The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on June 25, 1892 · Page 5
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 5

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1892
Page 5
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HONEST CLOTHING-. •The I'ostvillc Weekly Review. THAT MEANS I PUBLISHED EYERY SATURDAY W. N.BURDICK. BY TERMS: $i.bO AYEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. — Huef Steak 8 anil 9c, nl Hart's. — Salt Fish of all kinds, Hi Hart'*. THAT'S WHAT WE HANDLE I THAT'S WHAT WE BELLI Poultry bought and sold :tl Hurt's. 100 gallon kettle for sale, at - One Hart's. —No Stale Meat nt. Hart's. — "Additional Local" again. -Fresh Lake Fish !)c, at Hart's. Wanted. Veal Calves at the Central Market. For Sale. My residence on the north side. MRS. H. H. HAZI.KTOX. — Call at Skelton & Tangonian's for a (iumiinu Stub Proof Htibbor Hoot. Every pair warranted. Miss Anna Enston, Instructor on tho piano and organ, Postvillo, Iowa. —Fine UanatiaK nt half pfico, at John Moir's. —Six Loaves of Hread for 2fie Itakorv. —Veal ealvus wanted at Hart's M arkot. nt Hie tf Meat - Sugar Cured at Hart's. Hams from 10 to Hie, - Henry Pucsch has this week. been indisposed Miss Nellie H. Abbott, readier of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. — Do not miss those Uurgains in the Ladies' Job Lot of Shoes at .Skelton & TangemaM's. They are being oflcreil at half price. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, but a good job every clatt'.T and prices very reasonable. TlIOS. SllOIlTllKF.I). - Splendid llnnxuas 15 els. ponlozrii at John Moir's. —A full line of Meats, at Hart's. Suit and Smoked —New Potatoes, only :15c per pock, at John Thorn*'*. -Home grown beginning to ripen. strawbeiries are We handle the wire buckle Suspenders. Every pair warranted. - Oranges, Lemons and Bananas cheap, at John Thoma's. - -Clioiee butchering slock wanted at the Central Meat Market. 12lf You can't help being struck with the superior merits of our goods. You CAN BANK ON THEM. We are at all times prepared to show you an immense line of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, &3, &c. THE U. T. K. CLOTHIER. —New Dress Hoods and Embroidery at Skelton & Tangeman's. —We noticed Dr. Hockcr, of Clermont, in town on Tuesday. —Miss lvttolla Roberts came from Uriutiull last week Kriday. home -• Choi e variety of Smoked Moats of all kinds, at Ccutr-il Meat Market. Temperance Lecture. Prof. Cornwall, of Dakota, will doliv- cr a temperance lecture at tho Congregational church next Monday evening, under the auspices of the state temperance alliance. lie conies well recommended a> an able and effective speaker. -Wo have received through the postolucc, over a fictitious .signature, a dielkllon at to who wo shall 11.>l mention in those columns, save at some kind of an Implied peril. We desire In give notice to the individual who, it seems, dared not sign his name, and who violated the postal laws by that kind of correspondence on a postal card, that at the present writing we. are the responsible editor of tho KB- VI»w. and as such we are the sole arbiter as to what goes into these columns, and accept no dictation from any live man, and especially when it is not givon in gentlemanly language. Our "existence does not depend" on any 01.0 man or one fatvily, if bread anil butler is what makes up existence. The individual referred to stands as high, so far as we know, as any basi- ness man in Postville, and even if l:e did not we remember that something ovor eighleon hundred years ago a higher critic than "A Patron - ' >-»!