Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 21, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1927
Page 2
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i^GTURE / EtitiUed FRIEND OF MANKIND jiME^ BAXMiL Rims. r. s. n. Membpr of The'Christ I SUI S C I PIK*' Board "{ Lecliiri 'Hhiii «t Tho Mother Church. The Klrnt • Church of ChrlHt. aderitlHi, In BriHtou,. MiuH. (InlrodUeiHr Uf J^itm IK .Miltlclmcli) .It iH my haupy prlvllcKi- m n-U iron of ti frimid thut hiiM hi-cii III y^ur mIdMi for Hotut* tinu-. I refer w' ih«' CttriMCiUtJ Hcl«nf» mowment. HOiiiA of {you may nai huve rnco);- jiiBeif thiH m«nil; In-flirt, you imiy «yeiK hay« fanciml It an enemy, or Hom«tihfci« to hu uvoliluil. Bul:tli» (Mip remoinx th^t the bum frleiii). tb«»^muMlj comfoi-iJDK menHifie nmi- HJnd l^u hail ulncu the duyx of tho early iChrlJ(Uan.-i. huit ai^peareil In your time ami ^lue. nnd.itt known as Chrltitlan- Sislericp. \ IfcfentBUuMM of ihrficUfltt Srl«iicr. GbrliaUiiiii Sc-lpncel Can onK.not imjnediailely envisage tbe^ frieodli- nek» of !a system That. Is .uniting sucli opposires—so eonsideretj by Humanity—as Christianiry audssci- encs? Should not' ChriiitlanH Instantly recognize as a frlemlrthat messa'se \ which- procliiinis' the ' teachiiiEs'of Jesus to he .scientific —te otter w«mU. based .. upon Cliang«l«ss law, and j capable of proof?; And what a' friend to mankind isi this Science of Christianity! Strange as ttiB may sound iq your ears. It come.s vi-ltli, a niessaRe of helpfnlvess -to- Jew- <lnd Gentile, to doabt«r.and religionist, to physician arid minister. It comes not to curse-, but to bless, and if In the process of blessing ' and healing manfeinii it sceme to fear down. It is only that one may rebuild on Mueeir fqunUationH, a system of thinUng and living far mor<^ beaiitlttti: and! logical and satlsfjing tiuws one ! has e^r known before. Th*rprophei Jeremiah foretold the •appMvisfrj of tlii.>» truth. In- these worda: "So», I hiive Hat lime over tlw nuClanis and over the klnKdoniH ro .root out and tu jiull duwu . . . to build uiut to plunt^" PmiHNUtl Kxpertpurc., In our i fiunlly. w« wen! dimly aware of tliu vr «Nen<'<' in i iliU fritnd In our lonuiluully; In fact, ,w« Mir lUiiJiit town an iinctUfMilon- ; <•<! caae oMteailnK.'ycL our cttHUnnt McaWtlanllrul rvMpeciaJillli.y hardly wnmnUMl uioroihun upmiNiiiK no- tlcp 4if Ihirt n«>W (;uuiur :ln ndlKlouH cJraUi«. As a child I; lelt vury . •iroiiflilx. after llMleuIng' to ilm eon such tactlai' iaie . ^botr.' iM^ ' LeCj thought for' a moraeBt rgo-pacv .to that day whnr Cbrls^ Jcau^ hMded the nu^n, iiriw; waft'.Ulina fixmahis birth. /'BUa' skepUc* or tl atr day endeavore*!; to disprove thi whole remarkable circumataace of the healing. First tliey retfusei • to be> lieve thai the man with a ght re* stored was tijc one whpm t ley had known> aa bliud. When oni objec- lion after another tell by ts own foolish weight, their final fling ivns as foItoWs: "Wif'knAw that. (:od Hpake'tinto Moses i oa for this fellow (^hrist Jesus) ^e ki low not from whenci he li." Iiiteusely simple and ibgical . Is! the healed man's respontie: "Why'hen In Is a marvelous thing, that; ye ki ow not from whence '4ie Is, and yet le hath opened mine eyes!-'' ; And to the suine skeptical carnal mini. nineteen hundred years -later, thousands upon thouaands of rrateful Christian ,Scientists are saying. "Why herein Is a marvcloui thing: You say that thf^.ScIeucc ol Christianity (ind its ,DlKcoverir are frauds, and yet this tenc ilng Is teraJIy fjom- Hubdu- jurnlng Ir HI|if (iod obi'dl- openlng spirltuully and blind eyes, healing slcknes^ fortlng Mirrowlng hearts, Ingi win and hate.- and countleiiN thouHnudH to th bleii, to pn undHrstandlng and to a greater love for iini^ •ncp 10 Christ Jesus!" A Ken KucN AlMiNt .Hn. .Let mo give you here a teii facts alifut the OlH(!ovi>rcr and Kiundur] of Christian Science- KronI childhood, she had been a after Truth. She must hav«j beuutlfi'il,' splritually-mlnd'ed er. for early was the littl«| .Mdry taugbt to lean on the Heavenly Father's loving care and t-usb in His healing power. When iihe ar-- riveil at wooian's esltate. sorrow and misfortune and ill-health knocked loudly at her dot r. anil forced her to turn from tl e saddening picture of material s .'Use to the things Of Spirit. The poems written by Mrs. Eddy fn hei childhood and yotuig womanhood betray nnra'.' ai uwuibe)'" hip eaBVK0|K tlou. aiidnaaH lOLA DAILT BEGISTERI » ^ttii "I luppohe Sanday 'i»a.bl4B6 ^dajr ,or'reiit tar you." "Aycrfeplied thi other. •-It l9<..that! - I c^am to Ichuraii.. alts Me down, lays my logs up, and thinks ol nothliig!" Hby kei «itl4tN Cio <h Cliairh. JJbw it ;may{a!i wen'be stated here, , and posltivelyl th«u tho Church, of! Christ,; Htlintlst, is no place for the man or iwonian who refuses to think. In 'fact, among other reasons. ;one should attend Christian Science services t.» think and to give. What can. tl"? phrase "divine ^^ervice'; mean but to ponder the i deep things -of lioil. to drink la'the spiritual trnth of be- jUig, and, through prayer or righteous thinking «ervi> and heal the brother-man? Such sorvice.s bor come glorious opportunities for spiritual broadcasting, and fortunate- is that coirimnrilty wherein a body of rlght-tKlnkinK C|irlstluns gathers each Sunday' and AVcclnes- liay to radiocast; Into Imniaii con-r HcfoiL-inesH the thoughts of (iod, which will heal and bless and nave! f the conRrega-' rfniii-e of \ifn ; sesslly of hfs K*fy. tarly seeker had a moth- a deep* apiritukil sense-and' bnging the leo ileo- ikill- he was having| treatment, and. varsotloii <of [ uiy eldars, that elect, the really iiesl ; people earth, were, like oursiilviii*. hon paths, ICplscupailans and lleim conn. Si) II was lull .until uiiiuy years hadlpasHcil. .