Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 6, 1963 · Page 12
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 12

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1963
Page 12
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12 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS INAUSPICIOUS BEGINNING DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - ,7ohn A. Johnson is director of Itpallh, physical education and •'.'ilotics for the Dcs Moines t'-blic Schools. Sir had asked to appear before •i meeting of the school board. His first words before he presented a report on the progress jf the physical fitness program in the schools were: "You folks don't mind if I sit down, do you?" DODGED DODGE CITY DODGE CITY, Kan. (AP) - A group of Japanese officials touring Kansas were presented souvenirs at a civic luncheon here. The souvenirs—statuettes of a Dodge City cowboy—carried the inscription, "Dodge City, Cowboy Capital of The World." On the back of each was the inscription, "Made ii; Japan." Jocoby On Bridge SOUTH THOUGHT MUCH TOO LATE BY OSWALD .IACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Afcsn. 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Vernon NORTH 4875 V843 • 7652 *753 6 WEST * AKQJ10 VK752 • J4 + J9 EAST 4>943 ¥6 • 10983 4108642 SOUTH (D) 4 62 VAQJ109 • AKQ + AKQ Both vulnerable South West North 2 V 24 Pass" 3 V Pass 4 •/ Pass Pass Opening kad— 4 K East Pass tiir tneory Mat his partner would really tie upset if North's pass of a forcing bid should cost a game. South ruffed the third spade and remarked, "Partner, I'm Mire glad you had confidence in me." Then South proceeded to play the ace and queen of trumps. West let the queen of trumps hold and now South commenced to study the hand. The study did him no good. There was no way he could avoid the loss of two more tricks. South cut the cards j for the next deal and complained | bitterly about his bad luck in getting a 1-1 trump break. There is no question that South wa.s unlucky. Trumps usually bre;ik ?>-2 and if they had broken that way South would have galloped off with the rubber. However. South should have made his contract in spite of the trump break. He should have done his thinking before he led the ace of spades, not after he had run into that 4-1 break. In that case South would have led the queen of trumps at trick (our. West's best play would be to duck whereupon South would have continued with the jack. If West ducked that also South would |.-.y down his ace and play diamonds and clubs until West ruffed whereupon South would claim t.V balance. If West look the second trump lie would either have to put South right in with a diamond or club or give him a chance to ruff the fourth spade with dummy's eight of trumps. Either way South would have been starting a new rubber. Oh what fun it is to give (and gat) CREW-SADERS™ by XttterWt»V*n THE GREATEST NAME IN GIFTS For Christmas you can afford to buy him the best. Socks are only a little thing, but they are very important to his appearance. You can give him the best socks there are—for a dollar and a half. Give him Crew-Saders by Interwoven®. They really fit. And he'll love you for it. One size fits 10 to 13. 2 dozen colors • - - $1.50 a pair. L^^MA Christmas presents with a future- give the gift with the gag gold bow stores for men and young men 120 S. 9th Mr. Vernon, III. Dial 242-1161 WASHINGTON fAP) - Thousands of sorrowing Americans sought advice today as to the appropriate manner of displaying the flag to express their grief at the death of President Kennedy. Many newspaper, radio and television offices, and information bureaus generally, received j inquiries from organizations and j from plain private citizens as to ! recommended methods of using | the flag during the month-long i mourning period. I The government has designat- iod a .'iO-day period ending at sundown Dec. 22 during which flags on all government buildings, military posts and other U.S. installations throughout the world shall be at half staff, but there has been no formal federal proclamation affecting civilian use. One frequent question deals with display of the flag at night. A code on the display and use of the flag, adopted by Congress June 22, 1942, says: "It is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. "However, the flag may be displayed at night upon special occasions when it is desired to produce a patriotic effect." To this the American Legion national Americanism commission—which sponsored the 1923 conference that drafted the code made official almost two decades later, adds that it is improper, in terms of civilian etiquette, to fly the flag outdoors all night long. The "special occasions" upon which the flag may be displayed or carried at night include athletic events, bond campaign ceremonies, patriotic