The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 21, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, March 21, 1927
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y(H.tjME XXX. No. 126. The Weekly ne^Uter, The lolfl Dully n <Kliiter, RIOT STARTS ASSHApAI is CAPTURED LATE TODAY r- 1" Chaos Reigns as Chinese Troops Open| Looting ~ bivasipn, Entering International Settlement For Loot. , - Shanghai. March (AIM (li p. in.>—L'p t(i this hour Hit- force? UefenUing tbe foreign ' srltlpuients from iUc rioting Chinese had suffcptl I'J <:is- ualties iiicludlug two killfU and ten wounded. i Two pnjahl .soldim.s of the British force wore killed by snipers. The wouud«'d coni- prlaed five punjahis. a' KuMslaii poUccuian and four Uritish soldiers. ' I Grime Crusher w this iv Stiitr .Si-ii:itor ( iilcli II. I{;iiiiiip<>, ui N PW Vork. Mr I* iiiiliMM- of the' ci-leliRitc-d la,u «hlrh has proMMl s(» efiVplhi' n dplcrrpiil l« friiiii' In >"IMV York lluit statiito miMlfllcd ai(or it are ciinfrnipJatiMl hy Ihe IccNIatures of many dflirr statr.s. It proTldc* niandalor.i, se» ero "sentcni -cs i"«r confirnKMl criminals and restricts On: |i »A \er of thf panile board. Shanghai. Alar. 21. (AP)—Cliao.s ; • reigned in Shanghai tonight after . the fall of .file, city to the Can-i tonese this morning. i -Rioters ran loose in the native j quarter^all day, and toiiigiit a hand of Cliinese trooi).s, "presiinialily attached to the rcirejiting N'ortheni army, hroke through tlie harrier to the north of tlie International settlement and hegan looting. A Dritish armored car rnslied up in response to a poiiire, cul| for aid. The cor wa.s' siihjected to c-ontinuousimaclilne lij'" f''*^- l-'eii- t'qnant .Newman, Corporal" AIn.slie and two .soldier.s were wounded. Savago guerilla fighting wak going on in (lie native disirjet of , _ C'liapei tonight h(twi;eii SlLiiiiiing-,,^.,.„i'y IVtjd for CHC (.Vortli^rnersi including " hiie ,,„„,„i „|- |,„||,,,.f;,, jn' ih< EaUbllshed 1867. |Bi «Ubll«hed IR97. YEGGS CRAtk SAFE AT H. S. AND iGET $30 Superintendent HaH Cash For. Emergencies; Entry Is Made By Breaking Windows. Thieves looted Ithe sate In the office of A. .M. Thuro'inan. mtperin- tendent of schools, at the' higli school some time hctwci'n Saturday night and this, morning and stole $.•;» in cash, held in the safe for emergency purposes. i'olice are working witli the be- llief that the rolilicry was the work of .".oiiie one well acquainted with tlur interior of the high school i liiilliKng. as tools used were taken from the woodwork department of it he school. Custer Davis, chief of police, who iihvcstigated the rohliery. said that the conil)ination Judg? Decides That Wealthy Realtor Is Not normal Husband—Seies No Grounds in Suit Brought by Wife. Carmel, N. Y.. March 21. (AP)—Edward West Browning, wealtliy N«w York real estate min, today ^von hi.s ration suit against hi.s wife, the former France.s "Pea Heenjin, in a decision handed dtiwn here today, by Suplt-eme Court Ju.stice.A. H. F. Scegiir. Jn.sticc Seegar granted the sep-.> aration on the ground of abandon-' COUNTY DAIRY TOUR PUNNED Will Be Held Within Onb Month, Roy (Jwin Announces. hand that drills were used. Wln- jjdows wen- broken in order to enter tlif liiiilding. OtlnT desks in both the superintendent and principal's office;^ were ransacked, but nothing else (s missing. .N'o arrests have been was knocked off; husband. Justice Seeger inent, dismissing Urownings first cause of action of alleged cruelty. Justice Seegar completed the nine pages of lijs decision wlili the wo.rd.s "llie defendant has failed to Justify lier conduct in leaving and abandoning (he plninlifT. lier counter claim must lie idismiK .seil and the plaintiff is entitled to a Judgment of Kcparation from liis bed and boards forever." Justice Seegar' held tiiat tliere was no evidence to sustain .Mr.s. Hrowiiing's ciiarges against her made iu the case. THE WEATHER SiHtie dairymen in •are producing milk UusslanH and plain clothes men of tlio Kuomliitaiig (Cantonese.) Several Jof the latter were n- Allen Count at a cost o^' ea(! milkj Others ail' feeding from forty i filtv cents worth of feed f<ir eael r^rnSf ^:;.:u'':-o :r -i ^':[t aij/^' s^Sanh^!!: ,:o !;r ;:^t;:^l•'"'•-'• - • —••••^ - niiMvo city.