-md the burden of Buffcrlnif hftd lain heavily upon a dear one that we sought' the aid oC this frli>nd. an^ In one M-^ek's treatment In Chri.ntlan Selence tlie iraproveiment wan truly miraculous. From my etirllest recollectidn, the BtiCfererj in niiestlon had bepn a semi-InvaMit'. subject lo| vicious attacks of stoih.ich . :in<J intestinal tronMe. Imaguie my mirprise on joiQiBc the family circle; after an aba«i«ejof fi week, to see this erst- -whila dyspeptic partake of a meal that in jihe past wolild,. have, involved the! speedy summoning of the pb ^icianJ I looked ou in alarm, and finally whispered to the on* nestt! to me that bur invalid was evidently not lilmself itienuUy aad should be stopped. She cau-; tloned me to say nothing about it: that! such Scenes had been enacted at each meal for the pasti'wcek and without harmful results: that Christian Science that we .shoiild do ..nothing to I brdak the spell! A "spell" this.truly proved to be.* a good spell, or to use the old EJng- llsh '• expression,- • t,he ^ gospel—the good news of the klng^dom^-yf Uod, which has brought i hcalliig and' comfort and .strength to us all these years. , , ConitRir «i Aiwther Friend. After witnessing tiiis remarkable healing. 1 acrejited g.rudly a coiiy of the Christian Science textbook. "Science and He^ilth with Key to the Scriptures" by .ATary H.iker Eddy. J was eager to know how,this beaiing work was accomplished. 1 had. hot read more than two. ptiges when I ha ^l to cloije the book'and Wipe; from my ey*.i the tea-rs of gratitude that .had welled up. Here, truly, was th^t friend, that blesB- Ing, for which—purhmm union- itclousl.v—I had been loUKlng all niy|lire—an undeisiniKling of liod. logikial. Hiiiiple, un|l provable. And rlglit li«ru anolliir retiiurMble. tMiiid happiiiu'd: all nniiiKonlHiti to Mr»i Uddy VVU I M I IUI I . Another trloud hud appuuriid! <:<itie was thn senMuloss and buNcleits upponl- .tluu, gone tli«» rtdfculc or a movement fuutidcd' by a-woman! In lad. 11 seemed qnlie iiniiinil that this new friend should have been introduced by graclou.i wonian- • hiKHl. When one reads Mrs. Eddy's IJfe by Sibyl Wilbur, and learna . of the .-struggles and hardships and hearttbhes; as iL-ell as the glorious oVcrcomlngs that attended the in- fattt 'stepB Af the ChrlBtlan Science . moveipent. one readily see's why the discoverer of this Science had to be a woman. She must needs ij psBS ^SB the instincts of the mother :' whej clings to her child when all 'oth »ra forsake It; she must be im- bmpd with the faith and fortitude • and patisBCft which are the laher^ eat piiaseaaions of ths spirltnally- niia ted waniaar Sea elate lalBisMdiiai la Mn. EMr "71 ler* probably has not been a mose) peraistewiy. .jalsnnderstoad ; figure since tha days of the N'aaa- i iieB0 Ithaa the Dtacaverer and . FoiU|t4 »r of Christian Science. The opp«;i ««il> ef her rmessage hove stoppeil al HO calntbny. no nriarep- resentatioHi ia their elllost to disr predit her work'and mission. But for light. Hence it Is^noit surprising to find hir searching 1 Jr this light in evdry healing system abroad in her^ day. She jstudies homeopathy. She investlghtep magnetic healing. 5^r a tibiel when her. case seenis to Itave | iniproved underia meutai treatment; she feels that ^he has jfound the "pearl of great price." Tlben comes a i elapse, and the bubbl^ breaks. Not until she turns to the .Bible, th(| Bible of our fathers and her^ fntners, in an hour of great extremltjf, does she finally touch the hem of jCbrlsl's healing garment. and glimpse tho truth for which she has been searching all .her life, li'hrhtfnn Hcintvr Xot minit Fnfth. .\ow wlthnirt a doubt, throi gh all tint uentnrlHH Christian peopi t have had experiences wherein the;'.have wltnimsed lallh-luialingH., W H iM<e them ubuiit UN today. Rcuui|-kablii curcM, wrQUglit rhrough the mlnls- j-trntlunH of oarueHt Chrlstlni men and women, are repartud In many cities. And lo evury sincere jchrlii- So every member tlon. feels 'he lm|i work,* and the n< shuriiiR In Itiial hroaili triitliH of the Sunday Importance of ''tuning In" on- thi' great wireless xjave of I Ing that sweeps cOiiMciiiu.snesH a l-8« "Arise" iir coBOMUon witb> tlat tlliealtnig work of dtrlst Jesmi tma. 'In theforiginan more the saMSL^br ••awa^e.'