Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 6, 1963 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1963
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1963 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS 13 KANSAS MINERALS Geologists claim that 50 sou flooded Kansas during the formation of the earth and this action left rich deposits of • mn ny minerals over the state, according to the Encyclopaedia Brltnnmca. "MAKING HIS MARK" At one time, Smiths and pottery makers had individual marks which they put on their products and, when these marks or brand names became well known, the person had "made his mark," giving rise to the expression. LINKON'S ANY PARY - ANY CAR Equipment, Parti, Glass Complete Machine Shop. Union Ordered To Poy $1,325,000 KALAMAZOO, Ml*. (AP) A federal district court jury Thursday ended *n 11-year court battle by ordering the United Auto Workers to pay the largest judgement ever rendered against the union — $1,325,000. The jury awarled the damages to Malleable Industries, Inc., of Benton Habor. The e dgement came in two parts: ,210,000 against the UAW international, and 115,000 against the now defunct Local 880, of Benton Harbor. Te action sterna from what the Benton Harbor firm contended was an illegal strike and series of v rk stoppages during 1952 and 1953. CORN GROWING CHAMP The forget-me-not the floral emblem of Alaska. ANNUAL RKPOIIT OPDVKE C. C. SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 9 Opdyke, Illinois July 1, 1962—June 80, 106S EDUCATIONAL FUND Receipts: Revenue: From county tnxes $10,758.80 From governmental divisions _ 23,018.77 From student and community services 3,302.92 Non-Revenue: Anticipation warrant 3,000.00 Payroll deductions 4,740.74 Repayment of loan from bond and Interest fund 314.89 McLEANSBORO CLAYTON HOWEU, Correspondent Total receipts 543,136.12 Plus balance on hand 7/1/62 1,292.67 Total $44,428.79 G «M >rgn Lupin, nbovt-, a student at MeLeansboro high school, made the highest corn yield In his I'TA section of Illinois with a yield of 197.1 bushels pe. racre. George is pictured with William Brlnklcy, his Instructor at MeLeansboro high school. EDUCATIONAL FUND Disbursements-. Salaries shown at gross: Andv Maynor $ 154.75 Blac'kwell-Wielandy Co. _. 127.18 Bolerjnck's Market 1,663.60 Loan to bond and interest fund 314.89 Cox Transit Co 89.96 Continental Banking Co 276.46 Economy Co 136.73 Everett C. Wood 150.00 Freeman Coal Company 214.21 Garrett Book Company 149.00 Hubert Harrell 97.00 Hamilton Co. Telephone Co-op. 115.46 Herbert Wicks 3 ,375.00 Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund 231.2.V L. M. Richardson - 180.00 Margaret Bullock 3,850.84 Marcelle McClure 3,799.92 Marion Meadows 2,133.28 Mason Typewriter Exchange _ 190.00 Mt. Vernon Fruit Company - 186.67 Mt. Vernon Coca-Cola Bottling Company 149.56 Nancy Wilson 2,995.20 Neil D. Butler 6 ,210.00 Roger G. Webb and Son - 237.62 Ruby Peterson - - 1,080.00 Roth Dairy Company _ ~ 1,345.97 Rolla Williams ~ 240.00 Security Bank (withholding taxes remitted) 3 ,015.80 Standi! rl Accident Ins. Company 150.00 Scott Foresman Company - 192.56 Tri-County Electric Co-op 400.00 Teachers Retirement System (deductions remitted) 1,403.40 Deficit transfer to transportation fund 6,014.82 Veath's Sports Mart 279.68 Wilma Sandy 1,080.00 Western Chemical Company 293.32 Wesley Adams 160.89 111. Munncipal Retirement Fund (Ded. remitted) 315.45 Items whose purchase was less than $100 1,341.89 Total disbursements $44,342.34 Plus balance on hand 6/30/63 86.45 Total $44 ,428.79 TRANSPORTATION FUND Receipts: From county taxes $ 239.08 From governmental divisions 2,259.60 Deficit transfer, from education 6,014.82 This yield was under the su- \ In the state there were 2305 ' boys entered in the contest this year from 234 Hijm Schools. State winner was John Maccari of the Toluca high J vervlsion of Mr. Brinkley, the agriculture teacher at Me­ Leansboro high school. At. the