Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 10, 1961 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 10, 1961
Page 6
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ALTON BVKN1NO TRUDORAPH BrightonChurch Women to Mt6t BRIGHTON - Circle* of Untt wl PresbyMKan wwnen of Flitt ttl^M^AAM^tlUh • ^kfc^^M^ ^^flt *^^^^ m IWyyVCFmat VnnllVII WUI RICVI tMs wCHt MMOttmlR to we fmkVif» schedule: Circle 1. 10 a.m. /iffiutf 2, 1 p.m. day at Mr*. Carson Oberiander's home; Orcte t, 7:3D p.m. Friday •t Mrs, tna Long's home. Another Presbyterian activity tttfa week vHl be the showing of • fttm on Communism by Dr. George Hess of Bunker Hill Thursday at 7:30 jun. at the If yoi were born More 1900... ... let Hi tell you how you can still apply for a $1.000 life insurance policy (for people u*> to age 80) so that you can help take care of final expenses without burdening your fami1\ You handle the entire transaction by mail with OLD AMERICAN of KANSAS CITY. No obligation. No one will call on you! Tear out this ad and mail It! today with yoto name, address and year of birth to Old Amer- Betsy Duncan New Head of State FTA PI ASA — Betsy Duncan, who, Saturday at tlHnols State NoTYnal has nuTwd a life-long ambition to!University. r«K* a one-room country school, | Ml« Dunean. a Junta- atJ9ottrt>- was named president of the till-j western Community High School, IbeRnn her education hi A <We- I mom country school but has recently adjusted her ambition to j teach such a school because of j the dwindling numbers of them in the country. She now plan* ID jbe a secondary level teacher. BETSY DI;NCAN nois Association of Future Teach.. rfs «* Amenca .t the organ.* The new 1AFTA president maintain* an A average in her studies, is a member of the stu- jdent council, secretary of the local chapter National Honor Society. Junior editor of the school's yearbook, member of the French Cluh. Pep Club. Girl's Athletic Association and of the junior class dance committee. In the 'locfll KTA chapter, to which she has belonged for three years, she is historian. workshop hostess chairman, and on committees !or membership, fund raising and planning open house. She is treasurer of the Pres- bvterian Westminster Youth Fel- 1961 convention Friday and !schoo , ^^ a Bib)e K ^ (IO \ teacn . Jean Insurance Co., 4900 Oak. church/This went is sponsored er, member of the 4-H Club in Dept. L412B, Kansas City. Mis-i by the evening group of the Daugh-i which she has served in all the souri.—AdY. Uers of Ruth Sunday school class, i principal offices, and manager of ~ ; a I oral irirls' softbnll team. ; Waged Champaign , Miss Duncan, a daughter of Mr. ;and Mrs. George Duncan, is the ; first Southwestern High School i student to be named president of the IAFTA. Her campaign manager at the convention was Joanna Heyen. Members of a small band who played campaign mus-. •^ ___ «j WIIMM ft* Donald wlttwi w Speifc at Brighton MONDAY, APRIL 10, 1961 mm** M MM Oolteft, Guvs Mo,, wfll ttihtltatt > ^ ^ About Svotttlon tHB»tntj| Bibto Todtoyf" tt « S»» Jjpy'MA! -^i Ftwoyttnan vjiuruii. uw RBV, IWutt Dunn hit tun id. Wilson, t candMtrt for t tor's dtgtM from tht tftrivtmty Of Chieaie, wffl fear fht public discussion wpeolnlly to lontw and