The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 21, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, March 21, 1927
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•'Wdrd was received in lola this morning of the death of Mrs. Ernest Fultz last nfght at 11:20 o 'clock 'at the Excelsior Spripgs. Mo., hospital. She was the dauBhter -in- law. of Mrs. Belle Fiiltz south of the city.. [ • IVm. Penii—.) ceiits—.4^(>ooi] Clfar Warren Perhani, who attends the Kansas State .\grieultural College at .Manhattan, and'his .school friend Gilbert Riley, of Norton, Kansas, were guests over the; week end of Warren 'S; jiarents. Jlr; and Mrs." C. K- P ^rhuni. of 402: East Madison avenue. I , j ; —Box Supper yt Woodman Hall Miircli 22. Woodnien and wiv<»s Untl Ko.val-Neighhors $nd friendsinvited. .. Ah -.s. C. M. Moiseley ami little daughter. IJeverly Jeahe. of Waco. Texas, arrived Satiirday for a visit wiih iheir mother and grandmother. .Mrs. P1 Mitchell, of 62:5 Soijth street. , Frank Barker, Ralph Barker Alberti Pijge left this Inoming Santa LAna, Texas, to work in oil fields. land for the 7 -i -Have your old hat re-trim ned and freshened with a new flower. Edwards Millinery. - Cleo Steplienson. 'of S17 XJirth' Walnut street, who has been ill o'f thiB measles, is able to retun) to his work at! the. lola laundry. •Win. Penn—.•> cents—A fiood <|frar Mrs! Oordie Qsborn is ill at home. .=iu4 South Third street. —Trunks. Bags. Snttcaties. ninger's Furniture Store. her II. P. f). R .SOn.M. fl.VM '."AKU PAllTV Tliiirsdi'i.v, Miircli 21 at Club Hooms Phone .Mrs. A. B. Twadell. T.'.n. or Mrs: I). C. .MincHinner. r,(;2.l Tlii.o, will be the last parly of llie Social. Club •.season. Mrs. H. K. Bell has reiurlned home from a visit with relativej; at Princeton. Kansas. '• ~|iVhy worry? K. C. Efertric lind Plumbing Co. will lake care of your electric and plumbing troul|iles promptly. Call K. —For the bestjelectric and plumb- ins service, seu K. C. Electric and Plumbing Co. I Mrs. Ella, Buyer, of I'niontolwii. was In lola'today looking after her rental propi-rty ut 421 South !fec- ond strict. Win, IViin~."» A ^lood Clirnr tleorgi' Paige (if r.KJ South nut striet hiiM returned home fj Kansas (,'ity where he attended basketball tourtiaiiJent. Notice. —Clover's Taxi will give day night train service. Phone 89' Eddie I.K'wman Satur<lay firom a ,sfay in California. arrived h| several mo ; Wiii..l'enn—.•> Icciifs—A G'OCMI C .Miss .Miriam Thoroman. of ."ill East Jack.son avenue spent the . week end with her parents. Supt. .iind .Mrs. A. M. Thoroman. of fill • Eajfi: Jai-kson avenue. , She hail as lier guest, .Miss DKuzilla Steele. Thexirls are students at Washburn CoHege, at Topeka. ' j' —Box Slipper at 'VVoiidman ,Hall ^Iarch 22. Woodmen and wives and Royal Neighbors and friends invited. .Mirfs Thelms Linville, of 412 South Third . jitreet iis conlined t<i lier home on account of I Miss Floret^ce Lymati andOliss CoUene .MttJiiini.s sjwnl the w<|ek- |end visiting frieiids in Ft. Scott.- '—Dr. (.'. Sj Lambeth, Sitrgmn. Office phone 2 ."i«: Res. phone 61.5.1. .Mr. Everett' I.,. Roher left eirly ere SCO rly rotf 1 this moi'jiing for Kt. Scott wl he employed in the Fr railroad shop.