The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 21, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1927
Page 4
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1 -.Stephen* ... .i..;.^.V..;. J»k tFHvat« Braiicta Bxdtuwre ConnecUsarl ; : All ntmomm omcial. I>aiier City, off (aiti Ibjr Carrier In. lola. QM OU]^'•I«HMrp»j andTBaanctt. •. On« WMkI .,.,1. Ifc Centi! One Month 79 Centu QH^TMrr! .....,> .......>,»7.«0 . etlt «idr.kiH«. County One. Tear- 1 .-4.... LI.'.. <... Sis Uriahs 7 %reo< lioMhs .1 - , .{In Allen 5 ;ounty, «>ne 5iei»r- ....... J.rr. t ^.mM Six Honthi ....fK.M ..tcoo Jii^?' SacSilni.. srwfoi; "8aia ;'"Band. Ulir.. etc. ' Until.tbe exqJiiitJim oL )Uia klSDM. Oate. the ro«d "fdnd- t»-| ko'be'dlyldeil- Upon-'the tV^o' ofasaes las ^'nearly'iqi ^'afuB Wii We'.^ ' To Conihel 'CoDipIetipq ot State ].>Sjc8t)Biii: .• 'inieDevctn 'anji cotinty ishaU 'rail f6 spend 80ip¥i ciebV ol the'cctunty anl' ata'te "i-o id -'tundl ^tcr abom specltied- diductions aM made.; on. the. 'state'' hitc ^iitey iiystem within that- cotontjrfe'*any. one year., the unexpended p^rt of thaL SOrper' cent ataciil• re rert tHe| tnaici; year to tlie- cDutaty.'sbd: state Sfdi ftind, airi b*«o«e'k pi ^ there- ,6t The: stale hlkhway, dot iini&ioni )nay' bpfd the ppimty 's ahoi e' iU' ttie rlroad ' fund'' and? 8i>end .i -ir fn 'some ttMSbCfU of iation. Iff" Ion. The Kansas Daily Lsague. AuiUtv Bt<nuui. ttf Cln^Uatian.. Press CBApressloTthelVorid. • ifHamiip])rriy<J ?reM 4MpciaM»w> - iMOMBElW ASSOCIATED] ^RB»7~ _Tiw>]Itn;i^ter lufu ^lca the Associated ^Ma. neiiptt. by epecial leased Tiflre. The Aspoqated,Press is .excluslvelyvien- Wled 'tiq- the. ffV rM >utdleation of highway IKit- oiherWlsei^ r reputdleation ofl . eredjlted to It cir. ited in i. this paper.. •BcLalse tMeJocaloi^ws published bcjre- llHiAljUrishta.on;republication of spe- dal'dlspatcbcs herein arc-alsd-peser>{ed. BiblB Thought fqir Today. . .1 . * iTIiey .shall see his face; and hib naiuc shall be in their foraheadB.— Kev.'22 :4: . - •T ! THE NEW IIOAD LATV. ! , Tho new road law.passed by the • Lcgisiaturo- of liiW is not as good as it might iiav0- iioeni made, but 1 it sceniB to IMJ a conSideraUlc; im- provenieut over the 61d"lU'w.' .The imporlanw provisions in, it may be suinmarizcd as follows: H 'OroaluH a State Highway C'6m- niiifsion to l)c made up of six mbn ajipoinK^d by the Governor, instead.j of ^tlirec men as under tlic presiiul • law. This'iStatb Commisiflon simii nam<< a Director of Uoads who : Khali name the State iliigbway engineer. Hubordinatii digiueom and all: fl|nplnyees nti tlic ycammiBsioiii andi jtlihli dirovt all. Stato raadv Horl<. , . .The StnlK (>'omraiBslon, in conjunct Icm witii the county commis- xioners ( UH in tho preHcht lawV has powi'i-' tiS designate the State highway system the total miicagrn of «!hlch shall not cxccQd 8,690 miles. .The sy .stenji must include all, ro{uIs. • hcretoforc"iapproved'by the State commission. (The Kansas system ' already has been designated with the exception of! about 300'miles.) TJie' l"evenues for, road work shall be raised- as heretofore, by the gasoline tax; and the niptor Vehicle registration fee. .All the money ddriVed from the gasoline tax goes ilnto, the State highway fund. The. motor; vehiclb registrar tion fees :are divided as follows: Fifty cents for each rtigistratiaa to tlie Secretary of StatoJ;2S per-'eorit of. the reraaintfer stays in the county ^lere ' it originates for township roads' to be.