> And trrily did taTjiHiB- tar come .to awaken manldsd!, from this dream of materiatt^. In fact, we do not find that he petitioned God to heal the sick. Not once is it recorded that a healing was prefaced by his a.sking the Father to raise up tbe .sick one if it was the divine will. . Hia prayers, writes .Mrs. Eddy, "w-ere deep ami conscientious prutasts of Truth, of man's likeness; t(7 tlod, •ind of man's unity with Truth and I,ove." (Science and Health, page 12). We find the Master rebuking unclean spirits, commanding evil lo be silent (»r to come out of a man. and bidding others to arise, or awaken. If w« therefore would pray the jheallng iprayer of Christ Jesus, we must first li?arn to rebuke or deny the discordant pictures diawji by the material senses and then cling to' tin- simple splriiual .fart of being—to the fact of man's glorious hurmmiy and freedom as the spiritual son of the King. Henllnir (if FaNe Appetite. lA 't IIS here consider a tew ex- tho ref /pctlng. the splr-!"!""''•" '/V"" problems Icaailnaiof the heall/iK nlPkniHs.;and other dlscord- tirSUm -ieriiS-)/?!"''' <^«'MimonH through the rlght- ' HervWs. II.. feelrf the ""^"-V''' j <"ristlan .Science. :ONDAY EIVENING , BfARCH 21^ 1927. LeaKoe of i #JIea ta? Nativn- al im welliia Ji divldusl dlffereaina Kooli fad* liMef phantoms.ol^'tba nfCftt. C »aed: and hkt e wpntftj fblfcj :for laoki <^ a witness. 'rhi» la. nqt ^l philosopher's dream- hrnugh human ' the reikult of- the mid-week testlniony meHlngs. RpTohillnnrjtintr Thobirhf of Pr^tyer. The monicut study of the ope textbook, it becd his thought of one begins mere'.y theory. It is dB&rontjtrahle' Ikw; and is beiii9 dMnonstt: tediini0*at- er and greater fiUlne«. in tens. oL thousands of Instance daily. What Ilo Christian Sd >nllsts inon At this point Bomeoa Mnay say; "I can see that this und< rsbanding of prafer might help u siaful maa, but what does the aAerdte Christian Scleijtfc^ know ! bout a sick man?" lie- knows a groat deal about bini. and what Is most- Important, lie know-s whit is makliig; him .sick! Thaaka to he Chkiallan Science tiextbook. tlu metai^yst- ciaii can put hia fini [er instantly ou the cuiuse of ever' diseas^ on earth. 1I«I does not starch tor the cause in 'mutter, but straightway goes to the mental rejlm. .lenun Sim«H CaiiNe tt PKatwifk Thp greatest physici in earthj has ever known, Jesus or- N'asareth, solved for all time thi problem aa to the cause of dlseasi.' A womaJi l..> broughi to hint sufftilng from a scrloua junA dinflguijing lillment'. The .MuHttir does not ^idlcuto that the dlfflcu ty Is tho rewilt of Infrc- tion or ooiitaglon. ofl'iproP'r diet or unhvalliiy aimosphM -e. Nor for irractitloner. He lime monieiit iloes he allow tlie suf- announcpd that he "conrined" hln>-1 ferer to f^el that this is a vlslta- self to one hundred cigareites a i tion of (Jcid. Simply luJd dlrectl>- It to a. •4p<giMM't tUt, that not on«T|ti&I. you. afc:~shikeB .-^aiaicablr set- A man who was s.idly vlc;tlmlz<Ml habit. Kiiught out .a haiikiclv- i !<'hrlsiian Scien<-<. [ling clialrter of t|ie nies apparent tliat prayer must bo day but was fast becoming a ineil- tal and physical wreck. He admitted he felt that he must smoke the! every waking hour, and even aros«} I Ian. tlun yun! slilvlnt -to obey thx .M4«t <»r 'H ciilniimud to h^al the nick, birb«- i^cliikttlHlH say. H1 (.RBiti|itr. on lint do not the himllnts-ai!^ cuninDsh thruuKli blind .fal h ra- miiiii biiii of the uiiislcal aeli ctluna ri'iidl'leir (»y lliiwu wbi»"p uy by ear" ilnd know nothing of I lo science uf notuH? The nuuU:la|n who playa "by ear" cnitnot Impiirt hbt musical sense N> anoFher^ He'Is not even sure of' retaining i certain piece of tnnslr hlmaoll'. bu- cnnse of his Inability to giajip tlur science, or law, underlylnj^all music.; Now here was wheroM *ry Baker Eddy proved snch Jiijfrlend to those struggling to cail-li and reproduce rhe healing ' hiirihonies of heaven. She had., without jloubt. n remarkable healing thrOiigh a deep religious experience. Bijtt she was not content to rest theri. To use her words. "I must know th«> Science of this healing" (Selence and Health, p. 109), and forjthree year§ she withdrew from society, iintf diligently searched the Scriptures for =tho law or rule underlying' her healing, and the healing woiik of the Master. In the'mean­ time, she was liaving extraordinary healing experiences with others.; or such healing she ^peaks in heri writings very briefly and modestly, but it has been my| privi-' lege to hear from the lips (if sev- erill persons whom she cnred bow truly remarkable was her healing work. vAnd' here she pro veil that tbe .Science c2r phrlstianity ^is of R«<^ aiid not Df the carnal mind: fOr-tmaDy of he mental so- 'ailed cur4tlv9' s.vstems abroad in the land to^y fralokly admit their inability to cope with aught but ner- voi^ -and functional disorder^. On the; other hand. Christian Silence has healed organic diseaseH as^ readily as it has banished hy^erlra and authenticated testlmonij^s to this fact abound. .\i» I 'ersaUNi Ilrachiair. .Now this friend of manklif . this spiritual understanding of Cud and uuin. .