Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on March 15, 1962 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, March 15, 1962
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Fayette School News Ra+uAalia First Grade — Mrs. Meyer MI of our reading groups are finishing a supplementary reader this week. We will start reading from the Lyons and Carnahan Series next week. We have enjoyed the new science equipment which has been purchased for our building. We carried out an interesting experiment with steam last Saturday when we were making up one of the days we missed because of snow. We have finished our phonics workbooks so we are now starting to work with blends. This week we have worked with the "th", "sh", "wh", and "ch" blends. Paul Aanes and Ricky Hofmeyer were born on the same day so their mothers brought ice cream and cupcakes to celebrate their birthdays. We have recently celebrated John Singer's and Kevin Wenthe's birthdays also. They are all seven now. ~~*~ Mrs. Scheldel In science we learned that there are many different kinds of fish that live in the sea. A fish census was reported by a team of over 100 divers who gathered data from the Maine Coast to the Virgin Island?. They counted 53 species of fish in southern waters and 40 in northern. The fish rang- In Health we are studying our five senses. So far we have covered the eyes, nose, and taste. Paula Wendrich has gone to Florida for about 10 days to visit some of her relatives. P;,,kfk «->gnm by Louise Picket! and Janeen Dllley In science class we have been studying "Electricity and Mag netism." Thursday we had a short quiz over it. We have also done several experiments on this sub ject. In arithmetic we have lieen studying how to find the volumn of certain figures and compound in terest. In Health class Bob Swehla. Steven Aanes, Tom Butters, and Larry Webb gave a talk and demonstra tion on artificial respiration. Dave Olson, Tommy Lamphier. Jack Wenthe, and Clark Austin gave a talk and demonstration on shock. In language class we have been studying on "How to Tell a Story." The whole class has been reading detective stories and science fiction stories and giving oral reports on what they read. We have also been studying the life of Robert Frost and many of his well- liked poems. We have enjoyed hearing a few records of his poems. John has finished the reader whi"h hf Ins been using and has cnosen Squanto and the Pilrims for his next reading tnate'ial. Ma-ci lla and Arnold are now using l.'itii- Drive-.-'s Education texts for thc-r retding. Linda and Sinda v.-ill !; p ion firi:~h Jack and Janet, and Jam t is reading the first story in Tip. Honor Roll SENIORS Lie Burns. Dayna Dutnermuth, Dennis Heth. Larry Keig. Judy Lange. man. Joyce Oelberg. lion Olson. JoAnne Quandt. Jostin Tal colt. John Tripp, Judy Tripp, Marge Webb, Larry Williams, Maurice MtBride. JUNIORS Diane Ashby, Mary Austin, Ken Butlers. Carol Clark. Harleyn Cue, Max Dilley. Kathy Keig. SOPHOMORES Sue Crafton, Hie Miller, Winnie Mae Khornik. FRESHMEN Arlene Friedly. Barbara Keig, Linda King, Donna Kuhens, Dane McBride, Tom Schmidt, Holland Stoneman. These divers need special equip ment for underwater diving, because of the darkness, cold, pressure, and inability to breathe under water. We are studying a unit on zoo animals and are learning many new and interesting facts about these animals. In health the unit which we are studying is. about school. We have missed so much because of the snow storms that it is hard for us to know just what day it is, but we are all happy to be back in school again. We hope we don't have to miss anymore days. In our study about trees we learned that trees need care. Trees may be injured in many ways. Ice storms and strong winds may break off branches. Lightning may strike trees and fire may damage them. People may trim trees badly. If the bark of a tree is removed, bacteria or insects may get into the wound. Treating injured trees is called tree surgery. Tree surgeons remove old and damaged limbs, paint cavities with a protective material, and fill deep cavities with cement. Special Education — Mrs. Swarti We learned a number of things from the bulletin board which we enjoyed during February. A calendar for the month had some important dates marked. We all knew Washington and Lincoln's birthdays and St. Valentine's Day. It was necessary, however, for each person to use the encyclopedia to learn that Thomas Alva Edison was b6rn on February 11, Charles Lindbergh on February 4, and George Herman Ruth, known as Babe, on February 6. Hot Lunch — Monday - Beef Burgers, green beans, bread and buttter, relish tray, peach sauce and rake. Tuesday - Chili and crackers, pear