-spent in etach towpstiip in the proportion it bears to its origin in :ihe township; and- 75 peti cent U£ bo transmittod: other, county,' but the 'commission cannot conibef any county, to build «. road^ it '^hes not. -wantWhuilU: " • j "All roaii improvement lajid. ro^d work on state highways are made subject to the> approval'ot|^^t|ie stato. highway commT^'fbn. • 'VYhbnjeA'er any county his com- 'pjetjed' its' state aystein of high- wajja, then the county -rejcaires- its ^hBv <e of fhd county atid- state road, rnnft" on the follbwirig .basfa: ; 1. A.' maintenance tuQd of $300: a mile. 2 ,':^hirty per cent of ids ap- pbrtionmont for use on cpuaty and tbwnship. roads. :!.' iTho- ptiyment' of jrcim- iiurscments to ' taxpayer^ for benefit district roads.-' 4i TJipj remainder to ijevort to tho iouhtj- ahd- slate fund for us'c in other cyimtlcs. AH WII'HCTA'SKES IJT. • AVichita ^EagYe: "Dick Gr ^'s ap- poiptmont to- tho stato nig(iway obriimission. coming''as ir does .after the legislatu'ire's j action in making Kansas road building a mattcri to he handled largely by counties and. districtli.iusfead of by lilxo state as a whole, puts lihi in •tho way ot- rendcriiig the g rcatost 'service to ;Wlobita of his llfi. That service consists in com ccting 'Wichita by paved | road witli that i>art of southeastern Kansas which .will be tied up to.oatibnei hi ;hway systems sooner tbain any otiu r part of tliC' state. Siac s Kansas pinst of necessity hulid' t-oaUli sedtlonatly until a better plan is act ieved, southeastern Kansas is Imund 'to. lead the state im highiray pre greiis. Butt Wichita, in. easily withii co'n- Seoting di »ttincG ''of thaC'soulbeast- crn netifork -which will soo i letid ;into national highw^y.<i ext mdihg to- tho G-ult and ' to tithe A JaoBc ^i927. 11 -• '.I I (Continued from Page 1) and Cbapei were t^e scene ot trouble all day long. There was incessant rifle and machine gun fire and the-' occasionalj boom ot^ artil'r len* throughout the] afternoon. All th'e barriers bet^ween the native and foreign districts were closed and heavily guarded. The foreign defenders suffered their first: ca.suaities^ wlien a British Punjabi trooper was killcnl jfnd two were,wounded , by, gunmen firing from an alieyway at the border of the internatibnnl settlement. Two foreign'policeman were injured by bricks thrown from the top of a building oil the-Nanking road. CRASS CupiiTs (A. c: s.) In 1825 at Chesliire. England; Jack Jone3| defeated Patsy Tunney a fight lljat lasted 276 rounds. Maybe the prize fighters are one bunch that don't sigh for the "good old days." • * c • It .she .^ets'bills instead of special delivery -letters,, rent notices instead of telegrams, steak instead of candy—j^ie's married. .• * * c s Long skirts will return, says Mrs. Carrie Cliupman Catt", hut it Landing of Marines j ^^^^ -"^ yea'-s HO work tiie •Has Kellogg ApprovaI>r'*'""^^- •^'''"'women's ^ apparel by that time, she .guesses. We should like to live :!0 yeaj-s more—just to see Harold Kellcy. wearing a Tomboy skirt. f « a * • . We've seen the I'ro wearing! skirts, but we'd also like to see j Jim Iteid \ye :innK :i iiiiildy ! Law. He was a. Ctilian delegate to The Hague confer tnco iu; l!)07, a delbgatc to tbQi Ptace Conference ai V<;rsailles, a'tid iv^'merabcr of the Court of Arbitration at The HU^ue. lie has served i^ tho Cuban senate d is the autl^or of numcrbus lOkS on various phases of iulbr- national law. To bu a coolje In Sliaughui is liai-d luck these jdays. If you quit work the soldiers chop your head off. and If, you c^n't tiuit work the labor leaders biqw up your house.' (Continued from Page 1) monthly to Uic^ate Treasurer and