <Mi niUi the Merv. Myrtle-; I'll get cturned she cM- c didnit I 'don't it r ' him or sonieliody he loved: I talked to it and said]: 'You — .-((U shaM b(; uiiiie a.£;ajin -and i forever V orlsomo such w itJiat. Oh. yVs. he loved ibe -^t." "Jt .\nd .^^rtU- s;tw that the d real vlranBer. Weill none ot this meant much, but It all went to prove that Madeline Brirron had a secret t.ronblc that waa not jibarod by her boa- baud or lior neoresl friends. • Anyway, it bM to be looke^ into, and perhaps—rand ^Stone hoped—it would turn otit to mean nothing and the doli^'a! reiuanblance to the lady be' the me^'cst c|iance. A brisk bike on the boardwalk .seeme4 to be indicated, and with a sigh Stone went out to take it. M he pa.sscd the squad of empty chairs at the great hotel entrance :• sudden thought struck him. He turned to the group of idle but alertly watchful chair-pushers, and said:. "Ijiaten sharp here, boys, any of you take Mr. Folsom out in STOCKPRICES GO UP TODAY Early Breaks Reduced With ^ift From Rails J Ihdusiriais. $11.20: medium ilgbt 111.20(81 1.95; Cattlc.l 16,0M: very scarce: bulk |S. weighty meaty buffa realers ttiosti] |l(j packers: few 1 1 |I1 |12.5O0> 13.50. Sheep.! 9,000; AUTOMOTIVE 10.40; slaughte -.plgt Hj .OO^il .SO. $9.50«i)lll.0«; stjackerii and feeders JI0499.00; most around Stl .75; l.OO01O.5tf to ,00; Outsiders J-' fat lambs $14.65015.40: hi . 14.83; cbofee hpary ' f 13.50; deck ol ext 12.30; choice handy height clipped Igitfbs hfid ab) steady: niediun: $8,000^9.00. ( hicaco (•rain. 21.— Juljf Fleming Stone took the i his bauds and stared at itl For ^ mo|nent he was i less. Then he said: 'Did you tell me .this Wiis .Mr.! in no chajr that night, but he came i FolsoniH favorite?'' \ . .. • i "Yes. sir. 1 think mindeii For he Ire mine S irds as lis one )U W;is illie vciy image of .Madelin'e Bar! roil. "<;o away now. .Myrtle." 6lou(j I .«aid. .spoakinp, as she said after; ward, like a man in a dreaii). "do away. .Myrll". litT'.-. take your doll. They f!-du't -see: hiiu: they wen-; .Myrtle glanced at him shi laughing and' lalking together, liiit ' \Miat had happeOeil'.' This tb Hiiything like jJettiiig or jSomi )l .incp. but a boy wouljl not CH.AJPTER XLVI. "Well. I don 't k^iow aiiyihjiis about that." said ihe fat bellboy, ij rlaresay .Mr. Pelton will giye you "hut Folsoni waited over for an-, another, li he doeiin't 1 will. But other c;ir whileibe looked at them, j go away now." .' him sharply.; man | h'- couldn't a'a been more koi- "as iioi ihu sort to have sudden I fluniniexed it [led seen the Old. fits of illness, nor did he look ill.; Nick liinM ^clf." • • ' "Hut there was no choice for her. "Was he unplt •a^^aIltly surpiised".'" Stone said so, aid she \yentJ Then "I .don't think so. sir. lie didn't Fleming Stone began to piece Kfcm either glau or snrr.v. tspi^! Ihiiigs together. cially. only, jufji struck. That's all.!'I Carretl Folsom had doll^j who "Well, tliat doesn't ( seem to. looked like.- the women hi' amount to niuch," Stone sighed {loved. The one he hud declared h? • wt-arily. "Hello, here's .Myrtle. AVe lovfd bc .-t was the exact im^gc of Koeni to get clean towi-Is ever/ hodt; .Madeline Barron, on-the hour." . - • .Moreover. F'olsom had de "That i.^int wh.vt .Myrt .shows up: that this doll, the one that so frequent."' Tubby said; and,'jlike .Mrs. Barron, was his laughing, he went away. 