time the corn was weighed, shelled corn samples were also taken and a moisture test was made and the yield figured on the basis of No. 2 corn with 15 per cent moisture. George made his highest yield of 197.1 bushels per acre with Pioneer 321. This FFA section No. 25 includes the counties of Williamson, Saline, White, Galatin, Hardin, Pope, Johnson and Massac. There were 8 high schools and 81 boys entered in the corn growing contest this year in this FFA section. All vocational agriculture students are eligible to enter this corn growing contest and free seed corn is supplied to all students who enter. Cash awards of $25, $15 and $5 are given to the three students obtaining the highest yield in each FFA section of the state. school in Marshall county who produced 238.3 bushels per acre with Pioneer 32813. The boys obtaining the 10 highest corn yields in this FFA section for 1963 were as follows: George Logan, MeLeansboro, 197.1; Roy Fleck, E n f i e 1 rl 193.2; Rollo Burnett, Joppa, 184.8; Rickey Henderson, Me­ Leansboro, 181.0; Gary Appel, Enfield, 175.1; James Bond, Ga- lalia, 173.7; Gary York, "Me­ Leansboro, 171.2; John White, MeLeansboro, 1tiK.6; Frank Douglass, MeLeansboro, 147.8; Tom Stahl, Enfield, 125.7. Here is George's own story of how he produced his exceptionally high corn yield: "First, I disced and then 1 plowed it, then disced it again. Then I used a Jandlcvelcr and disced it twice. Then I planted my corn on May 29th. Before planting, I plowed down 150 lbs. of Nitrogen, 100 lbs. of phosphate, and 100 lbs. of potash. When I planted it I put on 4-1616 N.P.K. at the rate of 200 lbs. to the acre. I cultivated it twice. The previous crop grown on this ground was red clover. The rate of planting was approximately 16,500 population per acre. "There are 231 acres in our farm, which consists of Angus cat tie and hogs. Major crops! are corn and soybeans, and red clover for seed crops. The soil type on our Irani is Ava Silt, loam. I am a sophomore at Me­ Leansboro township high school I and I expect, to be a livestock I farmer or stay in some field of agriculture. My lather, George Logan, Sr., helped me get the ground ready and get the crop in, and helped me harvest the plot." Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Nelson and daughter of Pontiac, III., spent the weekend with their parents, Mr, and Mrs. Carl Nelson and Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Coulter and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kirkpatrick and family spent the weekend with relatives in Frankfort, Ind. Miss Michael Hixon, student at. Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, III., spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Hixon. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Spruell and daughter of Rloomington, 111., spent the weekend with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hill. They were accompanied by Miss Margaret Spruell who spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Spruell. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Solberg and family of Wilmington, 111., spent, the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Howell. Mr. and Mrs. John Bachmann and son Charles, of Columbio, Mo., spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Hixon. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Draper of Port Huron, Mich., left Monday for a winter's vacation in Florida after a visit of several days with Mrs. Draper's sister, Mrs. Lucille Beasley and other relatives. Barbara Hood of Cleveland, Ohio, spent, the weekend here with her mother, Mrs. Lucille Beasley and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arnold and family visited relatives in Charleston over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Malone and children, Jan and Mark, of Boston, Mass., visited her mother, Bertha Sharp over Thanksgiving weekend and also her sisters, Mrs. John Davis and family and Mrs. Jim