<!. He form an employe of the I'nited Works. —DrJ Montgomery, CUropraitoT. tola Lauodry Bldg. Phone 13i llrlcriN f'alc Nfllil. Mr. and .Mrs. B. Xorth Walnut sitree^ Helen's Cafe this r THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVgNINd. MIARGH 21.1927. t". El is, of 210 took' charge ol liprnlng, having purchased it from tjbe former owners. Mr. and Mrs. Hall. > Mr. and Mrs. Hafl left this morning' for a 8ho,rt viisjt at their Iformer home Jn Gannett. Mr. and I -Mrs. Ellis are familiar with the jCafe business, having conducted tlie Bailey Hotel In Humboldt until 4bQut four years ago. Since that time they had. a hotel in Kangas Ciiiv and untjil last September ran the plsmore Cafe at Elaniore. selling it jOut and coming to lola to make their home. —.\mericah Lefei day night at Meni m meet.i Mon- irial Hall. 8:00 o'clock. .N'eosho F ills night. Initiation and eats.—H- C. Cook. Sir. and Mrs. .l4ck Herring of Salem neighborhoo- I announce the ernoon. .March lU. Mrs. Herring's sis arrival of a son, bo^n Saturday aft- Kt the, home of er, .Mrs. J. O. .Meyers of 714 Soijth Washington hey have given ' i||ig, Jr. I'al- om I he and lime iths avenue, to whom the name, .Jack Hetj —O. L. Cox, M. Bye, Ear, Nose and Bert Hargrove Woodin spent the Xebsho. .Mil. They by motor. >Vm. Penn—.'» cenJs The Rev. F„ E. B<)iiham returned home today fnini where he held a revival m<Hiliig in .Methodist chuj'ches side. i —Dr; A. B. Twaidell. Osteopath. Hfiw Globe Bldg. Pbon^ 191. Miss l.iirelie O.SIKI Sycatnori' street with her sister. .M ion at Humboldt. D., SpeeUllBt iTtaroaU and Clayton week end in made the trip PAGE THREE IN SOCIETY .SONCJ FOR THE ^00>. The moon through som; distorted treie ' ' Rain.H ' down at. midnight phantom day, j And; fjhadowii on a stuhbled lea tJajie under silver towers of hay. In the dark' wood vague creatures play. Pale omen-hooting owl.s affright Good folk; and stricken mongrels ] ?flerchant. Origaii Uay Program jlomenis .Hn^jical lluli Mrs. R. L .I Koenig organ soloist at the'giiest il'ay recita in the Fiist church. The social following th«l sist of .Mrs. .Mrs. E. W. bay' The pale, dead moon all night. But on the dead plains of the moon And on moou-niaOntains deso- , late. The earth is a pale,.star at noon, A goddess, pure, inviolate. -And wfien the sun fades on their sight The moon dogs bay the earth by iiighr. —Gordon I.,awrence in the Xew. York Times. Thompson. M Logan Hunsaker.i Mrs Mrs. Ira I). Kel?ey. will beJiean Sextett tromi "Lucia," - as duet •«.-_. .Mrs. E wi !l bo the tomorrojiv ^ft'ernoon y recital at|3 o'clock .Methodist Episcopal icomniitteb al the tea propraili will con). L. Co.^i. cliairman; Hagiund.i Ms. J. V. ilrs. Sadie Reimert s. C. J. Ritchey, Mrs. P S. Ray. This music ai W. Ha^luDd .Miss Vijola Dalgarnii. Seeni from ranged i' Dopizetti 1 -.1 ('ood ('iKnr -Kansas City ery successful nil* of the Free the Kansas rn of 21."i .South visited .Sunday .Marion Man- thermeyer.;Kesslnirer , The marriage of Miss .Mary Jane Overraeyer, daughter of .Mr. M. :V. Overmeyer. and .Mr. Lester Kessinger. son of Mr. and .Mrs. H. W. Kessinger, took' place ^ nine | o'clock Saturday night. .March 1». \ fJifold Y« in the Presbyterian manse, the Rev, H. G.,Mathis. D. D.. officiating with the ring ceremony. They | were attended by Mr. and .Mrs. Ar- | thur Taylor. .Miss Iva Gvermeyer and .Miss Wllma Shields. After the ceremony the bridal parly went to the home of the bride's sister, .Mrs. U O. Xorthrup, where .Mr. and .Mrs. .N'orthrup were host and hostess at li wedding supper. The bride wore a powder blue georgette black .