'Jove, and] that he would yctj •.Myrtle." the dctedive tiai;l to ' lier for his own again. ' the, chambermaid. "1 suppose you This iniplieil that he ha^ ikn^w nothing of .Mr. Folsom thalrimerly loved hei^ ami— you haven't told, do you?". J. Where wa.s it all leading •"Not a spick -speck." ilfdarrcl the ' Clearly. .Myrtle Iwd neve; girl. "Wish 1 did. I 'd be rich if I nocted the appearance of th could "answer th»> qncstiniit; that's'wjMi the beautiful .Mr.s. tiarron. been flre<i at. me ever since the j But then. Myrtle doubtlesK .did not poor man .lied." ; know Xladeline. The. B:|rrons' "He was nici" to you'.'" j rooms were not on Myrtle's "He was a gentleman, .Mr. Kol-|and the girl had no way of feeeing som was. He was nice, if you • her. as her duties ly^ver ttx|k her mean geiW^roys with his money and 'to ll -.e li>unBe or dining room polite-maftncre'd. But if you mean ^ Tnl>by might perceive <'i chair the uigbt be was here? You know, the man who was killed in the ocean." " ' "Nope,", and "No, sir."; came from various disinterested biearers, and Scone was about, to go on bis way. when the sight i>f bis hand suggestively in his pocket stirred- the memory qf one 1 of tbo pushmen. "I say. Boss." ho vofuutcered, 'that .Mr. Folsoin. be didn't go out home in one." | [" "What •/" Stone's hand sank deeper in hisi pocket and some r<-o!ns clinked pleasantly. • "Don't make up anything, now^ tliat won't do." "No, sir." and the earnest voice bctakened. triith. "but that gentleman, he iame righti here to this door, about the middle of (be evening. Say 'bout ten o'clock." "WaK he alone?" "Vss. sir. al.l alone." "There's a dollar; my man. and If yoii cau find for iiie the chair man who brought lilin here, I'll double it." ' - fill Ke ( onfiilued) New York, .Mar. 21. fAPl — Switching of speculative interest from the industrials to the rai^ gave today's stwk market a firmer undertone.. Eiirly breaks of 2 to 5 Itoints in a number of industrials and specialties wer* substantially reduced or'wiped ont by the end of the third hour, but trading was j rather dull on the rally. The unexpectedly low figure <if Did j cotton TUAiiIhgs for the 1926-27 • crop, which brought about a rally | of $2.50 to $.1 a hale in <-otton fu-' tiires. was generally construed as bullish on tlie stock niiarket, also. The sudden demand for the rails waii not associated with anything spe'cjal in the day's news but was regardeil as the iisual maneuver qf profes.sional operators whpu the iiS- dustrial' group goes stale. • 'Despite the success of bear traders in tinsettlin a number of iinliis- trials and specialties in the early lradin.g. pool activities were con- j at 40:{ South slfreet. tinned.<n a number of specialties.! Oils tended to heaviness as the: Bert Kaulve. r-^snU of another cut .in export; fined to his hon Chicago, .Mar .May $l .:i4'i.f/ H Sept. $i .27U'f«" Corn:! May 7 fpMc: Sept. S2 iOata: .May 44 Sept: 43".ac. 'Uyc: May 9!>f»f»',: and Septi 94V2( Miss i Edna 1'ie ofl 'tuisa. Okla- iionia is visiting in t e. .<!0.