placed in the highway fund. The 5tate; highway fund is apportioned. a« follows:' • 1. To state highway oommis- -sion.. $300,000 qpartftrly. ($it- 200.000 annually). t«K bo called slate aid road fund. 2. One, hundred Uiousand dollars quarterly .to be placed to the crwllt of a now fund crc- -atod: liy the lam known, as tlio- "county frtfa fund." 3:' Not: exceeding $100,000 nnnualiy to be tho expense of (lie state highway commission. Tlic remainder of all money collected from, motor rdgistration fifecs aiid gasolipol tax is to'be knoVvn as "tho connly and Slijto ro'ad fund" and. is to be divided as follows: .' ' Forty per cent equally amoni; thp 105 counties of- the stale: (as ut prosent); ' 60 ber cent among thf 105^ countlre according' to tht^ir assessed valuation! (as at present). Tbe county comiiiissioners liave control over tlie oounty aiid--^tate fund allotted tp the coup y 'subject to the following provisions: " 1; TwtoVy per cent ' o- ^ch tronnty slmll be spent oh county and township .> roads and i bridges at the option' of the county commissioners.' " 2. Two iiundred and .fifty I dollars to the cities through whicii : designated "highways ruUi for each', hiiie on fraction , of mile; of "highways within! that city. I ' 3. The remainder must be I spent Xor ''construction, im- i proyement;- r^rabursement. r»- i construction i^d maintraanc'e I of the state, b^hway •jthe Coast. Xn extension; of .pa^emen^ Irom Rl Dorado tbroijkh I itiroia and. tafes (Center to Allen lountS'- jia part Of: tbe job. 'Wichita is, Already in' the.way of realizing paved hig]iway facllitiea straight south to the Giilf- Atr eiastern extension to IplB.< will, result in hai'd surfaced connections ei^st, north and south. It i$ a practicable program and this' city's big. cliance. Aut Dick Gray as hlghwa}| commislslorier from the southern Kansas d strict, will never have a-better opp irttiiir ity to do the biggest thing: 3f h'iS life for Wichita and this Kansas. '."phe Logislalure did not pa is the bill to establish, a. State poor farin and, thus do amay with all tiic county ijoor- farms: That ' bcitig ^Htlcd the Ucgister, at the r< quest many good: women, brim s up the question of adding a pia lo to the equipment ot- tbe Allon county poor, fnroii AJI ttaey ham.-out there ,now in. the way of a. ipasici I. in- 'strumont is a wheezy bid (rgan which'lii out'of'tuiio and'can onjy IJU ' inade ib "play at all by so furl- ou:i a worJtiug of the pedals is to drown out most of the' notes that atin sound. .N 'aw there are gi oujis Of fine-young people'and fini" people hore in lola. wtio go i p'to the poor farm every week or two to carry! on a religious service or by sing ng and playing to. introduce a little pleasing enter ain- meh't of' the lonely Inmates oi tbe farm. Tliese occasienal .enter ain- ments would be much easier tc put over and much, more'enjoyabit for .all concerned if there Were a,'i iano to lead thesingiiig and to be i lay- edi along' 'with other instruments. So please.' Mr.' Commtssib'i pinch $100 or $150 out somew (maybe some of the livestocji the'Yarm. could be sold)'an%' 'the: Old Folks 'a piano, ThiHji miiob you would; enjoy it I^ shbi'ild bare to there sodietime! make your the Otark. smelter when a search of tiie negroes ''waa made there after midhifcbt: Tiiese weapons were all flto search there yielded. The owner oif'the *locker was not arrested.'' v gun battle l>etw<|en city police officers and four bandits, disturbed by the officers while They were endeavoring to rob a, grocery store aafej just as chiirch'congregations 'Wira •assem'bling' last i^ight addp.d to the tenseness ot the situation and the nervousness of citizens. • Oarr^iinKtaut: for. tUo secondmiglit. the military rule closing all <Iown- town, business- houses- at- 9- p. m., tbe chivrches dismissed early aticll tlie streetis were cleared Of'perfte.':- triaus excBpr those with: militarjr passes permitting them to' pene- I trate the ,guferd* Hues. ThreejCofl^eyvillie Men Arraigned for Robbery oatt of I Independence, Kans.., Mar.