sauce, cheese squares, bread and butter, cinnamon roll and milk. Wednesday - Tuna and noodles with peas, cottage cheese, cheese sandwiches, potato chips, milk, strawberry short cake. Thursday - Beans and ham, green salad, fruit juice, milk, dried beef sandwich, cherry cobbler. Friday - Tomato soup and crackers, cheese squares, tuna and egg salad, sandwiches, jello with fruit, white cake. LOCALS Fifth Grade — ! ' Mr*. EvereH In language, we have been discussing and reading tall tales. Also we have been working with verbs and their correct tense. We did some creative writing by completing the statement, "If I were to become deaf in three days, I would ..." Group n spelling had perfect papers this week. Group I is doing quite well too. Group I arithmetic is working with the addition and subtraction of fractions. Group II is working with division problems which have zeroes in the quotient. In social studies, we have started studying the western states. Dawn Pattison brought some beautiful bowls the Arizona Indians made. We are finishing our chapter in Health over the five senses. We will "next start on the bones and muscles of the body. Seventh Grwfci -*• Linda Moore We would like to welcome Roger Buhr who' came from the Westgate school. Also Judy Vandersee who came #0171 Cedar Rapids. We now have'40 in our room. 1 We arp now studying Iowa history. Mary Clark, LJnda Culligan, Cindy Alderson 'and Barbara Far- hey have made a bulletin board qf different information on Iowa. Gregory Streeter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Streeter was admitted to the West Union hospital Sunday evening for medical care. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Donald Butts and family, St. Cloud, Minn, were over Saturday night and Sunday visitors in the parental, Shirley Butts home. —•—, Clair C. Wagner who has purchased the TV business of Jack Howard has also bought the building on Main Street of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brownell, which formerly was occupied by the G and B cafe. Mr. Wagner plans to move his business to the new location after the redecorating is completed. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thomas, Sumner were Sunday visitors of her mother, Mrs. Ena Davis and brother Thomas. —•— Donald Burget is a patient at ' the West Union hospital for medical care. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Park Cowles and Mrs. Hazel Rasmussen were Wednesday evening visitors at the Curtis Chensvold home in West Union in observance of the birthday of Park Cowles. Sunday visitors at the Frank Miller home were their daughter und family, the Arley Stufflebeams of Waterloo, also the Dick Miller family and Mrs. Mary Miller of Fayette. ^ Mrs. Edgar Bornhauser and little son, Jeff of Davenport spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Singer. j ^ L ___ Mrs. Clara Hanson returned home Wednesday 1 from a visit with her sister in Dubuquo after having spent some time with her daughter and family, the George Andersons in St. Paul and with another sister in Des Moines. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kramer are the parents of a daughter born Saturday morning, March 10 at the West Union hospital. j| __,_,_ Joe Wright returned home last Wednesday from Schoitz hospital in Waterloo after undergoing surgery there. He is getting along well. ^ _I _ 1L Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Dumermuth were callers Sunday afternoon of her mother, Mrs. Mary Neuman in West Union. The Fayette County Convention of Federated Women's clubs will be held Wednesday Maivli, 21, ;\t the Methodist church in \\Vst Union. Hostess clubs will be Wednesday Art club ;iml West Union Woman's club of West Union. The theme is "keep ;i sont; in your heart". The inominn .session will begin with registrati'in ant! coffee - 9:30 - 10. Prelude. Mrs. Dunm Meyor of West I'IHUM. Pledge to the American l-'la^ Invocation, Mrs. J. L. DuG.-inno of West Un ion. Greetings, M;s. Frank Kraft of West Union: Hr.-pnnse. M : - S . ' o Woods of Clernmnt. Preseiila tion of honored uu. sts Hr.smcss meeting. "Music- to Due K.-u-s" Club presidents "Music App'vciat ion". - Federation Awards. "Maj or Chords" Mrs. W. .). (T.SIumtfh nessy. second diM-ict drvct.