The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on June 25, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, June 25, 1892
Page 3
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POSTVILLE REVIEW, VOL. XX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, JUNK 26 1802. NUMBER 14. •The Pestville Weekly Review. l *OBTVILLE, 8AT'DAy,JXmB25. W. N. BURDICK, Editor. Entered at the postoffice at Postville as •' neond-nlass matter. ^. ( » IN order to give ample apnea for reading matter we issue this supplement "this week. We aim to give tht reader ' as well ai too advertiser value received 'for his money, and shall always do an when it is potfible to i<o so without delaying the Usuo of tho p:«ps-r, which ; 'mustcome out on "schedule OHIO." I THE calls for the stale and'eongres- sional conventions tire made and are published to-day. Wo should have favored an earlier date for the congressional convention this year, to enable the candidate te moro fully work the district. Wo notice most of the congressional conventions are being hold in June or July and certainly this district needs as mnoli work as any in the state. But if the right man is nominated perhaps the time will bo ample. Now that ex-governor Larrabee is out of the race wi sincorely beliovo that Hon. S. I). Zeigler is the strongest man in the district, but if it shall be deckled that anoiher can poll more votes we are for that man. We have no friends to reward or enemies to punish. All we want is the nominee who o»n <;et t liore. LAST Saturday's trains from lliu nisi, were demoralized by the washing out of the bridge at the mouth of Turkey river. It is a hard time for railroads as well as for everybody f\»ti. I. '41—ULL. . • Ull THE worst cyclone and storm that ever devastated southern Minnesota visited a long stretch from Jnokson to Preston on Wednesday evening of last week. About fifty people were killed and incalculable damage done to buildings and crops. 400 hands, the avorage of wages being $2 por day. Tho Illinois Steel Company produces bettor steel than any rando in Wales, so we are all right In that regard." During tho brief porlod, less than one year, the tin-plato duty has been operative, it appears that already from 60 to GO tin-plate factories have been located, niue coming from Wales. When the required 400 shall have boon erected •00.000,000 in wages will be saved to Amorioim .workingmon—a sum winch hitliorto has gone U British hands. Already the saving to Amarlcan labor aggregates several millions of dollars. THE last number of Harpers' Weokly, published Juno lfith^ wos ' especially rich in articles and illus' trations of current and timely interest. : Seene.<i and incidents at the National 'Republican Convention at Minneapolis 'will be appropriately described and illustralei). Besides a spirited double page picturo of the Suburban Handicap, by Thulstrup, there will be portraits of ten of the leading horses in the race, accompanied by an appreciative descriptive arliele. The recent disaster by fire and flood In the Pennsylvania oil regions, and also ~the devastation ' made ' by the great storms in Kansas, 'will be the subjects of several carefelly 'drawn and accurate illustrations. WE hope that the Clarksons are now 'satisfied. They*'have Hone all they could to wreolc the republican party by Hhe' attempt to beat the president and have falWil. They eome back into the harness all right siuoe the nomination, but':much 1 that has been done aarihot readily'.be'toidone, and there Is no question but the republican party will poll) r» great many less votes than 1 it 'wottM] 'have done,' In'nearly every state, had'it 'not been for the uncalled for-tight on the president, engendering bad blood -and- animosities that are hard to heal. Had the nomination 'At Minneapolis been by acclamation and unanimous the battlo .would have • been -won In 'advance.; Now it wM take hard 'fight- 'ing all aloii'gihe lino until November. It was. .certainly a bad and foolish 'undertaking at best. . ACCOSDINO to » recent census bulle- 'tin, the combined state and local debt* of tbo;United States lu 16-30. amounted to f 1,186,210,442, au Inorease of nearly '$12,000,000 since 1880. The average per oapita was, however, ttduoed from $1140 to 118.18. The debt of New York: ilatc'-ls about one-sixth of the 'whole. The largest debt per capita is •thtiV-.of ,th«"District of Columbia ($86*86); ofthe sta'tes tho largest aver•age per head'is Maryland ($40.48), and the smallest in West Virginia (W.82). 