- 21. ^ <AP)—Lloyd Wells, Clifford Vine- .vard and Harvey Miller, arrested .-U Cbtfeyvillc in coniiection with the looting of a hardware store and a lumber company store for guns and ammunition during th^ rjbtitig at Coffeyvillc were brought before Justtcc S; P. Miles here this morning to answpr charees'ofHiurglary arid larceny. Tho three nipu pleaded not guilty-and asked for a hehr- Ing which will- be hold Wednesday. Bond waa fixe<liat $l,riOO.oach, Unable to give the bond, they arc now in the county jail. C. Sandlfcr. negro portor at the Mi!<souri Pacilic passenger stution at Coffeyvillc, aijrested by military last night for carrying concealed weapons, was brought to the city jail here last nlGJht and is being held pendiiig trial; .Vo charges have been filed. '{ Reports continue to <-.ome from. Coffoyviile that the three men guilty of the attack on, two white girls, Ixave- been arrested, and. are, anothet- county for safe keep-, Ing. Count}- Attorney G. W. .Mitch- i?ll denied tbe report today. old .Soil HuililiilK for Uood irons., f^cd thU s6il and It v^ill feed you, r • With the areas of flllablo land I limited ard. the Increase ot the pbitnlation greater each year, the chief problem facing the country is food production, it centers on the )iToblem of, making tiiti soil produce more than it h4a ever pro- dtiied before. This has. brought US; to the age of scientific fertjllz- ers ind intensive cultivation. We now know that in proportion as we feed the sojl, the soil will repay ilr feeding us. Periilidng and soii^ study is now an elemental probleni iu the making of the-home, garden. The. successful ganiener his busi- aesst' first of all. to^ get a diagnosis of his soil. IJe can ,tell general characteristics. as to heavi- liess, liihtuoss. presence of too much, c ay. lack of drainage and other obvious features by casual jnspectibu. What he cannot tell is tbe chemical elements necessary to vegetable growth [that arc lacking in. the soil. He cannof tell without a test as to whether it is acid and: sonr or alkaline-and sweet. Slinpla devices, make this nbw. a sltnplte lest and the first thing a good gardener wants to know and finds, bttt is whether lie'ueei]s to apply lUme. After that the rest of the fertilizing Is a simple matter. He knowa that tlie i ideal all-arouhd fertilizer, which furnishes plant food and helps the texture of the soil, is wellrrottcd stable manure. Ho also knows that this is now a liixury for the ordinary gardener an(^ hard to get at any price. He must depend for the part on synthetic manures and commercial fertilizers. The latter do not add anything in the way of texture to the soil. Tbis ia provided by humus, decayed vegetable matter. This,must be produced at home or bought from dealerii who specialize in providing it, a com- I Pjurativcly new commercial enicr- ppize originating out of tho lack of stable mjinuire. \y4shingtDn, •Mai'. 