- Approximateiv lo.fluo .\orlheni "What, do these fiyiir .s ine:iii troops in the Slianglial area have '"'w <1" "I 'lli differences .ex gone over to the Cantonese. iisi?" Hoy Cwin. county agent, ask One hundred white Hoiasians i'd today, "it is (lie joh of thd were, admitted to the'fo'reign set-!'liiO"":'n and of the cow jte.ster t<j tlemcnt after being • disarmed, ifit'd out. Uf course, the ni (iii wlios whire- thousands of Chinese from the native city sought refuge iu- ^Hid^ tho foreign barricades. iBirllets continued to fall inside the settlements, endangering ^the lives of the foreigners. The Astor house liotel was struck. ; Naval forces fri >m the lirilisli cr *il3trs Hawkin.<( and' Carlisle wcreManded at Pootung, across the Whangpoo river :'froin Shanghai to protect Uritisir owned prou- Shantungcsc Flee at Sight of Cantonese ' Slianghai. March, I'i. (.VI')—The war has.coniv to Shanghai. "The vanguard of .the Cantonese army entered the i native city this morning. Tlie Shantiingese fled at their approach, and liie city was taken witliout fighting. The municipal council declared a state of emergency, anil landing' parlies of natlonulities repre- \ iRented in the Slianghai naval con-j 'ccntration, including 1.. I(M )' Anieri- j • can marines, diseinliarked to de-' fend the foreign settIcnichi against] invuBlon from witlioui or trouble j from within. .| Possiliility of serimis ilisonlers j was.Intensified liy (he calling of a; gcpcral strike of Chinese worki<rs ^ to celebrate'tlie fall of the citly i to Chang Kal-Sliek's Soiithei^n j forces, wlilch now hold viriually| all.Of China soulhdf the Yangtsi river. f The foreign ilefi-mU'rs aslion here total l.'i .OIH) men. part whom are holding (he 2\\ mile ex-i (erior defense Iln(^ . whlli' others feed cost Is fifty cents per pouni is losing money, while the mar who can produce his for twentjf cents \^ making some. "It is an Interesting story—(hi difference in costs. It involve^ cow.s and In-eedilig and feeds an4 good conimoii sense management It also is interesting to leari) hov one man cut his feed costs iji tW( months from forty-nine cen (.4 pe pound to twenty^eight. and ai-tnal ly .,got more milk. ' ! "The aiiove facts and problems will all be demonstrated anil fully explained on t^ie Annual Allen (*ouniy liairy Toiir.- to l)e held in abinit a month; On this (our wil ll)e visil»Ml iiian'y of Allen Coinityi^ |(;ood herds, whi-ie all may fearn !by seeing just how successful men run their'business." ' held that, (he weight of tlic evidence was enlira- ly against lirowning being an "unnatural or abnormal husband and that he failed to litid any evidence tliat; he ha«T been cruel or Inhu- mani" . Ke pointed out. wlial lie said were inconsistencies in .Mrs. llrown- Ing's testimony by recalling that Hlic had complained of being tired of her elderly husband's society. Justice Seeger also criticised .Mrs. Browning for "Hying to palm olT" ah ex|iurgat(-d diary on him. P.S. C. PROBE GROUP NAMED HHt K.VNSA.S: Fair tonight und Turtday: ^tarnier tonight nnd In ea>-l und Minth iiortion.s Tiiesday. Kor lola and Viriilly: i-'nlr und nuriiirr toniclil und Turwday. Wemlier Outlook for the Period ;.Marcii 21 to .M.nrdi' 2(il 1!»27: Occasional periods of preqipKation wKh variable 'temperatiirej near normal tlie first part, tlien rising and fall-j Ing again by the close of the Aneek.; Temperature -Highest yesterday! :!1 at 12 noon: lo^ last nltfht 27 | gngal^cr of HoUSC NamCS at I a. ni.r normal for today, •»"• , rri._ i> ^_*„*:.l«„ deficiency kesterday IS; "excess' ' Thrce Representatives sinie Janiiay 1st, ."if,:! degrees: I lu InVestigatioU.: this dale list year— highest GO;' linvi-st 11. I'rei-lpitaiion for the 21 hours ending at 7; a. m. today. 