- gasoline prices. .Motors sold down \ nut street on aifcounij at the. start (111 the airnouncement, recovering nice that Henry F^ord had cut prices on ; the Lincoln ear :ind of .riimors ibat ; Kathleen I'o\| he would shortly brin^ out a two; Powers of 411 cylinder Ford model, but they lal-j who havii been lied later under the leadership of arc getting hloii General .Motors and Hudson. [ ! J- Mr. and .Mrs. Kun^as City Ilnv. children of nea the home of } y\'hy did .Hadeliue Barron deny l;n <Mving Kol-idni? And wliy lUd FolMini luive aldolt In ber iniiicef .Stone is nPHfini; the solution now. :Ka:isi.s City. -Mar. 21. <APi—Hay steady: 121 cars.^ Alfalfa .N'o. 1. $19.0uir/2i).';o: prairie .\o. 1. $1I .U0 ^il.VoO; timothy >iu. 1. Slu.Ki: clover mixed liglit .\"o. 1. $14 .0U& Ul.uU. '. ent":. Mr. jand of 714 Sciuth yi'-sterday. Waynr- Osborne of lared ookeii best . have for- cons doll re- no." ' . j uctico such things. ' ".Still, vou only saw him once: For a moment Stone wak so or twice?" • ? jshock 'Hl. so upset by the ,istas "That'f all sir. hut we girls size' oi)pning before his troubled mag- a man in less time than that.: in>!fhm. that he was teml)t^d to • up froni And Mr. Folsom, he wasn't the sort | call Myrtle Irack. buy the doll to h--' slllv that way. The only} he<- and burn it up. Pillv ways he bad was this doll! Yet he could not. in ho4esty. rarkpt." [suppress such a definite lead. She-looked around at the dolls, i. He shrank from the job of >iill scaUeicd about the room. antT ing things together, but It hid to going to t)ne of them changed Its i be done. position to what she deemed a more plrlureRquc pose. . | "Yot 're fbn^ of thehi?" Stone said, as 'she Hngered-! the short skirts and long slim pegs of the doll. "1 love '.vm.'' she d<|' u baby I was ;always dolls. I had •• dozcnH Sycamore ; St ree with • Mr. and .••outli of the citj of Wa cropped blond hiiir, wis known f^r her tjvacious. jolly mancier and was ofte:i sought at the neighborhood parties. Tlie husband was pt a more retiring! disposition. According to the story Mrs. Snyder told tbc police ^e returned borne fronj a "rather I wild party" •wltb her husband and theli* daughter at 1:.'!0 a. m.. Siinday. They went to bed at .2:15 o'clock. "Somebody went down and let Gray in" Mr.t. Snyder is reportnl to h'ave said- She talked for a while with Gray waj* decided that the latter should kill her biii- band, the police reported. Snyder, was struck by an. iron bar while he was asleep. Then to simulate robber.v. all the furniture in the house was turned topsy-turvy and j Snyder's pocketbook containing $110 was taken. Mrs. Snyder's pe«rls were-hidden utider the'mattress of the bed and she had Grayibind her. As further devii-e to mislead ,the policei a torn Italian ncwspbper was left on the floor. At Syracuse, N. Y.. Gray, a dapper, apparently unperturbed indi-; hnn>as t ily (irnln. Kalisas City. .Mai. 21 (AP( , Wheat; Heeeipts 1:5:5 cars; market I E. G. (rarroll. unchanged to 'jc lower. No. 2 dar-k ! ('.. and .Mrs. .Ataiide jhard $1.27'i.® 1.34'-..; -No. :! $1.27ifi i Durant. Oklahoria. who! l..'?3; No.-2 hard il.'27' 1.34 ; No.! here by the der 3 $1 .27 (fil.33; .\o. 2 red $ 1.25>ii mother. .Mrs. .M:i 1.27; .\o. 3 $1;25'?<1.26. of LaHarpe. Corn unchanged. .\o. 2 white | homes today. iatoiubbnes for Sale, II JGOOIJ USEK CAKS— 1926 Httdson coach with -extras; 1924 Maxwell- sedan; Ford tourings; Buick tour­ ings at bargain prices. Marr Anto Supply Co.. Buick De.