\rr«. Eddy has brought to us la her remarkable hook, "S mid llcitlth with Key to the Strlfi- lunm." Whu< a unique lltlw s this — oue which JIukA both science and hralth to thr Ulbie^ .Maity ar- sur- tjriHud when ili«.v . hear thi an liouticeiueut ut the Christian Sci- encu Sunday in ;rvices that "The lilbiti and the Christian S .'lenre textbook are uur only prearheni. (Quarterly, page 4|. Sn- p« snnnl priiaching! ibey exclaim. Why should one go to church 1) st to hear rending? And then. Utile by little, the wonder . of thlsj new church organizatioh dawns' upon on^.'and more than ever h»8.'es in .Mrs. Eddys work ithe impri^nt ol divine leading. Instead of oir personal minister, every, mlemb^r .of the congregation ha ^bJn BiMc hin- guage. become a "prteBt unto God," ami has been studying and iiork- iBg on the sermon dnrlng the veek. For one of the first tapks and most Joyous privileges of the studdnt of ChristlaB Science is to give daily a<M;eBtion to the L^saon-Sermons in thA Christian Scienoi* Qnaiterly composed of BiWe tests "ami their correlative passage*; from the Christian fteieace textbook." tOnar- terly p. 41. This niiturally Involves memtal activity,, aad cditse- sucirtty soBM mortalbi are net ul- tr3cte «t at tlrst to this forip. o service. The ^iitttude of ajaay chirch- goer.e is reflected tn ajquaiirt story o< the fammisi Robort S <Mith«y. He revolutionized alid this involves a mighty revolutiiinlziuR of his concept of (lOd. To whom o • what are we praying? T<\ a God » ho is only a magnified ' human In ing. who needs to be argued wit i. pleaded with-and reminded of His duty towards His creation? Have not the prayers of mortals tlicsc tnany centuries arisen to an ' unthinkable (iod? So right on the very first pages of Science and Health. .Mrs. Eddy challenges the leligious thought of the w^orld on the subject of prayer. Hear this remarkable and yet intensely sensible utterance: "Who would stand 'before a blackboard and pray the principle of mathematics to solve the problem? The rule Is already established, and ii la our task to work out the sblutlou. Shall we .isk the divine Principle of all goodness to do Ijll.s own work? His work Is done, and we have only to avail oiirselviis of Cod's rule In ordrr to i receiye His blessing, which enables iik lo work out our own salf.ttlon.'i (Sclrn<e and Health, p. ^ thfilM »i Prnyer In .fbrtstten Kcf^iM-e. The !<c|eiice j of C'lirlnflanliy llicrefiire starH I with (rod, tho fireat First CauAe— divine-.Mtiid.- Infinlte Intelllgw^re—which In lii- ilnltely good. Aeeofding . to the firm chapter of jienesls. Ibis good creator linK ereiiied a good iliil- vcrstt. and, iHls noblest work, lit declared to he the iniaci. .-iiid llketicss (if tlils p(>rfi-i-i iniilll- Kunce. Christ JesuH must have recognized thl^li underlying law and l>rlne.lplo of hifluit when he.s:lld. Iti the Sermon on the .Mount,"Be .ye therefore perfect even as' your Father which Is in heaven, is perfect." Thus a eblbl! begins his studies In numbers, having as. u basis the perfect and changeless principle of arlthmerii!. an in. th(> Sdlencif of Christianity, we start with a perfect juuse and effi-it. ;i perfect creator and pifrfect creation. Jlortals «4ee Tkrowrh Cla».s UarlUy.- Someoniv may jsay. "1 am quite once or twice in the night to gratify his craving for the weed. He told the practitioner frankly, however, iJiat if Christian Science taught!merely the use i>l the liu- niaii Will, he would not waste a momeiii With its treatment, for his 'power of resl.stance had completely gone. The'practitioner explained that Christiau .Science treatment relics upon Cod-power and not human will-power. The man then asked for trcaiineiit. The practitioner gave him Science and Health to read, whilst hedoseil his he goes to! the i-uot of the trouble. H<- speaks j^if the patler t as a woman "wjiom ^atan bath bound." And- briefli-. wluil is Satan knit-sin. and' fear, and Ignorance? ISo .we hare' why" mlc0l0BWempiffot the Shnia^ amndt» ixMher. -^Sbeills too busy cUngli«; Oi^the !«ielritiial facts of h «jhis „and jtnowfiTO tliat all is wefiil with Goti's cf«ati(Mi to ask the whi»re (br»-ortfiatwIifl !fi-8he shortly' is to proye sheer lllasron. It mQ^ be well here to fiojliit ovO. that thie. little word "why"' neieds only' a ali^t alteratfim to make- that very iinloaelyi wor* ''whrhe": in tftct, whom tii» stndfeiit ( t Christian Science l>egins wliylng. he Is lnvari<- abiyr whining, ami ttie Good' Book does not; ibdlc&tife t)iat the whining thongbt ia that which gains- aii- mission to the kingdom of Cod. lUt^Idi tells- us t6at we "enter Into His gates with thanksgiving, and Into.His conrta wttii praise." True lYayer I H Hymn of Praise. ; 'Af' woman onco stated that she boarded a sleepingj ctir on a night whepL this heat: wa» very intense. The paHsencersr gloomily predicted a sleepless night- toj* oil. The woman In qiieflT<an hhil been having u struggle with, aalhina, and her rj ;iir of |he hear and- Hmoke aiid dust Hceined to throw '|ier Into u vcrl liable panic. As she liatilcd with a feelink at .snffoiiatinii. tho sag- gaxUott came' that!;she; could not )>oaiibly live untlll the morning. "Veb- well," she said; audibly, 'then I tnall go pralaingi Cod!" So she begin with one oij tho beloveil Psalms: ':BleHH the Lord, oh my soull and .all thuti Is within me, blesk His Holy nunle." Again evil Sugi^astion wiilspercd. "You don't mean a word -of It!^ You arc only sayiimt wordal" "Very well," ah'i replied asnin. ; "I shall just 'say worcis' then; and those word(( shall ,,tld^ llaiito^ pmi Wit Aflred. fear, anil Ignorance? So .we hare i,„ ,1™!** to (iodt'r so Hh« .