0; (o(aI for (Ills year (o ila(e 4.(iS: deficiency since .Ian. 1. .01 iiiclies. Relative biiniidlty at 12 noon yesterday. S'.' per cent; 7 a. in. today: 71 per cent: liaronieter reduced to s-a level. :!0.i;i inches. Sun rises C:2t a. ni.: sets at !C:.'J5 p. m. WctUlier and lln.nds.. All points clear, all roads,muddy except Emporia, Wichita, rough: ITiitchinsori .soft": Salina; Ottawa fair: Top :?lfa, good. PAULENVETO TO POLL TAX VOTE RUUNG Measure Would Have Put Restriction on Voting In Municipal Bond Election — Bills Are Signed. Topeka. Kan.. .Marcli 21. A V)- (Jovernor I>aul<<n vetoed tiid ly tlie bill which would have resitricted voting in,municipal bond el-ctions (o persons who have paid a prop- ••rty lax. "The object sought to be ai comp- lished by this hill has nieri:,"' tlic governor declared in a veto nies- •sage to (III! Irgisiadire, "bu( he act has tlie effect of disfranclii dug a large nunil)cr of married v i^meii. who liave no property in the r own names. In somu instances, (lie ac( would require a | residence ol prac- (ically two years before a ncA res- CUMMINGS TRIAL SitF0RAPRiL4 pplication for Writ of Habeas Corpus Is Continued. strongly patrol (he s(rce(s of (in foreign setllcmonf. The 1.500 .Anierican marines an patibiing (he iior(hern ern mill dis(ric(s where trouble is •luoHt likely (o break out owing (o the general strike and tlie gatli- erlng of crowds of idfcrs. , The marines came asliore vvidi full eiiuipmcnt. li^-luiUng machine guns and metal lielmyts. ready to remain until the troulile i?^ over. They lanhed laughing iind joking, glad tliat tlieir King inactivity cramped alioard siiiii was over. The Japanese landing party also total 1.500. and the'French, lliitcli. Italians, Portuguese and Spanish likewise debarked strong detacli- nients. Tlie Britisii already, liavc nunvejous forces on dnt*' ashore. .The native districts of Xantao (Continued on Page 4. .\o. 3.1 , Trial of il< .1. Cuiiiioiiigs on "liad" elieeli charge will .spirt iiii dislrlcl iKiiil .•( wi'i .li fiDiii next .Moiiilay. ii \vii.~ ileiidejl liy IlistricI Judge FYaiil; It. Fnri I '.si . today when hearing «;is oiielleil oil ,111 ap- I pllcalioii by Cuiiiniliigs for ;i writ .. I of Nalicjis < orims for liis release. .Iiidge I oriest eiiiiiiiiiied (hi lieariiig nil il tliin, time: Ir (iliiig ! the- aiipliciitioii Ciiiiiiiiiiigs cliargef thai he wiiiii being Illegally held in arlnes are , she'ritT Snioiik. and west-! n,. sel oil that a |-«heck. givr en a .Mr. Saih-liiiry for "•"^ given Willi the uiiderslandihg that he had lio funds ill the liaii|< and that the check shojild not he cashed until liej gave .Sailshiiry perm ssion to do so Ciimmings is being held on dc-| fault of $7riii Iioiid. Oakland Community Program .\ cohimunit.v prijignini will be in-esented'at (he Garland eommun- i{y hall, near Hiiiiil iii;:lit. Hoy (Jwin. said (oday. In aiiili show a series moving piciur New York Woman S Killed Husband to -f Is Planned iliit tomorrow coiinl.v agent, ion. Cwin will I'arm lJureau Coffeyville Woman Is Released in Shootpg Iiidepeiiilence. Kaus.. Mar. 21. lAPi -Mrs. Angelo Hecarra, taken into custody at Coffeyville yesterday afternoon for shooting ' her itusluMid, will t)e released from custod.v. County Attorney C, W. Mitcfhell said this morning. Or. W. j. .Mdricli. county <-oroner after an i investigation declaring the shooting to lie accidental; the same story as told liy the willow. I^ansas Has Lots of Moisture at Present Topeka, Kans.. Alar. 21. (API — The legislutivo committee for. investigating tiie puhlia service commission was completed today when Speaker S. J. D. Hamilton appointed tiiree memliers of the house to _ serve with two senators in study-! ing affairs of the commission. j Tlie following re|iresentatives' were chosen by Hamilton: Ben F. Andres of Lea\-enworth county, repuhlicatl floor leader; Walter F. Jones. Reno count.v. reimbiiiran. and Edgar C. licnnett, .Marshall county, democrat. S'-nators Frederick ('.. .