21. (AP)—The lanhing ot Anierican marines in jShantliai is in accordance with tJie policy laid ilowii by Secretary Kel- Jogg at the tinic of the original disturbances in that city on the approach of Nationalist forces. They are to be enipioyed only for protection of American life and property wirbiu'the international i settlement boundaries. j . « * * ' | Admiral Willianis, commander j Headlines yon never .see: COCK.-! of the Asiatic fleetj reported to tbe:,„(;K CALLS KJXt: A.\D BOUAiJ navy department t (^day that he liud j ^TATP'^Mii'v .^ivrp ,randed a fore., of about 1..S00 ma-i^'^f''^'^'^f ^ bTATK.S.Ml!..\ bl.NCE rinesi He said the |munieipal <;onn-: I'l -^'^'O'-'^"- cil of Shanghai liad declure<l a slate 1 (if. omeVgeney and llie nia- rint 's were landed at i!:-;-i*e«|.uosl. War (-raft and iit'arines were assembled at JShanghiii in apprehension of disorders that migl t occur during the transition perioll while the Shangiiaij area was passing from control 61'thelnorthern political and tiiiitary leaders to that of the Sbilthcrner.s. ; i Marines and blut^ jackets will bp used to see that Alnericnn rights are not. violated <luring tbis interval ait bough officials here believe toiiil<^kaff tlie Colk and to forti&tliA sydklsm against Grip.. Xnflaenta* mnd- oUt^sodoBS iIIs.Tei9ultiii£fnun a Cold.' TheSafe and Provcii Remedy. Pzioa 30c. Tho bos bears'this sigimtura —4 5/ncel 1889 — 'r-— INSURANCE City an^ Farm Phone ISil or 820 Rav ilnvestment Co. i. Jir< Philip S. Ray —Telephone your Classified Ads to 18. - LET JiOirBS DO IT! Jones Electfcic Works PlIONK 192 —WhHo in* France with the Amcncan Arniy 1 obtXiucd a French prescription for the tre.-rt- ment of ill'.^'imatism and .N'ouritis. I have given thi.s to thousands with wonderful results. The jirrcscriji- tibn cost me notliing. I ask noth- leaders ! ing . for it. I will mail it if you A postal will bring it. Write today.— Paul Cah'e, Dept. C-llOtl, Brockton, | .MnsH, , that as soon as resj)onsil>h' I of the Nationalist j army establish i will send m'? your address, headquarters, thoylwjll take pre-' fiautlons' to suppress rioting or lootini;. The Cantimese, !oceupation of jSlianghai undoubtedly will bring ! the <|iiestion of relittlons between the ."Miitionalisi Kuv(>rnnu-nt and tbe western powers up j for reconsider-! ution, jbut it appears unlikely that any step toward recognition of the CantoEiese as the (;overnincnt of China i is lo be anticipated In the immediate future. : .MI we.stern governments have, dealt with the Cantonese at Ciinton. Hankow and elsewhere as de facto authorities. WIjlE.N YOUR LIGHTS GO OUT on YOUil PLUMBING ' I GOBS BAD ¥ r Electric and '^V* Plumbing Co. ITIIK ItADIO STOKE garjien for tho bab\-j prbvided- only it gets suniiglit a id tho fresh picked, vegetables ire far better than can be bought in he market. Swiss chard is a val lable addition to the babies' garden to follow spinach: for all-jsea^on greens. French Outposi Has Brush .With. Chines^ Shanghai. Mar. 21.1 (AP) .i^^French .outposts on the fuilhernulst border of; the French IconctKsioii; in Slianghai bad a bruijh with a small detachment of ChineBe troops this afternoon. Shrtts view, e.vehanged and the Chine.'ie wvre driven off. One mituiie mi for one Gent a Md Bollinger Service Station iJs Q))cned As will |ibe noted lik- tlio advertising columns on anplh^r page in this issue,' Bollingei-/s Service Sta- ''''''^•'' "l"'''' fmve lullwi witliin the tinn, located in iBe TI<'o!en bu-Id- ""^ !Ulry, opens ing cast of the tola tau its doors iBday. The service atalii n Is operated by .Mr. J. Merle BollingHr, who win have persont<l char ;e of all the work dono there. II is )rin»arity .j tire sales and sejrvii e station,; A supply of fBrtllizer .s should Iie -I "'"c repairing ar d-\iulnani !!ing. j siptched out on each .side of Uu 'le first itcin lo he considered in iwldilibn, iiowevorj the making out the spring order. Have the fertilizei-s handy when the seeds arc received. V «^thblc <f Prescribed for Hfaltb. Spinach, carrots and strih'g beans, aie not only, food for babies in these modern days, tUoy are prescriptions. The infant, before it Is a year old, must start on a vegetable diet, which in all likelihood would have thrown our great- grandmothers- into fits. TZ^\ZtCVZ:.n ha. .,e-' Schedule Mat le fer Western i^sspciatibn Vimi THK BATTLK l'i «».VT. .•\-correspondent of the United j News wlio drove'oitt from Shang-| hai onj Sunday to tlie battle front, cables- a report of jwhicli the fol- iowiugj are si.!;nificuut paragraphs: Booming guns to the south broke the Sunda.v calm iu Shanghai throughout the <lay. We motored to the battle front soon after noon, and oiily eight or nine miles outside the city inet the first groups of straggling northern soldiers. Here was picturei of disorder. .Mingling . with rcfujgees rl'rom the last few days, tbe IShantliiig .soldiers poured over roa<l and fields. K .vcitc /il i-ivilians, pushing jcarls <if 1 hi)us<>hbld goods weile pressing to-1 ward Shanghai, Ileclng for ' their | lives. ! I .VI (he. Itattlefmnl. .Apjiroximalely ten niiies from {-.Shanghai, 'lear Minghong, we were Urcs and. iHiing. ox<:(ptioually woll surprised i.» lind ourselves at the e ^iulrpcd with, the Ia^|machinery, battle front. The -Northerners' line ng.jSlretc! he .Station i.s : n|-id and a considerable force was organized to rechargji aiid care for Bunrdins a small bridge. batteritn. and to was h audi grease ti.isk rifle firing .-ould be heard ''"SI' •• . i." . M"iiiartcr of a mile awaj- where the Bollinger s Servict Stiition is , .\atl<malists .seemed to be gaining "one stop" .-.tation-that is. cars' b l^Jxilted srddlers surroimded our iting Thev Negro Students Are 4MiftfgefinSp |iftol. Coireyvllle, Kan;, IViarcb 21. (AP) come a.necessity for children^ par-.' ticularly babies< who must have '• .their fresh spinach and other gar-.! .Joseph. Mo., Ma|r. 2| lien truck if they are to be raised : The AVestern in, robust health aiid. strengtli and' "e*"<'rn there is no place tbiat vesitables of tlic qualify, for tlie youtig- s'fers'can lie'secured' excel>t inthe iners, pere on Sire low bbme • iOne quarterly^ payilieit td. each county, eacii ^eiar. lihay |be applied to tbe reimbursement o^: taxpayiar^ who have: heretofore invested in benefit district rb^s. I 'Until July 1. i J929. for tbe pur- jpbso <;f'.apii^ctioiiin|tUie-Toa<l fiin4, iBtatp' roa^a. an .''djliide^ into, tura icli^^es. <^ias8 jA," hard surfaced iids, 8ucb ap'cement, brick, bitUr '• here today while white students were attending a special assembly called by Supt, A. .1. Decker, at whidi, Captain. G. W. Noel, commander of TJOOJ ^ 117th cavalry, warned them that no attempt i at violence toward th^ ^egro students would be countena!nced. Tlie white students heeded the advibe aqd quietly went to> classes wbe I; the assembly aided. There was no show of antagonism. ire^tber.snt i^urppeaftJinatUpte.Qt Im Wttfer** Nat T S|U>win^ ^ pii^ Through some error made in the booking office at Kansas City, the film. The Scarlet "Letter, which was to hive been showri at The Elite Prb|)aWjr 'the most impo^|bnt item on t|ie agenda of the Ani^ri- can^ Ititeriiatlbnal Law Institlite conference'wbich is to assemble lo- day in Mnntevld'eo. Uruguay.: v b^ I the. disisitsBipm of a' 4 |aft c.d^e .Tbenlti^e this afternoon and nig^it oil iPrivate international law p*-' :was'not received. JThis famous _«ILJ . r»» A In c -a,,^ ^ picture, however, shown ^A^ltonIo S, de Busia- ^u ,,i „t fan .tomorro4- and Wednes- mente, pr.