senior high Khool ajw, Motmtaln «* OMMm BRIGHTON - Nitwty-six eases, or 1,110 boxes, of cookies ware sold by the local Girl Scouts in tIfUP OIW*WWlt flalu* Thoie participating were: Brownies from troops of Mrs. Earl Down and Mrs. H. Bruns, and Mrs. Paul Fenton and Mrs. V. Symington; Girl Scouts from the troop of Mrs. Guy Nottheutt and Mr*. Les Ansell. Delivery date for the cookies is April 13. Members of Troop 4 held a cook out and 7-mile hike Saturday. The eook-out was at Landon's Lake. Twenty-six girls participated in the event. They were accompanied by Mrs. Northcutt Wttt Ail IMADWAY BAIK)/ MM. To Afl FOR TOO Lb. >V for TOMATOU Lin. for 490 LETTUCE 2 for Ho FRESH cor ASPARAGUS 111 Green parsley Onions, Large bundle bunch BEAUTIES BEFORE PARADE RESIDENTS Ten contestant* in the 1961 Miss Alton Pageant, with Suzanne Hayes, Miss Alton 1960, posed for a picture before the parade Saturday. From left are: Misses Judy Williams, Sandra Bryden, Donna Sargin- son, Sandy Buck, Edith Onibb, Carolyn Ward, Suzanne Hayes (in convertible), Carolyn Smithee, Kay Hall, Martha Little, and Jill Cratgmlles.-Staff Photo. Hospital ST. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL. i frey ! James G. Wilds, 700 Main outside the convention hall j Vincent Kelly. 3016 Beuna Vista ; ]were Richard Wiener, Jerry Old- Mrs. Minnie O'Dell, 426 Jeffcr-, jenettle. Gerald Mclaughlin and] son Miss Heyen. Members of the delegation to the convention, in addition to the above-named, were Joanna Hale, Margaret Foster, Betty Koehne. Sharon Rothe, Judy Oberlander, Jane Hucklebridge, Carolyn Bru- neaugh, Janet Warner, Juiquita Woods, Bonnie Dunn. Adults accompanying the delegation were Miss Adelia Pring, FTA sponsor, Mrs. George Duncan, Mrs. Ernest Wiener, Mr. and Mrs. Carson Oberlander, Mrs. Harry Heyen. Of the 7,000 members of the FTA in Illinois, 650 attended the convention. . Unopposed Candidates Named in Piasa Unit PIASA — Two unopposed candidates Were elected to the board cf education of Unit School District No. 9 Saturday. They were Earl Allen of Shipman. who received 197 votes, and Allen Hanold of Brighton, who polled 242. Allen was re-elected and Allen Jones, secretary of the board, whose-*term expired, was not a candidate for re-election. {Mrs. Barbara Unterbrtnk, 3507 Coronado Miss Lydia L. Calvey. 1422 Mon- homeowner? JERSEY COMMUNITY MEDICAL Mrs. Paul Vetter, Dow Mrs. Clifford Schudel. Fleldon Timothy Short, Jerseyville DISMISSALS |Yjp i ftSAOiTuoo/ujn Mrs. Lola Campbell, 2206 Fern-, Mrs. Fred Isringhausen Jr., Jerseyville WOOd se.vvuic Warner E. Sneed, 94 Eckhard, i John S. Self Jerseyville Wood River Mrs. Vaunda M, Estes, 503 State. Wood River Michael G. Miles, Dorsey Mrs. Mary Jane Spears, Rt. 1. Godfrey Mrs. Amanda E. McKee, Rt. 1, Bethalto Mack Murray. 