-atin coal with ^fctoey fur trim and a black hat. i Eye Hath No SeCn^ from "Holy City' :.J-J tiaul .Mrs. Oene Bilibe Two Butterfli-s (flute du<^t) .Mrs. Vittor L. KirM Judsou Rumsey Light John Prinjlle Scott Jliss Clara Brownl Suite I .j-..[.-Rogers Prologue j Intermezzo 1 Toicaio .Mrs. It. L. Ko^nigi Pohals Evd rla .Mrs. E.|W. Haghiiii i Miss ('Inra Bro\+ii .Mrs. .lohn BraztU .Mrs. A. R. Enflejij .Mrs. A. A. .Schel .Mrs. llttrberl Majrlit j .\lr.x. Dene Blllb i .Miss Viola palgln-ii ' A<:ciimpanist{i: Mrs. Ralph Stov j .Mrs. R.JL. Koenig <•<•<' Plriilc Su|>|ieii and Line Party lit Kelley 1 wan |i No i 1 ^tiiu^- (rounod lola .Ynslc Club Last J{e!nilar-;.MeeiIiiK The last regular me« ting of the lola Music club this y»ar will be held at the home of Mrs. P. ;E. Waugh. 705 Easir Jackk^n. tomorrow afternoon. ' Th^ will be .Mrs. L. H. Wi>hard. Jlrs. W. W. .Nelson, and:Mrs. gren, and the program T. E. Xord- Iwill consist hostesses of selections from vaijilDus ojieras. The business meeting for active members will be at 2:0( o' whicli; time officers w-i 1 be elected for tht coming year. All members are requested toj ndicate-to­ day whether or not tl ey will "be preseiit for the lunchec n and program at the open meetiig ApHl 12. The following progt-^i" will be given: Prize Song from; the; singer" ' ; Mrs. Ed Danfbf-th •O Lovely Night" from "Tales of Hoffman" .Miss Mather Miss ^reckenridge War >iarch of the Pritjsts froin "Athalia" . Alendelssohn .Miss Warner .Miss Childs Trees ; _i—Rasbach .Mrs. Chas. Fry '.Meister- Wagner -Offeiibach list included the members ot her Sunday school class and a" few ether little friends as follows- ?.Iarjorie Yourg. Mary Ellen Xorthrup, Jean Paul, Gordon Hair, Lucy Leo Thompson, "Howard Bartii, Mny Joan McCann, Charlene AlcCarri, Jessie Frances Crews, Bonnii: Lou Cramer. Lucile Stratton, Elmer .McCarty. Sai.abeili King Beatrice, Leffler. Loiiiso Lee Fpster, -Maxine Mitchell, Madeline Mitchell. .Marietta Dyganl. Jlfigar- et Louise Contant. Katherine Rdth Contant. R. Coutant and Billie Louise Bustard. . • •> <• F.ntertnin at 'tacky Party dersoti, .1. A. Fryer and othrjrs.,T-lic subject of the eveniiiK seriuon was '•What Satan Has to Offer J" The main iilea[ brought out •w^s': that Sblan offers hi.* best first tb those whom he seeks to liave foUbw him, but afterwards he gives them somethins' not at all attractive. . - • • • •• '•' Celebrate^ Birthday Louis Fields, of 417 East Lin! coin street, celebrated his eleventh 'birthday iTriday night-in his home. Several of his boy friend-s were his guests. i •:• • •:• ' Hostess a,t Birthday Party .Miss Elja i:«»ngfor(f. of 417 South.. Mr. and'.Mrs. Richard Tobey en- ; street, was hostess[ at din- tertained at_.a tacky party Satur- • ner in her home yesterday iin hon- day night in their home, 516.South Sycamore street.' or of the jbirtliday of her brother, .Mr. : Lauglord. which was' .- The evening was spent playing | Thtirsday.i March 17. Ther« were games and identifyinjg the guests. ; covers fori: ' ! . . .... r j^angford and daughter. :«iss Dora Langfbrd and |,Mr. and-.^Irs. Charles Hai^ris and son. Roy, from west of theiXeosho river. Refreshments werfe ; served. The guests: . I Mr. and Mrs. C. A. iClifl. Mr. and Mrs. Walter'Maudlin.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. May. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tobe>-'. Mr.' and Mrs.. (Iwirge Stille and .Mr. and .Mrs. .A. fL. Xeete. .wr.s. r r> Sorores Class Sm-ial Rigoletto - - .^,erdi-Liszt .1 , ,.r„jjr,,„. .Mrs. P. E. Waukh 1, \ a ugh fromi I "Lohen- The members of the Sorores Wedding .March. ......^ ...v....... , , . , _ ^y .ig^p,. I class 01 the First .Methodist hpis- ^1 Mrs" Simmons""^"' ' ' j copal church met; Saturday even- Slrs' Miller ! inB; in '•i*' <hoir room for a social time and musical program. .Mrs. ! George Vosse is the teacher sang anij F LU-COLDS Check at first | sneeze. ' Rub on—inhale va'pors Reading _.L--Selected .Mrs. A. E. Garr son Vocal - -.L Selected and was imsent. Miss Jeanette K^ilis •^''•''^ Kathleen Forsythe .•^ .;. «> i two; niiniber.«. '"Cray Days FIrsI MellMHlNt Chnmlii "V*'"" Sweet." accompani: , "•The I'ower of a Vision." was I ""-the piano, by Miss Doris i the subject of the Revi IC. 1. Cold- j-Miss Dorothy K »oles phsy- smiths sermon at the First M.tho- <"''". " <"'•'">'"•" disi chuieh last night.'Attendance •jr-isler. accompanied by Miss was exceptionally gort.( Monsider- ^o |•sythl•M:^s Doris Chil.N pUiyec! ink Mie weather at all l.lervices. ! 'Jl"'.'" .r'""' """ At the morning servhV. the Rev. j I Wm. Penn—« ceiils—A Ghod Cigar Mr. and Mrs. Elvin I'ptbn. of Ot- llawa. Kansas, were here Sunday lor a visit w^ihi .Air. Cpton's parents. Mr iind MKi. S. P.TptonT of fi2l .North Jefferson avenue. .Mr Jipton is a member of the bridge on the'Santa Fe. —We can save you money . on yoijir-Spring llat. BeauLU'iil dress hats at ?4.7n: soft straw l»ota^$.'!.9.S: matrons': hats al IJl.itS; ^.hildn-u's hats, all sizes. i\.'M (o $'i.7.'i. Edwards Millinery. .\liss'Zeta. Scale, of .".04 -North J»-Ifersoii avenue went to-£)\irtilioldt Saturday where she was joined by , I Wo friends and tiigeilu-r went to t'hanute to visit over Sunday wiih ' friends and relatives.- s I ' —Stanley .f. Kirk lias-jys: '•• Mailed Frigidaire Electric Kefnu- eialion in his liome at 4 I'^ast.liu-' chaiian. The InKtalliition wu.s made by Tlie L. S. Bui ^taid Co.. 2iiS .N.. Washington .\vc., local distributors «if Frigidaire Electric lletri.neraliiig eiinipment. '. .Miss Mvfjia ."Menzie. ,-i student at Junior High, is ill of appendicitis. She is a daughter <ir .Mr.:{iiiil Rlr.s. Clover .Menzie, of 014 N^irtli Walnut street. ; ^Irs. \V. M. Hawkins wen Erie. today to visil thcj Hawkins family for a few da F. L. B. LEAVELli, H. D. Special attention giyen Dik- eases of Colon and RectumL Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapy. Office loila State Bank Bldgj. Phones— 147 and 705. to Art s. Mrs. S. Ciiriiell went to Chi toda.v to vi.sit her daughter, Frank .Minster. 1 Will. Penn—.'> cents—A (Jood good, broom for 15c: 2 large S. <".. .N ! Soap Chip.'). 45c :| "O bars Van Camp's .Naptha Soap for $1.00. Phone Sll. Brims Basket Store .No. 2. 411" East Spruce. .lust a reminder to mav have forgotten it tjhat the si>eaker at gurrent Topics tonight is Senator Fred G. -Apt who will 1 make a report upon "the proceed' ings of the legislature. The address will afford the best oppor- MV . and Frank Chase of Parsons. Kansas were called here to be with the hitler's nephew. Lore.izo Ar- bui'kle. who i .s quite III at the liiiiiie of liis granil|iareiits. Mr and Mrs. L. T. Wolf, at 111 South J-'irst • sU-eei; Wilma I'srcy m' .S17 .'