pageants and parades. The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement. j In placing the flag at half : staff, it first should be hoist- j ed to the peak for an instant, | than lowered to half-staff posi- 1 tion. j It should again be raised to | the peak before it is lowered j for the day. Homeowners who do not have means of raising and lowering j the flag should place it on the i staff half the distance between j top and bottom, to signify [ mourning. Although neither the 1!M2 code J nor the American Legion for-! mal interpretation of it goes, into the question of the use of ; crepe, other flag authorities say the use of a black streamer extending from the top of the flagstaff to the point where the flag is at half staff is permissable. Other parts of the code or of | the American Legion interpretation include: —When the flag is not flown from a staff but is to be displayed in another manner it should be displayed flat, whether indoors or out, or so suspended that its folds fall as free as though it were on a staff, with the field—the blue square containing the stars—uppermost and to the flag's right (the observer's left). —Flag displayed from a staff in a church or public auditorium should occupy the position of honor at tho right of the clergyman or speaker as he faces the congregation or audience. If displayed from a staff elsewhere than in the chancel or on the platform, it must have the position of honor at the right of the congregation or audience. "GRKAT COMMONER" The name "Great Commoner" was given not only to William Jennings Bryan, but to Thaddeus Steveas in the United States and to William Pitt and William Gladstone in England. Eiich earned the name ihrough his championship of the rights of the common man. ROUND EARTH The earth is almost completely round. Its diameter at the equator is 7,%2.f>6 miles and the diameter through the North and South Poles is 7,899.74 miles. I SHOP AT THIS SIGN OF DEPENDABILITY WEEK END USED CARS SPECIAL 1959 Pontiox Starchief 4 Door Sedan Radio, Heater, Hydranmtie, $ WSW Tires. 995 00 REGENCY MOTORS North Salem Road (Rt. 37) Dial 242-6200 Mrs Oswald Tells Lee's Early Life By BERNARD OAVZER Associated Press Staff Writer FORT WORTH, Tex. (AP)Perhaps one day in the year 206.1, a school boy will open a history book and read of the Black Friday 100 years before on which President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. His study will bring him to Lee Harvey Oswald, a 24-year- old malcontent, who was accused of the assassination, but was murdered before being brought to trial. If he goes deeper into the story, he may come across the name of Mrs. Marguerite Claverie Oswald. Mrs. Oswald, a grey-haired, 56-ycar-old practical nurse, Is the mother of Lee Harvey Oswald. She, too, may become the subject of history because any inquiry into the nature of her son must turn to the person who played the greatest role in shaping him. That person is Mrs. Oswald. "Any guilt I have for making him what he was, I will accept," she says. "But this is not for the assassination. I do not care what the FBI says, or what any special commission or court may say. He did not have a trial. He did not have his day in court. I heard him say on television, the same as millions of others heard him. 'I did not kill anyone. I dirl not kill anyone.' I know he never did it. I know my son." The death of her son is another burden in a life littered with millstones, according to her recounting. Life began for her in New Orleans July 19, 1907. born to Dora and John Clavcrie. At the age of 2'i, she was left motherless. Plans T„ Write Book Little is known of tho 22 years following, and she evades (lis-! cussing her childhood and young womanhood. This, an- 1 parenlly, is something she is! saving—along with many other facets of her life—for a projected book. But in 1929, she became the wife of a man named Pic. "I was with Mr Pic two and: and half years," she says, re-; ferring to him in formal language. "1 became with child, but he didn't want children. I! was three months pregnant j when I left him. Mr. Pic volun-: tarily supported me and then [ the baby, John K. Pic, until! the child was 18." | I John E. Pic is an Air Force ! sergeant of M years service, | now stationed at lackland Air | Force Base, San Antonio, Tex.,! where he is a lalxiratory technician at the 1.000-bed Wilford Hall Air Force Hospital.) j John Pic was born in January j 19?.