-Uers. ^ flQ.8O0tl.75: lt«bt light uikr ^bnllodts , bulk |-avy jl^mbs |14J25^ clipped lambs teme weight LAHARPElAND ITS CITIZENS Sha. Hazel Fer^koni Spcwls Week i End In Lcfey-i-B^B L. JTar- til risiU|uriHer&| LAHARPE. Kalns., -Maj-. 21.— Miss Hazel Fergerson visited her parents and siateir in Leroy over ili^ week end. Rev. L. Martin is here for an indefinite visit wlttf his daughter. 6.\KLAND — Dealers — PONTlXC '24 Ford roadster: "22 Ford conpe. good; 'IS Ford coupe,'cheap; '22 Hudson sedan, good shape; '21 Studebaker 4-pass. coupe, fine shape; '26 Chevrolet coach, fine shape; '22 Dodge coupe, good; '23 Dodge icoupe. Some other ; vei-y cheap cars. Cash, terms or trade. Hobart-Steele .Motor jCo. . 1925 OVERLAND SEDA.N —1926 Chrysler •'58" coupe. 1926 Chrysler "TO'' sedan; 1925 Essex coach; 1922 Overland sedan; 192.) .Maxwell Ciub se<lan; 1926 Fonl roadster: 1923 .Maxwell Club coupe; 192« Chrysler "58" coach; 1926 Chrysler "60" coach. ^ Roi<« Ar- bucklc's Garage. Chrysler Dealers. Phono 56. PAGE Fiyg IJVK'SI'UCK BABY CHICKS-JReds. 11c; Leghorn, Idc; ifin* 24. 28 Cnstpm batching. 5c pec >lr«. EGG."^— Purebred batching. E. Ph-,iie; 994-2'2. EGG^— 'pure brid white aoitin for hatchSng. |3.0* ptr 100; alsolgeejse egg»l 10c each] Mrs. V. n EGG^ -White Wjiandotte, first and secolid premiaik Allen Connty' Fairi high egg produclns .stock: 'J 1»2« FORD TOI-'RING—.New wire 'wheels, new balloon tires, new blue paint, good top, good condition every way. GuaranlcetL Easy ternv. .McCarthy Motor Co.. 212 South Washington. Phone 893. Into Aecessoijles. Tires, Faiti IS FORD ROADSTER BODY— 1932 model. Used parts of all kinds, lola Auto Wrecking Co. Phone 782J BUSINESS SERVICE B M I O;SS. SerTlces OSeried 18 >vc $k4.00; sheep .Mrs. John Garvcyi to gpod fat eVes Leo Ashley will be off duty for a! few days on account of a sprained | ankle. ".j—^We have a loadj of p»lnt in our L'lo.Me: Wheat 'window. Guess th© value of It and $1.29',2ff/%'; [win a prize. Inqaire at store for i particulars;—Kerr I Hardware. Vic;' July 78=4 McVey fs slowly im, ' proving after a relapse from the :'; July 45c; measles. ' j- . ! iMr.s. J. W. Spangler received tho July 97«ic ' • of. the j death of her ; brother at Oarfielu. Kansas. ! Mr. anil .Mrs. tlinilam Snodgrass I received a letter from their daugh: ter Alice, saying j she had been operated on'at Pi^eblo. Colorado. —A" Lacquer demonstration will Tulsa. Okla- tie Paul home [who has been con- South Chest- of illness, is >• ers Drouth "ll of g UiCf LEE. CLARK—And Son. carpenter*, work by hour or; contract. T ..eaiTc word at Brigham Hardware. CORR TRANSFER ca—Packing, storaze. long distance bauUnc. Reasonable rates j Phone 140. ; Fr«fes8i«bal Scrrieefl as SURGERY —Medicine. X-ray. Dr. P. LenskL Pbones: office. 886; residence. 112fW. EMPLOYlVreNT Help IVanted—Female 33 ni;day. March 26. iby a Devoe representative. Briiig some article and have it Lacquered free. enced. Kelley Hotel. Call in person. GIRL OR WOMAN—To help with iiouscwork on farm. Phone ftU2-42. A, T... Townsend. Zoning Ordinance Right JIS * Approved > WASTED-Housekeeper and office f wiltry and SByylkiB TYnbey, loli R. 3. Pb". 942P23.:; ^nd 31. cbick. Buff Rock^ for,' BrovnJ Iota. Wyan-. Esiep.' hone 980-31. $3,001 per hundr^ed. Mrs., Arrajicost. Phoiie 998P21. Bruce <gl HIGHEST MARKET—Prlc«« ftM for {cream, egffs and ponltrf.. Onr track and thicken coops aw Kt i^e aervicelto pick bp pool- try. Barker Produce Co. Pba , QUALITY ELECTRIC HATCHBRt, Gas City, Kans. | Custom hatchiaK. 