^otilh Walnut st'reel is recovering very ulce- l.v from a siege of tin- measles. ".\rihongli we liaVe been in California more than ten years and love it." writes .Mr. C. H. SlcKilinJL'y we .Mirely enjoy reading the Rfg- isier. It i'crtainly is a tinei laper anil xye get through it no. e:id:of iiews we never would get,thro;igh a letteri So- please Iind check en- doseil to keep it coming." Mr. McKinney writes that his son and daughter. Harold and Fay. are leiiv- those who | j.^,,,,, f„,. ^.j^j, i,,^. in lola where they will he Quests of their grandfather. .Mr. W. B. .McKiuney, 3o6 South Buckeye —Raincoats! and childjren: For men. \V beautiful : K: tunity lola people will have- 10,^^9.:;. oosmerctte.'$4.95 plus find out what really was done at Topeka by our law makers during the past two months. The club will meet at the Kelloy hotel at (5:1.5. Wnu Penn—5 rents—A Good Clfrar The Rev. 6. I. Coldsmith. of the First Methridist Eifiscopal church, was in his pulpit bolli morning and age: Slickers. $3.95. Mrs. Clayton. 215*S. Fourth street Wnu Pennr-o rents-A Good The editor of'^the Register regrets that he will not be able to ajtend the" Community meeting at Carlyle to be held tomorrow Evening on account of a long-standing engagement u> he in Emporjia on evening yesterday after an illness j date. The announcemdnt in of several days last week. Your J»|>flng <'oat ' can :5)e refreshed hy dry fSeaning. Calf 105. Ableson CleAner* Carlyle Notes last week that Mr. Siott would speak at thp Con mnn- ity meeting was made through misunderstanding. niite .Mrs. \\tar >o»I(-e. —1 have established a temporary office at my residebce, 304 N. Jef- 1 ferson. where 1 ca i examine eyes, fit lasses, and make repairs. Phone Sl<2''for appo ntment. Ira B. Frantz, Optometrisi. j -Mr. and Mr.s. S. E. Ru.ssel of Carlvie were. diniieS' guf sts of .Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Wilt of !ill .North Buckeye street Sii|nilay. .Air. and .Airs! B. I), (smilh. 40G South S.vcamore street had as their dinner guests Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. I. B. Frantz ani^ family. —Try It once—you will. haTe no other. Van Hoozer'a Bread. y[rs. Edith Clark of Wichita, who was called here by the illness of her father. .Air. (). \\'. Witt, re- tdrned home this morning. Dr. and Jlrs. A. F. Martin ot the Frantz Opti<-al Co.. of Clianule were callers at Dr. 1. B. Frantz Sunday .ifternoon. • Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Low of 1022 North Syi-ainore announce the birth of a .seven and - one-half pound daughter. Sunday morning, .March 2<>. Mrs. Everett Remsberg. who nn- , . ... . -MlsH Ruth ^Bishop , .Mr. and Mrs Ke.ssinger will, re- ,,„„^.,j, „. ,„ .„ ; side at present with his parents , j„ „^,. iati,d later will go to housekeeping :,„„r,. ^.r,.,., j,, ,,„„„r , I to themselves. . ; ^^,1^.. The bride is a graduate of fhe.nute. ,Afier .«npper thej grl lola high school with the class •>£ • to the KHIevt Theatre am 1924 and during her senior jear 1 Sifers ConfeCtionerv for was society reporter of the Lam-!ments. The group coiisi.slted of: poon. the official school paper. She: M;,,.y (riorci. Elizabeth sang various song.'?. j VI,. <'v.i.iM„.lfl. ..«e,l "l^ond Siieak-i '^^^^^ .Mildred HJgglns and .Airs. S • "Is -'ilu '^er;;;:;;! sX:•..'"^£s C-atherlne Oilor ^..