-^e 9ji8tain«ttt|e^ is a aaj;. says. -Mr. T. N. Magrudet;. CQI ^ wbb rabksTambiig'tlie ^reAt- inaiiager. of tbe Elite MtVffvipg authorities on InternL- ' The failure Of this Olm. to arrive ^fTltttw-ftationalilaw Ib'ttoe Univi^,- program; Oho program was a? sity'of Hajvana. is a simMr-altUe 'ranged for the maUtee tbis^atter- jfcoon and an entirely different ond and string beans are a standard prescription because they have become' practi.cally all-the-year- around vegetables in the market and cam alwa>-a' be had^ except spinach, which gives w'ay to beut& or other grfeens equally as valuable in summer, only to return in the fall for an all-winter stay. These three |are. the easiest of vegetables to. raise and a tiny plot ill the back yard will furnish an ample sapply for. tbe babies. The spinach will ha*'e first call; occii- •BJ^hg; most of the pafcl^V with a row of carrots to one' side^ As the spinach is pulled abd used mbre. plantings, of carrots caA, be put in and as soon as'tfaej wea^her 18 sufficiently ^arm a fevr.< hiljs of sf rihg bea'ris ca"n go in "for batjy's garden. A plot 5 feet sqiiareiwill go a long-way towards providing tbe needed freah."Vege*ahIe» for the ^nfant afad 'a ten-foot' s^parefwill :proVide considerable for the rest of the family; ^ ' ' Car/ots and. spinach: for: the earliest crop, tq be followed b.v tom4to planU can be set along one edge] of the plot and trained 1 to stakes and single stems to furnish i. fAP)4- Assoclitioi . newiy formed class B; basaba 1 league, will sta/t Itsi .season ^pri 2S. will play 126 games, aind wil end the season Labor Day,, it wa< decided at ^ meettlig of mat age rs in St. ! .loseph -here yesterday will play its first ganie dt Okmulgee, Okla.. aiid it is 11 :el.v that Topeka will play at Spr ng, ield, Mo-, and .Muskogee, Okla.. at Fir^Smith. .A'rk.' Several mtn«r cl am ;es In tl<e schedule remain to he wcirked out by President iDale Geir. who safd it is possible; opening gsmes wdi be at Topeka arid Mjskoi?ee. President Gear's sciedi^le provided, for opening g^i ies- in the sou'ibem part of the C f'cij t, due to weather ooilditions, bit tlie definite schedule of openini: ganes will liot be sn;iouticed unt I luer. All six teams were repre8pnte|i at the meeting. W;infiield Enters the lif ^tioiial Toiipiiment Chicago, Mar. 21. (^»4-Teanls Xroro.'Winfleld.Kans., Oover. Ohij>. and HnrOn. 3. t>., tqda} enti red tbe national high i school ba iketbajl t:b«|npi0Q9t)(p tournapient itarti at- 'the' University; if (hicagi HlfLTcii 31. Acceptanc s)| to^ dat^ number 19. I . 1 St. Joseph dclr'ng service wiU hi-, able to!,.:,r ge.siieulating ami .ordering us' driv'c right into the station and oU.,„ return^ Thev pointed to" the i through to tiic alley. It vvill not be , ^„„fire „„ all sides of us and to j necessary for any tir to receive,,|,y .oldiprs .:rouching in ditches, i .service at the curb. ! rice titlds and.ncar| farm houstis. j Liickint; In IMttdpilne. We saw no' woundpd norUierii soldigrHj but tbe. cit.v 's defenders appeared toi be lacking in disci- piluH or hop«r of snccp.ssfui battle ag'uinst the invading |hordes. We wert' not molested, as Iwe inspected th^ir lilies, hut were iirged to return to Slian^iai immetliately on peril' of i)e:ng hit by itray bullets. Freinrli rfoldiei-s guard concession gates which ar« iouke<t and barred. The UrilisH troops are! standing by. determin'ed to prevent invasion of