\|rt of Iqla 'and .Martin Van liuren Van Oe .Mark of Concordia; both repub- lii^aus, liave been appointed by Uteutenant Governor D. A. .V. Chase to serve as members of tho investigating committee. Ident of a coiiiinunlty couhl upon bond Issu rs.. The efl this would he to disfranchise 50 per cent of tlie electors. Senator U. G. Immell. of on Surlngs was the- autlior bill. Bond Taxation Rule Comeb Up in Kajnsas Gibson Dismisses i Men With Information They May Have to Return To Coffeyville Soon. Capt. A. K. Gibson jtlishiissed Troop A, lUth Cavalry Jftstcrday afternoon, shortly after tlie troop's arrival in lola from Coffeyville, with the information that!members were to stand in readinejss to return to Coffeyville oir shcjrt notice. "It may he necessary.' ("aptaiii (Gibson declared today,. ; for 'the troop to return-" ; Things looked very bad in Coffeyville Friday liight, lint liad quieted down when Troop .V arrived, Gibson said. He declared that the co-operation of citizents Iwith the military was great. i "^Coffeyville is a Saturiiay iiigiit .town." ' he . remarked, 'thut at 9 o'clock Saturday night, ((ho town loojced like it usually docs after midnight." I ' : "Kvery negro seen on tjio stnjels was searched," Captain (Jil'son said, "but no firearms were ifound liy his men." In speaking of tiie <oiifereiK-e between civil and military authorities. Captain Gibson declared that after troops arrived in Coffeyville. "the civil authorities seerhed to Jay down on the job." ' j '' Grbsoii hazarded the ^uess that if any arrests are made iii <-oiinec- tion with the as.saiilt of two high school girls early Fridaj morning by tliree negroes, the lro ^i |>s again «ill see servKe in Coffeyville. vote L 'Ct of atiout Shar- hf -tlie Eari Carroll Must j Serve His Sentence Washington, Mar. 21. (.VPi-Karl Carroll, the theatrical i manager, must serve the sentence of a year and a day imposed lipoii: him for perjury as: an outgrbwt i of his famous l).-itii tub party. Tlie supreme coiirt today refused lilm a review. He >niay delay commitnients liy askiWg a. rehearing, but [such re- iiuests are seldom granted. Topeka. Kan.. Mar. | 21. f AP)- Kvrry sect ion of Kai^sas "now has ampli' surf;ice nioisturj.'" the state lioaril of agriculture! vported today. The wheat crop f^ives "assurance of stimulated gro vth." Planting of oats has been delayed' because fields a re I wet. Tlie board expressed dniibt jwhetber (he in(endeil acreage of oats would ibe sown. • ; • Nate Sinclair Held In County Ba[stile .\a(e Sinclair, arrested poli'.e last niglit on ii clia intoxiiadon. may face nwrt ions cliafges, Undersherlff VA b3| lola g* of j/ier- nun- fee •-.aid' today. Sinclair made no at(eripi:to kei^p out of jail wheii police arrested him. l.hey sa d. but after being placed in jail, knocked iiu( ^ several' panes of |gla.s.<^ According to coun(y o'fficiirs, a'county All five memliers' of the committee are lawyers. A transcript of testiihony given by 1J. T. Husse.y. chairinan. Mrs. .K. X. Cummings,' secretary and M. J. Healey. a(torni»y of the public service commission lieforc the senato and house conference committee on (he dcparlment's appro- prialion bill last Friday was read into (he senate records (oday. .Mrs. Cummings, the first one ijiicslinned liy Senator John W. Da- Vis of Greensbiirg. repd a list of names of 26 perso;is ' who during (Iio last two years iiave been paid out of the d(-pa'rtment's contingent fund. Thesj.* employes, • Senator Davis pointqd out. were not auth- 'oriised by thif legislature. The-sec- rotary also (esdfieii that two attorneys. E. II. Ilogueland and Fred Jackson. bol|i of Topeka. were paid Jl.tiOO and respecdvely ft^r npijclal legal services. charge proliably against him. will Moran Ford Coupe Is Located at .