-..i. hAmoialousIy . Ifisiiiiess. and [dialee. i«(d|dMhihajtf«b healed b6tta ,<m)['tli£e ^art-M emj^^er and employee,' when thede problems have titf- »een .tafien' td' t!ie --gT ««f -HtBad«l ot tile iirfc'in dariiest. understand- llfe. nrayir. Such, prayer declares with conviction -that there is. In triith OiUy, one Mind., (lad. that all of <kid?S eWldi-en' roflOct- this >llnd, aB4'ali-:ttiereforo ai« brethren. How, (.-an diviHbns. and ge^/ ahd mis- UBdMWaHidftigy contHino^ tfls. tUe preiKfnce snbh a waV^ Of healing, GhWfltian love? Miany may i«n yoh pesanni^'tii-al- ly ttint the Wcri^ciiB at itieb anid nations in the greht yfar Hh^o lleen for naaght. Let-ns roltohe: to be- Helro iti! The glorlonk leinimfi of sein^SB service, and mata's^delfend- eace upon his brothel, cm' never he lost! Th^i wh6R -wortd Ift the better for them, and neftrer the great goal otunlversU felT6wifltlp; In an orches^v, one at/eh ft beautiful example of what is- cffilled "twtm-wwrtt." and of* tli* int*rde- pendonc« ot the Inaitimtirtntii. ) No oiie Inttrument can ptay a mfihty symphony. It: has its pan, and an Important part thet-elti; imt tl is thfi collective; cOntribntloA of all the players tKat goes ta make the one great hatmony; What If the Instrument we are piayiftf s«*eiiis luslgnlflcnnt? The great'hord next to us needs our llghjter tonch to enhance his beauty, while his deeper , note enriches our tone. Teim.Work to SUilve Wortd'i Pro*, lew*, What If the work'.In which you find yourself seems . huradi-um. wearisome, and nhlraprtrtant? Stop , ^ c —listening to youf owft ihstHiment. ; all. iiis benttite. j Who j'orglveth 1 L.lft your gaze to the gfeal lieader. prayer, and who know |iow to erail- all. my diseases." i Over and over I J , -itha lamous words! of praise and icatc fbarumd ignoraijce and »l«i'? • comffjrt were whisiicred . . . suddenly al^e started and looked about Healing ;of .Hon of 4(nonah )iiiite. Wc fillip ill the Old Testament many liistxiuceK of sprrktual healing. One of thl 'Sc, which! stands apart a.s a beauti ^ll cameo. Is th^ raising of the; son .of the Ishuhanimlte e.ves in silent praver. To use the i ^>'""'""- " lie i^ecnlled that words of our textbook, "in the i'"-"''h''' '""^ been an hi nored guest quiet sanctiiarv of earnest long-; ^" '"•'^ ings" he begaii to "deiiv sin and ipcrce ved that the plea(^ Cod's allness." (.Science and j l"'OI>het w-as a "holy lian of Cod.'"^ Health, page 1.").;) He realized that |'•''"•refoie when her little son Is man. the real man. the Iniaire of I'xouf ht to her one day very Hi Siririt. <-iiiild not crave matter— could not find fiatisfariion in material sens:ition expression (>r ( and sub.sequently dies whilst she holds him.; It aiipai-ent y never oc- cuts to-hef to resort l( any material' aid. She must gel tn the man of Cod iin'mediately. l\nd the re- inarkubli liing Is.tliiit she floes not voice irror—(loos liot even-tsll licr husba .-i -emingiy lid that I hi passed awajl child' has When he jisks her ^i•by she is goln« lo the thai man was the od. and as God Is eternally satisfied with His perfect handiwork, so man must reflect this divine sadsfactlon now. "1 .shall be satisfied when 1 ;iwake with Thy llkcne!»s." The •practitioner pondered this glorious fact Joyfully, contldenily. In fact, this truth, which was Indeed the healing Christ, Ko flooded his- con- scluu.sness that he fill the work was done, and looked up .'ind said to Ills putleiii. "You ilii iiol want to siiiuke now. do yoiiT' A look I in well! of positive bewilderment spread I uitloii of tli over the other's featiinii. Ills lips | Iwuntiful is uioted, as If trying in bring back HCblo Htiide... a taste that had departid "Wby,"' bliiutiim o( that inolhei's splendid he said, "lilt you kiiovvi I haven't^ I Mith and Ildellty unit ib« splrl- the slightest desire for the stuff'/" | tiiul umlerf^laadlitg of ihe.proph«)t And that was the v.r.v last of thai i banlsheii tl(u plciurv or] death antf man of V, •It shall b coming la Uitt servauil with rbem child. She] •d. she wall." Ell the distancH Inquire nnawers ri- replies simply, ha sees her and sends r It IH well all. and wiJll with the iolurely. "It :0h the gloilluus, recog |e trnth ot bbing! How the reward !j For every t knows huW the coin- dreuin. There was no gradual "tapering off." no nervous reaction. Had a inirucli happened? Not at all! The truth of being had dis|/Hlled a f.ilsi' sense, a dream. That practitioner's coni- ri>stornd tlit< ithlld. .V .Mitdeni^ !<lMiimiin»Ni% A rhrlsilin Science UaGtltfoner r*.luteil thi.» followlfig esparfentfu: H;» said h»? hud l»eeii cilled to see a little ladl three or finr years ot munion with Ihe facts about CodUge, who. to the'tjltyjJicnl .-tenses, and man: in.staatly solved the Ueemert detperafely Hi. Whllw a pioBiem. khristian Scientist nevtr makes a HeallBif «f I Blovely Uis|M)s1tlon. ; .nat .rral d agnosia of A any- Uuring the war a Christian Sci-1 one who ijad had any experience. wHlIng to agree (With you as to a perfect creator, jmt cqrtaiiily yon cannot look pbout you on the sin and sickness, discord, pest.s. convulsions or naturle. and so on. aiid caH this a perfecf^ creation!" Atid here I am reminded of a statement ntiot In Canada moved to a nel^h- borhood where lived an elderlv man niitoriiina for his dislike nfihlldren. This Scientist had a little ihree- yeariolil girl who was a verv loving ihlld and easily made friends. the mother from the attributed to a 'famous "afinosti^ ! I.'r ''l?