3c p^r egg, or 5c per cblcki. fla^ • chicks, heavy bAced, $llf.per lOd; J Hght^ breeds. $l(jjO per lOQ. VaDtc4— LiT «it0ck so; PASTURE—Qpen-April first tor;^ catth; popular prices. Not rei?- spon rible for brtetrhy stock. J. 3. KeefX Kentucky road half mils., WANTED TO BUjY—All kinds eat- Biatcber.. POOL aad <-hea Axtl«Ie« for SalcT WOOD—For sale. $2.50 In ill or $3.25 jdelivercd. ; -A- J .'il CHir ."«K timhcr Swintord, Phonls 518. TABLF ;—l?ninswk-k. cues, good Icondltion. Inquire balls- prieeid' IConsolidat^d Ce- mentl rorporation. Mildred. Fnel, Feed, FerUllMra WELI ROTTED flowt rs, gardens Butciier. Kans.; .MA.\'URJ&—For i and lawns! Hoaseliold Goods J. C. FUR>flTURE—Oil stoves and coofc stoves: c -afload {high ^prade used furniture justarrivcd^from Kansas City. Sate one-half, easy -pay, meur.s. free dcIiVery . Curtis Bar- . gkin Store, LaHkVpe. iiid FiKr.Mi,. ' Washingtont March 21. (AP)— sfue strm i °' niunfclpalilies to en,,' , ''"^f^'^^'I act zoning ordinances W?<J uic J"eubies.. j^jjjg^ the|supi;eme conrt today i in' a case from .'»1innp.'inoj>s ly- H.- r. Carlvj rs. \\\ Wrs. Jl > Yashin \yebbcr and j e visited at !pbl)er 's par- O. .Meyers ttoii avenue visited ^Irs. 'J ytste th of AUCTIONS AnctlobB lOA "help ;coinbiued, age 2."> to o-"). Good credentials necessary. Dr. M. B.j Roberts, Gridley. Kan?. ' GAS R.\.\GES-I]arge size, . ruSt proof oven, all lite ^improvements, $3S.5). Henningcr's Store, West Madi -on street. WOM.\N—Wanted at once to housework, mijst be able to cook. One with knowledge of practical nursing desired, though not essential. .\pply in person. 207 Soiuli Sycamore, f^one 14-'G. — jRA.N'GE — Good; coal and ; wocM do I rang!, cheap. .1425 .North Cottonwood Phone 13fe2W: 1 PUBLIC AUCTIONVBublic auction ; _ Help Wanted-.Hii.le 215 South Sunday ss .N'ichols. rday. phlngton. D. laygood. of were called heir grand- ry Williams, south Returned to their I. Tt. Courtney and every'Saturday at; 1:00 o'clock at i poRTER WWTEU—\t ; Bishop's Sales PayHion. j Kelley Hotel. once Call in person. RCGSf-HousccIeaning time means j q down Congoleum Rugfe. to soil. iBryson's Furnl- tore. 1 ' ^ - rSItnatlons IVanted—Female idared. ".Xs (razy about he hud asked her a few simple of them,' I"*"-"''"'"' about it. she had becoim* ihi.ngh none. :<>f course, except' so nervously excited us to bb al- ..\..^ ,..»..^ '...-• I »..«„.! mnut liVHterifjil cheap one.-). And eve i 'as ' I grew (ilder I didn't duigrow my loVe for dolls. Then, H few years ago. ih<jse began to he the t^age. I liav< two or three, but they are not the ••vpeiislve - kind." like ihesi-. You know, they miike imitations that iir" <|tllte dear, but liothliiK of Ihl-^ vidual, maintained his innocpncc. First he thought ui> evcryihing j is a corset sallesnian. and h.-s he knew about .Madeline Ba-ron. a wife and family. A flat denial If wasn't much, but It was defin- fd' from his lipsi Gray admitted j(p - j he knew .Mrs. Snyder and had had To begin with, he rememllered ; relations with her,ibut'sald he "had her unwillin ?Mess to talk-oil the [been too smart," everi to visit her subject of Folsom's death. When 1 home. mnv -t hysterical. Then, when, be '.lad taxed wltb this, site had declared itj because she »aa sympathetic K'ljsom'n sister and nephew, iiirtlier probing had brough ail: attsertion iHat hex iinresj iM-.