Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 6, 1972 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1972
Page 11
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Section 8 Pages Ito8 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Sport* Comics Youth 16, to get out GOP vote in seven counties BLOOMINGTON, HI. (AP) — Even though he won't, be voting himself for two years, Thomas Ashbrook, 16, of Bloomington will be in charge of getting out the Republican vote in seven Illinois counties this fall. Ashbrook has been named as 21st Congressional District. Coordinator of Edmund J. Kucharski's campaign for Illinois secretary of state. Kucharski, the former Cook County (Chicago) treasurer and now county Republican chairman, said, "This is no showcase appointment. Tom Ashbrook is an outstanding young man of exceptional ability." Ashbrook, president-elect of the Normal Community High iSchool student council, said he became interested in Kucharski's campaign when Kucharski was the only ranking political figure to address a student government conference in Chicago. Despite his age, Ashbrook is no newcomer to politics. He served on the staff of Rep. Leslie Arends, R-I11.. in Washington this summer as the youngest person ever to hold such a job. Ashbrook later served as liaison between the Republican National Committee and the U.S. State Department, during the 1972 Republican National Convention. Jacoby on bridge OSWALD & JAMES JACOBY NORTH AQJ104 ¥842 • A963 WEST EAST AA852 AK9763 VK973 ' VJ106 • 2 485 *10987 *Q62 SOUTH (D) A Void VAQ5 4KQJ1074 *AK53 Both vulnerable West North East South Pass 14k Pass Pass 3 + Pass Pass 5 + Pass Opening lead—4> 10 3* 3V himself, "How can I make this contract?" He plans to ruff his two low clubs in dummy after East's queen of clubs has covered dummy's jack. That leaves South with two possible heart losers. A successful heart finese will take care of one of them but South can find a better way. He wins the club; plays two rounds of trumps, stopping in dummy, and leads dummy's queen of spades. East plays low and South di cards his five of hearts. West, wins and leads another club; South wins; ruffs a club; leads the jack of spades and discards the queen of hearts if East does not cover. first response was one spade. The play at seven is a matter of using the II in the There are about, as many ways to get to six diamonds with the North-South cards as there are people who will read this column. South might well decide to start with a forcing bid and when he elects to open with just one diamond, it behooves him to jump in a new suit and to try a cue bid to show his great strength. North's jump to five diamonds might be considered an overbid. In George G o o d e n ' s bidding, North merely went to four diamonds. After either four or five diamonds, South should think about seven and then settle for six since his partner's code word ARCH. South asks Area iveather Area weather — Sunny and wanner today. High 85 to 90. Increasing cloudiness tonight and warm. Low 65 to 70. A chance of showers tonight or Thursday. Not quite so warm Thursday. High around 80. Extended forecast Mostly cloudy, chance of showers and thunderstorms Friday. Cooler north, lows lower 50s to lower 70s, highs lower 70s to middle 80s. Saturday partly cloudy, cool north. Lows upper 40s to middle 60s. Highs mostly 70s north, 80s south. Sunday, partly sunny. Lows upper 50s to upper 60s, highs lower 70s to middle 80s. The bidding has been: West North East South 1+ Dbla Pass 1A Pass 2* Pass 3* Pass 3V Pass 3N.T. Pass 4<fr Pass 7 You, South, hold: A8743 V2 • AK943 #762 What do you do now? A—Bid four diamonds. You have really made no bid up to now and your hand is commencing to look really valuable. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues to four spades. What do you do now? Answer tomorrow (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Law for today Q — When I inadvertent!^ wrote one check too many against my checking account, my bank transferred funds from my savings account 'r, cover the deficiency. Was it legal for the bank to do this? A — Yes. If a person has more than one account at a bank, it has the right to use one account to offset the other if a shortage occurs without waiting to obtain the depositor's permission.. However, the bank is under no obligation to honor a check drawn on an account wilh insufficient funds to cover the check. — Illinois State Bar Assn. Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Sept. 6,1972 Most of world is outraged 1 over killing of Israelis Demonstrators march outside the Mtm- team members as hostages. In back- icl1 Olym l )ic Villa S e Tuesday calling for ground is the roof of the Olympic stadi- the Olympic games to be halted as arm- urn. (AP Wirephoto) ed Arab terrorists held a do/en Israeli Sliding-scale mortgage be introduced soon may By Carlton Smith The variable interest rate mortgage officially has been •proposed by the federal agency concerned with such things. Accompanying this is an announcement that it's "an idea whose time has come." Anyone who wants to object or comment has 30 days to do so. Obviously we're going to see the introduction, within a short time, of the sliding-scale mortgage. It behooves home owners and prospective home buyers to acquaint themselves with this new financial animal. At present, mortgages have fixed rates. If you sign the papers to pay off a $2,000 mortgage loan at 7 per cent, over 25 years, you'll still be paying at 7 per cent in the year 1997, whether interest rates meanwhile have risen to 15 per cent or fallen to 4. With the variable mortgage your interest rate would