-'"^ '^e old man. j tiently. thcsl clung to, tis Fsuhe'r^ Had I been Cod.h he said "I ceri V'" T'*" ^¥ house, and 'hand, aad audibly re4ar8ed the tainly could hav^ harmonlona world one thing.'*;he coat have m.ide healiih stead of dise.-i.'iW!" at all with sickness cotliil tetf that this was ar extn>nio cak- of piifiu- monia. Tb< - mother, a, fatthfol Student of Chilstiiin Scienoe, hard tbe little uncor .scloit-s ftgUTje In. her —, ^arms. brav«ly smiling and declar- but fljc mother <'onld not bring her-1 Ing to the p actltionet that she was Self to tell the little ihins: about ' knowing th it all was well. Here the unloving man. indeed was x modern Sminammlle! A day or two after heir arrival.!The practit oner joined her ia, her window saw ] glorious prayer. Faith(£uUy, pa­ lter. It! was moriiing! She had slept lli<c a balie: all night, and wliilt those on tbe train, whp dwelt lii material 8ense^e8tlmany.| re- rortelil an x\vful journey, she. having ^ntered into Hi» courts, "the of Love" (Science and Health, p-age 37S» with praise"; ffiiind peace and rest. True prayer, true coDimiinion, thjerefore must bt- a hymn of thanks^lriug, a veritable shout of praise, if H is to possess that spiritual poWer which win 1 el error's JerliJho-walls, dispel tie mists of sense {and reveal tho girrhus fact that -Now are we the ams Irit God." ' fail frnyer Henl Financial'Sick- ' nessl "But wKatot'lhe ^nun ffnaiieially sick?" someone may ask. "Whiit the divine Nlind. Play f<w H!m.-and the nrother beside you. t^t your heart into It. and joy into it!- If your' work is. making beds, make the very best beds of 'rvhich you are capable. It you must go to u dingy office day uttet- dhy,. pi'uy <t better tune to help the feeble and possibly flatting brother at .vour side. This Is • the loVe. the teamwork that is destined to solve the great economic problems of the da.v. .-Vnd the rule is, that If we are faithful over a tew things -we shall be madei rulers over many.' Then may we hear thi* "Well .lone, good and faithful servant. . . enter ihoji Into the joy of thy Lord." - .HnJL's HauK Arctiulit of CnOiL. .What a beanilftU Invitation to the sons of men—td enter Into the joy of (Uvine Love! Th^rc arc no biirrlers, no locked diiorS. .Enter Into the joy of thcj I^rd! Co right iji(o tiils spiritual consciouftncas larger urc of demands onthis gUea^treas- good, and joy, anil tre^donii Claim It. thank God it Is'cjtutilvThis is the prayer, the comniuiilbn,- througb which we entei* het^aa^ barmony. and taste of isalyitibii here- anitt- now. "Airs TTelt" You.! WJho. have traVelled. aft- »«• knov bow at night a "lodKor"' feoefe'np:'tb;tha "crow.'s-nest' for#;ard tda'at, and' as; lj>e-|^_ bolts, lilnig oiic the.; houns,! "All's Well!" So on onr journey^ wheft the nl^t is dnijk '«h« the sttip'nisi of fisar and^ hhte .Ih'^toB to overwhelm. U!»t hstr *us» 'no^;be dismayed! In -Mrs. Eddy's bea 'titir ,ful VoHS: "And; 6'en earth's, teoubledi 'angiyi sea ' r~ I sGo ehrist Nvsilk. ^ - ( i- And cdmo to me; iind^tenilDrly, Divinely talk." ' i (Poems, p. 12). ; ' Oh, let .UK welcome .this ftfil'end. this splritiiirl' undcrstiimli>ij|~-the (;hriH^ the comfoi ^cdr inioinlffld by .lesiiB. Let us station this frlen-il at the watrhtow'jn- of con«clbus- ncHs. aiid then tbr6ugbout° ^ the night and nntll the'morning dawos. we shall hear the glad call: ;*AU^' well! Jle not afraid! Oo\l Is'atI tho: helm! lAll's well!" | I , ' ' of the ohe out of work, or un- ""d claim thi joy that Is yours us happily situated? Can this prayer of spiritual utulersiandlng solve smjh problems?" There arti^ thousands of Christian Scientists who raake definite answer. "We know the child of the Highest! A gredt bunk account of good awtilis your draft. But If one ban mtllion.i In a Imnk, does thu nwnny come to him wKbuiit u demand? No, h» It can' for we luive proved It, again • """f 'wrltw out nmf sign a f.McW ami ugaln!'i' If one would heal u!'^'bl'h says. "Pay to the order of." t ealing and Bib e. Somei- o- gaitt an roiiied by the Here indeed ''J "u'lijiea. ine little one ' heaven-sent I consicioasnefis that all comes our new friend to the re.s- ^ approathod him. with the! was well with Cod's chilA It was Christian .Science shows Us f,"""^ result.s. Whcii on a iase ol"Ctioo8e ye tlii^ day) whom and cue. that the, imperfections tagions and sorrows family are no part itnal creation: Father of all DID . good and joy IhCj c the reason we are| f ....^ , „„^. , i ,„,,i fact, and belioldJiig the good, per- heartless with feci, and harmotilou.* universe of 1 ""-"'"^"'^ the- third d.-iy the man i epiil.«ed' ye wiU serfe. iinyone lie so ing .j lovins cUiJdVi-.