-^aife of worry lest Cr Furniture Dealers' Jury Isj Pismissed. 71©72»*ic: No. 3 6C»-..(li70«-jc: .\o.' son. Reggie, of I ittsburk. who were 2 yellow 73(f«75c: .No. :: 7'2f/74c: also hefe for th* fune^l of Mr. .No. 2 mixed 70ti73c: No. 3 eti'-j-S j t'onrtney's niother-ln-law. Mrs. 701^0. ! Williams. returned po'nc this Oats unchanged to Ic higher, morning. Ko. 2 white 46<S.49c: .No. :; 44S47c.i : - ^, , ^,j„ , , , Mflo maize $1.13fl 1.22. i Mr Floyd Llliott earned by • Kafir-$1 040 117 telephone frnni Ottawa this morn- Rye 93(ft94c '"f^ '^""'^ roals boosters Barliiv 154/ 76c i Franklin co inty h ive started Qloslf Wheat:'.May old $127>i: ""^ today with! petitions for the 'ronstructlon pf.j ccmer t road from line to Otta- road law the the benefit dis- Uani»H nir I Iii><«toek 'would haivp to .nay only 15 hjnsii'. (Ity LHesotk^ , ,^ cost ;V the road Kamrar t .ty..Mar. --il-.<« • ^ ;!,hd those who are of lAgriculf.ire)-Hogs ..OOO; ma. -, p ^3„^„„ ^ ^^^^ kct un?vi:u; lights and butc.iers Ulose: Wheat: .May oin ^IM,>,-^:\""- ^ •• •— May new $1.26%: July $1.22. ''orn: | ["f''"'^tion pf ; «f ^^p'-""!!:': rnd ^'iu.rndi^ _'''*'' i liroperty ow'ners of til steady to 10c higher than Saturday's b <'bt time; light lights 25c to 5c higher; stock pigs steady. .'j0{¥12So; top jll.75 on 11»' to l6Ci lbs.; desirable 170 to 2:w ll ,s. $!ll]0'»]l..'i0: light lights up to .?11L7.=;: IZl" to 325 lb. butci-.-rs at JtoUo^! 11 oO: packing sows '•'••"•o fiin.uO. Cattle 15,1'tiO; calves 2.t "Hi; little doije earlv on fed steers or yearlings: generally bidding lower. 1'he slaughter cows and bulls steady: i <!• Maed Dkijy of success. The road to I.,awrenoe alr|?a{ly assured. With this gk]^ closed all t iwns le the principal Kansas would hard surface bighway great advantage of all the -coun well. *• * REALESTAltE vealers steady to SOc lower: Ufi\-\i> ers'and siockers steady; bulk fed ' + steers and yearlings of value to . f + • + • + + seij I round $S.75'H lo.5i»: bulk oi | — butcher cows $t:.00f» 7.25: good to: ) .March c 't .ilce vealbrs $1 l.OOip 12.00 j feed-; O. II .... .. ersi and stockors:.$7.75e9.0«; f W ^Hcnry C Buftlss loads up to $9.25.' I'SO feet of Lot "I, .Sheep 4.000: killing classes 1 division, an lAdd , . ll. :i5c higher; top lambs S>1.-..10: ILoi 10. Block'84. I^'*" r 1- i j ithers downw.ird to $14.75; topl»^ acre In NW' Cbicago.'Mar. 21. itAPi—The trial <''*'r"' 5-'7S: shorn wethers a: $S.*>5 ! Henry C. lUur '[;"".<•<• 129 fMrnftnre dealers and firms |i'"<l best feeding lambs $l|.r,u. H. Brown. SW'. charged wllb-ylolatio|i or tbfrSher-: i lola 'Abktract Co. •^+ + •••• + out sort til made over here. These are •J'ears be suspected of the crime, all French ;doUs. or inri'ijiledones.! Then. too. she had stated that anyway." ; she iiad absoliilely no uc( uoiii-> As Myrtle talked, si iressell j Ian'e with Garrett Folsom[ and and played with the do.-s.. man laws iended • today ! when Federal Judga Carpenter dls- 2_ jcharged the jury at/er It had failed ~'" to reach an agreement. The ease ient (o the jury Thursday noon. 19. l -'»27. Brown ^nd wifeJGoldie to North 75 feet less ' Boughion's Sub- tlon to lola. Also lola; Aflso E^ of of ;':{6-*4 -lS. I iss. single, to O.