Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 9, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1959
Page 6
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Junior Editors Quiz on TIME QUESTION: When were sundial* first used? ANSWER: The sundial is believed to have been used in Babylon at least as early as 2000 B. C. The earliest description of a sundial comes from a Chaldean astronomer named Berossus, who lived about 300 B. C. To demonstrate the fact that the shadow ef an object will move from one side of the object to the other •s the sun moves from east to west during the day, he made a sundial. During the day, he found the shadow of the dial moved in a circular arc, and he divided this arc into 12 equal parts, which became 12 daylight hours. They were called temporary hours because they changed with the seasons. It was not until 1400 A. D. that equal hours were decided upon, when clocks were invented. Primitive peoples sometimes arranged stones in a way that indicates they were making huge sundials. At Stonehcnge in England, where scholars believe sun worshippers created monuments as early as 1800 B. C., there are three stones arranged in a special way to point toward the rising sun on the longest day of the year. FOR YOU TO DO: The boy in our picture is studying a garden sundial and watching the shadow that falls from the piece of metal in the center. You can experiment with your own sundial if you take a circle of cardboard and a piece of metal, and point the metal toward the North Pole. (Lael Miller, of Duluth, Minn., is the observing young astronomer who asked the question that brings a $10 reward. Mail your questions on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Of course, the gimmick is to hit the moon without the appropriations committee hitting the ceiling!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith TU. IU». Oi. fA OK. C IMS by NEA Snvlct, IM. "We sure enioyed that cider, Mrs. Hiflgins. My wife wrote you this th«nk-yoo note several days 190 and I forgot to mail itl" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltx«r T,M. K«f. U.S. Ptt. Off. © 1959 bj WA 8«r«ie». Inc. "The hunfs a success! Shultz just treed • fox I" TIZZY By Kate Osann "He apologized for bumping into me. He thought it wa* an accident!" This and Thar Answer to Previous Punle ACROSS 1 Vessel 4 Pant 8 Piece of bacon 12 American humorist 13 French islands 14 Waste allowance 15 Sun 16 Resistance 18 High voices 20 Wrong 21 Fuel 22 Building additions 24 Cockchafers 26 Biblical character 27 Posed 30 William Jennings Bryan, for instance 32 Change 34 Be sorry 35 Redacted 36 Tree 37 Espouses 39 Containers 40 Chest rattle 41 Things (Latin) 42 Willow 45 Weeping 49 Not evergreen 51 Chemical suffix 52 Kind of jacket 53 Bulrush 54 Japanese outcast 55 Without 56 Ages 57 Wipe up U3MHS HBH 1 Good old dayv 2 Scent 3 Wire 4 Boys' friends 5 Nautical term 6 Felt 7 Greek letter 8 Stops 9 Wool (prefix) 10 Curves 11 Oriental officials 17 Hebrew law 19 Sew loosely 23 Cripples 24 Dickens' heroine 25 Native metals 26 Russian labor union 27 Meets need* 28 Solar disk 