Combs and family. The MeLeansboro fire department was called out to two fires Sunday, the first call sent them to Rcaben's Drive In, on the cast side of the square. Fire from a trash barrel spread to a store room, there was little damage to the building, Sunday afternoon the department was called to the Snced Feed Store on Marshall Ave., where a pile of corn cobs was burning close to the Sneed elevator, there was no damage to the buildings. The City of MeLeansboro has installed two red warning lights at the corner of Washington and Randolph street at the intersection of route 460 and Route 14, they were already designated as four way stops. The second light is located one block east at Jackscw and E. Randolph streets at the intersection of Routes 460 North, Route 14 and Route 142. It is hoped by the city that the lights will impress on the motorist to make the stops and avoid serious accidents. Mr and Mrs. Bill Chapman and family of Brazil, Ind., spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Chapman. Mrs. Ruth McElvain returned Tuesday from a ten day visit with her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Blades in Springfield, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Dial enroute to Hot Springs from Wife Serves Subpoena On Cop MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho (AP)—State Patrolman Cal Bernard stopped off at the Mountain Home sheriff's office to work on records. He felt a tap on his shoulder anl was handed a subpoena to appear as a witness in a District Court trial. The subpoena server was his wife, an Elmore County deputy. To preserve shapes, keep wigs on wig blocks. Chicago, spent several days this week with relatives here and with Mr. and Mrs. Don Tucker of Dahlgren. Richard Woods, student at Murray State College, Murray, Ky., spent the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Woods. CIVE GIFT MEMBERS :;;,- s AAA—AUTOMOBILE CLUB ILLINOIS DIVISION OFFICE 1110 Main Street Mf. Vernon, Illinois Phone 242-1242 NORMAN U HARMON District Manager WS JBJS J3« JKJSt'S XSk P-Sitt^ OUR REPAIR WORK IS GUARANTEED SERVICE ANION APPLIANCE Wants To Become American At 100 Total receipts $ 8,513.50 TRANSPORTATION FUND Disbursements: G. D. Chesley 5 8 'l°£2x H. L. White 223.50 Harry Adams - COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP)-Latimar Martindale, a Briton who has spent 75 of his 99 years in the United States, has notified the government he wishes to become an American citizen on March 25, his 100th birthday. "I want to show how much I appreciate the kindnesses generosity that I have received in Georgia," he said. Martindale, wlio lives in a nursing home, came to Columbus in 1953. He was horn near London and early in life moved to Canada. Then he settled in Los Angeles where, ne says, he was one of the first cable car conductors. 223 S. 9th Street Dial 242-1237 CHRISTMAS GIFTS BIG GIFTS DALE FILBERTH OF THE MARINER—719 Main Wants To Give All Customers FREE Gifts For Christmas With Every Purchase. Free $55 Wet Suits With Aqua Lung Complete Free $17.50 Bac Pack With Tank & Regulator Free $2.95 Snorkel With Mask & Fins The Highest Quality Diving Equipment Aqua Lung and Dacor All Orders Must Be In Soon Since Stocks Will Not Last — Diving Instruction (Approved Divine, Air) Will Be Available At The Mariner. FREE CATALOGS UPON REQUEST Dive Shop Will Open Any Time By Apointment Phone 242-4554 or 242-3042 Total disbursements - S 8,513.50 Plus balance on hand 6/30/63 none Total 5 8,513.50 ILLINOIS MUNICIPAL RETIREMENT FUND taxes $ 322.76 Receipts: From county Total - 5 322.76 ILLINOIS MUNICIPAL RETIREMENT FUND Disbursements: Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund , ..S 231.23 Total disbursements $ 231.23 Plus balance o n hand 6/30/63 91-53 'KING' BECOMES 'PROPHET' NEW YORK (/Pi—After circling the world as a self-proclaimed "King of nations" to announce the coming of a new age of peace. Bishop Homer A. Tomlinson, 70-year-old