- ! «'. C. .McCprmll iHiinilllon, Jjofs Stone watched her icurlou 'v. I I birnvo l.l»fs|o<-k. {[hfcago, .Mar. 21. fi:. B. Dept. of Edwards East iAdjiUion .Agriculture)—Hogs. l.l.OOO: bulk $1.00. 150! tn 200 pound averages $11.60'?r ! Humboldt | Brij n.p: 21'! to*"^-.0 potind weights ;Co. fo Humboldt )..<:il ;."0 '?i ll.fiti; bulk 2fio to :!lo pound small tracts in ijie SE>^ . !bur,cher« $10.Sniffii.i(i: pigs nicistlv. and I knew, nothinc of liini save whit she I —Telephone your Classified Ads i$ll|25'S 11.7.'.: choice kinds pr;i< -' —For prompt| had heard since his tragic death: IOLA'HIPE, FdlR & V.OOL COMPANY •Get oor prices «• ,} «(«rLTRT AND £0€i» Vft will come after: ponltri. B. A. JONES III So.-ehlo nPkoa«3S0?l GRBNNii^ ^ASMET We par the iollowliig prices: — .,...230 ISe! Fancy-Jijrgs -J >o. 1 t«gs —_ >o. 2 — —16e >'o. 8 Eres J l.">e Hens —— i 4-17c to 20e Sprlngrs — l«c to 19r Horse Hides fSJKl.j rireen Hides — r —J---—,——^ Yoong and (fid IL'ocIis _..V lie We will come after yonr. poultry. ____ V, J. F. Greim^n Pl-odiice Co. PUBLIC AUGTlO.Vi-I will ,!jell at public auction Wednesday, I JIarch ^ 23. at 1:30 o'clock at the Bishop I FL,\SHLIGHT OPERATES WlTIl- Sales Pavilion, furniture of a seven ; out Batterie-s—The Light That room house, such ias beds, dress- Never Fails. Every flashlight ers. sio.ves, tables, chairs, rugs. | user will wajit one. Only live li|bi-ary tables, ibobkcase. chiffe-j salesmen' who wish to earn big .robe, dishes. cDokiog utensils, and I money considered. IJeniand al-; •many other articles:'also farming j ready created—no compotition; If machinery, hogs and calves! C. S. • you can recognize a good propo- Dishop. Auctioneeri " ^ j sition get busy and lyake yourself ' $100 per -week. Motor Dynamo Light Corporation, 331 Mfrs. Exchange BIdg.. Kanss^B City. llo. SWds, Planti; Flowers <3 -J3- SEEI>S--Of all kinds, get early. Sei> us for..jirices. County fmplenicnt Coi RpOMS AND BOARD Rooms mthoitt BoaVd ,68 AUTPMO^nVE , ABt«mobIl« Acjpades lushing the [a-e sanguine fropi Ottawa s| practically in eastern ci {»nWcfed by . , to the very of all or them and ry thej- serve as E TRAljsFEBS from dnice ol • • + •f- of • 9-25-1 and k Manufacturing Brlrk ^- Tile Cb.. 33-25-lS. FOR SALE OK RH-NT -8 roop . house, jmodern. arranged for. two ^ familie:. 2 baths, double garage. 214 Ea.4t Jackson. iPhone 569. ' * HOUSE—6 room modern, iara^,' in. near Jefljerson , school.. John Reuther. room modern, cheap, if Isold at oncer part pak-ment if dekired. Inquve iln North Washington. $1.00. ie to P. I). Block 3. to lola. A USED CAR—Is as dependable as •llie dealei' wbo sells It —Dodge Sales and Service: 'The best place to buy good, dependable used cars. At present ^wcr halve a complete ' line of both open ^nd closed models, priced to sell. Ellis Mo^or Co.. 214 North Washington. BUD WHl-TE .MOTOR CO.—Hudson-Essex dealers.! Everything in high class' used cars. You will find what you want here. AH priced-worth the money. We trade or give liberal terms. 219.South Wlashlngtoii. Pboiie 180. GIRL—Experienced, wants work; housework preferred; Telephone 1461W. 1 Situations Wanted-|MaIe ; S7 AUTO .MECHANIC—Familiar with all makes cars. Sweeney school graduate. Geo. Waller, Humboldt. Kani.. Box 26. i ROO.MS—Two unfjirnished rooms for rejnl. Phone pi before 17:00 o'clock in the evening. REAIj ESTATE FOfi RE^q!' A^artaients and FJats | 74 4 ROO.