Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 22, 1962 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1962
Page 2
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Established In 1914 J=y NATION A L EDITORIAL 62 5ig[^ c 6;;g; Subscription Rates In Fayette and Adjoining Counties Outside Fayette and Adjoining Counties Chattin' With Stone v $3.00 Per Year $3.50 Per Year "I figure that ulcers are what you get from mountain- climbing over molehills." Well, what do week-end without been quite .sonic it since the last know! a snow. It's time hasn't Ircrnt wci'k- The Leader Is published weekly in Fayette, Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette, Iown as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Sioneman, Owner and Publisher Editorial Comments - - - Good Will Ambassador Republican or Democrat, we'll all have to admit that Jackie Kennedy is doing a bang- up job in the public relations department of the government. We don't know whether or not she can cook, or whether or not she can boil water without burninu it. . .but as a good-will ambassador she is far above anyone who is actually employed in that category. Whether it's sex appeal, personality, know- how, or what, she certainly makes her mark in any of the foreign countries she visits. In a few short weeks of one trip she has probably created better relations for the U. S. than all of the trips by Franklin 3J. Roosevelt. Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, and her husband and his brothers put together. All of the foreign dignitaries she comes in contact with seem to respect her and admire her. They extend her more courtesies than any other such royal visitors, including presidents ;,:id queens. Possibly if she were to sit in on the summit moo'nig. now in session, the disarmament talks would come to a faster and more understanding end. It could also bring about the beginning of the end of the cold war. The old cliche that "behind every successful man there's a woman" is probably right. Most likely Jackie had a great deal to do with John F's success to date. And she undoubtedly will play a big part in his success as a president. In fact, her actions during the next two years will play a big part in her husband's try for a second term. . .and could also be an overwhelming factor in the future of the U. S. end. Oh well, spring weather just can't be too far away. . . the calendar say- <> Too bad more of tin- paicnts and local resident don't show a little interest in our young pen pie and visit the Youth Center once in a while. They just might become aware of the fact that the Center is a worthwhile project. Some of the skeptics should . have been around Saturday night to see what a good time the kids had at the Youth Center dance. Music for the dance was furnished l,v a very talented Combo, which consisted of four young men from Upper Iowa university And the dance was attended by IS4 youngsters. There are a few people who won't let themselves be convinced that the Youth Center serves a very good purpose, and their reason for this attitude is hard to understand. And there are others who evidently don't have enough interest in their children to drop in and see what goes on. All of these people would be quite impressed if thev would allow themselves the pleasure of a visit to the Center. In this column last week we mentioned several boys being suspended from the Youth Center for a period of time. We did not mean to leave the impression that roughhousing and disrespect are a general practice at the Center. Only a very few who attend fit in this category .. . .the rest arc very appreciative of the fact that they have sue!: an organization. 'Die point we are trying to get across was that some of tnese youngsters might need a little more home supervision. 'I ne fact they are not allowed to attend the Youth Center will n. t prevent them from causing trouble. . . .if they arc so inclined. We suggest that it might be wise for each parent to find out if their youngster was one of those who was suspended from the Center, and if so, tnen take the necessary disciplinary action. Possibly the proper steps would make more serious action in the near future unnecessary. We were pleased to hear that Hill Merkel has decided to make another try for the state representative seat from Fayette county on the Democratic ticket. We feel sure that Bill would definitely have the interests of the farmer and small town residents at heart, if elected. Another hat which has come into the political ring is that of John Fay. who is seeking the job of county supervisor, on the Republican ticket. John served in this position several years ago, and we understand did an excellent job. Good luck to both of these candidates. Creek Bottom Comments The Democrat candidates for U. S. Senator and Congressman for the Second District are making a big issue of the fact that Senator Hickenlooper and Congressman Bromwell voted against the bureauratic, "pork- barrel" water polution bill, at the very time their "home town" city of Cedar Rapids was having a bad time with evil tasting river water. We predict the Democrat political hopefuls will NOT get elected next November, that way. The Senator and the Congressman of course had relatives and close friends whom were just as displeased with the vile tasting river water as anybody else. But never-the-less the Senator and Congressman put statesmanship above and beyond public unrest and local political expediency. They both fully and properly saw the picture in true perspective. The taste of Cedar River water at Cedar Rapids is an Iowa problem in general, and a Cedar Rapids problem in particular. It is NOT a NATIONAL problem, to be solved by pouring