<!, "Let him that is without sin cast the lirsl stone." If wc owe our friend (?) anything lie can have it by calling at this office; but in the future as in Ihe past we want it understood that we run this paper, and shall mention any man we choose to, high Of low, rich or poor, regardless of tho ci/tisnfplcnces. GRA#S 66LEBRATON Af JULY 4th. EVERYBODY INVITED TO COME Orator, Kev. Dr. Carroll, of New Hampton. Mimic by iwo brass bands. Foot races, sack races, potato races, otc. (irnnd display of fireworks and ball in the uvening. A picnic dinner will be served on the grounds '.o all. C'oiuu and hear Ihe greatest orator in the state, FOB SALS! Buggies of All Descriptions. (iilarautce: After two week's trial if the Hico (Toil Spring proves not to be ihe easiest rider on <arth, will exchange and glv» any spiing desirctl — with the Handy Top," the most convenient utrirv.' W. S. WKIISTKU. EST-A.:BX_IXS:E3:E:D 1B83; C3HRLi RGIiiPSR.- Fropristbr —Tho best stock of Shawls kept in the. town at Skelton & Tangeinan's. —Jus', ree'd a fresh stock of all kinds of Pickled Meals, at Central Market. — For a lino lit and stylo in Ladies' and Missus' Fine Shoes, cull on SKKI.TON & TANUKMAN. •- Kalph Prescotl is home from Cirin- nell. His sister. Ilelle, is expected next week. —Mr. and Mrs. Fields, of New York, are hern 011 a visit to the family of J. II. Sanders. --Copying and enlarging pictures. 0110 of thn specialties at thu llcody 1'hoto Oallery. - —Misses Cicorgia Pennington and Ktliel Lloyd, of Denorali,' arc visiting wilh Kuby Wobstor. —Tho C. M. & Si. P. railway excursion train to Clear Lake, Juno '261 li. will leave Postville in tho morning at 7:14 Tho celebrated evangelist. Kev. Sam Jones, will preach to tho assembled multitude in tho pavillioti. both afternoon and evening. Fare for the round trip, including tickot of admis- to the Park, $2.15. -The sociolios of Christian Endeavor which held a rally in Postville on Tues- lay had a very pleasant and profitable convocation. Considering the weather and roads, which were execrable, there was a fair turn out, and all ihe participants were well pleased and ropaid for the time spont. It was impossible for us to attend and take any notes. -Skolton & Tangeinan arc cirrying luuble the Sioek in Ladies' and Misses Shoes than over before. Headquarters For Heniiettas, Beclfords, Serges, Chev rons, Challies, Silk Foulards, Silks for Dresses and Trimmings. New dark Prints, only Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid, 8c Silk Drapery Fringe, - 10c Brocade satin ribbon, 3 in. wide, - - 10c Satin Ribbon, 1 in. wide, 2c Outing Flannel, only - 5c Check and Plaid Shirtings, 6c Damask Towels, 13x28, all linen, only Gent's Colored Border Handkerchiefs, only Windsor Ties, only —The Postville HKVIK-V anil the Alia-- makeo Journal were selected by ihe board of supervisors :u tho •'official" papers in which to publish tho Iowa llallot Laws. As we did not apply for the job and did not really oxpeel it we of course are much gratified at the outcome. And really, so long a.s the law had to be published In one paper of each of the prominent parlies no fairer adjustment could have boon made. The Join mil covers the Held at Waukon and Lansing and no other paper could have covered tho south pari of the county half as well as the KBVIKW. Of course the Graphic could not be named with another democratic paper, and it would not have been fair or just anyway to givo so new a paper the profcro'ico over Ihe old established papors of the democratic failh. After riro. Medary lias "fought bled and died" for a fow years, as the rust of us havo done, his party will doubtless recognize Ins claims. At tho picsent timo the board certainly did tho best thing that could havo been done, and the fairest !o tho papers and the people. For Papor