}! APART.ME.N 'V— Ideal fori' :4ummer, newly finished and nicely furnisl ed, mo<lern.lbreakf^t nook,: close ill. Call llit>^^'. Farms and. Land f|pr'Rent ^ ABOUT and-mow land. ',1^ miles north- FINANCIAt Honey f o Loanr-Xortipiges 40 .Vntomoblles f^r Male • 11 DEPENDABLE USED CARS—1926 Chevrolet coach: 192.'. Chevrolet coach; E-ssex coacl^; Dodge roadster, worth the moiiey: 1922 F. B. Chevrolet roadster,! rebuilt and refinished; 1?23 S<ar roadstjer: 1923 Chevrolet roadster, reboilt and refinished. B. T. Barber Gar- PRC. 211 West strcejt. Phone al5. FOR SALE PR TRiVDE—Overland 6 standard sedan.] drove 8500 miles', for «,i ton truck. Apply 327 .North Fourth stt-eet. FARM LOANS— Qnlck service and reasonable rates. A. J). Haw- tlyme, 213 3. Washington. FARM AND CITT LOANS—Base rate on farms. 5%. city 6%. Long or sbort time. R. M. Cunningham. MONEY TO LOA,N—Private and ieastern money to loan on farms and . city property. Low rate. 'Terms aa^ payment to suit bor- rpwer. Stewart & Funk. LIVE STOCK Honesf CtMlt. TeUdes 48 USED CAR BARGAI."i.S— CHEVltOI.ET. 2 1921 TOURI.NGS. ESSE.X. 1926 COACli. •FOUD. 2 192.-. TOuiu.NGS. I -, FOKD. 1925 CO.\VH- FORD. 2 1924 TOURI.NGS. FORD. 1923 ROADSTER.' : BOYER MOTOR CO. 212 S. JEFFERSON S HORSE— 120O lbs.. 4 years; old; good 4-year-old cow giving milk; set double work harness, wagon, hay pressj 702 .North Kentucky. Phone 141! [.lERSEY COW—4 years old; 9 jmooths old Jersey heifer: 5 months .old Holstein heifer .1201 .North •Svcamore. Piione 1427. Poultry and. Supplies 49 west ( SO ACRES—Of . farrnipg^- f lola. Jolin*llcuther. 40 ACRE FARM—Improved.. Jati- son Rcilty Co., over Brown's DrUg Store.' ! . ., 160 ACJRES— Two miles east of Savonl^urg. for rc'nt. Stewart & Funk. Houses fori Rent HOUSEl-.Nine rofinis^ on >.'orth .Main. LiHarpe. ci Sraveleil.street. Inqnir4 .Mrs. H. i'eet. LaHarpe. THREE lights. South (! ROOM lirsUSE— Electric icily water, j located at" .508. hestniit. Se4 M. A Schljck. i ^ .<^aburban fop Rent SUBURLA.N—13 a>res, city witcr. gas._ fr^it,»good soi|. VanHyding, Kelley ^heater. ] *' '* REAL JE STATE j BuHiness Property FOR SA| ropertji-for .Sale m FlI.Ll.Nt; .S'T.VTION Ulnternath ^1 trt)(.^k, 3|lots. 5 roon house, 3:tja'^- agei*. oiJier buildings, all in main pi^rt of Brohilon, Kans.. iiaVed r <i »il. F. Patiton. ; liABV CHICKS-You can buy State I Accreillted <;hlckH now for $12.00 ! per 100; 20". $23..iO: 30n. $3r...-.0; ! 400. $46.00; 5<iO. $.';6.2.-.; 700,$77.00; i 900. $94.50:' 10W», $102 .'.O. AVhite j- X^eghorns. Ic per'chick less. Cus- iJunvL- •)•)' hatching. 4c per egg. Sturdy iMU.Nfc- -J, pjijj,^ Hatchery, 220 West street, lola. Kanrii<.s. jiouses for 8fle (•OTTAG gAagp. owner. 4^ ic oil C—Cheap 5 ]ro6ni moflcr^.' lot and half. Deal wi^ no South Chestnut. C()TT.\f;E—5 room modern, close in. for sale al a bargain. WUl give rfa.sonable t«(rms. Stewart 1 * Funk}. ^ H0U3E4" room niodern . hc^uge, fforher lot. i paved' stre^. . $200 down, i balance lljte -Alrouckle Rejtl Kstate. To E:ijrbange—Real Estate WA.NT S.MALLER IP ROPERTV:^ For elsht room modern house, I'

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