millions of dollars down some bureaucratic rat-hole. River water taste problems, public school problems, and ALL such problems are local, city, or state problems, and should be accepted and solved, as such. America did NOT become a world power because our fore-fathers folded their hands, sat down on a fat fanny, with a can of beer, and watch. ed TV, while they waited for some starry-eyed Bureaucrat to' corhe from Washington, D. C, with a bucketful of "Federal Aid", to fix every little local problem. On the other hand, we truly appreciate the forthrightness — By Reuben and honesty of Democrats Lint and Hughes in regard the subject of tax collection, and the highly sentimental subject of liquor-by-the-drink. We sincerely believe too many Iowans have NOT paid their Iowa Income Tax in the past years. And we most firmly think the "key club" situation in Iowa is illegal, immoral, and our state's number-one hypocrisy. JAMES E. BROMWELL SECOND IOWA DISTRICT The revenue bill which is scheduled for debate this week will probably not add to the Federal revenue, but will probably lose revenue in spite of the proposed witholding provisions and the added taxes provided for. — B — Once again America has gone to a disarmament conference with hope, but no real prospects of success. What the Russians do speaks so loudly it is hard to credit anything they say. The foolish harrassment of FIRST HALF PROPERTY TAXES DUE The first half property taxes (both real and personal) are due on or before March 31st, 1962. A penalty of 14 of I per cent attaches to the first half on April'I st and each month thereafter. Payments can be made through your local bank or at the County Treasurer's office. As March 31st falls on Saturday, the Treasurer's office will stay open until 4:00 p. m>. to help late taxpayers. Springer fayett® County Treasurer allied aircraft in the Berlin corridor by the Reds is an example of conduct which defies any real claim of peaceful intention. — B — The House last week passed a welfare measure which will cost $140,000,000 more than the President and the Budget Bureau requested, thereby adding to the already increased 93 billion dollar budget. — B — There will be no increase in the size of the House this year. — B — Sentiment with respect to the United Nations bond issue is mixed. Most Congressmen favor standing by the U. N. The question is "how"? One eminent internationlist said to me last week, "What is probably needed is the agonozing reappraisal of the U. N. which would follow turning down the bond issue altogether." — B — Few legislative prospects have become more solidly confused than the prospect for the Administration farm program ( H. R. 10010 ). Opposition is strong and widespread and there are a number of alternative proposals, one of which, the Farm Bureau proposal, has had a hearing. From legislation this year, like all farm laws, will take time. SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS It happened The oldest incorporated tndo association in the country, the United States Brewers Association, was organized in 1862 ... the same year that 4 &%&B$fc$ MM M*.*'i IN IOWA, the whole state celebrated Grant's groat victory at Fort Donelson, in which Iowa troops were the first to breach the fort's defenses. Beer was one of the favorita beverages of the troops . . . just as Iowans today continue to find pleasure in beer. For then, as now, beer was the traditional beverage of moderation. But beer means more than enjoyment to our state. The Brewing Industry contributes over 6>/ 2 million tax dollars to Iowa each year—money that helps support our hospitals, schools and highways. TODAY, In its' centennial year, the United States Brewers Association stilt works constantly to assure maintenance of high standards of quality and propriety wherever beer and ale are served. . r.;Uty|.l ED'STATES ' ,• y .WEWERS .;ASSOc 'lATlbN>!NC; v.Jowa Division-Oes Mdines SPRUNG CLOTHING For The Entire Family AT MAIMER'S SHOES AND CLOTHING FOR • MIX 'N MATCH JEANIE SPORTS WEAR Shorts, Tapered Slacks, Pedal Pushers, Slacks and Matching Blouses. • Spring Dresses FOR SIS— • Complete Line of SPORTS WEAR • Blouses, Slacks, and Pedal Pushers FOR DAD- • Knit Shirts • Trench Coats • Sport Shirts • Sport Coats • Short Sleeve White Sport Shirts FOR JUNIOR— • Sport Shirts • Sport Coats • Slacks SOCKS - SOCKS - SOCKS FOR EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY All Sizes — Many Styles 1 ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR SPRING O* ir^t**. 'fc aft One license issued One marriage was issued in in the Fayette county clerk of courts office last week. The license was issued to Richard Delbert Hotchkiss, 20, Marshalltown, and Patricia Kay Retz, 20, Waterloo. Try An Ad In The Leader EARL SCHNEIDER INSURANCE AGENCY Is A Regular INSURANCE SUPER MARKET Where You Get The BEST DEALS ON INSURANCE And You Get SERVICE, TOO! FAYETTE THEATRE Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. March 22 - 23 - 24 BILL TRAVERS WILLIAM SYLVESTER in GORGO Sun. - Mon. - Tues. March 25 - 26 - 27 SUSANNAH YORK KENNETH MORE In LOSS OF INNOCENCE Want To Sell - - Or Buy? HAVING BEEN DULY LICENSED AS A BROKER By The Iowa Real Estate Commission, I Am Opening A Real Estate Brokerage Office At 218 S. Main Street in Fayette, Iowa We Offer The Finest Real Estate Service In: SALES - RENTALS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT FOR PROMPT RESULTS - LIST WITH US TODAY I now have buyers for lots and homes — especially in the 6 to 15 thousand class. "WE SELL THE EARTH" Virgil M. Borchert LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER Phone 264 Fayette, Iowa Look Ma... No Money DOWN 4 pc. 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