'The state debts in 18.8$ amounted to •288,997,889,'tbe county debts to n4l ,r 548,045, the municipal debts to $724,468;060, 'and the school district debts to ^86,701,948. All of theee.classes exoept 'thestate debt* showed Utg ^j ino'reasee REED RULE TRIUMPHANT. [Sutu Resistor.] Speaking of the splendid reception given to MeKinler and Head in the Minneapolis convention, n prominent ' democrat, remarked that the Amuii.'nn people, after all has been said, loi « ' pluck aud courage. They admire a ' man for backbone Referring to tho Reed rules, the same democrat said that he believed they were right. Filibustering ought to be no part of con- 1 grossional proceedings. Tho Heed rules are bound to be the rules that will govern the congresses of the future. If the present democratic congress had adopttd the same rules the party which tkey represent would have been in a batter position for victory at the polls in November. Every day that has been spent in filibustering in the present congress has cost the domu- cratl* party hundreds of votes. There <s no doubt but that a great many honest democrats feel the same way. Thoy caanot endorse all that was done by Reed's congress, but they can at least admire the courageous way in which the business of the country was transacted. Nover in tho history of the country has an equal amount of business been done so expeditiously. They seo that the 61st congress was a eoogiess of business men and business methods, aud admire it accordingly. Whatever democratic papers and democratic resolutions may say about the Reed rules, there is'no'doubt but that they have met with the approval Of tho business'of the country as well as the npproval of the Minneapolis convention. They aie the rules that will govern'the'congresses of the future. The congresses of the future to deserve tho support and approval of the people miut be business bodies, not gatherings 'Of 'politloal 'ttlibusterers. The Reud 'rules set that pace and the people are going to insist that it -shall be maintained. Ilow to bo n >*lrn Follow. Alwnys try and adapt yourself to ;lri'\i:»vi,ances. When you go to a ilariUi v, do as tho clambakers do— •.;. dr nlc and bo merry. A solemn man IKS no place at a clambake. Wlieii you go to a funeral, do as the mourners do; be quiet and unobtrusive: n jester has no place at a funeral. So in every thing study the. eharaeterof t'ue eoui'iany, and then accept their sentiments us your own. This is what makes a man "a nice fellow to havo around."—Philadelphia North Amorl- A SmuUllc TlilllK to Do. If anyone Is ill or annoyed in any way in Thibet the evil spirits are responsible, and the only sensible tiling- Is to go and hire a priest to frighten them off. For this purpose the lama reads aloud from his sacred writings, blows a horn made from a human thighbone, beats a drum manufactured out of two human skull*, rings a bell nd tolls o¥er a rosary of disc-shaped beads, cut out of human skulls. WALES MOVES WESTWARD. (Minneapolis Tribune.] On the day of the adoption of the republican platform of protection in the Minneapolis oonventlon one of the largest tin-plato companies of Lianclly & Swansea, Wales, announced the completion of negotiations for the removal of its 20 mills te Uas City, Indiana. The plant is valued at $1,000,000, covers CO aoras aud employs 2,000 men. 'Work begins at once and the mills aie to bo constructed within three months. The result Is a, triumph of the MoKin- ley law. The Welsh proprietors so admit. .• ; Oa the following day, the day of the nomination of Harrison and Reld, the International Tin Plate and Refjnlng Company was organised in Chicago. The head of this concern also is the S roprietor of large Welsh interests, [e says ef the situation: "Wales produoos99 percent of the tin-plate of Great Britain, and 76 per cant of this oomes to the United States. To meet this demand 400 mills will be needed, as against 60 or 60 now located In the United SUt*s. The value ef the tin consumed in this oountry annually is about $60,000,000, and. the labor employed in its production equals $20,000,000. Nine plant* tinder Welsh management,. are,, running,. or shortly will be established In this country, including a large plant atEU>»- l<9ur eight mills will .w ©*ide»wor*fc* Couldn't Coiupralionil. Lord Lytton was seated one day at ilnnor next to a lady whose naino was Oirch, and who, tradition says, was oeautiful If not over-intelligent. Said she to his excellency: "Are you acquainted with any of the Olrcho s?" Replied Ills excellency: "Oh, yes, I tnowsomo of them most Intimately while at Eaton; indeed, more Intimate- .y than I cared to." "Sir," replied tho •ady, "you forget that tho Itlrches are relatives of mine." "And y'ut tlioy cut ne," said the viceroy; "but, nnd ho smiled his wonted smile, "l have never felt moro Inclined to kiss the rod than I do now." Mrs. lilrch, sad to say, did not see the point, and, so .the gossips have it, told her husband that his excellency had insulted her. REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTION. There will be held a delegate convention of tho republicans of Iowa at the city of Des