\ Ford coupe stolen Welch at Moran last nigiit lias been located according to word rbceived by c'lunty officers today. be placed Parsons Ifrom Claude Wednesday at Parsons. New York, -Mar. 21. t.\P)—-Mrs.' Gra.v. according .4luth Snyder today asserted to the ston, beat Snvder to yolice that Henry Judd Gray, now wound a (lictiire w under arrest In Syracuse, had mur- i throat, .\fter the dercd her husband, Albert Snyder, j bound .Mrs. Snyder art.editor of a magazine, in order; throw an aspect of that he ntiglit lie free to marry her.' the crime. I Proa. i^iHnatches from .Syracuse j Police said .Mrs. Snyder had told tlii-m she hud known Cray for two and one-liair years and tliat she o the confes- Ideath and then re around his murder Gray in order ito burglary over . Pros* I dispatches from .Sy fi'aid Gray wa« in that <-itv last Plight. -. .\ccordlng to the alleged jonfes- nlon, ilrs. Snyder said iJray won <'OiiC (>aled In their howe In (iupeim VlliMgift. Hhen Nile, lier linHhaiid Kud (hitir ^-year-old dunghier, )<or- I'j 'ulne, n>ti>ri)«d Murly .Sunday morn- Injt irom » curd pari.v. wati'e-! her husband'out of way in order that she miKlit marry him. illsirlit Attorney .N'ewcombf said a ijliarge of homicide would he filed aKulii)*!. MrH. Snyder, bilt Her cllii'd (o tiuy whii( iharKes would be placed aKiilii"! Cray. The district attorne.^j said the investigation had resulted In exoneration of those v.-ho attended a bridge ^yhist party th« night before tlie murder. There had been some drinking at the pirty. it was said, and differences arose between Snyder und George lloVigh over a trivial matter and frii nds aepar- atefl them. .Mr. Snyder was 1.'. yeirs old. ^Ils wife is .12. They had bj-en married twelve years and so fa|- art known (heir married life was l^appy. Their teinperumentM were totally different, .Mrs. Snyder, wholhan cloiely (Continued on PaJiB fi.-.No, 1.) DEATH PENALTY ASICED BY K. C. Prosecutor Goes to Make Personal Plea to the Legislature. Kansas City. .Mar. 21. (.\P> — James II. Page, prosecutor, will leave tonight for jJeffer.son City to make a jiersonal appeal to the leg- islaturc for passage of the bill providing death for bandits, he announced toda.v. j The announcement follows a week of banditrir here in which one m.-in was killed j a woman tortured with burning matches and numerous business places, apartments and individi'als| roblied. While Lincolil R. Toyne, chief of detectives, was i instructing detectives today on -how to round, up bandits in the :patrol beginning tonight, a liandit walked into a cigar store at Twelfth and Wyandotte streets, a btfsy downtown corner, purchased three cigars, shoved the ,mana|;er .into a back room and then'robbed the store of $250. escaping smoking one of the cigars.i Night patrols of police also will be increased in Kansas City, Kan., and orders issued to [arrest on sight all suspicions characters. Topeka, Kan.. March 21. (JAP)— The question arose today wnether holders of municipal, state and foreign goverrtmcnf bonds mus wait until 192S to get the jiriyil -gc of paying the bond stamp tax ot lo cents on every SlOO in.stead of the inungibic tax of 50 t-entsin $100. Governor Paulen signed tlie bill today and tlie tax departm .ml of (he public'Hervitc coinmissi<)n announced it w;oiil|l ask the attorney general lo deciikj whether the owners of such securities asse.s.sed under the intangible tax law as of .Marcii 1. call receive tho benefits of the new act, which will tjccomc elfective upon publication iji the official state paper, prohat>Iy tomorrow. , The new. law provides fori taxation of bonds issued by .stattjs. foreign governments of subdiTj.Hlons of states and foreign goveri|ments on a plan simil:^ registration law 1»25 legislature. r to the mortgage enacted <by (he All siidi bonds are to be taxed .