Late. the first time in tlx sevontven years and more that we havo beer, connected with thu KKVIEW il fails of issue on the day of regular publication on account of the non-receipt of thu bundle of papor. The storm of Wednesday uauglil il in transit and we were lefl. Thu moment il arrhes it will be put to press. W* do our part lo gel out on timo but wu can't stand against tho elements. Caucus. Pursuant to call caucus mot on Tuesday evening, June list, W. C. McNeil Commencement Exercises. Although the weather was threatening ntid the roads and streets were iniMily thn Methodist church was more than full to witness the graduating exercises Friday evening, of last week On the wlule it was perhaps the best cointncnocment our Bchool '.ias ever had. and reflects great credit upon ll.c teachers as well lis the graduating class. The program was rendered without a hitch or any unnocossary diilay, all passing oft as snioofhly as clock work, all being perfectly familiar with their parts. Following ! s the pro* gram as rendered: Invocation, Hov. N. L. Utirlun. Music -Let Joy and Mirth He Olfrs, Apollo Quartet. Salutatory, - Alice Warner, j Self-denial, - Delia Leilhold. Overture, - Orchestra, (iulilsnuth, Jennie Handier. Concentration of Mind, Charles Hurling. •Quartet— O, Itestlcss Sea. J. Nicolay, E. Putnam, Dr. Mabry, A. Meior. Music. - Margaret Sheehy. The French Kerulution, John Ilocmr. Music- Little Johr.ny llornor, Apollo Quartet. Class History, * Josie Hurling. Class Prophecy, Nellie Oathout. Valedictory, Leonard Hoiidorson. Vocal Duet—Soft Fell tho Dews of the Summer Night, Miss Abbott Mrs. Cornell. Address to Clars, Kev. E. J. Lockwood. Presentation of Diplomas, J. Nicolay. Music—Selected, - Orchorlra. Benediction. At Both Ends. That's where yon burn the candle, when you pay more than $10 for a $10 Suit. There isn't any law to. prevent yem fro'rn paying more, but if you- do you do it on a theory that your money isn't- worth as much to you as it is to somebody else! You'll have a handsome balance in your pocket to spend for other things if yctr come to us and pay that price; go elsewhere and parting with the balance-that burns the candle' ai the other end 1 ; All savings don't necessarily go. into a safe. The safest kind of a saving is to buy where you can get the best'gobdti foV the Wast'money,' and this is the place; The unxisual amount of rain that has fallen the past' few weeks has left oTir counters more heayily loaddd than we want them, so to' make goods go we' will inaugurate a Great Bargain Sato ! OF MEN'S, BOYS' & CHILDREN'S Sttt"S. Children's Suits, two pieces, 1.25, 1.50, 2.00 and up! Knee Pants, - - 25c/to.,1.50, Boy's Suits, -" -' 2.25 rind up " Pants, - . 75c to 3.00 Men's Suits at any price from the cheapest to the best; -Prof. C. E. Hanchotl. has completed his school year at Ilesper and returned for tho vacation. • Miss Margaret Slicohy left last Monday morning for a several week's visit In LaCrosse with relatives. —Miss Anna Rollmson, of DosMoines, nieco of Mrs. W. Kollinson, of this city, has been visiting her this week. —Joo Stockman returned to Milwaukee last Monday after a visit of several months with his father and brothers here. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop. I have secured the services of otie of tho best blacksmiths and horse shoers in this part of tho state, and am prepared to do all kinds of blacksmitliing and wagon work on short uotico ami in tho best maimer. New wagons, buggies, road carts, etc. on hand mid made to order. Call and examine work and prions, '-'in:! II. C. HONN. Crops are doing remarkably well notwithstanding the almost continuous rains. The only trouble is found in working the corn. Haying is likely to he on before the corn is half worked as it should be. Small grnir is growing so rank that much of it will doubtless go down if storms continue. And slill there will be enough and to spare in Iowa nuxt fall. Thero always is. in the chair. On motion W. N. Burdick was cho- son secretary. On motion the following delegates wore chosen to attend the county convention to bo held at Waukon on the 25lh: John II. Meier, W. II. Carithors, W. C. McNeil, J. J. Jcnnowinc. W. N. Hurdiak, Klmor Marsh, Ellison Orr, J. It. Laughliu, Win. Shephoru, F. W. Teller. On molian delogales present, wcro authorized to cast the full vote of the township, On motion caucus adjourned. W. C. MCNKII., Chm. W. N. ItmituCK, Soc'y, —Mrc Dr. Hooker's mother, whose residence is Keokuk, is here on a visit, and of ootirie lookiug after her new grandson. —Tho Union Creamery Co. paid llfly-ono (01) cants pur hundred, not, for milk at all their factories for tho month of May. —-Tho Staadt boys delivered 77 ycmig hogs at Limiia on Tuesday, averaging 240 lbs. each. At 94.65 they brought a uici wad of money. —Louisiana Diinouson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pino Finishing, for sale at SANUKUS & KAI'I.KU'H. The Stoamboat Excursion. Train will leave :Postvillo tomorrow (Saturday) mcrning, al 9:35. Uotorn mg the train will loave McGregor nt 7:30 p. in., whluh will got Postville excursionists homo nt about 9:00 p.m. Passengers coming in from the country in the morning should get in early, as it will lake some time to sell all the tickets. Christian Bndeavor Excursion. A special Piilmnn sleeper on tho Chicago, St. Paul and Kansas City railway, will loave Now Hampton. July -lib, coimocting lit Oelwcin wilh special through train from Dos Moines, arriving in Chicago on the morning of July full, allowing live hours iu which to visit the world's fair grounds. Tho train will arrive at Nisgara Falls at 7:45 a. in., July 6th, stopping nino hours to view tho falls. Will arrive in New York City at 7:80 a. m., July 7th. Tickets good to return Aug. loth. Fare for round trip, 24.00. For further information or scrim a j berths, call on or address, W. E. PlNCKNKY, New Hampton., Iowa. REV. W. W. LVWU, Watitoma, la. 3c per yd 7c « « « —The old Wallace circus under tho now name of Cook & Whitby, is perambulating the slat* with the usual quota of gamblers who are roping in the verdant as effecuially as of yore. -We were indebted for a vory pleas- aut visit from "Honost Bill!" of Luana, Wednesday. Ho is a good democrat but we iiovor quarrel on politics. He has had the RKVIEW ever sinoo we oan remomber. —Prof. J. r. Smith Uft Monday ighl for South Dakota to 'look into a business opening thero. lit. has been elected principal of the Lansing schools but will not decide on his fiituro course until his return from Dakota'.' 8e each 6c do it ANDERS, We have received front our old friend, J. C. Murphy, formerly of Osslau, a oopy of the Port AVigelos Til- bun* Times, from far oft Washington. —Tho Burvloos in the Congregational church, Sunday ovenlng, Juuu 26th will consist of an addross upon the relation of amiisomeut tosuccoss. No will bn soolded for Indulging in any particular form of amusement, but I shall attempt to state some principles and draw some distinctions which 1 think will bo helpful to anyone who wishes to reaoh a sound conclusion on this subjoct. M. L. BURTON —OB account nt tho long contlnuod rains and the impossibility of getting stono lo put in tho foundation in time j Charley Abel will probably not build this season. Ho will got every thing In readiness for an early start in the spring. Nearly half of the building senson has gnno by and wo havo had very little good