the- settlement wheiio tension is hlgii. I . growCTs by- th-" iam- < dreds are now adding, from fivi to ten bushels per acre to their yield at a cost of only five ceiits an acre: Anew seed com treatment has made these astonishing restdts possible. The ezpianatiob is simple. Disease reduces your com yields many bushels annually. This new seed com treatment protects the seedfrom disease organisms on the seed and in the soil—and allows.the seed to germinate and grow ' unmolested. Seed that is no^ treated is forced to figitt the rots 'and molds whichcauscpoorgermination. "down'.* com. roof and stalk rots. And you lose bushels that sliould l>c fiollara in your pocket. Makes Poftr Seed Good This treatment insures gemiination Midsturdy: growth-rieverl»efore posii- bleftom poor seed. Even selcctedseed is benefited by the treatment becaiise I of. the protection ic is given against the injurious and costly at&cks. of soil-infesting diseases. Tested by U. S. Dept. of A^rici Extensive tests by the V.S. De(»art-- ment'of Agriculture show that the . BA "5rER DUST treatment of nearly disease-free Dent com gave an. increase of 8.5 bushebper acre: of Dip- lodia infected seed; 15.S bushels; and of Gibberelta infected seed, 28.9 bushels. Phy tops thology, Jan uary, 1926. Costs but a Few Cents per Acre You need no special equipment for this new seed treatment. No tiresome orlengthyprocedureisinvoived. Two bushels of seed can be! treated in less than three minutes. And the cost is less than 5c peracre. Bayer seed treatment comes in two ' forms: BAYER DUST for Dust treatment and USPULin^ for Sqak treatment. Most growers-prefer the Dnst treatment .because- it is- quidcier iand saves the trouble of drying tlie seed. Both are equally effective. ' ' Increases Your Profits ' BAYER DUST or jUSPULUN pay] their small cost many times over be- ; cause ^^y- : Permit earlier pl.nnting;- Prevent soil decay. Increase germination. ' ' Prevent seedling-blight, root aad : stalk rot. Reduce Jicaiptr^-untofdownrcom. Increase the vicld- And bri;;g greater profits. THIS HGME TEST! ON |WJ!tSEEbcO«ai| -e tbe value cfiiiis t reatment to- yobr own satisfaction before the plianting seasort. Today, get c 50citin Of BAYSR DUST or OSPULUN frfeni your dealer. *l' Select .50 kernels of com at rSn-" dom fom yo^ir r*c<i corn. Treat- 25 seeds on ;i pl»r,t them in a cigar box or fln ^-.-tr !>ot. Plant 25 UPlrraltcri : - -n ;i r.imilarcon- ta-.nerJ T'M -1 ihcm grow. The riEcuirs -.vili' amaze you. One pound of either treat*^ six buslhels of seJd II.T<-r Dust: 4 o|. SOc; 1 Ib. $1.75; S lb.. $8.00. U.poIna: i com oz. SOc; 1 Ib. $2|.75: 5 lbl.$t3S>Q - M • .:' {The pleasant, EUg2U[-^ate [are taken for bad br^tn ^ a who know] them. j - A^nffragbn (Voter) lisho] &«4i||Ul9tttp^ 1^ Dr. Edward«'T3Uve Tablets act'gfn- tly'but fcm|y, aa qie bowds andslwr. stflnfilklnjg thtei to natural'adtion, dearing t& blood and gentlyiBurifyihg the entire fej-stem. They db that-whigh daneerous catomel does mlhout aoy. of the.-bad>after: effects. • Oyy €tTO>te.t3 briofenq fipiwjg, pain or any afsaQeeaoie'enectsj ' < :1 Dr.B:Mm^ th^ tiannulaafter2Qy;e9poti (ra(ft]ce among patients atflictea with bowbl and liver , Isr t A is moije of a liability than an a.s.set. Your shabby, weather| worn hdnle .soon b^omes a liability to you and a scare crow to your neighborhood. Revive its value—^its \|itality—itk ' back bone—retain its youth- and grace bv ovei -lcoatinE- with color clad .stucco.- ^4^' ^"V ' i "anng Kclte.v Htofpl;pi: pqpg 31. Klein's llumber^ Y:|rd:

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