-jt time fl remainder of T rate of taxation for every year, lie taxed for a 20 years. Kansas lioiid.-l |i;j>r terms, lis 10 cents but no bond uiger poriodl .March 1. 1325. rimain tax fr Penal Labon Signed Topeka, Kan.s.. A $.->0,000 factory! formatory at Hutchinson for i facturing motor i>r tlie The $100 is to tlian issued ^cfore •ue. Bill Is by Govcst-nor .Mar. 21. (i' at the Stat! P I — ,c re- iianu- licensc tagi^ ami read markers became' a certainty toda.v. Governor rauleii signdji the bill by Ucprcsentativc L.. E. .Webb of Ilo{|geman cbu (hc; use ot penal nty, providijig for laiior in niaking (he metal products .which Kansas has been buying Jn other states. County Commission Power Bill Ve Topeka, March, 21\ (AP)--Oovcr- oed bill giving nor Paulcn vetoed today, th re -enacting an -lild statute to the boards oil county cohunis- sionprs authority' to act on petitions of cities to annex additional tor)-. The measure also cxtfcndcd the size of : unplatted (rac(s which cKies could acqu re to 40 iicres. Cities must now petition the district courts to acquin additional Iterri- tory. Pihchot Sees Huge Electric Monopoly \ ' —: ! K. C. Policemen Are Ordered On Nights. Kamias City. March 21. (AP) — All available Kansas City iiollce- men have been ordered to night duty in an effort to end a series of rohheries In wlilch severdl victims Were tortured and one. Allen H. Wiedeninan. H I N I U. The Wiedenman klllInK took place .^aturdi^y night. Washington, Mplr. 21. (AIM--Ex- Governor Pinchot of Pennsyl'ania charges in a lettt r to the governors of ail the states, that a gantic. unified; ijation-widc trie monopoly" Is forming in rnited States witli lightning 8|win- ness. gi- lelec- the Derby Oil Company I^ Given Chance to Appeal Washington. .March 21. (/ P)~ Tlie liability of the Derby Oil Company, of Wichita, Kannas, under the federal laws to taxes ot oil iraniiported for Itself and not as n common carrier between Junr 1920 nnd December, 19i21, will be piSned upon by the Hunreme j court An appeal waii .Krant|ed todiiy. Tax Reduction Will : Be Campaign Issue. W.ashingtou. .Mar, 21. (|\P)—The question ot tax reductjion. one touching the pocketbooks of millions ot Americans, fast ij> looming as cjnc of the outstandiiDj; subjects that! .yWill confront the nqw con- greys', the seventi'eth. wheti'ii con- ye.nif.A next December. tVith congress nine months away,: it is apparent the issue will be important iu the 1^28 presidential Campaign. Guards Increased On Mexican Rail! Trains Mexico City, March "21. (AP)— Guards on railway trains have been increased following the' robbery Saturday night by 30tl rebels of a train bound from Laredo^ to Mexico City. No one was harmed but co.iches were burned and express and mail cars looted. TIa- bandits escapedl j SUN SMILES OVERSTATE Spring Is Marked by the Return of Fair Weather —Fruit 0. Kr Senator Klelclier .Inhnsun, of Itristotr. Okla., .i.sked (lie Okla- lioniu leirislature to make it illegal for. any liisciiK to weigh less than ^ne ounce or nieuMire less tliaif six inches in .rircuin* fereiire. Bui he iiud a second (lionifht and asked (hat brides* biscuits be exempted. POULTRYMEET HERE MARCH 30 Organization Is Planned And Talks Will Be Made. NOT OVER IS NEW REPORT • j Two Negroes Are Held in Shooting of William Waddle, 17 — No Halt Made in Military Rule. Wednesiiay evening, March :I0, a- county wide poultry meeting will be held at the.Chamber ofCoiii- iiiercc ICoonis in lola. - | The liiirpose of the meeting Is | lo stiiiiulati.' in(erest in llie | poultry business, and to formulaie j some plans for a constructive i>ro-j gram of poiiltj-y iiiiprovenient. This program may po.ssibly take (he form of a (bounty i'oiillry Association, but it is hoped that some worthwhile results may come from, the meeting. Mr. Hosack of Chanute, an experienced iioultry judge and breeder, who is employed hy the Hatcheries of this section, will lie present and discuss some of the timely topics of cliick raising.