-rM,os, . Clara Brown rendered a solo '•»'''-; ;;,[,V«1>. '•"'"K "« n'.im i'*'r. • i ' *y ** '** '•* ' Servlres at First VhrMlnii Chnrch There was tin altehdan'ce of 244 at the fiible school of the ChrisT weather into account. jDr. Sowerby j tian churcn yesterday. '.Phe inin- aiinounced ut the morning service 1 ister. the Rev. J. E. Reynolds, iisr.l i. went I 'hat all his sermons fi;o^i now nn -las a s^iubjert for liis mornin--' .<er- ater tii Kaster would deal >vith the lifeittion. "The Faith of the Centuriim."", efresh- of Christ, taking up i the salient 1 1?oth senior and intermeiliate Chris-. housed The BtniHsf Temple :. • . Yesterday was ii lairly good day at Ihe Baptist Temple;. |taking the nic sup- th S'yca- er niece, of Chji- )U lat refresh has been employed by Dr. J. T. Reldfor the last two years and during" this tinye in his office at j Woodard.;Helin Siittoil .AI Hankins. Frahces Cop^niiig. Nellie Twadel!. .loaij Heiider.iiin Rowena irgnerite intervals attenijed ;the AVestern i Ridgewayi Florence Whitie. I^iura School of Physiotherapy at Kans:i.s | Ri<ws<jn. Roberta Frbnk!. Laura City. Mo., from which recently she received a diplopia. The bridegroom was a (lass- mate of the bride, graduating the | same year. He attended lola junior JoHege one year and was pro- , , , prietor of The Cabin a vear. He is Kansas State; Teacherj^ College at now associated with his father jn P 'i"*'hurg. the college roommate ot honored Bi'Wson. Rolierta Frbnk!. Sherman and!Ruth Bi.'ilioi picnic Supper for .Misx Lont<;e ('offman .Aliss Louise Coffmah. it Atchison, Kansas, .who is aiteiiding the the Kessinger Tirl^ Shop. First Presliyterliiil Chnrrli. .Aliss Elizabeth Smith, wa with a: picnic siippi-r Satiirday e.v-. jeniiig With Miss Eliz.1beih as the The Rev. H. G.Mathis preac^ied 1 "^"^ «f g^l.^ yesterdav iHorning on ""Cncommon li'.i „ Ui-i, Christians" at ; The Presbyterian ' ^"^^ Bnnnon. iM.fis church. "1 am'come that ye mlghr points and reaching a; Culmination in the resurrection stiiry. A'esier- day morning he dealt with the j birth of Jesiis both a.t prophesied 1 and as history. In the evening he i discussed the "Dawnin'gJ of the Di-! i vine Consciousness" in ilesus "s life.' The choir sang Hyiij splendidly j Iirepared anthems, "'The King'of; Love My .Shc-iherd Is "l by .Shelly,' and "Sun ot .A!y Soul."" l>v Siott. • •:• •:• i Betty Bernire ltustnril|'!; Party Mrs. Paul Bustard eiitertained a group of little folks ih her home. 415 South Jefferson aWnue. Saturday afternoon in celeliration of the fifth birthday of her jlittle grand- danghier^ Betty Berni^-e Bustard. • J j .-\ large birthday cake mounted 1 tS;ill Einleavor .locietie.-^ were well (tended. .Aliss Hazel Snffron leil -I t)ie senior meetiii;;. The - suhjei t j ias. ••How We Csin Improve Our! 3(linils."' Interesting talks were, lade liy Zelby Taylor. P'rancis .Aii- Erid icol 1 - John.SOn WorldV Largest Shoe Makers ("hildrcn's One-Strap •Slipper BIL£S Miss Beth Brinnon> piifcs^^.j',h pink candles "centered the din- MJIIer, Miss Eleanor Ktetic, Missjj pavors were Easter Jessie May balgarno, | M^' s Miriam. r operation at St. two weeks , ago, |tui;n to her home, nore street yester- Her trienlds will he glad to .If recove.ring satid- pmen layon. post- P. F. lola. tigar Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moore, of Hutchinson, who have been .s-'pend- ' ing the winter In'Florida