-ir. of Clinton. Lunclu on si.'r, 12:IH) noon, seiv<d by women nf Ihc Xion Lutheran church. Aftrnuxm Session. Music by West Union Wo men's club Singers. Speaker- County Attorney Walter Saur. "Teenage Age Dilemma". I'up pit Show. Oehwin Women's Club. written by Mrs. Lester Mueller. Style Review, Vogue contestants. Report of Registr-ation committie. Report of auditing i-ommittee. Import of treasurer. The Thursday Heading Circle will meet March U- with Mrs. J. W. Frye instead of Mr. Blr.ndn Knight. The prugrant. Iowa trees and Iowa flowers will be presented by Mrs. Jamrs AlcSwci-ncy. Holl call is 'my favorite flower- or tree. The Martha cirlce of the Wo man's Society of Christian Service have postponed their noon luncheon and white elephant sale until March 25, because of the weather and roads. The Mary circle wiil meet the same afternoon with Mrs. Frank Edmonds. The roof of a farm collapsed from the weight of heavy snow on the A. S. Morse farm tenanted by Mr. and Mrs. Will Kaufman, Sunday. No cattle were in it. Susie Oakes at Haxelton, Sunday at super Friday her aunts Mrs. Signe Svelland and Mrs. Willu-mine Simensen of Oslo. Norway and her parents Mr. and Mrs. .). K. Olsen of Fayette in honor of her aunts birthday anniversaries. Mr. and Mrs. Lee (Jakes and family visited bis mother Mrs. Mrs. Burton Ode-kirk entertained who is ill. Mrs. Vern Arthur accompanied her brother and sister in law Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meyer of Maynard to Sumner Sunday to help their brother Tom Meyer celebrate his birthday anniversary in the home of his son Ronald. Mrs. Harry Arthur returned home Sunday from the Sumner hospital. Try An Ad In The Leader EARL SCHNEIDER INSURANCE AGENCY Is A Regular INSURANCE SUPER MARKET Where You Get The BEST DEALS ON INSURANCE And You Get SERVICE, TOO! f TAX DEDUCTIONS? Ypur Concelled Ch«ck» Provide Adequate Proof Your Account It . . < ' ,.|3fc *-. , <•"! VI > ;. •• "• . Invited, Protected and Inturtd In ThU Bulk* te Bank Of Fayette Mrs. Kthel Cla-1: ,-ir-compnnied Mr. and M-s. Floyd Hack U Waterloo Srw!;iy a't'.'i ni:cn after a wei 1's stay v. : t!i lie.' sister Ms. .1. W. Krye. She will return to th- home of lur son in law and daughter Mi. an:! M/s. Keen Hi own in (Vd,r F:ill:-,. (I'-'-a'dine F-:mk< and Mrs. fa 1 '! Wh i ;!;••!• and family of Man.'hest I-.- spM. t Tivsd.iy \v't!i fit i [lannts M '. -iiul M s. Cii 0.7?" Fran:::-, ;;-, tilt "'i- u,is ni scliool in Man-tv :'U,that il M . aivl M .; .;. V,. Frye and M -s. l-'.tlv 1 Cla-k were Sunday din ne.- gn. .-.(•; of Mr. and M s. Bin Turni'i 1 . M ', and M s. N'y'e V;i"s;is<iii. .Judy and Ma-k o! CVnUv i'n-'nt sp< nt th'- wei ki nd in the pa er.t:d Hrure \'argason and W. A. .'.i h roi-de: 1 homes. M . and M 's. W. A. .'kh •unit-. M.-r.'dciie and Kollyn wive Frid.iv eseninii vis;'o:s in the Harold Vandersce liotm- in CKlwein. Allx'rt Wtidtmittn and KtKvin Hing had a farm /.ale Tlui'sday. Mr. Wcidernann moved to Oeiwiin and Mr. and M'-s. Klvin Arule'S'.n moved to the Unix fann. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wasknu. SUNSET SUMNER, IOWA Sun., Mon., Tues. March 18-19-20 as (hat delightful darling.KOUYBOUGHTlY.. serving warm kisses and wonderful fun BREAKFAST mrjHj ft^^i t •*i'V' r^-fftH Fri. • Sat. — Mar. 16 ' 17 GARY COOPER In "THE NAKED EDGE" •Ti«iT™-llVWaTnwli Evelyn and George of Frederick- county clerk of courts office, sburg were Monday visitors in the Mordice Hughson, 51, of Washing- Leslie. Oakes home. ^ flnd Fflye L KHfIger> ^ of T f • Oelwein. Gerald Fred Meyer, 23, i v/o licenses issues Postville and Sharon Sue Gessner, i...) i..i .'.....,• nii.ists were is-iii'. d la; I wi ek in the Fayeltc 21. nf Oelwein. f!*. ' >.->' When the weather Breaks Records aren't you glad you heat with GAS This vrinter has been a record-breaker. And below-zero temperatures have ktpt your gas furnace working overtime. Record-breaking cold has meant btyter heating bills (or everyone. But Peoples' customers who heat with wtural gas are still saving 15% . . . 20% ... and even more over other fuels. O Yes, you save money with natural gas—and you get'a world of convenience M* dependability. A touch of your finger and every torner of your home radiates with warmth and comfort. No worries about delivery problems or sttvice interruptions. D When thft winds ——•-•* *"« "••• Mow and snow piles high, you just can't beat , tfean, dependable, economical natural ;ga$, MEET POLLY THAYER THAYER'S UNITED FURN. LOOK WHAT SHE'S DOIN3! $25.00 POLE LAMP COME IN ... MEET POLLY . . . AND REGISTER FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL LAMP ... NO OBLIGATION . . . OPEN 9 9 Daily 9-5 Saturday THE COFFEE'S ON! STOP AND HAVE A CUP .... Polly's Special No. 1 Foam Cushioned SWIVEL ROCKER '100% Nylon Cover WITH ANY OF THE NEW SOFA AND CHAIR SUITES ON OUR FLOOR NO MONEY DOWN... GENTLE TERMS... Polly's Special No. 2 DUPONT "501" CARPETS THIS AREA'S FINEST SELECTION OF OUALITY CARPETS Priced From J399 sq. yd. THAYER'S United Furniture AT me SOUTH END OP MAIN ST. ON HI WAY iso FAYBTT^ IOWA PH. M7 GOl Potty For IN THE; HOME ESTIMATES . Draperies , . Furnishings 217

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