genera overseer of the Church of God. garb of an Old Testament, pro- now is on a global tour, in the phet, to announce the coming of a "golden age" of prosperity. Hi CHRISTMAS TREES Whether you spend five dollars or five hundred... Nearly $300 million is spent on cosmetics in the United States every year. CANADIAN BALSAM Sizes: 4 to 6 Foot Your Choice ONLY $1.19 At Your Friendly MARTIN OIL STATION 8 Come in...LOOK AROUND Total $ 322.76 GENERAL BUILDING FUND Receipts: From county taxes $ 2,988.50 From student and community sendcts 20.00 Payroll deductions 196.80 Total receipts $ 3,205.30 Plus balance on hand 7/1/62 182.01 Total $ 3,387.31 GENERAL BUILDING FUND Disbursements: Salaries shown are gross: Country Mutual Insurance Company $ 549.00 Goodyear Service Store 125.00 Holloway Heating and Electric 220.00 Huston's Plumbing and Heating 131.61 Illinois Municipal Ret. Fund 84.00 Marion Meadows - 1,066.64 Security Bank (withholding taxes) 112.80 Western Chemical Company 122.95 Ttems whose purchase was less than $100 ......... i 89.45 Total disbursements $ 2,501.45 Plus balance on hand 6/30/63 .. 885.86 Total « 3,387.31 BOND AND INTEREST FUND Bonded Indebtedness as of 7/1/62 $48,000.00 Amount paid on principal 3,000.00 Bonded indebtedness as of 6/30/63 $45,000.00 Receipts: From county taxes 4,458.84 Loan from Educational Fund 314.89 Total receipts $ 4,773.73 Plus balance on hand 7/1/62 642.61 < ________ Total — $ 5,416.34 BOND AND INTEREST FUND Disbursements: American National Bank and Trust Co., on principal $ 3000.00 American Natlonnl Bank and Trust Co., intmtt 1,918.00 Repayment of loan to Educational Fund „ 314.89 Total disbursements ....... % 5,232.89 Plus balance on hand 6/30/63 ~ 183.45 at these top value used cars 1960 Chevrolet Impala 4 Door Sedan New whitewalls, radio, heater, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, deluxe interior, tinted glass. This car is clean as hew. 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 Door 6 Cyl. Power steering, radio, heater, automatic transmission, clean throughout. 1962 Volkswagen Sedan Pearl white, radio, heater, sharp. 1959 Dodge Custom Royal 4 Door Sedan V-8, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, radio, heater, real sharp. 1961 Volkswagen Sedan Pearl white, radio, heater, WW tires. Like new. 1956 Buick Special 4 Door Automatic transmission, radio, clean. 1955 Mercury Montclair 4 Door Sedan V-8, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, radio, heater. Excellent buy. 1960 Volkswagen Sedan Black, perfect mechanical condition. Your Car Is Worth More At REGENCY SEE ONE OF OUR COURTEOUS SALESMEN Paul Chauncey Bill Stevens George Cisco there's an electric gift for every person on your list Total ..$ 5,416.34 Martin Zedalia, Jr., President L. M. Rlchardsoij, Secretary Subscribed and *worn to before me this 25th say * November, 1963 AUTHORIZED I ^"^^""l DEALER • * | MOTORS, Inc. Same Location—New Owner Located on North Salem Road (Route 37) Phone 242-6200 Mt. Vernon Here's how to simplify your Christmas gift problem. Think electric. FACT: Electric gifts please everyone. FACT: There's an electric gift to please everyone, to fit every purse. And there are more than 100 electric gifts to choose from. To name a few . . . toys, games, clocks, lamps, toasters, roasters, ranges, mixers, blenders, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, heaters, humidifiers, air conditioners, TV seta, radios, record players, projectors, organs, blankets, iron* ers, disposers, dishwashers, power tools, vacuum cleaners, shavers, lawn mowers, snow blowers, soldering irons, can openers —all electric gifts have this in common: they keep on giving long after Christmas. The beauty of it is, you can get most of them on a convenient one-stop shopping trip! See your appliance dealer NOW ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY 3 C 1 f ? / i i i e t f i i }

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