and Lou: isiana, arrived In- lola Saturday night on their way home. " iteing unwilling to tackle .the Woodson : county innd they lied iip'h^ yesterday and toda.v. hoping Jiy tomor­ row'to be able lo continue their journey. Mr. .Aloore .reports that all the way from Tiiinpa. Florida : to lola he was on .dirt road but fourteen miles and that w;is in northern .Arkansas, between Mulberry and Alma. It was really out of his way tocome to lola. but he followed the pavement—which Is a good Illustration of the advx)uta«e a ; toAii 'enjoys in being on li bard road.;' _ Card of Thanks. —AVe wish to express OUT cere appreciation for the kiii and sympathy extended to tm , ing the illness and death f« our ' beloved wifie and mother. AlrsJ J. .Al. . Jones. Especially do jwe desire to thank'Father Powers for his forting words, the cluirch ai singers. -Husband, daughter m 'Uiidcliildren. ' Wni. Penn-^'» rents—A (Jood TJie Register h.ns received a from .Air. H. .T. Evans dated jiiana. .Alexico. the card repr| ing a great crowd at Ihe race It was ,' unilerstooil among Evans' iriends in lola when le left here that he was to spenti i few innocent weeks with his sist >rs at \jos Angeles. .Now.he. has wandered down into Old Mexico, i md. to the wickedest town' in Old ]\jIexico al'that, it begins to look as if bbily will have to be sent do|«n to look after hlm! sln- ^ness dur- coni- |d the and k 'lCTr card [It Ti- I'senl- rack Mr derweiit a niaji, Jfihii's hospital was able lo n .521 Sfiuth Sycii day. k-fiow that she f^ctorily. —JuBt like; Angel Food Cake, Van Hoozer'a Bread. 2 (or 15c. Senator F. C. .•Vptanil family ot '".01 East Broadway have reliirneil home from Toifeka where I hey have been tor tlie past two months during ilietime the legisUiiure was in .>;essi(iii. Mr; and .Mrs. T. E. tj)'Flaherty and children ot hoj Sojitli street returned today from K;Vnsaa City where they atlemleil the basketball tournami'iit. I' Dr. anil Airs. J.,S. Cummines of Bronson'ispent Suiidhy with the J. H. Cregory family of ^o.s South Jefferson avenue.} Dr. .1. S. Cummings of Bronson called on C. L. AVhitaker Sunday afternoon. Dr. Cummings and Mr. AVhitaker 1 were boyhood friends. \ Crace Sloan of SlO isotith Walnut street has n^covered from an illness of the measles. Mts. S. L. Haskins and chjldren, Nina Lee and Cyrus; left today for Joplin. .Alissouri where they will make their home. The.v came here from Joplin two years ago and "resided at 524 South Sycamore street. Mr. Haskins is a salesman jfor the Meinz products. .1 i . V Use KC for and larg{ in yourj YEARS B^NCilbWDER Guqrant^ed Pure finer texture volume bakings; bg our Covernmaa ^ are those who grow in grace and use all that Cod has given them to lead to sainthood—they are living the life above the common. The Y. P. S. C. E. had an attend- j ance of 52 last evening. There' were speirial numbers b>' Helen j AVilkins and Mary Ellen Stadlei. i •Mary Ellen Stadler led the senior; section in an :iinusually inten-sting discussion bf the topic. ""How can we improve our minds".'"' •> •:• •:• Trinity .Methodist Kplscopal (^lurrh Services The gloomy weather Sunday did not hiniler the church goers at Ttrinity Methodist church, as there sf-eined to be no perceptible falling: off in attendance, either at Sunday 1 school or church services. I In the evening the Epworth ' League enjoyed a capacity attend- i ance and a very interesting serv- \ ice. Lisle Hamilton was the lead- | or and the subject was "What do: }lou,do Avlth your pay check?' Skins That Attract People —They must be soft and colorful—free from ugly shine—not dry ; or sallow—pores that do not show, i Just try this new wonderful French Process Face Powder called .AIELLO-GLO. Stays on a long time—very pure—you"irbe amazed at' its superior beautifying qualities—nothing like it—get .AIELLO- GLO.