- Others will discuss suclr^important sub- jectsi as ihousing and feeding. CORNXOfflT READHOOPEN Entries for 1927 Contest Will Be Taken at Once. Topeka. Kans., Mar. 21.: ( VP)—| Tlio sun smiled down on Kan as ;i« spi-ing made Iier, debut (his noni- iiiK- i . ileturn of fair weadierj marked tho beginning of (he new] season. Tcn^pcratures rose gradniill)^ during<the day, after tliey had fallen beldw the freezing point this morning. .\i> damage to fruit had :i>eeii rc- (lorted to the weather bureau or theistate board iof agriculturi. But the :raiiifall that accompa|nied the drop : in temperatures oyer ;the week end was expected to benefit whciit.. I , Tfie lowest Kansas • temperature recorded by the weather bureau this morning was 14 degrees at Goodland^ Sunday, the jmercury went down to six degrees! there. Dodge City reiwrted It!.'degrees (his morning; Concordia 20; Wichita 22 and Topeka ,24. Would you lie to win a casli prize of pure-bred sow, and an additional: i>rize of around $50? At least two men in Allen county are going to do lliis very thing in 1027. Why not you'? Which is to .say that entries In the 1-927 Allen County (,'orn Growers Contest are now in order. The prizes are contributed by the Kanr 'l sas City and lola Chambers of Commerce, artd liy the entrants themselves. ,Tlie contest will lie brought t,o a climax with a i:orn show/iind festrivai next winter, in wliicli e:ieli entrant will exhibit two bushels of his Ijest i-orn. . Till" contest- will bo conducted under tlie rules of the State Corn improveiiieiit contest, and ail prizes offered liy out of county sources are oh a coiiiliined yield nnd -quality* basis. The prizes offered by the Ipla Cliambei- of Commerce are for total yield alone. Each contestant must grow five acres, of corn, anil tlie only - rest rie-i tion as (o methods is that be must : not irrigate it in any way. It. is ; expected that niatiy entries will be j receivetl- in the contest this year. , Tension in Balkans Stirs League Today Geneva.' Switzerland. Mar. 21. r.\P)—Tension •in the Balkans today cau.sed a stir in League of Nations circles as the league's preparatory commission a.ssemblcd to discuss preliminary plans for an international disarrnament conference. Rome dispatciies tell of mobilization of Jiigo Slav troops along the Albanian border. Coffey»llie, Kans., Mar.. 21. (AP)—National ^ardsmen ol. Troop U, llTth caralry* on duty here since f^riday nightj will be nithdruivn at midiiight tonight,'" it mis announced b.r 'jCautaln tJeorgre W. |>oel, roinn|andingr,. i after a ronference witli cltyi and . county officers today. | | Sheriff \\. I). .Mcrnibl»,5Iiiyor' Elmc-r Joyw and Cliieft* ofj Po-i lice C. i'. Catliers .werel Inytted : to a conference to be .dilled : todaj l>y Captain Noet Iii an effort to iron out I'rIctioh Whfeii . Iiad devclofied between | tbe itiiniury nnd civil autboiilUes over assertions by the niQitnry officers cooiieratlon of the - city and county officials jwaii... lacking in liuHdlint; the race riot here Friday night andjsnb- sequent eicnts, it was [ announced through military iiead- quarters here today. ! Iiideiiendence, Kas.. Mar. 21.' (API^Sheriff W. D. .McCrabb and two members of his force, werc'iii Coffeyville again today making investigations' which will lead to more ari -csts oty those ill the mob whii -h damaged the city building there last Friday. County Attorney G. W. .Mitchell stated this morning ' tliat four warrants were Isatied liy him late Saturday and. that those arrested would bciirbught into court for hearing tomorrow. Unlawful assemblyj and inciting to riot is charged by the stale. The county attorney reported the situation ; this morning to .lie peaceful.. Coffeyville. Kas.. -Mar. 21. (AP)-r- .