-rt and a Is weU (Jod's creating. i?j that mortals, to j however, the sreat irieud | ili.yi chose t tel!» of; tho mUster who' mlt on the Sabbath a very hard- wo -king first four chapie without doubt, the most remarkable coutrlhotlon to theology since the early Christian era.. As someone ha.H well sail . "Site ha.s taken thi> sponge of her mlKlit.v logic and wiped the theoltiglcal liloi-kboard cliruu!" If Cod made everything guild, he avers, then only that which Is good 11, real. And evil s«emH to nppvtir only as any mfs- tiike aprpenrK, lie-attse of Ignor- uace an<i. n falsi seime of rhinir>«. It will ba rnvaltel that evil or dlii- cord has no ri>cirril In the first eliapiwr of Cenesp. ,In fact, even the ahllliy to sinl dofts not appear until a mist, a nalct-ial souse of things, seems to go up from the eaith, au<l Ihe Aikim-iiruaui Ijegins. Tio.s at la!»t, arfier these many weary centjirles. Us evir being unmasked ami projjerly calalOBUeiL .\'o longer can If riiasqiierade as the emaaation of a fovlng Cod! No longer can the stroke of tragedy loving Fall «r suyiifg. Ith .My ihild!" So |ie evidence if spiritual: thanked lioA that tbe be(i»re- them ytfvr- too bad After posaHHy four or ..^^ tlljll il»t.- lltf III I the breattiing seemed of Genesis i.s. j This friend came to the res-; to grow a Httte less troubled, and cue. |and the mother said softly:, Ihe pructitiriifer felt' he could sick: busliiess. or' solve a problem of »tipply,| one must first dlscarer what manfa real business oi- purpose Is. The first chuptdr of Oeno- sls siittle.s (bis quosttoa speedily when [It states that "Ood cruate'* man In MU own image; In the Imdge! of tiod crt-ated He him. Man's i \for)r therefol-e is to Image forth or reflert Rod', to express oi* reflect! Int^IIKcatice. j law and iMft. One of thtf r«(l-tcrt«>p momentk in ayihuiatUi experi^Riee was on ,that happy jday wh^n this great .friend of mankind, this Scletice of Chri.s- tlat^ltyj brought to me the codvlc- tion that man was necessary to Ood. Atj first such, a thought sceined- almosfH blasphemous, especialt^ ta one! whose religtotis traliifaig ihatf alwaysijtemlnited hlni what a |ni!s- erabfe jsl&ner h6 was. But iMrs. Eddy's iwrttlaga taught me that as the smirs ra^a are eSpentlal if light is to be estpressed.. iiumber is iisii- essa!ry 'If one would know the priit- clplc of arithmetic, [so the divine Mini mhstbe kao^-iand expressed th-robgl^ Hia idaa, mesa. -Tlie Reflecting jJHuslnesO Lf^t ()S suppose tbsti one (if Jthe- sun'a r|i.vs was gifteii »-itb speech, and one! day delivered itself as fo£- lows.; [JThere are grave probI<imH coirfiionting me aa<I I do not kiiow how jthey will be mat. Do yon ktiow that I inusf shiue an dayt? For (his II mUst have ti^ht ami poWev. The t^sjcfmbvy offand {ho<«r I am to obtain thenk I ithiout «d is light powtjr. The sun d^es that. You are just in ihe refl^r- in« I usUwasI" Wbaji! bunlens ean roll Creih th" slu>uli]ors of th<^»-' «»; Kw..ii _ l_-i. It Is Mtich a fiiwfui, rlRhteoiM ds- mnnil that It tk)C» n(tt t'Von say "Plense!" Lpt m Mrn |to nMk«' WE DELITER •jfse ;'i»i j does not sec at all. We imve been t When foar *4tild try to creep Into K.M .Iiijg-what we ihlnk U a man whoihlH tlioughtj b« would tiro sfMed- i« imlovlng. wh .-M luiiii Is th- very ! Ily ro hta coromuiUon widh the faats expressliiu of Lov.. Itself! We must j of being, anil know that trwb was fookj away, from ibis unhappy pit-, saying of nian tmloy at wrelT as tore, dear, and see the man that I It said centuries ago: "Tbla Is-I Oodniadi-; for Cod'^i nuui la lovin? 1 niy S OB tn whoBi I am well a)ul.klud and beautiful! " The ne.\i i pleaaed!" And to thlaf he would a home claim connection with thii tender F.-»ther—Motlier ot the universe! Xever more can the heartaches, failnres. Nsicknesses aiod detuhs of racrtals be said to bear tlu> imprint of that Hanil whose law is Lovf. aa»l whose wHll is unlversar goodie JesQS* Bealftir Piayec Christian Scifence therefore classifies the discjords of material sense as the transient, unreal jilc- tores of the Adara-dream of exists enee. and shows mortals the bleas- possltoHiry of awakening there­ from. For be it jremembert^d thai on* may awaken, jfrom a dream, a mistake, hat nev^r from a fhet. it is interesting to find that In several instances, the word translat- day the mother fouivl (bar. some food .in which sli.; had couiit..d for a meal, was «xhau«ic<l. This, in will- times, as lill know, presentel oiten a serious sliu;«lon. She stood still in citnx.. knowing thjit if God was weH pleaacd with Miaprsatlon. that reatlon covbt not b« dlsefis^it aad agon'aed, Istt raiisl> be | In truth. Iturmouious and whole. It wa» late prayerful thought, know-] lit the afternoon betoi* he was ing that In soBi« way idivine Love;able to rett^rn to bla Mtltle patient, wonld meet her need, when In the "Phe door ( door burst her littit- gtrl. her arms locked and .~ • , —filled with fresh vegetables, and in Inonncement Qirletly h» went to a reverent Toice tU*^ chlkl saiit.' tin* room where the chilf hailbe»i "iliidder. the man Gmt made gav* | It was empty. l!>r a fraction; of ni« these!" .\h. here Inileed was|a moment bif heart sa^. vrhut riglueoiu prayer—the prayer, or I had jiappen<id! He S »o« * balHhag reolizaftioo, which pierced the i w itb this ne^- terror whejn the door Adam-mJtiC ami reveaXed tbe reuV. siaifess. spotless creation of a gooil God. 'Thai little <-bild'3 reflecUoii of divine Love haU so iranti'rtrraeil the unhappy man that when the Scientist antl- her family tiiraUy It^ft the aeighborbood. he wept ovyr the i lo^is of his littlt> friend, •^riia LcB^e M* Lo!«lB7 Heart?'