1210 Cooper John K. O'Hare, 509 E. 12th Mrs. Betty J. Hankins, 118 Cooper, East Alton Rufus Woods, Routh Roxana SURGICAL Richard G. King, 912A Royal Seigle Hayes,' 1302 Washington John Hoefert, 1805 State Mrs. Carl McGee, Jerseyville William Nelson Sr., Hamburg W. R. TOWNSHIP MEDICAL East Alton William Crutchley, 611 Reed, East Alton Kimberly Louise Taylor, Roxana Mrs. Ida E. Fahnestock, Rt. 1, East Alton Janetta Ruth Arbuthnot, Rt. 1, Alton SURGICAL junn nuclei i. icnAJ oiaic _ _. _ , u /-«« ««.J.A Frank L. Burk. 212 Washington! J a "?es H. Scarborough. Granite Mrs. Dolores Linders, Hartford i,, lty .,.. -. „,„„ „„ o f 1 Thomas E. Sannes. Edwards- :Mrs. Altie M. Wallace, Rt. 1, ville Mrs. Audrey N. 3201 Franor , _ TI . OTm T ,„., i Mrs. Shirley Dabbs, 2626 Plain- George H. Amon, 2710 Resi- " * ' Jnnnn Mpro Ridenhower. • Mrs. Bertha T. Lindley, Wood River Ave., East Alton Whitelavv, East Alton ST. ANTHONY'S MEDICAL Clarence J. Clark, 805 Gold Vern L. McCann, 3331 Franor Sharon Kaye Dorris, Bethalto Mrs. Eva McBrlde, 3416 Milton Henry T. Gansa, Cottage Hills Mrs. Nettie Carter, 1364 Brushey Grove, Wood River. DISMISSALS Dennis D. Gill, 614 Central Mrs. Georgia E. Knetzer, 238 Bender, East Alton William Gill, 8 E. Elm Kenneth L. Veatch, 205 Grand, , East Alton I Kelly Joseph Betz, 614 E. 15th Carl Hartman, Godfrey Mrs. Eliz Lawrence, 104 E. 12*h Mrs. Isabel Graul, 615 Blair Mrs. Ada Sullivan, 124 N. 3rd, Wood River Zona Marie McKee, Cottage Hills ALTON MEMORIAL MEDICAL John Creeling, Godfrey Frank Summers, 3301 Agnes Timothy Hanlon, 1025 Easton Mrs. Bertha Thomas, Cottage Hills Mrs. Edith Feamo, 2200 Seminary 416iKristy Eardley, East Alton Richard Clausen, Bethalto Mrs. Clara Lutz, 3211 Edwards Fred Stall«rd, Wood River Lloyd Slaughter, East Alton Mrs. Audrey Vesper, Edwanfo- ville Mrs. Ethel Deucker, 1002 Diamond David Ellington, Godfrey Gilbert Patton, Grafton Mrs. Cecelia Hayn, Kampsvlile Mrs. Georgene Mills. Colllnsville Mrs. Nora Weil, 305 E. 7th Mrs. Blanche Springer, East Alton Mrs. Bessie Penrod, 1006 Union Stephanie Waterman, Hartford Mark Tryon, Bethalto James Shackles, Fidelity Mrs. Shirley Beffa, Normandy, Mo. Ralph Harris, Roxana Louis Rosenthal, 607 Main Mrs. Mildred Hussman, 606 Main Mrs. Nellie Wint, 5 Roxana At the last telegraphy competition in 1939, the champion sent 74 words a minute. OPENING NEW SHOP • Complato Auto Radiator Sorvioi Cleaning, Ripalrinf • Compltto Motor Tuno Up • Power Lawn Mowart and Small En|lM Repair • All Now Modern Equipment Get Our Prices First PAT & BOB'S ONE-STOP SHOP 167 NORTH SHAMROCK—EAST ALTON (Rear of Wood Hirer Tool and Rental Co.) Dial CL 4-1511 erCL 9.6971 Pat Fuller Bob Churchwell • 28 years with Modern Welding • 5 year* with Ory Bros, and General Auto Elec. Co. PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE view Terrace dence Patrick Calhoon, 837 Amherst! Mrs. Virginia K. Runion, Be- , wisch Mrs. Maude Jones, Hartford Brenda Taylor, 624 Sheppard !Mrs. Leola Jereb, 1721 Feld- Dr.. East Alton Edward Jacoby, Hartford Mrs. Charlotte Longwisch. Glendale Gardens, East Alton Mrs. Thelma C. Balicki, South Roxana Mrs. Beverly Beasley, Rt. 2, Brighton Christopher Robinson, 1124 Pearl DISMISSALS Winfred Charleston, 1116 Pearl thalto Ricky Wayne Picket, Cottage Hills DISMISSALS Cart L. Bunting, 413 Whitelaw, East Alton Mrs. Ida E. Fahnestock, Rt. 1, East Alton Mrs. Loris M. Kruse, 252 Penning. Wood River Mrs. Mary B. Bonrfell, Bunker Hill \viiiiicu ^uai icsiuu, i-i-iu rirarj j .. . . * r «.. 101 c* Mrs. Norma Davis, 128 Hickoi-yf M J S - Anna H. Stimac. 121 E. Mrs. Joann Durham, 1322 E. 41h' L ? r '; n ?,; ^D 0 ! 11 ^!!