weather for out of | doors work. And then the anxiety about crops has a depressing influence cu building and the result is liable lo] bo that thero will not bo as much building as was contemplated. —In a write up of Odell. Neb., in oue of the local papors we find the following otorer mention of one of our old | citizens, whom evory body in this sec- GOOD FARM if OB SALE. My farm of 200 aoros for sale. Situated in Madison township, rVinuesliolk Co., Iowa, three, and a half miles west of Decorah, in sections 11 and 14. Well improved and timber »-nough for farm use. In good stato of cultivation Well watored and good buildings. School within six rods of house. Long time will bo given on part paymont Inquire on farm for paruonlnrs. Addross, WM. MOINTOSII, (Box. 238) Decovah, Iowa. — GRAND CUKU' EXCURSION TO UOTIIENIII;I:<;, NKII. TIIK COMI:I<; (iliRAT M,VNi:KAfvn;HIN(i AND MII.I.IM; CKNTKK (IV TIIK WEST. — Kecenl publications in the leading newspapers of the country of tho wonderful strides tho beautifully located city of (iollien- buig, Nob., haVc caused a considerable stir, (joihonbnrg bus grea' natural resources, a healthy climate anil a magnificent water power for diversified industries, Hour nulls, paper mills, etc. Already enterprising manufacturers are settling on this great '-Niagara of tho Plains." On June 2'J, Gothenburg city lots will bo sold at auction, without reserve upon their merits. This will be a chance in a life* time to make a solid and safe investment. Early investors will reap im- monsc profits. Everybody come. Here you can lay thu foundation of a for* luiio. Don't miss tho opportunity. It will be a delightful trip for you. Toft thousand people will attend. The excursion parly will leavo Chicago on Monday evening, June 27. Hound trip tickets for one and one-third fare can bo obtained upon application to thu general agents ot the Uolhcnburg Water Power <& Improvement Co., at Chicago, or excursionists can leavo from any point and by any train by purchasing ono full faro single ticket and taking receipt therefor from thu ticket agent for amount, paid. Upon presentation of this receipt to Iho gcr- wrnl agents of the company on the 29:h June al Gothenburg a return tickot will bo furnished for one third of ono faro. Remember tho date, June ?9. or patlcnlars. maps, etc., address Joihonbnrg Water Power & investment Co., 220 La Salle street, Chicago. Full line of Summer Underwear. Full line of Heok- wear of sill 1 " descriptions,, Our lino of Negligee Shirts for summer wear comprises the latest and best novelties in the market IW LATEST STYLES-Straw Hats", SfclfT and Soft' Hats, all at the Very Lowest Living, Prices. All goods warranted as represented or money refunded. Call alid see>: CARL HOLTERv in ion IB m in Statement of Postville Farmers' Co-oporalivo Creamery tor Iho month ot May , 189a: Total Ns. lbs. milk received, ' Itulter rnncle, Av„ " " " por 100 lbs. milk, Tola! reiourcet, • " expunioti, Including hauling, Prlco paid For milk per hundred, Av. coat of hauling per hundred; Av. price per .lb, rue'd for butler after deducting freight and comniisilon, ' Coat per lb. of manufaclurini; butler including hauling, Av. net prlco paid for butler per lb,, ELLIBON OKR, Sec, S7».5°7 22,070 4.01 $4036,60 1306,60 48c 1J.6' 17.2c 5.20 I2C We hope J. C. Is getting to'tiie front in I li(m > »«"•>»<? «><» oUov tettlur*. kuow, . .1 . •; 111 I -11 -» ...1 . 