29 Spreads 31 Ahead 33 Italian river 38 Bypass 40 Harness parts 41 Destroys 42 Poems 43 Bristle 44 Sacred image 46 Girl's name 47 Preposition 48 Jump 50 Indian Tht Arrest BY EDGAR MARTIN OUT OUR WAY BY J. R WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLi If/ » H!S MANMSR IS AT I ONC6 PEFIAKJT, COLD AMP W FORBIOPIwe-HISVOCAB- f UtARY GOES' LITTLE BE- VONP THE WORD NO, WITH THE ABRUPT FIMAUTV OF A . &ARK--HE GETS ABOUT WITH \ THeSHUFFUN6&MTOFA / BAPGER'...THEM BLASTED 1 I WRITERS/ WHV, 1TREATEP V THAT FELLER LIKE A ^ KIM6/-.TAKETHIS L6TTER-- ITHIMKHE \ PAID A GUY TO COME IU AM' ( ASK PER A RAISE--A SOOP WRITER WEVER WRITES WHAT HE SEES OR. WHAT YOU SAV- AMP HE'S 6EUERALLV RI6HT.' THAT WRITER MUSTHAVE SEEM THROUGH THE ACT TH 1 BULL PUT OM,BECAUSE THAT'S HIM TO A *T"- BUT HOW COULDA WRITER GET HIM DOWK1 THAT 600 D? THE WORP PICTURE ^.. i ' • AND (AOVJ 15 jt-'U'r* ncii^f**-**' ,._,..-.-, TODAY,NEISH00R BAXTER ?$TILL|LEEP- INS ? I'LL ASKTHE PRESS TO BE <2UI£T WHEN THEY ATTEND MY NEWS CO^FER- ENCE*-UM-HAtf/-"l HAD PLANNED TO ANNOUNCE MY NEW MLJSICAU ^ UNDERTAKING YOU kNOW,5UT NOW I'LL SE FORCED TO EXPLAINJTHAT THERE •LU0&AW5L/W--" ^^— MY i CAM HEAR MY COMPOSITION/ Aj-neCALLlNS/PRSSS, LCONFBREMCEfOONT_MAlft L MEi ^ IMEAN TyoU'RE COINS TO THEM OFF THAT 5NNY MOZART'6 rME?' :3° i?k?.i: (AXTER TAKBS THE 6AIT= to.* . BUGS BUNNY On Tap Buesvs SUPER 6ERVICE PRISCILLA'S POP Bears Watching BY AL VERMEER BY V. T. HAMLIN COWBOYS RUSTLERS - YOU DON'T SUPPOSE SHE'S UN-AMERICAN, DO VOU? COACHES VOU 1_ SEE THAT'-N WESTERN ON "TV SUNQERS WESTERNS MAKE ME SICK! HATE THEM ALLEY OOP IN FACT I DONT/ MAYBE \YEAH.,.MEBSE SOME RECALL EVER / THEY'RE V NEW OUTFIT'S SfEIN'ANYOFl NOT EVEN / MOVED IN_AN' ( WE THOSE suvs VMOOVJANS/ TAKEN OVER BEFORE I. DUKINO... BUT (.THEVTC THOSE AREN'T \ NOT? ANY OF THE KING'S GUARDS I EVER MY STARS, WHY, THAT'S OUR \ COULD HE 01! FRIEND, TH' HAVE DONE CARDIFF GIANT J TO RATE ^PUNISHMENT THAT? MORTY MEEKLE Close to Home EVERYTHING'e GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT/ NOW, TAKE IT OH,MORTy-IT WA<5 A TERRIBLE ACCIDENT/I DIDN'T (SEE THE OTHER CAR COMING, ANP... BUT; MORTV... YOU DON'T KNOW-WHO THE DRIVER OF THE OTHER CAR WAS. WELL? WHO WAS IT? LONG/V5MDU WEREN'T HURT... FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Very Active BY MERRILL BLOSSER ITS A SHAME THAT THE OH, BUT THEY BOf JS QONMA BOTH CANDIDATES / BOYS PONT TAKE- AM DO, MA'AM--ACTIVE INTEREST POLITICS / VALERIE COUSINS .PRESIDENT. - BY DICK CAVALLI THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Billy Is Disappointed BY WILSON SCRUGGS MRS.MARTIW/VOu't I'D LIK9 A MOUTH OR SO. I /WAV f^KWOW YOU au HAVE NOT 6ET OVER THERE A6AIN ,, YOU'D COME/ ^ MAY WEVEK 1 BILLY, BUT I AS YOU KWOW, IVE60TA V AULTHE'TIME OFF BEOTHEK IK) EW(3LAHD. HE'S «*^f YOU WISH/ GETTING MARRIED AHD.WELL'- 6ET THE LEAD IN A SCHOOL/ MUST GO TO THE FUNERAL. IOWEITTODOUUA 9 v&»;.v*u...... CAPTAIN EASY NOW/HElfcEuq TiW^^tXi!^"^""^'^ i5n!?f!!Effl w ' CAllHBR AU ACCIPEWT PELAYED .W,V(HJR EYES. . YdU 50 APART FROM ANyONEEL5E- BY LESLIE TURNER

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