-', and about IS months later < his mother married Robert Ed- 1 ward Lee Oswald, a salesman • for the Metropolitan Life Insur- j ance Co. j "Mr. Oswald was named aft- i or Gen. Robert K. Lee," she explains. "It was the same name we gave our first child, Robert Edward Loo Oswald Jr." He, was born in April 1931. j (Robert Edward Lee Oswald | Jr. works for the Acme Brick Co. in Denton, Tex., where he lives with his family.! ! "I became with child in early j 1939," Mrs. Oswald says. "I was in my seventh month when Mr. j Oswald died of coronary throm- j basis." ] The infant born Oct. 18, 1939, in New Orleans was named Lee Harvey Oswald. "I was left penniless, with three boys," she says. (However, there was $3,500 in insura- ance). Put Boys In Orphnnd j With the insurance money and | some cash from the sale of her j home, she was able to hold out, I staying home to care for her kids. But then times turned] hard for her, and when the war started she went to work. John! Pic and Robert Oswald were' placed in a Lutheran home for; children where she now says ( they received "a wonderful rc-i ligious education." l.oo, the baby, stayed with her] and was cared for by her sister] and whoever else she could get to babysit. When Lee reached the age of 3, he, too, went into the home, remaining there until he was 5. "That was when I married Mr. Edward K. Eckdahl, who made $10,000 a year and had an expense account," she said. "We lived in Fort Worth. Lee was with me. After a few months I planned to file suit for divorce but delayed it because I did not want to take Lee out of school. While I was waiting, Mr. Eckdahl got a divorce from me." She shook her head in sad wonder. "I'd been married three times and altogether had husbands for only 8 years," she says. "Lee was such a fine, high class boy," she says. "He didn't waste time with comic books and trashy things. On Sundays, I'd take him to church and then have lunch somewhere and go to the zoo, he knew the names of every' animal there, and to the planetarium, he just knew everything about stars, and to the museums." This idyllic picture of mother- son relationship jars with less romantic official documents which said that 13-year-old Lee had schizophrenic tendencies and was potentially dangerous. Nor does it agree with the recollection of John Carro, who was Lee's probation officer from April 1953 to January 193-1. Carro said Mrs. Oswald refused to consider her son anything more than a truant, balked at aid from welfare agencies, ignored a court order that Lee receive psychiatric treatment. What does she say to this now She doesn't have a direct com- j ment. The answer is contained I in her conviction that as a mother she, and only she, could know her son. "I have to face this alone," she says, "but 1 will do it. I have always faced life. I have been exploited since childhood. But there has been no turning away. I have faith. I do not question the will of God." And yet there is something about her demeanor that suggests she has been cast in a role that despite its tragic overtones and its tragic cast has had an importance for her. The television set in her living room was on as she talked, and she became anxious as a program came to an end. The news came on then and after some reporting of Washington and international events, the scene turned to Fort Worth, and a previous interview with her. Wntehcs Self On TV She called to three Secret Service agents who were on duty at her her home: "You all want to see me on television" She watched herself with quiet absorption, the intensity of her interest paralleling that of a starlet seeing a screening that might lead to a big dollar contract. Whatever history may record of tho life and times of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald, and what part she played in the shaping of the man accused of the crime of the century, it became crystal clear shortly after high noon that Mrs. Oswald would know the short personal history of quick fame. The newspapermen had gone. And now the three Secret Service men pulled out, without warning. And she made the awful discovery that comes to all who get caught in the bright glare of public attention. The light shines all Loo briefly and gives little warmth and then quickly, coldly, the crowds arc gone, the questioners vanish and all that is left is a shade-drawn room, empty and echoing the sobs of dreadful lonelines. Her wail was capsuled in her cry. "I'm the mother of the accused assassin and people don't care about me." GROWS ins OWN RICHMOND, Va. (AP)—There's a bit of old China growing in nearby New Kent County. Paul Ligh, who operates a Chinese restaurant, raises his own vegetables for his Oriental dishes. For instance, he grows snow pjas for moo goo gai pan, a concoction ol hoiled chicken, mushrooms, chestnuts and other vegetables. His Chinese winter melons are used for a highly spiced soup ROOFING SIDING INSULATION DIAL •-•42 0rt»5 Aluminum Storm Windows, NEAL BROS. ROOFING CO. FREE ESTIMATES Doors and Awnings. 421 Brondwny or as an ersatz squash dish. His Chinese salad, "like parsley, almost," is used in nearly every Oriental dish he serves. 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