Moines, oil WBDNMDAY, JUNK 29,18»2, at 11 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of placing in nomination a candidate for each of the following offices: Secretary of State, Auditor of State, Treasurer of State, Attorney General,. Railroad Commissioner, Two Eleotors at Large, One elector for each congressional district, and for tho transaction of such other business as the convention moy determine apon. All voters without regard to past political affiliations, who believe in republican principles and enderse the policy of the party, are cordially invited to unite under this oall in the selection of delegates to this convention.' The ratio of representation for the several counties will be as follows: Ouo vote for each county, and one additional yote for every two hundred votes, or fraotiou of one hundred or ever, cast for Hiram C, Wheeler for governor' at the general eleotion held on November 8,1891. The representation to which the several counties will be entitled In said convention is as follows: Allamakee 10 .Cerro Gordo ,, 10 Chlokasaw 8 Clayton.... 11 Floyd .....10 Howard,.., .........t lUtcheJl "Winnesheik .„.,....* ., 'Worth,..M.w-.'v HE'S A JOLLY OOOD FELLOW, Origin of n Tmiu AnHo<!littu(t With n l*o|p ul»r Song, '"he tunc to which this song Is s\iu( is "Marlbrouek," which was once national air In France. In "Marl brouek" the death and burial of Queer Anne's groat eaptaln are burlesqued, and, in what some French critics hav< considered it scathing satire, the disasters of lllcnhcim and Uamillles are believed to havo been avenged. Hut the fact 1H really the reverse, for 11 read appreciatively "Marlbrouek" expresses tho widespread terror occasioned by the mere name of Illenhcim'c hc-.-o, and the exultation of the Krenet when they heard of his death. The "complalntc" Is supposed U have come from the Walloon country, »nd it was unknown in tho l'Yench capital until fifty years after Murlbo­ rough's death, when a I'lcurdy peasant woman coming up to Versailles to oursc the baby Dauphin, brought it -irlth her nnd sang her little baby charge to sleep with the old jingling thyme. From this "Marlbrouek" bo- tame popular in I'aris aud ultimately It reached these shores. The tunc" being a. catchy one, we discarded th« Vrench words and wedded it uiice and tor all to our bacchanalian chaut ol Tor he's a jolly good fellow," and * x. song written in savage ridicule of B-.gland and one of her grcutesi jfen- *als became one of the most populat •Jrs to which the hitter's country met pledge jovial cups.—Notes and Queries. REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION. A dolcgato convention of the*republicans of the fourth congressional district of the state of Iown, will be held at Now Hampton, Iowa, on Wednosday, August lOtti, at 1 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of nominating a candhlato for reprssentativn in congress for said district and for *Wi other business as may properly be considered. The basis ci representation will be one dolegate to each county and one additional deln- f ate to aach 100 votes or fraction over 0 cast for Hon. H. C. Wheeler for governor, as follows, to-wit: Allamakee .' 10 Cerro Gordo 20 Chickasaw 16 Clayton 22 f ayette 20 •Floyd 10 Howard 14 Mitchell.. 18 Winnesheik '. 24 Worth . ..11 By order of tho republican congressional committee, JAMES E. BLYTIIE, Chairman. REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONVENTION. There will bo held a delegato con- ventipn' of the republicans of Allamakee county, at tho Couit House, in Waukon, on Saturday, June 24, 1892. at 1 o'clock, p. ru., for the purpose of Meeting ten (10) delogatcs to represent Allamakee oouaty in the state convention to be held at Des Moines, Wednesday, June 29,1892. AUo to eluct nlneteon delegates to attend the congressional convention to be held at New Hampton. And for the election of a county oentral committee for the ensuing year, and the trausactlon of such other business as may properly oome before the convention. The ratio of representation will be as follows: One vote for each township aud one additional yote for overy 26 votes or major fraction thereof east for Hiram C,Wheeler foi governor at the genera) eleotion held on Nov. », 1891. The representation to which the various townshtpr in tho county will be entitled is as follows: Center 2 Linton 3 Fairvlew 2 Ludlow.6 Franklin.... . 6 Makee.. 12 Frenoh Creek. .2 Faint Creek 7 Hanover....'..3 Post ,10 Iowa... ..8' Taylor /...-.* ffefferson,.,... .6 , Union City..... .3 'Lafayette ......1 Union Prairie...8 Lansing...ii...8 Waterloo........4 Total ,,...,.,.88 Chairmen of township committees twill please attend to* oall of caucuses andget out as full delegations as possible. niP .lJkBWKA*,; >• <!hm. $9, Ceo. Ctosa.

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