1—111 I,- „i„.i l,„,„„ il,„t that niHhing western country. -The following subscribers are entitled to credit anil thanks' ffer cash oq subscription since our last' John Petri, Mrs. M','6. Bettys, O. I>. Franklin, Jas. ol 'rS' M. A, Humphrey, Mrs. Wv Patterson. —The marshal, at the ibifapoo of the health Cotnnilttuo, has' drdored all manuro rumored from Ulti'dttrnoratlon. Till hot „ . —,j., w offensive a* welt as (ftttymentnl to h«»lth> The order sHoUld* be' dnlver Rally obejfd, all of whom will be glad to know that Ed. has got lo bo a bloated bondholder: "In the same offloe wilh Mr. Laugdon I mot another old resident of Odell, Mr. K. 11. Hinds. Kd.. as he la fainll larly known, was for many yeaA in the hardware feuslnoss but ut present is engaged in the laudable undertaking of loaning money on real estate, or good personal notes, at't ho lowest possible rata of interest, J|e Is a very* «nl«ir< tuiuloir talker, and his manner is, pi ihV friendliest. • This, combined hfs well known, integrity in, perhaps" the .'his is right, as the frequW iVlun and reason he Is reportofl as huviig' Mro ,,;«,,n nnnaslnnaiw tnklie , it vorv fr ends thun itny other one rn'rin in the tot mn occasionally, n vorj , ^ h j b lequentlr, he Is takingJlfew easyVas the intcrtatsef his buslttWs wlll'W Hlit." Short Time Subscribers. As usual at this time of year we make a campaign or short time rate for new subscribers. This year wo make the short time new subscriber tale low or lhan ever before In order to introduce the'paper where it Is not now known we will furnish It from the day of subscription to Jan. 1st, 1893, for 50 els., sash in advance. Anybody can afford to send a oopy to a friend'af this rate. . „. Take Notice, That the Pouvilie Stciim Roller Mills wiil grind' Feed, Corn' Meal' aud' tira> hum Monday, and Saturday of oaoh week hereafter. Having added'a lino fA wood-working machinery we aro prepared lo do Planing, Maiohing, and all binds of sawing, OP short notice. Bring in your logs and have them sawed. Roapeotfullv, ' -KevW^fti^'aVlJnUtifWi* Personal Assessment. Deuuty County Auditor H. L. Johnson favora us with the following summary of assessment of personnl property in Allamakee county for the year 1892: Center $34,175 Fairviow Franklin French Creek Hanover Iowa Jefferson Lafayetlo 'jBiirlng Linton Ludlow Makoo Paint Creek Post Tarlor Unhin City Union Prairie Waterloo Lansing corporation 8,6«8 22,:Ji)0 »!l,9ia 16,039 25,417 35,209 21,142 19,874 28,658 45.127 26.1«a n3 ,669 45,840 16,780 18,61'J 27,294 ;'4,04'J 63 380 They are cheaper than ever and wer sell them under a Written guarantee. W. J. HANKS. Skelton & Tangeinalii's Advertisement.' FOE Waukon!..! 69,549 Postville fl'1,231 Total $061,384 —Waukon Democrat. Dy the above it will be aeon that Post township loads the county in perta/Aial property and Postyllle is a very close second to W,*ukoi» in that iwrtfoiilar, exceeding' Lausffrg tjrr'.t«r hwftnVriiiHly. Tlils'c'ornor oi tht oxmirt'y is no sloucli. Rooms WMl' hereafter be _opon' every wnekV «tiiy, as* I havo aisoolaled with me Dr. M Ai Humphrey! a gr.aduato, of tho dental Iowa city, and a good operator! I shajl conliuuo to visit Postville on Tuesday nnd Wednesday of each week, as heretofore, t Witt. cW. ii: u. a' 1 M, •! < ', T.. " • , .. - --Clirl* Poesoh will celebrate the 41 h of Jiijy at houis wilh » britirrf' ^w deniiciatic boy of" sjantjaw',woljjht which came to lil^hojpij last '.^dn^ST day, Mn .ytho.buY. mA,M» Vmy,. l»v« long and prosper., , TM» ,1s" thft, only kind of .business thai pronperw a wot as 'weH |S a dry season. , - TEADE. is near. Have you bought your Shoes' for Spring ana . Sunln^efWear? Wefaaveailthe' _ new kiiSds in etoo^c.' •y7e know, we oft.i ,plea3e , - yoUi ^Rin'anSlWok them'ov«r,"*- Ladies' Walking Shoes, Ladiefs' Solict Oomfort.Slippers/ OJd tiadies' Ba»y Shoea, Weti's Plb'w Shoes',' Men's Fine Shoes, . Men's Cordovan Shoes/ Men 's Southern Ties.' Yours 1 to , PleaseV 'Mm

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