\apoleoii Anderson and Herscfael Ford, uegroe.4, wounded Friday night in the street battle between negroes and whites here, will to placed under arrest today bylnllK tary authorities and jointly charged with shooting William.^ WadcUe; 17- year-old printer's apprentice, Lien- teiiant F. W. Walden, troop B, 117tli cavalry, Kansas, national guard, announced here tllis mQCti- ing. The military has'.eyidence, Lle ,n- tenant Walden said, thaf One of the two negroes used" a shot gun and the other- a revolver during the clash. Waddle received a revolver bullet iu the hand and buck sBot in both legs, the wound in his hand necc-ssitating the removal ot th^e fingers. The arrest of Anderson aiid Ford will .open the second rbundup ot those charged with responsibility for the riot, several white persons having been arrested Saturday oa general rioting.charges. A projected clash between whito and negro high school . students, through which the white students had planned; to forcibly prevent, the negroes attending high 8ch(ioI was forestalled by national guardsmen stationed around the sch'ool building^ early today. A special student assembly was scheduled for (his morning: at which^ Captain G. W. .\oel. commander ot Troop B, was to address the Htudeuts^ i Plans to relieve ilie uatlohal guardsmen and turn the ti ;oublous affairs of tb'! city bacit to civil authorities .were cancelled late last night when reports reachjid Captain iS 'oel that an attempt to bu'm the negro district was to lie ibado between midnight and dawh. The patrol of^guardsnion ^was doubled aiid thirty memher^ of tho .\nierican Legion were sworn ih as. special deputy sheriffs and an all night vigil was kept. There was no effort to carry out thej threat, however. C. Sandifer, negro porter at tlie '.Missouri Pacific passenger station here, was placed itnder arrest by Lieutenant Braun jBentley- of the cavalry troop last liight on a state tharge of carrying concealed weapons. Sandifer was arrested as a result of a se^arch of niegro employes at the Missouri Pacific shops; which was maAk on the licels of threats from the negro section of the; railroad quarter. An old revolver, and a| policeman's night stick were, taken from the locker of a negro employe ot (Continued on Page 4, No. 2.) — i iti International J ewery Into Limelight in Libel Trial Detroit, .Mich.. .Mar. 21.j(APi— The question of the possible connection of international Jei^-ry with he $1,000,000 libel suit of Aaron Sapiro against Henry Foril canle to the front again today, "rhe Jury was dismissed and decks) cleared for extensive arguments by opposing counsel. \ It wasjhe second time tlie ques- loii hud cropped up. The first • ime. Federal JiidiRe Fred ' M. Uay- nton'.; temporarily got riil of the long delay It prbmiHcd to cause by Mtatlng that he would rule; wheu It became necessary. That moment . arrived to<lay. Tracing the inception of the attacks upon Sapiro, Chicago attorney, who Ijecame an organizer of farmers' cooperative associations, tried _to bring out from Wm. J. Cameron, editor.of the Ford-owned Dearborn Intlcpendeiit, that tlic series of articles Sapiro claims li­ belled hini find caused a million doll.'ir loss to hi.s I JUH I IICSK , at first were intended, lo concern only Jews an a wliole, and that later they were turned to Sapiro as an individual. If the articles hud said only that Aaron Sapiro, the individual was trying to subjugate American agriculture the -world would have laughed. Wm. Henry Gallagher, counsel for Sapiro, told the court. . It was a, much more serloiia thing, he saM^ when the articles charged that Sapiro was connected with an international Jewish ring. Sapiro, hc Stated, had not been' charged merely with individual acts but with being a member ot the alleged icomhination. Ford's attbcneys sought to brlnit from thi' cburt a ruling that t^e. suit was oue inerely 61 Sapiro, th«, individual, race or creed to ttati' contirery notwithatandlag. I ;

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