.'* Tliese is. and probably -wiU continue to be an endless dlv^sity of otiiition as to the adjvantages or dis- advautagea of a.Leaguti of •UBiia; but what might we txpcet "to see when maaklnd awakens to the recognition cf the fatherhood and niutherbMMi fit a iGod .who is Ijare^. and among All iGod's children a was fluiEg open, aad in caoK; the child on his UtUe^veloidpedi!.. Us face beamint-^welt^anit ttml Tbe practitiimer {folded ike litUe feUow in hLs arms, while^j grai eful tears filled hi» e.>|es. It^fnaa welt with God 's tSliildi it always had been weM! - I :i ^•Why Antl Xat Hetlledr Let a wori be sabi beie ta those whose cooqiiest of evil a nt <tiseaae may not have been! a a ^eedfly acbieveil as-jin the :4aae just cited. .Are you thanking-Cod daitr that all is w^ll IwltN Hl^ .c) eatlon. on iW vott give way fo f«cqa< nt "nrhjrs such as 'Whly am I HealcdT' or 'Why do I have sucb a problem?" samtil ofifaitbful^ btislhesa UMU »nd w»inM|a wbea' tliey u,wak;eu to tibc! ClOrioiiK fact that hiau In God's i Iniaga moat be iu the "reflecting I bjisiaessj': .Now tUlst does not in- f volve a scttlftig buck and folding Ual..v. dw, yoii and mother have! leave for ail^ther honie where hisl.rflthc hanVli "Jnd'wauiue for" God bi^en' seeing sotnething that Cod I nUnisrratlonl] wore al^ "••d«l-1 to jraln bkssta^ on T. It means a' kdusihg to the gi^uatest mental j nctivityr one bus ever known. ;ih.! but an activity, devoid of fear and burd«n, and joycHis in- servjce. It ! Is aiK.h' aw activity lis^ Is- (ndlrnted. ha .Vfetor liiign'a batiudful llne^.; "lie like the Mrd. nlho. halting in his flight. fhj'Hmh too slight. ; Feels It give- way beijeath him. and yet sings, ; Knowing he hath wings!" What a comfotrtlnlg• realization! mav wc all have tbi^ very mumeat as to out Ufc'WQrfc. i No one need' Ie:;ve this place toclay without a positioa« and a position tb «t ean- .aot be loef or taknar away. This pusittiait isr found in' the, glorlous^ realization of man's |oneifess with tb«^ ratheF.. is. the faet that bis^ eternal business is- the reflection or good. Lftw «w HMter ar Ecoaonir WvffiK What glorfomi cbingr- are -before tho paiee whm this Cfartstianly aci- entifle concept of raaa 'a true, buai- B«^ is aaiversallr diseemed .and pvacticed! The Father^ hnstnees he seen to be the activity of good, and men and women will BO longer regard their feliowa as- competitors, iwt co -workei':) In tbe Fatber'a greac^lan. Agsin t stBto that this is mot tbe vain iniasteiBg: of impraetlcal philosophersi toui truth whlclr has been demoB- srrated agadD .aad- a .galB. The Christian Scientist In buslnesis can "Success" says iix. Adolplj. S. Ochi the" mana^;' ins owaid) o( tfae ^^ew Yod^ TTi3iies .J 'is; simply won by the practice ofthe ordtnary wtnes.-' .I|fytii»a» wcceis the Standard-Oa-CoiApany ' (TnSbeSi-MMJr hav* achieveif liss been won byj th6 practice of ordihsv vntuesi ' i . ThrouJB^ the yaflifs'tt* Standard Gil CorepEgs-y-. (BidaAa): has beR a si^e jstupose—th(> iabi-^ pmpose that inevitably inspires tfie toyalty and eiithusiasm oC ^1 who share it. , ^ j "Tite jswlrpose of the Standard Oil Compstty (liif dtt 'Ba) te serve the people of the Middle yf&i'iiait deibanded the bAt that the Standard Oil e6ih 'pa%' (Indiana) has had toKgiye. i ;^ It ttat diemaiidied. the domg 6t everr task; targlf.'. a^ sniair.-eOnsdfmtioasIy.{ Ii. has reij^aifAl thrcKffiii^ r Aidit'eyeryday practice of such "oniinary virtues'1' is honoty, siricerity, kjyalty. i ;.; The HaytiiT wijich has inspireti tiuusaiida of liodi and womeiv^ the Standard Oir Company (IndiJinit}' to.'work tofetber, day ni and day out, throi^jthe* yeani; with singleness of purpose ahd a conmKwf!' entltijisiliiBn has oft.en eAiletf the" comment and" praise 0{ the ptiblic. the "oidinaly virttje" ioi loyalty se«ms eiiitrBof- dlnary in ihexase ot the Standard ^Oil Coii|»pBny (Intti*af) only becauae for many years it ha« motivatifd ai rhany peof^. In the bistoiy of the Stahd;jrd Ofl Coilipahy flndiaaa) numy thousands-of pt...ple liaVc be«!n a" jwrt of tlie orgpii|rSitif)ii. A yniMificr itcneratinn hll« fn the capri that Ximti iiwviiubly leaves, and is the bu$iiH:« K TCWB tV»' mieol the Standard f)il Cotnpany (hKiiana> foaiily Itrowi too. The number <d «3npWy<,'e(i ba.i'inrrtaitd' unlU to(l»>- more than '^fJXO olen atid wonicn (i^- (jtrired tiK-arry on tht'work of the Ginipariy, th(r miff)bcr''of ittodthotden has iticrrasiNl unt}> tudoy moM'than UKVGOiottt and womifti are uwnanf of the Standard ^;il Company (Indiana). TUa groat inass of ptoelf^cjfaanging from iiiae to time'In persooiid .-conslatuly increasing in tiiini- b*r-^ha»D*«Ti unittd and inspiivd by an unfalteririjf' loyalty. liic niiin'and woitien'Wtt^haT/e bccontfe a^jtait 'of . the Standard Oil Company; (Indiana; have caught its spirit of servio*. Ttieir united loyalty-bias been .a -attatBi>mol6 > TbeSiandard Oil Coihpany (Indiana) has'striven —industriously-^honestly—uncerely-:^to serve the people of-the Middle West. The-ftucciStof the Statidard Ofl C<*fipaiiy (Ibdii aha) can'oiHy be measHi^d'by it3 setviMranrffliS «ac <*8aha *b«*ii sfatl^y wo«; in rthe^wordTof SS; Ochs. *'by the ~p ?aetk» of ordnaty. virtiiea.^

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