— Cook's Drug Sto^e. "TH A ho.ste.s.>< in J . Tonight Only, 2. 7. and 9 p.m. Joan Crawford—Owen Moore —in— TAXI DANCER" New'York Dance Hall rubs elboAv .s Avjth life—hitrh.ilow and in between! Thi.s amazingly ab.sorbing picturb ileal.s Avith such a Avoman and her colorful companionH--a remarkable of life in lions of reader.s have foiloweil this ab- 'obert Perrv Shannon, a.s a .serial in the Bi'tj Town, ili sorbing; story by the ne\yspapers. Aesop's Fables-j-TopieS of (he Da.v—Fo.v Comedy, I "Birthday Greetinjirs ToniRhl Onl.v—Childrep 10c; Adults .30c Tomorrow and Wellnlsday. 2. 7. nnti 9 p. ra. "TIIK i SCAKLKT I.KTtKK: win lie >iho|nn Ihrouirh an|error of the K. I'.oftire. '•The .Scarlet Letter** wi|l |ie shown two idays only Tuesdn.T and Wed- neodny. A Hastily Prepared Meal Cannpt ^e Expected to be; a Good Meajl. To cook a good meal— Take Your Time j. ^ ,. ' bur deliver.v .';er\ice saves time for yoii—gives you more tirfie to preparation of food—saves you tioiible of shopping around—helps conserve your energy—It' is' hard for a tired cook to prepare a good meal- Phone us your order earJA'—We'll get your oider to yoii promptly and you can rely on its for just tho^iiual- ity you retpiire. ! ' SPECIAL TUESDAY ONLY i • \ '2 2.')c IJoxc.s Swift's Quick Naptha Soap Chips aniV one IM).\ .Sunbrite Cleaner free, all for -, '19c J:50 Bars While Naptha Soap for -.J ^._....l JSLOO Peaches in syrup. 3 quart cans for \ ..:.69c ; Mouse Traps: ?, for '----X .--,-lOe ..Flit—Destroys Ihe molh.s that like .jour wool j blankets, per can._-4i. j... J..^45G and fiSe Fresh.Spinach. Carrots, Cauliflower. Mead Lettuce, i NcAv Cabbage and Tomaioes,f;reen Onions {indjRadishes. A. W. Ancierson We Have Parkinjr Room For Your Car. Phone 292-291 We Deliver It ELLiB Y .Matinees 10c a^d 25c; Nights 10c and .3.5c TONIGHT AND TUESDAY between a Mil- TOMORROW . i . I- i A special Coat atid Dress $ale Mr. Mann, of t^ Favorite liress Company here all day tomcjrrow with a, selection of higrh clas^ Dresses and Coats, including: a line of sto it and large size Dresses and Coats. He ^ill deliver what you sele^ direct from 1 is trunks^ Come early. He will bp here all day tomorrow. All Coats and specially priced. Dresses will be RICHARDSON'S Can you tell the difference I lionaire and his Valet? Ti[y and do it To- \ I night. I I I "Pink" WatHon, 'Ritz Hotel 'photir f/irl de looks, stivore she'd marry a Millionaire — vntH she met a valet ii'ho pressed his suit so smartlij she traded her dreams of a Rolls-Royce for a tao-i- ^ab. . . But inhere the qib went is a highlifjht of Ihis ijanest story of the f/ayest of all stars. .1 .TACK .MULHALL AS THE VALET! ADDED—Walter Heirs in "Fresh ifaces," two reel comedy and Pathe Neiws . I U 'edneMlay anil Tlinrsilay—LOI.S JIDKANJ NOAH BEEBT. DOI 't.'- . LAS V.HKBANKS, JR., anil a MK cast in KE.V BEACH'S '•I»AD- I I

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