^ r, n - n t Emil Ewing, 827 Center Hobert W Park. Harbor Po.nt, Fred Fitzgibbons. Jersey%'ille ' , Ues * , AUon ; M ° o CK c Mrs. Inez M. Freezer, 3867 '™ r *- « ara L - Cam P°' 365 S " Omega i Tenth Cadet Richard Hadwin. Western I P W » f. Biondolillo, 116 S. Main Military Academy Mrs ' Margaret L. Cans, Cot- Mrs. Mihnit- E. Harbian. 1004 ! ta se Hills Mrs. Verla F. Goatley, 311 Robert E. Hewitt, 3311 Badley i . f GouJding East Al 10 " Mrs. Mattie Hollidav. 1214 El-i Mrs Nora J,_ Krankel Bethalto Mrs. Mattie Holliday, 1214 El liott Mrs Kathryn Maronie, 60! Washington Mrs. Dolores M. Mercer, 636 Broadway, East Alton Mrs Lois A. Meredith. Rt. 2, Jerseyville [Kevin Dean Voyles, Rt. 1. Moro Medford H. Frazier, Godfrey Shelia De Ann Voyles, Moro Mrs. Ruby J. Lartendorff, 414 E. Drive, East Alton Terry Lee Wiegand, 601 Monroe, East Alton Mrs. 'Edith E. Ontis, 78 E. Elm; Leonard , P ; M Uler, 621 Washing- iMrs. Rose E. Prickett, Hartford; t , ton - .j 53 , 81 AIton . , „ „ » iMiss Sharon K. Spooner. 27 La-1 Han-old Jr. Lankford, Cottage due, Godfrey Mrs. Rosy Vinyard, Rt. 1, Be- It's best to have a lav^yer A lawyer will protect your interest* fo many way*. He wifl that all the papers are in order, that the legal description of the property is accurate. Your lawyer will make certain that yon receive everything that should go with the house t.. and that your rights are fully safeguarded. Preventing trouble now is far cheaper than paying for it later. That's wh> the wise buyer says: 1 never buy real estate without teeing a lawyer. And when you buy—be «ure the title is insured by a title insurance policy from Chicago Title and Trust Company. It ia the best assurance you can have that you own the property you pay for. thalto JMrs. Victoria Wieczorek, 1800 . N. 18th, St. Louis, Mo. i Mrs. Leta Probst, Meadowbrook . Norman D. Snyders, Hardin | Mrs. Loretta Carmocly, Carroll' Ion , Mrs. Alice Abornathy, 427 E. Main, East Alton Miss Christine Brass, West Alton, Mo. : Mrs (Honda Sue Cannedy, 1307 j Rodgeri I Robert E. Compton, Rt. 1, Humbert, Godfrey Rudolph M. Davis, 1136 Harrison .Mrs. Augustine Desse, Bethalto Miss Magdeline Hawkins, 909 Gold Mrs. Madeline E. Hill, 2210 • Lawton Thomas C. Jun Jr., 1008 Mo- Kinley Mrs. Mary A. Lawi, 444 Kennedy, Kast Alton Mrs. Carol J. Schwarz, Rt. 1, Kdwardsville Hills George F. Hammons, Cottage Hills Mrs. Florence H. Reeder, 406 I Mrs. Ethel Howard, 1801 Market Donald Poag, 3019 Forrest Mrs. Goldle Letter, Godfrey Mrs. Carol L. Shlve, 332 S. 13th, Wood Rover Harry Young, East Alton SURGICAL William Nelson, Hamburg Mrs. Myrtle Greathouse, Roxana Barbara Spires, Brighton Margie Sinclair, Jerseyville Edwin Cunningham, 5447 Humbert Rd. Mrs. Edna Nickell, 313 E. 9th Rev. Leo Copeland, Bethalto Mrs. Vivian Mills, 2807 Residence Mrs. Lola Chapman, South Roxana James Baker, Cottage Hills DISMISSALS Charles Toner, Wood River ,Mrs. Kathryn Borohwardt, Ed- wardsvllle F. Victor Freyer, 418 W. 4th Gail Luken, Godfrey Brenda Taylor. 624 Sheppard Mrs. Marian Kirksey, Cottage Hills Paul Osborne, 705 Falrvlew Mrs. Bernice Springman, Godfrey Mrs. Patricia Stierley, Roxana Mrs. Patricia Housman, 3200 James Tr. Mrs. Mildred Naybr, 107 Dooley NATIONAL'S FIRST OF THE WEEK VALUES! 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