change, reflecting the going rate in the money markets as determined by some agreed-on index. But, as proposed by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the home owner would usually have a choice (the exception being largo percentage changes) between an adjustment up or down of the amount of his monthly payment or a change in the remaining time it will take tto retire the mortgage. As an example of how this would work, let's assume that two years ago a home buyer contracted for a $20,000 loan at 7 per cent, for a term of 25 years. This would entail a monthly payment of $141.34. Now, two years later, interest rates have crept up, and the holder of his mortgage informs him that the new rate on variables is 7% per cent. What will happen is that, in effect, his mortgage will be refinanced. During the two years of his payments he has reduced the $20,000 principal to $19,366. His "new" loan in that amount can be handled in one of two ways: — If it continues as a 25- year loan — that is, with 23 years now to run — the mortgage holder looks in his book of tables to see what the monthly payment is on a loan of $19,366, at 7% per cent, for 23 years. The answer is $147.46 Thus, one of the home owner's options is an increase of about $6 in his payment. — If the home owner wants the original monthly payment to continue unchanged, the tables are consulted for an answer to the question, "How long will it take to pay off a $19,366 loan, at 1\'. 2 per cent, with a monthly payment of $141.34?" The answer is 26 years. Thus, the home owners's other option is to make payments for 26 years, plus the two already behind him, for a total of 28 years rather than 25. One factor for homeowners to ieep in mind when making such choices is total interest charges, as they mount up over the full term of the mortgage, n the illustration- above, the home owner who elects to keep the lower, original payment, and keep making payment for an additional three years, will pay out $3,400 more in total interest charges. (By The Associated Press) Arab newspapers leaped to the defense of the Palestinian guerrillas today while much of the world reacted with shock and outrage to the slaying of Israeli athletes at, the Munich Olympics. "The world may call these crimes," said the Egyptian Gazette, but. it. must expect to continue until Palestinian rights are restored...As long as Israel refuses justice, it cannot expect the Arabs to leave it in peace." The leftist Beirut paper Al Moharrer, which is close to the Palestinian commandos, commented that "public opinion has always been against the Arabs, never taking their side...into consideration. So public opinion needs a sharp blow to become impartial." Some usually .pro-Arab quarters commented that, the Palestine liberation cause was being hurt by such violent acts as the Munich attack and the Tel Aviv airport massacre that took 28 lives last June. President Nixon branded the Munich terrorists "international outlaws of the worst sort who will stop at. nothing to accomplish their goals." Nixon said he felt a sen^e of deep outrag.e Sen. George McGovern, Nixon's Democratic party rival in the November eleciton, said he was "sickened by the outrage." Israeli newspapers demanded revenge. U . N . Secretary-General Kurt. Waldheim cabled Premier Golda Meir that "words cannot express the revulsion and shock which all people of good will must, feel at this appalling event." The first outright Arab condemnation came from King Hussein of Jordan, who has battled the Palestinian guerrillas himself and defeated them. He said the Munich tragedy was "an abhorrent, crime "perpcutated by sick minds who do not belong to humanity." But. one of the strongest voices in the Arab world took a sympathetic view toward the terrorists. Mohammed Ilassancin Heikal, confidant of Egyptian President. Anwar Sadat, and editor, of the semiofficial Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram, said the attack was the desperate act of "people in a desperate condition." He added that "certain extremist organ- izations are out of step with the times." Moscow Radio reported that Soviet representatives had "expressed commiseration to the Olympic committee ... and expressed condolences on the deaths." Soviet media gave low-key treatment to the Munich tragedy. Brief actual reports on the guerrillas' attack and demands were buried under small headlines or read near the end of radio newscasts. Some East European Comm u n i s t mod? a normally sympathetic to the Arabs said the Palestine liberation movement would be hurt. Budapest Radio said the attack ''degraded the; Palestinian movement to the level of political banditry." Head of National Baptists says he will back Nixon FORT WORTH, Tex. (AP) — The head of the National Baptist Convention, .USA, saying he believes religious groups should be involved in politics, has announced his support for the reelection of President Nixon. Dr. Joseph II. Jackson, president of the 6.3 million- member organization which opens its !)2nd annual convention in Fort Worth today. emphasized he was speaking only for himself. Convention business sessions will inn through Sunday, with Dr. Jackson scheduled to deliver the keynote address Thursday morning. The Chicago Democrat, who has headed the organization for 19 years, said: "I do not believe any man in the United States has worked harder fto peace than President Nixon." PHAR MACY YOUR FULL SERVICE • Delivers Free • Lets you charge it • Maintains long hours /l/'o/i's Most Modern Pharmacy 2510 STATE ST. NORTH ALTON Dial 466-6801 Big Savings! Great Values! LABOR DAY SPECIALS! 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